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#i’m so tired of all these dumb as fuck takes
We all know Kohga is perpetually horny as hell, but I'd love to see what would happen if he ended up taking (accidentally or otherwise) an aphrodisiac potion. 😆
I've actually had a thought for EXACTLY this idea! Let's get to it!
Revali had once again invited his friends over to his home. It wasn't to bond with them of course, but rather, as a means to show off how well he re-decorated the place. New tapestry, a nice vase, the whole nine yards, all within his humble little space. He was currently giving the princess a tour, feathers all proud and puffed.
“And as you can see, Princess, THIS is the finest vase you’ve ever seen, have you not?”
“It is quite the collection! Though I must ask, what is that one?”
She pointed towards a small, pink vial of liquid. He plucked it from the shelf, scoffing.
“Oh, forgot I left it out here. It’s what we use during this time of year. We call it ‘anti down’, and it keeps us from acting a fool during heat. All Rito have it, but I refuse to act like a dog and hump everything. Unlike your little knight with Mipha."
Revali HATED that Link STILL didn't react to that blatant slander. Cheeky, even in his own home. Zelda butted in between them, as per usual.
"I had no idea you Rito HAD something for heat!"
"Because we're above primitive desires. Unfortunately our biology is so unique, it does the OPPOSITE effect if any other species takes it. I'll be sure to put this a-NO LINK!"
Link was starting to eat the decorated fruit bowl, and Revali put the bottle down in order to try to pull him off. Kohga watched their dumb little fruit fight, when he noticed the smallest bottle on the counter. Must be one of those fancy rito drinks. He made sure no one was looking, before he swiped it, tucking it away in his suit. 
"Hey Revali, I'd LOVE to stay and chat, but uh. I'm bored. So, good luck, and goodbye!"
Kohga gave him a mock salute as a goodbye, though Revali's squawking made sure he didn't hear him leave. Sooga looked down at Kohga, lightly scoffing.
"Those curtains were atrocious."
"He could've picked a better way to come out. Tbh it was more effective than catching him with a dick in his beak."
"Well put, Master Kogha."
He chuckled. He showed Sooga the little bottle, as if he was gloating.
“Plus side, I got myself a little present! You want a swig?”
“Polite pass. I don’t trust drinks that I haven’t seen made, unless made by you. But I must commend your sticky fingers.”
“Hey, you know how good I am with these fingers~. Anyhow, here’s hoping this fucks me up.”
He tossed his head back as he took it in one swig, before shaking his head furiously.
“Oh. Oh. EW. God, YOU make drinks better than this.”
“It must be awful, you hate my drinks.”
“Both statements are true. Ew. Ugh, take me home, I need this taste out of my mouth.”
“Would picking you up make the experience a bit sweeter?”
“Maybe, let’s test it out.”
Kohga grinned as Sooga grabbed his husband, and took him right home. Little did he know, a moment of bitterness, made for a VERY saucy Kohga.
Kohga grumbled under his sheets. It was rare, but every once under a blue moon, Kohga couldn’t sleep worth a shit. Tonight was one of those nights. He grumbled as he sat up, folding his arms over his chest.
“Not FAIR. I’m TIRED. What is the issue NOW?”
Kohga threw off the blankets, and saw that he had a bulge in his suit. His frustration melted away to amusement, and he chuckled.
“Ah. Was so grumpy, didn’t notice you there. Alright, alright.”
Kohga thought about bugging his snoozing Sooga, but the poor guy barely got enough sleep as it were. Besides, he needed a bit of self love, been a while. He squirmed out of his clothes, and after grabbing a bottle of lube, got himself nice and snug. He lathered up his hands, and grabbed at his cock, only to wince.
“Ooh, you are SENSITIVE tonight. Okay, easy does it. Easy.”
He got himself used to his touch, and eventually he was able to stroke himself. Unlike Sooga, he always preferred a quick, light pace in his handjob. Kohga tossed his head back, dying in satisfaction. Sure, he wanted to be asleep, but jerking himself off while Sooga rested right next to him? Was it ever sweet. It was surprisingly short lived however, as he found himself cumming way faster than usual. It was good, REAL good, but that was definitely record timing. He sighed, removing his cum soaked hand, and wiping it off on a rag.
“Hoo. That was good. Alright, sleep time.”
Kohga covered himself, and fell right to sleep, the end.
At least, that’s what SHOULD’VE happened. What DID happen was him sitting there, wide awake. He thought it was just his body getting that high from an orgasm, but he’d come to realize that as he sat there, his cock was throbbing, and BAD. It felt even worse this time, and Kohga muttered angrily. Fucking hell, he needed to cum again? So soon? This late? Dammit all.
“Alright. I get it. Round two, let’s go.”
Kohga buried his face in his pillow as yet again, started to pump his cock. It somehow felt even better this time around, and Kohga grumbled to himself, really going at it.
“Shit, okay, gonna be one of those nights apparently. Shit.”
Kohga was trapped in an endless cycle. He’d cum, try to sleep, cum, try to sleep. He reached his fifth orgasm, and his body was trembling something fierce. He was a horn dog, sure, but now he was insatiable. He didn’t want to wake Sooga up, poor guy barely ever slept, especially next to him, but Kohga needed him, and needed him now. He got up from his cum covered spot, and nudged Sooga a bit harshly.
“Sooga, Sooga get up!”
Sooga sprang up, quickly looking around the room.
“What is it?! Are we under attack?”
“No. Just, god shut the fuck up and let me fuck your face.”
Sooga was clearly NOT expecting that, especially so late at night. But he was never one to refuse Kohga. So he laid down on his back, and gave not a single qualm as Kohga held onto his hair, pulled his hair back, and shoved his cock right into his mouth. His Master was aggressive usually, but this was something different entirely. Kohga didn’t even mean to. He just couldn’t help but force himself into that pretty, hot mouth of his. Not once, not twice, but three times. Each time Sooga kept himself still (minus his legs, those pushed and squirmed till he pretty much kicked the sheets off), accepting loads after loads of his Master’s cum, each being bigger than the last. Kohga barely spoke, merely full of grunts and grumbles. Kohga pulled away, seeming to be sated, at least for a second. Sooga’s chest heaved under him, and his cheeks were flushed in embarrassment. He met Kohga’s eyes, and saw helpless, uncontrollable lust.
“M-master Kohga, you’re quite...energetic tonight.”
He paused mid sentence, forcing himself to swallow all that cum, wiping his chin with the back of his hand. He smeared it all over, making himself into quite the messy boy. Kohga took a deep breath, trying to recall just where his head was.
“I...yeah. Fuck you’re pretty like this. So pretty. You handle all that cum like a real champ.”
Sooga was about to thank his master Kohga, before he suddenly found his dick right back into his mouth. Sooga’s mouth loved such rough, desperate treatment, soaking Kohga’s dick in his drool. Another load, then another. Sooga thought he’d be tired, but he seemed to only fuck him with more fury as time went on. As Kohga forced more cum inside of his mouth, Sooga had to actually push him away, just to get some means of air. He coughed a bit, trying not to choke on his Master’s cum. While it was a treat, it was just SO much of it. Sooga swallowed again, shaking as the thick fluid sank right into his stomach.
“M-master Kohga, please, a breather, just for a moment-”
“I wanna ride your cock. I wanna cum on it so fucking hard, Sooga.”
“If...that is what is demanded of me-”
Kohga knelt down to kiss him, shoving his tongue in his mouth and licking at whatever cum he seemed to have left in that pretty, pretty mouth. Usually Kohga was far more grandiose in his approach, but there seemed to be no room for that tonight. It was just him slamming himself onto his cock, nearly making Sooga jump every time his ass slammed into him. 
"M-Master Kohga, please slow down! I want to enjoy y-"
"I need your FUCKING cum. I need your pretty cum, right in my ass. Enjoy me later."
Sooga was unable to tame his master. He came on him once, twice, thrice. Each time was met with loads and loads of cum littering his chest and stomach. Kohga laid on top of him, sounding just absolutely exhausted. Sooga held onto his back, assuming this was the end of Kohga’s lust.
"You...god, you're insatiable. What number was that?"
Kohga hummed a bit in thought, before looking up at him.
"Holy-master Kohga, are you ill?"
"Don't...know. I just know I can't sleep, and I know I want you SO fucking bad, Sooga."
"Not sure how much more of me you can HAVE Master Kohga…"
Sooga prided himself in being able to help his master, but this much. His mouth was sticky with cum, his chest was soaked in sweat and cum- he hadn’t recalled the last time he was so absolutely filthy. Sooga was about to prompt Kohga to take a break, when Kohga seemed to spring back to life, cock even harder than he was a second ago.
"Get on your stomach. Let me fuck that cute ass of yours. I always liked seeing my cum leak out of you."
"Master Kohga, I'm honored you want me so, but I think all of this is healthy! Maybe you need a moment to collect yourself-"
Kohga held onto his face, kissing his big, beautiful face. He parted after just a moment, springs of hot cum connecting their open mouths. Kohga nearly shook as he wiped the cum from his lips.
"I NEED you Sooga. I'm aching something SO bad, don't make me suffer like this!"
Kohga sounded damn near to tears in his whining. Sooga couldn’t refuse his poor, desperate master. He rolled to his front, and Kohga was on his back almost immediately, rubbing his cock against that beautiful, plump ass of his. Sooga looked up as Kohga rested his chin on his shoulder, trying to find his thoughts. Despite his concerns, Sooga VERY much wanted him to keep going. Knowing his Master wanted him so hungrily, knowing he was getting cum in every part of him, made Sooga's cock terribly hard.
"J-just. Use me as you see fit, but be careful."
He was going to add more, but Kohga’s teeth aas on his ear, nearly making him melt. Kohga’s breath was hot in his ear, and it made a shiver run up his back. 
"It's cute how you're worried about me. It's cute how you'll sit here and let me fucking use you. You look good in my cum. So good. Now, I love you, but stop FUCKING talking, and let me plow you like a goddamn field."
Sooga felt himself gulping at that oh so sensual voice of his. Sooga couldn’t stop that cock just pushing into his ass, even if he wanted to. 
Which he absolutely didn't. 
"So you and Sooga have one thing in common, apparently."
"We're both handsome?"
Revali had joined Kohga and Urbosa for brunch, and of course, Kohga wanted to start some shit. 
"One, don't you touch my man. Two, no, you both make shitty drinks."
Revali cocked his head, clearly confused.
"I...didn't make you a drink, ever."
"Talkin about that little bottle. Tasted like ass. Actually worse, I've eaten ass."
"Little d-YOU took my anti rito down?!"
Kohga shrugged at the sudden anger from the random look of anger.
"My rito-its for my HEAT! Dear Hylia you DRANK it?"
"Yeah? Why?"
"It's supposed to help RITO with heat."
"And what does-oh. Oh. Oooooh that makes a LOT of sense. Huh."
