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#i’m sorry but eddie is too adorable here
misfits1a · 18 days ago
now you know
Tumblr media
genre(s): fluff; angst; friends to lovers(?)
pairing(s): rody soul x reader
fandom: my hero academia
warnings: language; spoilers for mha whm movie; unedited
other notes: i finished this at four am so some sleep deprived thoughts probably got in here but i’ll edit it next week! uhh there’s a lot of backstory. i can’t write endings for sht, sorry y’all
word count:
originally posted: 14 november 2021
keywords: y/n (your name)・y/f/n (your full name)・ r/f (random flavor)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you watch from the main room with a smile on your face as you watch rody get ready for work with the help of his brother and sister. 
“roro, lala,” he says as he buttons up his gray dress shirt. “it’s about time for me to head off to work. you know what to do.” 
“we’ll study bunches!” they say in unison as they hand him his tie. your smile widens.
“and if it turns out i’m not going to be home till late?” 
handing him his jacket, the younger kids say, “we’ll make dinner for ourselves.” 
“hmm okay. but what if a weirdo shows up and tries to stop you?” 
you chuckle as he makes a nefarious-looking face, curling his fingers to resemble claws. he starts at them and they break out in to laughter, running to join you in the main room.
they jump on to the couch. “we’ll pretend nobody’s home.” 
rody looks at you, giving you that gentle smirk of his as you stand up from your spot at the table, walking up to him.
he throws an arm around your shoulders. “and you’ll be good for y/n?” he asks, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
your eyes widen, your cheeks heating up as roro and lala nod eagerly.
when rody removes his arm from your shoulders, you reach up, pretending to wipe the kiss from your cheeks.
you think you see a flash of disappointment flash through his eyes before he unlocks the door to the trailer home.
“don’t worry though.” he says, stepping outside. “i doubt today’s gig is going to take that long anyways.”
pino appears then; she’s rody’s adorable pink bird, the reflection of his soul, though not many people knew that about the winged companion of his.
you knew, however; perks of knowing the boy since the two of you were tots.
she flies up to lala first, pecking her cheek, then roro’s.
“pino!” lala coos.
“alright i’ll catch you kiddos later.” rody says, jutting his arm out for pino to perch on. he winks at you. “you too, i guess.”
you stick your tongue out at him.
“have a good day!” the three of you call after him.
the three of you step back inside the home; you lock the door.
“roro, you want to do some math first?” you inquire, stepping into the bedroom to grab a bag from the closet area.
the bag was a simple tote, that you kept text and workbooks in for the kids. you take a seat at the table, pulling out the mathematics book you had for roro but to your surprise, the boy shakes his head.
he takes a seat at the table next to you and lala climbs in to your lap, curling in to your chest. you
“how did you and rody meet?” roro asks. “you guys have known each other since before i was born, right?”
you nod, unable to help the smile that spreads across your face as you remember being four years old, running around your backyard with rody.
“our moms were friends,” you start. “they met through work. i was two and rody just turned three when we met. apparently we got along really well right away; that’s what your dad always used to say.”
you didn’t exactly remember meeting rody, but your earliest memory involved you and him and a blow up pool; you were maybe three and a half, possibly four.
and, as it goes to show, you’d been around the souls ever since— they’d always been a big presence in your life, especially rody and the kids.
roro was born when you were five, and lala when you were almost eight. back then, you lived quite close to them, practically down the street, and you’d often go over and help rody with his siblings while eddy was at work.
then eddy disappeared, the news of him leaving to join humarise spread all around town, and everyone shunned the kids. the neighborhood ran them out of their home. it was your first look into just how cruel people could be, even to kids.
though your parents were against it, you often snuck away to the trailer home to see the three people who meant so much to you, skipping school to help rody care for the youngins while he went out to do whatever he could to help them get by for the week. at just eight years old, your heart was set on doing whatever you could to help that family.
eventually your parents found out what you were doing, but they knew how stubborn you were and though they didn’t like it, they’d never dream of taking your freedom away, of forcing you to do things you didn’t want to do. though you’d wished many times they’d done things differently, they hadn’t been all that bad; they more or less took to turning a blind eye, pretending like it wasn’t happening.
then, last year, your parents passed away in a tragic automobile accident. with no living relatives, there wasn’t much of a decision to be made— you packed what you needed and moved in with rody, roro and lala.
“do you love him?” lala questions, looking up at you with her wide gray eyes.
you practically choke on air then. roro moves to grab you a glass of water as lala giggles at your reaction.
you thank roro as he hands you the cup, taking a swig of the liquid.
“uhm,” you silently ask yourself if lala meant any specific sort of love, before deciding to answer her with the answer you knew would always be true, no matter what other feelings came in to play. “of course i love him. he’s my best friend.”
— ⋆✸⋆ —
it’d been a few days full of worry since you’d last seen rody, without any word from him, when otheon general had called you as you got roro and lala ready for bed.
“is this y/f/n?” a sweet voice hums on the other end.
“yes, speaking.” you say warily, handing the kids their freshly washed night clothes.
“this is tara with otheon general. we have you as the emergency contact for rody soul here . . .”
it felt like you’d stopped breathing then. like someone had punched you straight in the throat.
you’d done a good job keeping your shit together these last few days for the kids but otheon general was calling you, rody’s emergency contact, and he’d been missing, and oh god were they calling because he was—?
“he lost a lot of blood but he’s in stable condition,” tara says. “in fact, you can c—”
you’d moved to hang up on her before you even realized you were doing it, and told roro and lala there’d be a change of plans.
the three of you had walked to the hospital and when you got there, half an hour later, the desk lady told you he was ready for visitors. she gave you instructions to his room, pointing down the hall towards the elevator.
when you got up to his floor, you let roro and lala go in to see him first. they were his family after all; you could wait.
so there you sat, your bum hurting from the uncomfortable polypropylene chairs, picking at the skin around your nails. you laugh softly to yourself as you do so, knowing if rody saw, he would thump your forehead.
you exhale deeply and without roro and lala to be strong for, you finally let the tears fall.
you know rody’s okay. obviously he is, or else you and the kids wouldn’t be here; the kids wouldn’t be in his room right now and you wouldn’t be waiting to see him but when you’d gotten the call, you hadn’t been able to think anything but the worst.
your life would fall apart without rody. how would roro and lala cope— first their dad, now their beloved big brother? he’d die without knowing the full extent of your love for him.
you always thought you wouldn’t be that person who fell in love with their best friend. that you and rody could have that strong bond and those teasing moments without any underlying romantic feelings.
but everything happened— his mom dying, his dad disappearing, the terrible neighbors, and your parents’ death, and you don’t know how it happened or even when exactly, but somewhere along the line, the love you felt for the carefree smooth talker became something more than the “i’d do anything for this kid” love you’d felt since you were eight.
you’d found yourself wondering what it’d be like if the small, intimate moments you’d sometimes shared (cuddling on the couch, cheek kisses) would be like if you were calling him yours. what if, when your neighbors and the townspeople teased you two about acting like an old married couple, he’d toss an arm over your shoulder, pull you close, and say, “that’s right! this is my grumpy old person, and we’re not married yet but we will be one day.”
you’d fall asleep thinking about what it’d feel like to kiss him; trying to think back to when you started getting all flustered when you’d accidentally catch him without a shirt.
“y/n, are you okay?”
you sniff, looking up to see roro and lala walking toward you, a green haired boy just a couple inches shorter than your rody walking behind them.
he looks worse for wear.
“yeah, i’m fine.” you say, taking the end of your shirt to wipe at your eyes.
“y/n? i’m izuku midoriya,” the green haired boy greets with a bright grin. “you can call me deku though! i’ve been with rody these last couple of days and he’s told me so much about you three! it’s nice to meet you. rody would like to see you by the way. i’m going to take them down to the cafeteria to hopefully get a treat.”
“it’s nice to meet you too,” you say to deku. not exactly trusting him, you then ask, “who are you exactly?”
“i’m a hero!” he beams. at your furrowed brow, he continues. “from japan. i was here in otheon on hero business when everything went south.”
you look at roro and lala. “do we trust him?” you ask the two. they smile their bright smiles and nod.
“hm, if you say so.” you jest, standing up. you give them each a hug before walking towards rody’s hospital room and knocking on the ajar door. “‘tis i!”
“you’re oddly chipper for someone whose best friend was at death’s door not even six hours ago.”
“shut up rody soul, or so help me!” you snarl, wagging a finger at him. new tears spring to your eyes as, at his comment, you once again think about him dead.
he doesn’t seem to notice at first as he laughs to himself but when he catches sight of the thick balls of water streaming down your cheeks, he stops.
you take a quick moment to compose yourself before you go to stand at his bedside. he reaches out to you, grabbing your wrist and pulling you to sit down.
“hey,” he croaks. “no need to cry. i’m fine.”
“you almost died, rody.”
“yeah, but i didn’t!”
you snort, rolling your eyes. no matter, your free hand goes to rody’s still wrapped around your wrist; you uncurl his fingers from around your wrist and take his hand in yours.
“what happened?”
“i saved the world! no seriously,” he assures at the look of incredulity on your face. “i thought it’d just be a normal job when i left, i was just supposed to bring some jewels to the drop off location but deku, the green haired kid out there . . .” then he launches into explaining what had gone on these last couple of days.
you’re mostly paying attention. but you’re also thinking, once again, how you almost lost him.
“i promise i listened,” you start. “but i’ve been thinking and . . .” he quirks a brow and you roll your eyes again, already knowing what’s going to come out of his mouth when he opens it. “let me finish this one, please?”
he quickly shuts his mouth and you smile softly at him.
“when i’d heard what had happened, i was terrified. i thought the worst.” you leaned forward, resting your forehead against his. you hear his breath hitch. now or never; maybe some other day, but now seems like the best option. “i thought, ‘rody’s going to die without ever knowing how i really felt.’”
rody says nothing, but pino makes herself known, curiosity etched across her features.
you swallow hard. “i love you, rody soul.”
pino chirps, making a show of falling off rody’s shoulder and landing on his chest. she lays there. you take a finger and stroke her feathers.
“i’ve known for about three years,” you’re guesstimating but it sounds about right. “when i realized i was probably stuck with you for life.”
rody opens his mouth, closes it. opens it again, closes it again.
honestly, you’d figured he didn’t feel the same— his short laugh whenever neighbors would coo at the two of you; his quickness to deny the two of you being a couple whenever store clerks would bring up how cute the two of you were.
though you’d known him since practically, sometimes it was still hard to tell what he was thinking, especially after his father went missing.
but those actions were clear enough. weren’t they?
“i- i’m going to go. i’ll send roro and lala back in.”
you reluctantly pull away from him to stand up, dropping his hand.
as you walk the few short steps to the door, pino looks up from rody’s chest. she trills worriedly, rushing over to you, grabbing hold of the hem of your shirt in her beak.
you stop, turning to face her owner.
pino releases your shirt to fly back to rody. she rests on the crown of his head, gesturing at him with one wing; she gives you a look of desperation.
you walk back to his bedside, arms crossed over your chest to keep yourself together in case he decides to break you.
“y/n,” he gestures for your hand again and you reluctantly let him have it. he takes it, once again yanking you down to sit on the bed with him. “hey, you know, i’d thought i’d say it first.”
your heart stops. you look at him, questioning.
he throws his head back against the hospital pillow. “i’ve loved you since we were ten,” he admits. “at first, i thought— i don’t know. i thought maybe i hadn’t loved you, as a friend, before? and so i was finally just feeling that love for you.
“but i had loved you as a friend. you made me smile and laugh, and you made me feel safe, and for that i was grateful and i loved you. then, yeah. at some point in our tenth year, it started to feel different. more intense. you’ve never failed to make me feel like i was someone who mattered. you’ve always been there for me, for us. and there were other things too that made me realize but . . .” he trails off, and you get where he’s going.
you let him know you catch his drift with a soft laugh.
“so yeah, i thought i’d say it first, when i finally found the courage; but i kept asking myself, what if you didn’t feel the same? what if i told you and ruined what we had? i couldn’t do that.”
you launch yourself at rody, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and hugging him as tightly as his injuries would allow.
pino jumps on to your shoulder, chirping happily.
“i never thought,” you start, pulling away from rody to look in to his gray eyes. “pino never made it seem like you were interested. when we’d go out and people would say things, you always denied it and—”
“sometimes she knows what’s good for her,” he interjects with a smirk. then he frowns. “i think she also didn’t want to know though, if you didn’t feel the same.”
“but now you know,” you say.
“now you know,” he repeats.
you bend forward, a hint of a smile resting at the corners of your lips.
“so, what now?” you ask.
“well, we already live together.” rody hums. “how about we get married?”
you yelp in surprise, frowning at rody when he starts chuckling. you go to shove his shoulder before remembering his predicament; you flick his forehead instead.
he whines, rubbing the area with the palm of his hand.
“now you have to kiss it better,” he huffs.
you roll your eyes, your eyes closing as you pucker your lips and bow towards your best friend. your lips barely brush his forehead when his hands reach up to grab your face, pulling your lips down the few inches to meet his.
he pulls away before you can even react, turning away from you, a furious blush on his cheeks he can’t hide no matter how hard he tried. 
“sorry,” he says. 
“no reason to be.” you tell him, reaching to push some hair from his face. you tap his nose, and he scowls for a second. then you say, “kiss me again.” 
that’s when you catch the faintest hint of a smirk on his lips before he’s pulling you back to him by the back of your neck. he tastes like r/f jello and the kiss is sweet and tender, his lips on yours sending a soft ache humming through your veins.
your hands move from his shoulders to cup the back of his head, your fingers threading through the hair at the nape of his neck as you deepen the kiss.
an “oh” and an “aww” cause the two of you to pull apart; you look over your shoulder to find roro and lala in the doorway with deku standing behind them. the green haired hero scratches his neck, mumbling an apology. 
rody grins. “it’s not like you knew, hero.” 
lala squeals, running up to you and jumping into your arms. you adjust her on your lap as roro climbs up on to the bed as well.
rody reaches out for you and one look at him and you know what he wants. pino also helps you figure it out as she nestles into your shoulder.
you move to be closer to rody, curling into his left side as roro snuggles himself on rody’s left. rody wraps his arms the three of you, holding you tight.
tighter than he ever has before.
and you can’t really explain it other than there’s this weight that’s lifted off your shoulders. like the tides are finally going to turn.
rody knows he’ll always have you, and you know you’ll always have rody. the two of you, with roro and lala, your own little family.
and as long as you all have each other, nothing else matters and everything will be okay. it will all work out.
Tumblr media
after story notes
sorry to taint the rody tag with this y’all🤧 hope you enjoyed!
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Tumblr media
© 2021 misfits1a. all rights reserved. do not repost, translate or claim my work as yours; please credit if you want to repost my work in a fic rec
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liesoverthec · 3 months ago
OG 911 Character Details from Canon Pt 2
Hi y’all I’m back! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reblogged the last details post - I sort of just thought people would like it and it would die, so to see it travel and hopefully reach more writers was so great so thank you again!
Details under the cut since I went a little crazy 😅 and if this is your first time seeing this, the first part, and any future parts, can be found under this tag here!
Quick note before I get to the details - always, ALWAYS take details from dialogue or plot over details from the set or props if they contradict each other. The writers have the ultimate say over what happens on the show/for the characters, so whatever they say goes, even if it goes against something props has already laid down (eg, Chim’s birthday, sorry Libra crew. He’s an Aries or a Pisces). So keep that in mind for the future in case some of these details I have which are from props/set are changed in the future, or if you’ve noticed something yourself!
Also if you have questions, I am MORE than happy to answer them, although if you leave them in the tags on this post I’m probably gonna lose them, so if it’s something you’d genuinely like an answer to, drop it in my inbox! Besides my standard “ask” tags, I’m also tagging asks about canon details with this tag here. Every time I make a big post like this, I’m going to link all the asks I’ve gotten since the last post, but if you’re looking for more info in the mean time, that’s the other spot to look!
Buck has a grill on his patio.
Eddie doesn’t hang Christopher’s art on the fridge - instead it is either hung on the corkboard in Chris’ room to the left of the door, or Eddie puts it in an actual frame and hangs it using a hammer/nails in Christopher’s room. All the Diaz family has on their fridge is a bunch of bendy people magnets. (I absolutely ADORE him putting all this effort into treating Christopher’s art like it’s something you’d buy from a professional artist).
Info on everyone’s ages can be found here. (Little more discussion of Chim’s situation here).
Albert has a bachelor’s degree! I don’t know in what though, except that it’s some field for which is a Master’s is useful.
Athena was in a sorority in college, Delta Sigma Theta. Their website describes them as “ ...a sisterhood comprised primarily of Black, college-educated women ... [that] considers the issues impacting the Black community and boldly confronts the challenges of African Americans and, hence, all Americans ”, which I love for Athena, and feel is very in-character for her at that time in her life!
Chim is an aviators dude. When he wears sunglasses, they’re always aviators.
Athena also wears nothing but aviators.
Bobby wears square aviators.
Eddie, on the other hand, always wears Wayfarers.
Buck either doesn’t really like sunglasses or he constantly forgets he owns them, since we’ve only seen him wear them once in 60 eps, in a move I’m pretty sure was ONLY for dramatic effect.
Hen’s sunglasses change style over the seasons like her regular glasses do, but she tends to like browline sunglasses.
Info on Christopher’s school can be found here!
There are two colors of dispatch polo, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhythm or reason for who wears what. Maroon - Maddie and Linda. Blue - Josh and May. Jamal has actually worn both maroon and blue, so it doesn’t seem to be TOTALLY set in stone although I’ve never seen anyone else switch. Sue is too badass to wear a dispatch shirt.
Both Bobby and Eddie drive 4 door pickups. Bobby’s is navy. Eddie specifically has a black, 2020 GMC Denali 1500 pickup truck (in case you want to specifically look up what the inside of it looks like or what features it has 😂)
Info on the 118’s medical certifications can be found here.
Correction to Eddie’s living situation from last post: no next door neighbors, but instead UPSTAIRS neighbors. (Pointed out by Abigail in this ask). Also since someone else was wondering the notes of the last post - no, there is absolutely no discussion on the show of whether or not Eddie rents the apartment or owns it. But based on the fact that it’s 1) LA and 2) an apartment, my guess would be he rents it.
When Maddie isn’t feeling like herself, she tends to straighten her hair rather than curl it. It seems to be more when she’s uncertain about her place in her own and other people’s lives, rather than just when she’s simply worried - eg it’s straight in 2B, when she’s uncertain if she wants to continue working as a dispatcher/is unsure about her relationship with Chim.
For work, Chim, Eddie and Buck all use black duffel bags with a LAFD patch on the top. Hen uses several different cute bags, and Bobby seems to have a plain black duffel bag.
Watches - Bobby, Athena, Chim, Hen and Buck all wear their watch on their left wrist (but Athena ONLY wears hers for work, she takes it off at home.) Eddie wears his on his right wrist, and Maddie doesn’t wear one.
Chim (and Maddie by default) literally still have the exact same couch as in the pilot. (Which means that Chim has cuddled Tatiana on that couch, AND Albert has had sex on it. TIME TO GET A NEW ONE, BUCKLEY-HANS 😂)
The 118 has five different rigs - the engine (E118), the ladder truck (T118), two ambulances and the captain’s truck. 95% of the time, when the team is chilling in the cab of a rig and chatting (eg the ‘stuck under a live telephone pole’ scene in Jinx), they’re in the engine, not the truck. (Which I personally learned recently are NOT interchangeable terms!)
Athena and Michael got married when Athena was 37.
If you’d like to give Maddie a full name beyond “Maddie”, you should use Madeline. (I know, I know, in 4x04 she says Maddie is the name on her birth certificate, and that you should never use props details if they contradict script details, but I always thought that was a super weird exchange in 4x04 which could be explained by Maddie getting a nickname since she was born when Margaret and Phillip, you know, actually loved their kids and showed it, so of course Buck doesn’t get one, and in 4x04, Maddie was trying to avoid the entire issue of why she got one and Buck didn’t. But! Do what you want, and use Madeline as the full version of Maddie if you’d like, since that’s what’s on the BOLO in 2x13 😂)
Athena’s call sign is 727 L30, but she doesn’t have a specific squad car - the number changes throughout the series.
Chim really likes chewing gum, but he’s the only one out of the entire family!
The station has an Xbox One S, and it’s white.
In the real LAFD, there are stations 1 through 114. To avoid confusion while filming on the streets (I’m assuming), our fictional LAFD never uses the number of a real station. So if you want another station for a fic, and you want something that would be real in OUR universe, use the numbers 115 and above. They’ve gone as high as 221 in our universe.
Battalions - station 118 is in Battalion 7, which is also not a battalion in real Los Angeles. The 118 has interacted w/ Battalion 1, which is a real battalion, but other ‘non-real which makes them more likely for our universe’ battalions include numbers: 3, 8, 13, 16, 19 and above.
S1 Buck knew the term Jedi, but based on context, didn’t understand AT ALL the context provided by Star Wars, so there’s another edge of his pop culture limits for you.
Chim is the most tech-savvy out of everyone, hands down.
Athena has a VERY active Twitter account.
Abuela’s house number is 8902. I don’t have a street name for you unfortunately though. :/
Athena’s favorite flowers are white roses. None of the other women are really flower people.
Michael likes to wear purple.
When they’re at a call, Buck does pretty much all of the stuff with the hammer and the saw. Eddie does all the work needed with the drill.
Harry goes to Meadowbrook Elementary.
Buck lives on the fourth floor of his apartment building, across the hall from Apt. 416. The lovely @lovelessmotel found this listing for what is more or less the apartment. What happened was: the set crew rented this apartment for the one episode at the end of s2 when Buck moved in, and then over the summer before s3 built their own set of it, and changed some things - eg giving him an island, and moving the sink to a second counter against the far wall, you can see the changes here in this amazing gif set by the awesome Austen, but the listing should let you click around a little more upstairs and figure out dimensions better than what the show provides!
When Athena and Hen go out to eat together, it’s always fast food burgers and fries.
Waffles are Athena’s favorite food, and tiramisu is her favorite dessert.
Every takeout we’ve seen Buck eat has always been in a Chinese food takeout container, and we know he likes Thai food the best. EXCEPT! The one time we see him eat takeout with Eddie and Christopher, they have pizza. So take from that what you will......
Eddie has a cell phone and a landline.
Chim is a shameless multiple texter.
Chim and Bobby sleep closest to the door in their respective bedrooms (both right side of the bed if you are standing at the foot, facing the headboard), and Athena and Maddie sleep furthest away from the door (left side).
Some canon last names for other firefighters at the station in case you wanna add more people to a fic - Mitchell, Sanchez, Serrano (woman), Porter, Meyers (woman), Maxwell, Voyta
Hen and Karen really love decorating their house with dark/red wood.
Karen is Mommy and Hen is Mama.
Bobby has a brother, and a grandmother, and that’s literally ALL we know about his family outside of Marcy and the kids.
Evidence points to Eddie being the oldest child in his family.
Karen has multiple brothers (no sisters), but no idea how many - just that one of them is named Trey, and one of them lives in LA and has kids. They might be the same brother and they might not be.
Both Hen and Athena are only children.
Athena has been on the police force for 30 years.
Christopher and Denny are the same age (born in 2011), and Harry is two years older than them.
Michael lives in apartment 308.
The bank in this universe is CalAm.
Hen and Karen have a picture of Denny, May and Harry on their fireplace mantel.
Eddie having a black thumb + a lot of plants in his living room = him buying fake plants bc he likes the aesthetic ™ or someone (cough Carla cough) is taking care of them for him.
The COVID timeline in OG’s universe is fucked up compared to the real world’s, so it shouldn’t be used as a way to measure time! They just throw it in wherever it makes sense for the story they want to tell (eg the vaccines in s4 ep 8), since s3 was both done before COVID hit but also airing while it was happening. It makes absolutely no sense for May to graduate in March nor for Chris to be going to what is specifically labeled summer camp, and the vaccine plotline was INCREDIBLY early, even for real life, so don’t use anything from that as a measure of time. I’ve found except in specific examples, eg the two tsunami episodes, it’s very safe to say every episode covers a week - fall holidays on the show line up with their real life counterparts, indicating about the same amount of time is passing for us and them.
On that note - Jee-Yun was born in late January, early February 2021. (Conceived in Pinned, which was end of March/beginning of April, meaning Maddie was around a month along at May’s graduation in May ➡ 42 weeks + 3 days from then = late Jan/early Feb. Which unfortunately means we most likely won’t see her birthday celebrated on screen. If we assume she was conceived on the date Pinned aired, aka the very sexy hotel scene, then January 21st or 22nd would be Jee’s birthday, depending on if she was born after midnight or not.
