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Some facial expression practices on the bois
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I hope this will help the situation
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strangerthedevil · 17 days ago
movie night - e.m
eddie munson x fem!reader
summary:u give eddie a handjob and a blow job under the covers n then fuck him. that it.
warnings:lots of fluff in the beginning, but that soon turns into a brutal fucking, unprotected p in v, riding, doggy style, blow job, hand job, dirty talk, making out, neck kissing, spanking, just one use of the word “whore” lots of i love you’s, after care, somewhat overstimulation, cussing?, an established relationship w eddie!!
authors note: pls don’t just like but also reblog!! it would mean so much to me thank you :)) i love u and i hope u enjoy <3 feedback is appreciated ❤️
Tumblr media
you and eddie always had a movie night on sundays, wether you were arguing, tired, busy, hungry, sad, crying, you always made time for a movie night. it was honestly one of the most important things in you and eddie’s relationship. it comforted both of you and you both looked forward to sunday night.
eddie always let you pick the movie because he loves to see the way you giggle when your favorite character came on screen and you pointed and said “look!” even though you’ve seen this movie plenty of times that he already knows who your favorite characters are and when you’re going to giggle and point at the screen, but today you wanted eddie to pick the movie…
you open the door to eddie’s trailer knowing it’s unlocked already because eddie is expecting you, “eddie! i’m here!” you shout out heading to the kitchen for some snacks for the movie. “i’m in my room!” he screams obnoxiously back.
you smile at his voice and grab the chips and ice cream and head to his room. “hey gorgeous” you drop the snacks on his bed and jump on him, he laughs and grabs your face kissing you all over your face, he grabs your chin and looks you in the eyes. “hey handsome” he whispers. “i missed you,” you peck his lips quickly and grab his hand tracing the lines on his palm. “i missed you too baby,” he replies.
“you have a movie in mind for tonight?” he asks and holds onto your back so he can reach for the remote and still keep you as close as possible to him. “actually… i want you to pick the movie tonight, if that’s okay.” you look down at his hands, waiting for his response. “i don’t have any ideas in mind, plus i like your movies, ‘back to the future’ still gives me chills.” he smiles and moves you to sit up so your straddling his lap.
“i know, i know, i just feel bad because i always pick the movies and you know… i just want to watch something you enjoy.” you rest your head in the crook of his neck inhaling his smell and wrapping your arms around his waist. you missed him.
“you know the only thing i enjoy about these movie nights is just being next to you, holding your hand, kissing you every once a while, andddd maybe the fact i get to fuck you senseless after, but that’s besides the point. i just wanna make you happy and if watching your favorite movies makes you happy then i’m happy,” you punch his shoulder at his dirty words, and then kiss his cheek at his sweet ones. “i love you so much” you sigh against his shoulder.
“i love you more than anything sweetheart” he pulls you into a hug and you wrap your arms around his waist. you stay like that for a while before you pull back and press your foreheads against each other’s. you both unintentionally get closer and closer until your lips brush against each other. eddie closes the distance and your lips mold together like they always should be, his lips were soft and wet and you could never get enough of him. the kiss started off slow but it soon became hungry snd lustful as he licks your bottom lip for access inside your mouth, his hand grabs one of your tits and squeezes, he loves your tits. you moan into the kiss and eddie takes your tongue inside his mouth and starts to suck on your tongue. you feel the heat pool between your legs at the sight and you can’t help but rock your hips forward against his crotch.
eddie pulls away from your mouth his lips pink and swollen before he starts to work down your neck. kissing and biting all over your jaw and before he can reach your sweet spot you stop him. “don’t we have to watch the movie before this part?” you grab his shoulders to pull him off of you.
“didn’t know it was a mandatory rule but sure sweetheart. movie first.” he nods and you move to lay next to him instead of straddling him. you smile up at him and wrap your arms around his arm snuggling into his shoulder. eddie’s heart warms at this and he turns on his favorite children’s movie. my little pony. “i didn’t even say that was the movie i wanted to watch” you look at him confused. “i know but i had a feeling this is what you wanted to watch today.” he shrugs. “no it isn’t… you like my little pony don’t you?!” you sit up and point at him. “of course not i just put it on for you!” he smiles and you smile back at him. “babe we haven’t seen this movie in so long why would i pick this,” you question him tilting your head.