"Is that why he's not here?"
"Oh it absolutely is. Dude can't walk."
There was a moment of silence, before Kohga loudly slumped his drink, sighing.
"I fucked him at LEAST thirty two times-"
“He did. Multiple times-”
“Why do I keep inviting you to things?”
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bokutomessy · a day ago
The akatsuki waking up to morning head!
Tumblr media
A/n: This is very short and I’m so sorry about that )); I’m honestly tired all the time and barely get sleep ‘cause of dumb school. I just want donuts than I’ll be okay,,,,
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warnings: Kissing, blowjob, handjob, oral, hair pulling, degradation, praise, cursing, smut, 18+, mdni!!
Tumblr media
Itachi would stir awake when he feels your mouth around his cock. He would look down at you with a slightly blushing face and would ask what are you doing. He would squirm around telling you how good it feels while he moves your hair out of the way. “It feels so good love… r-right there. Y-yea.”
He would feel when your hands are on him jerking him off. He would groan a bit and would look down. “Fuck… well what do we have here?” He would say with a smug smirk. He would grip a handful of your hair and would make you take his cock. “Just like that my little slut. Your so- ngh - so good. Taking me like a cockhungry whore”
Sasori didn’t feel anything for a while because he’s a deep sleeper. When he feels something slimy and wet on his cock that’s when he would wake up and look down at you. “What are you doing brat? Waking me up from my sleep like this…” He secretly loves it. He would sigh and would grip your hair while you take kitten licks at his cock. “Stop fucking teasing… you know I don’t like when you do”
Kisame squinted his eyes as he tried to adjust to the sunlight. He suddenly felt something around his lower area. He moved the covers off of him and saw you trying to slip his pants off. “What are you doing princess? Still needy? You want my cock again? Go head. Make me feel good. I’ll repay the favor.“ He opened his legs more so you can pull off his pants. You took his harden cock and licked his tip which earned a hiss from him. “C’mon baby don’t be a tease…”
Deidara is sensitive. So as soon as he feels you stroke his cock he moans and slightly ruts against your hands. “Y/n… what are you…” When he feels your tongue lick slowly on his cock he moans loudly. He opened his legs more once he felt you pump his cock up and down. “S-Shit…Y/n… I’m gonna cum.”
Kakuzu needs his sleep. He is a old man💀 He would stir awake after a minute of feeling your head bobbing up and down on his cock. He would grunt while closing his eyes, and would tie your hair up into a bun. “Just like that… goodgirl.” He would have a handful of your hair and would buck his hips down your throat nonstop. “Fuck… doing so good… letting me use your mouth how I please.”
Pein would wake up and adjust to the sunlight. He would yawn a bit but then would feel would feel something warm and hot on the tip of his cock. He would move the covers off him, and would look down to see you with a smirk on your face. “Y/n? What a good surprise to wake up to.” He would sigh and would close his eyes so you can work your magic. “Just like that y/n…fuck…do it faster. Yeah.“
Konan would stir awake once she feels two fingers slide into her entrance. While you thrust in and out, giving a kiss on her forehead, she would moan and tell you how good it feels. “Y/n… j-just like that, mhm, fuck.” She would bring you into a sloppy kiss telling you to go faster. “Go faster darling… yeah. That - ngh - that feels so good baby.”
Zetsu is a deep sleeper. they dont hear noise at all and doesn’t feel anything. Once you start bobbing your head up and down faster on his cock, they would wake up. “What the hell are you doing? Mmm, y/n, my love” They would grip your hair and push you down more on their cock. “Fuck — You little whore, just like that. Y-Y/n It feels so good.
Tobi isnt really a deep sleeper. So when you spit on his cock and then pump it up and down, he would wake up. “Wha? What is y/n-Chan doing?” He would ask when he moves the cover off him. He would whimper when he feels your tongue lick up his shaft. “Y-Y/n-Chan that…that feels so good!”
Tumblr media
Taglist: @animepickle7 @mother-akatsuki @bananaseq @feelingsandemotionsnotexplored @goddess-of-green @WhoTookTheNameBreadsticks @sunatooru @Obsessedsimp If your name is in bold, I could not tag you.
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megumifushi · 2 days ago
Fuck angel you know just what to say to get me all riled up huh? Is this what you want baby?
You want daddy to use you like his own personal cocksleeve?
If that’s really what you want then that’s what you’re gonna get.
You feel my cock getting even harder in you? That’s how much you fucking turn me on, even at my limit, you can somehow push me even further.
My cute little whore, I can feel your legs trembling around my waist, you want me to add another finger inside? You want me to stretch you out, get you all nice and wet so when I fuck you my cock eases in and out of your gummy walls with no problem?
Do you like how daddy’s toying with your clit princess? Does it feel good?
Pull on my hair harder, fuck it’s so sexy when you do. Desperately needing me to move you on my fat cock and make a mess out of you.
You were made for my cock, the way I was made to fill up your pussy. Cum for me a couple more times and I’ll fuck you like there’s no tomorrow ok baby?
Lemme feel you loose control and turn into a dumb little slut for daddy.
Suguru Anon 😙🌙
mmm hi, daddy.
yes, I really really do want you to use me as your own personal cocksleeve.
nothing would make me happier.
and mmm, I love how hard you get for me, it only makes me drip down your thigh even more; god we make such a mess, don’t we?
and fuck, just, fuck-
stop teasing so much, you know how weak I get. please play with me but I need you to fuck me soon or I might just fucking snap.
you wouldn’t want me to snap, right?
you don’t want your cute little whore to wrap her soft hands around your throat, and ride you myself, hm?
I might get tired when I ride your thigh or fuck you lazily in the morning but, hmm, fucking you out of spite? you know I could do it all day, daddy.
I will pull at your hair, and you will play with my clit, and you’ll do it all with a smile on your face. you’ll let me bounce on your cock, the one that was made just for me, and I’ll allow you to feel my tight cunt clenching around you. 
you want to feel me lose control? hmm, I guess you didn’t expect me to switch when I did, did you?
I think toru and I have been fucked silly by you a little too much, I think maybe it’s time I tie daddy up and ride your face till you drown in my cunt.
and don’t you even fucking think of cumming inside me, not in any of my holes that is.
I’m gonna tap your swollen tip on my clit just to feel how heavy you are against it, gonna slide you in between my folds just feel how easy you glide, but never let you in.
only when you beg, only when I hear you actually fucking beg will I sink into your lap, and this time I won’t need any help because maybe, just maybe toru will be there for me.
maybe toru can be the one to rub my clit and suck on my breasts, and you can be my little fuck toy as I sit on your motionless.
maybe he can be the one to cover me in love marks, and you can feel how we do when you punish the both of us.
I know it seems cruel but, daddy you’ve been too good to me, and telling me to lose control was a big mistake.
I’m gonna take full advantage of it too.
I’ll make you regret it.
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to-my-b0nes · 2 days ago
Try for once
Try for once I'm getting tired of dealing with you. Everytime I come to check in on you I'm reminded how much of a fucking disappointment you are. Why do I even deal with you anymore? "I wanna eat something." "I broke my fast." "I was hungry." Excuse after excuse after fucking excuse. I don't deal with failures. I'm not going to waste my time. I give you chance after chance to actually lose something meaningful but every single time you fuck it up. And you want me to continue to help? You better prove yourself. And do it now because I'm just about ready to fuck off so you can wallow in your growing stomach and fatty foods. You're trying to be something that anyone will think is worthy of their time? You're nowhere near that now. I'm not going to waste my breath on this shit anymore. The next time I see you I want you to be all over thinspo tumblr. It's either that or be fat forever. Workout Starve Purge Whatever it fucking takes. Because what you're doing now OBVIOUSLY isn't working. You think just cutting back your calories that much is going to do it? God why do I even try with you? There are so many more people that fucking want this and they make it known on a daily basis. I could be with them right now. But I had to decide to help your dumb fat ass. I'm tired of this shit. You're showing yourself to not be worth my fucking time. Fix this now or I'm out. Jesus christ. Next time just say you want to stay fat. It'll take a lot less time than any of this shit.
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imtooscaredforthis · 3 days ago
Chapter 9- The Talk
Mentions of: Death, Child Abuse, Anger Issues, Blood, Manipulation
Tumblr media
After a chain of at least ten more trials, (You stopped counting at this point.) you were finally freed to rest for a good while at the campfire. You slowly trudged over to a log, dragging your feet and searching for another survivor for you to talk with, mainly Quentin. He always helped you relax, and was so comforting, you really missed him.
“You look like shit. Where the hell have you been?” You heard King say from behind you, too tired to deal with his bullshit. Did he always have to be such an asshole?
“Fuck off, David.” Was all you responded with, walking over to the tree line that was just ahead of the killer boundaries, resting at a trunk. You leaned back, hugging your knees to your chest, feeling your eyes flutter and slowly shut.
You didn’t know how long you had been asleep when you felt a hand grab your arm roughly, tugging you into the killer boundaries, making you roll down a little hill, and right next to a bush of thickets. Groaning in pain, you opened your eyes, seeing Susie crouching down in front of you, apologizing quietly.
“Ugh, what the hell, Susie?!” You couldn’t help but snap.
“What the hell yourself, (y/n)! Why did you kiss Frank?” She questioned. Oh great, now she was going to get on you about this. “Ugh, I know. It was just some stupid mistake, we were drunk and- didn’t you say he liked me?”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you should kiss him! Do you know how pissed Julie’s been?” The younger girl replied.
“Oh, I know, after she basically butchered me to death and cut me up into pieces.” You muttered, sitting back and crossing your arms.
She relaxed her posture, rolling her shoulders back, her voice softening as well. “Yeah, I heard about that. It takes a lot to make Julie feel remorse, especially considering what you did, but she does. And she wants to fix things and make up with you, so she told me to come over and take you today.”
“Seriously?” You asked eyebrows cocked in skepticism. She nodded quietly.
“Alright, I guess I’ll go then.” You shrugged, getting to your feet and following after Susie.
You and Susie stood outside the entrance of the resort, the only thing heard being the howling wind, and the sound of conversation inside. You had forgotten how cold this place was, shivering, and holding your shoulders, your teeth chattering. But the cold wasn’t the only reason why your body was shaking.
You were awfully nervous, considering the last time you saw a member of the legion, you had been stabbed to death at least fifty times. Besides that, you were also a bit nervous to see Frank as well. “Hey, you’re going to be okay, alright? Just take a deep breath Inhale, and exhale.”
You followed after her, slowly breathing. “And go in.”
She caught you off guard, shoving you from the back and making you go inside. You turned around to yell at her, but it was too late. You were already in.
The two boys stared at you, while you stood nervously, picking at your fingers and keeping your eyes on the floor. Where was Julie? Was Susie lying about this whole thing? Was this some sort of trap?
“Is she allowed to be here?” Joey murmured, being the first to speak.
