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#i’m sure you would most definitely lactate
dabihands · 5 months ago
Coffee Run - Hawks x Reader (Smut)
Tumblr media
Summary: Hawks simply wanted to enjoy his coffee in peace, but you had needs of your own, especially knowing he was entering his rut. You know what they say... be careful with what you wish for, because you just might get it.
Warnings: NSFW. Rut!Hawks. Feral Hawks. Public sex. Breeding kink. Pregnancy kink. Lactation kink (brief mention). Featherplay. Slight overstimulation.
Word count: 3.7k
Hawks was nearing his rut. That much was clear. Keeping up an easy going appearance was what he excelled at, until he hit that particular time of the year. Until he was forced to take that medication that would suppress his primal instinct to breed.
But rarely anything in this world came without bearing unpleasant consequences.
“I’ll just have the usual. Thanks.”
The young waitress then turned to you expectantly. “And you, miss?”
You pondered for a second as you eyed the pro hero sitting in front of you. To anyone oblivious to the changes occurring in his body they might think he was just not a morning person.
An idea popped in your mind all of a sudden.
“I’ll have a strawberry lollipop,” you finally said, causing Hawks to briefly lift his eyes from the phone in his hand. “What? I have a sweet tooth.”
The waitress nodded and walked away. He was still glaring at you, one fuzzy eyebrow slightly arched.
“Just that? It’s not a proper breakfast.”
“Neither is coffee, yet here we are.”
He shrugged at your response, shifting his attention back to his phone.
Coffee was his personal mood booster. It was dangerous to demand anything from a rutting Hawks until he had drunk an unhealthy amount of it.
The sun was barely out, and that was exactly why he’d choose this café. Only a few people would be there, which meant he wouldn’t have to deal with loud fans walking up to him and asking for selfies or autographs... or even hugs. It was perfect to hide from everyone how moody and snappy he could get in times like these.
But you figured he still wasn’t taking the medication. He always dreaded it because of how groggy and lethargic it’d leave him.
“You okay?”
He had his index finger flicking up and down on the screen. “Sure.”
But what Hawks didn’t know was that... well... you knew what why he was acting so unlike him.
Soon after, the waitress came back with a large cup of coffee and your lollipop that you promptly snatched from the tray with a smile.
Hawks mumbled a quick ‘thanks’ and you watched him take a few gulps of the hot beverage, while you removed the wrapping.
He sighed in pure relief as his huge wings vibrated from the instant pleasure. “I really needed this.”
You also reckoned he needed something else.
Sliding the round candy in your mouth, you propped your chin on interlaced fingers, regarding him quizzically.
“Is that all you need?”
The apparent innocent question had his golden eyes meet yours. However, you needed them to travel south, so you parted your lips seductively and dangled the lollipop from one corner of your mouth to the other with your tongue.
Hawks’ eyes dropped to your mouth in an instant, taking in the sight of you skilfully twirling the stick while letting out some lewd wet sounds.
“Stop it.”
“Stop what? I love sucking...” you said innocently.
The cup in his hand cracked lightly from his tight grip, and a faint frown settled on his beautiful face.
“You sure you okay?”
For someone who was able to maintain an wavering smile not matter the circumstances, Hawks really was falling behind his reputation. Maybe it wasn’t wise for you to keep pushing him like this. All the innuendos and teasing would eventually get him to snap.
You kept on sucking and licking the hard candy happily, eyeing your boyfriend with utmost interest.
He took another sip of his hot coffee, and you noticed his pupils were slightly dilated. Undoubtedly, the visual of you sucking on something was a enough to spark his arousal.
“Hmm... this tastes so good...” you moaned softly, fluttering your eyes shut for a brief moment. “Want to taste it?”
When he didn’t reply, you decided to take it up a notch. You kicked off your shoe and moved it to touch his leg.
He arched an eyebrow.
Slowly, you began sliding it up his leg and only stopped once you’d reached his inner thigh.
You let the round candy caress your bottom lip, making sure he could see strings of your saliva sliding down to coat your tongue. Mustering a bit more courage, you dragged your feet until it reached his crotch.
Hawks was hard as a rock.
“You’re so warm...” you whispered, rubbing your foot against his cock.
You could tell he was about to snap.
“Hawks? Honey, look! It’s Hawks!”
You quickly turned your head to look at a young couple that was approaching your table. It couldn’t be avoided. Even in the early hours there would always be someone who was a fan of Hawks.
Hawks was forced to regain his composure, and you figure it was taking every single fibre in his body to produce his trademark unwavering grin.
The woman seemed a little hesitant at first. “Are we interrupting something? I’m so sorry... we are big fans.”
“You are such an inspiration to us,” the man added with excitement.
“Thank you!” Hawks beamed, his beautiful features never betraying what was going on under the table. “Want an autograph?”
She quickly nodded, rummaging through her purse to get a pen. “Our baby will love you, too. We’ll make sure of that.”
Hawks visibly swallowed. “Baby?”
“Yes! We found out we’re going to be parents last week.”
You side-eyed him closely. Inwardly, you started cackling in delight, knowing far too well this was one of Hawks’ most intimate triggers. It was far too obvious that being in his rut made it all much worse for him
“Congratulations! How is everything going?” you inquired sweetly, applying gentle pressure on his covered erection with your toes.
He shifted in his seat, doing his best to cope with the sudden stimulation coming from you.
The woman seemed taken aback by your kindness and quickly bowed her head while handing the pen to Hawks.
“Oh, the morning sickness can be quite draining, but otherwise I can’t complain.”
Her partner handed Hawks a copy of a magazine that had him on the cover. He blushed awkwardly. “She keeps it in her purse in case we run into you so we can get an autograph.”
“That’s awesome,” he said genuinely, his voice slightly strained as he drew his signature on it. “Thanks for the support.”
The couple retrieved the magazine and bowed to both of you before walking away.
“That is so cool...” you said, twirling the lollipop stick in between your thumb and index finger. “I wonder what it feels like being pregnant.”
Hawks moved your foot away from his crotch. “Bathroom. Now.”
Your mouth fell open at his sudden outburst, sliding your foot back into your shoe. “Why?”
He rose to his full height as his red wings quivered slightly. “I’m done with you.”
Placing the hard candy back on its wrapping, you gulped as you followed his lead. The café had started to get more clients, and some of them shot a few glares at the winged hero.
The waitress was eyeing both of you. “Is everything okay?”
Hawks shot a brief smile. “She’s not feeling well.”
He certainly had a way to have things go his way.
She looked at yo worriedly. “Should I get help?”
Hawks hurried you into the bathroom, before adding. “She’s with the number two pro hero. I’m all the help she needs.”
Point taken.
Hawks pulled you into a small cubicle, shutting the door with a kick. You heard the lock rattle and you took the opportunity turn around to face him. His massive wings struggled to fit inside the confined space, which caused him to look more menacing as they coiled up against his body.
“You’re rutting.”
His pupils were fully blown and you briefly saw something flash in his eyes. “Of course you know.”
“I know a lot of things,” you cooed, dragging down one hand to squeeze him through his pants. “You’re not taking your medication.”
You’d been dating Hawks for a few months now, and you found out that he went through a rut every year by mere chance. It didn’t take long for you to connect the dots after hearing a phone conversation between him and someone from the commission — you assumed it was a doctor —, who insisted that Hawks had to take the hormonal suppressant medication to lessen the effects, allowing him to function properly.
“I don’t fucking need it,” he snarled at you through gritted teeth.
“I think you do... if you’re so willing to fuck me in a public bathroom,” you whispered seductively, giving his cock a gentle squeeze. “I wonder what made you snap... was it the conversation about pregnancy... or—“
Hawks had had enough of your running your mouth, and with little effort on his part, he flipped you over so that you were now pressed against the bathroom sink, a tall mirror capturing your surprised expression along with his feral one.
“No, little bird...” he growled, hooking his gloved fingers in the belt loops of your pants. “I am not gonna fuck you. I’m gonna breed you.”
It was a dark promise, and one you knew he could keep. After all, that was the purpose of a rut: to breed. Every single cell in his body was prepared for this, and you couldn’t bring yourself to pretend this sudden shift in Hawks’ demeanor didn’t make your pussy clench.
Your hands were supporting your weight by gripping the edge of the cold material of the sink, and you tentatively leaned forward in an attempt to brush against his crotch.
Hawks slid one hand to your front, effectively undoing your pants. “You’re ovulating... fuck...”
That caught by surprise. “What...”
He shifted his body on top of yours, so he could nuzzle your neck, capturing your scent.
“I can smell it... fuck...fuck... you need to be bred...”
In one swift motion, he yanked your pants down. Hawks was usually so much more gentle with you during sex; this was definitely something unexpected, but that you couldn’t stop yourself from yearning.
On the other hand, you considered his words for a moment. Did he really mean it? Did he really want to knock you up, or was this just his hormones talking?
Either way, this was turning you on beyond belief, and you decided to egg him on.
“You want to breed me?”
He was nipping at your neck, causing a few of his moans to be heard. You could feel the hard print of his cock pressed against the curve of your ass, and as you bucked your hips instinctively you felt his own meet you halfway, setting a slow rhythm.
“I need to knock you up... I need you tummy all swollen with my baby,” the young man kept mumbling more to himself than to you, but you couldn’t get enough of it. “I need your... your...”
A gush of wetness leaked out of your pussy as you felt him fumbling with his belt. Through the reflection in the mirror, you could see a faint blush settling on his face, increasing his handsomeness by a tenfold — you didn’t even know how that was possible.
“My what...” your voice came out in a low mewl, keeping your hips swaying at a steady pace.
Hawks undid his pants at once, and gave your ass cheeks a few slaps with his leaking cock.
He gripped your hip tightly. “Let me see your tits...”
You kept yourself balance on one hand as the other dragged the fabric of your shirt up, rolling it just above your breasts. Hawks released his cock, bringing his hips forward to have it slide between your round cheeks; you could start to feel the wetness coating your skin and standing your panties as he kept humping you. His free hand moved to grasp your bra, jerking the material down and finally exposing your hardening nipples.
Hawks heaved a deep breath, resting his chin on your shoulder as he looked at your body through the mirror.
“Can’t wait until they get bigger... full of milk... leaking for me...” he brushed his gloved thumb across your sensitive nipple, causing it to harden even more. “I bet it will taste so good... so sweet... you know I love sweet things.”
Your mind was going blank from all the pleasure being delivered to you at once. From his cock slowly fucking your ass cheeks all the way to the way he was glaring at you through some public bathroom mirror while spitting out the filthiest things you had ever heard him utter.
He snapped his hips hard for a split second, almost causing you to lose balance, forcing you to grip the sink with both hands, eyes still fixed on the way your breasts bounced softly along with each shove from him.
Slowly, he dragged his hand to your lower abdomen, massaging it with spread fingers. “Fuck... I need to feel it getting swollen... gonna knock you up so good.”
Streaks of precum were sliding down your cheeks, leaving wet trails behind and sending jolts of pleasure running down your spine.
“Sorry, but I’m gonna make you cum fast,” he suddenly said.
You weren’t really sure why he was apologizing for that, or even how he intended to achieve such feat. Hawks was more than capable of pleasuring women, but even the most skilled man certainly had his limitations when it came to how fast they could make a woman reach her high.
Even so, apologizing for giving someone an orgasm probably ranked up high with the likes of “Sorry, but I’m going to give you a new house” or “Sorry, but I’m going to give you an unlimited supply of money”. Out of all the things he could feel sorry for — like desperately banging you in some public bathroom, for example—, that one should be the least of his concerns.
As if reading the skepticism splattered across your face, he gave you a knowing smile, and before you could even wonder what he meant by that you felt something poking your covered clit.
What the...
You didn’t expect desperate Hawks to play fair, but this was on another level. The fabric covering your soaked pussy was being pulled to the side, and in no time a velvety object started proving your pulsing clit.
He was using his feathers.
Now you knew what he meant by making you cum fast, the bastard. The sensation was overwhelming, and you vaguely wondered why he had never tried this before.
“Shh... I need you to cum first, so I can have your pussy milking my cock,” he pressed a kiss on your neck. “Be a good girl and keep your voice down.”
With one hand still caressing your tummy and the other squeezing one breasts softly, you tried hard to bite back your moans as his feather kept stroking your clit as he commanded.
You started panting heavily, drunk in pleasure. “I... I... Hawks...”
Seeing that you weren’t going to be able to keep quiet, he brought the hand on your breast to clamp it over your mouth.
“You’re so ready for me... I can feel the vibrations through my feather... you’re throbbing so much for me, baby...”
And it was the absolute truth. Your were absolutely sure his feather was already drenched in your juices, but you didn’t care at all. A few more flicks and strokes sent your hips into auto-pilot, trying to get more friction.
Long and drawn out moans erupted from your throat only to be muffled by his gloved hand.
You could feel something in your core swirling and shifting and through the haze of passion, you could tell it was the tension building up inside you that was reaching a dangerous peak.
“Good girl... t-that’s my girl... getting ready for me to breed her...”
His dirty talk served as the perfect incentive for you to get closer and closer to the edge. You saw your vision begin to tunnel and suddenly you fell headfirst into the explosion of pleasure that had your arms and legs shake violently, and you thanked the heavens that Hawks’ body was pressed against yours, or you’d have sunk to your feet.
But before your pussy could stop contracting around nothing, you felt your body being pushed forward and in one quick slide, his cock was buried deep inside you.
Hawks’ hips faltered for a second as he adjusted to your tightness. “Fuck!”
The feather brushing your clit stopped its ministrations, and as your field of vision started clearing, you saw it hovering in front of your face. It was completely covered in your juices and a few droplets dripped onto the sink. His hand fell to grip your hip, and your lips immediately parted in a silent scream as overstimulation took over.
“Keep it open... lick... lick it...” he groaned, his voice strained and shaky as his cock endured your contractions.
You extended your tongue out, allowing is feather to drag along it, pooling your wetness on your tongue.
Hawks’ reflection shivered before your eyes at the newfound source of pleasure. “F-fuuuck... just like that...”
His wings fluttered as so did the feather stroking your muscle, and even though your orgasm had already subsided, the never ending stimulation from his thick cock hitting deep inside you was just too much.
“I’m gonna lose it! Fuck!” he nearly cried out, ad you could only pray that no one could hear him outside.
Your knees bucked weakly as he snapped his hips into you once, twice and again closing in on his own release, but the moment you ran your tongue over the sensitive extension of his body you knew he was done for. He bucked up to meet your hips in an especially sharp thrust and you could feel the hot gush of his cum deep inside you, coating your trembling walls, mixing with your own juices.
He hadn’t lasted long, but you weren’t at all surprised, considering how much the vast array of different stimuli that he was subjected to in such a sort amount of time.
A few seconds ticked by, and he finally began pulling out, you pussy reflexively clamping around him as if to make him stay.
“Stop clenching like that before I get hard again...” he warned, giving your ass a soft smack as he slid out completely with a loud slurping sound.
You whimpered softly as emptiness filled you instead. As you were about to straighten yourself, you felt a blob of cum threading to spill, and Hawks promptly kept you leaning forward.
“I didn’t just fill you with a big load for you to waste it all,” and with that, he dragged the tip of his cock along your leaking pussy and pushed it back inside. “There you go... all stuffed again.”