Buck has had at least one other Jeep between the one Maddie gave him, and the one he has now, which means that when he needs a new car, he is purposefully choosing Jeeps.
I hope this was all as interesting/enjoyable to you as it was to me! And just to repeat - I love answering questions so pls let me know if you have any at all ❤
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matan4il · 9 months ago
Buddie 407 meta
Tumblr media
I do adore that Bobby naturally pairs off Buddie twice in this ep and the way they move together as one as they walk to their task. It’s small, but I am forever here for how in sync they are when they work as partners.
* * *
I had an anon who sent in an ask regarding how we see Eddie repeatedly confiding in Buck about his love life, but not the other way around, at least not on this topic and not on screen. I answered that we could deduce that he did so off screen, but I’m glad this ep finally provided us with such a moment on screen too, when Buddie are hunting for the turkey. Buck also mentions his therapist during this talk, which we know, but it serves as a nice reminder of just how fully these two open up to each other.
* * *
Tumblr media
Buck and Eddie went from murder mystery detectives in ep 404 to turkey hunters in this one, set to the soundtrack of a western. I swear that it’s like the show wants us to write every possible Buddie AU. But then I also enjoyed that even though it was Michael and Bobby as a duo who set off this small adventure in crime solving, we had detectives!Buddie being told off by Athena in 404 and her telling “amateur detectives” Michael and David off here (yes, I know she was unhappy with Bobby too, but when she’s spewing off, the scene only shows Michael and David, and specifically in a rather couple-y moment, as David helps Michael up). It’s a very interesting framing, I think. ;)
* * *
I’m sure everyone’s talked about how... eyebrow raising it is that the show has Buck and Eddie starting to date again at the same time, but let me recount how long’s been going on for, this thing where major changes in their romantic life are happening at the same time. Eddie reconnects with Shannon in ep 207, the ep when Buck realizes he needs to let go of Abby, with him starting to date again (Taylor and Ali) the very next ep. Then the next big change is in 217, when Eddie loses Shannon (as she asks for a divorce and then is killed). Buck loses Ali the very next ep, in 218. Then the two of them spend ALL of season 3 single, which is… almost unprecedented that a show would keep both of its only single regulars without a date for that long. But seriously, at least one of them could have been shown to be dating, yet neither was was. And then when they do start dating, it’s again in two subsequent eps. It’s like the universe, I’m sorry, the show is screaming at us that these two storylines are somehow connected...
* * *
Tumblr media
There’s a small parallel between Buck and Eddie at the start of the ep: they both get mistreated by women. Eddie is full on harassed on a call by one of the rocker moms (first verbally and then she actually slaps his ass) and, while a lot less severe, Buck is mistreated by Veronica who chooses to interpret every single thing he says as having the most malicious intent possible (my guess is she wasn’t into him and instead of just saying so, she attributed bad intentions to him to justify her rejection). He returns from his date so deflated, he’s kinda ready to give up on dating by deleting his dating app. If he’s so easily discouraged by one bad date, it’s almost like he’s not fully into the idea of going out with new people; like he wishes he could instead just jump into dating someone who knows him and would treat him right. And who’s right there, also in need of someone who would treat him right? Consider the contrast, how Buck was kind of a jerk in 201, but Eddie still gave him the benefit of the doubt that he’s a ‘good guy’, while Buck heard ‘Whatta Man’ playing out as he eyed shirtless Eddie, but didn’t treat him like a piece of meat, and instead ended up admiring him for his professional skills... No one would treat these two better than the other one.
Tumblr media
* * *
My fave thing about the whole Veronica storyline is that usually, when a show sets up a male character on a date, it goes awful, but the woman does show intelligence and spirit, and then he suddenly discovers she’s his neighbor and he will have no choice but to be nice to her, it’s the start of a rushed enemies to lovers plot, where they’ll discover they actually like each other more than was apparent on their date. Yet here, even before the end of the ep, we get clues that it will be Albert she ends up with (he’s there at the end of the date to hear about her and also when Buck finds out she moved in, a reminder that she’s Albert’s neighbor too; Buck mentions to Eddie that Albert distracted her the day before; then he also brings him up with Madney, wondering what’s up with Albert). I find it so interesting that Buck is finally dating again, for the first time since 218, after an entire season of building single and the show building up to him dating again (with Abby’s return in 318 and the whole storyline in 404-5 that explains his feelings of being unloved and working on himself to leave that behind), yet this culminates with Albert finding a match? It’s almost like the show doesn’t want Buck to be dating random people, either. Huh. Imagine that.
* * *
Tumblr media
Last small thing, but maybe one of my fave bits of the ep: at the end of it we see a moment of wordless communication between Hen and Karen (Hen just looks at her wife and Karen already knows how to answer their son on whether Hen’s mom is staying with them). Think about how many moments of such wordless communication we’ve had with Buddie...
Tumblr media
Thank you endlessly to my incredible and talented friend @bicepsie​​ for making her amazing gifs for this meta post! xoxox Also, if you like my takes on Buddie, you can find more of my meta and fics for them here. Thank you in advance for any like, comment and of course reblog, they all help so much! xoxoxox
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hotchsbabygirl · 9 months ago
buck x fem reader work together / secretly dating but they act like they hate each other and the team doesn’t know. reader is also bobby’s daughter (or niece up to you) and scared of his reaction (prompts 17, 37, 42, 81)
Tumblr media
Evan Buckley x Reader 
Prompts: #17: “We shouldn’t be doing this”, #37: “Uh why is your shirt inside out?”, #42: “I love you”, #81: “I can explain” 
Warnings: fem!reader, worrying, vulgar/suggestive comments (kinda but not really ?), suggested sexual content, a few swear words, kissing, mentions of hospitals, surgery and injuries. 
Category: fluff with a lil angst 
Word Count: 4.4k
Author's Note: I wrote it as bobby’s niece, it just made more sense :) hope you liked it!! 
Evan Buckley was a pain in your ass. 
He had been since the day you met him. His annoyingly attractive face, his stupid pretty blue eyes and his smile, not to mention how sweet he was. You couldn't help but hate him. Not in the typical “I hate your guts and hope you fall down a flight of stairs” way but in the “god you’re gorgeous and I want to marry you” way. 
Did you plan on liking the ridiculously attractive firefighter ? Most definitely not. 
Were you also planning on dating him in secret ? Also a no. 
Hence why you were sitting in his jeep on a Saturday at 3 in the morning. The two of you had gone on a date to this little restaurant outside of the city but everything that could go wrong kind of did go wrong.
Buck’s shift was supposed to end at 6 but they got a call last minute so he didn’t get home until 7:30. You called to push the reservation back and when he did pick you up, you got stuck in traffic. By the time the two of you got to the restaurant, it was 8:30 and the woman said she called to see if the two of you still needed the reservation but there was no answer (she didn’t call but neither of you were in the mood to argue) - Now it's 9 pm and the two of you still haven't had dinner. Venturing down the block, there was nowhere that seemed appealing. The night really began at some random mom and pop dinner you spotted by the beach. Deciding to have your own little dinner date on the beach, it was now 9:30. Buck had a blanket in the trunk (you didn’t ask why nor did you really wanna know) and you sat on the beach and had dinner. Time flew by, it was around 1 when the two of you began wondering what time it was. 
The date was now prolonged by Buck’s craving for something sweet so once again, the two of you were on a hunt but for somewhere to go. He googled the closest ice cream parlour but most places were closed, he searched until he finally found a place that was 20 minutes away. It was totally worth the drive considering it was some of the best ice cream you've had in your life. Which now brought you to 2:20 in the morning, the two of you were still sitting on the hood on his jeep, a container of half eaten ice cream between you. 
Buck looked over at you, a smile on his face. “Did you have fun ? despite, you know, all the shit that went wrong ?” you chuckled, “I did.” Buck had a shift at 11 so it was time for the night to come to an end. One of his hands held yours and the other on the wheel, you were staring out the window as the breeze blew by. 
“Something on your mind babe?” Buck asked you, glancing over at you as you turned towards him. 
“We shouldn’t be doing this” you mumbled, you didn’t want to end things with him but that didn’t mean that you didn’t have doubts about where this relationship was going. “What do you mean ?” he asks, his eyes on the road. “I mean how long are we going to hide this from everyone ?” your eyes back out the window, Buck sighed and the conversation dropped. There were a few minutes of silence and the tension filled the car, Buck finally spoke up “you were the one that didn’t want to say anything.” his voice came off a bit harsher than you expected, letting go of his hand, your body shifted towards the door and way from him. He noticed your change in emotion and seating. 
“Babe, I'm sorry. It's just that you didn’t want to say anything and it’s entirely your choice. I get it but we can figure it out. One step at a time, okay ?” Buck looks over at you when he pulls into the parking lot. “Yeah, I know. It’s fine.” leaning over the console to press a kiss to his cheek.  “Good night Buck, thank you for tonight” you give him a smile and get out of the jeep. Buck follows you, “let me walk you up,” he grabs your wrist, the two of you stopped in the middle of the parking lot. “That’s fine, I'll text you so you know I’m okay. You need to get home anyways, you have a shift and you need your sleep” shaking your head, you pull your hand away from him and head inside before he can ask again. 
He was right, it was your choice not to say anything but you weren't sure how your uncle would react. This relationship wouldn't just affect your relationship with him but also his relationship with Buck. You didn’t- couldn't let Buck jeopardize his work life for his love life. 
Shutting the door once you get into your apartment, you send a text to your boyfriend. 
To Lover Boy Buck: I’m home, text me when you get home. Sleep well <3
From Lover Boy Buck: Just pulled in, goodnight babe 
Athena’s birthday was on Saturday and Bobby had planned a surprise party for her. With a little help from May, things were in place. 
Bobby had taken Athena out for lunch at some fancy cafe that was impossible to get into and then to see a play. While they were out, you headed over to their place to help May set up. Upon arriving, you saw that Hen was already there as was Buck. 
“Good afternoon my loves!” you shout as you walk over to the kitchen. “I come with coffee” you hand a cup to May and the other to Hen, the two are thankful for the coffee as you had a shit ton of decorating to do and only a few hours to get it done. Buck leant against the wall by the kitchen entryway, “where's mine?” he asked which made you roll your eyes. “Didn’t know that you were gonna be here, no one invited you anyways.” you reply, sorting through the packages of balloons on the table, you toss one and it hits him square in the face. 
“Ow!” he shouts, rubbing his cheek. 
“Oh did I hurt you ?” you ask, pouting at him mockingly. 
Considering the weird note that the two of you left on during your last date, plus not being able to see each other that week left things in a bit of a mess. 
May and Hen exchange glances, “Buck, how about you help put up the banner in the backyard ?” she practically dragged Buck by the arm and into the yard. May was in the kitchen icing some cupcakes that she and Harry had made the night before when she called for you. 
“Why don't you get along with Buck ? I don't know him all the well but he seems like a good guy” May pleads his case unintentionally. 
He is a good guy 
“Ever meet someone and you just don’t like them ?” you ask, she hums. “That’s me with Buck” is what came out instead. 
“I get it.” she nodded, she began telling you about a guy in her chemistry class that just got on her nerves all the time. You excused yourself when the doorbell rang. Chim and Maddie had arrived right as Karen pulled into the driveway with Denny and Nia. You let everyone in and they began helping too. About an hour later, Eddie arrives with Chris and the cake. You take the cake from him so he can help Chris with his jacket.  
“Buck!” you shout
“Yeah ba- yeah ?” he corrects himself last second. Your eyes widen at the word that almost slipped out of his mouth. No one seem to catch it except for Chim who gave you a weird look but you just brush it off. 
“Take this, I need to change.” you hand the cake off to him and head to the bathroom to change into your dress. A few moments later, there was a knock on the bathroom door and then it opened. 
“Hey! I'm chang- oh it’s just you” you mumble as he shuts the door. Buck’s back pressed up against the door. “Are you just gonna watch me or are you going to help me?” you turn, your back towards him now. Pulling your hair over your shoulder, you feel one of Buck’s hands on your waist and then the tug of the zipper.  
“Must you always fight with me, y/n ?” he presses a kiss to your shoulder, his arms wrapping around your waist. “Must you always get on my nerves, Evan ?” you were looking back at him in the mirror, he flashed you a smile and nodded, a rather amused look on his face. “Yeah, it's kind of my job to irritate you” his arms loosen as you turn around to face him now, leaning back against the counter. “Well I guess then I have to fight with you” running your hand through his hair, he leans into you, his forehead against yours. 
“You know, they say make love, not war” he whispers, his lips almost touching yours. A little chuckle slips past your lips, “is this your way of saying that we should stop fighting ?” you mumble as you press a kiss to his lips. Buck pulls you closer to him - which you didn’t even think was possible, “no, it’s my way of saying we should make love” he smiles against your lips as he lifts you up onto the counter and you let out an obnoxiously loud laugh. “Oops” a hand comes up to cover your mouth. Buck can't help but smile, you were adorable and all he wanted was to go out there and tell everyone that he’s in love with you, something he hadn't even told you yet, but at last, he could not. 
“You’re cheesy, you know that right ?” looking up at him whilst you fiddled with the hem of his shirt. “If you want to fuck me, just say so” he tells you to which you reply “you're so vulgar Evan” while rolling your eyes. 
“Oh I'll show you vulgar” he chuckles and pulls off his shirt, his hand reaching behind you to unzip your dress. 
Buck left the bathroom first, the house had filled up within the 20 minutes the two of you were in the bathroom. He ran his hand through his hair in hopes to fix it from the tugging that just happened. As he stepped out into the backyard, his sister’s voice called out to him.
“Buck!” she walked over, “you’ve been so busy I haven't gotten a chance to say hi yet” she pulls her brother into a hug. Maddie’s face screws into a confused look. “Did you try a new body wash or something ?” she looks up at Buck, his brows furrow but he shakes his head. “Why?” he asks, “you smell like mint” she informs him. 
You step out into the backyard, a tube of mint chapstick between your fingers,  being applied to your lips. Buck’s eyes were on you, watching as the tube rubbed across your lips, his mind back to those lips were moments ago. Chimney’s voice caused him to pull his eyes away from you and onto him. 
“Uh why is your shirt inside out?” Chim asks him, brows raised. Buck looks down and his shirt is on inside out, “uh, I- uh I had to change.” he says, hoping they’d believe him. 
“You had that shirt on when we got here.” Chim had a puzzled look on his face. 
“Oh Christopher is calling for me, excuse me” Buck walks off before they could say anything. He did indeed make his way over to Eddie and Chris, you were on the other side of the backyard when your phone chimed. 
From Lover Boy Buck: Couldn't you have told me my shirt was on inside out?
To Lover Boy Buck: And how was I supposed to know that ? I didn’t have time to look at you
From Lover Boy Buck: Oh really ? You had plenty of time a few minutes ago 
To Lover Boy Buck: Behave. 
From Lover Boy Buck: Make me. 
You roll your eyes at his comment, May coming out and shouting that they just pulled in. Everyone stood by the backdoors, waiting for Athena and Bobby to come in. 
Athena had a blindfold on as Bobby led her down the stairs to the backyard. “I swear if you did somethin-” he undoes the blindfold mid sentence. 
“Surprise!!” everyone shouts, Athena had a huge smile on her face. She turns to Bobby, “you did all this ?” he smiles but shakes his head, “I had some help” nodding towards May, Athena walked over to her daughter to give her a hug. Bobby and Athena went around to say hello to everyone, Bobby coming over to you and Eddie, Buck and Chris were sitting beside each other. “Hey” Bobby smiled at the two of you, “hey” you smiled back before you gave him a hug. 
“What do I own you for today ?” he asks you
“Nothing at all, I'm glad I could help.” 
“Are you sure kid ?” 
“Yeah, I'm good. I’ll let you know if I need something uncle Bobby” 
He smiles and goes off to talk to Chim and Maddie. Eddie switches places with Buck, Christopher showing his father the trick that Buck just showed him. “You’re good with kids” you tell him, “yeah, I know” he replies. “You're also an arrogant asshole but perspective I suppose.” Buck chuckled at your comment, watching as you walked away. 
It was a while before you sat down for dinner, you were in the house with Bobby, helping him bring stuff out while everyone got seated. When you returned, there were two seats left. One at the head of the table, which was where your uncle was currently headed, leaving you no choice but to sit beside Buck. “Pass me the green bowl ?” he asks you, “no thanks” you reply nonchalantly. Bobby gives you a look, “y/n, pass him the bowl” you sighed and handed the bowl to Buck who was snickering. It took all of you not to smack this man in front of everyone. 
A hand on your upper thigh startled you, you coughed and Eddie looked at you from across the table, his brows furrowed. Your hand comes down to rest on top of Buck’s. Chris followed his father’s look over to you, “are you okay y/n?” he asked you sweetly, you smiled at him. “I’m okay buddy, thank you for asking” Buck bit the inside of his cheek, holding back a smile. Oh how he wanted to kiss you right now, but again, he couldn't really do that, could he? He settled for holding your hand under the table like teenagers for now. 
8 o'clock and you were supposed to be there 20 minutes ago. Bobby was probably there wondering where you were. You were supposed to be having dinner with your uncle tonight to tell him about you and Buck. Buck offered to tell him but you felt like it was only right for you to tell him. 
You dialled the number but it rang out. You assumed he was still driving or maybe he was ruining late too. The phone rang while you searched for something to wear. It was Bobby. 
“Hey!” you answer, “I'm gonna be a little late” 
“Y/n, we’re gonna have to take a rain check on dinner.” Something was wrong, you could tell from the way he answered. 
“Everything okay ? Are you still at work ?” 
“I’m at the hospital.” 
“What? Why? Are you okay ? Is it Athena ?” 
“Athena and I are fine. It’s Buck, he’s in surgery right now. I don't think I'll be leaving anything soon. I’m sorry about dinner.” 
Your heart dropped when he said it was Buck. 
“Did anyone tell Maddie ? Do you want me to pick her up ?” 
“It's alright, Chim went and got her. You don't have to come, we’re ok-” 
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” 
Grabbing the keys, you’ve never run down the stairs so fast in your life. The whole drive over, it felt like the world was moving in slow motion. He’d still be in surgery when you arrived but you needed to know what happened. 
I love you Evan Buckley. 
The 5 words replaying in your head over and over again. The 5 words you hadn’t gotten the chance to say to him. The team plus Maddie and Athena were in the waiting room. Bobby came over and gave you a hug, “is he okay ? Did you guys hear anything ?” you ask as you sit beside Maddie. “Not yet” Bobby returns to his seat. 
“Mads, I'm sorry” you gave her a hug, she gave you a small smile. “It’s okay. Buck’ll pull through. He always does.” 
3 hours later and still nothing, he had been in surgery 2 hours prior to you arriving, bringing it to a total of 5 hours. Athena and Bobby left for a few minutes to see if they could get an update on him. You looked around the room, Eddie was leant against the wall, his legs on the chairs in front of him, Hen stood by the window on the phone with who you assumed was Karen. Chim’s arm was wrapped around Maddie, her head resting on his shoulder. 
Bobby and Athena returned telling everyone that there was no update other than he was still in surgery. Your leg bounced as you waited, Bobby rested a hand on your knee when he sat back down. 
“You okay kid ?” 
“Mhm hm why ?”
“You only bounce your leg when you’re nervous. You’re sure you’re okay ?” 
“Yeah, I'm gonna go get some coffee” you announce as you get up. If you spent another minute in that room, you were going to combust, you couldn't take it. “Does anyone want anything ?” there were a few mumbles of no but Eddie gets up and says he’ll come with you. The two of you walk down the hallway to the other end. Slipping a bill into the machine, it buzzes and then nothing. Eddie watches as you push the button a few times. Frustrated and tired, your hand smacks against the machine. A few nurses glare in your direction. 
“Hey, go get some air okay ? I’ll get the coffee and meet you outside” Eddie’s hand on your back, leading you to the doors.
“Eddie, I'm fine” 
“Y/n, go. You’ve been in here for a while and honestly, I could use the air too.” 
Not in the mood to protest, you step outside. It was a little past 11 now, it was dark and cold out. Your back pressed up against the brick wall, the coldness seeping through your shirt. A hand running over your face in an attempt to wake you up, you sigh as the door opens. 
“Here” Eddie handed you a mug that didn’t look like it came from a machine. The mug read “#1 nurse” on it and his says “world’s best mom” your brows furrow, looking at the man standing beside you. “I sweet talked one of the nurses, it's fine. I promised to return the mugs when we're done.” he says casually, making you smile. You had always enjoyed Eddie’s company, he didn’t ask questions or poke around in your life, he just lived in the moment. 
“Cute shirt” he chuckles, looking down at the blue t-shirt you had on. You hadn't realized that you left wearing it. “Oh thanks” you mumble, taking a sip of coffee. “It’s Buck’s, isn't it?” he asks, you almost choked on the coffee. 
“Wha- why would you ask me that ?” 
“It reeks of his cologne,” Eddie chucked. “I’ve known for months, y/n. The two of you aren't as slick as you think.” 
“Who else knows ?” 
“No one that I know of, Chim has an idea but he hasn't said anything” 
You hummed, looking out at the parking lot in front of you. “Does Bobby know ?” Eddie’s eyes practically burn into your side.
“I was going to tell him tonight.” 
Eddie’s phone buzzed before he could say anything else. “Let’s go in, the doctors are out.” Eddie followed you into the building and back into the waiting room. The doctor has just stepped in, she glanced back at you and Eddie, “Are you here for Buckley as well ?” 
“Yeah, how is he?” Eddie asks, the two of you step further into the room. “He’s stable as of now, we managed to stop the bleeding. He’s asleep but he’s got a long road ahead of him.” the doctor inform everyone, you watch as Maddie lets out a sigh, her hand squeezing Chim’s. “I can take someone in, if they’d like to go in” Chim let go of Maddie’s hand as she went to follow the doctor down the hall. Eddie could sense the change in body language, you were relaxed until Maddie stepped out with the doctor. His hand rests on your back again, “let’s sit down. You can go in after” he whispered to you. To anyone else in the room, it would look like something was happening between you and Eddie but he was just comforting you. There was nothing happening. 
The person you were in love with was laying in a hospital bed at the other end of the hallway. 
One by one, everyone went in to see him. Chim went in first, meeting Maddie in his room. When they return, they let everyone know he’s awake. Bobby and Athena are next, they go in for a few minutes. Hen was after them, you could hear them laughing from the other end of the hallway. 
It was so good to hear him laugh. 
You and Eddie went in last. Eddie sat beside his bed on the chair, he and Buck having a conversation. Eddie looked over at you, you were standing by the door. “I think I'll go call Chris and let him know you’re alright” Eddie pats Buck’s shoulder before stepping out the room. 
Buck’s attention was now on you. “hey you” he mumbles, trying to shift into a sitting position. “Don’t move, you’ll rip your stitches.” you take a seat where Eddie was a few moments ago. Buck’s hand reaches for yours, although he was awake, his hand felt cold. Your hand rubbed against his, his eyes on you. Neither of you say anything to the other. 
“I thought I lost you for a minute there.” 
“You’ll never lose me, y/n” Buck’s hand squeezes yours. 
“But I almost did and I hated every minute of it.” the tears welling up by your eyes, you blink a few times to get rid of them but instead a few slip down. Buck reaches up to wipe your tears, his hand cupping your cheek. 
“All of this for me ?” he teases, “there was no need to worry, you know that, right?” 
“You scared me you ass, don't do that” you sniffle, your hand wrapping around his wrist. 
“Y/n, I need to tell you something” his eyes were on yours, now you were worried again. “Okay, what is-” 
“I love you” he blurts out. 
“Oh Buck” you breathe, the soft expression on his face changes to a worried one. “Oh god, I'm sor-” your hand comes up and covers his mouth. 
“I love you too” you smile at him, you can feel him smile against your hand. Moving your hand to his cheek, “you do ?” he asks, you nod. “How can I not ?” Leaning out of the chair, your lips meet his. Your hand is still cupping his face and his hand lifting off the bed to meet your waist. Shifting from the chair to the bed, you sat beside Buck, your lips still on his. 
“Excuse me?” someone clears their throat, Buck pulls away to look at who's by the door. Bobby stood in the doorway, his arms folded in front of him and a rather amused Athena beside him. Buck’s eyes widen, you look over your shoulder to see your uncle standing there. 
“I can explain. Bobby I-” Buck starts, but Bobby cuts him off. “It’s okay Buck, I know.” he steps into the room. 
“You do?” the two of you say at the same time, both of you looking at him. Bobby nods, “I might be old - well older than you two but I’m not dumb” he chuckles, “if anything, you two are the dumb ones for thinking I wouldn't know.” he says 
“I was going to tell you at dinner” 
“I figured as much, I also figured you’d want to be here when Buck woke up” 
“Thank you for calling” you smile at him, he gives you a nod. “Everyone is heading home, are you going to stay with him ?” 