“Of course she is. Julie invited her.” Susie said, wrapping her arm around your shoulder reassuringly, helping you relax a bit. “She did?”
“Yeah, I did.” Julie chimed in, coming out from behind the couch, and walking over to you. Just like that, all your relaxation disappeared, your body tensing up.
“I feel bad about what happened, and what I did to her. I know it was some dumb mistake, and it won’t happen again, so I wanted to make amends and be friends.” She told you, putting a hand on your shoulder, making you flinch slightly. She noticed but didn’t say anything.
“Thanks, and I’m sorry too.” You managed to get out, nodding slightly, a small smile on your face. It was much more difficult to tell what she was thinking, considering the mask she was wearing.
Julie patted your shoulder, turning away and facing the others. “Well, let’s party.”
About two and a half drinks in, three members of the Legion were all called off to go to a trial, leaving you and Frank all alone. Not wanting to end up facing Julie like that again, you got up, brushing yourself off, and preparing to leave.
“This was fun, but I think I better get going. See you aroun-”
“Didn’t you just get here? I’d have to take you back, and that would be a pain in the ass. So c’mon, stay for a bit. Drink with me.” You hated how tempting he made it sound, how your body kept you from moving, your legs locking in place.
But you knew you couldn’t stay. That would only cause trouble. “I don’t think I should. You know what happened the last time I did.”
“It won’t happen again.” His tone grew serious, and you knew he wasn’t messing around. “And I’d be bored by myself so can’t you quit being a loser and just join me?”
“Alright fine.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes and reluctantly staying, taking a seat on the couch furthest from him.
After quite a few drinks, you and Frank were chattering and joking around like old friends. It was strange how easy it was to talk to him. It almost seemed like he understood more than most did.
“Why're you sitting so far away, babe? I don’t bite. Well, it depends on who you ask.” He sneered, laughing to himself softly. You chuckled as well, ignoring the heat rising to your face.
“God, you’re so gross.” You rolled your eyes, sipping your beer.
He grinned at you, giving you a knowing look, making your heart slam your rib cage. You did your best to swallow the lump in your throat, smirking back at him bravely. “I’m bored, let’s go up to the roof.”
“What?” You questioned, completely clueless. He stood from the couch, walking over to the staircase and gesturing for him to follow him. “C’mon.”
After climbing the steps, Frank walked over to the gaping hole in the ceiling, reaching up and grabbing one of the wooden planks, hoisting himself up with ease. It didn’t seem like this was the first time he did this sort of thing. He reached his hand back down for you to grab.
You looked up at it hesitantly, feeling quite anxious. “Are you sure about this? What if I fall.”
“You won’t. Trust me. You’re not that fat.” That comment made you punch Frank in the palm, making him grunt and shake it softly. “Ow. Seriously, you can do it.”
You took his hand, letting him pull you up, stumbling on the way, and ending up landing on his chest. “Sorry.” You mumbled, pulling yourself off, your cheeks slightly flushed.
“It’s fine. You good?” He questioned. And this was the first time you saw this ruthless killer show any compassion towards you. Maybe Susie was right, after all. But a part of you already knew that.
“Yeah, except for the fact that this feels really unstable, and I’m probably going to fall through the roof any second now.” You answered.
“You won’t.” The roof shook, making you fall forward. “Okay, probably won’t.”
The roof trembled again, this time making you fall towards Frank. He caught you, keeping you by his side. “And if you do, I’ll catch you.”
You were going to say something snarky about doubting him, but you got distracted by the view. It was truly breathtaking, the whole terrain around covered in snow, many flakes still falling. Cold wind blew at you, flowing through your hair, howling in your ear, and making goosebumps on your opened skin, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Here, take this.” Frank removed his jacket, putting it on your shoulders. While Joey’s was comfortable, Frank’s was even better, being bigger and warmer, and it smelled just like him. “Thanks.”
“So, tell me about yourself, (y/n). How did you end up here?” He asked boredly.
“I thought we said no backstories.” You responded, reminiscing back to when you played truth or dare.
“Oh no, no, no, babe. I don’t do backstory. But I’m sure you have quite the interesting one. So go ahead and spill for me, ‘survivor.’” He snickered. It felt like he already knew you, inside and out, despite barely even getting to speak with him.
Might as well tell him.
You took a deep breath, letting it all out. “Basically, I was raised by overprotective manipulative abusive pieces of shit that were my parents. I was barely able to even do anything or think for myself, and I hated it. I hated them. I hated everyone. But when I turned eighteen, I decided to start living a little. Rebelling. And then, I made some fucked up decision to hang out with the wrong people, and now here I am.”
“Damn. Guess you haven’t really learned from your mistakes, huh?” He chuckled lightly, trying to fix the mood.
“Guess not.” You smiled softly, moving your eyes down and averting his gaze, looking at his hands. That was when you noticed the blood-soaked bandages on his knuckles.
You grabbed his hand, picking it up. Before he could even ask about what you were doing, you spoke. “Punched a few walls, hm?”
“How did you know?” He mumbled as you let his hand go.
You pulled down his sleeve from his hand, revealing your scarred and bruised knuckles. “I’ve done it a bit myself. I’m also a bit of a pillow choker too, heh. Anyways, I’ve told you about my whole life, and you haven’t even shown me your face. You’ve got to give me something, Frank.”
“Alright, it’s a deal.” He shrugged, pulling off his mask.
Frank was much better looking than you imagined, short brown hair with dark eyes and a handsome, slightly scarred-up face. His lips curved upward in a smile as he stared back at you. It was much better seeing you like this, without the mask.
Letting yourself succumb to your feelings, you leaned in, moving to kiss him. He stopped you, holding you by your shoulders. “We shouldn’t.”
“Oh right, sorry.” You pulled away from him, feeling slightly embarrassed by the rejection. But that was before another question crossed your mind. “Why did you kiss me that night?”
“I don’t know. I was feeling drunk, and stupid, and I wasn’t in the right headspace, I guess.” You grinned at him. It was so much easier to see if he was lying without the mask. “What, you don’t believe me?”
“No, because if that was true, we wouldn’t be sitting here together right now. And you wouldn’t find me so ‘intriguing.’” You winked with a grin, waiting for him to say something, but he didn’t. He just stared at you, looking into your eyes.
So this was (y/n), the real (y/n), huh? Behind all that rage, all that defensiveness, you were really quite beautiful. And Frank could see himself starting to fall for someone like that.
He grabbed your chin, moving in to kiss you. But right as he did, the entity’s claws wrapped around you, dragging you away. You held onto the roof, nails digging into the wood, your fingers beginning to splinter up. “(Y/n)!”
“Frank, help! Please!” You cried, tears filling your eyes. You weren’t ready to go. Not yet. He grabbed your hand, trying to pull you back, but the entity was too strong, and his grip loosened until he inevitably let you go.
He watched in horror as the entity’s claws stabbed into your body, pulling you into the deep, dark, void.
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cashaywallace2 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
This the one , the two, the three, the everything...
If you’re in my circle, I’ll compromise * and check myself verbally to a sensitive ear ( unless you REALLY need to hear about yourself coming from a loving place )
But to anyone else trying to check me through self projection 😂 yeah no, you catching this verbal fade.
My parents and most of my teachers ( who deserved a reality check ) put me mentally in a place where I felt like I constantly had to shrink myself to fit. Couldn’t be outspoken or call out the observations I made ( bc they usually highlight where someone is lacking ...look I got standards yes, but improvement is important at all levels, stages and ages )
The only intimidated ppl in the room EVER
( minus the few peers that were just born as brats ( they all have their reasons for why they were brats, but nonetheless brats then)
were the adults.
And that’s bc they usually were / are incompetent and inadequate and try to mask it as the opposite but it comes out SO evidently when they speak to ME.
😂 and I ain’t taking NONE of that shit.
It kills me looking back. The fact these ppl have been doing this job for X years over my little self and ME is ticking you off in YOUR profession??
How’s it my fault you didn’t fault proof your own equation to life??? 💀💀
I said fuck make up school bc the teachers didn’t like me 🙃
My first teacher, talented but a hypocrite... we had to be on time for class and pay attention, couldn’t do anything else but focus on her and the demos....
But she came to class 15-20 mins late EVERY DAY, then spent the first 10 minutes in class gossiping w the 90210 clique of the class...why do the STUDENTS need to know you want to get your tummy fat frozen away 😅 queee??? You could tell when she was winging class ( nothing wrong it is a creative outlet / skill set BUT it’s still a learning environment...need a game plan more often than not )
I thought I was there to learn makeup , anyways between her hypocrisy and gossip sessions I got tired of wasting the $23,000 my parents paid for 5 months of make up school 🙃.
We had two “chit chats”
the first - her telling me if I continue as is I’m not going to make friends in make up school... my reply
“ I’m here to learn a skill set, not make friends. That’s the bonus to the bonus “ 😅 parents paid $23,000 for me to learn a fucking skill, NOT MAKE FRIENDS w that money.
2nd - a student ( teachers pet didn’t have the skill set 🤷🏽‍♀️) over heard me telling a classmate how that convo went and next thing I knew that teacher was storming in CUSSING ME OUT threatening to take me to the principal 😂😂
I laughed 😂😂😂😂 and told her 1. I am not your child 2. Get YOUR shit together and we wouldn’t be here 🤷🏽‍♀️ but we can go to the principals.... but bc she knew she was all the way wrong she let me back into class 💀
Funnily, I had to restock my kit recently and ran into her, and she thanked me and congratulated me 💀💀 to growth! 🤗
The second teacher would walk to lunch w the first and size me up, until I was in her class to make up hours and killed her stuck up attitude off with kindness and my skill set 💁🏽‍♀️
Played herself looking stupid playing follow the leader w the first teacher
😂 why be a teacher if you’re going to hate on students. Fucking retire and fix yourself.
The last teacher is my favorite.
She told me I had to dumb it down on set next to the talent. Referring to my looks. She told me
“[ i]can’t be a makeup artist looking better than the talent and expect trust. Water yourself down “
I asked how ...pointing out I either worn sweats and hit tied or jeans and a tshirt already.
She said “ don’t wear make up”
Me reply
“ oh you mean the mascara I only wear. No ones ever told me I was doing too much but YOU. I always get compliments and nice word from the crew and talent “ 😅
MIND YOU she stopped my presentation IF FRONT OF THE CLASS to say that ...
She was just a REALLY jealous person. And it turned out she knew a very close family friend to me.
This family friend is special needs but EXTREMELY talented, and used to get private make up lessons by this teacher ...who decided to slip up and talk shit / make fun about the friend in class ...
Guess who got fired from private lessons 🙃
ALL of her was absolutely unnecessary in her “teaching “ position.
In high school, my senior year marine biology classes took a weekend trip to Catalina and as soon as we got off the boat and settled in, one of the lower class men girls came up to me and was telling me when we first met she was super scared / intimidated by me but over time she’s grown appreciation and likeness towards me
Well my actual incompetent marine biology teacher over heard the scared and intimidated part and chimed in to say
“ Yeah all the teachers think that “
First off, that’s sad.