The head of his cock didn’t stay inside you for long, and once he slid out you reached for paper from the dispenser hanging on the wall.
He grabbed your arm. “No.”
“I need to clean myself...”
“No, you don’t,” Hawks whispered sweetly into your ear, and you felt him tug at your panties before letting the fabric slap your over sensitive clit. “You’re gonna be a good girl and keep it all in.”
Your eyes widened in shock. Certainly, he didn’t mean that....
“Hawks... I can’t walk around with your cum dripping from me,” you stated as a matter of fact.
You saw his reflection in the mirror; he had a devious smile dancing on his lips, making your insides coil in sudden realization.
“Didn’t you want me to breed you? Then keep my cum inside your tight pussy,” he began, planting soft caring kisses on the side of your neck in between. “Think you can do that for me, beautiful?”
Feeling your panties sticking to your swollen lips with the aftermath of both your juices and drops of his cum made a shiver run down you entire body.
You nodded once.
Suddenly, he bent over slightly to grasp the waistband of your pants, quickly dragging them up your thighs.
“Time to go,” he huffed as one of his gloved hands brushed along his unruly golden locks of hair. “This was just meant to be a quick coffee run.”
There was a faint smudge of pink crossing his nose and resting on both his cheeks. He looked positively less tense, with his blush being the only indicator that he had just emptied his balls deep inside you.
He unlocked the door and exited first, but not before shooting his Hawks-like smile at you. “I’ll be going ahead to pay and deal with the fans.”
You chuckled as the door closed, and turned to look at your reflection in the mirror while adjusting your clothes. “Well... don’t look at me like that. He’s impossible to resist, especially like this...”
After you were done washing your hands, you took a few steps immediately feeling a few drops of cum dripping onto your panties. You clenched your pussy hard in the hopes of preventing more from spilling.
This was not going to end well.
Taking a deep breath, you walked out and were met with the waitress. “Oh! Are you alright now?”
Yeah, I just got fucked hard and I have cum leaking from me. “Yes! Thank you, and sorry for leaving like that... I really wasn’t feeling well.”
She nodded in understanding, stepping aside to let you walk into the lobby only to see a loud commotion of people piling up around something. Big massive turfs of scarlet feathers quickly gave it away and you smiled fondly.
A few girls standing nearby were giggling to each other, catching your attention.
“Oh my... he’s so much more handsome up close,” one said with a dreamy sigh.
“His wings are so pretty...” the other murmured.
Yes. Hawks had that effect on nearly everyone he crossed paths with. In one way or another, people had the tendency to fall fo him and be drawn by his quirky personality. Even if at the end of the day, once he got home, you could see the wearing effects of having to keep up with this society’s standards.
As the crowd began to disperse, he waved a hand at you.
“It was so nice to have you here, Hawks,” the young waitress blurted out as you two made your exit. “Please come again!”
The number two pro hero bowed his head and gave her a thumbs up. “I’m sure I will. Very soon,” he winked at you.
Very poor choice of words.
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zodiakuroo · 6 months ago
Just a Fantasy
Tumblr media
Hinata’s got a bad case of baby fever. 
Pairing: Hinata Shoyo x Fem!Reader
Contains: 18+ characters, dubcon, breeding.... like heavy impreg themes, no prep, mentions of lactation, misogyny and threw in a mating press just for fun and that’s about it really. hinata is the worst but he’s still best boy????
Word count: 2k approx.... uh i planned for this to be a drabble
Notes: uni has been kicking my ass lately but i figured i should write something to celebrate my rename so i did this instead of prep for class enjoy :)  
this is the new and improved version so if you’ve already read this, no you didn’t <3
You find out by accident, on all fours while Hinata drills into you from behind. The second you cream around him, he’s coming inside you too, not able to hold back anymore. There’s too much blood in his dick and not enough in his brain and he lets it slip out.
“Wanna put a baby in you. Fuck.” He groans, lost in the pleasure of his orgasm, not able to actually register what he’s saying.
When both of you are completed sated, you lie in bed, sweaty limbs tangled up in messy bed sheets. With your head on his chest, you look up at him, unable to hide the mischievous grin playing on your lips.
“What?” He asks, smiling back down at you.
“Oh nothing.” You say but the teasing lilt in your voice implies otherwise. “Just didn’t know you wanted kids so bad.”
Almost instantly his smile drops and his face reddens with embarrassment. “Wait! No. I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.” He stammers as he realises what he said out loud accidentally when you were squeezing him so tight that all he could think about was painting your insides white.
This is probably the kink that he’s least proud of. It’s scared off so many of his past partners and after a while he stopped bringing it up, tired of people making him feel like he was gross for being turned on by the idea of getting someone pregnant with his child. “I’m so so sorry. It won’t happen again I swea-“
“Shoyo, relax.” You giggle and place a soft kiss on his jaw. It instantly puts him at ease. “I know it’s just a fantasy.”
It’s just a fantasy
You’re on the pill so you can’t actually get pregnant. He knows that’s the only reason you let him fuck you raw.
It’s just a fantasy.
You guys have had the ‘kids’ conversation before and you both agreed that you’d like to start a family eventually. Right now however, both of you are so focused on your careers, there’s just no space for a baby in your lives.
It’s just a fantasy.
“Besides,” you slowly move your hand down his toned torso then finally dipping underneath the sheet draped over your naked bodies. “I thought it was kinda hot.” You wrap your hand around the the base of his dick, smirking at the tent forming under the white linen.
It’s just a fantasy.
After that, your boyfriend fucks you all night, until you’re absolutely stuffed with his cum, all the while spewing filth about how badly he wants to give you his babies.
It’s just a fantasy.
And for a while, Hinata is happy with that.
The catalyst comes when he least expects it. A grueling Thursday afternoon practice is interrupted by two giggling girls, sprinting into the gymnasium.
“Daddy!” they squeal as Bokuto swoops them up, one in each arm
“And what on earth are my favourite girls doing here?” giving each of them a kiss on their cheek.
An exasperated sigh comes from the entrance, causing everyone to look in that direction. “I’m so sorry. The girls really wanted to surprise you at practice.” She tries her best to sound annoyed but her fond smile gives her away.
He puts down his girls to greet his wife. “There’s my other favourite girl.” He wraps her up in an embrace as the rest of the team swarms around the children, greeting them with high fives and hugs.
She gently swats at his chest. “Ew Kotaro, you’re all sweaty!” Nonetheless, she still lets him hold her, even giving him a quick peck on his lips.
Hinata finds himself distracted for a moment focused on Bokuto’s wife’s stomach and her telltale bump. It’s not very big yet but it definitely wasn’t there the last time he saw her. He’s not proud of the seed of envy that starts to bloom in him. Their youngest is only 3, they can’t already-
“Uncle Sho!” His thoughts are interrupted by the eldest girl running into him with almost enough force to knock him over.
That night curled up on the couch watching TV with you. You’re engrossed in the show but he can’t really focus. There’s one certain thought that he can’t seem to shake.
More specifically, how you would look, round and swollen with his child. How anyone who looked at you would know that he did that to you. That you were his.
“Babe,” He starts, trying (and failing) to sound nonchalant. “Did you know Bo’s wife is pregnant.”
He’s not trying to make you feel like you have to or anything. He’s just testing the waters. Trying to see if maybe you feel the same way he does. Maybe you’re ready now to try for a baby. He’s hopeful that you are.
“What?!” you exclaim. “Again? He really doesn’t give her a break huh.”
It doesn’t sound like you share his sentiments , in fact you sound more relieved that it isn’t you.
“Ha. Yeah. But they seem really happy.” He says sheepishly, his hand rubbing at the back of his head. “I can’t wait to have that with you. You know... a family.”
“Oh of course.” Your arms circle his waist, hugging him. “One day.”
You turn back to the TV and Hinata is grateful for that, since he can’t hide the disappointment on his face. ‘One day’ just wasn’t soon enough.
Since that day, Hinata has tried to push the idea of babymaking out of his mind. It’s no use torturing himself with the thought, if you weren’t ready then you weren’t ready, there was nothing he could do.
And yet, it’s all he can think about.
When you’re cuddling in bed at night, he slides a hand across your stomach, rubbing circles over the smooth skin, imagining it stretched around your gravid belly, dreaming about feeling tiny feet tap against his hand from inside you.
Watching you do literally anything he can’t help but envision you so heavily pregnant that you struggle to do all those simple tasks. But it would be okay because he would be there to take care of you. Putting on your shoes for you. Running out in the middle of the night to buy you whatever strange food you were craving.
Going shopping becomes almost like hell for him. Suddenly he sees baby stuff everywhere. Clothes, toys, strollers, diapers and god knows what else; all just little reminders of what he can’t have.
The other day he had to play a practice match, praying no one noticed his semi after imagining you cheering him on from the stands, wearing his jersey, a few sizes bigger than the one you usually wear to fit over your round belly.
Soon the sadness and jealousy morph into anger. He hates himself for it. He doesn’t want to blame you. It’s your body and you have the right to decide. But he’s been so patient and it’s as though you refuse to even consider the idea.
To prevent himself from taking his frustrations out on you, he chooses to put more energy into his training. Even on today, his rest day, he was up early for a run, only coming back home long after you’ve left for work. When he’s just stepped out of the shower his phone pings with a text from you.
babe, i have to work late :( could you please stop by the pharmacy and pick up my birth control? love you!!! xx
His brain short circuits for a second, blood rushing south immediately. He reads the message over and over again, cursing himself for the vile places his mind is wandering to. It’s a request that should be easy for any good, self-respecting boyfriend. He grips his phone tighter, using all his will power to steer his thoughts away from that direction.
sure thing! lemme know if i need to get anything else love you too
They’re just pills. Tiny, little, pink pills. And yet they’re the only thing standing in the way of what he wants more than anything in the world.
He’s been fiddling with the dial pack for 20 minutes thinking about how easy it would be for him to swap out the real pills with the placebo ones so the next time he comes in you, there’ll be a nice, fertile egg just waiting for his sperm. The idea is enough to make him throb in his shorts, cock aching to be inside you.
It’s also enough to make him nauseous with guilt. You trust him so much and here he is daydreaming about betraying you. You’re way too good for him. He doesn’t deserve you.
Holding them in his hands makes his palms sweat just a little. Maybe all those people in the the past were right, he is gross.
Hinata tries to reason with himself. This is natural right? Your bodies are made for this. To reproduce. It’s evolution right? Eventually you’ll realise that you want this too. He’s sure of it.
He’s sorry. But he swears he’ll make it up to you by being the best husband and dad he can possibly be. You’ll see.
It’s been a few days since the two of you have had sex and it’s not because of lack of effort on your part. In fact you can’t explain exactly why, but recently you’ve been more needy than ever. You find yourself craving the burn of his girthy cock stretching you out, the vice grip he has on your hips as he pounds you and most of all, the toe-curling sensation of him emptying his balls into your cunt. It’s more to do with Hinata finding ways to evade your advances. His go to excuse is that he’s tired from training which is understandable, the new season is approaching and your boyfriend has never stopped trying to the best.
Still, you can’t help but worry slightly. Shoyo is known for his boundless energy and on top of that the man has a seemingly insatiable sex drive, so much so that you struggle to keep up with him sometimes.
He thinks he might regret what he’s done but it’s too late to fix it now. He’s scared. What if you find out and you hate him for it? The thought terrifies him so much that he can’t bare to look at you, let alone touch you. Believe him, it’s not easy. To him, you’re the sexiest being on this planet, quite literally everything you do turns him on. Add to that the fact he knows for sure you’re fertile right now, and totally unaware of it... yeah he can’t understand how he’s managed to keep his hands off you for so long.
However, the already frayed strand of his self-control snaps when you send him a video of you with your legs spread wide as you slowly dance your fingers over your already damp panties. Up and down, up and down while the fingers on your other hand tweak at you nipples. Even in the dim light of your bedroom, he can see the dark patch on your crotch grow bigger and bigger with every teasing movement. He’s already salivating at the sight of you and he hears you whine his name, looking directly at the camera, eyes glossy with that fucked out look he loves to put on your face. He decides then and there, regret be damned. 
 He makes it home in record time, already tearing off his clothes the minute the front door slams shut. He finds you lying on the bed in nothing but your underwear, just like in the video you sent him. If he wasn’t hard as a rock before, he sure is now. 
He’s on top of you before you can even welcome him home, trapping your body under his and kissing you passionately while his calloused hands grope at whatever flesh they can find. His eagerness takes you by surprise, considering how little attention he’s given you but you welcome it, having missed him just much.  It’s messy and sloppy, tongues flicking against each other while the two of you dry hump like a couple of teenagers. His clothed cock grinding against your soaked cunt has you writhing already and you haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.
He’s tugging at your panties with so much fervour, that he practically tears them off your body. They’re getting in the way.  It’s obvious he’s not in the mood for foreplay tonight, but you don’t really care because neither are you. You need him now.
Still, he’s been holding out on you all week. It wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t tease him, just a little... “Sho, it’s been so long.” You put on that breathy, pornstar-esque voice you know he’s weak for. Your hands reach down to pull down his boxers and fondle his balls, rolling them between your fingers. “They feel so heavy. So full.” You pull your bottom lip between your teeth and bat your eyelashes at him, looking like the picture of innocence despite how lewd you’re being.
“Yeah.” He whispers, barely able to think straight. “Shit. Got such a big load, all for you baby.” This is really happening.
“Please give it to me.” You pout. “Please. Right in my pussy.”
He’s sick. He really is. Here you are, playing out his most coveted fantasy, completely oblivious to how real this all is. You don’t know that when he says he’s gonna give you a baby, he means it.
He’s despicable for doing this to sweet, naive little you, but he pushes those thoughts away and shuts his eyes as pushes just the tip into you. He can’t even lie and say he feels any remorse.  
 “Tight- fuckin’ tight.” He grunts as he fills you to the hilt with one, sharp snap of his hips. 
 Honestly, nothing can compare to the feeling of the way your silky walls squeeze around his bare shaft, struggling to take all of him in.  It’s been less than a week but he promises himself to never go that long without fucking you ever again. Even when you’re knocked up, he’s gonna fuck you everyday.
As dripping and desperate as you are for him, taking Hinata without any prep is no small feat. However, you revel in the way your walls stretch and mould to fit around him perfectly. The feeling of him, hot and throbbing inside you, with no barrier in between more than compensates for the intensity of him splitting you open like this.
You’re clenching so tight, cunt practically sucking him back in every time he draws out of you. “This hole is mine right? I can do whatever I want to it. ’S mine.” He mutters, more to himself than you as some depraved way to soothe his conscience. He shouldn’t feel bad for this. You’re his. 
“Y-yours. Belongs to you.” is all you manage to make out, so cock drunk already. You’re close to your climax and you can’t even find it in you to be embarrassed at how quick your boyfriend managed to get you there. No. You’re too focused on begging him to give you more. To give it to you harder and faster.
He picks up his pace, mesmerised by the way your tits bounce when his hips bump into yours. He pictures them bigger and swollen with milk. They’ll probably hurt when they fill up but it’s okay, he’ll be there to help you out. He wonders what it’ll taste like. Probably, sweet, just like everything else about you. 