You hum, your attention back on Buck. You could hear Athena and Bobby whispering in the back and then the door shuts. Buck shifts slightly on the bed, making space for you. Laying on your side, beside him, your finger traces over the words tattooed on his forearm. The world had come to a pause finally, the things around you didn’t matter right now. Everything you cared about was beside you, the hospital wasn't the ideal place but all you cared about that he was okay. 
“Tell me again” you whisper, your head on his shoulder. Buck turns his head to look at you. 
“I love you y/n l/n” 
“I love you Evan Buckley” 
Turns out you did get to say those 5 words after all. 
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kindofokayimagines · 8 months ago
doe eyes • richie tozier x reader
a/n: based off of some asks for innocent reader!! also thank you all so much for 1.1k followers! <3
summary: richie’s always had a soft spot for you so when he finds a dirty magazine under your bed, he offers to help you out
contains: oral (f!receiving), smut, fingering (f!receiving), innocent! reader x richie, pretty vanilla, teasing, fluff if you squint and praise!! 4.4 words, losers + reader are 18
likes and reblogs are always appreciated!
richie watched you as you sucked a maraschino cherry off of the stem, savouring it and humming. 
you had plucked it from the top of the ice cream cone he had bought you on your way home, your little tongue darting across it to scoop up the ice cream. you were adorable.
now, your legs swung at the edge of your bed, your feet clad in white socks with a white lace frill at the ankle as you excitedly ramble to richie about a movie you and bev saw at the aladdin. like richie, you liked to do impressions of the characters to complete the story, yours less refined, but just as amusing to him.
richie tries hard to pay attention as you speak, which is hard when each time you take a lick of your ice cream and moan from how good it tastes, licking your lips, completely oblivious to the effect you had on richie.
he’s leant back against your headboard, his broad shoulders cushioned among the heap of stuffed animals, pride swelling up in his chest when he saw the big stuffed bear with a heart on it's tummy he had won for you at a fair. lovingly, you dubbed it beep beep bear, after beep beep, richie. he would've found that annoying if anyone else had said it.
richie had always had a soft spot for you, you were one of the quieter losers but he loved it, how your sweetness and softness balanced out his loudness. when he cracked a good joke, you would be giggling behind your hand and smiling up at him.
now, you lick at the cone, chatting still as richie's eyes fix on your lips, glossy as your tongue peeks out a little. something about the sight was so-
"bambi! are you even listening?" 
right, bambi. it was what you called him religiously after one day you noticed how richie had the prettiest, sweetest set of doe eyes (your words, not his). you had gone up to him and peered up at him, tucking some of his curls behind his ears to see his face better and smiled, telling him he had doe eyes. they were only magnified by his thick glasses lens and framed by his thick lashes. they were so.. pretty. so, you called him bambi.
sure it was pretty much wrecking his reputation. richie was scary, tall and broad-shouldered, topped off with a sharp jaw that you loved to nuzzle against. trying to threaten someone while you were hanging on his arm, asking bambiiii, can we go to the diner? wasn't the most intimidating thing for him, but when you sounded so cute saying it, he couldn't deny you, answering to bambi as if it was his birth name.
his head snaps up, his eyes meeting yours as he chuckles softly, "sorry, toots, can you repeat that?" 
you give a pout, tilting your head to the side, “what’s wrong, bambi?”
he shakes his head with a small smile, trying not to let his eyes wander to your pouted lips or fluttering eyelashes, trying not to let his mind stray to a less than.. immaculate place, "don't worry about it doll," he says, coaxing you on to continue talking about the movie.
you don't let him move on, prying, "bambiiiiiii," you say in a soft, whiny tone that doesn't help his case at all. he feels shame weigh down on him as he briefly imagines you whining his name in the same way, the image too sweet and perfect to stop thinking about. each delicious thought of your desperate whines and moans feeling like heaven to him, thoughts of your bare skin on his as your thighs shudder, oh bambi-
richie hums looking up at you, pushing those thoughts away with a metre-long pole. "uh huh?" 
you pout, bottom lip jutting out slightly, "see? you're all distracted," you point out, examining his face through narrowed eyes, "ugh, i'm gonna get you some water, you're all flushed," you say, giving his warm cheek a soft pinch as you stand up, walking over to your door, thinking your poor richie was tired out from walking in the sun for so long.
turning his head, richie is about to insist that he was fine, when he does he sees your dress hiked up slightly as you bend over to pick up a stuffed animal that had fallen off of the bed, showing off the scant, lacy piece you were wearing underneath. since when did you wear stuff like that?
his mind is racing as he tries desperately hard not to notice how the lace cupped your ass perfectly, how you matched the colour to your dress, how it looked like it could be undone with a damn pinkie finger.
before his eyes can linger any longer on the sight, you’re walking downstairs to fetch him a glass of water, hips swaying as you do. 
richie rubs his eyes, letting out a frustrated grunt, his cheeks surely even more flushed. you were tempting in a way you didn’t even realise, working him up with the smallest of glances, the slightest move of your hips. even when you weren’t in front of him, he couldn’t get the image out of his head. the sight of the lace making him squash himself uncomfortably into your stuffed animals, hiding his flushed face among their soft fur. shuffling against the mattress, he feels something press uncomfortably into his back through your mattress. he groans, rolling over. there was definitely a bump in your mattress. were you hiding something under? 
richie being richie, perks up, shoving a hand under the mattress in hopes for weed or smokes. he considered that you didn't really seem like someone who would hide contraband under your bed but then his mind wandered back to the peek of your lace just now and, with a flushed face and fumbling hands, decides better safe than sorry.
his hands close around what feels like glossy paper, pulling it out, he sees it's a magazine. sighing (out of relief or disappointment, he can't decide), he's about to chuck it aside, you were just doing some late night reading after all, when he sees a quick flash of something that definitely wouldn't be in the fashion mags you and bev hoarded in the clubhouse. 
curiosity piqued, he flicked further in the magazine, his eyes widening with each page. it was a porno magazine, he realised with a strange sort of clarity, then, more alarmed, it was a porno magazine?? 
his alarm was for two reasons. one, it was you. you who had a pastel pink room with pictures of the losers on your vanity in a frame with puffy paint on it declaring your friendship. you, who had an armful of friendship bracelets you had accumulated from over the years. you, who called him bambi because of his doe eyes and said you liked his longer hair because it was better for braiding. you, who, before today, he had thought was the most innocent sweetheart to walk the face of the earth.
the second reason was because this magazine had been read before. thoroughly. the spine of it was bended already and some of the pages were even dog-eared.
the thought of shoving the magazine back under hadn't even occurred to him before you were walking back in, glass in hand, humming the ice cream van jingle. as his eyes moved upwards from the nude lady and man on the page, he met your wide eyed gaze and your hand tightening around the glass. richie envisioned the glass shattering in your hand or you dropping it to the floor like in the movies.
it doesn't. instead, your hand shakes a little, "bambi, what's that?" you ask  despite knowing very well what it was.
a smirk slants across richie's face, a grin you knew all too well, it was the same grin he had when he teased eddie. he waves the magazine, humming, "i'm not sure doll  how about you tell me," he says, flicking idly through the pages, faking curiosity, "hmm, because if i didn't know any better, i'd say it was a porno magazine."
your face feels hot to the touch as you set his drink down, you clear your throat, marshalling your thoughts, "that's um, not mine," you say, facing away and instead taking meticulous care in rearranging your perfumes and skincare products by height and colour.
richie raises a brow, amused at how suddenly bashful you look, scandalised almost, “this isn’t yours?” he asked, flipping through the pages for extra effect, “because y’know, i found it under your bed.”
you give a pathetic shrug, looking down at your carpet and toeing a pattern into it, ".. bev must've left it here last time she came over," you say, looking down, refusing to meet his smug gaze, "because it's not mine." 
richie shifts on your bed so that his long legs are dangling off for the side.  looking down doesn't feel like a good idea anymore with how your eyes are drawn to the buckle of his belt, your bottom lip rolled between your teeth slightly, your heart caught in your throat at the sight, caught in the trance of admiring richie's tall figure, angular jaw and dark eyes. 
he opens up to one of the pages, it's a double page spread of a woman not wearing very much at all with a man between her legs, holding her thighs open with his head dropped down between them. chuckling, "you'd look good like this, dollface," the words send shivers up your spine. dollface? like that? the way you were looking at him then, eyes full of need and chest heaving, was just begging for him, "is that it? you want someone between your legs taking care of you, don't ya?"
he somehow kept his tone light whilst practically dirty talking you, you glancing down at your chest before raising your chin to face him again, "i said, it's not mine," you say, your voice intended to be a snipe but your lack of conviction betrays you.
without meaning to, you've stepped towards him, the closeness allowing him to brush his thumb over your chin, his eyes lingering on your lips, "you're a bad liar, princess."
the low tone of his voice makes your breath hitch in your throat. he thinks it's cute how your attitude changed so quickly from bright and sweet to you melting under his hand, glassy-eyed and practically panting. you huff, hands fidgeting, "i'm not."
richie hums, as if he doesn't quite believe you, amused with you like you were a little plaything. you were finding more and more you didn't mind being that first him- something to play with. it made your heart race and your cheeks feel warmer than they had after walking under the sun with richie just an hour ago. you're not sure what you're expecting to happen, but it's not for richie to trace the outline of your bottom lip, "if you wanted me to, i could help you out, princess."
your eyes widened and you shivered under richie's touch, "how?"
warm fingers grasp your chin and tip your face down, pretty doe eyes burning through you, “i think you know how, sweetness,” he says, his tone light and casual, like he was teasing you while you were hanging out at the quarry and not like your bodies were pressed together, the small space between you filled with your soft panting, “only if you want me to.”
your mind floods with images of richie taking the place of the guys in the magazines you looked at, richie’s broad chest heaving, a soft sheen of sweat on his skin. your mind’s eye trailed downwards, past the defined hipbones you knew richie had, past his happy trail, past that little v you’ve seen when he’s worn dangerously low-hanging towels, all the way down. there.
your blush worsens.
you nod a nod that is more you moving your head up and down mindlessly. richie finds it cute, the tinge of pink on your cheeks and how, under your dress, your thighs are pressing together tightly to relieve some of the tension there.
you find yourself tilting your head back as richie leaned forward, giving him better access to your neck as his lips ghost across your skin, pressing his lips to your neck in a way that made you shiver. you bit your lip as his lips brushed so delicately over your skin, your pulse racing underneath his lips, your body yielding to him. you had to be dreaming. did you even want this? richie tozier, your bambi, was sat in your bed, kissing you. and you liked it. no, you loved it.
“richie,” you whine, your voce half gasp and half whisper.
“hush, sweetness,” he scolds gently, his lips trailing across your jaw in slow lazy movements, “enjoy it, how is it making you feel, toots?” richie had a vague idea of your sex life, or the lack thereof. you never brought up any hook ups or exchanged sex stories with them when they were drunk. with how innocent you were, it made sense. he could read your tells, how you melted under his touch, his thumb now pressed to your chin and his curls tickling your cheek, he just knew no one had ever touched you like this before.
you gasp softly, “f-feels good, bambi.”
richie smirked, “good? aww, i can tell, sweetness, you’re squeezing your thighs together, you're all worked up aren't you?" he experimentally nips down on a specific spot, one that makes you tighten your grip on his shoulders. he smiles as you nod, “that's good, princess, do you want more?”
you could be dreaming right now, this could all be a heated daydream you’re having, but you didn’t care. you wanted this. you wanted richie.
you gave a small, meek nod but richie clicked his tongue, scolding you, “i gotta hear you say it, okay sweets?” he breathes, his touch wandering down your back, “tell me to stop and i’ll stop.”
you shake your head more ardently than you had meant to, “r-rich.. keep going,” you murmur, a soft gasp breaking from your words as he lifts you easily into his lap, large warm hands parting your thighs. he loved how much you were blushing in his arms, but even more than that, he loved the small whine you made when you felt his cock harden against your ass.
your soft gaze falls to your thigh where his hands are placed, tugging on the hem of your dress, unable to press your thighs together with how you were straddling him. he runs his hand over your thigh, moving it higher until he was had his hand high up on your thighs, you struggling to beg for him to go further, “has anyone touched you here, princess?” he asked quietly. you shake your head and he tuts quietly, squeezing your ass and earning a squeak from you, “that’s a damn shame, toots,” he mumbled, hand pushing up the hem of your dress, “real fucking shame.”
you gasped. richie would usually never say stuff like that around you, but to be fair, richie would never usually do stuff like this either.
you bit your lip, trying to suppress any more noises and failing the second you felt his other hand slide further up the front of your dress, cold rings pressed to warm skin as he runs his fingers over the lacy panties you’re wearing. he hummed appreciatively, “do you always wear things like this, pet?” he mumbled as you disjointedly shook your head, overwhelmed with how much you liked this, “you should. you looked so fucking cute bent over with them on,” you blushed, realising he had seen them earlier. you blushed harder when you realised you liked the idea of him seeing you like that.
you moaned as he started rubbing slow circles into your clit, your fingers finding his curls and tugging out of need, “r-richie that feels nice,” you whisper, almost embarrassed to admit it.
richie chuckled lightly, amused at you, “god, you sound so cute saying my name, kitten,” he chuckles, hand toying with the puffed sleeves of your dress. richie’s hands dip under the fabric of it, pulling it down to expose your bare chest, the fabric bunched under your tits. his hands press to your warm skin, feeling your body arch into him and gasp into his mouth, feeling dark eyes rake over your body.
“oh princess. this is gonna be fun,” he murmurs softly as you blush. you would’ve been conscious of how exposed you were to him if the feeling of his hands wandering and groping didn’t have you feeling dizzy. he was all over you but you still couldn’t get enough of him. He bites his lower lip, “if you want me to stop, at any time, tell me and i will, okay?”
“yes, richie,” you whine, eager for him and bare chest heaving,
the corners of his mouth twitch into a smirk, “good girl.” with that, he leans back in, kissing you and exploring your body expertly. he teasingly drags his teeth along your skin, nipping lightly and moving his tongue across, trailing downwards until he reached your chest, his large hands moving up to cup them, thumbs swiping over your nipples before his head dipped down and latched onto your bud. you whimpered, the feeling melting into hazy pleasure of his tongue swiping over it, sparks flying up your spine, thighs twitching to press together pathetically as the heat between them builds.
even needier after hearing your whimpers, he pulls away, panting softly, “you’re so sensitive, doll,” he murmurs, glancing up at you and admiring your flustered expression, bashful as his hand goes to your waist. he smirks, “let’s see if you’re sensitive in other places, huh sweetness?”
without warning, richie lifts you up from his lap, his grip tight on your hips as he lays you down onto your bed where he had been laying just minutes before, head cushioned by your soft pink pillows and stuffies. you make a face, “um, bambi?” you say, voice barely more than a whisper. he pauses from parting your legs, “yes, sweetness, what’s wrong?” he asks, worried he had hurt you. the immediate softness in his voice makes you smile, “it’s okay, just um,” you looked up to your mountain of stuffies, “can you turn them around?”
your innocence makes richie soften, pressing a kiss to your stomach and humming, “of course, angel,” he says, taking his time to turn each around carefully, “is that better? none of them can see you, hun.”
you nod, at ease, “yeah, that's better,” you say, biting down on your bottom lip as his hands run down your front, playing with your tits as you talk, “th-thank you rich.” his hands grip your hips as he pulled himself down your body, kissing down your front softly and letting your thin dress hike up your thighs, the fabric pushed up to your waist, making you feel warm with how vulnerable to him you were. he groans softly, “so pretty, princess,” he murmurs, voice low and muffled against your skin, “so pretty all for me, aren’t you, princess?” 
you give another mindless nod, “all for you, rich,” you gasp softly as you feel his kisses stray lower, getting softer as he moves down, lightly kissing at your inner thighs, purposefully not touching you where you needed him the most, feeling you arch and lean up against him, “b-bambi..”
he lifts his head, looking up at you with those doe eyes, curls half falling over his eyes as he does, “yes, sweetness?” he hums. he wanted to hear you say it.
you roll your bottom lip between your teeth, blushing at the sight of richie between your legs like this, it was something you’d only dreamt of. “please bambi,” you whine, breathless, “oh god,” in lieu of words, your hand finds his curls and pushes his head down to where you need him, “more please.”
his lips slant into a smirk at the neediness evident in your tone, “that’s all you had to say,” he says, kissing down your thighs and pulling your underwear and pretty much tossing them to the side. with how skimpy they were, he was surprised they didn’t tear. the feeling of your wetness hitting the cold air making you shiver. 
richie hums, "so fucking pretty, doll," he whispers as he uses his fingers to where your slick had gathered and spread it over your little clit. the idea that he was the first person to see you like this, touch you like this, made his cock stiffen in his pants.
you let out a soft mewl, "really? you think so?" you whisper, not used to how he was looking at you, eyes dark and hungry with desire.
"everybody does," he says back like it was obvious as he rubbed slow circles into your bud, "but you're all mine right now, doll."
and with that, he dips his head down and licks a broad stripe up your slit. your hands, still placed in his curls, grip harder in a vain attempt to pull him closer to you. pulling away slightly, he chuckles, hot breath ghosting over your skin, “who knew little y/n could be so needy?” he teases as he uses his hands to spread your legs further apart. his curls brush over your thighs as he leans back down. you noticed how his eyes were dark, realising he was turned on just from seeing you, from tasting you, made you even wetter. 
you let out a moan as his tongue circled your clit, his eyes on you through his lashes, taking in the way you were arching your back to meet his mouth, “oh f-fuck bambi!” you moan, the feeling overwhelming in the best way possible, your moans were even better than he dreamt of. he could’ve spent hours between your thighs if it meant seeing you like this, panting and mouth parted as he presses his tongue to you, tracing your slick folds. he was looking up at you, making note of every sensitive spot, how you reacted and trying to figure out what you liked.
“say my name like that again,” he murmured, mouth wrapping around your clit and suckling on it, two fingers tracing your soaked entrance and teasing you relentlessly.
his name spilled from your mouth so easily, like you had been made for this, the only interruption from your babbling was your yelp when richie pushed his fingers into you, curling them up so they hit that sweet spot, “god, richie!” you whine, the words almost pushed from your mouth with the amount of pleasure you were feeling, your head falling back on the mattress so hard you could feel yourself bounce slightly. it was so intense. it wasn’t like the rare handful of times you had touched yourself, richie was touching you like you didn’t even know you needed to be. his fingers massaged your g-spot whilst his tongue busied itself with kitten-licking and moaning against your skin, sending vibrations through you that make your eyes roll back and your thighs shake.
“oh my god, richie!” you moan lewdly. you’re getting close and richie could tell, gripping your shaking thighs, “let me take care of that, princess,” he mutters against your skin and pulling you close and throwing your legs over his shoulders so his face was pressed in between them, lapping at your clit and savouring each moan and tremor of your thighs. your toes curl as you feel a familiar heat build between your legs, the cute frills on your socks shaking as you do.
“ohmygod, i’m gonna- i’m gonna- mmh, don’t stop please-” you moaned, your words tapering off into barely coherent noises and gasps. you were barrelling towards your climax faster than you ever had before, the feeling in your abdomen tightening as you felt yourself being pushed towards that edge, the rapid rise and fall of your chest giving away how close you were. it was so hard to even form a sentence with how good you felt. it felt different than any other build up, amplified by what felt like a billion.
thankfully, he didn’t stop, suckling on your sensitive bud and thrusting his fingers upwards, feeling your walls clench around his digits at the fast and harsh pace. it was better than you could even imagine, better than the porno magazines could’ve ever prepared you for.
he lapped needily and greedily at your clit, rutting his hips down onto the mattress, your moans affecting him more than he would like to admit.
you bucked your hips, you couldn’t even pretend that you were too shy for this, at this point, you were just riding his hands and his face in need. 
“oh r-richie it’s s-so good god-- keep going!” you babble, richie’s movements not slowing as one hand wrapped around your waist  and pinning you down even though you definitely weren’t complaining. if anything, the feeling of how strong he was simply turned you on more. richie always looked so lanky and skinny in his clothes but you could now see the subtle flex of muscles as he held you close and moaned against your cunt. he pulls away briefly, “cum for me honey, cum all over my mouth like a good girl, baby, c’mon,” he coaxes.
your whole body jerks as a moan falls from your lips. your legs tightened and your body tensed as you came, your climax crashing over you in harsh waves that had your body shaking, moaning his name loudly as he watched you fall apart under his touch. the sight alone made him cum then and there. 
you panted as you came down from your high, his fingers still moving to help you ride out the feeling for as long as possible. eventually, the feeling becomes too much and your shaky fingers wrap around his wrist and pull it away, whimpering soft thank you’s. he lifts his head, wiping a hand across his mouth and cleaning off his slick fingers with his tongue, the sight making you want to straddle his face all over again.
“no problem, sweets,” he says, grinning as though nothing had happened. 
biting your lip, you look down at his bulge, “d-do you want me to..?”
he shakes his head, running his hand through untamed curls to gain some sort of neatness, “don’t worry about it, doll, that took care of itself,” he says. your eyes grow wide and your blush deepens and he chuckles, “take it as a compliment.”
he moves up so that he’s hovering over you, curls brushing over your skin and making you giggle as he lowers his head down to press a soft kiss to your mouth. he’s nipping teasingly at your bottom lip and cradling you as you shake, overstimulated and blissed out. your hair, usually done carefully, was mussed up, your hands shaking as you cup his face sweetly. he smiles at you, jaw aching still as he looks down at the mess between your thighs, the way your dress his pushed up at your hips and down at your chest, exposing you almost completely, your chest heaving with a thin sheen of sweat across it.
“how about we get my princess cleaned up now?”
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outrunningthedark · a month ago
Tumblr media
I hear you both and raise you with Eddie yelling “Honey, you’re home early!” when he hears the echo of the door closing shut from inside the kitchen.
“Early? Babe, did we have plans?” Buck replied as he made his way towards the sound of his boyfriend’s voice. He was soon greeted with an upside-down state of a kitchen. With dirty pots and pans in the sink, and open packs of ingredients lying around the counter. His eyes soon found a messy haired Eddie, who was standing in the centre of the catastrophe, wearing a cute beige apron and looking very stressed.
“No,” Eddie answered, combing his floured fingers through his hair. “But you usually come home at 6 in the evening and I’m nowhere near finished.”
Buck narrowed his eyes before gazing around the room. His eyes soon fell on the two plates and the large bottle of wine that was hidden amongst the rumble in the kitchen. A smile escaped his lips, his eyes growing wide. “Babe, were you making me dinner?”
Eddie huffed. “Trying to.” He reached over the counter and picked up the recipe book. “There are so many damn steps in here! Add this, mix that, knead this, don’t do that. Ugh, seriously I’m dying over here!”
Buck bit his lip to stop himself from chuckling at his boyfriend’s dramatics but Eddie noticed his wiggling smile and folded his arms.
“It’s not funny, Buck.”
Buck quickly raised his hands up in self defence. “Come on, not even a little?”
Eddie shook his head, a slight pout appearing across his lips. Buck couldn’t deny his adorableness any longer and walked over towards him. He placed his hands on either side of his cheeks before combing his fingers through his hair.
Unfolding his arms, Eddie leaned into Buck’s palm. His warmth bringing him closer to home and yearning for his boyfriend’s touch. Soon he felt his lips pressed against his and all the weariness he felt from before disappeared like a weight lifted of his shoulders.
Buck pulled away slightly and looked at Eddie before caressing his finger against his cheek. “How about we cook dinner together?”
Eddie twisted his lips. “It’s not romantic if I let you come in the kitchen and do all the hard work with me. This was meant to be a surprise.”
A grin appeared across Buck’s lips as he moved his finger towards Eddie’s chin, tilting it up towards him. “And who told you that romance couldn’t exist in the kitchen?”
Eddie smiled eagerly. “I don’t know. Cupid, I guess.”
“Well, you tell Cupid... that he was wrong.”
And with that Buck leaned down and kissed Eddie with short and sweet pecks before pulling away and rolling up his sleeves. Next, he put on a matching apron and helped Eddie clean up the mess plastered around the kitchen before starting dinner again from scratch.
They dance and sung to the music that played on the radio while chopping up vegetables and spices. And, Buck made sure to give Eddie a sweet kiss or two every now and then for encouragement. But also because he couldn’t help himself.
Soon, dinner was ready and all their hard work had paid off. For what’s more romantic then cooking dinner with the one you love.