For the teachers.
Secondly, had the big bully shut her trap and listened to the rest of the story she would have known we got off on the wrong foot and WERE GOOD NOW, but nope.
She took the whole weekend, every chance I was alone to remind me they’re intimidated by me it was suppose to break me before senior year ended or it was going to help her work through whatever her feelings toward me were 💀💀
About five years later I came back to the school with another friend who wanted to visit I really didn’t want to be there but since she was still working I decided to stop by her classroom and conveniently it was two days before her birthday so I told her I would come back with a lovely cake to make amends but I never did.
I am such an asshole for that 🤷🏽‍♀️
I had another teacher a male one who gave a project to the class without much information to the project and had the audacity to ask us how to do this project as if we assigned it because because I called him out on that his reply was
“ I see why the others are intimidated by you”
The week before I got fired from equinox it took two female managers ( the most incompetent ones who ironically got fired too ) telling me I give a weird vibe off to girls in general ...💀💀💀  one manager was the GM ... her first day of work we were in the same building for half the day ( we threw a work party this day ) and she introduced herself to every single coworker but me.... she walked by me multiple times and still didn’t bother. I had to find her at the start of the party and introduce myself ( that hand shake was SO awkward ) but I’m the weird one.... The second manager I’m just gonna leave it at her being extremely jealous and constantly denying the ideas that I had for the workplace but after being fired she’s now started her own personal training that is light weight what the fuck I was trying to do at equinox... but I’m the one w weird vibes...OKAY 
My mom a prime example of that and she’s an actress on top of the matter so she can really mask life as if she just has it all together and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about when other people are around.
It’s crazy how she would always pin me and my father against each other when she knew I was reading her for filth.
Til this day I don’t have a relationship with my dad which sucks because he’s actually a really dope human being if he would just separate himself from her and we could have a really dope relationship but as he says w/o saying ...he made a marriage commitment and that will always come first.
All that to say, I’ll compromise when I need to, but I am NOT shrinking myself anymore.
Yeeion like it, try me back in a few 🤷🏽‍♀️
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m2mbodyswap · 3 days ago
SwapApp - Empty Jar Head
Ignorance is bliss, at least that’s how the saying goes. Personally, I happen to agree; intelligence is overrated and it’s never done me any good. All my life, dealing with people less intelligent, dealing with the messes they’ve made, and trying to cover for their mistakes. It gets tiresome both taking the blame for something stupid a manager did and put on my shoulders to fix, or having to live in a world that is rapidly going crazy and makes no logical sense anymore – if indeed it ever did.
So when I got the SwapApp, I had just one major requirement… In addition to being younger (because why not?) and more athletic and physically fit (again, because why not?), whoever I was going to swap with absolutely must be below average intelligence. Other than that, I left everything up to chance. Sounds risky, I know, but you have to understand, as little as I cared for this world anymore and as little as I was concerned about living my boring pointless life, anything would be an improvement. So long as I was too stupid to realize how shitty my life was, I’d be able to cope with whatever luck tossed my way.
I walked to my small bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror; I was absolutely average in every way. I was so commonplace, most people failed to remember my name, not that I’d have that name much longer that is. In fact, the only time I was on someone’s mind was when some problem had to be solved by someone messing around with something they were too dumb to understand – which anymore was nearly a daily occurrence at my office.
I went into the SwapApp options, reviewed them one last time to be sure I was satisfied with my choices; there wouldn’t be a way to undo any of this, I was fairly certain. I clicked “Initiate Swap” and took a deep breath while closing my eyes.
Tumblr media
I’m standing here in a row with some other dudes in this green camo gear. I really gotta itch my nose bad, but I’m too scared of the drill sergeant ripping into my ass and too tired from being up for the last 12 hours. Fuck, I’m tired, and I’m dirty – I could use a nice hot shower, but… Wait, what was I thinking about? Oh shit, here comes the DI now. Uh, what do I do? What do I say?
He’s looking me up and down now, but I keep looking ahead, don’t want him getting pissed at me like last time. He mumbles something I can’t hear and then moves on to the next guy in line beside me. I can feel my heart beating a mile a minute, fuck that was close. I thought for sure he’d find something wrong with my uniform this time.
Wait… this time? Shit, my head hurts. I hate thinking. Thinking sucks. I just want this shit to hurry up and get finished; I need to toss a piss pretty serious.
It’s been a lot of hard work and shit, too little sleep, but infantry school is kinda fun, especially shooting at the range. The DI says I’m getting better, which makes me happy! No one never thought I’d be good at much of nothing before. My pappy said I was dumb as dog shit, and my teachers all gave me C’s whether I turned in homework or not; something about not wanting to deal with figuring out my learning style, whatever that means.
Well, I’m proud to be a Marine now! Don’t have to do nothing but listen to what I’m told. Boot Camp in San Diego was kinda fun, I hope I get to go back there someday. But I guess after I learn how to do this infantry stuff, they’ll be sending me to Iraq for a while. I hear that’s scary over there, but I think it’ll be fun! Plus it pays really well too! More than I’d ever gotten paid before, I think. I’ll be able to save up some money and buy me a fancy truck when I get back, show off to the people back home who said I’d never amount to anything. They’ll be super jealous of my cool truck and me being a Marine and all then, that’s for sure!
Want to read more of my body swap stories? Join my Patreon now for as low as $5 a month for more weekly stories!
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mypoisonedvine · 3 days ago
This is a super random rant but I just need to get it out so ahh I'm sorry. I hate when people sexualize/romanticize daddy issues like 'if you like these older men you have daddy issues.' It pisses me off so much, my dad is always yelling at someone in our home. In high school it was me on the receiving end and I used to shout back and cry everyday cause it was exhausting af. Now that its my sister on the receiving end because I just ignore him and im so used to it that the yelling feels like this constant song on loop that is always playing in the background.i hate that im so used to it that it doesn't even fazes me anymore like whenever he's yelling at me I don't even pay attention or reply back. Its not like I don't love him I mean he's provided me my whole life and I get that his anger and frustration comes from his unresolved issues(my grandma was a bitch to him ,he lost his younger brother to cancer and work has been pretty rough for him lately). But I'm just so tired of living in this constant fear about when he's going to throw another cup of tea at me or walk up to me angrily making me flinch.Hes only hit me one time and it was purely out of anger and he apologized to me several times for it. I feel like im explaining a toxic relationship with obvious red flags but he's my dad and I can't just cut him out of my life. And I was finally supposed to leave for college last year but covid and now everyone is stuck at home(which is totally understandable. God, I sound like a privileged brat complaining when people have it way worse. I'm so sorry for that). Wow, I don't even know where I'm going with this. Hope you're doing okay and take care!!
oh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear all that, yeah people throw ‘daddy issues’ around like it’s a joke, mainly targeting women and usually turning it into a sexist joke (like people make fun of girls with daddy issues instead of men for giving their children issues??) and yes attraction to older men has nothing to do with one’s relationship with one’s father.  if anything attraction to toxicity is the thing there, but plenty of people have shitty/absent fathers and don’t have any issues surrounding it so it’s such a dumb thing.
just to be clear, it’s never okay for someone to hit you or throw things at you, even with everything going on in his life and his past.  it’s good that you understand what he’s dealing with but it doesn’t justify any of that.  all that said I get why you feel like you can’t just cut him out, I think people make that kind of thing sound really simple but for a lot of us it’s more complicated than that.  going off to college would’ve been so great but covid really fucked so many people over and I’m really sorry all of this is happening to you..
and you don’t sound like a privileged brat you sound like someone going through a lot and you deserve better.  thank you for venting I’m always here <3
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realhoodstories · 4 days ago
Journal Log: 10 Aug 2004
It's 12:30 A.M and I'm just chill'n I'm tired as fuck from  painting and cutting grass all day at my rental property and at my own crib. I  been neglecting the family life and home maintenance because of my Cyber-Pimp  exploits. I dedicated yesterday (9th of August) to gettin shyt done. I am proud  of myself, I didn't think I would ever get up the discipline to paint the  outside of that gawd damn house. I'm glad that shyt is over.
I just received a phone call from Ms. Ella (Chocolate's  recruit) who says that she has her I.D. Now keep in mind it's 12 in the fucking  morning why would a bytch call and tell me that? I asked her" You have the I.D  in your hand?" She was like "No, it's over my nephews house, I got to go and get  it." I'm sayin to her "Its been 2 weeks and you still didn't go get that I.D?  Don't you know anybody with a fuck'n car?" She said" No." I told her on three  separate occasions I ain't fuckin with her if she has no I.D. On 3 separate  occasions she told me she had her I.D and when I meet up with her she didn't  have it. This bitch is a gawd damn head case. So right off the bat I'm thinking  this bytch is tryin to buy some rock because she wants me to drive her to  hilltop apartments. And that's a major drug spot.
This particular night I was bored and didn't have shyt to do.  So I entertained the notion that the bytch might be tellin the truth. I knew it  was a long shot but fuck it playa, ya only live once right? I knew that if she  did have  I.D, I was gonna run game and get some pix and video and not pay  a dime. She has a desperate vibe about her and I was sure I could game her. But  I said to myself even if this bytch is trying to hustle me just for a ride to a  dope spot I'm still gonna snap pics of her ass and come back home and update my  journal with at least a little sumthn sumthn.
Tumblr media
Chocolate aka Black Mamba.
I pick her up and all the way to Hilltop she is complaining  about Chocolate and how she caught Chocolate driving her man's Van today and how  her and Chocolate almost was scrappin over it. Man I hate lyin ass hoes. On the  phone 20 minutes ago she just told me she didn't know anybody with a ride who  could take her to Hilltop. Now she spittin this story about Chocolate driving  her man's Van. Dumb bytchez. So now it was obvious to me that this was just a  hustle to get a ride to a dope man. We pull up in the Hilltop Parking lot and  she gets out and knocks on the door where her nephew is supposed to stay and no  one answers. She bangs on the door for about 5 minutes and then gets back in the  car and acted like everything was everything. I said "Damn the Nicca didn't know  u was comin?" She said" He ain't got no phone, so I couldn't call him." I just  shook my head, pulled out my camera and snapped a couple of shots of her. She  was taken by surprise and asked me why did I do that? I just told her its just  for future referance for when you finally get your I.D I can compare the photo  on the I.d with the Photo I just took to make sure it's a legit I.D. She kept  harpin on that she was 42 yrs old and that she wouldn't lie to me. I said "It  ain't about me trusting you baby, It's about legalities and business. I need to  have records on file of all my models. I don't care if you look 99, I will need  documented proof of your age. The court system, the Judge, The lawyers and the  sheriff don't give a fuck what you promised me or that you gave your word. They  want documentation Baby, and if you ain't got it, I ain't fuckin wit you." She  still didn't get it, this female has smoked too much chronic, she lacks basic  understanding of simple shyt. I just couldn't seem to make her understand what  was at stake. She still kept askin about why I took the pictures and she knew  the real reason i took them. The said that I just dont think she is 42, and I  think she is under the age of 18 because she looks so young. I about crashed my  car into a ditch after hearing her say this shyt. I think I almost passed out  from just shear unbelief that she would say some dumb shyt like that.