His sweet little wife. Yeah, that’s what you’re gonna be. 
“So close. Shoyo cum inside. Need you to breed me. Please!” You whimper.
He’s feral, acting purely on instinct, fingers digging into the back of your thighs, leaving the crescent shape indentations of his nails in your skin. He imagines you waddling around the house, all big and swollen with his child.  You’re essentially folded in half and as he’s leaning his body over you. He thinks about how he messed with your birth control, how you clueless you are and how it might be the best decision he’s ever made. 
“Come for me baby. Wan’ you to milk every drop out of me.” He says ramming his cock into you, getting even deeper thanks to the adjusted position. He fucks you into the mattress relentlessly, focused now on his goal of filling you up with his potent cum and getting you nice and pregnant. He’s gonna mark you from the inside out.
As your orgasm hits, you make the most wanton face, eyes not leaving his, so he knows exactly how good he’s making you feel. The way you lock him in with your legs around his waist as your walls flutter around him is bad enough but when you moan out “Make me a mommy, please.”
That’s it for him. He gives you one last, hard thrust, pressing his balls against your ass, fat head of his cock kissing your cervix as he releases ropes of hot cum right into your gooey pussy. 
He’s flooded your cunt already but he still has more to give you so he ignores the painful aftershocks of his orgasm and starts rutting his softening dick into you again, trying to push his semen into your ripe and ready womb. He can’t let any of it go to waste.
“Shoyo, wait. Hurts.” You slur, unable to move from the grip he has on your thighs.
“I know baby. Me too. But I can’t stop.” He feels himself getting hard again. “Gotta make sure it takes.”
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waitimcomingtoo · 9 months ago
Plank All Over Me - 72 Questions With Vogue Edition
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Plank All Over Me Series Masterlist
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Tumblr media
“Hi. I’m here from Vogue. Mind if I ask you a few questions?”
“Oh, hey. Didn’t see you there.” You flirtatiously flipped your perfectly curled hair over your shoulder and winked at the camera. “Come on in.”
You walked inside your house, and gestured for the camera man to follow. In preparation for the interview, you and Tom had gotten out every award you’d ever won and strategically placed them around the house. You smiled at the camera and rubbed your hand over your growing baby bump.
“Welcome to my crib. Sorry it’s such a mess.” You rolled your eyes and faked a laugh, knowing the house was far from being a mess. You kept walking and saw Tom in the living room, polishing on of his awards with a feather duster.
“Oh my stars.” You feigned a gasp once you spotted Tom. “Is that my husband, the critically acclaimed movie star and Lip-sync battle winner, Tom Holland? I had no idea he was home.” You winked at the camera again.
“Oh, hello.” Tom stopped dusting and posed with a smile. “Don’t mind me. I was just cleaning this.”
“Might want to give that a dusting too.” You pointed to one of your awards before sending the camera another huge smile.
“Are you guys ready to answer some questions?” The camera guy asked.
“I was born ready.” Tom concurred with a smile.
“You were a C section baby.” You reminded him. “You weren’t even born.”
“I was removed ready.” He kept the same tone in his voice.
“Where did you meet?” The camera man asked as you and Tom began to walk towards your backyard.
“We met at BBC Radio 1 while doing the Plank All Over Me challenge.” Tom answered.
“Where was your first date?”
“Cracker Barrel.” You winked at the camera as you opened your back door. Tom laughed and shook his head at your joke.
“It was not. We got milkshakes at an Ice Cream Shop in Soho.” He corrected you.
“Who made the first move?”
“Why, he did.” You touched a hand to your heart. “He found me after the planking challenge, both our arms sore and aching, and asked me out on a date. We’ve been together ever since.”
“When you did you move in together?”
“About six months into the relationship when I realized she had a bigger bathroom than me.” Tom answered as he took a seat in one of your decorative deck chairs.
“How long have you been together?”
“Since September 29, 2019 at precisely 6:33 p.m.” You responded.
“Wow. Just a year?”
“Realistically, we’ve been together for a few years, but that’s when this series was first posted.” You shrugged. Tom and the camera blinked in confusion for a few minutes as they processed what you said.
“Moving on.” The camera man cleared his throat. “Tom, how did you pick an engagement ring?”
“I went into the shop and I said “which is the least expensive because I’m trying to buy a Porsche” and that’s how she ended up with this bad boy.” Tom smirked as he held up your hand to show off your engagement ring.
“I can’t wait to tell our baby that story.” You played along as you rubbed your baby bump.
“When did you know you wanted to propose?”
“As soon as she started whining because the planking was hurting her arms, I knew she was the one.” Tom joked.
“Did you know he was going to propose?”
“Surprisingly, no.” You laughed. “It’s the one secret he’s ever kept.
“I nearly got an ulcer from trying to keep it from her.” Tom blew out a breath.
“Who planned the majority of the wedding?”
“I did.” You declared. “I had to text Tom the morning of the wedding to remind him where the venue was.”
“Did either of you cry?”
“As soon as I mentioned the yoga challenge in my vows, the whole room was sobbing.” Tom teased.
“How big was the reception?”
“Let’s just say, we had all the Avengers there.” Tom nodded.
“All the important ones, anyway.” You joked. “Mackie couldn’t make it.”
“How did you spend your honeymoon?”
“We went to Bali and didn’t see any of it.” Tom smirked, earning a playful smack on the arm from you.
“What’s been your favorite video together?”
“I loved the prank with Josh.” You answered with a smile.
“I didn’t.” Tom shook his head. “I nearly threw hands with a ginger that day. I quite liked the friendship test.”
“What video gave you the fondest memories?”
“Spill your Guts, for sure. That’s when I learned about the existence of this one.” Tom beamed as he rubbed your baby bump.
“What was your least favorite video to film?”
“We already know Tom’s answer.” You chuckled.
“Prank interview.” He stated. “To this day, I hate it.”
“Did you see yourself getting married when you first met?”
“All I saw were the nose hairs in Tom’s nostrils when we first met.” You laughed. “After all, he did plank on me for six and a half minutes.”
“I had a feeling we would.” Tom smiled shyly. “Or a hope, at least.”
You pouted at his sincerity and leaned forward to kiss him, which his happily accepted.
“Have you thought of baby names?”
“Josh.” You answered immediately and Tom groaned.
“I’m kidding.” You rolled your eyes. “I really like the name Ryan Reynolds though.”
”What are you hoping for?”
“An oscar.” Tom answered at the same time you said “A divorce.”
“You already want a divorce?” The camera man laughed.
“Oh, not a divorce from Tom.” You assured him. “I want Ryan Reynolds to divorce Blake Lively so he can marry me instead.” You explained as Tom nodded along.
“And I want to die every time she says that.” He cracked a smile.
“Let’s get back to the baby questions.” The camera man said as you began to move around the yard. “Do you know the gender?”
“We do.” Tom said deviously. “But we’re not telling.”
“Do you think the baby will be more like their mother or their father?”
“Definitely me.” You stated.
“Why are you so sure?”
“Because Tom’s not the father.” You smiled sweetly. Tom stared at the camera with an unamused expression and shook his head.
“Who’s going to be the fun parent?”
“Considering I’m the parent who can swing from buildings, I say me.” Tom boasted.
“Who’s going to teach the baby how to read?”
“I am. And after the baby learns, they can teach Tom.” You smiled as you patted Tom’s shoulder.
“Do you think the baby will like to plank?”
“If they’re anything like their mommy, no.” Tom poked fun at you.
“And if they’re anything like their daddy, they’ll grow up to play the Green Lantern.” You shot back.
“Hahahah. She’s so funny.” Tom forced a laugh at your joke.
“Do you think the baby will develop your senses of humor?”
“Wait, you have a sense of humor?” You asked Tom. “You didn’t tell me that.”
“She loves me so much, it’s crazy.” Tom deadpanned towards the camera.
“Do you want the baby to grow up to be an actor or actress like you guys?”
“I just want the baby to be happy.” Tom gave a serious answer. “Every thing else will fall into place on its own.”
“That’s a great answer. Do you think you’ll post about the baby a lot of keep them out of the spotlight for the first few years of their life?”
“I think we’ll wait until they’re at least 4 months old until we exploit them for our own financial gain.” You said and Tom nodded along.
“Have you picked out the godparents yet?”
“Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.” You joked. “They’re so excited. Jake said he would take the baby fishing.”
“He’s taken me fishing a few times.” Tom said as he stared off.
“How have you been preparing for the baby?”
“Well, I personally stopped sleeping, changed my whole diet, started lactating, and my pelvic bone separated in the middle so that I could push the baby out. Tom, what did you do?” You tilted your head at him.
“I bought the car seat.” Tom said proudly. “My wife picked it out, though.”
“I also drove him there.” You glared at the camera for a moment, cracking a smile after your joke.
“What are you most looking forward to after the baby is born?”
“Laying on my stomach.” You laughed as you looked down at your protruding bump.
“I also miss laying on her stomach.” Tom pouted as he rubbed the bump. “That was my favorite cuddle position.”
“Aw. I’m sorry we can’t cuddle the way you want to anymore because I’m growing your child inside my body.” You said sarcastically, making Tom laugh.
“Thank you for growing our child inside your body. I don’t say it enough.” Tom praised as he leaned in for a kiss.
“You’re welcome.” You smiled at him before turning to the camera man. “Anything else you want to know?”
“Actually, I have a question.” Tom stated as he looked at the camera.
“What’s that?” The camera man asked. You and Tom looked at each other and exchanged a smile before turning back the the camera.
“Are you excited to meet our baby girl?”
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seiyasabi · 8 months ago
(This is a Yandere Amajiki x Pregnant Female Reader story :)) Please proceed with caution!
TW: Stockholm syndrome!, mentions of abuse! (not you), mentions of dub/noncon! (not you), !mentions of unsafe abortion! (not you), pregnancy!, !!!mentions of a suicide attempt!!!! (not you), captivity!, !lactation kink!, !breast milk drinking!, no sex but NSFW themes!, etc..
I hope you guys like this!) 
Tamaki’s large hand rubs your back soothingly, attempting to alleviate your current backache. He’s taken you on a ‘playdate’ with his friend’s darling, and the four of you are sitting in the jovial blond’s living room. 
“Everytime we see her, she just keeps getting bigger and bigger!” Mirio cheers, “How far along is she now?” He talks about you as if you aren’t there, causing you and your previously unwanted husband to become uncomfortable. The blond is definitely not a Yandere anyone would want; he’s controlling, sadistic, misogynistic, entitled-all things you’re happy that your Amajiki isn’t. It’s just another reason why you gave into him a year ago. 
“Mirio, pl-please don’t talk about (Your Name) like she isn’t here. You know it makes me uncomfortable,” The brawny man’s eyes flash with a dark emotion, causing you to lean in closer to the indigo haired man’s side. His friend scares you, and you can’t help but pray for his darling. The poor girl is always covered with bruises, littered with painful gashes, and just the thought of your friend being hurt by that monster brings a tear to your (colour) eyes. 
“Ah, it seems I forgot. Sorry Ama,” Your husband freezes up with further discomfort at his best friend’s use of your nickname. His blue eyes land on your rigid form, a small smirk on his thin lips, “How far along are you, (Nickname)?”
Your left hand is on your round stomach, your son kicking lightly at your touch, “We’re about seven months! I’m set to give birth in a few months,” A small smile is on your lips at the thought of your future child. Amajiki’s free hand places itself on top of yours, causing you to look up and give him a full on grin. Seeing that he was smiling at you as well, you place your head on his shoulder. He always knows how to make you feel better. 
“See, (Friend’s Name)? This could be us if you weren’t so stubborn,” Your husband interlaces your fingers together, squeezing reassuringly. He knows that his friend’s actions are somewhat triggering, especially because you know the things he’s done. Mirio lets out a wicked laugh, looking at the both of you with cruel eyes, “(Friend Name) here and I were pregnant a few months ago, after a long night of love-making,” Amajiki holds you even tighter, trying to stop your terror-filled shakes, “But someone was selfish. Someone decided to take a handful of pills, and now your mini Tamaki won’t have a friend. But don’t worry,” His large hands grip your friend’s thigh harshly, “We’ll try again. That’s the point of women, eh, Amajiki? Our own personal baby-makers?” 
Your teary eyes find (Friend’s Name)’s, your hand covering your mouth. You hadn’t seen her for a month, and you now know why. You also now know why her hands are covered with mittens, why her throat is wrapped with a shock collar, why she-
Tamaki stands up quickly, his hands gently guiding you onto your swollen feet. He wraps a protective arm around your waist once you’re fully standing, and he starts to guide you to Mirio’s yellow front door, “Ah, I-I think it-it’s time we go home. (Your Name) i-is sleepy, so-”
“Don’t worry about it, buddy! I totally understand. After all, good Darlings get nice privileges, and (Your Name) is one of the best Darlings I’ve ever met. She knows her place,” He stands to his feet, standing a good five inches above your very tall husband, “Come on, (Friend’s Name), let’s walk them out.”
The (Hair colour) girl struggles to her feet, her broken foot in a boot. She hobbles to the door in her house-wife esque frock, drawing a laugh from the sunny man. The sight hurts your heart so bad, that you have to look away. 
Once the other couple reach their front door, Mirio draws a large keyring filled to the brim with different coloured keys from his pocket, before inserting each one into the ten locks present on the painted wood. Once all are unclasped, he holds the door open with a boot clad foot. 
“You two have a good day! I’m sorry for (Friend’s Name)’s behaviour, I’ll be sure to straighten her out once you leave,” You hear her barely muffle a sob, making your lip quiver with your own sobs. Once outside, you hear the door slam shut, and hear a series of locking mechanisms go into place. 
“He’s gotten worse,” You hear Amajiki mutter, which is enough to send you into a breakdown. His muscular arms wrap you in a tight side hug, his own tears dripping onto your (hair/head). 
You cry for your friend and the person she once was. 
He cries at the monster his best friend has become. 
Tamaki was right, you ended up taking a nap the moment you got home. 
When you awoke, your back hurts even more than before, along with your milk filled tits. Massaging your sore chest, you sit up with a bit of trouble. At your last appointment, your doctor said your son was a big fella, and cautioned you against doing anything besides resting. This caused the already doting Amajiki to take up every chore and task you have. 
Right now, you can hear and smell him cooking your favourite meal, causing you to stand onto your wobbly feet. With one hand on your tummy and one on your back, you waddle towards your personal chef of a husband.
He’s currently leaning against the grey granite counter across from the stove, and when he sees your form struggling towards him, he rushes into action. Tamaki quickly sweeps you off of your feet, and brings you to your kotatsu couch. Gently placing you onto your preferred spot, he helps you place a few pillows behind you to help give you better back support. 
“Bunny, what are you doing out of bed? You could’ve hurt yourself,” He’s improved on his nervous stutter since you’ve fallen for him, warming your heart completely. 
“I’m sorry, Ama. I woke up with a backache and wanted a massage, but then I got hungry-” He loves listening to you ramble, you’re the most precious person he’s ever known. Especially when you ‘talk’ to your son. Sometimes he’d listen in and hear you coo about the cute outfits you found for him, or how his Daddy is a super cool hero, or how you can’t wait for him to come out so you can pinch his chubby cheeks, or- “Are you even listening?” He glances up, taking in your adorable pout, causing his face to go red. 