Okay, firstly, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to send you a whole ask that turned into a mini fic. I swear it just started out as a cute little “oh what if Eddie said this” too! 😭✨
Tumblr media
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ageless-aislynn · a month ago
i was tagged by @swiftzeldas​ for this ship meme! Thanks, hon! 🤗
1. First ship
Han/Leia, Star Wars
Tumblr media
There may have been others before them but they’re the first I remember really being YES I NEED THESE TWO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS TO DO THE KISSY-KISSY! 😘
2. First OTP
Sawyer/Kate aka Skate from Lost
Yes, I’m showing you one of my super old vids (quality is potato, sorry, because that was the best I could do at the time; the entire vid is under 10mb total 😲) but 2007!Ais had to work so hard to figure out how to get my baby version of Vegas (aka Movie Studio) to do an overlay, 2 video tracks, and to “turn” 3 tracks at one time to get that page turn effect when there was ONLY 3 tracks to use and there were disappearing tricks, still photos going into moving video AND I was trying to control the beat by bouncing things between the two tracks (not as successfully as I wanted but hey, I did my best with what I had) that I just felt like sharing it with you. Plus when I look at it, I just remember the LOVE I felt for these 2 then. I may have had other ships previous to them but Skate was my first true OTP. 💗
3. Current favorite ship
Eobard Thawne/Caitlin Snow, The Flash
Tumblr media
I adore Caitlin or Frost with the various Wells doppelgangers, too, of course, but ReverseSnow is the OG when it comes to my beloved Snowells ships, so I’ve got to give it the nod. 😉
If this answer surprises you, then welcome to my blog because you must not have been around here before. 😜😉
4. Your ship since the first minute
Nine/Rose and Ten/Donna, Doctor Who
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can’t choose between them, sorry. 🥺😉 I fell instantly in love with Nine. Four was the first Doctor I technically saw but Nine is MY Doctor. It took me a little while to warm up to Ten, I have to admit. I was so heartbroken over Nine being gone that I watched his series 3 more times through before I could start Ten’s, lol. But once we met Donna and the instant they interacted, I was besotted with them both! 💗
5. Ship(s) you wish had been endgame
I’m trying to actually think of a ship that I love that WAS endgame but most of them weren’t. 😒
I’ll probably have to give this one to Skate. I really thought there was a chance Sawyer and Kate would be endgame but t’was not to be. 😥
Tumblr media
6. Ship you wish was canon
Every character Tom Cavanagh and Danielle Panabaker play on The Flash. It’s just easier to sum it up that way, lol!
Also, though, I would’ve loved to have seen Eobard/Nora because the drama of Barry’s greatest enemy in love with his daughter would’ve been DELICIOUS.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Both Eobards, please!
7. Ship that most of the fandom hates but you love
Reylo, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and certain parts of The Rise of Skywalker
Yeah, sooooo I have a vid for this one, too... 😉
I don’t know if MOST of the fandom hates it but I think there’s a goodly sized part that does. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for villain ships and I think there was so much wasted potential here to have had an incredible redemption story.
We do not speak of the end of TRoS in this house. 🤐😉
8. You don’t even watch the show, but you ship it
Kara/Lena, Supergirl
Tumblr media
I kinda did watch it but got behind and never caught up in s1, oops. However, it takes very little to convince me that they’ve got a TON of chemistry and would make a great couple!
Buck/Eddie, 9-1-1
Tumblr media
I mean, are they NOT together? Because from the GIFs I’ve seen, I’m totally convinced they are, so... 🤷‍♀️😉
9. Ship you wish had a different storyline
Frost/Nash, The Flash
Tumblr media
Foolish me, I thought we had a REAL chance in season 7 that they MIGHT finally give us a canon Snowells ship. After all, Tom and Danielle have crazy!mad chemistry, IMO. I felt like they purposefully had to pull back on them as Eowells and Caitlin in s1 and they weirdly just ignored everything Harry and Caitlin had in common (why did they NEVER talk about the shared trauma they had of having both lost spouses???) but I thought FrostNash might be the one we’d actually get.
Yeah, that’s not what happened. 😡
10. Favorite ship(s) that’s endgame
Scarlet Vision, Avengers, WandaVision
Tumblr media
Olicity, Arrow
Tumblr media
I have very few actual endgame ships. I have lousy luck with loving doomed ships, what can I say? 😥😉
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justreadingfics · a year ago
It’s a Deal -Ch. 13
Chapter Summary: Old memories come back to you. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 3k
Warnings: angsty internal thoughts, no Bucky this chapter.  
A/N: Here it is. I’m sorry I ended up not reblogging all the comments on last chapter before I post this one, but I’ve read and cherish them all, please don’t doubt that. Thank you, incredible Suz, @bucky-the-thigh-slayer you’re a Queen around here. The link to my masterlist, where you can find the other chapters, is on my description. Feedback is highly appreciated.
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Tumblr media
You bet that if you told anyone about the scene playing out in your apartment right now, people would scoff their asses off at your face: Saturday afternoon, your living room, the Leader of the Avengers Tech Team, the Director of SHIELD – probably the most powerful organization in the world- and one of the scariest, if not the scariest spy to ever walk on earth. All three of you sitting on your carpet, barefeet, wearing tops and tiny shorts due the heat brought by the bright sun slipping through your windows. A big bowl of popcorn in the center and innumerous chocolate bars everywhere. 
Those afternoons with the three of you are a rare event. First, you had your relationship with Eddie to blame, but now it’s mainly due to your work schedules that almost never are in sync, but whenever there’s an opportunity, there you are.
Your phone's message alerts ringing together bursts into the conversation and the three of you grab your devices simultaneously. You were dreading to see what it was, sure it was something from work, but a huge smile widens in your lips at what you see on your screen.
“Jesus…” Nat says, while, laughing, you three turn the screens to one another, confirming you have received the same message. “Bucky’s a lost cause with that cat. That’s the millionth picture I received of her this week. And she’s always doing something extremely exciting like… sleeping.” She rolls her eyes.
“But we have to admit that little asshole is kinda cute,” Sharon comments looking back at her screen and the picture of the, indeed, sleeping cat.
“She is, right?” You agree, with a huge smile on your face. You and Alpine may have had a somewhat rough start, but you can’t help but admit she’s an adorable little jerk who’s just very protective of her human.
“By the way,” Natasha smirks at you, putting her phone back on her pocket, “I had no idea that was what he meant when he said he would romance the shit out of you.”
“It suits perfectly, though,” Sharon comments, shaking her head and laughing with her.
“It does. Shame on me, I should’ve known better.” Nat agrees.  
“He said that?” You ask with peaked interest you try to disguise in the quietness of your tone while you bite the corner of your lips.
The curiosity in the information doesn’t go unnoticed by them, who just snicker at each other. You decide to ignore that.
“The dude is smitten, Y/N, wake the fuck up.” Natasha not so gently throws a popcorn right on your face.
“Hey,” you whine.
“And so is she, giving that little dreamy look on her face. Wake the fuck up indeed.” Sharon sides with Nat with a huff.
“I’ve created two monsters…” Nat comments like you weren’t even in the room, referring to the fact she is the one who brought you two together.
“It’s not like that…” You barge in their little interaction, catching their attention, before folding your legs up and holding your knees, “I mean… yeah, of course… I can’t help having feelings for Bucky, I mean… he’s…” you pause, searching for the right words to describe him, “He’s Bucky.” You shrug… a small smile curling your lips, “He’s Bucky…” you repeat with a sigh while your gaze wanders away…
It’s just you don’t really need anything else to justify why it’s so inevitable to grow feelings for him and your friends catch on to what you mean, because when you look back at them, they both have stupid and dreamily little looks at you… ones that don’t fit to a couple of spies. 
You clear your throat, letting your initial line of thoughts come back to you, “But it’s not that simple… There’s…’ you falter.
“There’s what?” Nat insists, in a kind way.
But “Who” was the more proper pronoun.
“Eddie…” You whisper.
“Argh…” Sharon groans, tilting her face to her side before, looking back at you, “What about Eddie?”
It was just yesterday that you had your little “encounter” with Bucky. You know it was no coincidence he was there, the little shit must’ve tracked you down… but you couldn’t make yourself care about that when it was so amazing… incredible… Not only the fact that he went down on you in such a shameless way and gave you a mind-blowing orgasm, like he always does. It was also the way he spoke to you…his attitude… not really imposing himself… encouraging you to have fun with your friends… no sign of jealousy. It made you feel special and free and… loved. Really loved for who you are and not for who you make yourself to be to please and that is a tremendously powerful feeling.
Still… you have mixed feelings about it all and Eddie is the reason. Being there with him felt familiar and comfortable, but, in some way different… better than before. It makes you think that he really is engaged into finding not just a way back to you, but also a way to make your relationship work and it certainly weighs over your heart.
You tell your friends all of that.
“Did Eddie notice anything?” Nat asks, reaching over for some popcorn.
“I don’t know,” you answer, “He wasn’t at the table when I returned, but he came back shortly, my friends were still talking about it, but we changed to subject once we saw him. The girls didn’t comment anything again, and he acted normal… I guess he didn’t.” You shrug, starting to bite on your nails.
There’s an annoying little feeling rising in you since the night before and, thinking over it, you recognize it as guilt. Guilt for doing that with Bucky while Eddie was there in Club, guilt for not being bothered by Bucky’s presence, while, at least initially, you were bothered by Eddie’s, guilty for enjoying that Bucky was the one who actively made a move when Eddie didn’t, for missing him more than you missed Eddie, for feeling more positively about his change of mind than Eddie’s, for wanting Bucky more…
Guilt because you know you’re falling for him. For Bucky. And there’s little you can do to stop it.
“What is it?” Sharon asks, tightening her lips and nodding at where you’re chewing your nails.
You promptly stop, bringing your hands to around your knees again, “I guess I wasn’t expecting either of them there.” You decide not to share your most recent thoughts with them.
“You know why both of them were there. It was definitely not a coincidence.” Nat reminds you.
“I know… but it's ok, they were polite...” You brush it off but add, quickly, fighting back a smile at the memories that flashes in your mind, “In their own way.”
“Polite? Even when Bucky had his face up your pussy?” Sharon teases, not letting that one go, and making you give in and let out a laugh while you hide your face with your hands for a moment.
“I was pretty excited to find out he was there, actually,” you admit and their faces light up, which you assume is prompted by your own expression. “It was a thrilling sensation… I can’t quite explain.”
“He really is in love with you…Bucky…” Nat tightens her lips and tilts her head.
You sigh, looking back at her, “I know…” You admit.
They both keep waiting for you to say something else but you don’t know what you could say. No… as a matter of fact, you do. You’re just not ready to put your thoughts out in the world. At first, you had your doubts if what Bucky was feeling was really that deep… but now… something has changed. You believe him. You really do. And you know you’re falling for him, too, but…
Eddie was the one you wanted for so long… you’ve made so many plans with him… Long term plans. You used to see yourself growing old with him and that’s an image that still somehow haunts your feelings. And now… the fact that guilt surrounds the feelings arising for Bucky inside you makes you feel like a cheater. You didn’t feel that when it was just sex, but now you do. And you’re damn scared.
What if you surrender to your feelings now and go to Bucky and then comes a day you’ll realize that you were wrong and Eddie will still be the one you really want? You wanted him for so long… can that really have changed? How can one let go of that feeling, that certainty of being right for each other, without being afraid of doing the wrong thing? And if that happens, if you do the wrong thing now, you will eventually hurt Bucky and that’s definitely the last thing you want.
That’s fucked up and you know it. But it’s what you’re feeling.
You keep it to yourself, though.  
It’s a few hours after the girls left your place, you take a refreshing and long bath and are about to put on a movie to relax a bit more for the rest of the evening. Maybe that way you can put your thoughts and feelings in order.
That duality of emotions is crushing your mind. You wanted some time alone and you had that… now, you can’t help the feeling that you need to come to a decision, a conclusion of some sort, you just can’t keep pushing it further. For better or for worse. Or you will lose your mind soon.
A comfort movie is in order for all the thinking you need to do, so you set “The Prisoner of Azkaban” on your TV before you head to the kitchen. You’re still pretty full of all the junk food the three of you made a feast of the whole afternoon, so you decide to prepare just an old recipe of peach iced tea your mom has taught you. Perfect for the hot weather, too.
You’ve just added the ice in the jar when your intercom rings. You frown wondering who could that be and check your phone for any missed calls or messages, finding none before answering the intercom.
“Yeah? Oh… no, yeah, sure, come up.” You press the button to let him in. Your heart beats just slightly faster, wondering what could he possibly be doing there.
“Hi,” he greets, once you open the door after he pressed the ringer.
“Hi,” you answer, and without even thinking, just keep staring at him, blocking his way into your apartment while he stands at your door, holding a big box in his hands.
“Can I come in?” He asks, when you say nothing else.  
“Oh, yeah, of course, sorry.” You step aside, allowing Eddie to walk into your living room with a tight smile on his lips.  
“Please,” you gesture towards your sofa and he nods, walking with you over there, “I was about to pour me some iced tea, would you like some?” You offer, tentativeness still present in your tone, while the big box secured in his hands grasps your attention for a second.   
“Your mom’s recipe?” He asks, his whole face lightening up as he takes his seat.
You chuckle and nod.
“Oh, hell yeah, then.”
You take just a little longer than you actually need to fix the tea for the two of you in the kitchen. For some reason, his presence, after the night before, what you did with Bucky and after you coming to terms that you are, indeed, growing feelings for the other guy… it just unsettles you.
After taking a deep breath or two, you come back to the living room. Some small conversation ensues while you take a seat by his side and you two drink from the tea you’ve just prepared.
“Ahm…What’s that?” At some point you give in to the curiosity and nod towards the box now on your center table.
He smiles, before placing his cup on your table and taking the box in his hands. He shifts on the sofa, making room for placing it on one of the cushions between the two of you. “I was taking a look at it at home earlier, it just… I couldn’t help myself… and decided to come by to show you.”
When he opens the lid, placing it aside, you take in the contents, which makes your heart beat a bit funny at the surprise. You recognize pictures of the two of you, letters, a few souvenirs… All of them represent a memory of your relationship.   
“Oh…” you say. You know all that stuff had been stashed in some place, but you never knew he had taken them with him once he moved out.
“Yeah…” Eddie brushes the back of his neck, peering at you from beneath his lashes, “I guess I really wasn’t that confident about my decision when I left…” he shrugs, looking down at the box again, “I just couldn’t leave it behind.”
You give him a tightened and brief smile, before placing your teacup on the table and starting to fumble through the items inside the box. You let out a breathy laugh when you find a picture of the day you two have met… he had founded a study group on advanced software creating techniques and you were the only one to show up.
“Oh my God…” you laugh.
“Yeah… what a couple of nerds,” Eddie chuckles, looking at the picture.
He helps you through the shuffling when you go through some more pictures from college, his family, your family… the day you two closed the deal to buy the apartment… the letter you received when you were both accepted in the Avengers tech team…
You feel the tears gathering in your eyes before they start silently rolling down your cheeks… It’s a weird sensation, it’s like meeting with an old part of yourself, an old friend. One that has never really left, but you almost don’t recognize anymore… leading to a nostalgic and longing feeling.
They’re all good memories stashed on that box… of course… you guess no one is really keen to proposedly keep a souvenir from the bad ones… but that’s not on what your focus lays right now.  Your attention is caught by a particular thing from the box. A small gasp escapes your lungs at the sight.
You look up at Eddie, whose eyes have been intensely trained on you, before you grab the object in your hands.
It’s a scrapbook you two have made through college years. While you silently and carefully go through the pages your life passes in front of your eyes. Movie and concert tickets… more pictures… a few drawings… software ideas you had together… little notes you’ve written to each other… and then, on the very last couple of pages, there they are.
You remember them. The day you two decided to write a letter to each other, telling how you wanted your future to be.
You roam your fingers through the frayed papers… you don’t have to read them again to know what’s there. You remember. Without knowing, in the end you two had written the exact same thing in both letters… among other small stuff, you two wrote you wanted a kick ass job, live in the city in an apartment of your own… and stay together forever.
Your watery gaze follows when Eddie slides down to the floor and kneels before you, taking your hands in his, “I meant every word then and I still do,” he says, softly, staring deeply into your eyes, “I can’t see my future without you… I just can’t.” He shakes his head, before it drops.
You see how his lips twist before he looks up at you again, with a saddened look on his face, “I know how that guy makes you feel…”
Your body freezes just as your heart does and you feel the precise moment when it splits in two. That heavy sensation comes back to your chest when the image of Bucky pops into your mind and suddenly there are two lives running before your eyes. One there, with Eddie, with everything you've ever dreamed of… the other running straight into Bucky's arms and leaving all of that behind.
And you know there's only one right for you.
You're brought back to reality by the sound of Eddie's voice.
 “I- I know about what happened last night, I, ahm, I’ve heard the girls…” he stammers but holds his hold on your hands when you shift on your seat and he senses your discomfort. “No… it’s ok. “I know it’s new… it’s exciting…” he continues, nodding and hastily licking his lips, “And you deserve to explore that. You do… it’s ok.” He puts on a small smile, “But I want you to know that I’m here. I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting for us… for our future. No matter how long it takes. How much fun you need to have with that guy before you realize what I already know.” He smiles wider, “Because I know you and I are it. We’ve always been it.”
You’re frowning while looking down at him. His words making their way into your senses.  
You free one hand of his secured hold to reach over and cup his smiling face.
He leans into your touch.
You make a decision. 
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panicatthediaz · 4 months ago
I’m sure you’ve been asked this loads, but do you have any good Eddie centric buddie fics? I love Buck but so many buddie fics focus on him, and Eddie is the loml. Thanks 🙏
I said I'd get to this, and I'm here!! I'm assuming you want fic recs in general and not just my own fics, but you are getting both because I'm shameless.
But truth be told, this is the first time someone asks me for fic recs 🤣 so thanks, Nonnie.
Also, uh... I went through just 3 of my 15 pages of 911 bookmarks, there's. Too much. Maybe I will do 2nd edition of this and so on 🤣
So That You Might Hear Me - My very first 911 fic! 11 short chapters (3967 words total). Eddie's keeping a journal and the chapters are mostly his ... journaling? First-person, which is not for everyone, but I have no control over these stories, I just write them down.
To Me (You're Beautiful) - The ace!Eddie series no one asked for, but I'm glad to provide all the same. Currently 2 parts, 15k and 11k each, approximately. There's a planned part 3.
Years In The Making - Everything I write on a whim is about Eddie, I guess? This was written in response to an ask I got (that I can't find now and check who sent the trope mash-up.)
And now for the actual fic recs, in no particular order (other than most recently bookmarked):
Still Waters by MilenaDaniels - Five Ways Eddie's Body Feels Different After the Shooting. It was a very nice fic. I don't have much else to say. E rated.
do you realize?? by Marvellous - Ok listen, this is soft and first kisses in the rain are soft. Eddie's kinda jealous of himself?? It's adorable, really, and I love this.
walking backwards through a parade by @paranoidbean - Eddie struggling with fireworks (and, y'know, his PTSD) is everything to me and Cam did such a good job with this.
i bloom just for you by @eddiesdiaz - Flowers. More specifically Texas state flower, which made for such a ridiculously sweet fic, holy crap, I have no words.
some day I'll fall into you by @littlespooneven - shooting recovery fic #1. I don't have much to say, I was reading a bunch of recovery fics at the time, sorry! 13k words.
darker days, brighter endings by @buckactuallys - Listen, this is almost 45k words in 3 chapters, I can't actually recall if it was all in Eddie's POV, but the point remains it's about his recovery and it's a damn good one.
Indigo Night by @on-maars - Eddie being as obvious as he can be while Buck's... Not clueless, just careful. But we love him anyway.
The New Normal by Booklover3600 - Technically, only the second installment is Eddie-centric, but still a fun series.
got me feeling like it's all it's gonna be okay by wafflesofdoom - touch starved!Eddie is something that can be so personal...
Once Upon a Time in Disneyland by JessicaMDawn - In which there was a brief meeting, Eddie didn't realize they met again, and it's all just really cute. Eddie being a dad and all.
Wonder by @on-maars - I ended up rereading this one while making this list, ops. Maddie and Eddie have a chat and Eddie makes his love known. We could use more of Maddie and Eddie hanging out, I like this.
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loveyourownsmiilee · 5 months ago
Hi Juju darling. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. I feel like I haven’t asked you a question in awhile so I’m changing that! I know you love Buck with everything you got but this is going to be an Eddie question. What is your favorite Eddie giving Buck heart eyes moment from the show? I hope I’m making sense 😂
Hi lovely!! I’m having a good day so far! Hope you are as well 🥰 love this question bc I don’t just have one I’m sorry. I have a few and I’ll explain why!
Tumblr media
1. My all time favorite moment has to be this one during the boys gingerbread house making adventure. It was so soft and private. Clearly he’s looking at Buck being adorable with the boys and he just smiles like that to himself. I think that’s special because we see how happy he is with the scene in front of him, but wants to cherish it in private. There was no need for them to show Eddie’s reaction to that moment but they did and I think it’s absolutely lovely!
Tumblr media
2. The scene where Buck introduced Carla to Eddie is my second favorite. Eddie barely knew Buck and here he is being so helpful and nice to his new coworker. Eddie was expecting to be set up by Buck, but when he realized what was actually happening, he couldn’t stop the heart eyes from taking over. He looked at Buck with such fondness and awe that it blows me away every time.
Tumblr media
3. The best Buddie scene to exist in my opinion. We know the one, “Buck, there’s nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you.” Come on he made eye contact and everything to further drive his point home. It was Eddie handing his most prized possession to Buck on a platter. And he made sure to be as transparent and as open as he possibly could during that moment. It’s so beautiful to see every time.
Tumblr media
4. Finally, this moment was so cute and sweet and I couldn’t not mention it. Eddie has come to really know Buck and vice versa during the few years they’ve known each other. Buck felt like he had to explain himself during ‘Buck Begins’ but Eddie let him know, short and simple, that he didn’t need too. The little “Oh I know you did” was so soft and his heart eyes were on full display. I just love this moment between them.
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caitlesshea · 18 days ago
wanna call you fever, baby, you can set a fire on me
Buck meets Eddie in a bar. What happens when they wake up to a video of them getting drunkenly engaged that ended up all over social media? 
Well, they have to decide if they’re going to keep up the charade.
From this prompt list.
“Anyone sitting here?”
Buck shakes his head and then realizes that the stranger probably can’t see, with how his chin is basically against his chest and his hands are gripping his beer. 
“No, go ahead,” Buck answers and then looks up and pauses.
The man smiles at him and he’s beautiful. 
Buck nods again and goes back to looking at his beer, wondering if he should get something stronger, when the stranger speaks again. 
“You okay?” 
Buck looks over at him and wonders if it’s that obvious. It must be right? His eyes are bloodshot, making the blue stand out, his suit is rumpled, the tie long gone in a fit of rage in the parking lot. 
“That obvious?”
The man chuckles and it’s a deep, wonderful sound. 
“A little.” The man smiles. “I’m Eddie.”
“Bu - Evan. I’m Evan.” Buck doesn’t know why he doesn’t say Buck. It’s what he prefers, but he just kind of wants to be someone else right now. 
“So, Evan, want to tell me what’s wrong?” 
“I don’t know you.”
“You’re right,” Eddie concedes. “But I’m a good listener.”
“You probably have something better to do than listen to me drown my sorrows in a bar,” Buck points out. 
“Eh, not really.” 
Buck raises an eyebrow and Eddie shrugs. 
“I just moved here so I figured I’d spend a night out and I came across this place.”
“A hotel bar?”
“It is a nice bar,” Eddie quips and then nods at the bartender who sets down a beer and two shots.
“You planning on getting trashed?” Buck asks and Eddie smiles and passes him a shot. 
“C’mon. One shot and tell me what’s bothering you.” 
Buck looks at Eddie, this handsome stranger, and decides fuck it. 
He picks up the shot, clinks his glass with Eddie’s and then sets the black tungsten ring he’s been holding down onto the table. 
“I was going to propose to my boyfriend, bought the ring, booked the fancy hotel room.” Buck looks up towards the ceiling, where the rooms are. “Came home to find him screwing someone else, I am.” 
Buck looks over at Eddie, hoping, praying, that he isn’t homophobic and that Buck didn’t just out himself to then get hurt. 
“What an asshole,” Eddie says after a moment. “I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.”
“Thanks,” Buck chokes back the sob as he watches Eddie pick up the ring. 
“It’s a nice ring.” 
Buck’s heart clenches at the sight of Eddie holding it. 
“Yeah. I think I loved the ring more than I loved him.”
“I’ve been there.” Eddie smiles at him and Buck relaxes. 