I finally made it back to her crib and dropped her off. But  before she got out she was like" What's up Now?" I said don't call me ANYMORE  unless you have the I.D on you. Then she went ahead talkin stupid shyt again.  "But I'm 42, I promise." I said "Bye Bye, see ya later." She just sat in the  ride lookin over at me staring. It was like the bytch was trying to size me up.  She gave a hard look, like she was about to get raw wit a Nicca. I just looked  the bytch dead in the eyes and we just stared at each other for about 8 seconds.  No one said a word after that. She got out, and I rode the fuck home. I did bask  in the the fact that who ever she wanted to see, wasn't home so she couldn't buy  her rocks. I kept my eye on her the whole time and she never went inside any  apartments or met any people. So either her dope connect wasn't home, or her  Nephew really does have her I.D and he wasn't home. But why the fuck would he  have her I.D? Aahhhhhh the bullshyt never ends. But I did come away with some  pictures of this broad so ya'll could see the kind of bullshyt I had to put up  with tonight. Yuck! Wait till ya'll see this shyt!
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realhoodstories · 4 days ago
Journal Log: 2 Aug 2004
 Monique called me and wants to try her hand at this Inter net  shyt. I told her to be ready at 10 P.m. I told her she gonna give head and take  nude photos on this occasion. I called John up and told him to meet me over her  crib( which is actually my brothers old crib in the projects). We get over there  and get the shyt started we flowin smooth and we get to the part where she has  to take off her panties and show that pussy. She hesitates and tells me "No". I  said "What's the problem?" She goes into this bullshyt line that she didn't know  she would have to show the pussy she sayin I wasn't specific enough with her on  the phone. I'm like "What? How the hell did you misunderstand the phrase NUDE  PHOTOS?" She starts talkn dumb shyt and still tryin to act like she didn't know.  But I wasn't trippn because I was payin her pennies anyway. All I really wanted  her to do anyway was the Head scene. She finally admits that she is on her  period and she forgot to mention it to me. Although this is a typical ploy used  by broads to try and not go fully nude at the time of the photo shoot. Some  chicks lie and tell me this to try and play a Nicca, but all I usually do is cut  their fee in half. And half the females ain't gettin shyt in the first place, so  what's half of nothing? That's right Dawg......Nothing. I would have thought of  some more shyt for her to do to replace the fully nude photos but I was just too  tired playaz. I was already to go home. This shyt sometimes just gets boring and  redundant. And you meet some dumb ass females that make you wanna smack em.
Tumblr media
I was thinking of making her suck my dick too but I wasn't in  the mood. Recently I havn't been wanting to have any of these freaks even touch  me. I figure I'm just burnt out. So She just escaped with some half nude photos  and a head scene which leaves nut on her tits. She got done and was feeling  really good about herself and asked could she do another job with me at a later  date. I said " Yeah we can fit you in some time in the future, holla at a Nicca  in 2 weeks." When we get her back I'm really gonna put her through the grinder  Nicca. She gonna get some nut in the grill fo sho. We get ready to leave and  don't you know this silly ass heifer had the nerve to tell me that I better not  put her on the Inter-net. She just signed the model release 5 minutes ago and  she acted like she was reading it, but she still had the stupidity to say that  shyt. What the fuck did she think she was signing the contract for? Gawd damn  the world needs an enema! Too much human debris floatin in the toilet of life.
Stay Tuned playaz. Don't know when I'm gonna post this shyt. I  still got otha shyt I shot last month I haven't posted yet.
3 Aug 04
Nicca like me been agonizing about who i'm gonna shoot this  weekend and what I want them to perform in front of the camera. Like I said I'm  not in the mood to put my dick in none of these broads. Shyt has been so smooth  and pleasant at my crib with wifey for the past week that I don't want to fuck  it up. And you would think it would be easy to find a Nicca to dick down one of  these freaks but that really ain't the case. Don't know how many Niccas I have  had swear they wanna do it but when the day comes to show and prove, them Niccaz  get ghost on a brotha and get hard to find. Looks like it may be a softcore  weekend.
Chatty called me today pleading for a video shoot. She keeps  wondering why I keep putting her off. I told her once again for the 1 millionth  fuck'n time that new pussy out ranks old pussy. And when I run out of new pussy  to shoot I will holla at her. She was callin from over Simone's crib and Mary  (Vanilla Thrill) was over there also. They all 3 squawkin that they ready to get  loose for a Nicca. I told all of em to take a number and get in line.  
Tumblr media
4 Aug 04
Hooked up wit my Nicca Scorpio and we split the Hotel fee for  our shoots today. This some new shyt we on. We coordinate our model shoots to  coincide with each other so we can use the same hotel room and save some cheese.  Nicca like me iz tired of using a room for 2 hours and then taken the key back  and goin home. That shyt is a fuck'n waste. This way we all get the maximum  amount of usage out the room and don't feel like we waste'n money. Scorpio got  done with his shoot at 2:30 P.M and called me to get the key. I was out the door  to hook up wit him when my cell phone rang and it was Ice. She still had not  made it over her crib in the projects and needed me to take her there to get her  belongings. I told her she was fuckn up a Niccaz schedule but I'll come through  for her. I had 2 video shoots to do today. I had one with the new Chick named  Cherry and had a shoot with Chocolate. I was supposed to pick up Cherri at 3  P.M.
Tumblr media
I picked up Ice from the Hotel that she was stayin in and took  her to the Dollar Store and to Her crib to get her shyt and then I took her back  to the Hotel. Then I picked up Cherry and took some outside Pics and then we  went to the Hotel and took more Pix. She was supposed to be dancin for a Nicca  but I fucked around and forgot my Radio/CD player so she didn't have shyt to  dance too.(My game is slipp'n) John was taking the photos and basically that's  all we did in this session. I tried to sell her on some hardcore with suck'n  John's Dick but she wouldn't Bite. She said she ain't suckn or fuckn anybody  until she has her baby......uhhhhh...yeah...sorry....I think I neglected to tell  you playaz she was seven months pregnant. So that shoot wasn't really a barn  burner. But she did take some really Nice Pix. But I still got her dance'n Nicca.  I still got her on Video doin some freaky shyt with Milk on an old video she did  with a partner of mine. I'll Post that when it comes time to adding her to the  Mack City Freak on-line roster.
Then I Picked up Chocolate and got myself a good ol fashion  head job with  her drinkin my sperm. Gawd Damn she is incredible! Stay  tuned to see me jack off in her mouth  and watch the globs of nut land on  her tongue and then watch as she swallows it. Fuck Yeah!
Got word that Sparkle may be smokin Rock. People sayin she  gettin real skinny and she has been on a stealing spree.
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limerenze · 4 days ago
a john shelby fic that follows these lines from playdate by melanie martinez?! i think yes!!! ft. a loose outline of the fic.
You call me on the telephone, you feel so far away
You tell me to come over, there's some games you wanna play
[reader and john r having casual sex but reader is in love w john and she thinks john doesn't feel the same, he tells her to come by later]
I'm walking to your house, nobody's home
Just me and you and you and me alone
[reader goes to see john and his kids are gone and they spend the night together and they do couple-y things all night. reader thinks john reciprocates her feelings. they sleep together]
We're just playing hide and seek
It's getting hard to breathe under the sheets with you
[right after reader and john hook up- she tells him she loves him but he doesn't say anything. reader falls alseep sadly]
Wake up in your bedroom and there's nothing left to say
When I try to talk, you're always playing board games
[the next morning, reader tries to bring up what happened while he gets ready and john plays dumb. reader is upset and feels used. he leaves for work and leaves reader in bed. she collects her things from his house and leaves]
I wish I had monopoly over your mind
I wish I didn't care all the time
[reader is ignoring and avoiding john after that morning. after a few days/weeks, reader runs into tommy and arthur and they ask whats up- reader tells them she’s done w their younger brother]
I don't give a fuck about you anyways
Who ever said I give a shit about you?
[arthur and tommy spill to john about what happened when they ran into reader. john shows up at readers house and asks what her problem is (even tho he knows lowkey), and says he misses her. reader blows up and yells at john, tells him she doesn't care anymore and she’s done with him and their arrangement.]
You never share your toys or communicate
I guess I'm just a play date to you
[she tells john that she knows he heard her that night and that she doesn't deserve to be treated like a you, and she wont allow it any longer]
I don't want to play no games
I'm tired of always chasing, chasing after you
[they are still fighting and she tells john that she’s loved him since they were teenagers. and that he knows that and that he is just playing with her feelings and leading her on. she’s sick of chasing after him and only ever being used as his safety net]
You know I give a fuck about you everyday
Guess it's time that I tell you the truth
[in anger, bc.. angst- john tells reader that he loves her and that she was never just his safety net, he was never leading her on. he was scared when martha got pregnant and thought the responsible thing to do was marry her/take care of her. but he’s always loved reader]
If I share my toys, will you let me stay?
Don't want to leave this play date with you
[john apologizes and wants to be in a proper relationship with reader, reader accepts and happy ending!!]
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twiceosaii · 5 days ago
Can i req a story where Mina got really jealous of Sub!R being touchy and flirty with another member so she cuffed and edged her all night and some Degradation too. Thank you and the latest Sana story was great!
あーありがとうございました🦖💕~~ thank you thank you!!!! Here you go anonちゃん~
“Fucking slut, you thought that was funny?” Mina growled. You whined, pulling on the cuffs she put on you.
Running your fingers on Momo’s abs, calling her cute and sexy, made Mina furious. She didn’t hesitate to put you back in your place.
Repeatedly fucks you with her fingers. Thumb right on your clit.
You, Momo and Mina are the only ones in the dorm.
“Tell me, did you think you’d get away with this?.”
Shaking your head repeatedly, Mina bites your neck and pinches your clit.
You throw your head back, moaning as you feel your orgasm catch up with you. You clench tightly around her fingers.
Mina takes notice and pulls her fingers out, smacking the inside of your thigh. “You’re not cuming tonight, whore.”
You cry as your orgasm fades
Slick spilling down your thighs, all over Mina’s fingers. “Taste yourself.” She said.
Shoving two fingers down your throat, squeezing your eyes shut while she continues to fucks into your mouth.
“I should put a real gag on you. I should bend you over right in front of Momo and paddle you.” Mina purrs directly in your ear.
Pulling her fingers out of your mouth, drool follows with it, plunging them back into you.