“Of course! I’ll give you a backrub after dinner, okay? Then we can take a shower,” You nod, allowing him to hurry to the kitchen to grab your food and utensils. 
He comes back at a lightning fast pace, he uses a few tentacles to juggle the (bowls/plates) along with the (chopstick/spoons/forks), side dishes, and toppings. 
“Go ahead and eat, okay? I’m sure you and (Son Name) are starving,” Giggling at his overeagerness, you give in to his demand. 
“-Is this pressure good? Let me know if it’s not,” Amajiki’s massive hands knead your aching shoulders, and rub down your pained spine. His thumbs massage the area around your ribs, trying to loosen your muscles to allow you to relax. You’re currently shirtless, clad in only your bra and your comfortable joggers.
“Mhm, you always know how to make me feel better, Ama,” He practically preens at your words, smooching the bare skin of your upper back. 
The massage continues, easing the pain in your back. Now, the only thing ailing you is your sore breasts. 
“A-are you okay, Bunny? You tensed up quite a bit,” You turn your head enough for him to see your comforting smile. 
“Yes, I’m okay. It’s just, uhm, oh man, this is so embarrassing,” Both of your hands cover your face to hide your flushing cheeks, sending Tamaki into a mini panic attack. 
“What is it? Is the baby giving you trouble? Do I need to take you to the hospital?” Seeing his panic, you try to turn to face him, but require his assistance to do so. His clammy hands grip yours as he brings you toward him. 
“No, Tama, it’s nothing serious, it’s just…” You look down in shame, “My, uhm, my breasts hurt,” Your voice trails off at the end, causing your husband not to hear you. 
“Wha-what was that?” Small tears group in your eyes, as your shame overwhelms you. 
“My boobs hurt! Please don’t make fun of me by making me ask again!” Seeing your distress, he quickly brings you into his embrace. 
“No, no, it’s okay! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you the first time, I swear! I’ll help you, Bun, there’s no need to cry. Here,” The indigo haired man unclasps your bra, allowing your tits to fall out somewhat harshly. Yelping at the ache, Tamaki tries to soothe you by holding your larger breasts up, alleviating the pain, “I’m sorry!”
“It’s okay,” You smooch his forehead, his entire face is bright red, “Please help me, I need you,” Your wet eyes and much larger breasts make your husband look away, trying not to become aroused. 
“Oh-okay,” His warm hands gently squeeze your teats, testing to see if that was enough pressure. A small moan leaves your lips, telling him that what he’s doing is helping. 
His hands knead your sensitive chest in a rhythmic fashion, slowly quelling the pain you were once suffering. 
Just when you fully relaxed, disaster struck. 
Two streams of thick milk spray from your teats, coating the front of his black shirt. You gasp, covering your mouth with both hands. 
“I’m sorry Ama! I-I didn’t mean to! It just-” Without missing a beat, the indigo haired man suddenly latches on to your nipple. His lips suck vigorously, trying to drink all of your yummy milk in one go. A loud moan leaves your lips, as you try to detach him from your leaking tit, “Wha-what are you doing?” A keen escapes your throat when he tweaks your other nipple, dripping your milk onto your joggers. His own moans vibrate against you, sending a flash of arousal to your pussy. 
Once he has his fill of your right breasts, he lets go with a small gasp, “Do-do you feel better Bun-Bun?” Now that you thought about it, yes, yes you do. So, you nod your head, mouth slightly agape. 
“Please, ‘Jiki! Please milk my other titty too!” He doesn’t say anything, before he latches on to your left nipple. Whilst he sucks, he lets his tongue flick your leaky teat, triggering a little more milk to spray out. You both moan, one of you in absolute lust, and the other in relief. The heavy, aching feeling of your breasts slowly fades away, leaving you feeling light and happy. 
Your hand runs through his soft locks, a sigh of pleasure going through your nose, “Thank you, Ama, you’re so good to me. I’m sorry if it doesn’t taste good-” He quickly releases your left nipple to kiss you on the lips. 
“Your milk is delicious, Bunny. I don’t think I can ever go back to cow’s milk ever again!” He fondles your enlarged chest, playing with your sensitive nipples, “I love you so much, (Your Name). Is it okay if I nurse with our son?”
You flush at his words, “Bu-but my milk’s for (Son’s Name), won’t he go hungry?” He shakes his head no, kissing you on the lips once more. 
“I asked your doctor for breast milk supplements, you’re going to have more milk than he’ll need! Please, Bunny! Please let me have more!” You can’t say no when he asks you so sweetly. Smiling at him, you nod. 
You know you should be upset that those ‘extra vitamins’ weren’t truly vitamins, but you can’t bring yourself to care. After all, he loves you so much that he wants to drink from you! 
So, when he reattaches himself to your right nipple, you pet him sweetly. 
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hollyhomburg · 10 months ago
Reasons Wretched And Divine (Pt. 8)
(Yoon Min Joon x Reader) (Hybrid au) (Mafia au)
Summary: After years of abuse, you’ve all finally found each other. But for one of you- the fear still lingers in hidden lies and dead bodies. Yoongi doesn’t want much, just a few more weeks. The clock ticks closer- every second he has with you bringing him closer to zero.
Tags: pregnant! Reader, Dead bodies, hybrid on hybrid violence, referenced police mistreatment/indifference, mentions of emotional/physical abuse, referenced drug use/overdosing, Angst, touch starved characters, violence, explicit sexual content, foursome, voyeurism, exhibitionism, lactation kink, pregnancy kink, Breeding kink, knotting, dirty talk, unprotected sex, unrealistic amounts of cum, cumplay, marking kink, Dom/sub undertones, Dom! Namjoon- Sub! everyone else, Cum control, Overstimulation, squirting, oral sex (f receiving), fingering (f receiving)
W/c: 20.3k~
A/n: get ready for some nasty af smut~ But also be mindful of the angsty tags. You guys are gonna hate me for the cliffhanger! 
Series Masterlist
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One month after your husband's death
- Yoongi had learned when and where not to provoke his owner over the years. Yoongi hadn’t been born with the ability to hold his tongue, His biting proclivities earning him more than a few broken ribs and bloody noses in his lifetime. But no matter, his owner had trained his tongue out of him, had even threatened to cut it out on occasion.
- And yet, his personality couldn’t be measured in the same way, a simple eye roll or a huff or sigh was enough to land him in trouble. Which is why he’s in the position he’s in now; Bloody lip, another bruise likely forming under his eye and on his ribs. His head spinning from what is likely another concussion. How many could a person get before they had brain damage? Whatever the number- Yoongi was probably toeing the line or already over it.
- He’s trying to avoid more damage, which is why he sits outside of the living room of their double-wide trailer. His owner has a nicer house somewhere- but this is the place that’s always functioned as the stomping grounds for all of her illegal business. And It’s the only building that Yoongi’s ever been able to call home.
- The yellowing walls that have turned greasy with cigarette smoke over the years, as well as the thin blanket and the pillow that he uses on the couch when no ones hanging around. If they are and the house is filled with gangsters- Yoongi’s usually doomed to the floor or until they leave for the night. Only able to sleep without his back to the wall when the gangsters stop their drugging (usually methamphetamines) and intoxication (most often moonshine)
- More than one person’s overdosed on the couch that Yoongi calls his bed. He tries not to think about it when he goes to sleep. What did it matter if someone else had died here- at least Yoongi was still alive.
- Even breathes stick in Yoongi’s lungs like honey, something dammed and impure. It’s a testament to his nerves (or years of learned abuse) that he doesn’t flinch when the crashes and bangs increase from the other room. It’s just glass breaking- now gunfire- that would have Yoongi ducking and running for cover.
- Revelry like he’s used to surviving through hasn’t existed in recent months, not since the business, or lack thereof had started to seep into every moment like a slow-moving poison. Gang wars are messy and they take years to play out. But it hadn’t been until four weeks ago that his owner’s gang had suffered its first casualty. A gang couldn’t exist without its plug, and now there was a power vacuum in the underworld. And whoever controlled the supply would be the most in-demand.
- “I’ve had enough of your bullshit excuses! If you don’t find the shipment this instant I’m going to start blowing brains like bubbles” his owner screeches. A tumble and shatter sounds from the other room, probably the plate of food Yoongi took in before. Cooking was one of his only valuable skills according to his owner, and he’s spent at least a quarter of his life avoiding a beating by becoming a better cook.
- The threat doesn't bother him. Yoongi barely lets himself think about the business of the gang, the bloodstains and bodies that they’ve most definitely left in their wake. He tries not to let it bother him knowing that there will probably be more in the next few months. His only concern is making sure his body isn’t one of them.
- Yoongi doesn’t care about anything other than keeping himself alive. And even that just barely.
- He listens from outside the door, her screaming finally quieting. This isn’t the first meltdown of her’s he’s witnessed this week. He hears the rustling of papers, silence from her as whoever's on the other side of the phone speaks. “Yeah I have it, fuck- his bitch must really be moving if she already has this in the goddamn paper.” She pauses, and Yoongi hears one of the gangsters stoop to try and clean up the mess that she’s surely made, “If that’s true, I think I know the perfect person for the job- if you can even call it that.” 
- It helps that Yoongi’s not expected to speak. Sometimes, when there’s a loud enough noise, or when he sneaks out to walk the sum mile to the beach, Yoongi speaks. Just a sentence or two at a time, his voice gruff and sore after a few words. Just to make sure that he can still do it and hasn’t forgotten how. That his voice still exists hidden somewhere in his chest and his throat. Locked away like a delicate yolk- only able to be seen if you break the eggshell outside.
- “Yoongi!” his owner shrieks, and he has the good sense to hasten to a place where she can see him. He stands in the doorway and doesn’t meet her eyes. There are a few assorted gangsters here. His owner looks unhinged, her flyaway hairs sticking in front of her face, wiping away smudged lipstick and a fair amount of saliva that had dripped down her chin from all her screaming.
- “I have a job for you” She tosses a newspaper at him, and Yoongi catches it easily. Careful not to step into the mess of glass that would surely cut his feet. A drawn red circle cuts through an article on a local high school to highlight something in the purchased ads. Just a little map with a heading “hybrid sanctuary: a safe place, three meals a day. If you or anyone you know has witnessed hybrid abuse, please call this number for help.”
- Yoongi looks up, giving her a short nod. Yoongi will do whatever she needs in order to survive. Anything to keep the blood in his veins and his heart beating. 
- He listens patiently while she explains the plan.
---------- Now---------
- The clock ticks, and You don’t find the body until noon. By then there are flies buzzing around him. Blood already dried on those fingertips and underneath His fingernails- the sun warming his body like the hybrid could still be alive.
- You’re just retiring from a day working in the garden (usual and ordinary) when one of the bear hybrids thunders through your door- his eyes wide, shouting for you (strange and surprising). Yoongi is the only one with you; Jimin’s just set off down the hill to change. Namjoon’s not in the house either; helping Jin with more fencing for the animals. 
- Your grim expression is mirrored in the terse face of the teenage hybrid that had been going for a walk when he’d found him. You’d started down the hill at a run At least until Yoongi had stopped you. Eyeing your stomach with a worried expression. It’s not that you can’t run or that he doesn’t think you should it’s that the hilly path down to the front entrance is littered with potholes.
- It’s not your first time seeing a dead body (that honor is owed to your late husband) but the unnatural way a body lies still is always incredibly unnerving. You lean over the body nausea rolls in your belly worse than it ever did in the first few months you were battling your morning sickness. But you know you can’t vomit over a crime scene.
- You recognize the body, It’s one of your hybrids; a coyote hybrid that came to you after the second month you were open, and had come and gone quite a bit since then. You need to look at your ledger to know for sure if he was in-between stay or if he’d been here prior to today.
- You tend to be a little laxer with the hybrids that aren’t permanent residents of the farm. You barely even learn the names of the deer hybrids that come for a dinner or two here and there before they go. You’re used to the nomads and this hybrid was one of them. You’re kicking yourself for that now. Because if you have a killer in your mix- a shiver goes down your spine at the thought of any of them being in danger. You need to get all of your hybrids in one place to make sure they’re safe. Right now.
- You turn to yoongi and the teenager; a bear hybrid from Tae's group- Beomgyu. You recall the little details you know about him- how he likes to hang around with Yeonjun and the other cats in the kitchen sometimes. He’s so young, eyes wide, shaking his head making his curved ears flop when he finally tears his eyes away from the body and looks at your face. 
- You make your voice more soothing, “Ring the lunch bell- get everyone by the main barns okay? We need to make sure everyone is accounted for” the bear hybrid turns to run up the hill but you catch his arm. “The barns have to direct a line of sight to here- so keep the children in the far-field, after you ring the bell- get Namjoon and Taehyung and tell them to come here before you tell anyone what's happened.” The last thing you need is a group stumbling around here and contaminating a crime scene.
- He leaves with a thunder of footsteps in the dry grass, “Yoongi” you say, “Would you mind going up to the main house to get the logbook and my cellphone?” Yoongi looks like he doesn’t want to leave eyeing the road with a suspicious glare. Making a noise in his throat and staying put. “Yoongi” your voice is strangled- like you’re trying not to cry. “He’s been dead for hours, any danger here has passed, I’m safe- I promise.” but Yoongi shakes his head, reaching for your hand and then thinks better of it.
- At the sound of heavy footsteps you both look back up the hill- Namjoon racing in your direction, his ears pinned to his head with Taehyung not far behind. He gives you one final glance and nods before he takes off up the hill. Namjoon stops when they pass, calling his name but Yoongi doesn’t stop. “let him go Namjoon” you call behind.  
- The bell that they use to call people in at mealtimes tolls out across the field.
- Yoongi watches as the kits raise their heads from their playing in the field. A look at the sun telling them that it’s too early to be called in for dinner, lunch just finished. The confusion that gives way to panic as he travels through a crowd of older hybrids. He almost runs into one of the cat hybrids as she leaves the kitchen. Shouting back to her friend that’s fussing with something. “Just turn off the stove- something’s wrong we need to go.”
- Yoongi snatches the book from your small office off the living room and thunders back down the porch steps, pausing when he sees it. Anyone else might not have noticed the difference- or noticed it at all. But Yoongi used to survive by noticing the small day-to-day differences in his world; and it’s a habit that hasn’t died even though Yoongi no longer needs it to survive.
- There is a piece of paper stuck behind your windshield wipers on your car. Not a ticket and not a note- but a business card. And Yoongi knows it wasn’t there yesterday.
- Yoongi pauses, your phone in one hand, and the logbook in another. He shoves your phone in his pocket and wastes precious seconds to retrieve it. It’s simple- just plain cardstock a single sentence on the other side. “You’re welcome” there isn’t any signature beside a small doodled bunny rabbit. 
- Yoongi knows that signature. Memories dredge up from the bottom of his mind like a swell of cold water washing over him. He’d seen his old owner- (his current owner- his own internal monologue berates him) go into a rage after seeing that same moniker spray-painted across her truck or buildings on more than one occasion.
- Yoongi rolls his tongue over his teeth, putting it together. His owner’s words- dimly alluding to a second mole at the farm- warning Yoongi to be careful. And now this- a thank you card from a rival gang. Chaos whirls around him as different groups run to the barns. He hears Taehyung’s raised voice “Everyone quiet! I need you to listen to me- please!” 