“Care to share?” 
Eddie shrugs. “Just an ex-wife that never should’ve been my wife. An ex-boyfriend too, almost took that plunge, glad we didn’t.” 
Buck nods because he understands that. 
“Let’s do some more shots,” Buck says after a moment and Eddie chuckles. 
“Alright, your turn to order.” 
“Oh, god. Shut it off,” Buck groans and then turns his head when he hears a chuckle. 
“Pretty sure it’s your phone,” a deep, scratchy, masculine voice responds, and then a tanned, muscular arm, with tattoos, reaches out from under the covers and pats Buck’s naked hip. 
And, okay. 
“Hmm?” The man next to him shifts and Buck’s greeted with a dazzling smile and adorable bed head. 
Buck shakes away the cobwebs as the night before comes back to him in flashes. 
Meeting Eddie at the bar, taking shots, inviting him up to Buck’s room, because hey I paid for it, it shouldn’t go to waste. Kissing, lots of kissing, clothes coming off, falling into bed together, feeling almost feverish when they finally touched skin to skin. 
So, that happened. 
Buck groans and leans down to kiss Eddie once as Eddie’s nose scrunches up adorably. He grabs his phone, and then immediately drops it when he sees the notifications on the lock screen. 
“What. The. Fuck.”
“What?” Eddie asks as he turns to sit up, the sheets pooling around his lap, and okay focus Buck. 
“Just too many notifications and texts from friends and family.” 
“Oh, did you not tell them about?”
“No,” Buck shakes his head. “They never actually met him and didn’t know I wanted to propose.”
“Huh? Then is everything okay?” Eddie leans over and snags his phone from his jeans on the floor and makes a shocked noise.
“Is everything okay with you?” Buck asks. 
“Yeah, just my sisters texting me.”
“Oh, you have sisters? I have one.”
“Yeah, two. Adriana and Sofia,” Eddie responds as he smiles. 
“Sisters are great, if not annoying. Maddie texted me like twenty times,” Buck says and then sets his phone down for a second. 
“Uh, Evan?”
Buck looks over at Eddie and raises an eyebrow. “Yeah?”
“Do you have TikTok?” 
“Yeah? Why? Do you? I can add you.”
“No, but I think you should open yours.”
Buck picks up his phone and that’s when he realizes that most of the notifications are coming from TikTok and Instagram. 
What happened? 
Buck opens up TikTok and goes right to his page for videos he’s tagged in. 
“Fifteen thousand followers, damn, my kid’s gonna be impressed.”
“You have a kid?” Buck asks brightly before he clicks on a video.
“Yeah, a son. Christopher, he’s seven.” Eddie shows him a photo of the young boy and smiles.
“He’s adorable. I uh, I love kids.”
“Yeah?” Eddie asks almost shyly. “I love this one.” 
Buck smiles and then shows Eddie his own phone which has a video pulled up of them at the bar last night. 
“Looks like someone caught us on video.”
“Wait, really?”
“Yeah, should we watch it?” Buck asks, extremely curious. 
“Sure. I guess that explains why my sisters were messaging me.” 
“Yeah. This video has over a million views and they tagged me, which explains why I have so many texts.”
“Alright. Just play it.”
“Okay.” Buck presses play and he’s very grateful there’s no sound of their conversation and just the sounds of the bar. 
Buck watches as Eddie subtly holds Buck’s hand but Buck knows it’s because Eddie was taking the ring from Buck. 
Buck remembers suddenly, the shots, the dare that Eddie wouldn’t propose to Buck, and Eddie grabbing the ring from Buck and doing just that. 
Buck watches as Eddie keeps a hold of one of his hands and then sinks down to one knee, holding the ring out for Buck to see. 
Buck can hear the gasps in the crowd and can see Eddie’s lips moving, “Evan, will you marry me?”
He can see himself nodding and saying yes as Eddie puts his ring on his own ring finger, which Buck can still feel on his hand now. 
He watches as Eddie stands up and brings his hands up to his face and kisses him. 
Their first kiss. 
A joke, a dare, a night of frankly phenomenal sex, with a total stranger, and now they’re viral internet sensations. 
Buck watches the other people in the bar start clapping and cheering for them and then Buck’s whispering in Eddie’s ear, “Come upstairs with me.”
Eddie nods and drops down some bills on the bar and then Buck’s dragging him out of the bar. 
The video ends and they both keep staring at the dark phone screen. 
Buck doesn’t know which one of them says it but they both start laughing. 
“Well that’s one way to do it,” Buck says between laughs. 
“Do what?” 
“Wouldn’t be my first time.” Eddie shrugs and Buck smiles. 
“Maybe stories of ex-wives are for the second date,” Eddie says cheekily and Buck laughs again. 
“Well, it seems we’re engaged and that everyone knows, so…” Buck trails off and looks at Eddie expectantly. 
“Maybe we should go on a real date? In daylight? See where it goes.”
“Yeah.” Eddie leans in and kisses Buck. “I like you, Evan.”
“I like you, too.” Buck responds, and he knows it’s too soon, but he feels a connection to Eddie he’s never felt before. 
“I do have to get going eventually, and I start a new job tomorrow, but maybe next weekend we can get together?” 
Buck mentally runs through his schedule and nods, smiling. 
“I start a seventy-two hour shift tomorrow so the weekend works.”
“Seventy-two hours?”
“Oh! I’m a firefighter,” Buck responds happily. 
“No shit?”
Buck nods. “Yeah, at the one eighteen.”
Eddie gapes at him and Buck looks at him quizzically.
“The one eighteen under Captain Nash?”
“Yeah? Do you know him?”
“Well, I just met him last week, considering tomorrow is my first day.” 
Now it’s Buck’s turn to gape at Eddie and Eddie chuckles. 
“We’re...coworkers?” Buck can’t believe his luck. 
“And fiancés.”  Eddie points out helpfully and Buck shoves his shoulder and then kisses him. 
“Well, we can certainly keep up the ruse, if you want?” Buck asks shyly. “I’m sure HR will have something to say about this, but…”
“Hey. We can take it day by day. I have no problems dating you and seeing where this goes. If people think it’s something it isn’t, at least not right now, then that’s on them.”
“You sure? I’m...well I’m not the easiest person to be with.”
“I happen to think you’ve been plenty easy,” Eddie quips cheekily and Buck groans.
“You know what I mean.” 
“I do. And hey, look, any new relationship will have its bumps. So you keep the ring on? No one needs to know.”
“I like the ring.”
“I like you wearing the ring.”
“You don’t have one.” Buck points out.
“How about this? We start dating, you eventually meet my son, we fill out some HR forms, maybe move in together, and then when we’re ready for that step, you propose.” 
“You make it sound so simple.”
“Well, it’s either that or freak out because my sisters have sent me a hundred texts.”
“Okay, yeah, I like simple.”
“Perfect,” Eddie says. “What do you say we shower, have some breakfast, and then figure the rest of the day out.”
“I like that idea.” Buck leans over and kisses Eddie. 
“You’re keeping the ring on right?”
“Yeah, I’m keeping the ring on.” 
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writingsnmusings · 9 months ago
Happy Ending After All
pairing: evan ‘buck’ buckley x eddie diaz
summary: 5 times buck was mistaken as a member of the diaz family and the 1 time eddie was there to witness it.
a/n: my first contribution to the buddie fandom! i know this trope is everywhere, but i couldn't resist making my own version. i love writing for these two already!
Tumblr media
gif credit: @whattarush​
“You two have an adorable son.”
He should’ve corrected the Elf, but he just didn’t have the heart to. Watching Eddie and Christopher on the bench a few feet away made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
It’s not like he wouldn’t love for Christopher to be his son, cause boy would he. He was the perfect kid and Buck absolutely adored him.
All Buck could do was nod and smile. “Uh, thank you.”
Buck walked back to the two Diaz boys with a little more pep in his step.
Buck and Eddie kept a watchful eye on Christopher as he played at the little park. Just going up and down the small slide.
“He’s fine, Eddie. You can take a breath.” Buck teased the man next to him who seemed as tense as ever. Eddie was usually right behind his son, keeping a hovering hand on his back, but not this time. Christopher was adamant about doing this on his own though.
Eddie sighed, “I can’t help but worry.”
Buck nodded in understanding, there was a few times where he wanted to jump up and run when Christopher even wobbled in the slightest.
The two men kept a light conversation up until Christopher made a slight judgment error and waved to his dad and Buck when he reached the top step. He stumbled, but quickly caught himself. That wasn’t good enough for Eddie though. “Okay, I’m going.”
Buck shook his head but didn’t stop him. He chuckled when he saw the look Christopher shot his dad as he began to hover.
“My wife is the same way with our boys.” Buck turned his head to find a man standing next to him. “She would’ve yanked them off the slide though, your husband is better.”
Buck’s breath got caught in his throat at the word husband. Did they really look like a couple? He had his arm around the back of the bench where Eddie was, but that’s as close as they were.
He didn’t have a chance to respond as the man had walked away. Eddie and Christopher were now making their way back to him now.
“He wants the swings now, but does not want me to push him.” Eddie faked annoyance and Christopher reached for Buck’s hand.
“Looks like this is a job for Buck, huh?” Buck raised his brows as Christopher let out a few giggles and nodded furiously.
It was just Buck’s luck that he ran into this lady today.
The 118 had assisted her on a call a few days ago, nothing major but she couldn’t stop flirting with Buck the entire time. She only let up when Bobby walked up and said it was time to go.
So here Buck was, going for his morning run when he was stopped by a woman jogging towards him. “If you’re here who’s out saving the city?”
That cheesy line would’ve definitely worked on Buck 1.0, but now it just makes him cringe.
“I go in later this afternoon.” He said with an awkward chuckle. Buck got even more awkward when the lady put her perfectly manicured nails on his arm. “Uh-I better get going now.” He tried making his escape but she wasn’t letting go that easy.
“How about I give you my number? We can set something up once you’re free?”
Buck quickly nodded, thinking if he got the number he could leave and just delete it as soon as the coast was clear.
“Sure.” He pulled out his phone and unlocked it. Pausing for a second to smile at his background which was a silly picture of him, Eddie and Christopher at the park.
“Oh, I see.” The woman piped up from next to him.
Buck raised his eyebrows in confusion.
“You have a family. I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable, that’s a really cute picture.” She nodded towards the phone Buck held.
The realization hit him like a truck. She thought he was with Eddie. Before he could say anything, the lady was jogging backwards and waving while muttering a ‘have a good day.’
Buck let out a laugh and pocketed his phone. Breakfast with his two boys sounded real good right about now.
Eddie was fast asleep in one of the bunks. He’d been pulling doubles whenever he could, needing the extra money for Christopher’s ever piling medical bills.
That’s why he didn’t hear his going off even though everybody else in the firehouse could. Buck had set down his fork and was about to answer Eddie’s phone himself when his own rang.
Carla’s name flashed on the screen, making him answer it without hesitation. “Hello?”
The caregiver quickly explained that Christopher was perfectly fine, but she had an emergency with her husband and needed to drop Chris off somewhere. Buck told her to bring him to the firehouse, knowing today was Abuela’s bingo day and she wasn’t home.
Hen and Chim shared a look as Christopher walked into the station, a big smile on his face like usual. Buck ran to him, scooping the younger boy into his arms and spinning him around. The two said their goodbyes to Carla as she rushed out.
The 118 plus Athena said hi to Christopher and kept him entertained as Buck went to wake up his dad.
“Eddie...Ed’s,” Buck softly shook him from his sleep.
The older man stretched as he looked up as Buck, “What's going on? We got a call?”
Buck shook his head, “No, no. Christopher’s here. Carla’s husband had an emergency so she dropped him off.”
“Why didn’t she take him to Abuela’s?” Eddie asked, furrowing his brows. It took him a second to rack his brain before he mumbled, “Bingo day.”
Buck nodded with a chuckle, “C’mon, Chris was asking for you.”
Athena bumped Hen’s shoulder as they watched Eddie and Buck slide Christopher down the fire pole. The women weren’t really ones to gossip, but these two men were the exception.
“They’re damn near co-parenting him.” Athena mumbled as Hen nodded in agreement.
“It’s like they’re a little family.”
Buck waited right by the school doors, just a few more minutes till kids would be bustling through them.
He volunteered to pick up Christopher today as it was his day off and Eddie was at work; wouldn’t be out for another two hours. Buck made his way through the crowded halls in search of the classroom Christopher would be in.
He heard the boy before he saw him. The unmistakable sound of his giggles made Buck smile. Seeing Christopher was always the highlight of his day. And seeing Eddie wasn't so bad either.
“Buck!” Christopher’s smile was as bright as the sun when he spotted his Buck at the door.
“Hey bud, i’m picking you up today.”
Christopher grabbed his backpack off the chair and made his way to Buck, immediately wrapping his arms around the man’s waist. “Missed you.”
Buck’s heart melted as he squeezed Christopher tighter to him. “I missed you too, Chris.”
“I’m Ms. Ross, Christopher’s art teacher.” The lady stuck her hand out which Buck shook. “It’s so nice to finally meet his other dad. He talks so highly of you.”
“I-um, yeah. It’s really nice to meet you too.” Buck could feel his cheeks heating up.
This isn’t the first time he’s been mistaken for Christopher’s dad and it’s not that he minds, he just wants to know where they’re getting that idea.
“So what’s next on the list, mijo?” Eddie asked his son as they walked the aisles of the grocery store.
“Uh, Buck said we need marinara and cheese for the pizzas.” Christopher said before looking to Buck who was on his other side. “What else?”
Eddie also looked to the other man who was scrolling through his phone, no doubt looking at the recipe he found earlier. “Pepperonis and basil.”
Eddie couldn’t control the way his heart raced when he saw the concentration on Buck’s face. His brow was furrowed and his tongue was sticking out a little. He looked adorable, Eddie thought.
“Those two are on different sides of the store, we split up?” Eddie suggested as he met Buck’s gaze.
“I’ll go with Buck!” Christopher grabbed Buck’s hand before either man could speak.
Eddie smiled at the sight of his two boys walking off before going to grab the pepperonis. It took him a minute to find them but he quickly grabbed them and made his way back to the produce section.
He saw Christopher leaning against Buck as the man talked to a couple that stood in front of them. Buck had his arm around Christopher like usual, making Eddie’s heart skip a beat. Eddie eyed the two for a second, noticing that Buck had forgone the gel today so his curls were in full force and looking strikingly similar to the mop on Christopher’s head.
Eddie’s ears perked up when he heard the woman speak, her eyes were on Christopher. “This one is absolutely adorable, Evan. I’m so glad you got that happy ending you were always talking about.” The man beside her nodded before speaking. “Me too. Now, where’s your other half? We’d love to meet them.”
Buck opened and closed his mouth like a fish. He clearly didn’t know what to say. Christopher turned his head and spotted Eddie, immediately waving him over.
“There’s dad!”
Eddie decided it was his time to walk over. For some reason he always gravitated towards Buck, placing his hand on his lower back. Buck tensed up, but then relaxed. Physical touch wasn’t uncommon for them, it just came natural.
The lady stuck out her hand, smiling at Eddie, “I’m Mrs. Lawrence, Evan here used to work construction with my husband.” She explained, noticing the confusion on his face.
“Oh. It’s nice to meet you both.” Eddie nodded at the older man who did the same.
“We were just telling Evan how nice it is to see him settled down. I always told him he’d get his happy ending.” Mrs. Lawrence went on, winking at Buck who was as red as a fire truck. Eddie decided that he loved seeing Buck blush. He thought it was the cutest thing.
Eddie didn’t think much of his next move as he leaned up and pressed a small kiss to Buck’s hot cheek. Christopher giggled at the way Buck’s face seemingly got redder.
“Yeah, he definitely got his happy ending with us.” His arm went around Buck’s waist and he pulled him more into his side.
Buck and Eddie we’re definitely a family, even if it wasn’t outwardly spoken about.
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perfectlynervousbeard · 9 months ago
Can someone write me a Buddie with Christopher fic continuation of them having a family night while playing Scrabble? With fluff. I believe that would be an adorable fic.
So sorry this took forever!! I’m still dealing with SO MUCH at work, but I finally had a spare moment to grind this out! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Mua!
Have You Ever Heard of Scrabble?
"...And the X in the center is worth eight points. Add the triple word score and that's..." Buck pauses, finger tracing over the world XYLOPHONE, intersecting with Eddie's PUPPY. "Seventy-two!" he sits back, a smug smile on his face and takes a drink of water.
Next to him, Christopher chuckles into a cup of juice. "He's destroying you, Dad."
Eddie sighs, surveying the board. He has a few words here and there, smaller ones mostly. He could do better than this, but he hates Scrabble, has no patience for it. The only reason he agreed to play is the knowledge that he's solely responsible for taking out his two favorite boys' other form of entertainment for the night. "Yeah, well, with Buck's trivia knowledge, we all pretty much knew where this was going before we even started." He sighs again, sorting listlessly through his available letters, before giving up and standing, heading for the kitchen. "Ugh, I don't have enough caffeine for this."
"Well you know, I think I remember seeing an ad somewhere for--"
"Stow it, Buckley!"
Buck and Chris don't even bother hiding their amusement this time, their snorts of laughter following him into the kitchen.
"I'm going to go make myself a normal coffee, with a normal coffee maker. You want?" Eddie calls to the unworthy man in the living room. 
"Nah, but thanks." Buck calls back. "Coffee too soon before bed keeps me awake all night."
Eddie shrugs and starts sorting out a cup of coffee. The machine sputters slightly, hiccuping water as it starts to warm and Eddie carefully steps back. The machine had been acting up lately, taking much longer to warm and overboiling, or sometimes even burning his coffee. A few days already he's had to go to work without his morning caffeine fix.
No way I'm telling Buck that though. He'll never let me hear the end of it.
Meanwhile in the living room, Buck and Chris are going through Eddie's available Scrabble letters, shaking their heads. The poor man managed to pick up two Q's and has no vowels left.
"Aw man, now I feel kinda bad." Buck sends a glance toward the kitchen where Eddie is wrestling with the coffee maker, trying to coax out a cup of Joe. Buck knows that the coffee maker has been on the fritz lately and wants to do something about it, but knowing Eddie? He'd never allow it, would insist on paying Buck back. And Buck wouldn't allow that. They were at a stalemate.
"Ooh! Stalemate!" Christopher gasps, and Buck startles, looking at him. How much of that did I say out loud? 
"You heard that, Buddy?"
Chris shakes his head, reaching for his own letters and laying them out on the board. "Just the end of whatever you were thinking, you were kinda mumbling." STALEMATE now cuts through the E of XYLOPHONE and Chris sits back, proudly. "Fifteen points!"
Buck chuckles. "Oh, is that where all the vowels went, kid?"
Chris just raises his eyebrows and pushes up his glasses. From the kitchen they hear a sputter followed by a curse and Buck stands quickly.
"Eddie? You okay??"
"Yeah!" Comes Eddie's slightly panicked voice from the kitchen. "Yeah, just fine I er... stubbed my toe."
Uh huh. Sure. Buck sits back down reluctantly, sighing. He looks down at the board without really seeing it. What can I do that would--
Christopher pokes him hard in the side. 
"Shhh!!" Christopher leans in. "Buck, I have an idea, but Dad can't know about it yet."
"What's that, buddy?"
"I want to get Dad a new coffee maker, Buck. He works so hard, he needs coffee and this one just isn't good enough." 
"That's an awesome idea, kid! I'm sure your dad would love that. but uh..."
Chris just shakes his head. "I have some savings left from my birthday! And, and some coffee makers are pretty cheap, right? Can I order it on your credit card so I could surprise him and then I'll pay you back?"
Buck could just squeeze Chris in the tightest hug for how thoughtful he is. Eddie is doing a good job by him, and Buck... he knows Chris isn't his, but he can't help but feel so proud of him. 
Of them both. 
But Buck also knows that Eddie isn't rich. Whatever Chris has saved up will likely only be enough for the lowest tier coffee maker that wouldn't work well and would wear out in no time.
"Sure, buddy! But only if you let me go halfsies on it, kay? I was thinking of getting your dad a new coffee maker too."
"Yeah okay!"
Now if Buck could just figure out how to make Eddie accept it!
Read the news, coffee maker! Check the weather, coffee maker! ... I only told you--and Hildy.
Hildy! That's it!
Buck can't hold back a gasp of laughter and Chris looks at him, eyes wide with curiosity.
"What, Buck?"
"Uh, Chris?" Buck chances a glance toward the kitchen, where another curse floats their way. Buck pulls out his phone and quickly pulls up a browser, searching for high-end coffee makers that could make Eddie's simple morning cup of Joe and also brew him a latte on the weekends, like the kind he pays way too much for at the corner coffee shop. He scrolls through until he finds one with the right specs and most importantly, the finishing touch: Powered by Hildy.
"Okay, buddy, here's what we're gonna do..."
Chris, looking over his shoulder, nods happily and stuffs his hands in his mouth to stifle his laughter.
It's perfect. 
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eddiediazisascorpio · 3 months ago
General #25? :)
Sorry it took so long to get to it, but here it is. I changed it up a little bit from the prompt, but it's basically the same thing, just slightly altered.
General 25- [“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”]
[AO3 link]
There’s something ugly inside of him that rears its head whenever Buck isn’t around, and Eddie doesn’t like it.
Eddie doesn’t like the occasional absence of a presence that was once always there. He’s not used to it and maybe he feels a little selfish for wanting Buck around all the time. Wanting Buck all to himself.
Just a turn of the head to the side and he could always make out a tall, bright-faced Buck, who’d skip and hop over to help on a call or at the fire station, or at Eddie’s house when he’s got a funny story to tell or good news.
He talks with his hands and his eyes, and when he’s listening to someone talk, he gives them his full attention. His eyes tune in completely to the person speaking and it’s almost too much. Eddie’s talked to Buck about this, who always replies ‘what? I’m listening. I just want you to know I’m listening.’
Eddie knows he’s listening. Buck always listens.
Whenever Chris has a funny story about something that happened at school, he pauses first. He always asks Eddie “where’s Buck? I need to tell him what happened’ and Eddie knows. He knows his son so well. Buck listens to Eddie and he also listens to Chris ramble on about what happened during lunch or recess or math class. They both cringe at the mention of math class and Eddie always rolls his eyes. Buck is always there to listen and Chris refuses to tell his own stories without the man around.
So, yeah. This ugly thing. It’s unfamiliar and foreign and it sits inside of him, thriving and blossoming after being dormant for so many years. It grows and grows like vines on a tree, every time Buck sends him a quick text sorry I made plans with Taylor. Rain check? Or when Chimney goes on, ribbing Buck about how blushy and happy he is to be in this new relationship.
Eddie is happy that Buck’s happy. He is. He’d do anything to make sure Buck is never blue ever again. He deserves this. There’s just a small part of Eddie, the hope that fights to survive in the growing jungle of jealousy inside of him, that wishes that he could be the one to make Buck this happy. The one to hold his hand and lean into his sturdy, towering frame.
He’s currently standing in Bobby and Athena’s kitchen and he’s thinking of an excuse to leave.
Hen makes her way inside and pauses when she sees Eddie sipping on a beer and trying to tear his gaze away from Buck, who sits with Jee-Yun in his lap and tickles her as he talks to everyone.
Taylor’s eyes are glued to Buck’s, gripping the drink in her hand, and not on the adorable sight of a small baby in Buck’s giant arms. Eddie doesn’t understand it. He feels like he can never keep his eyes off of Buck and the way he loves his niece and Christopher, and every other kid so much that it makes something flutter inside of Eddie’s chest.
Buck smacks a kiss to Jee’s chubby cheeks, and everyone just stares at the adorable sight.
“I think I’m gonna go,” Eddie tells her. “Can you tell Bobby and Athena I’m sorry? Something’s come up.”
Hen just stands next Eddie, studying him, studying the obvious green written all over him and spilling out with every word.
“You’re jealous,” Hen notes.
Eddie finishes the last of his beer and shrugs.
“I’m tired, actually. Just… really fucking tired.”
Eddie watches Buck’s gaze trail after Taylor, who gets up, apologizing
She says something about having to follow up on a story that’s gonna air soon. Buck’s smile falls, but he nods. As she leaves, she turns to Eddie, and they share a look (‘we both know what this is’) until she disappears out the front door to her car.
“I think you should tell him,” Hen says.
Eddie turns to her and frowns.
“There’s nothing to tell.”
Eddie watches Buck make airplane noises as he leans over and hands Jee to Maddie.
“Your eyes say otherwise.”
“What are you getting at?” Eddie groans. “Because I didn’t asked to be profiled and grilled at a Sunday dinner.”