You bit down on your lip, stifling a moan. It nearly hurts, your orgasm is quick to catch up with you.
Mina isn’t letting you off, putting her fingers to a stop. “Please... Minari..” You whine out, grinding your self against her hand.
Grips your throat “I’m sick and tired of your slutty attitude, such a needy thing you are. Wanting me to fuck you after screwing around with Momo in front of me.”
“It was- it wasn’t like that Minari.”
She laughs menacingly, “Do you think I’m fucking stupid, not only are you just ‘a slut’, but a dumb one too.”
She yanks your cuffs, bending you over. Grabbing the dildo right beside her, teasing your entrance.
“If Momo comes in here, I’ll edge you on night right in front of her.”
She goes in deep, fucking you in all the right ways. Your clit throbs, a sobs coming from your mouth as the silicon hits your g-spot, Mina pulling harshly on your cuffs.
You scream, you don’t cum though.
Momo comes in the room.
Mina smirks, clawing your back.
“Momoring~~ just in time.”
Hell on earth.
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dameronology · 5 days ago
1. From the angst prompt list with Poe??
ok this was a super popular one for poe, like 3 or 4 people requested this oof time to hurt !! even tho this one is a little more light-hearted than all the others i have planned muahaha 
poe dameron + “i needed you and you weren’t there.”
It had taken Poe Dameron no less than five minutes to work-out that you were being off with him. But, with that said, it would have been fairly fucking obvious to practically anyone that you were less than pleased with the pilot. Maybe had been the way you were staring daggers at him across the canteen in the morning, or the way you’d completely blanked him when he’d tried to greet you. It had been then that he realised you’d never sent him a good morning text - as was customary when you slept apart - or even a good night one. On the whole, he was a pretty smart guy, but 99% of the time when it came to you? He was clueless. You could have held up a sign that said ‘POE, I’M MAD!’ and he still wouldn’t have got it. 
So, he was proud of himself for picking it up so quickly - then ensued the challenge of working out what exactly was wrong. Once he’d got his breakfast and some caff down him, he resorted to his office with his beloved droid to investigate.
“Was it our anniversary?” He peered down at BB-8, who was parked under the desk. The droid beeped back a quick no, not till next month.
“Damn,” Poe muttered. “How about a birthday?”
That was also a negative. 
“Maybe just try asking them?” BB-8 chirped. 
Poe sighed to himself, before grabbing his datapad and standing up. According to your calendar, you didn’t have any important meetings til that afternoon - that meant that hopefully, just hopefully, you might be willing to give him the time of day. 
Your own office was just down the corridor, a few doors down from his. Everyone on the base and their mother knew that you had a strict no knocking before 9AM rule, but it had never applied to Poe - at least not when you were on good terms. He was willing to risk his head to talk to you, especially when you were already so close to biting it off anyways. 
“Babe?” He gently called. “Wanna talk?”
You glanced up from your datapad, thinning your eyes at him. “How nice of you to make an appearance.”
Poe sighed, stepping inside and carefully shutting the door behind him. He tossed his own tablet onto the desk, taking a seat opposite you. In his experience, you had two kinds of mad: loud mad and quiet mad. Loud mad was always a little less dangerous than quiet mad. That was usually when you were seething. 
“I know I’ve done something,” he began. “I just need a little help figuring out what.”
“Are you serious?” you scoffed. “That sounds like a you problem-”
“- c’mon,” he whined. “Don’t be like that.”
Leaning back in your chair, you folded your arms across your chest, glare boring further into the depths of his very soul. He tried to offer you a smile, but it was immediately wiped away by the deepening of your frown. Before now, Poe hadn’t realised how tired you looked, which was weird, because you always made a point to get an early-
- fuck. 
Now, he remembered. Now, he got it.
He was supposed to - nay, he’d promised to - help you fix the fleet of X-Wings that had gone down last week. Because not only was he the dumb-ass whose recklessness had let them get damaged, he was also the dumb-ass who had managed to get forgiveness from you and Leia by promising to fix them. And god forbid she ever find out, because if the General had it out for him, your anger compared to hers was practically nothing. If your fury was like a lion, Leia Organa’s was a fucking tyrannosaurus rex. 
“The X-Wings,” Poe let out a loan groan. “I was supposed to help fix them, wasn’t I?”
“There we go,” you gave him a phoney grin. “Now you’ve got it!”
“Did you fix them all yourself?”
“Every. Single. One.” 
“Babe, I am so sorry-”
“- I needed you and you weren’t there!” You cut him off. “Do you know anything about internal combustion engines? Because I certainly don’t! I’m pretty sure all those jets are worst off than before I got my hands on them-”
“- probably. You aren’t the best engineer,” Poe absent-mindedly muttered. Because that was going to help, right? “Wait! I, there’s nothing I can say. You definitely made them worst.”
“No, keep talking,” you huffed, “you’re doing a great job! See how deep of a hole you can dig yourself.”
He sighed, reaching out to hold your hands across the table. “I’ll help you tonight, I promise. And I’ll teach you all the workings of the engines too, so you can be less...awful.”
“Counter proposal,” you shot back. “You clear your free time this afternoon and help me then, and I won’t snitch to Leia that you forgot, or that you were the reason they even needed repairing in the first place.”
“Deal,” he grinned. “I really am sorry.”
“I know,” you gave his hands a light-squeeze. “You’re a dumbass, but I love you.”
“I love you too.” 
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misscharlottelee · 6 days ago
where Freddie narrates the fic and there’s scenes of what I’d include in the movie if RogerxMillie were real. @angrylizardjacket @josaphinebaker [my besties]
Millie hadn’t ever been so hateful to Roger in the past, but she wasn’t naive and eighteen anymore. Didn’t think he hung the moon.
“I said I was sorry!” Roger exclaimed, following Millie out of the grocery mart. “You gonna hold it against me forever?!”
“Don’t you dare embarrass me!” She turned seething as neighbors looked and looky loos passed by with snickers.
“I’m embarrassing you?” He was surprised because this was Millie, Millie who loved him.
“Yes you.” She whispered, smacking his hand away as he went to touch her, “So hard to believe isn’t it? Cause I spent so long fucking kissing your ass and now you can’t stand that I can barely look at you now.” Shaking her head she added, “Cause I was some dumb girl with a crush on the drummer everyone liked you think I’m still gonna let you walk all over me?”
“Mills.” He croaked
“Things changed when you were gone asshole.” She growled, turning on her heel
That was surprising.
She was full of new surprises so it seemed.
It wasn’t that he meant to make her feel like second choice. For a while she was just John’s sister. He thought of her as a friend first, of John’s little sister. But then she grew up, grew into a sweet yet snappy thing. Smile twisting at the sides like a funny joke was waiting to be spilled from her lips. Her eyes bright and legs long.
“Roger this is Felix, Felix this is Roger.” John introduced quickly, before going back to his food.
They were in the Taylor’s house for a brunch and Roger never wanted the ground to swallow him whole as he did when Millie walked in with whoever the fuck that was.
“I’m so delighted you boys are home!” Mrs Taylor said with a grin, “Made Roger all his favorites, including Razzleberry Pie.”
“It’s Millie’s favorite too.” Roger said, poking at his food distastefully.
“The berries get old.” Millie had replied, “Get in Mum’s teeth and I think she’s right. Her chocolate mousse pudding is a bit better.”
“These are good potato’s.” John interrupted, eyes begging Millie to behave, for one fucking dinner.
“Think might take my dessert to go if you don’t mind Mrs Taylor.” Millie said, apologetic frown on her face as Mrs Taylor made a sad sound. “Have studying to do, Felix said he’d help me. I did love being over though.”
Roger watched her kiss his Mum goodbye, watched Felix shake hands with his dad and then they were gone. She got to leave him this time.
I spent the day talking to Millie, asking her to hear him out. That Roger loved her in every way there was to love someone. He just fell in love with her a little later in the story.
“I’m tired of big declarations and promises unkept.” She said over her cup of tea, “Too many times I’ve been let down by him one way or another. He promises to visit me at work, and doesn’t. He promises to write, he doesn’t. He acts like I’m important to him and I’m not. I’m tired of waiting for him.”
She told me how she was treated like his little fan.
“Sorry Fred.” She kissed his cheek before saying something about needing to go to class.
He found her where he knew she’d be. In her home, her pink walls now painted grey and a light blue. The makeup vanity replaced with a writing desk. And the blankets a mauve. All that was the same was Millie’s pajamas, mismatched and wild print.
“What do you want Roger?” She asked, voice tired because she was ready to turn him away.
He was quiet because so much had changed, he wasn’t twenty anymore and she wasn’t eighteen.
She was twenty two and he was twenty four, nearly mid twenties and she was so mature.
Even her face was different, bags under her eyes, sparkle in her eyes dimmer from late night studies he missed. Midnight shifts he wasn’t there for. Birthdays.
“I’m sorry.” He said, “I’m sorry I’m an asshole, I’m sorry it took me so long to see what we have. I’m sorry I chose being on tour and being with those girls over you.”
“You’ve got no apologies to give me about seeing other people, we’re young.” She said with a sniff, “You’ve got an apology to give me about leading me on. About enjoying my attention and making me feel like a fool waiting around for you when you never showed.”
“It’s different.” She began as if reading his mind, “Cause you knew and loved I was always there. Never letting me down gently, instead coming to me to swell your ego after getting it banged up some. Then breaking your promise to me when a better option showed up.”
“I’m sorry.” He repeated, “I’m an ass, I realize that now. I should’ve been better and tell you it wasn’t gonna happen between us, I guess I didn’t because I always assumed it was gonna be you and me.”
“Listen.” He promised, “The neighbors all talked about it didn’t they? And yeah I only thought about you as John’s sister at first but then you were my friend when you visited at the office. When I came to your work. And then I really thought about you. The neighbors, they had their noses in it. Sure we were gonna get together if we weren’t fooling around already. Was always gonna be you and me in the end.”
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seraphdreams · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
levi, armin, and marco with a bimbo gf.
contains - whole lotta smut, dumbification, degradation, overstimulation, dacryphilia, praise, sir kink
a/n - just short drabbles for each of the boys <3. minors dni!
Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman
Tumblr media
never would anyone have believed that levi was going out with a girl as beautiful—and dumb, as you. you two were quite the opposite as well; he was down to earth and introverted while you got along and conversed with almost everyone in sight. to levi, it was cute at first but now he’s gotten tired of how men would blatantly flirt with you, your obliviousness getting the best of you.
pleads of “i’m sorry” tumbled from your lips as levi thrusted deep inside you, his hand wrapped around the back of your neck while he takes you from behind. “you’re too dumb to know when someone’s trying to get into that mini skirt of yours?” he grunts, fucking you deeper into the sheets.
your toes curl in white hot pleasure when his cock grazes against your sweet spot. his heavy balls slam against your clit with every harsh thrust. you feel the hand around your throat tighten, jerking you to get your attention. “answer me, dumb slut. or are you too fucked out to answer?”
you grip the wrinkled sheets beneath you, whimpering in his hold, your mind too messed up to form a coherent thought. “n-no” you drawl out.
you feel his thrusts grow a bit sloppy until you’re yanked back by your arms, back pressed against his chest while his cock fucks you deep and hard. “no? no what?” levi grunts, his breathing growing more and more rapid.