- Other hushed words echo from the field as Yoongi puts it together. In a moment, Yoongi knows what’s happened- but he can’t for the life of him understand the motivation.
- What motivation could his owner’s rival have to kill their mole? And if he knew who at the farm was connected to the gang life- why didn’t he kill Yoongi last night too? This body and this note raise too many questions.
- Yoongi doesn’t think it through, just shoves the card into the bottom of his work boot, hiding it so that it lies flat under his sock. Knowing it's better to hide it then hand it over to the police. Yoongi’s hands shake with the very idea of you being caught up in this mess. Although it looks like it's already too late for that. How much less involved can you be with a dead body on your front doorstep?
- If the note is addressed to you? How much do you know about your late husband's business- if anything?
- You attribute Yoongi’s shakiness to the dead body you’re deceptively calm- nausea set aside when he gets back. yoongi nearly runs into taehyung on the way down the hill. Anger an annoyance and worry rolling off the bear hybrid in heady waves. “Don’t worry- Jimin and I have nearly everyone in the barns already, and Daehyun and Hoseok are taking care of the cubs on the other side of the field” 
- Taehyung barely looks at Yoongi as he passes, shouting at you over his shoulder. It helps to hear that Jimin is all right, but Yoongi doesn’t think he’ll believe it until he sees the other hybrid with his own two eyes. Namjoon looks much the same. Though he holds your hand tight as he can.
- You call the police the second Yoongi hands over your phone. And together- you wait for them. Namjoon sends an anxious glance both of your ways. It doesn’t take long before you can hear the sirens heading in your direction, echoing out over the empty hills.
- Back up at the barns, Jimin sits on the second floor, the windows are opened to their full capacity to let in a nonexistent breeze. The top floor of the barn isn’t really the most comfortable place to be in the middle of the day, the heat muggy, and all-encompassing. But every dog hybrid is in their bunk room. but it’s too hot to be comfortable regardless of the fans running at full power. Jimin sits on the floor dangling his feet over the side.
- Below- Jimin watches Taehyung as he does a headcount. Clipboard in hand, shouting names and waiting for people to respond. the hybrids have separated themselves by type, bunny hybrids on the outer edge, bear hybrids close to the center around Tae, Cat hybrids on the ground floor to stay out of the sun. Jimin and dog hybrids- the most easily riled up and hardest to contain because of their energy- on the top floor where they’d all stay put and not sneak off. 
- Jimin’s room has already been counted, there isn’t much left to do but wait and watch. If he looks over the hillock he can see the police cars and you. The flashing blue and red lights and a small group.
- A small crowd has gathered to watch and linger, police tape set up to the entrance of your farm. A few of your neighbors gathered too at the sound and small-town gossip is sure to follow. Your two closest neighbors- an elderly couple come over to ask you a few questions about all the commotion. They’ve never been unpleasant to you or hostile, still happy that you took their farm animals off their hands many months ago. But they remain firmly separated from your hybrids on either side of a circle of crime scene tape.
- When Jimin looks to the other side, he can see Hoseok and another dog hybrid with the children. Sequestered them with a bunch of games and ice pops on the other side of the hill, away from any and all possibility of them seeing something they shouldn’t.
- Even some of your hybrids linger around the crime scene. the leaders of various groups that need to see for themselves. Beomgyu is here too as well- even though you gave him a look that said you dont need to see this. As it is, you give the teenagers that refuse to go a questioning cross look. Yeonjun in particular just shrugs at you when you give him an expectant look. All of the teenaged hybrids are particularly used to your no-nonsense looks. It doesn’t help that he’s several inches taller than you. 
- “You really think this is the first time I’ve seen a dead body?” one of the other cat hybrids has the good sense to cuff him over the back of his head for that one. You know he’s young, but some respect for life and death is something he’ll have to learn at one point or another. If he wants to stay that bad- you’ll let him. 
- Namjoon might hate the police, but he does speak their language, and it’s easy for you to sink to his side and rely on him to take over the story as you relate everything you know (which isn’t much). The pack leaders- or what would be the pack leaders all waiting on the fringes. Taehyung comes back to tell you that there isn’t anyone but a few bunny hybrids missing- quickly sniffed out by one of the dog hybrids, all of them looking a little pink-cheeked and embarrassed from whatever they were doing.
- That gets a few laughs out of everyone that’s gathered- Taehyung shakes his head and rolls his eyes, but tempers still remain raised. From the top story of the barn, Jimin watches it unfold. Taehyung shoots him a tired look.
- A quick look at your ledger shows that the last time the hybrid left was just a little over a week ago. Your fingers hover over the date. The book is photographed by the crime scene photographers too, the camera bulbs flashing, a few of your more sensitive hybrids have to turn away- the bright flash too glaring. The officers take little notice of their discomfort.
- They tell you that they might come back to collect it for official evidence. It’s nice to have something to give the police to show them that the hybrid wasn’t in your care when he died. You have a good reputation with them because of your ex-husband as much as you hate to admit it. And it’s jarring to hear you referred to as his widow, especially with Namjoon standing so close, a protective presence between you and the police. 
- A few months ago you might have started breaking down when you heard his name, but all you have to do is look at Namjoon to know that you’re okay, you’re both safe. 
- Well maybe not now- if you have a killer in your midst then you’re all certainly not as safe as you thought.
- For all the feaux concern they have about the dead hybrid- the ones around you might as well be window dressing. They would have ignored Namjoon entirely if he hadn’t introduced himself as an ex-police hybrid.
- It’s more than that, their unconcern sinks under your skin and makes you want to shout at them as they take his body away in a black body bag. They promise you they’ll try to find whatever killed him. They don’t look too bothered- another dead hybrid isn’t anything new or a cause for panic to them, about as regular as finding any other pet- and not a fucking human being- dead or murdered.
- The police tell you they’ll do what they can- but a dead hybrid is hardly their priority, even if it makes a growl build in Namjoon’s throat when they brush off your concern. Your blood boils. 
- But as the sequestering drags on and on into the afternoon- and the temperature increases with every moment everyone still has to stay put. the idle chatter quickly turns agitated. In the main barn- A few of them have been playing cards on and off, most of them in states of undress because of the heat. Jimin is the only man still wearing his shirt, though it’s only his tank top.
- “What the fuck do you think it is? Who do you think killed them?” Jimin listens in on the other hybrid's conversation against his own violation. He’s never been close to the other dog hybrids at the farm save for Namjoon, and he’s not about to start right now. They laugh, but it sounds more like a bark- or a hyena chuckle, “you know me- if there’s an issue my money's always on the snake,”
- Jimin’s head whips around, “Excuse me?” the hybrids turn to him, “oh Jimin- we forgot we were here” if they want that insult to sting- they’re going to have to try a little harder. Jimin was used to being forgotten for the first half of his life, and that won’t start hurting now.
- Sweat drips down the back of Jimin’s neck, “he has a name you know,” he says with no real venom. it’s greeted with resounding scoffs from a few of his bunkmates. He lets the silence sit for a moment before the weight of it grows too oppressive for him to handle, “What?” he says feeling like he’s missing something. The rest of the hybrids in the bunk room fall quiet.
- The dog hybrid- Taeyong- Jimin’s brain reminds him, snickers. “Nothing- just- figures you’d be possessive of him after yesterday.” A flush of heat hits Jimin’s cheeks that has nothing to do with the temperature of the room. Someone must have seen Yoongi leave the showers and then seen Jimin leave a short minute later looking sex dazed. He knows the meeting had left his scent all smelling like honey arousal. They must have put two and two together.
- Damn those bunny hybrids with their sensitive noses. Now that Jimin thinks about it- Taeyong is a friend of one of them- a small little rabbit called Jihan.
- Jimin shrugs it off because fuck them- he is protective of Yoongi and this conversation only shows the reason for that. But they don’t leave it at that- not at all. Taeyong taps his foot against the floor, grinning and showing the edge of a sharp incisor “Being with him will only end you in an early grave you know, but you might as well keep your head down and enjoy your one-way ticket to living up at the big house.” 
- “That’s not why I’m- we’re not-“ he doesn’t know what to say, he can’t say that he’s with Yoongi- not officially, not yet. And though there is something with them. Jimin doesn’t know how to put a name to it. let alone how to put a name to what he has with all of you. 
- There must be something written on his face, because the hybrid sits back, satisfied that he’s hit Jimin with something that can stick. The other hybrids snicker. A fair few turn away- sensing the fight that’s about to develop, content to stay out of it.
- “You know he doesn’t deserve to be up at the big house right,” Jimin can’t stop himself from getting angry at the calloused way they talk about Yoongi. His temper rising with the heat, Jimin has never been good at holding his tongue, and maybe it’s his fault that things happen the way they do. Jimin rises, and so does Taeyong, Suddenly chest to chest, “well if he doesn’t deserve it- you certainly don’t, maybe if you guys were just kind for once in your life you’d be staying up there too.” Jimin barks.
- A few other hybrids blanch, and more turn away, Jimin’s misspoke- can judge by the silence that he’s the one being judged. “And I actually happen to enjoy their company- I’m not-”
- Jimin knows what he’s just insinuated, that being loved is just a correlation of being kind and pleasant to be around. (You’ve been talking through that particular thing with him. The fawn response to abuse. And Jimin knows he should unpack that later, but like many other things- it just slips out. His post-traumatic stress disorder makes him think things he knows are wrong. He doesn’t believe the words he says, not really.)
- Taeyong steps forwards, and Jimin shrinks back sudden bravery forgotten. “You’re not what? Being a manipulative little puppy? Batting your eyes at them so that you could get a spot? Go tell that lie to someone who believes you. You might be a puppy, but you’re a snake to your core.” 
- Jimin has never wanted Taehyung to be there more than now. Where is he when he needs him? Jimin looks back through the open window, but Taehyung isn’t below them on the patio. Their fight seems to have gotten more than a little attention. Wide eyes upturned, startled by the sound of raised voices. It's the wrong moment to look away because suddenly Jimin’s reeling from a shove, two hands on either shoulder. 
- Jimin catches himself on the window frame. The open space taunting and frightening. All at once, the image hits him; another well-placed shove- Jimin falling- cracking against the slate patio outside where you usually set up dinner, the ground hard and unforgiving. Bones breaking. 
- Jimin isn’t sure why he says it; “No wonder why you haven’t got adopted if this is how you act when someone disagrees with you.”
- Jimin’s never fallen from any height before. But he’s been tossed and pushed and shoved, and never learned how to fight back. He freezes now at the memory of it. He’s been shoved into concrete before, and he bets slate hurts just as much.
- “Don’t pretend like you haven’t had your eyes set on the big house since you first got here puppy, little thing like you probably just wants to be owned- how do you even have an ounce of self-“ 
- Jimin gets shoved again, and he barely manages to hold his ground. Taeyong grips his shirt in both his fists, lifting Jimin up so that he struggles to keep his feet on the ground. 
- From below, he hears a shriek, His name shouted from your mouth. You run as fast as you can, Yoongi stayed behind to help you. His face turned up imploring at Jimin. Jimin hears the thud of Namjoon’s feet on the wooden floor below. He and Taehyung, as they take the stairs two at a time. Jimin doesn’t know how they knew to come, or how suddenly everything’s escalated.
- The other hybrid steps forward, and there is nowhere left for him to go, Jimin grips the window frame, and tries not to let go.
- Namjoon’s words can barely be made out around the growl, suddenly in the doorway. Jimin keeps his eyes on the hybrid in front of him. Not at Namjoon’s face, screwed tight with anger. “Enough, step away from him.”
- Namjoon looks more threatening than Jimin’s ever seen him, teeth bared, ready to attack. His curved ears quivering as Namjoon seems to swell in the doorway, his eyes shiny and reflective in the half-light. An alpha ready to protect his own. The scars that crisscross his face a reminder of the lengths he’s willing to go to protect his family.
- A sheepish looking Taehyung toes the line behind him, “I’m sorry- I heard the beginning outside the door and went to get them” Jimin is at once thankful for Taehyung and a little angry- because really? He couldn’t be bothered to just intervene then? Taeyong seems to think for a moment before he lets Jimin go. Jimin sees Namjoon’s hands tighten into fists by his side. The threat of what he might have tried to do dissipating. You rush forward with Yoongi, pulling Jimin out of the doorway.
- More than one hybrid in the room jerks when you get too close to the window. They can’t help it- for many of them, you’re the only human they’ve had a positive relationship with. And the dog hybrids are nothing if not a loyal bunch. Which is probably why Taeyong shrinks back, nostrils flared- still angry and feeling threatened. like a cornered animal. 
- Jimin tries not to run back to Namjoon’s side- but it's hard, especially when he makes eye contact with Yoongi. Your chest heaving blinking away tears as You pull Jimin to you easily, a hand on his cheek. Eyes so worried, searching his face and his frame for even a hint of damage. The words are out of his mouth before he even has a chance “I’m okay- it’s okay- I’m fine.”
- “It wasn’t my fault, Jimin started it” you look up, and Jimin can tell from the tilt of your eyes that you don’t believe them for a second, your voice is shaky when you speak, so quiet. and jimin wonders- how many other times you’d spoken up like this in your past against your ex-husband and gotten hurt for it. It takes no small amount of bravery for you to speak now and Jimin’s arms tighten protectively around you. 
- “This isn’t- this isn’t how you treat another person Taeyong even if he did start it- you don’t react with violence.” one of the other hybrids shakes his head at Taeyong- but he doesn't react well to your words. Bearing his teeth at you and it takes every ounce of self-control for your three hybrids not to jump in front of you at such an obvious display of aggression. 
- “He shoved me first” Taeyong lies, and Namjoon answers it with a growl. stepping up to go chest to chest with him in much the same way that Jimin had just minutes before. The other dog hybrid crumbles against the alphas stare. “Would you like to repeat that? or do you maybe want to tell the truth this time?”
- You pull Jimin behind you and Namjoon steps between you and the other hybrids, looming and large in the small space. “If I hear that you're causing any more trouble you’ll be out on your ass faster than you can say “it wasn’t my fault” Namjoon barks, turns, both you and he have a hand on Jimin’s trembling shoulders. When did they start shaking?
- A sudden hush has settled over the hybrids, everyone is here to witness it. And it doesn’t make sense until they hear a set of quiet footsteps at the door. “Is everything alright miss?” the police officer says in the doorway, suspiciously eyeing the hybrids. His hand hovering dangerously close to the gun in his holster. The fucking police- Jimin had almost forgotten they were here.
- You don’t look shaken, stepping back to be between him and your hybrids, and the police officers' shoulders relax. You’re so disarming- Jimin barely sees you shake even though he can smell the distress rolling off of you in waves. Turning your usual scent all muddy. Your smile is strained, “No officer- everyone’s just a little bit high strung right now I think. We’re fine.” 
- “Sorry for that distraction, we can continue up to the main house if you’d like. After you.” You set back off down the steps and Jimin knows what you’re doing- keeping the police officer away from them because you know how twitchy the cops make most of the hybrids. “No thank you- I dont think that will be necessary. As your k-9 unit specified earlier in his interview the crime scene is mostly contained in the driveway. I think we’ve seen enough.”