“I’m just here as your friend,” Hen tells him, “I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve also seen it play out so many times. And the best thing you can do is just tell him.”
“You don’t know anything about us,” Eddie says, defensive. “It’s not like that. I can’t just… No. I won’t. He’s happy and that’s really all there is to it.”
“Eddie, the way you look at him…” Hen trails off.
“So what?” Eddie croaks.
Buck gets up and stretches. His T-shirt rides up and Eddie swallows as he notices a small sliver of pale skin.
“It’s okay to love him,” Hen assures him. “It’s okay to be in love with him.”
Eddie watches Buck’s head tip back as he laughs and clutches his stomach at something Albert says.
“I moved here with barely any savings in the bank and no friends out here,” Eddie tells her. “I start this job and met you guys and now I love you guys like family. I never thought when I got close to Buck, that he’d… that it would be like this.”
“I know.”
Eddie turns around and wipes his face. “He’s my best friend, Hen, and I feel so stupid.”
“It’s not stupid to fall in love with someone.”
“You know, there was a small part of me that thought I had a chance?” Eddie says and laughs pitifully. “I thought that maybe it’s the way he looks at me. Maybe he only looks at me that way. Maybe the fact that he’s always around says something. But that’s just Buck. He’ll break off a piece of himself to give to anyone if they needed it. He’s just Buck and I’m stupid to love him. I thought I had a chance.”
Hen just stares at him. She has her hands clasped in front of her, probably resisting the urge to reach forward and envelope Eddie in the tightest hug.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Eddie asks her.
Hen walks forward a little bit until she’s right next to him.
“Forget it,” Eddie sighs. “I’m going home.”
“Buck’s a smart guy. He’ll figure it out for himself.”
“Figure what out?”
Hen just stares into Eddie’s eyes, raising her eyebrows.
“He is a smart guy,” Eddie nods. “I know he’s smart. He talks to me about stuff I’ve never even heard of. History, psychology, natural disasters, everything. He takes Chris to the library some Saturdays and I think they both know more than me. So, I know he’s smart.”
Hen smiles and reaches for his hand.
“She doesn’t listen when he tells her things,” Eddie says, voice low with his head ducked down.
“Who doesn’t?” Hen asks.
Eddie sighs and continues on. “Buck’s started doing this thing lately where he stops halfway through telling me something and when I ask him to continue, he says ‘forget it. It’s stupid’ and I don’t understand it. How many times has he tried to open up and share things he likes only to get ignored or shut down? I listen to him, and he knows I listen. I’m right here.”
“Sometimes it takes Buck a little bit longer to realize what’s right in front of him.”
Eddie scoffs.
“What, that he doesn’t belong with her and that he belongs with me?”
“I was joking.”
“Well, I wasn’t.”
Eddie lifts his head up and stares at Hen.
“It’s not like that,” Eddie tells her, and walks around her to the front door.
He fishes in his pocket for his keys and drops them at the familiar scent of Buck that fills his nose. He turns and Buck is right there, staring at him with his brows furrowed.
“You’re leaving?” Buck asks. “Why?”
Eddie bites his lip to stop himself from saying something he’ll regret. He points a thumb towards his truck and shrugs.
“Just a long day,” he settles on. “I’m just really tired, Buck.”
“I’ll come with you,” Buck tells him, and starts walking towards the door.
“No,” Eddie says, almost panicked. “It’s just… you’re here and everyone will notice both of us is gone. And I already feel bad enough just bailing…”
“They’ll understand,” Buck assures him. “And I wanna say hi to Chris. It’s been a minute and I miss him.”
Eddie could cry right now.
“He misses you, too.”
Buck brushes past him playfully and smiles.
“Come on,” Buck says. “I’ll drive.”
“But, my car…”
“Will be fine,” Buck assures him. “Come on. I know you love it when I drive.”
Eddie gets into the passenger seat of Buck’s Jeep and closes his eyes. He loves everything about Buck.
Buck starts the car and drives, carefully turning to glance nervously at Eddie, who falls asleep a few minutes into the ride. Eddie doesn’t notice the way Buck watches him. He doesn’t see the way Buck bites his lip nervously and sighs. He doesn’t see the way Buck fights the urge to reach over and trace a hand on his soft, sleeping face. Buck has a girlfriend, but he wonders if he shouldn’.t
He pulls up in front of Eddie’s house and kills the engine.
“Eds,” Buck coos. He smiles as Eddie stirs. “We’re here.”
“Love you,” Eddie sighs in his sleepy state.
Buck smiles and gets out the car. Eddie follows.
Inside, Buck doesn’t bother responding to Eddie’s “I love you” because he knows Eddie would have preferred to say it in a state when he wasn’t half asleep and won’t remember. He knows that he doesn’t have to say it back. At least, he hopes Eddie knows.
Eddie stares at Christopher, who envelopes Buck in the tightest hug and Buck ruffles his hair.
“Do you wanna hear about what happened at school on Friday?” Chris asks Buck.
Buck pulls out of the hug and nods.
“Of course,” Buck tells him easily.
So, Chris and Buck walk to the living room and Eddie stands by the door, watching as Chris talks with his hands as he re-tells the story like Buck does. He watches as Chris’ eyes go wide dramatically like Buck does when he talks. He watches the way Buck’s eyes scrunch shut as he laughs at Chris’ funny story.
And he wants this forever. Selfishly, he wants it all.
Buck turns to glance at Eddie, and he gives him this look. Eddie almost stumbles backwards, because… does he know? No. He can’t possibly. No one in this entire universe, Buck himself included, could ever know just how much Buck means to Eddie.
There’s a dullness in Buck’s typically bright eyes and Eddie thinks he would do anything to brighten it. To see the shine in his eyes again. Buck just rests his arm on the back of the couch and smiles at Eddie. He thinks he knows, but he doesn’t. And Eddie fights the urge to scream it at the top of his lungs at the way Buck is looking at him right now.
Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Next week, maybe. Or next month.
There will come a day when Buck knows, and Eddie will know that Buck knows, and things will make more sense. But, for now, Eddie just stands by the door and watches Buck sink further into the couch as Chris turns on the tv and Buck dramatically sing the theme song of some tv show Eddie has never even heard of.
Chris laughs, Buck laughs, and that’s all there is to it, really. Eddie wishes he could bottle up both of their laughs and carry it around with him to release into the atmosphere, into his ear, whenever the sky is a little to grey, whenever his heart is a little too blue or green or whatever other color. This is what he loves the most.
[AO3 link]
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prettyboyandthekid · 6 months ago
AJ, my dear! Hello! Buddie + 21. Person A taking an interest in Person B’s niche interest? <3
“You know your favorite sweater of mine?” “Buck! You told me you got that at a limited pop-up store! Wait, does that mean you can make me -” “No!” Buck rushed, “Absolutely not.”
[607 words | fluff]
Tumblr media
Eddie walked into Buck’s loft one evening when Christopher had a spontaneous sleepover with Denny. He wanted to surprise his boyfriend, sue him.
He finds said boyfriend asleep on the couch. Parks and rec playing softly on the tv. There is some rumpled paper on the coffee table. And he is wrapped in a blanket Eddie has never seen before, and in his hands, delicately wrapped in his fingers is...yarn? And needles?
Sensing Eddie’s presence Buck’s eyes flutter open, and when he goes to stretch, a bright red flush burns his face. It passes but his blue eyes are still wide.
“You know how to knit?” Eddie asks softly with a look of pure adoration on his face,
“Uh, yeah.” Buck gulps,
“Why is it such a big secret?”
“It’s just nice to have something that is all mine.”
“I’m really sorry, I should have called, I-”
“Eds, it’s fine. You knowing is different. Like how I am your “not people” person. Now come here and sit.”
Eddie smiles, “Oh. Okay. What are you making?”
“I am making Maddie a sweater for her birthday,” Buck says, taking the paper from the coffee table to show Eddie the pattern.
“Can I see what you have made so far?”
Buck spreads out what appears to be the mostly finished back panel of the sweater, it is covered with intricate and delicate intertwining stitches that appear to be going over and under each other.
“Buck...This is beautiful.” Eddie says, tracing the lines with his fingers gently, as if it would all unravel if he touched too much.
“Thank you.” Buck replied, the blush returning to his cheeks.
“Is there anything that I have seen before that you have made?”
“You know your favorite sweater of mine?”
“Buck! You told me you got that at a limited pop-up store! Wait, does that mean you can make me -”
“No!” Buck rushed, “Absolutely not.”
Eddie’s face falls immediately,
“It’s not that I wouldn’t love to! There’s this, umm, thing, it’s called the Sweater Curse.”
Confusion contorts Eddie’s face,
“If I make you a sweater, we’ll break up.”
The creases in Eddie’s furrowed brow deepen,
“It’s this thing with knitters, and I have first hand experience with it. So I am not taking any chances with you.”
“So no sweater…”
“Until we’re married.” And for the second time Buck’s eyes grow wide, and he gulps.
“Okay, until then, tell me more about this sweater here. Like is there a special name for this?” Eddie asks tracing the lines again,
Buck takes a moment so he can breathe again,
“Yeah, this is a technique called cabling. It originated in Ireland, well specifically the Aran Islands. It creates a thicker fabric making the sweater warmer. That and with the waterproof properties of untreated wool make a really great sweater for fishermen. There are a couple theories on the patterns. One is that they are a family tradition, and can be used to identify a specific clan if a fisherman drowns. The other is that they are symbolic of the ropes that are a part of the job, represent hope and will bring good luck.”
“Can we just watch tv now?”
“Oh! Yeah!”
Buck just turns the volume up a few notches and settles back into knitting, glancing up at the show every once and awhile.
Eddie barely knows what is happening on the tv because he is just watching his boyfriends fingers expertly weave together a masterpiece.
And a few years later, on their one year wedding anniversary, Eddie opens a box to a beautiful deep maroon cardigan that he will cherish forever.
The Sweater Curse
Cable Knitting
History of Cables
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buckleyirondad · 6 months ago
these little words (somehow they're changing us)
Christopher can make anybody smile, even when they feel like they can't.
Christopher Diaz Week, Day 7: ANYTHING CHRIS GOES + “I love you.”
Read on AO3 (This is a long one lol)
TW: For ‘Part 4: Harry’ there are mentions of a bully who teased Harry for having a gay dad. 
1: Bobby
Washing up, Bobby could turn his back on the team and couldn’t be asked a million questions about how he was feeling. At home, with Athena and May, they spoke to him with their gentlest voices, then at work, the team did the same, it was too much.
The anniversary of the fire was creeping up, the single worst day of Bobby’s life, that he wished he could lock in a box and throw to the bottom of a lake.
He knew that his family cared.
It was why Athena was up early to make him breakfast every morning, why Hen and Chimney let him win their Mario Kart tournament, why Eddie did the grocery run, and why Buck saved him the last cupcake from the bundle Taylor had dropped off to celebrate Buck and Eddie’s engagement.
Those gestures, Bobby didn’t mind, but it was the talking; the mindless head tilts and the usual, “How are you doing?”
There was no answer for that, unless he lied, nodding his head, and saying he was doing okay, but when he closed his eyes, he saw his kids laying across those white sheets.
Bobby celebrated – internally, of course - when Eddie asked if Christopher and Carla could stopover for lunch. He adored Christopher, and so did everybody else, it was impossible not to. So, while everybody was distracted by Christopher’s wonderous tales, Bobby could escape the constant questions and the worried glances.
Running his hand through the lukewarm water, Bobby turned off the faucet and turned, swinging open the dishwasher.
He skipped over to the table, gathering as many plates as he could with two hands.
Christopher grabbed his empty plastic cup and jumped onto his feet, “I’ll help!”
Bobby couldn’t help but smile, “Thank you.” He turned, starting to place the plates into the dishwasher, “Those cups can’t go in here, do you wanna put it in the sink for me?”
“Okay!” Christopher bounced over, tossing the cup into the water, “I’m very good at washing up.”
Bobby raised his eyebrows, “Yeah?”
Christopher lowered his voice, “Better than Buck.”
Bobby pressed a hand on his stomach, barking a laugh, “I bet you are.”
Buck couldn’t wash up, not without making a mess; Eddie couldn’t cook, even after many one-to-one lessons with Bobby. Together, it worked.
Christopher stood on his tiptoes, looking into the sink, “Do you want my help?”
“Sure,” Bobby held up his hands, “I’ll grab the other cups.”
Before he could, Christopher was hugging him, locking his arms firmly around Bobby’s middle.
Bobby knelt, folding his arms behind Christopher’s shoulders, letting the kid press his chin on his shoulder, “Hey,” Bobby hung his head back, “What was that for?”
“I don’t know,” Christopher lifted his shoulders with a shrug, “But I think you needed a hug.”
A warmth spread across Bobby’s chest as a grin gradually grew across his face, “I guess I did.”
Christopher patted his shoulder, “Love you, Bobby.”
Bobby lifted his hands, ruffling Christopher’s hair, “Love you too, kid.”
Standing to collect the cups together, Bobby searched the room for Eddie, he found him on the couch, grinning up at his fiancée who had laid his legs across Eddie’s lap, trapping him. Eddie locked eyes with Bobby, nodding slowly, with a knowing smile, he knew better than anyone that reassurance from Christopher was exactly what Bobby needed.
2: Maddie
Maddie understood that she couldn’t protect Jee-Yun from everything unless she planned to take helicopter parenting to the next most extreme level.
Jee-Yun was teething and despite knowing that her daughter would never remember the pain or the tears, it didn’t ease Maddie’s worry. She hated knowing that Jee-Yun was in pain, there was nothing she could do to soothe her, aside from cradle her, and buy her toys to chew on to her heart’s content.
“I know, baby,” Maddie pressed a kiss to Jee-Yun’s temple, “It sucks, doesn’t it?” Her daughter hung her head, wailing as loud as she could, Maddie tried to shush her, “Daddy’s sleeping.”
“No, Daddy’s awake,” Chimney emerged from the bedroom, with a yawn, he rubbed his eyes with the backs of his fingers.
“Oh, Chim,” Maddie squeaked her empathy, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s not her fault,” Chimney clapped his hands, taking Jee-Yun into his arms, “It’s a part of growing up.”
She sighed, “But you have to work tonight.”
“I’ve had five hours,” He shrugged as he patted Jee-Yun’s back, “That’s enough.”
Maddie pressed her hands on her hips, trying to conceal a yawn, but it didn’t go unnoticed by Chimney, who raised his eyebrows, tilting his head to his shoulder, she jabbed a finger in his direction, “Shut up.”
Chimney laughed, “I didn’t say anything,”
There was a knock at the door.
Maddie narrowed her eyes, considering she hadn’t buzzed anybody in, she reached for the handle, pulling open the door.
She was greeted by three familiar faces; Buck, Eddie, and Christopher.
“Aunt Maddie!” Christopher locked his arms around her legs, greeting her in his usual fashion.
“Hey, honey,” She tapped his back as she darted her eyes up to her brother, “What are you guys doing here?” She asked through a yawn, “I thought you were venue hunting.”
“We are,” Eddie shrugged, “But not until later.”
Christopher headed inside, wearing a grin as he stopped by Buck’s side.
“So, we’re here…” Buck moved inside, pressing a kiss to Maddie’s cheek, “To help.”
Maddie raised her eyebrows, “Help?”
Buck pressed his hands together, resting them under his chin, as he turned on his heel, “Consider this an intervention.”
Maddie stepped closer to Chimney, “An intervention?”
Buck tilted his ear to his shoulder, “You two need sleep.”
“Desperately,” Eddie added as he pushed the front door shut, pressing a hand to his son’s back.
Chimney scoffed a laugh, “We’re fine.”
Buck snorted, “Sure.”
Eddie crossed his arms, “Is that why you look like you’re about to fall over?”
Chimney exclaimed, “Hey!”
“Now, there’s my favorite niece,” Buck held out his arms, scooping Jee-Yun, with a smile, not phased by her sobs, “Oh, no.”
Maddie sighed, “You really don’t have to do this.”
“We want to,” Eddie assured her, “You two deserve some time.”
“I mean,” Chimney met her gaze, “It’s basically free babysitting, right?”
“Yeah…” Maddie nodded, “Um, are you sure?”
Buck smiled, “Get some rest.”
Going into the bedroom, Maddie and Chimney fell onto their bed, not even bothering with the covers, curling into one another.
She couldn’t work out when she fell asleep, but Maddie was suddenly woken up, by somebody prodding her arm.
“What?” She turned, meeting Chimney’s tired gaze, “What is it?”
He raised his head, “Can you hear that?”
She couldn’t hear anything, “No.”
“Exactly,” Chimney mused, “Jee-Yun’s not crying.”
Maddie needed to see this, she sat up, crawling out of the bed, cracking the door open, and leaning her head out.
Jee-Yun was laying in the crib, blabbering happily, her eyes on the ceiling.
Eddie and Buck were dancing around the kitchen, finishing the washing up, while gazing into each other’s eyes, like they always did.
Maddie’s eyes found Christopher, who was kneeling beside the crib, poking his fingers through the slates, letting Jee-Yun grip onto one of them with all her might.
Christopher grinned, fascinated by his cousin, he sang, “Hey.”
Jee-Yun spun her head, watching Christopher, squeezing his finger as she did, she giggled loudly, staring at him like he held all the answers to the universe.
Christopher lowered his voice, whispering, “Love you, Jee.”
Tears filled Maddie’s eyes as she smiled, turning back to Chimney.
Jumping back into her bed, she couldn’t drop her smile.
Her family was the best.
3: Denny
Denny skipped into his bedroom, placing Christopher’s bag on the end of his bed.
They were having a double sleepover; two nights with Christopher, while Eddie and Buck were out wedding planning, which meant they could play games all day and talk through the night.
Christopher was having Denny’s bed while Denny took the inflatable mattress that they’d blown up by the window and covered in a spare quilt.
Denny bent beside the toy box, opening the lid, and searching for his new Star Wars Lego set to take into the living room. He stopped when he noticed something buried at the bottom, under the scrabble box, he dug his hands inside, pulling out a pink horse plushie, “Oh.”
It was Nia’s.
All his happiness was gone, Denny climbed onto his bed, laying on his side, hugging her horse under his arm as he let out a long sigh.
The bedroom door creaked, and Christopher asked, “What’s wrong?”
Denny hummed before saying, “Nothing.”
Christopher climbed up onto the bed, lying next to him, patting Denny’s arm, “I miss Nia too.”
Denny lifted his head, looking at his friend.
“It’s okay to miss people,” Christopher told him, “I miss my mom sometimes, but she’s not coming back, but she was here,” He squeezed the plushie, “Dad says that the important thing.”
Denny couldn’t imagine losing one of his moms; Christopher was one of the strongest people that he knew because he never stopped smiling.
“Nia is with her mom,” Christopher said, “She’s happy but she probably misses you too.”
Denny nodded slowly.
“You might see her again one day,” Christopher smiled, “That would be fun.”
“Yeah, it would,” Denny reached over, pulling Christopher into a hug, squeezing his eyes shut.
Christopher tapped his back, “I’m not going anywhere, Denny.”
“I know.” Denny scrunched his nose, “Love you, Chris.”
“Love you too.”
4: Harry
Harry was unloading the dishwasher, ignoring the glances that his mom and Bobby were sending his way as they muttered between themselves.
He knew he was in trouble, his parents had made that very clear when they collected him from school and grounded him, being suspended from school for a week was a big deal, he understood that.
He couldn’t tell them the whole truth, he knew how extravagant his parents were when they were angry, especially his mom. If he told Bobby, it would reach the station, and then everybody would be mad; he could already picture Hen and Buck storming the school with his mom.
Harry would rather handle it, by himself, and not stress his family out, yet. It wasn’t long until Eddie and Buck’s wedding, he didn’t want to put a dent in that, because it definitely would.
“Harry,” Bobby leaned on the kitchen surface, “Do you want to talk about it?”
“No.” Harry closed the dishwasher, “I pushed Ben over; that’s all.”
“That’s all,” Athena muttered, shaking her head as she buried her hands in his pockets.
“We know you, Harry,” Bobby said, clearly being the ‘good cop,’ “You wouldn’t have just pushed him.”
Ben’s torments filled Harry’s head as he met his stepdad’s gaze.
Your dad’s got a boyfriend?
Harry shrugged, “It’s nothing, Bobby.”
That’s so gross.
Harry adored his family, that included David, and when Ben came for him, Harry saw red, pushing Ben to the ground; Ben had seen the engagement party pictures for Eddie and Buck on Harry’s Instagram, that added fuel to the fire, but Harry would defend his family until the end.
The doorbell rang.
Bobby hung his head, looking to Harry’s mom, “That will be the boys.”
Harry rolled his shoulders; he forgot that Buck, Eddie, and Christopher were visiting for dinner.
“Harry,” Athena said strictly, “Christopher’s gonna wanna play games with you, but no video games, you hear me?”
Harry nodded.
Athena put on a grin, skipped up the stairs, and opening the door, with a joyous, “Hey!”
“Sorry, we’re so early,” Buck said, “Christopher was very excited to see Harry.”
Harry stepped over with Bobby, looking up to the door, as his mom turned to face him, with a knowing glance.
“Well, Harry’s grounded,” She pressed a hand to her hip, “But if Christopher is okay with board games.”
“We love board games,” Eddie sang, “Don’t we, bud?”
Christopher jumped, “Yeah!”
“This way, Chris,” Harry nodded his head to the couch, pulling out the Scrabble and Monopoly boards from under the coffee table, as he sat down, leaning his back on the edge of the couch.
Bobby skipped into the kitchen, to prepare drinks, while the others sat at the dinner table, jumping right into talking about the wedding.
Harry was happy for the distraction while he played games with Christopher.
Christopher balanced his crutches on the floor before jumping down to see near Harry, he lowered his voice, leaning his head, “What happened?”
Harry lifted his hands, “I got grounded.”
Christopher muttered, “Why?”
“I pushed a kid over,” Harry told him as he got out the parts for Scrabble, laying the board across the table, “I don’t wanna talk about it.” The thing was, he did want to talk about it, he wanted everybody to know that he didn’t do it without a reason, but he couldn’t.
Christopher asked, “Was he a bully?”
Harry nodded, keeping his voice quiet, “Yeah.”
“Oh,” Christopher let go of a long breath, “Did he push you?”
“No,” Harry shook his head, “But—”
“He was mean?”
“Very.” Harry sighed, darting his eyes to his mom, who was caught up in her conversation, she wouldn’t be able to hear them, “Can I tell you what happened?”
“The kid, Ben, he was being mean,” Harry looked over at Buck and Eddie, before turning his face back to Christopher, “He said it was gross that my dad is gay.”
“That’s wrong!” Christopher cupped a hand over his mouth, shushing himself, “He can’t say that—”
“I know.”
Christopher held out his hands, “I would have pushed him over too.”
Eddie was on his feet, pacing over, “What did you say, Chris?”
Harry cursed their luck, he forgot that his parents could hear everything.
Christopher lied, “Nothing.”
“No…” Eddie shook his head slowly, “We all heard.”
Buck, like Bobby, seemed to take the role of ‘good cop’ so he stood back, crossing his arms, eyes locked onto the boys.
While Harry’s mom stepped over, stopping next to Eddie, the pair crossing their arms.
Christopher explained, “Harry pushed him because Ben was making fun of Michael for being gay.”
Harry sighed, slouching, as the adults were stunned into silence.
Harry’s mom met Eddie’s gaze, while Bobby clamped a hand on Buck’s shoulder.
“And—” Christopher breathed, “If somebody said that about you, I’d be mad.”
“Yeah, buddy, I know,” Eddie sighed gently, “Ben is wrong.”
“Harry,” Athena spoke softly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t wanna hurt Dad or David.”
“Still, sweetheart…” Athena sighed, bending down to cup his cheek in her hand, “You have to tell us these things, so we can understand.”
“Okay, Mom.”
“And pushing him over, wasn’t the best move,” She scolded, “But I get it, next time, you come to me, or one of your teachers, okay?”
“Yeah,” Harry nodded, “I will.”
“We’ll talk to your school tomorrow,”
Standing up, Bobby stepped over, wrapping an arm behind her back, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
Harry turned, tugging Christopher into a hug, “Thank you,” He whispered into his ear.
Christopher frowned, “Why?”
“For helping.” Harry pulled back, “I didn’t know how to tell them.”
“Ben has to be told off,” Christopher told him, “And he will be.”
“Yeah,” Harry tapped his friend’s shoulder, “He will.”
Christopher reached out, grabbing the bag of letters for Scrabble, he looked up with a smile, “Love you, Harry.”
Harry grinned, happy to have a friend in Christopher, “Love you too, Chris.”