“i dunno… you said i could pick the movie right?” he turns his head in embarrassment of his favorite movie being my little pony that his girlfriend showed him. “edward munson! you like my little pony?! you dork i love you!” you push his arm lightly and laugh hysterically. eddie’s eyes widen at your laughter and he laughs as well. “hey stop laughing!” you grab your stomach and bend over in laughter. “oh yeah? i’ll give you something to laugh about,” he reaches for your stomach and starts to tickle you. and you could just about scream, you were laughing so hard it hurt your cheeks. “eddie! stop please i’ll do anything!”
“anything huh?” you look up at him and nod still smiling. he pulls his hands away from your stomach and grabs the remote to turn on the movie finally, he gets comfortable putting both of his arms behind his head and you lay next to him laying your head on his shoulder. you were confused at his sudden mood change, but you weren’t worried. we were gonna watch my little pony for fucks sake.
the movie was about 30 minutes in and eddie could not stop rubbing your thigh. everytime you thought he would touch you he just rubbed all the way back to your knee. he squeezed and rubbed his hands everywhere except the place you needed him. fucking tease. you were getting so wet at the thought of him fingering you right here while watching this movie. so instead of waiting for him to make a move, you did your own move.
you put your hand on his thigh and rubbed back and forth getting to the inside of his thigh as and slowly reaching under the blankets to rest your hands on his crotch squeezing. you rubbed his dick back and forth and you could hear eddie’s breath hitch at the movement. you continued to look at the movie pretending as if nothing was happening and reached your hand underneath the waistband of his sweats. no underwear eddie? you grabbed his cock and stroked him a bit before rubbing your thumb on his slit. you pull his cock out of his sweats and continue to stroke him underneath the blankets. you spit on your hand and go back to eddie’s cock. he whimpers at the feeling and looks down at your hands on him. you lean into his neck and whisper “eyes on the movie pretty boy” you bite his neck and leave kisses there. “f-fuck so good baby keep doing that p-please.” you smirk against his neck and keep stroking him up and down going to his tip and collecting the pre cum gathered there.
you go under the blankets and and put eddie’s tip inside your mouth sucking slowly, you can hear eddie moan loudly above you and you’re so fucking wet at the sounds he’s making you reach your hand inside your pants and start to rub yourself. “f-fuck i cant i’m gonna cum inside your mouth if you keep doing that.” you pull back and lick a long stripe up the underside of his shaft and he chokes on a moan at the feeling. “god your mouth, fuck are you touching yourself too? you’re such a dirty girl baby, my dirty girl, all mine yeah? fuck make me come pretty girl make me come inside your pretty mouth.”
you moan around his cock and deep throat him as far as you can almost gagging but the weight of his cock in your mouth felt too good. “f-fuck im gonna-“ he’s cut off by his load shooting inside your mouth and you keep sucking wanting every last bit of it.
after he’s fully spent you pull away from his now soft cock and move to straddle his lap. “fuck that was so hot eddie you sound so pretty whimpering for me like that, i need you inside of me right now, ” you rock your clothed cunt against his bare dick “please?” you tilt your head and he moans out loud and grabs your hips to stop you so he can take off your shorts. “you’re such a good girl, i love you so much. he basically rips your shorts off wanting them off as soon as possible as well as your tanktop your tits basically spilling out of your bra. you reach your hands behind you and unclasp the bra for him making him buck up into you. “i love your tits so fucking much, s’like they were made for me” he leans forward to start kissing and sucking on each of them. you grab his now hard cock and line him up with you bumping his tip against your clit teasing yourself and him before finally sliding down onto him.