- Jimin can’t help but stumble to Namjoon’s side, pressed tight under the arm of his alpha. Namjoon’s disarmed by Jimin's sudden need for affection; for his alpha all around him. “We’ll talk about this later” Taehyung glowers at the other hybrids and they all fall silent. Namjoon’s ire- they might be a little more used to but Taehyung’s anger is used a little more sparingly. The four of them, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung the unlikely fourth turn to leave.
- You’re already in the lower level of the barn when Taeyong speaks, his voice low to keep it out of earshot from you. “Sure thing pet,” Taeyong says under his breath- though really what was he trying to do? Everyone here had above average hearing- so really, his whispered insults whereas good as speaking at normal volume.
- And to a hybrid- being called a pet is the ultimate insult.
- Namjoon freezes in the doorway, no matter that Jimin’s hand pulls at the arm of his long-sleeved shirt. A whine building for him to just leave it alone. Namjoon turns, jabbing his finger at Taeyong. “I want you gone before sundown tomorrow.” 
- The four of them head down the stairs, leaving the silent room. The ground floor of the largest barn the area is flush with activity. With hybrids going every which way you must have decided that it was okay for everyone to return to their days as normal. Someone calls Taehyung’s name, asking for his help with something before he’s even fully down the narrow steps, Taehyung sends Jimin a single discerning look before he leaves. Namjoon utters a soft thank you to him as he slips away.
- In the grass- you share one final word with the police officer, shaking his hand with one hand resting on your baby bump. Though Jimin can tell from the way you hold yourself it's the last thing you want to do. He nods at Namjoon once as they approach and heads off down the hill. You’re quiet for a moment, going to hold jimin’s hand while Namjoon and Yoongi mill. None of you are sure what to do next.
- “I’m assuming Taeyong won’t be a problem anymore?” Namjoon has the good sense to look a little abashed at that. “He said- there was- he’ll be gone by tomorrow afternoon.” Is all he says, and you nod, giving a sad look back to the barns. But you don’t counter what Namjoon’s said.
- And while Jimin knows there needs to be some sort of order here- it still seems a little extreme. Even if the threat of bodily harm was there- he didn’t actually do anything. It seems a little severe to throw them out for just a couple of words, and a shove. He tells Namjoon this much as they walk up the footpath to the main house.
- You whip your head around, looking stricken, and Jimin have to struggle not to flinch back, you look almost angry with yourself for the sudden movement. all of you are a little on edge. “He almost hurt you Jimin! he was about to-“ Yoongi fists a hand in the back of Jimin’s shirt, “if he’d hurt you I don’t know what I’d-“ you break off, and Jimin sees you sigh and the breath sounds all rickety like there's something else rattling around in your lungs. You shake your head and hold onto his hand tighter.
- Jimin sucks on his lower lip and keeps walking towards the main house after a moment. And he can’t help feeling like he was the one who kind of did start it. A hand on your arm to help you up the steps. You’re getting more and more pregnant every day, and your baby bump has become more of a mound than the small bulge you had when Jimin first came.
- Jimin just wants to make sure you don’t wobble or trip. Unable to shake the feeling that the reason why Namjoon had punished the others was because of how they’d treated Jimin- and not because of any rules.
- Jimin’s gotten to know you and Namjoon pretty well over the last few months, but the way Namjoon keeps his head down, playing with his hands, makes him look younger and more open than he’s ever been around Jimin. Namjoon and Jimin linger just inside your house. standing quietly- letting their tempers fade.  
- The cat hybrids have already started dinner, the clamor familiar and comforting. One of them hears you come in and calls your name; Yoongi is close behind, he doesn’t look at Jimin. And Jimin smells his scent- his fluffy marshmallow goodness twined with a hint of something burn and feels the guilt clinging to him like bad perfume. He’s about to head after him when Namjoon grabs his shoulder. “Should I- you’re going to stay up here right?”
- Jimin sucks on his lower lip. and even he has to admit that staying up here tonight is a more attractive offer than returning to the barns anytime soon. “Yes- if you want me too” Namjoon nods, looks shy, but Jimin can tell what he’s feeling through his scent. The worry makes the pine strong and musky and tempts Jimin to curl up in it. Namjoon couldn’t tolerate being separated from any of his pack right now; not with the danger of a killer on the loose. Namjoon tugs him in the direction of the stairs. “There’s something I want to show you then.”
- The last time he’d been up on the more private floor of your house he hadn’t really had any time to explore. Namjoon leads him to one of the unknown and previously unopened doors that line the long hallway between your master suite and the stairs, pointing out Yoongi’s room as they go. The room is small and more than a little dusty. But it’s the closest unoccupied room to the master suite and across the hall from Yoongi’s. “Oh” Jimin realizes as it clicks, “you meant stay- as in move in stay.”
- Namjoon has to kick away boxes of Christmas decorations to get to the queen covered with a white sheet that fluffs with dust when he pulls away. Jimin touches the edge softly. He’s never had a bed so big all to himself before- he doesn’t know how he’s going to handle so much vacant space next to him.
- There will be no soft sounds of sleep and rising chests when Jimin wakes in the middle of the night. Only the sounds of the house, and even though this means he’ll get to spend more time with you, Namjoon, and Yoongi, the room can’t help but feel lonely. Something in his chest reminds him that he’s not really that far, Yoongi’s room is across the hall, and yours just a few steps after that.
- Maybe he won’t feel so lonely after all.
- The windows are covered with thick drapes, kind of small in themselves. And it makes the room feel darker and cold. “We’ll move out the decorations to the attic tomorrow, are you gonna be okay with this for tonight? We can get you some fresh sheets and blankets.”
-  Jimin nods hands tugging back the curtains to let more light in. Namjoon reaches around him to crack it open when the window sticks. Even though this room doesn’t feel like his yet. Namjoon almost drops a box of decorations “you could also sleep in our room if you want?”
- Jimin can’t do much more than just blush and nod, stuttering out that he’ll decide later. And it’s not that he doesn’t want to be all snuggled close between you and Namjoon it’s just that- things are happening a little too fast. Jimin feels like he might need a night to just decompress.
- The body, the police, the fight, and Jimin almost falling through the window. For some reason, Jimin feels paralyzed in that doorway. On one hand, he’s happy that he has a room here now that he doesn’t have to go back to the bunk room for more than his clothes, and on the other hand he’s sure he doesn’t deserve it.
- Like Namjoon can sense he’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to feel, he pulls Jimin to follow him. Gentle orders that tell Jimin what to do with his body and give his mind a second to catch up. Namjoon retrieves fresh linens and a big fluffy blanket from the closet while Jimin hovers hugging a pillow to his chest. 
- The elder prattles along to Jimin about getting him some more things to fill the room like a dresser when Jimin notices it. A small narrow door that’s mostly glass down the hall from your master bedroom and the bathroom that Jimin assumes he’ll share with Yoongi.
- Unless Yoongi has a bathroom in his room. Jimin asks Namjoon- who tells Jimin that he does and Jimin pouts. He has to admit he wouldn’t mind Sharing a bathroom with Yoongi. Flashbacks of that night, of Yoongi’s skin, pressed close to his underneath the deluge of water- consume him for a moment at the thought of that. 
- Before he pads over to see the other room at the end of the hallway. It’s narrow, only the with of the couch at the end and twice as long, Jimin could probably touch both walls if he lied down on the floor Waist height windows ring the outside of the room and a few skylights cast square shadows on the floor, The roof slanted down at one edge.
- A single potted plant sits on the waist-high shelf- crusty and brown from no one watering it. He orients himself in the house to figure out what room is below him but the smells and sounds drifting up from the floor tells him he’s somewhere above the kitchens.
- He stands in the doorway. A thick layer of dust sits on everything. But the light is amazing. All golden in the afternoon haze though that might just be the walls. The light yellow paint is faded, cracked a bit by the doorway but it's nothing a fresh coat couldn’t fix.
- Jimin knows the second he sees it that he wants it.
- Namjoon finds him standing in the doorway. Already looking out the windows- he can see the gardens from here and the woods that stretch beyond. And the edge of a falling-down barn yet to be restored by you and Namjoon- and a tiny sliver of the river. “What- what is this?” Jimin’s voice is so hushed. So quiet, like he’s worried about disturbing the dust.
- Namjoon comes up close behind him, putting his arm around Jimin’s shoulders. “It’s a sunroom.” Namjoon clarifies. In the afternoon light, Namjoon’s skin looks honeyed and golden, horizontal shafts of light stretching across his face. Namjoon pulls Jimin close, nose running along his hairline and near his ears, nuzzling into them. His back the perfect place for Jimin to rest his heavy shoulders. 
- “Is it okay if I- can I stay here and not the other room?” Namjoon’s smile is reassuring and gentle, “probably, but let's ask.” Of course, Namjoon would know Jimin needed explicit permission right now- needs the sureness of a yes or no from you.
- The sight that awaits Namjoon and Jimin in the living room is one that warms both of their hearts. You and Yoongi sitting side by side in front of the television. you’re listing into Yoongi sleepily head on his shoulder. Your eyes fluttering against your cheek adorably. Yoongi sends Namjoon a panicked look which means “please save me from her she’s being needy” but at least Yoongi isn’t shaking and going all panicky.
- With a word from Namjoon you wake, sitting up straight and yawning, taking in Jimin hovering on the steps, your smile sleepy and a little dopy. Your eyes still half-closed still looking soft and an inch from resting as you need.
- Namjoon’s hand rubs up and down your swollen exposed ankle. His voice honeyed like he doesn’t really want to wake you up. Hell Jimin would carry you up the stairs to let you rest in your own bed and not the couch even though it's barely 5 pm. It's been a long day for all of you. 
- “Hey, can Jimin take the sunroom instead of the other room?” Yoongi gives a little surprised noise, eyebrows lifting in question, you seem to share his confusion. Jimin realizes that you must have already talked about which room would be his, and whole new warmth floods him. “Are you sure? That room’s a little small.”
- “I’d like to stay in there if you’ll let me- I mean- I can go back to the barns too” maybe he’d go to the girl side this time- he’s sure they wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the male hybrids. Namjoon and Yoongi look upset that he’d even try to suggest that. “Take the sunroom Jiminie,” you say, Namjoon and Jimin watch as Yoongi’s hands shake when he reaches forward before he slowly draws his hands through your hair, and you arch into he touch. If you were a hybrid Jimin thinks you’d be purring.
- Namjoon does actually end up carrying you upstairs, despite your protests that you could do it yourself. Yoongi makes a noise in the back of his throat, and Jimin finishes it for him saying, “we’ll make dinner, you should rest.” Namjoon pauses on the lower step with you in his arms, and Jimin feels something in him settle. There isn’t a little bit of you that doesn’t want him to stay here, the way you so easily give up space for Jimin to be accepted into your routine- your home.
- It’s good; it feels good to knock shoulders with Yoongi in the kitchen, the craziness of the day calmed as the cat hybrids bring the food down to the barns for everyone. 
- Taehyung stops by briefly to have a word with Namjoon- telling the elder that they have a rotating watch figured out for tonight to make sure nothing else happens. Taehyung empties out with the other cats, leaving just Jimin and Yoongi. It’s harder than it should be, but Yoongi instructs Jimin on how to do the chopping with a careful and slow demonstration while he starts on the stew.
- When Namjoon reappears a few minutes later he puts on the radio- switching it to something a little bit more his style, not kitschy pop or idealistic  questionable country music, though Jimin doesn’t like it at first listen, he hears Yoongi humming along and figures- it’s enough to have them enjoy it. Especially to see Namjoon try and fail to shake his ass. 
- The night gets even better when Jimin goes to get you from your bed, calling your name so you wake up with barely a huff as you blink at him. You look so soft Jimin can’t resist it, leaning forward to peck a kiss on your forehead. 
- You eat dinner on the porch, and the night gets better with every moment. every second Jimin realizes that he always should have been here. The love filling Jimin up just like the fresh bread and Yoongi’s stew, Namjoon and Jimin go inside halfway through the dinner to get blankets for you and Yoongi.
- Dinner reinvigorates you four, and though Jimin protests “I can just sleep in the other room tonight it’s really not a big deal” Namjoon and Yoongi shake their heads at him, though you're left out since you really can’t lift anything. 
- After dinner Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jimin pull down the attic stairs from the hallway, and go up to the third floor to find a bed that will fit in the sunroom. You shout and pull yoongi out of the way when Namjoon and Jimin lose their grip and the soft mattress clangs down the stairs, sliding with a soft thump. They’re more careful with the box spring.
- They shout and huff with joyful frustration when the couch gets stuck in the doorway of the sunroom. The kind of happiness that comes with a problem that you can fix- and like who you fix it with. And finally, when you fit the double bed into the space it just barely fits. You set the bed up with pillows and sheets asking Jimin again and again if he really doesn’t mind just the single bed while Namjoon and Yoongi put the green velvet couch outside in the hallway nook, just across from the bathroom.
- The first morning Jimin wakes in the sunroom is the most peaceful morning he’s ever gotten. The light comes in so early that it’s hard for him to sleep past sunrise. From all the way up here, he can see the way that the dew on the grass makes the whole field sway and sparkle like the ocean. He taps his toes against the wall as he sits up and looks out, and hears a knock at his door. A soft rap on the glass. 
- The sounds he hears below say he’s not the only one awake in the house. And still, the sight of you in your extra-large sleeping clothes and your robe makes him surprised. Though the tangled mess of your hair says you’re barely awake. Jimin slept so well that his ears hang nearly in front of his eyes, soft little floppy things that you push out of the way, Pushing back his wild hair as you do it. You have two cups of hot coffee in your hands. One, which you sit on the shelf that rings the room, and the other that you press into his hands, the warm ceramic a welcomed weight.
- Jimin helps you sit, a hand on your lower back to ease the ache. Without really thinking he guides you to sit back against his chest. It’s quiet and it’s lovely. And Jimin trails his nose down your shoulder and holds you loosely around your waist. “I forgot how nice this room is.” You say after your cup is halfway gone, Jimin’s cheek rested against your shoulder.
- “It’s so bright- I love it.” when Jimin closes his eyes he can still see the dark garage where he used to sleep- was it barely 4 months ago? Is he okay now? Is it okay to hope? Can he really count on things to be okay? To count that they won’t get bad again?
- With you in his arms, Jimin feels like it’s okay to hope for more good things.
- It feels like the right time to say it, the light spilling into the little yellow room, his tail thumping against the bed. The soft comforter that you picked out for him last night encircling you both like a halo. 
- The words are gentle, and they’re the truest Jimin’s ever said, “I love you” you smile over the edge of your coffee cup, lips soft and pink like two bright petals, happy little flowers like happy moments blooming with frequency. Every soft thing that Jimin’s ever wanted or dreamed of. Every way you could love a person- that's the way that Jimin loves you. And it feels like an unbreakable promise when you smile up at him. “I love you too Minnie.”
- And that’s how it happens. He says it again over breakfast and Namjoon barely lifts his eyebrows in wonder. But his tail betrays his attention, His tail kicking up a happy rhythm. Now that he’s said it- he feels like he doesn’t want to stop. 