“no sir”
and just with that, you’re creaming all over his dick, trembling in the aftershocks of your orgasm. he slows his strokes, getting closer to your ear.
“now give me one more”
Tumblr media
Armin Arlert
Tumblr media
armin loves everything about you. how could he not when you wear those tight dresses with your hair and makeup looking stunning as well? what made him love you even more was how oblivious you are. not a thought in that pretty little head of yours.
you were also so down to do anything he requested. so when he came up to you at eren’s party demanding you to follow him into the bathroom, you had no complaints.
armin couldn’t take the way your cunt sucked him in each time he’d thrust inside you. you felt too good—too warm. he had you pressed against the wall with your legs wrapped around his waist, giving you open mouthed kisses as he whined into your mouth.
“fuck, you feel so good” he whispers against your lips. his cock filled you so nicely, brushing against your cervix and sweet spot in your walls. you could barely handle the overwhelming feeling, especially the way the bottom of his shirt would rub at your clit.
“armin, ‘s too much!” you cry. gripping onto his shoulders for dear life. he picks up his pace, slamming into you even harder. “no, no baby. it’s not too much, you can take it” he starts, nipping at the soft skin of your collarbone.
he feels the way you tighten and cum around him with the prettiest moans. your mind was nothing but haze as he continues his strokes, overstimulating you in the process.
“yeah, you can take it”
Tumblr media
Marco Bodt
Tumblr media
after what felt like a day of shopping (mainly marco swiping his card while you clung to his arm) you got back to your shared apartment with your boyfriend. he truly was the most handsome man you’ve ever seen, even when he looked super, super tired. you appreciated him and what better way to show your appreciation than offering to suck him off.
“marco” you coo singsongy, watching as he settled himself on the couch with a light sigh. black strands of hair fell over his eyes, making him appear a lot more scarier than he is. you found your way in between his legs, resting your head on his thigh while your finger traced along the crotch of his jeans.
“what’s up, baby?” he questions, sitting up straighter.
“thank you for taking me out”
he couldn’t help but stare at your plump, glossy lips as the words fell out. he moved the strands of hair out of your face, revealing your pleading innocent eyes. he hooked his finger under your chin pulling you so that you’re eye level with him.
“you know i’d do anything for my sweet girl”
you could feel his cock harden underneath your fingertips. he let go of your face, leaning back and spreading his legs. “i know what you want, baby. go for it”
you took his invitation excitingly, not wasting any time unzipping his jeans and whipping out his cock from his boxers. you wrap your pretty lips around his fat tip, sucking the precum that drips out. he throws his head back with a groan.
you slowly work your way down his shaft until your nose is met with the short hairs at the base. he’s hot and heavy in your mouth, filling your throat perfectly. you pull off of him before going back, bobbing your head down his length.
“fuck, just like that” he grunts. he threads his fingers in your hair, pulling you up and down to quicken your pace. tears accumulate in your eyes as you gag around the tip. “god, you’re so fucking pretty like that”
you grip onto his thighs, your manicured nails digging into the muscle. his balls tighten as he uses you to chase his high. a bitter liquid dances on your tongue that you soon recognize to be his cum. he pauses for a bit before pulling you off him.
he’s quick to take his phone out, capturing the lewd expression on your face before showing you.
your face is a mess of runny mascara and eyeliner, along with the cum/spit/gloss mixture on your swollen lips. you swat at his thigh playfully, earning a labored chuckle from him.
“it took me forever to do my makeup, marco”
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sleepybluehaze · 7 days ago
5/8/2021 Saturday
Yesterday after I had my mini breakdown about the stupid ass social services my friend Kandy called and said she was gonna get her younger daughter. I was about to get ready to leave when she called so that was cool. I had like 45 minutes to get the other girls which I used to kinda calm down.
I’d pretty much decided to not do shit Friday and wanted to sleep cause I was tired and had to watch grandma in the morning. Later on Seth started to message about basketball and he was telling me all these dumb rules about headbands and stuff. I need to get her a sweatband of some sort because she says she is sweating a lot especially with the mask. He seemed excited about basketball during this conversation.
I wanted to sleep early and tried but I was online late trying to see if and when I may be able to see the Chinese rocket fly by. I was really high when I calculated that maybe 7pm sunday night IF it came near and some projected it would be possible. I discovered much of the internet was freaking out scared it would land on them. It’s totally possible but such a very remote chance! Nothing you can do about it, that’s pretty much as close to an act of “god” as we’re gonna see.
Today I did some sleeping in, after I fed the dog I went back to sleep until 945. I had to hurry up to get to grandmas. Seth didn’t go to work for the first time since he came back which I was kinda surprised. But he should calm down and not work so much if he doesn’t have to. Then again he probably loves being away from his dad as much as possible.
It was super windy today. It’s been windy for days but today was a lot. I went outside to hit my dab around 1215 while grandma was getting dressed. The direction of the wind and the positioning of things made it so it wasn’t windy where I was smoking. It was cold though 😭. It’s Saturday so I could hear people doing yard work next door, all over the neighborhood it was alive with folks doing shit. And I’m about to choke it up and I hit the dab once and I’m scrolling through IG. I been looking some and liking some things but not a lot. I hit the dab twice and I’m feeling good. I decide to video the trees that are moving crazy with the wind. I take a couple videos and the last one I start I notice what looks like a jet plane but when I looked closer it didn’t look like a jet plane unless it was crashing. It was going downwards. I stopped the video and started video of the jet plane looking thing and had to zoom in the closest I could but it still looked far away. But I could tell I was looking at something abnormal. Remembering what I was reading about the Chinese rocket I was like omg is that what I’m seeing?????? It very well could be that, it looks like something is falling. But it was early, they’d said it wasn’t gonna fall until tomorrow.
I took the video, which isn’t great but it’s a little over a minute long and I got it until I couldn’t see it any longer below my view. I thought it was good if it was the rocket cause it seemed like it would be landing in the ocean after all. I expected to see stuff online and began looking for others who’d seen what I’d seen. It seems major it would be near California when that wasn’t even on the major speculation and it was early.
I could find nothing about anything. I got on Twitter to try and figure out if they knew where it was right then and if I could have possibly seen it or parts of it. In short, no. It should have been over the Middle East then. Well what on earth did I see?? My dad thought it was the rocket too I showed him right after. I sent it to Danila as she’s equally interested in stuff like this and she was stumped too but also fascinated.
I got to YouTube to see what rockets looked like when they re enter and I realize I’ve seen videos of it before and it’s surreal looking. If I would have seen that I would have been blown the fuck away. What I seen was really cool but the rocket shit is strange. I looked for meteors... apparently we’re in between meteor showers, but most meteors are quick. And I filmed this for over a minute and I started filming it a little while after it appeared. And it did appear! It wasn’t there like it road across the sky it like appeared mid sky. It was outside the frame of the last video when it appeared but I seen it. Really the closest thing it looked like was a comet. Coincidentally Halley’s Comet came by this last week... but not today.
I hadn’t posted shit online nor IG and I didn’t want to but I was interested to see what folks thought. I thought more people would post it too. But nobody did I could find. People who did comment were perplexed. I wanted to send it to Seth but I’d already sent him this funny video from the security camera in the AM and he never responded so I didn’t want to add another thing he’d ignore. Maybe it’s not as cool as I think.
My mom took forever to come home but like 430 I left and she wasn’t home but dad was. I’d decided I wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries after all and get cookies for grandma tomorrow but I needed to get stuff to present these things. I ended up going to Michaels and I bought some unnecessaries but I feel I could use them, which were molds for chocolates with letters and some stars. I figured it will help also with Mariana’s bday. All I really wanted was purple melting chocolates and some bottles to decorate the strawberries after they had chocolate on them.
Couldn’t find purple only lavender which looked ugly. There was a pretty turquoise color and I picked that one, hell if she liked it or not it was my favorite option. I got white and chocolate chocolate at the grocery store in bulk which is way cheaper that way. It took me several hours to visit all the places I needed.
Francisco said he would be working Sunday so if I wanted he’d get us dinner. Yeah! Fuck cooking. He ended up bringing us food around 730 and I was deep involved with cleaning the kitchen and starting the strawberries. I ended up staying up until late working on it. I worked with the molds and the letter molds which were pretty easy except the letter “s” was not trying to work for me. I tried like seven times and got pissed and went to bed with one more in the freezer to try tomorrow.
Personally I don’t care too much for Mother’s Day. I’ve always thought it’s not much for mother’s of younger kids unless their dad is super into shit which most aren’t. I can’t remember when I got any sort of acknowledgment from either of the fathers of my kids despite the fact I’m the only one who takes care of their every need their whole lives.
I just concentrate on what I can do for my mom and grandma. I never think of treating myself or expecting something thoughtful. Sometimes I’d get a “oh it’s Mother’s Day? Happy Mother’s Day” from the kids 😂 At least after they stopped being forced to make shit at school.
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amphibiouscretin · 8 days ago
Friend of Mine
Word count : 884 Dsmp Fanfiction obvious, and it’s Gen dw (no romance here folks). Idk what other things people normally put here when posting fanfiction on main.
Tommy and Friend go to a flower field.
In my defense it is 12:05 am, I wrote this out of pure impulse, and I want to share it but it’s too short for me to feel happy posting it on my ao3 so I’m doing this.
Also fuck you I’m too tired to do formatting rn (besides paragraphs) so this might look like shit. Also uh, there are probably grammar errors.
Cw : mentioning of wars and trauma ig?? Oh and child soldiers. That’s par for the course with dsmp though! I think.
The flower field was peaceful, and Tommy wished he had come here more. It was exactly the kind of place he could’ve used before the disc confrontation, or exile, or doomsday, or the L’Manburg wars, or... Jesus, maybe he could’ve just used it in general. Constantly.
The kid soldier who was nearly no longer a kid felt so tired now, too exhausted. He was glad Puffy had told him about this place, but while it helped, it just made the ache in him worse. The ache carved out by betrayal, loss, battle, wars- wars took people away, he had to remember that. Power too, the desire for it, the hunger for it- it all took people away.
Suddenly, his headrest baa’d, and Tommy turned from his back to his right side. Blue partially filled his vision and he looked towards Friend’s face. The sheep looked so peaceful, so content. Tommy loved cows, but honestly Friend’s existence might make him change his favorite barnyard animal.
Tommy lay there for a couple more sleepy moments, but then an idea crossed his tired brain. Tommy pushed himself into a sitting position, though he still leaned on Friend.