5: Buck
Sometimes Buck would wake up, panicked by memories of the tsunami. In a few short months, it would be the third anniversary of when the wave came crashing down, and he couldn’t understand where the time had gone.
Buck could feel the rush of the water; the pressure gathering him up and pushing him back, away from Christopher.
The ringing in his ears, his heart racing in his chest, and his arms thrashing through the cold avoiding debris as he swept past, Buck remembered it all.
He leaned back in the chair at the kitchen table, slowing his breathing as his eyes found the clock on the wall.
4:48 am.
He was surprised he hadn’t woken Eddie when he got out of bed, his fiancé wasn’t exactly a heavy sleep, and usually, with the slightest hint of unfamiliar movement, Eddie would be up on his feet before Buck could reassure him that he was only getting up to grab a glass of water.
It had been two hours since Buck had left the bedroom, taking his place in the kitchen, to sit with a cup of cocoa and stare at the wall, thoughts running through his head, at a mile a minute.
Eddie hadn’t been distributed when Buck slipped away, likely because they’d had a long shift at work, and when they made it home, Eddie had been out like a light.
Buck rubbed his hand down his face, wanting nothing more than for Eddie to gather him up in his arms, and tell him that everything was going to be okay.
He knew that if he knocked on the door and woke Eddie, then he would be exactly what he would get; Eddie didn’t show it, but he was a softy at heart.
As much as Buck wanted that, he couldn’t.
Buck? Wait, what are you doing here? Are you okay? Wait, where's Christopher?
Memories of that day, that moment when he thought he’d lost Christopher and had to tell Eddie, they weighed heavy, keeping him sitting in the chair.
Me and Christopher, we the beach, and--um...and listen to me, okay?
Oh, he’d never shake the look in Eddie’s eyes.
I swear to you... okay, I tried...
Tears filled his eyes, he brushed them away, bracing his fingers together and planting them on the table, as he slowed his breathing.
Buck had been in love with Eddie for as long as he could remember, but when that day, he thought any potential relationship was buried.
Eddie and Christopher were two of the most important people in Buck’s life, two who pulled him to shore while he was sinking fast. He let them down that day, let Christopher slip through his fingers, but his soon-to-be stepson was adamant that Buck was a hero, but he didn’t feel like one.
Shortly after the whole lawsuit debacle, Eddie caught Buck off-guard, asking him out on a date, and explained that he was done wasting time that they didn’t have.
Buck was sure that he’d never been happier, than in that very moment, and then a year later, Eddie asked him to marry him, that day quickly took the top spot.
Buck fiddled with his engagement ring, leaning his head against his hand as he shuddered, feeling like he needed to wade through water before he could make it back to bed.
Christopher’s tired voice caught his attention, “Buck?”
Buck plastered on a false smile, lifting his head, as he turned in his chair, “Hey, buddy.” He tried to clear his throat, but his voice came out hoarse, “What are you doing up?”
Christopher tilted his head, “Are you okay?”
Buck thought he could lie but as he stared into Christopher’s eyes he knew he could, but his words escaped him, so he simply shook his head, his lower lip trembling.
Christopher sped over, opening up his arms.
Buck crumpled to the floor, on his knees, collecting Christopher in a hug, tucking his forehead against his shoulder.
“It’s okay, Buck,” Christopher whispered in his ear, brushing his hand through Buck’s hair, “Nothing bad is going to happen.”
Buck squeaked, closing his eyes as he let out of a sob, “I’m sorry.”
“You can be sad,” Christopher assured him, “It’s normal.”
“Yeah,” Buck nodded as he clung on tighter, “It is.”
The bedroom door clicked open, and a half-asleep Eddie emerged, stopping by the wall, eyes on them.
Buck leaned, pressing a hand to Christopher’s cheek, “I love you, Superman.”
Christopher smiled, as wide as he could, “I love you too, Papa.”
Eddie raised a hand, laying it under his chin as he struggled to hide the fondest of grins.
Buck chuckled through his tears, as he clung onto Christopher, his feet finally on dry land.
6: Eddie
Eddie kept going to the mirror to make sure that his tie was positioned properly, if he sat still for too long, his leg started bouncing and his heart would race.
He’d been a groom before, but his and Shannon’s wedding was quick, not many people attended the ceremony, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision that the pair made together.
With Buck, Eddie knew that this commitment was one he was making, until the end; he and Buck were entangled, in more ways than one.
God, Eddie loved him, he really did; sometimes he’d focus on the time they’d lost while they were idiots who never discussed their feelings, but he couldn’t concentrate on that.
Buck was more than perfect because they were best friends first, and still were, to this day, which made that step to boyfriends, that much easier; Buck loved Christopher like his own, before he and Eddie were together, which was beautiful.
There's nobody in this world I trust with my son more than you.
When Eddie had muttered those words, he should have realized, there and then, his true feelings but he left it too long, pushed his future further away.
He wouldn’t let that happen again.
That didn’t relieve the pressure that had rested on his chest, he was terrified of getting it wrong, or tripping up when he needed his balance the most.
He’d never considered the dangers of his job until he started counting the odds with Buck’s life, as well as his own.
He couldn’t lose another, his heart wouldn’t be able to take another blow, and Buck wasn’t exactly known for his level-headedness.
Despite that, since they started dating, both of them were far more responsible on calls, Bobby wished they’d been together since the beginning.
Christopher was sitting on the chair, in the corner of the room, dangling his legs in anticipation, “Are you okay, Dad?”
Eddie clapped his hands together, “I’m fine,” He rubbed the nape of his neck, “Just a little nervous.”
Christopher sang loudly, “It’s gonna be so cool.”
Eddie chuckled with a nod, “It is.”
“Pepa helped me with my speech,” Christopher beamed, happy with his Best Man role.
Eddie moved over, pushing Christopher’s hair out of his eyes, “You excited about that?”
“Yeah!” Christopher nodded, “Chimney is doing his first.”
Eddie rolled his eyes, knowing what that was going to entail, “He is, is he?”
“Then me!” Christopher exclaimed, “Auntie Karen typed it up on cards for me.”
Eddie smiled; this day was a serious family affair, “I can’t wait, buddy.”
Christopher chuckled, “Athena said Bobby will cry first today.”
“I bet,” Eddie sat beside him, breathing slow, leaning his arm against Christopher’s side.
“Dad,” Christopher held up his head, “You’re gonna be Eddie Diaz-Buckley, and Papa is gonna be Buck Diaz-Buckley?”
“Yeah, that’s right,” Eddie smiled, he and Buck couldn’t wait for all the pranks they would pull at work with the name changes.
“Can I change mine?” Christopher asked, “To Christopher Diaz-Buckley?”
The pressure shifted off Eddie, for a moment, as he folded an arm around Christopher’s back, “If you want.”
“I do!” Christopher threw up his arms, “I love Buck.”
Eddie smiled, “I do too.”
Christopher leaned his head on his arm, “I love you, Dad.”
“Love you too, buddy,” He bowed down, pressing a kiss in Christopher’s hair.
There was a knock at the door, Eddie’s dad poked his head around, “It’s time, boys.”
Christopher held Eddie’s hand, tight, “We got this, Dad.”
As they piled into the corridor, and Eddie was met by a wall of his family, he let go of a slow breath, he was more than ready.
Meeting Buck at the altar, holding his hands tight, smiling with tears in his eyes, and seeing their son a couple of steps away; he’d never been happier.
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newtonsheffield · 7 months ago
I absolutely love the Bridgerton and Sons universe and am a sucker for the content cause it's so so so good❤️
Could you please do some Newton + Anthony headcons cause we all know secretly Anthony loves Newton!
And ofcourse headcons involving each of yhe the Kathony kids and Newton!
And sorry for being so demanding but also some headcons revolving around the kids meeting Einstein for the first time and how they react to it!
Honestly Newton deserves a whole fan fiction revolving around him because we all know he is the goodest boi there is❤️
I’m so so glad you’re enjoying this series that just seems to keep doubling in size every day and probably will for the foreseeable future I’m afraid!  So I’m splitting your request with another message I had which was very similar. Y’all really love Newton huh? Not that I’m complaining obviously I have a soft spot 789km wide for Newton. And honestly, yes, Newton deserves his own spin off series. And I desperately need there to be a B roll episode of Newton where he’s just cruising in the background while Kate and Anthony are at home. They’re lying asleep, Newton is chewing one of Anthony’s slippers. Kate is entertaining visitors in the drawing room, Newton can be seen dragging one of Anthony’s shirts down the stairs by the sleeve. You know, just Newton being a menace. 
Anyway! So Newton with the baby Bridgertons is here though you may have already seen it! 
Now let’s explore Newton + Anthony 
Anthony Bridgerton would have never in a million years said that he would be the kind of man who allowed a dog to sleep in bed with him. God, he wouldn’t even have allowed a dog in his house a month ago. But it was clear, from the very first night he slept at Kate’s flat. That Kate did allow Newton to sleep on her bed. Indeed, that first Sunday morning he’d woken Kate pressed against front, her nose pressed against his neck, the sunlight pouring in as he looked up. And then he saw Newton sitting on the bed behind Kate eyeing him very carefully. And Anthony had the oddest feeling that he was being assessed and he’d felt more than a little startled, unsure exactly what to do beyond saying Good Morning Newton. Do you... Do you want some food? You’ll have to show me where your Mother keeps it. He’d sat up slightly trying not to jostle Kate who surprised him by letting out a little chuckle, clearly having heard his exchange. And Anthony couldn’t help but feel more than a little stupid, heat coming to his cheeks. But when Kate leaned in, her eyes shining with delight and left a light kiss on his nose and said You are such an adorable little dork, he doesn’t quite have it in him to care.  
Kate could admit, years later, that Newton had moved in with Anthony before she had. Anthony had very simply why Newton couldn’t come with her when she stayed at his, and so she’d taken him and Newton had immediately made an absolute nuisance of himself and Kate was sure Anthony would take one look at the mess he’d made and declare it had all been a huge mistake. Instead, she came back the next week and found a curious item in Anthony’s living room. Newton had scampered through the house as soon as the door had been open to him, and Kate and followed through, kissing Anthony lightly on the cheek as she settled beside in on his sofa. And then she saw it. Newton was settling himself on a dog sized sofa, huffing happily. And as he lay down she noticed the embroidery along the back Newton and ridiculously tears started forming in her eyes. I love you, you know The words had slipped past her lips before she could stop them, Anthony just looked up from his book, pushing his hair out of his eyes smiling brightly as he said Love you too! And then as he looked to the other side of the room And I’m glad Newton is enjoying his new sofa. The sales girl said it was the most comfortable one And...he said, his eyes darting around embarrassedly embroidery was free today. And Kate genuinely couldn’t help herself from tugging on the back of his neck until their lips met. 
Perhaps the last place Anthony ever thought he’d find himself was sitting in the waiting room of a veterinarian feeling frantic. Two days ago Kate had rolled over and said I’ll take Newton to Eddie’s tomorrow before I go. and Anthony had felt startled his eyes opening wide Err Why? Do you... not trust me with him? He’d asked hesitantly and his girlfriend had looked as surprised as he’d felt when she’d said No, I just... I thought with me going away you might not want him... And Anthony had scoffed tucking her hair behind her ear and saying Well, Miss Sheffield, you see, You live here now and so does Newton. And while it hadn’t exactly been his intention, he was awfully pleased with the show of gratitude Kate had given him. So of course, because no good deed went unpunished, he had managed to kill Kate’s dog. The dog that meant so much to her, who had been the only one present as she’d suffered through panic attacks, Anthony had allowed to die. The very first time he’d been entrusted with his care. He’d come home, very much looking forward to the apple pie his mother had sent him home with yesterday only to find Newton, Belly up, crumbs all around him absolutely stuffed. And Anthony had felt panic welling up in him because, of course Kate’s ridiculous animal had gotten itself into this situation, he’d rushed to the emergency vet whispering God Newton please do not die repeatedly and the receptionist had looked positively startled as he’d burst through the door, looking he was sure a little mad clutching a corgi who was making little indignant grunts at this point. He was ushered into a room shortly after, explained his story in a very panicked fashion only for the Veterinarian to burst out laughing. Newton has had himself a very good time, but he’ll be just fine. And for the first time in an hour Anthony felt himself breathe. But no, he would not admit he was attached to the dog. 
When Kate takes Newton to the vet for his vaccinations months later and sees the name at the top of the paperwork Newton Sheffield-Bridgerton she’s sure she looks quite mad when she bursts into tears in the waiting room.        
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hotchsbabygirl · 9 months ago
a fic of chim coming back to live with you as he bunked with Buck due to covid while you worked at the hospital
Tumblr media
Howard “Chimney” Han x Reader 
Warnings: mentions of covid, alcohol and the consumption of, teasing Eddie about Buck (for my Buddie stans)
Category: Fluff with a lil bit of angst 
Word Count: 2k
Author’s Note: I have more Chim content coming soon :) also I didn’t proof-read this so idk hopefully it's okay 
“Hey you” you smile at Chim over the phone, he called you while he was getting ready for work, you on the other hand, now getting home from a shift. 
“Hey, how was work?” he asked while pouring some coffee into a mug, his phone was up against the wall. 
“Hectic but that’s a norm” you proceed to go through your after work routine which consists of disinfecting everything that comes in with you, your scrubs in the washing machine and straight to the bathroom you go. “What time are you off tonight love?” you turned on the shower, the phone rested face up on the counter. 
“6 this afternoon, if they don’t need me any longer. What time is your shift ?” he took a sip of the coffee, his face contorting at the overly hot liquid. You chuckled at his little scrunched up expression, “I start at 7 but I got to be in around 6:30″ 
“Oh my god, is that y/n?” you wrap the towel around yourself when you hear Buck’s voice and heavy footsteps approaching. Picking up the phone so they would see you again, “hi buckaroo, how’s life with your roommate ?” 
“Y/n, I'm begging you. Please take him back” Buck was half dressed, you knew they had to leave for work what should have been 15 minutes ago if they wanted to be on time. 
“Is he driving you crazy yet Buck ?” 
“Yet?” he shouted, “he’s been doing that since day one!” 
“Buck shut up and go get dressed. Stop talking to your lady friend.” Chim rolled his eyes. “Ohhh does he have a little girlfriend ?” you tease, you can hear Buck shout a shut up in your general direction making you smile. 
“Why don't you come home babe ? I'm sure Buck would be happy to have his apartment back to himself” 
“I can’t, you know that” he gives you an apologetic look
“It’s not that you can’t, you just don't want to.” 
“Y/n I-” he opens his mouth but you cut him off, “C’mon, we’re both working and yeah, we both need to take the precautions necessary to keep ourselves safe, which we’re already doing. Just think about it? Please ? I miss you.” 
“I know,” he sighs, running a hand over his face. “I know- I'll think about it okay ? I miss you too” 
“I’m gonna take a shower and try to get some sleep. I love you, be safe okay?” 
“I love you too and I will. I'll text you before your shift” Chim blew you a kiss, you blew one back and hung up. 
The door to your apartment was propped open as Eddie helped you move the new couch.  “No, no lift it! You're going to scratch the floor!” Eddie warned you because you were pulling the couch from your end. You had spilt chocolate ice cream on the couch and the stain just wouldn’t come out. In all fairness, it wasn’t just ice cream, the couch was old as hell. It wouldn't hurt to replace it so you did just that. Eddie was over to help you because one, he’s the only person you knew with a pick up truck who would help you move both couches on a short notice, two, Chim was working and you didn’t really feel like telling him that you were getting rid of his favourite couch and three, Eddie was your best friend, if you asked him to help you bury a body, he’d drop what he was doing and come help you and you'd do the same for him. 
After managing to get it into the apartment, you finally get it where you want it. “How about a beer for all your hard work ?” you asked, walking to the kitchen. Eddie took a seat on the couch, “how about you watch Chris next Saturday for me and I'll still take the beer for all my hard work ?” he called out, making you chuckle. “You got a deal, Diaz” you sit beside him, handing him a bottle. 
“Chim’s still staying with Buck, right ?” he takes a sip as he looks over at you. You can't help but sigh, “yeah, why? Jealous that you can't have your boyfriend all to yourself, Eddie ?” you tease, Eddie gives you a slight shove. He wouldn’t admit it but the mention of Buck being his boyfriend made him blush. The two of you sat there just catching up on life, it had been a while since you last saw Eddie. 
“How’s Chris adjusting to the whole online school ?” you ask, Eddie groans, “It was a little hard at first, they didn’t have a set schedule for a few days and it was hard for him. Now, he's got the hang of it, he really seems to like his teacher.” Eddie tells you, you smile. 
“Maybe I'll pop by one day if I’m off. They have me working back to back, so I should have a few days off next week” 
“Yeah, that would be nice. Chris misses you. The last few weeks have just been me and Carla who he only sees via FaceTime, it’d be nice to have someone else around.” 
“Oh his other dad didn’t come by ?” you ask, Eddie’s brows furrow. He had that adorable confused look he gets. 
“Buck, I'm talking about Buck” 
“Oh,” the same blush appears on Eddie’s face but he shakes his head. “Not yet”
Your phone was tucked under your leg as you shifted towards the side of the couch, your legs now stretched in front of you. The phone was somewhere under your leg when Eddie changed the topic back to you and Chim and what was happening there. 
Across the city, Buck’s phone rings. “Hey y/n!” he says, the audio from your end sounds muffled. “Y/n ? Helloooo?” Buck calls again and it still sounds muffled. He listens for a few seconds, setting the phone on speaker and resting it beside him on the counter. The sound is coming through clearly now and it sounds like you and Eddie were having a conversation. Buck debated for a minute, does he hang up or should he keep listening ? It was wrong to eavesdrop but it’d be even worse to hang up, he just had to know what the conversation was about. 
Curiosity always killed the cat. 
Buck listened, Eddie had asked you something that he didn’t quite catch but he listened to your reply. “God, I miss him you know ? It took forever to get used to sleeping by myself again and I know I do it when he’s on shift but it’s not the same” you tell him, Eddie hums. Continuing with your thought, “I just want him home I don't care if it’s selfish but what’s the worst that could happen, ya know?” 
“You both work equally dangerous jobs right now, he knows that. He worries about you” Eddie says. “Yeah and I worry about him too, but I'd worry a little less if I got to see him.” you mumble, the sound of something clinking from your end. 
Buck wanted to hang up but he wanted Chim out of his apartment a little more than he wanted to hang up. His need to hear what was happening was a little stronger than his moral compass, Maybe there’s something in here to make his case to Chim.
Chim pushes the door open, his bag dropping to the floor. Buck was hunched over the counter, his eyes on his phone. “Hey” Chim says, walking over to Buck. Buck looks like a deer in headlights, “Chim” his eyes go from the phone to Chim and then back to the phone. Eddie begins talking before Buck could end the call. 
“He’s just taking precautions, y/n” 
“I know that Eddie but so is everyone else. He's just being a stubborn ass” you groan. 
Buck looks over at Chim, an apologetic look on his face. “Does she-” Chim whispered, Buck shook his head. 
“Cut him some slack, he’s trying” Eddie spoke up
“Eddie, stop trying to justify his actions. Everyone is taking precautions, he's not the only one that’s worried about that. You’ve got a kid at home and you still go home to him! All of you have families to go home to and you all do, what’s the difference here ? We’re two grown adults, I don't see what the issue is.” your voice raises slightly. 
Chim leaned over and ended the call. “How long have you been listening ?” He questions the blonde man, Buck turns to lean against the counter. “A few minutes before you walked in.” Chim nodded, he stood there for a few seconds before turning on his heels and headed towards the couch. 
“What are you doing ?” Buck follows him, all the clothes that had been scattered across his living room, the same ones that had been driving him insane, were now tossed into a bag. 
“I’m going home, Buck. Unless you want me to sta-” “god no, go home” Buck answered a little too quickly. “Uh- sorry. You're more than welcomed to stay if you’d like” Buck mumbles, Chim shakes his head and laughed. “Thanks for letting me crash.” He patted Buck’s shoulder as he headed to the door. 
Eddie was still lazing on the couch when the door unlocked. He looked over his shoulder to see Chim walking in. “Hey” Eddie sits up, “hey, where are they ?” Chim sets the bag down on the floor, he walks to the kitchen leaving Eddie on the couch. 
“Shower, should be out soon I think.” He gets up and walks towards the door, “I’ll head out and give you guys some space” Eddie says.
“Yeah, thanks for hanging out with them.” Chim smiles, Eddie gives him one back. 
“Anytime man, tell them I said bye. Oh and I'll text later about babysitting”  Eddie heads out, pulling the door shut behind him.
Chim knocked on the bathroom door before walking in. “Get out! Can't whatever you want wait dude? I'm in the shower” you groan from behind the curtain, Chim smiles at the sound on your voice. He’s talked to you everyday since he’s been staying with Buck, but it sounded different in person. 
“Yeah, it can wait” he leaned back against the counter, your head pops out from behind the curtain. 
“You're home!” you seemed excited yet confused. 
“I’m home” he smiles 
“Wait, is Eddie still out there?” 
“He went home, said something about babysitting ?” 
You nodded before pulling the curtain shut again. “What changed your mind ?” you called out, continuing with your shower.  “Your phone call to Buck.” his fingers tapped against the counter. “What phone call ?” 
“Seems like you accidentally called and we overheard. Well, he did, I only heard the last part about me being a stubborn ass” 
Chim saw the towel disappear behind the shower curtain, you pushed it back and stepped out, the towel now around you. “I didn’t realize I called Buck, I'm sorry.” 
“No, I'm glad you did. You’re right. Everyone else has families and everyone’s okay.” 
“Yeah, we’ll be okay too” 
“So you're saying I'm right ?” stepping towards your boyfriend, your arms wrap around his neck, resting on his shoulders. Chim’s hands find their way to your waist, pulling you closer to him and closing the gap between the two of you. 
“Yeah, you’re right. Happy ?” he asked, you nodded. 
“Always happy when I'm with you” you smiled at him. 
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justreadingfics · a year ago
It’s a Deal (Chapter 4)
Chapter Summary: You have a challenge for Bucky.  
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 5.1k
Warnings:+18 only, smut, masturbation, boytoy!Bucky, casual sex, open relationship, unrealistic sexual performance, the tiniest bit of angst related to past relationships.
A/N: Next chapters we’ll move forward with the plot and it will be less smut centric, maybe… I can’t promise anything, actually, lol.  I dedicate this chapter to @suz-123​, who’s a Rockstar and to @tilltheendwilliwrite​ who once wrote chapter 10 of Canadian Girl (if you haven’t read it, yet, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life) and this chapter is heavily inspired on a certain aspect of it, with a small twist. The link to my masterlist, where you can find the other chapters, is on my description. Feedback is highly appreciated. Tag list for this story is closed.
Tumblr media
The sight meeting your gaze as soon as you step out of your bathroom is one to behold. There is the man himself, laying sprawled and careless across your bed, unashamedly naked while nonchalantly scrolling through his phone, like he hasn’t just now done unspeakable things to you right there.
You take in a contented sigh. How lucky are you to have found a fuck buddy like Bucky? Incredibly hot and handsome, with all those uncountable muscles on his whole body and the most gorgeous face you’ve ever seen. He’s breathtaking to look at and to feel in each sensitive part of your body.
But it’s not just that, that you’re lucky for. His damn personality… So uncomplicated, laid back, straightforwardly honest and, even in all his blatant whoriness, more considerate towards women than any man you’ve ever known, Eddie included. You know about his tragic backstory and you can only wonder the path he had to take to get where he is now.
Apart from the amazing fuck, it’s been so fun to get to spend time with him and get to know the way he thinks, his life philosophy. You’ve found out that relationships don’t have to be complicated, that you don’t need to love or date someone to have a nice time together and that fun and respect can walk hand in hand. Also, something you didn’t know about yourself: that you can be fun and laid back, too.
You can tell Bucky enjoys spending time with you as much as you do with him, you know he’s not faking. The only reason he would have to fake in that situation would be to get you in his bed and he wouldn’t have to, since you got into that deal just exactly for that. Also, he’s too transparent, he has been from the beginning. And with him, you’ve become a fun person in these last few days… or maybe that’s who you were all along and just didn’t know.  
“Enjoying the view, sweetheart?”
In your gawking, you haven’t noticed his cell phone now laying forgotten on the mattress beside him as he tilts his body to the side, facing you, and supports his head on his hand, with that signature smirk of his, completely unbothered by how exposed he is.
In fact, so are you, as you smile and walk back to your bed in all your nakedness, “And what a damn view,” you cheekily say, laying in front of him and mimicking his position. You can’t help but reach over and trace your fingers over the hard muscles of his flesh arm and ripped chest, “I’ve never seen so many muscles gathered in only one person,” you add, completely serious with your admiration.