- Yoongi pays the revelation a little more attention, making prolonged eye contact with jimin and stumbling around the kitchen half asleep like usual. But isn’t Yoongi the one who had taught Jimin how to love like this? That love is not really about saying it- but showing it. Yoongi- who he’s still never heard speak. and Somehow it doesn’t bother Jimin as much anymore.
- The next morning goes much like that- as does the next and the next. You spend the late nights all cuddled up together on the couches watching movies or sometimes you’ll retire to your small study room on the first floor to do some work- typing away on your computer. Calculating monthly costs, balancing your budget, submitting your paperwork on time to get funding from the state- the endless budgeting.
- Sometimes Yoongi helps, and you dictate numbers while he adds them up. Namjoon and Jimin sit on opposite ends of the couch, Jimin’s feet in Namjoon’s lap. And Jimin gets to watch the way Namjoon looks at you and Yoongi. “You really love them don’t you?” Jimin asks, worried about sounding jealous, but how could he really be jealous of that? Namjoon’s dimples are the most beautiful thing- Namjoon is the most beautiful thing when he’s happy. He nods shyly on the other edge of the couch. “Yes, so come here.”
- The aborted whine that tones out is enough to grab Yoongi’s attention when Namjoon clutches Jimin to his chest. The snake hybrid’s head appearing over the edge of the couch. The huffing sound that all of you associate with Yoongi’s laugh makes Jimin blush as Namjoon curls a strong arm around his waist. A deep rumbling in his chest similar to a purr as Jimin settles there. He can hear Namjoon’s heartbeat and ends up falling asleep to it.  
- Other evenings you’ll make smoothies with them or root beer floats, teasing Yoongi for the foam on his upper lip. Jimin finds himself sinking into this easy happiness. Now when he wakes up in the morning. He doesn’t have the ire of the others to contend with. Though he makes sure to keep up his friendships. 
- he follows Taehyung around more often now that he sees the four of you every waking moment. Taehyung and Jimin spend a few days together helping Seokjin and Hoseok clean out one of the unused barns together.
- He comes upon the two of them; that is Hoseok and Seokjin, sitting in the grass one day. The older hybrids hand laced in Hoseok’s curly hair. Taehyung murmurs to Jimin that they should just make it official already.
- He’d caught Hoseok sneaking out of the barns to head to Seokjin’s room more than once when he still lived in with the others. Since Seokjin is the only hybrid besides your little group that doesn’t stay in one of the main barns. And there were only so many places that Hoseok could be trying to go at that hour.
- They do make it official - though it takes a few days.
- It was early morning- just after breakfast and the three of you’d been buzzing with happy energy, Namjoon already half of the way out the door. Almost crashing into them where they’d waited unsure on your porch. “oh! Jin hyung! Hobi hyung!”
- Your morning plans for the usual gardening had been put on pause, Seokjin and Hoseok sitting hand in hand at the prep table while your hybrids try not to listen in. Namjoon doesn’t even bother - just stands behind you and rubs your shoulders while you listen. Their hands bound over the top of the table.
- “We’d do all of the work ourselves, and you know I wouldn’t ask you for any money for it- we want to do it on our own” Jin smiles, and you’ve never seen such a gently happy expression on his face. Next to him- the otter sits closer. Looking up at Jin like there isn’t anything more precious than he could hold in his hands. And while their love hadn’t completely escaped your notice- this is still a surprise.
- Seokjin makes a fair amount of money selling his yarns and other knitted goods from the alpacas and the sheep. You’d always been firm that he should keep the money he makes from it for himself and not give it to you to put into the farm. The same way you let the bear hybrids keep the money they make from harvesting the honey. You don’t own them- they’re their own people.
- One of the first things that Seokjin had bought with his money was a cellphone, and he and Hoseok excitedly show you ideas for tiny homes on Pinterest, boards of colorful little new England style cabins, loft beds, and micro-fridges. “We already have one in mind- you know the little cabin by the river?”
- Namjoon pipes up “you mean the old chicken coop? We can build you something nicer- the roof of that one is shot though- you’ll need an extra hand,” you look at their plans, careful doodles, and color swatches, nodding. “we’ll help you, of course, we’ll help you both.”
- And that’s how Seokjin and Hoseok had started work on their home. A separate place away from the rest of the farm for just the two of them to get some privacy. Though it's still on your property; neither of them has any sort of desire to ever leave the farm or each other now that they’ve found their mate.
- The house isn’t more than 200 square feet. And the roof does need a fair bit of work. But it’s not just a chicken coop like Namjoon had said, it’s got nice bones and a good foundation. It’s close enough to the animal barns where Seokjin will still be able to check on the animals every morning, but closer to the river.
- You don’t realize the significance of this until you’re helping them one day, Namjoon, Yoongi making quick work of some loose floorboards and the one wall that needs to be replaced. While Jimin and hoseok watch on- deemed a little too clumsy to help with some of the work. They look for wood-burning stoves on craigslist and other things that they’ll need to make the house complete. 
- Seokjin takes a moment, coming to your side to get some of your offered lemonade, his hair tied back with a bandana. Sipping at it as he looks at Hoseok and Jimin. their feet dangling over the edge of the streambed. “He finds it calming- he can’t sleep without the ocean. That’s how I first noticed him- I caught him sneaking out one night just to listen to the running water.” Seokjin had confessed to you, watching Jimin and hoseok giggle at paint names as they flip through a color swatch book. A far cry away from how they’d once been. 
- This little cabin is certainly close enough, a mere ten feet from the shore of the stream. And with all the windows open you can hear the babbling brook and the sound of the birds in the forest. Before they retire to Seokjin’s room above the stables. Both Hoseok and Seokjin stand in the cabin, taking their shoes off to feel the floor below them and think- this is it- this is our home. Holding each other close while they listen. Even if it will take another few months to get it truly in livable condition- to set the walls with insulation and electricity. This will be their home.
- But first, they cleaned it out. The whole bottom floor filled with dusty jam jars and weird bottles that Seokjin thinks must have been for moonshine. The next day- Jimin finds a few of the glass bottles have made the way into his new room. As Namjoon struggles to put together his new dresser, and Yoongi takes It over after Namjoon lets out his 5th frustrated sigh. They’re cleaned and polished, a small little rainbow of glass, filled with water and flowers that you pick with Jimin. 
- Every morning you bring him coffee in his room. And it slowly progresses from there, sometimes you just leave it and let him sleep. Other mornings. Jimin gets to wake up with you in his arms. Watching him or cuddling him close. He Wakes to a press of lips against his forehead and your hands in his hair. 
- His body always knows before he wakes. He’ll wake to find himself nuzzled close, or pulling you closer with greedy hands. He feels greedy with you now that he can have you every morning, though Namjoon gets the evenings. 
- And when he falls asleep at night his sheets smell like you, like peaches and cream. And then one morning he wakes pressed chest to chest with you. Your baby bump taking up significant space on Jimin’s tiny bed. And without thinking, He tilts his face forward. Kissing you softly and simply. Pulling away, whispering good morning. The pink in your cheeks says you’re shocked, but you pick up like it’s nothing The same way you took his confession.
- Kissing you is nothing like kissing Yoongi- at least not at first. It starts slow- just the simple press of softness against softness, lip to lip, and breath to breath. Until Jimin gets the hot feeling in his mouth and both of you open your lips and start to get a little lost in each other.
- The kind of kiss that makes Jimin want to reach out and hold onto you and never ever let you leave this bed. The kind of kiss that takes both of you apart gently and slowly and so carefully. Has him growing hard in his pants more than once. But you’re both shy- both so scared of pushing this any farther before the timing is right.
- Sometimes, Jimin will wake to you in his bed and Namjoon smiling softly at both of you from the door. “You know- you could always just sleep in our bed.” and Jimin knows that Namjoon might be just the tiniest bit jealous. Jimin has been stealing you away in the mornings after all- and it must be hard for him not to snuggle his mate every goddamn day especially with how soft and needy you smell. It’s so hard to leave the bed some days.
- There are more kisses after that before you go up to bed at night. Yoongi and Namjoon stretched out on the couch, Namjoon prattling on about how inaccurate a movie is while Yoongi indulges him and nods along. You kiss Jimin on the steps, winding your arms around his neck so sweetly, Yoongi wolf whistles and Namjoon chortles, “get a room!”
- But when Jimin looks over Namjoon just winks at him, and keeps talking. Like it’s nothing to kiss you so sweetly and normal to do it in front of them. There are no secrets between the four of you. Maybe there are things that are left unsaid and uncommunicated- but there are no secrets. 
- And that’s how Jimin first starts to fall into you. Easy and simple, like kisses and coffee in the morning. And Jimin loves everyone. Loves you so much sometimes it feels like his heart is going to break with it all.
- Jimin wishes his wanting stopped with the kisses, but it doesn’t, if anything it only grows. An ache in his jaw that wants to bite and consume like that moment with the kisses and Yoongi- he wants to kiss you deeper and deeper but it never ends up going that way. Not even when your bare thighs brush him in the morning and Jimin can tell you’re only wearing underwear underneath the shirt that smells so much like Namjoon.
- Jimin smells you on Namjoon, smells Namjoon on you, and wants and wants and wants. It’s worse on the mornings that you’re a little late coming to Jimin’s bed, and on the ones where you come in smelling undeniably like Yoongi too. And Jimin can’t fathom what it means and isn’t brave enough to ask.
- He asks Taehyung what it could mean- confessing it all in a rush one afternoon while they process some of the honey. Heating up the wax in the kitchen. Tae just laughs at him. “Are you sure they’re not all together? I mean- they are your pack Jiminie and he’s lived there longer than you have.” Yoongi has lived in your home longer. And it stands to reason if you and Namjoon have invited Jimin to your bed, that you might have invited Yoongi too.
- But Jimin doesn’t know for sure until one morning he wakes restless, his bed vacant. He can hear soft steps in your room. But when he peers down the hall, he’s shocked to find Yoongi softly closing the door behind him. His hair looks a little ruffled, his pajama pants hanging low on his hips as he slinks off to his own bedroom.
- You’re not the only one bed-hopping. And Jimin thinks about what it might mean. Yoongi hasn’t come to Jimin’s room. And he thinks back to the way Yoongi kissed him like it was the best and the worst, the sweetest but most forbidden thing. Maybe he’s just too nervous.
- Yoongi stays up late with Jimin, and they can both hear and smell the arousal that shoots down the stairs from both of you. Jimin has smelt it more than once by now, on you or on the air that bacons them- as members of the same pack to the same place. Jimin wonders how Yoongi handles it. Because it has Jimin growing half hard in his pajama pants, shifting on the couch needy. Yoongi’s too from the looks of it- but the snake never makes a move. Your moans echo from upstairs, their sensitive hybrid ears can hear every word that you share. And Jimin can almost taste you on the air.
- Namjoon’s gentle teasing growl is faint as is his words, “do you want them to hear you, my love? is that why you’re being so loud?- or is this” Namjoon pauses, and a wet sound fills the silence, “just too much for you?” 
- At night, when you’re not there, Jimin bites the pillow and lets his own hands wander. Feels guilty and not guilty at all when you end up in bed with him the next morning, and he licks at the hickeys on your neck left there by Namjoon’s mouth, tasting his alpha on your skin and on your lips. 
- Jimin goes to bed one evening alone, and lies listless for a moment before he realizes how much he wants to fall asleep next to you too- Namjoon too. How many times had Namjoon invited Jimin to stay in your room? How many times had he woken up to you by now? He knows the other room isn’t off limits and right now. His body shivers with need, for touches and touches, any that you’d give him. He tells himself he’s just looking for a goodnight kiss as he gets up and walks to your door, the house quiet so late in the evening.
- It shouldn’t feel so tremulous when Jimin walks to your room, to see the warm yellow light leaking through the door. Already cracked and open a few inches letting the noise of you and Namjoon spill out. The giggles he can hear, your voice, sounding the way you do when you smile. And then, a bitten-off moan.
- Jimin can’t stop himself from looking through the crack in the door- even though he knows it’s a private moment, that he really shouldn’t. You’re sitting in-between Namjoon’s legs on the edge of the bed. Jimin’s alphas mouth is firmly attached to your neck, licking and biting and sucking in a way that has Jimin riveted.
- But what really grabs his better judgment by the balls is the way that he can see the silhouette of your body through the large white shirt of Namjoon’s. The shirt so thin and well worn that jimin can see the shadow of your nipples and the hard outline that Namjoon’s hands smooth over, teasing them to a stiff peak. it has Jimin’s mouth-watering. Namjoon’s deep voice crooning as his hands pull at the hem over your baby bump, “let me see you, darling.”
- You’d complained to Jimin the other day that this far into your pregnancy none of your clothes were fitting comfortably anymore, and he can see the supple swell of your stomach and the generous curves of your body. Jimin can’t help but drink in, and stare at hungrily, swallowing thickly. A low whine of want building in his throat.
- He knows it’s wrong to be jealous, but he can’t help it. The feeling growing in his gut as he watches Namjoon pull you back to bed despite your protests. Namjoon looks deliciously good too; miles of his golden skin on display, his rippling thigh muscles exposed. Hair sleep or sex ruffled (Jimin can’t tell the difference)
- “Love I have to pee” you whine, Namjoon’s arms still ensnare your waist and he answers only with a playful growl as he hides his head in your shoulder. His hands roaming those curves like Jimin dreams of doing, Namjoon’s tail thudding against the plush comforter.
- You sigh, your head tilted up, one of your arms back behind you to tug at Namjoon’s hair, swollen pink lips parting in a sigh. He shouldn’t be watching this- this isn’t meant for him to see, this is intimate. He backs up and immediately hits a warm wide chest. “Yoongi!” Jimin squeaks, conscious enough to be quiet, his cheeks flaming as he’s caught.
- The snake hybrid raises an eyebrow in question. Yoongi looks ruffled, his hair messy from sleep. And it seems Jimin isn’t the only one who had plans on sneaking into your room so late at night. Yoongi’s cheeks are pink in the half-light.
- Yoongi leans in, nose so close to Jimin’s throat- where his scent is the strongest and Jimin almost flinches when he realizes how strung out and aroused he smells. Yoongi’s rippling growl makes Jimin’s legs week. 
- You’ve suddenly fallen silent in the other room; exchanging soft words that Jimin can’t hear. “I was just going to…” Jimin searches for a reason, to remember why he was here in the first place. His cheeks absolutely flaming, but before he can find a good reason to why he’s listening in and being quite the voyeur Namjoon speaks up from inside your bedroom. 
- “Jimin, Yoongi” not a question, but a command. Yoongi reaches around Jimin to push the door fully open so that both of you can see the two of them. “You can come in,” you say.
- Jimin has never been redder than he has been right now. Seeing you and Namjoon in your bed, obviously, about to- Jimin gulps audibly. “You don’t have to watch from the hallway” Namjoon teases. “You can watch from in here” Jimin is actually going to pass out, and you sense this, smacking Namjoon lightly on the arm. “Don’t tease him Joonie.”
- “Is it really okay if I-“ Jimin feels tongue-tied, his mind hazy with the smell of both of you, the pheromones that his sensitive nose can pick up on the smell of your slick, and Jimin’s mouth is suddenly so so wet. “I don’t want-“ Jimin breaks off; trying to keep his gaze averted, but can’t resist peeking. “I don’t want to make either of you uncomfortable.”