you both moan at the feeling of finally being inside eachother “god i love your cock so much eddie you fill me up so well,” eddie grabs your hips in response guiding you to move, “s’could say the same about your wet cunt, you’re so fucking tight for me always s’crazy.” you clench around him at his words grabbing his shoulders so you can grind in circles, you choke out a moan at the feeling of his veiny cock inside of you before you bounce up and down on him. “g-god if you do that one more time i’ll cum so quick” you lean forward to kiss and bite at eddie’s neck “you’re so big eddie i-i can’t”
“you can take it,” he pulls you away from his neck by your hair and kisses you sloppily it’s all teeth clashing but you both didn’t care. eddie pulls away to look down at you sliding in and out of him and whimpers at the sight “i cant believe your mine and i can fuck your pretty little pussy like this everyday,” he grabs your ass and guides you to move a little faster. “fuck me harder sweetheart, make me cum inside your pretty pussy”
you whimper at his words and bounce up and down moaning, your tits bouncing in his face and he leans forward once again to puts them in his mouth. sucking and licking at your nipples. “e-eddie shit keep doing that” eddie obliges and continues to suck at your nipples and one of his hands reaches down your stomach to your cunt to rub circles on your clit. “oh fuck fuck fuck eddie i’m gonna cum” eddie speeds up his assault on your clit and you clamp down on his fingers and his cock and cum all over him. eddie continues to rub circles and you gasp but don’t complain already feeling overstimulated, eddie grabs your ass to stop your movements “get on your hands and knees,” you pull out of him and hiss at the loss of contact but move to go on your hands and knees like he asked.
he lines himself up from behind you and shoves himself inside of you grabbing your hips to fuck you at a unmerciful pace. you scream out his name and moan letting him use you. “i love fucking you in this position, your ass is perfect” he slaps your ass. you moan so loudly at the sting on your ass, “h-harder” eddie raises an eyebrow “harder? you like that baby? you want me to leave red marks on your pretty little ass?” he slaps your ass harder. “f-fuck yes, god yes please.” eddie slaps your ass harder than last time each time he spanked you leaving red hand marks on your ass. you clenched around him each time he did milking him for all he had. “i-i’m gonna cum” eddie says out of breath. you clench around him again wanting him to reach his climax at the same time you reach your second one. eddie continues to fuck you as hard as possible pulling your hair so your back is to his chest. “you like being spanked like a whore sweetheart?” he grabs your one of your tits with hand before reaching forward to choke you cutting your air supply shortly, letting go after a few seconds. “yes eddie, yes, i’m gonna cum again please cum inside me i wanna feel you” eddie smiles and chokes you again.
“cum all over my cock again baby” you clench around him one more time and he’s done for, you both cum at the same time. eddie let’s go of your neck and pulls out of you, you both sigh at the loss of contact and you fall on the bed, you were so tired.
“you okay there sweetheart?” he laughs and goes to get a towel to clean you both up, you hold out a thumbs up since your head was buried in the sheets. eddie smiles and gets the wet towel and cleans you up between your legs and you hiss at the pain between your legs. “sorry baby… was i too much today?” he continues to clean you up slowly so he doesn’t hurt you. you lift your head up and shake your head “no, no of course not i actually really liked it, it was hot. you’re so hot.” eddie laughs and looks down at your abused cunt, “guess i’ll have to do it more often then if you think i’m hot.” you smile and throw a pillow at him, “you always look hot”
“yeah?” eddie crawls over you and pulls you into his arms.
“yeah you’re the hottest person i know actually” eddie smiles and looks down to your eyes fluttering shut, and then you both fall asleep in eachothers arms with my little pony playing quietly in the backround.
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A dump load of on set pictures of David Tennant playing the Doctor IN 2022
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black panther: wakanda forever
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not okay! ⚔️
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I’m going to fucking vomit.
Micheal Wheeler, I’m coming for you.
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dragonsandducks · 4 months ago
you ever think about how one of the first things ed points out that he likes about stede is how he has a library on his ship. and then the first thing of stede’s that he throws away are his books.
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wherethemountainsmeetheaven · 3 months ago
So…we could’ve had banana-eating wolves from Norway, a Georgian steam-punk Willy Wonka, pussy-eating Latvians, Moldovans in instrument-suits and a gay cowboy-stripper from San Marino in the final and they only gave us two of those and BALLADS??
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eddiemuns0nswig · 2 months ago
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Ok but why touch grass outside when you could run your fingers lovingly through eddie munson’s hair and probably just cry bc of how soft and fluffy it is💔😭
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Me after reading BSD Chapter 101:
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How to break a FFXIV player past Heavensward…
“A smile better suits a hero…”
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“Do you think they’ll reach the human realm?”
“Probably doesn’t work that way—”
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The way Adrien is looking at Mari as she’s about to confess 🥲
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i’m not okay!
📸 by sbattileuova
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