He chuckles, “Well, that thing they injected in me helped a lot.”  
You don’t have to ask who they are. Every once in a while he mentions his past but it’s always quick and with no sign of heaviness. It does feel like you’ve met him in a new and brighter stage of his life. Your eyes, which have been following the path traced by your fingers, drop to his lower body. Like it usually happens right after you had sex or between the sexy sessions, he’s not as hard as you know he can get, but he’s definitely not completely soft. You’ve been nurturing that curiosity for a while and now you see the opening to bring it up.
“You know, I’ve been wondering,” you start, a little timid and avoiding his eyes, “Did the serum help with… ahm, other things, too?” You glance at him before letting your eyes drop to that particular part of his body, hoping you’ve made yourself clear.
“What do you mean?”
When you look back at him the confusion on his face is poorly feigned and you know he’s messing with you.
“You just want me to say it, don’t you?” You squint your eyes, pulling back your wandering hands from his beefy body, and when he only keeps the faked expression on his face and shrugs, you decide to play along and blurt out, punctuating each word, “Your cock, your fucking marvelous and precious huge cock, Bucky. That’s what I mean.”
You can’t help but grin widely as he lets out a belly laugh, his head falling backwards on the mattress before he comes back to the position on his side facing you with a satisfied and teasing smile on him.
“I’ll tell you what, it didn’t mess up with the size, sweetheart. That’s all good old human biology there, no evil super juice needed.” He bites his lower lip and winks, making you roll your eyes playfully, “But, like you know, I’m always honest and I’m not gonna  lie to you. It did pump me up with the…” he pouts and squeezes his eyes, as if looking for the right word, “Performance,” he adds, satisfied with his choice.    
“How so?” You cock an eyebrow, very interested in the information.  
“It basically raised my levels of stamina way higher. I’m always ready to go,” he says like it’s no big deal, “As long as I have motivation, of course. Like such a pretty dame like you,”  He gestures towards your naked body with a reverence and winks, prompting a heat to rush up to your cheeks at the old fashioned but still efficient term, which sounds surprisingly sexy coming out of his lips as he says it so naturally while you both lay stark-naked next to each other.  
“Oh…” it slips out of your lips before your forehead creases, “Hold on…You’re telling me that as long as I… ahm… motivate you, or something, you can keep it up, no matter how many times?”
That teasing smugness etches on his face again as he tightens and twists his lips, “Pretty much, yeah,” he answers, bringing a hand to stroke the curve of your hips. 
“Huh,” you let out in a puffed breath as you come to your conclusion, “You’re practically a human dildo.” Your eyes widen as soon as you realize what you just said, “Sorry,” you cringe.
“No offense taken at all,” he chuckles, the corner of his eyes crinkling in that way you find adorably sexy, “I’m actually flattered…”  he adds before boring a suspicious gaze into you yours, “I see something glimmering in your eyes, though.”
You bite your lower lip. The mere thought and the teasing hand on your body are enough to rouse your senses and make your entire skin prickle, “Just an idea that crossed my mind,” you answer, voice a little trembling with equal parts of horniness and nervousness in presenting said idea.   
“Ooooo… this sounds exciting. Tell me,” he encourages, putting a bit more pressure on where his hand touches your skin and dragging his body closer to yours.  
“Well…” Your gaze comes across his mouth now that is so closed to yours as you bring your eyes down to follow your fingers dancing over his chest again, brushing over the little whiskers of hair there, “Since we know you can keep it up… ahm…indefinitely,” Your fingers skim lower and lower and his breath hovers yours as a humming sound for you to continue not only touching but talking slips out of his lungs, “It would be interesting to find out how much I can take it, don’t you think?” You lift innocent eyes to his from under your eyelashes.  
A groan rumbles from his chest as his fingers dig into the skin of your hips, with the certainty of leaving marks, “Let me see if I got it straight… You wanna find out how many times you can orgasm in one night?” Like usual, he speaks more directly than you, the lust dark in his gaze.  
“I’m pretty curious… aren’t you?” Your hand wanders down the muscles of his body and follows the path of little hairs, which gets thicker and thicker till you reach his now fully rigid cock.
He brushes his parted lips over yours and lets out a deep exhale as you wrap your fingers around his dick. He’s hard as a rock and twitches in your hand, you’re still amazed that it has reached that point again just by the teasing exchange and little touches.
“Oh yeah, you’re very, very curious, too, I see,” you tease him again, slowly pumping him with your fist.  
“That I am… that I am,” he whispers, his hot and heavy breath hovering yours as his hips ever so lightly starts rocking against your hand. “But, tell me,” he asks putting on some seriousness on his voice, “Would this very obliging sex toy over here be allowed to use not only my fucking marvelous and precious huge cock,” he repeats your words using the same tone as yours, “But also other equally skilled parts of my body, like tongue,” he darts his tongue to lightly lick your upper lip, but quickly retrieves it back to continue speaking, tickling your skin with the tip of his fingers as he drags them from your hips towards your lower belly, “Fingers-”
You suck in a whine, already too turned on to prolong the teasing, “Now it’s definitely not the time to start with rules- ah-” Apparently you aren’t the only one ready to get into the real action as he bats your hand away and swiftly shifts on the bed, rolling over you and between your legs.
When he reaches over the nightstand right next to you, where he already knows is your stash of condoms, you stop him with a hand on his forearm. He looks down at you questioningly as he hovers you supporting himself with his arms on the mattress.  
“You told me before you can’t get sick due the serum. It means you wouldn’t pass me anything, either, right?” You ask, somehow managing to regulate your breathing.
“Yeah, that’s right.” He nods.
“I’m on birth control since forever,” you add, heavily implying what you want from him. 
“Are you sure?” He checks, “I really don’t mind-“
“I wanna fucking feel it. All of it.” You reach between you two and wrap your hand around his bare cock.
“Fuck…” His eyes flutter shut at your touch before snapping open at you, filled with renewed hunger, “You’re in for a ride, sweetheart,” he breathes before grabbing your lips withs his.  
Number four – because he had already graced you with the first three, moments before -  happens right there when he pulls your legs up and bend them backwards till your knees straddle your face and takes you hard and raw, because neither of you can wait. Number five he flips you over and keeps you completely still under him, almost crushing you with his delicious weight, having his chest glued to your back as he shoves his hips into yours.
Six and seven happen in a row when he eats you out while you sit on the countertop of your kitchen, after a quick snack and water to regain your forces. Eight, he pounds into you from behind as you grab with sheer force the edges of said countertop…
You have no idea how many hours pass. It happens on your bed, in the kitchen, balcony, table, chairs. In the living room, sofa, carpet, floor, over your desk in your small office… The filthy smells filling up the air of your home along with naughty fluids left on your way. You don’t even dare to think about the cleaning you’ll have to do the next day. Your mind is completely blanked by the constancy of pleasure and sensitivity your body has been sunk into. His cock, lips, tongue, fingers, thigh, hot skin… all of him devoted to you, to your desire, as his body merges into yours turning you into a blur of bliss.
When you become just a sack of numb limbs and dizziness, he scoops you up from the living room carpet and rests you on your bed, bringing you water right before laying behind you, forming a breathless spoon on the mattress. He might be thinking you’re finally done, but if that’s the case, he’s miscalculating the effect the heat of his body against yours has on you. So, after you roll your hips against his cock – which hardens almost immediately- he lifts your leg and eases himself inside your poor, but still somehow ready and eager, cunt. Knowing how overstimulated you are, he reaches over you and just ever so lightly brushes a finger over your clit. That’s how you reach the 24th orgasm of the night and, at last, throw the towel.
“That was… something,” you say when you’re in the shower with him after a deserved, but quick nap, still in your sticky and fervent skins. When you announced you needed a shower, he joined you promptly, “I thought I would reach 15, 16 at most. I’m pretty impressed with you.”
He clicks his tongue, while pouring some of your shampoo on his hand, “Nah… you’re just underestimating you, sweetheart.” He puts the shampoo on his hair and brushes the locks with his fingers, “I, on the other hand, know exactly what kind of insatiable minx you are,” he says right before sinking his head under the shower to rinse his hair. 
Under the water he doesn’t see your jaw dropping and your outraged gasp, but he certainly feels the little shove on his chest to express your protests, because he takes his head out of the water and brushes the water out of his face with his hand, “What?”
“Fucking rude,” you answer, already laughing quietly, while using the sponge to leather your body.   
“Ok, I could’ve used better words, but I didn’t mean it like that,” he says, “But I get it. It’s been almost 80 years and somethings haven’t changed that much.” He twists his lips, reaching over  for the hair conditioning, “I know women grow up listening to this fucking culture who teach men and women that enjoying sex is a guy thing… and when a woman shows the opposite she’s judged, which is stupid. The issue is pure fucked up sociology rather than biology. A man needs a damn super serum to reach that many orgasms in one night while all women need is their own body and will. It’s lame what society can do when it comes to repressing women.” He shrugs.  
Once again your jaw drops, but for an entirely different reason, and for a while you just watch him, dumbfounded, while he hums a tune, applying conditioner on his long locks and dives his head on the running water again, like he hasn’t just now slapped your face with a damn feminist discourse about female sexuality, “That’s… true…” You have no choice but to agree.
“Of course it is…” he smirks proudly, before squinting his eyes at you while you wash out the soap of your body, “And you know what? I bet you have one more there waiting for me,” he lifts his chin, like he’s challenging you, as water drips from his face and hair.  
Your eyes widen for a second at the implications of said challenge, “I can’t.” You’re quick to shake your head. You have no idea how you’re managing to stand there, since every little muscle of your body is sore.
“Actually, I bet you have one more there waiting for you… Wanna see?” He cocks an eyebrow.
“Shit, Bucky, I don’t think I can handle you one more time,” you reply, honestly. As tempting as the idea sounds, you can’t even think about taking him again.
“Don’t worry… I won’t be doing anything.” His voice lowers a tone, as he walks you back towards the shower seat Eddie was so adamant in adding to the bathroom.
Looking down, you’re not surprised at all to see his cock already hardening and you would be lying to yourself if you don’t feel a little tingle in your belly.  As soon as you’re seated, he props his metal arm on the wall above your head and wraps his flesh hand on his cock, which is inches from you, bumping it a few times till it’s quickly fully hard.
“Tonight was an interesting experience for me, too,” his voice, laced with silk and mischief, props your gaze to lift to his. As he stares down at you and his hand jerks on his cock, locks of wet hair fall on his face and droplets run down his naked body.
It’s only instinct when your tongue darts out to lick your lips. You can’t believe you’re already getting turned on after everything you’ve already done, “Yeah, how so?” You encourage him in whatever treat he has planned for you.
“Hmmm,” his eyes flutter shut for a second as he swipes his thumb over the rosy tip, keeping a slow pace on himself, “Getting to know your body even more… the little places I touch and your whole body trembles, yeah… open up for me, that’s it, that damn pussy of yours,” he coos when you prop one heel over the bench beside you, letting the other on the floor and allowing your fingers to dance over your breasts and skim down your wet body.
“What else…ha,” you gasp when your exploring fingers reach your clit. It’s still sensitive from the previous actions, but it doesn’t reject your touch as the water from the shower mixes up with your natural wetness. It’s not hard to feel your arousal rising again in your body, not when you have that obscene sight of him touching himself inches from you and that dirty mouth saying all the things he likes about having sex with you. Your body responds to the sensuous scenario instantly.   
“I lose my mind at how that pussy squeezes my cock when I talk dirty to you…  These fucking tits of yours,” he groans and you can see his cock twitching.
Your hand on yourself speeds up in rhythm with his, but it remains a light touch on your clit, the kind of touch your body is asking for right now, but it feels good, so damn good, like a feather tickling the sensitive nub. Your eyes are stuck on his as much as his is stuck on yours. You feel like the sexiest woman alive under his gaze and fuck if you’re not gonna reach your 25th orgasm of the night soon. 
“I wanna have my cock between them one day, would you do that for me, beautiful, fuck my cock with your perfect tits?” He continues his verbal fucking, biting his lip till the blood rushes out of his skin, “Fucking you is an experience I can’t seem to get enough, sweetie, what about you, huh? Tell me what you like about fucking me.”
So many things… “I-I like your fucking big cock,” you say before letting out a small laugh, “Obviously,” you wiggle your eyebrows making him laugh briefly with you, before you look down at where he’s jerking himself. You have no idea how you’re managing to talk like that, you’ve never been that verbal when it comes to sex, but with him… it’s different. “It’s so damn thick…” You lick your lips, breathing hard as the feather touch in your clit sparks laces of pleasure inside you. Looking up at him, you see him clenching his teeth, hooded eyes still on you, “I like when you’re rough to me, when  you throw me around like I weigh nothing, you’re so fucking strong, ah.” Your head falls back as you’re almost there… “I like that you know exactly what gives me pleasure, even before I know it myself…”
“Fuck, you’re damn sexy…” he breathes out and you can tell he’s holding himself back, probably waiting for you to finish before he does, “What about that ass of mine, huh?” The playfulness comes back to his voice between harsh panting.
You chuckle, “I fucking love grabbing it while you’re pounding your dick inside me and… oh, God… that fucking filthy mouth… Especially when it’s all over me.” Your toes curl as the pressure inside your core tightens, driving yourself closer and closer to the edge, the words come out of your lips like they have a mind of their own, connected solely to your desire, “I love how you love eating me out, oh, goddamn, fuck…” Your eyes shut and your body shakes as you close your legs around your hand, reaching an orgasm for 25th time that night, this time by your own hand. And is just as good and powerful as the others he has given you.
“Shit,” his voice falters and as you still struggle to breathe you look up at him, “Can I come on those tits, sweetheart?” He nods towards your body, his voice coming out tight from between his teeth.
“Fuck yeah,” You nod, arching your back and exposing your breasts even more to him.  
“Holy shit,” he moans as, after a few more expert bumps, he spills his climax all over your chest, “Fuck,” he keeps his metal hand on the wall as he stares down apparently in a spell, admiring his handiwork, before grabbing your arm and making you stand, pulling you to him and grabbing your breathless lips in a kiss.  
Your chest is tight against his and the thought of the mess between you two makes you moan through his kiss. He’s the one who pulls back with that signature smugness all over his face.
Your eyes roll playfully, “Yeah, I know… You told me so…”
After you finish the shower for real this time, you’re drying yourself with a towel while Bucky, already with his black boxes on, uses one of your combs to work on his hair in front of the mirror in your bathroom. He huffs in frustration as the long locks don’t seem to stay in the style he’s looking for.
The sound of your quiet laugh makes him glance towards you. He smiles tightly and shrugs, a whole new sheepish expression on his face, “I’ve been meaning to cut it, but… I don’t know… other stuff keeps getting in the way,” he shrugs again, turning back to the mirror.
“I like it that way, it suits you pretty well, but if you’d liked I could cut it for you?” you offer, lacing your towel with a knot around your body.
“Really?” He tilts his head while something like amused skepticism etches on his face.
“Yeah, sure, I have all the tools here now if that’s something you want.”
He looks at himself in the mirror, taking a good look at his locks before turning back to you, “Let’s do this.”
Next thing you know you have Bucky still only in his boxes sitting on a chair he carried to your bathroom while you’re on an old t-shirt, displaying the set of shears, combs and trimmer over the countertop.
Wrapping a towel around his shoulders, you look at his reflection on the mirror, “So, are we just cutting the ends or are you going overboard here?”
“Overboard,” he answers right away and you smile at the trust he lays on you, “But leave something to grab. You all seem to love that.” The corner of his lips twists.
You laugh, reaching for the shear, “We all love it indeed,” you agree and run your hands over his locks, analyzing what you’re dealing with, “Trust me, I know exactly what to do.” You wink at him through the mirror and get on to work.
“Haircuts, huh?” he asks as the little strands of hair fall over the towel and the floor, “Quite an arsenal you have here.” He nods at your tools in front of him.
“Yeah,” you don’t move the focus from your working hands to answer, “I used to cut Eddie’s. We’ve been on a low budget for years so we could buy this place.” You give him a brief tight-lip glance.
“Very nice place, by the way.”
“It is, isn’t it?” You beam at him before focusing back on his hair, “But it’s a bit strange, actually. When we found it and moved in, I thought I would spend the rest of my life here with him… And now…” you sigh.
“Now we’re ruining your furniture,” he beams when you look at him.
You can’t help chuckle and agree, “Pretty much, yeah.”
“Are you keeping it?”
Your lips tightens as you look down at your working hands… You haven’t really thought of it straight and you’re sure that not thinking about it means you still had some hope to resume your life from where it had stopped when Eddie broke up with you. But, now that you’re talking about it, the answer feels right when it rolls off your tongue, “I want to. I love this place…with my promotion and the money that comes with it, I think I could make it happen, but… I still need to work things out with Eddie, though.”
“You haven’t talked to him yet.” Bucky affirms rather than ask. All along, even when you’re not looking at him at times, you can feel Bucky’s gaze not leaving your reflection in the mirror as his hair goes through a transformation by your hands.
 “No.” You shake your head and decide to share with him an idea that has been wandering in your mind lately, “Stark mentioned a party to celebrate my promotion-“
“Of course…” He adds.
“Yeah…” You laugh, before clearing your throat, “I was thinking about calling Eddie, letting him know I was promoted… I mean… we went to collage together and went through our careers together…” You look back at him through the mirror, “I think he’ll be happy to know from me and maybe even go to the party to celebrate. Also, we’ll be working a lot with each other again since he’s the leader of Shield’s team.”
“Were you still together when he got his promotion?” He asks, genuine interest in his voice.
You shake your head no, “It was right after he broke up with me.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?”
“I don’t know, actually, “ you answer, going back on working with the shears, finding a bit funny how he’s been fucking you senseless and exploring every little inch of your body these last few days and still is careful in asking a personal question, “I noticed he was distant a few weeks before, but I brushed it off.” You shrug, “We’d been together for so long and we had our ups and downs… I just thought we were going through one of our downs. And then he woke up one day and said he didn’t want to be together anymore… Natasha thinks he has someone else,” you say, with a small and humorless laugh as you turn on the blow drier and positions it over his hair.
He tightens his lips through the reflection. Yeah… he thinks the same. 
You’re glad for the sound of the drier as silence settles between you two. It’s not awkward or anything like that… you’re just glad for the silence so you can evaluate how the possibility of Eddie having someone affects you. It’s fucked up to admit even to yourself, but it sucks. It’s not like you’re crying alone right now, but it’s different. There’s nothing romantic with Bucky and, honestly, you feel like shit picturing Eddie, your boyfriend of ten years, in a relationship with someone else.   
“Did he call you to let you know once he was promoted?” Bucky asks as soon as you turn off the drier.
“He didn’t. I sent him a text when I found out, he didn’t answer,” You bite your cheek, as your shoulders drop and you slowly comb his hair.
“It sucks, huh?” He twists his lips as you meet his eyes through the mirror. They’re full of kindness and understanding, and you’re glad he doesn’t make you feel more embarrassed than you naturally are in sharing that with him. 
“We had just split, though… now it’s been months… things should be a little less weird… and voi lá.” Thankfully for your embarrassment, you finish his hair right then, an opportunity to change the subject.
He takes his eyes from you to his reflection on the mirror and you bite your lip waiting for his reaction, since it feels like it’s the first time he’s paying attention to himself ever since you started cutting his hair. Like he asked, you went overboard and cut it a lot shorter than before, letting a fluffy quaff on the top. As much as you loved the long locks, you think he looks more handsome than ever, like a movie star.
Tumblr media
“Oh, wow”, he lets out in a jovial voice, running his hand over his soft and shorter locks, “It’s awesome.”
“Really?” you smile, letting out a relief breath, “See?” You grab the fluffiness on top of his head and smirk, “Perfect to grab.”
He laughs, “I really like it, I don’t look homeless anymore. Thank you.” He nods.
“You’re welcome, but wait, there are still some final touches before we’re really finished.” You grab the trimmer, and turn it on to work on the outlines behind his neck.
“Alright, ma’am.” He promptly straightens up his posture as you go back to work, “So, is it important for you that he knows?”
He resumes from where you had stopped and doesn’t have to clarify who and what he’s talking about. “It’s important for me that he goes,” you admit with a sigh, turning off the trimmer and looking at him through the mirror. You run your hands once again through his soft and new hair, before grabbing a little brush, “It feels weird to not share this with him,” you mutter, using the tool to meticulously brush off the remains of hair on his neck and shoulders. 
“Ok, then you should call him, why not?” He shrugs, “It’s been ten years, you just don’t erase that.”
A small, but thankful, smile curls your lips. You could expect being scolded for admitting something like that. Not from Bucky, apparently. And his support is really significant at that moment, much more than any lecture one of your friends would give you about the troubles of calling an ex-boyfriend who broke up with you.
“But just so you know,” he continues, shutting his eyes for a second and letting out a long exhale, “It may be just me, but I don’t think a man who doesn’t like to eat pussy deserves any kind of consideration.”
You laugh, letting your head fall back, before shaking it in lighthearted disbelief.
Bucky smiles and, if the fact that he makes you laugh with his stupid jokes lights up a warm and mysterious sensation in his chest, he thinks nothing of it, concentrating only on the touch of your gentle fingers grazing the skin of his neck while you go back to cleaning the little hairs off him.
Next chapter (from Bucky’s pov) coming soon. 
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buckleyblueyes · 6 months ago
26 and/or 28 buddie!
I'm not sure this went in the direction you were expecting, but I used both prompts and really hope you like it! This is so fluffy I gave myself a cavity while writing it.
“Were you ever going to tell me?” Eddie asked, voice light and eyes shining.
Buck looked up as his boyfriend stepped out to join him on Bobby and Athena’s patio and raised an eyebrow. “Tell you what?”
“That you knew what we were planning!” Eddie took a swig of the beer in his hand.
“Oh, that,” Buck shrugged. “It was fun watching you guys pretend to be subtle.”
Eddie huffed. “But it’s a surprise party.”
“And it was great!” Buck insisted. He glanced at Hen, who was sitting across from him in the other patio chair. She shrugged, as if to say You made your bed, now lie in it. “Just because I knew it was coming doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great party.”
Eddie sighed and squished into the chair next to him, setting his beer down on the wooden table. “I know.”
Buck pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “It’s cute that you’re so worked up about this, though.”
“It’s your first birthday since we’ve been together,” Eddie’s face was flushed, and Buck guessed it wasn’t from the alcohol. “I wanted it to be perfect.”
“Well, don’t tell Chimney next time, then,” Buck quipped.
Hen snorted.
Eddie frowned.
“Hey, hey, it is perfect, okay?” Buck grabbed Eddie’s hand and laced their fingers together. “Everyone I love is here, and Maddie me made me a scrapbook full of pictures of all of us, and Christopher made me that amazing card, and Hen got me that bleeding red velvet cake I love.” Buck smiled as he listed out the things his family had done for him. “And I know you orchestrated the whole thing. Honestly, this birthday was so perfect that I don’t know how you’re gonna top it next year.”
Eddie just stared at him.
“I love you. I’m gonna do this all over again every year for the rest of our lives. You know that right?”
Buck grinned. “I do know that. And I love you, too.”
Eddie returned his grin. “Good.” He pressed a kiss to Buck’s lips. It was a soft, gentle kiss, and Buck hummed into it.
He pulled back first. “That better not have been a proposal.”
“Trust me, Buck, when I propose, you’ll know.” And then Eddie kissed him again, pushing him against the hard back of the chair, and Buck was too thrilled by when and not if to stop him.
Hen cleared her throat. “I’m still here, boys.”
Buck pushed Eddie off. “Sorry, Hen.”
“I’m not,” Eddie mumbled. “Can we go home now?”
“I’m not leaving my own birthday party early, Eddie,” Buck chuckled. “Besides, you and I both know that when we get home, all we’re gonna do is tuck Chris into bed and then pass out.”
Hen shook her head. “You two are insufferable. I can’t believe I thought you two would be less annoying once you actually got together.”
“Excuse you, we’re adorable.” Buck said petulantly, pushing out his lips in an exaggerated pout.
Hen rolled her eyes, and stood up. “It’s your birthday, so I’m just gonna walk away.” And then she was gone.
“I can’t believe Hen left us.”
Eddie just laughed, and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “I don’t blame her.”
Buck sighed. “Me neither, but don’t tell her that.”
Eddie snorted. “Your secret’s safe with me.”
Buck hummed. “We should probably get back in there.”
Eddie nodded his agreement, and stood up, offering a hand to pull Buck up. Once they were both standing, Eddie paused.
“Nothing, I just…” Eddie ran a hand through his hair. “Happy Birthday, Evan.”
Buck felt himself softening, could only imagine the dopey smile he was wearing, but he didn’t care. “Happiest birthday ever.”
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