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#i’m so excited

After an unnecessary amount of hours, my Animal Crossing town is ready for Halloween, and the little party I’m throwing tomorrow!

It’s excessive.

I couldn’t decide on one costume, so I made wand outfits for all the complete looks I have. I still had to limit myself even with those.

So if any of my mutuals play you are welcome to pop over tomorrow!! And see how ridiculous it is 😅😅

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Update on my half sister n her husband buying me a whole iPad it’s gonna arrive sometime in November so now all I’ve got to do is buy the pen to go with it it’s all so crazy like I’m gonna finally be able to stop doing all my art on my phone I won’t have to use my phone and finger for everything I can even possibly make comics ahhhh

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hhshsbbshsgsgGgHhsgshahhsh the trailer!!

  • the map looks SO pretty i’m in love
  • i loved mirage and rampart’s interactions
  • i’m really interested to see if how the vehicles will work in game
  • but where was lifelineeeee
  • where was my girlllllll
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