“Hey, Friend, how would you like a flower crown? One to help you show off your royal status.” Tommy joked, and the sheep merely baa’d, but he was looking at Tommy now.
“Right away, my liege.” Tommy said, his hands already grabbing flowers.  He only picked the blue ones, as he thought it would go with the general look of Friend. And you know what they said, blue will take the sadness away, and if anyone didn’t deserve to be sad, it was Friend.
With delicate hands, Tommy threaded stems, tying and weaving them together. It was a bit like sewing, but Tommy tried to ignore that. He was doing this for Friend, not for some country that would drop him at a hat’s notice. Maybe Wilbur had been right in that regard, they didn’t care-
Ok, not thinking about that was a lot harder than anticipated.
Tommy knew he’d have to face his baggage eventually, but he didn’t want to now, not in this moment, not when he was happy. Tommy needed to feel this way, he needed this moment- if he didn’t have it he wasn’t sure what would happen the next punch came to meet him. There would be a next punch of course, there always was.
When Tommy finished the flower crown, he carefully situated it on Friend’s neck, then gave the sheep a hug. He didn’t want this moment to end, he didn’t want to have to go back to L’mancrater or deal with the knowledge Dream is alive or talk to anyone. Tommy wanted to stop being blamed, stop being hurt- he just wanted to be happy.
Friend baa’d again, and Tommy realized he was holding on a bit too tightly. He loosened his grip, and realized snot was flowing freely from his nose and his gaze was blurry. Tommy let go of the sheep, sitting back. The dumb animal partially went with Tommy, leaning against him and baa-ing again. Tommy felt the tears really start to pour then.
He hugged the sheep again, and sobbed.
“I-it’s not fair! I just wanted L’manburg back, I just wanted to be happy, I just wanted Wilbur to be happy! I just wanted to have fun and be stupid like me and Tubbo used to be! I just wanted everyone back in the same place again!”
The words tumbled out past Tommy’s trembling lips and gasped breaths, partially slurred but there.
Any animal should’ve been spooked, especially considering how loud Tommy was being, but Friend didn’t move. The sheep instead leaned into his hug, making some part of Tommy’s ache hurt a little bit less.
Some part of Tommy hated this, hated being so vulnerable and childish out in the open, hated being in general- but there was another feeling in Tommy’s chest too.
After so long laying down, taking it, staying silent and only providing bark rather than bite, some other part of Tommy’s heart started to beat again.
He shouldn’t feel bad for being happy, that small other part said. Tommy should’ve immediately been drowned out in the certainty that he should feel awful for being so emotional over nothing, but for once, the feeling that it might be ok stuck.
How was that possible? Was it... the blue? Was there really something behind Ghostbur’s blue? Was it Friend? Could be. Maybe that’s why Ghostbur kept the sheep around, for whenever he was feeling overwhelmed.
Whatever it was, Tommy knew with a certainty that he didn’t want to feel bad for being happy, for crying with a sheep. He just wanted to feel better, he wanted to be able to be himself again. Tommy sat just straighter then, unwrapping his arms from around Friend. He looked the sheep in the eyes and hesitated before speaking.
“Thanks, sorry for getting all snotty, Big Man.”
Tommy was sure if Friend could talk, he would’ve said it’s alright.
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left-arm-trash · 8 days ago
I really am tired of the take that all live action superhero costumes need armor because oh well if they’re fighting people they need to be protected
First off most of them have powers, so they don’t really need the extra protection, and for characters who don’t have powers they need freedom of mobility.
Like I’m just tired of getting bulky costumes with muted color palettes that look next to nothing like how they’re supposed to. Costumes are a huge part of a hero’s identity and stripping that away just leaves us with boring looking people in glorified riot gear.
I don’t fucking care about how realistic the costume should be, I’m not fucking watching a superhero movie for realism. Costumes are an important part of the storytelling of superhero stories and I’m sick of people calling them dumb and goofy. Like most of these costumes look the same and that look is ugly.
Just for once let adults have fun what is up with Hollywood refusing to let superheroes be fun.
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lipglue · 9 days ago
heyyyyyyy random place on the internet ... i’m gonna rant about my childhood and things i’m dealing with haahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahagahagahag i’m getting VULNERABLE ! but i have no other outlet and america’s health care sucks so i can’t afford therapy anyways read with caution and here’s a tw ?? and a tmi
so today me and my sister decided to visit my grandma bc it’s her birthday. and today was my first day not sm*king w33d and things were going all good until my sister had decided to bring up to my grandma about my mother’s neglect toward me, and the fat shaming/body shaming, and the emotional abuse, and weird jealous behavior. for context , my mom left my dad because he was physically abusive and that was when i was 6 and from then on everything really went down hill. like we argued every morning for school and she wouldn’t be home for like majority of the time bc she was working, or going to night clubs(she was also in school up until i was 10 too) or taking expensive trips with her flings at the time. that lasted up until i was 14 and then she met my stepdad and she completely began ignoring me and my sisters entire existence. SHE ALSO GOT MARRIED TO HIM 6 MONTHS AFTER THEY STARTED DATING . not only that but my entire childhood was filled with me being fat shamed, and called ugly for my features and skin color and hair ... BY MY OWN MOTHER. she also puts my sister on a pedestal because of her life experiences and things she’s been thru. however i’ve been thru the same experiences as her. and when i confided in my mother about those similar experiences she told me i needed to get over It. and i’ve also noticed my entire life my moms treated my sister like this doll and like the most important child she’s ever had while neglecting me and treating me lesser. LIKE AND WHEN I BRING UP HER EMOTIONALLY ABUSING ME AND MAKING ME FEEL CRAZY BC HOW SHES ALWAYS INVALIDATING HOW I FEEL SHE TURNS IT BACK ON ME BY SAYINg “oh so i’m a bad mother ... i clothed you !!! and fed you !!!!” LIKE THEN WHY WERE MY GUIDANCE COUNSELORS CONSTANTLY TRY TO GET ME TO OPEN UP ABOUT WHAT WAS GOING ON AT HOME??????? LIKE WHY DID ALL THESE ADUKTS NOTICE THE NEGLECT IF IT WASNT REAL??? LIKE AND I LITERALLY FEEL LIKE IM GOING BONKERS BECAUSE HOW OFTEN SHE TELLS ME IT DIDNT HAPOEN BUT IT DID. and when i told my grandma all the stuff about how i literally lost a lot of weight in two months bc of how often my mom would tell me i looked fat and disgusting and ugly. LIKE ONE TIME MY MORHER TOLD ME TO STAND IN THE FRONT OF THE MIRROR WHEN I ASKED FOR FOOD. SHE WOULD LOCK THE FRIDGE AND GIVE MY SISTER THE PASSCODE AND ID GO THE ENTIRE DAY NOT EATING WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY HEARING MY SISTER GO INTO THE FRIDGE BUT SHED BE INSTRUCTED TO NOT FEED ME UNTIL MY MOM GOT HOME WHICH WOULD BE 5 PM. LIKE ANDEVERYONE TELLSS ME TO GET OVER IT BC I NEED TO BE THE ADULT ABOUT THINFS AND FORGIVE HER BUT IM AO EMOTIONALLY TRAUMATIZED AND I CANT TRUST ANYONE BECAUSE OF HER AND I JSUY ALWAYs feEL LIKE PPL DONT WANT TO BE SEEN WITH ME AND THAT IM THE MOST DISGUTINF THING ON THE PLANT BC IF MY MOM CANT LOVE ME THEN WHO WILL.idk yall this shit is so hard , i haven’t been able to let it out.
back to my grandma ....i told her about how i was tired of my mom just being emotionally abusive toward me and i was so tired of her calling me fat and making me feel so ugly and like i don’t mean anything ... like my mom literally pushes me away when i try to hug her. while embracing my sister so easily. i used to be her baby and now i just feels like she sees me as something that ruins everything for her. or just something that is fine without her ... she doesn’t see me as a person with feelings. and my grandma kept telling me that nobody’s opinions on my body matter but then saying “well i mean we just say it because we want you to be healthy” THAT WASNT IN THE CARDS U DUMB FUCKS YALL WERE GENETICALLY ENGINEERED TO HAVE THE HEALTH CONDITIONS U HAVE ND PLUS THE POOR MANAGEMENT OF FOOD BC YOU DIDNT CARE ABOUT WHAT U ATE AND THEN TAUGHT GENERATIONS AFTER THAT THEY SHOULDNT CARE EITHER THEN BODY/FATSHAMINF WHEN THEYRE OLDER BC THE NO LONGER FIT YOUR STANDARDS OF HEALTH WHEN THEY ACT AND DO EVERYTHING THE WAY YOU TAUGHT THEM???? LIKE WHY DO I HAVE TO BE ADULT AND SUCK IT UP WHEN ITS LITERALLY THE REASON I CANT SEE MYSELF AS PRETTY. THERES ALWAYS A VOICE IN MY HEAD RHAT TELLS ME IM UGLY AND DISGUSTING AND IT FEELS LIKE I WONT EVER GET RID OF IT BC THE VOICE IS MY MUM AND GRANDMA .
like i ranted to my sister and she kept telling me that one day they’ll be gone and that mentality won’t exist and i just have to keep working towards a positive change...i’m literally traumatized because of these people. (i haven’t even begin to discuss all the fucked up parts in my life.) i literally haven’t been able to catch a break and i feel like i keep throwing myself the pity party but it’s always one thing after the other. 11 i started to realize i have father issues bc he physically abused me and thus creating a scapegoat, which led to my sister and mom both abusing me verbally and physically even after he left . 14 i went to therapy and had started to notice the comments my family made on my body weren’t normal and in fact very unhealthy considering they started at the young age of 5. soon after i had begun to realize me and my mom weren’t as close as we were and she was beginning to be the root cause of how anxious id be when id be out anywhere with her. everytime i’m with her i count down the seconds to when i can get away from her. she makes me so anxious and like any second she’ll just randomly snap at me to which would create a scene in public leading to an anxiety attack (sayinf this from multiple times, i stopped going out with her when i realized she was the reason they were happening). 16 i cut my hair short and gained like 40 pounds and thus the problems with my mom worsened as well as my self esteem. 18 i lost a lot of weight and suddenly everyone was nic3 to me. i had gotten a lot of attention and i didn’t know how to deal with it. 20 i’m unpacking generational trauma and all my traumatic experiences all while having everyone in my life tell me to just get over it already and belittle how i feel.
i don’t know what to do anymore and i just wish i didn’t have to beg people to stop making me feel bad for loving myself or just simply existing in my body. like i don’t care what other people think about me at all in any way but my mom and grandma.... they’re the women i’ve always seen as role models and now i’m an adult and i see how weird rhe are and it pains my heart. what’s worse is i can’t talk to them about how their words affect me because somehow i always end up feeling awful and like the bad guy. am i in the wrong? anyways goodnight i had a good cry
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