- Jimin sees out of the corner of his eye, Namjoon’s hands rubbing up and down your waist, and he wants to look, wants to see- but can’t. Keeps his eyes averted. “You don’t Jiminie- I” you break off when Namjoon’s hand travels further south. Your other puppy has absolutely no problem trying to distract you. Jimin can’t see exactly what Namjoon’s hands are doing but your chest jumps. And he realizes he’s staring again. 
-“If you’re going to look- you might as well help me take care of her too” Jimin has never heard Namjoon’s voice sound so guttural, and a look at Yoongi reveals his pink cheeks too. “unless you just want to watch like Yoongi does, that's fine too” 
- Jimin sends yoongi an accusatory glance, and the snake hybrid just shrugs at him. leveling him with a dedicatory look. well, Minnie- which are you going to choose?
- “I want- I want” jimin cant get the words out. He knows he doesn't want to leave. but is it really okay if he- is he really allowed to touch you? to make you smell like him the way that Namjoon does? Claiming you in that way. “jiminie- you can- I want you too-” your words are so quiet, face so warm. And it makes Jimin whine- looking to Namjoon for guidance. Imploring him to make the choice- to take the hint because Jimin just needs a little push. And from the looks of it so do you. 
- “You’re both obviously too shy to get it done- so let me take the reigns okay?” Namjoon counters to the silence. Yoongi is still standing behind Jimin, a step closer than should be necessary, and you give them both a shy, wide-eyed look. Like you’re checking to see that this wants it too. Jimin nods, short, jerky, unable to tear his eyes away from your face to see Namjoon’s expression until the elder shifts.
- Yoongi crosses to the other side of the room where a green velvet chair sits, stretching out and making himself comfortable. Whereas Jimin and Namjoon are always a little too soft looking to be threatening. Yoongi eyes the three of you like he’s some sort of predator. Tongue flicking out to lick at his lip. Like he can taste what Jimin can smell- the four of you- the smells of your arousals mixing together. Something satisfying and musky and undeniably pack that makes Yoongi's every instinct sing.
- Jimin has always appreciated Namjoon’s body, the strength there. In many ways he’s the stereotypical alpha; the strength in his arms and in his chest, his collarbones strong and chiseled, but he’s anything but cocky. There is someone so genuine about how unconcerned Namjoon is with his own body, and jimin can’t help but find his confidence attractive. 
- Namjoon lounges back against his hands, And the way he watches Jimin watch both of you lets Jimin know that it’s okay to look his fill. Yoongi too, the low rippling growl he lets out fills the room, makes you feel hot all over as his eyes roam you, Namjoon, and Jimin- the pretty picture you both paint.
- You sit between Namjoon’s legs, his hands on either side of your inner thigh parting your legs gently to show your wetness to Jimin. You make an aborted noise as you realize what he’s doing. All of you swollen and bear for him and nothing to cover you but Namjoon’s shirt and that just barely hiding the tone of your skin behind the creamy white fabric. You’re not wearing any underwear.
- Your pink core trembles a little, your hand gripping Namjoon’s forearm as he grins, drunk on the feel of you in his hands as he squeezed your thighs. Namjoon goes a step further Reaching down to glide a thumb across your wetness. Making you jerk in his hold as he hits the little sensitive bundle of nerves at the apex of your cunt, glistening wet and ready. 
- “Can you believe it?” he says, his voice a blown-out growl. “So full and still ready for us?” beside Jimin, Yoongi’s pupils are blown, his body jerking as he shifts in his chair, hips on the edge.
- You’re wet and dripping. Your face is hot as you look at him, standing there in the middle of the room, fully clothed while you and Namjoon are intimately bare. Jimin can’t tear his eyes away from you. You smell so ripe and for the taking.
- “You can come closer- you can touch Minnie, it’s okay,” Namjoon says it that way, but his eyes are on Yoongi, gliding down his hips to the bulge in his pants. Namjoon knows he won’t come closer- even if he really wants yoongi too. And Jimin sees that pain him- just for a moment before he puts his chin out in his direction. It’s okay- anything that Yoongi wants, whatever level he feels he can partake in this- it’s okay. Jimin wonders how Yoongi can handle it and hold himself back; how he can handle the dizzying rush of pheromones and not come closer.
- Yoongi settles, his eyes hazy and his legs spread to make room for his hands that touch with purpose. Jimin doesn’t know where to look- at him, his hands slowly smoothing up and over the bulge in his pants or at you. The way you drink in every line of Yoongi, stretched out in his tight pants. A simple hand at your throat, Namjoon rolling his fingers down from your chin to your collarbones. “Let's put on a show for him yeah? Is that what you want Yoongi?”
- Yoongi’s tongue is pink as it swipes across his lips, he nods. In a moment, Jimin feels a little unsure, but that instantly dissipates as Namjoon gestures for him to come forward.
- He’s never been touched or touched another in this way- not with love anyway. All of the small touches you’ve given him, hands on your shoulders the small of your back, felt nothing like this. His fingers reaching out, rounding on the edge of your knee experimentally. Waiting to see your reaction to make sure what he’s doing is okay. Namjoon’s tail starts up it’s wagging behind you. his hands shake with too warm palm smoothing over skin he’s never seen let alone been allowed to touch. He looks at you and feels positively ravenous, licking his lips.
- Namjoon trails a kiss down your neck and Jimin can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to sink into the skin there too. In a moment- he’s not sure if he’d rather be you being bitten or be Namjoon biting you on the neck. You probably don’t get the significance of it quite yet but Jimin- Jimin wants to be on the receiving end of that mark. To bear the mark of an alpha means to be under their protection.
- He wants all of it- all of your sweet looking soft and supple swells. Your body that’s accommodated the life within you so well and deserves a little appreciation. Anything, everything, Jimin and Namjoon will gladly provide. And Yoongi will be content to look. Not ready quite yet to be apart of this the way Jimin is. But it makes you feel hot all over, his piercing eyes on every movement. Barely even blinking.
- Jimin doesn’t know how to be the same sultry tempter that Namjoon is- but at the very least he can follow his lead. Jimin hasn’t had many sultry kisses- the ones you’d shared in your bedroom done with less intent, but he hopes that these can be just as satisfying. He leans in close to you, a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder to steady himself as he leans down. 
- The kiss is a gentle thing that Jimin knows won’t hurt. You’d never hurt him- because you’re like him. His softness and sweetness is just like yours. Both shy and honest- the genuine passion that overflows too easy. Like a hurricane filling a teacup.
- You know to go slow, and Jimin lets Namjoon- his alpha, (a whole rush goes down his spine at the idea of it) take the reigns. Feeling a comforting protective feeling wash over him as your lips play together. You suck on one of his lower lips, plush and soft between yours, and hasten a soft bite that has Jimin gasping, jerking forward to rest both hands of his on your upper thighs. Namjoon lets them go- lets you settle in between both of them.
 - He pulls away with a start. “I want both of you- please just- please- let me” you’re already pulling at the edge of his shirt. You’d seen his softness here and there too, but now, having him underneath the palm of your hands feels even better. Jimin has gained weight since he got to the farm yes- but he’s also put on more muscle than anything else, enough protein and hard work has left him soft but with clean edges, lines on his hips that point invitingly south. Dimples that you sink your fingers into.
- You hover there, skimming your hands along them, Namjoon reaching out from behind you to press a flat hand to Jimin’s pelvis, his flannel pajama pants still on, but still, even you can feel the way his abdominal muscles clench at the slightest touch. Even as you tug, give a pleading little whine, Jimin is so so weak to all of you. Jimin takes off his pants so quickly that he almost trips and falls into you, and a quiet chuckles and quick look says that Namjoon is equally as endeared by Jimin’s eagerness as you are. Even Yoongi is grinning.
- Yoongi makes a noise too and all of you look over, he’s got his pants pulled down his hips too, hands slowly teasing at the head of his cock hidden by his boxers. A wet spot there that makes jimin lick his lips. One-day Jimin will earn Yoongi’s trust enough to get his mouth on that length. Yoongi juts his chin out- an invitation to continue.
- Jimin wonders how often you’ve done this before with Yoongi- if this is only the second or third time. The question hovers on the tip of his tongue, struck out of his mind when you put your hands on him and touch him properly. Behind you Namjoon shifts, finally showing that he’s bare too- not even wearing underwear.
- A first look says yes, Namjoon is a little longer than Jimin is. But he’s far thicker than Namjoon and that small blessing in itself has a whole new kind of heat thinning in his gut. Especially when Namjoon stands and measures, going hip to hip with Jimin so that the head of his cock touches Jimin’s stomach. The older hybrid reaching out to skim his large hand over his head. Jimin’s already wet and sensitive gasping at how Namjoon’s hands- so big, fail to cover all of him.
- “I really shouldn’t call you puppy” he hastens with a chuckle, tugging at jimin’s erection, and Jimin can’t help but whine and pant. Namjoon’s mouth skims down and over Jimin’s shoulder, the contact lighting sparks under his skin with how sensitive he feels, and yet- it's still not where he wants it, Jimin feels vacant his mouth unclaimed until you stand too.
- This time you tug Jimin down with a hand in his hair, running your fingers over his ears the same moment that Namjoon bites down on his neck and pulls, teasing over the head of his cock. and it’s too much- too much so soon- making Jimin go soft and pliant as Namjoon sucks jimin’s skin between his teeth. Jimin doesn't know why the edge of a high rises so quickly only that it does and leaves his knees weak- almost giving out at the weight of all the pleasure. 
- To Jimin’s credit- he only cums a little- maybe not a full orgasm from just that. The shame and humiliation of Cumming so early makes him want to hide his face in you and hide he does. Especially when Namjoon lifts his hand up to look at Jimin’s release, chuckles, and licks it.
- He collapses into your front, breathing heavily already. The waves of your sweet arousal washing over him, his nose feels so sensitive he wants to bury it in your heat and breathe in deep, his whole body feels sensitive as Namjoon- now behind Jimin, smoothed his hands up and down his sides, somehow knowing he was a little too overwhelmed by so much so quick.
- He hopes that’s not weird- he has a feeling he’s just a little too touch starved not to get wound up. He doesn’t want this to be over that fast, wants to savor every moment. “I’m sorry,” he squeaks out, but you and Namjoon are quick to soothe him.
- “It’s nothing to be ashamed about Minnie baby, you’re just a little sensitive” Jimin loves that- that nickname falling from your mouth as your touches get slower. more sensual and loving so they don’t overwhelm him so fast. He can tell you and Namjoon and maybe Yoongi are sharing a glance, communicating silently about Jimin- but it doesn’t make him feel annoyed. It just makes him feel cared for. 
- Jimin knows he could go again, isn’t finished, he’s still rock hard, cock bobbing and twitching against his stomach. He just needs a moment to calm down. 
- You guide him to sit back up against the bed and he lies, half in your lap and half to the side. Shifting closer to you with his nose pressed to your neck, licking and sucking to his heart's content. Leaving his bruises right next to Namjoon’s. 
- You’re used to the way that Namjoon gets after an orgasm, his more animal instincts closer to the surface. Sometimes he even fails to speak with words, instead favoring whines and growls. It doesn't surprise you at all that Jimin would fall into a similar headspace the second he got overwhelmed. He laps at your skin, tail thumping as his ears twitch. His nose drawing small circles. The instincts in him pulling him lower as Namjoon rubs up and down his back soothingly.
- Jimin doesn’t realize where he’s ended up until your soft laugh and Namjoon’s chuckle join in tandem. “I take it back- you’re a puppy.” Jimin goes absolutely bright red as he opens his eyes and realizes that he’s been nosing at your breasts, the origin for your milky sweet scent.
- “Can I- have a taste?” he asks. And you turn hot for a whole different reason. you push him off a little, and Jimin wants to whine before he realizes that you’re finally taking off your shirt. and /oh/ you’re so soft looking. Your chest ample and swollen- you look absolutely perfect.
- “Sure but- uhm- I’m- just don’t be surprised if I-” you’re stuttering and shy and Namjoon just leans over, pulling lightly at your sensitive nipples so that Jimin can see for himself. He really is good at making sure you guys don’t get too shy to continue, he’s a good alpha.
- At the sight of a small bead of milk tugged forward by Namjoon’s hand Jimin growls, He tugs a little more and a single droplet travels down your sternum. You exhale as you feel the full heavy feeling that your breasts have taken on these past few weeks starts to ease a little.
- Jimin notices your discomfort the way you shift and doesn’t think- his instincts taking over before he leans forward and hastens a lick. taking the droplet from your skin into his mouth and licking up- so that he doesn't waste a drop. his plush lips melt around your nipple and he closes his eyes- savoring it. It only takes a small suck for your milk to really come in, and you shift instantly under Jimin's hands, throwing your head back with a sigh as the ache eases. Jimin growls and pulls you forward by a hand underneath your back, jostling you in his eagerness.
- You taste so sweet, the fatty liquid sliding down his throat as he suckles eagerly. Namjoon buries his fingers into your hair, pulling you up to kiss him but Jimin isn’t paying attention- can’t concentrate on anything other than the smooth taste of you sliding over his tongue as he sucks and sucks and sucks. the taste of you- the cream to your peaches and cream scent sliding like ambrosia over his tongue. 
- Jimin may not be talkative- brought down to his lower basic instincts- but he does make noise. His tail wagging behind him Hitting Namjoon’s, a whine mixing with a growl. Eyes rolling back into his head- he can’t help it you just taste so fucking good. 
- You can’t concentrate on Namjoon’s kiss either; your mouth open and a little sloppy, Namjoon levels you with a hot look. “What do you say lovely? Does she taste as good as she smells?” Jimin is so drunk on you that he barely even hears Namjoon. His teeth nip a little, you hissing a little.
- Namjoon tugs on Jimin’s hair and the other hybrid growls. It’s a Feral and angry sound- anything that would take him away from your sweet taste would have jimin angry. It’s so unexpected- that he would be so possessive- that Namjoon actually laughs. 
- You do too, though it’s quickly interrupted by a moan when Jimin pauses his sucking to lave a lick against your nipple. Namjoon holds him too far away for him to properly suck. “Gentle puppy” Jimin’s hands grip underneath your breasts, possessively clinging to you. whining at Namjoon. begging his alpha to let him go back. Namjoon lets Jimin tug his own hair before he guides his head back to you. 
- Namjoon keeps your eye contact until the second he lowers to suck too. Having both of them at the same time overwhelms you. Especially when you look past their heads and see Yoongi licking his lips too. Stroking his red cock slowly and carefully. The head is already red, and you can tell from the way he pulls off that he’d edging himself. Hips shaking every time he senses his touches. And you wonder if he wants to cum with you. His throat bobbing every time his tongue darts out.
- Having both their mouths on you makes you keen. And when Namjoon guides Jimin’s hand to your cunt you lose it- moaning, panting their names and gripping at their heads, pulling their hair. Jimin’s hands are sloppy as they grip and touch. Hungrily exploring your thighs. Namjoon’s a little more guided, paying special attention to your entrance. When he realizes Jimin’s gotten distracted feeling up your thighs and ass he guides Jimin so finger you, smooth fingertips rubbing at your walls in time with his sucks, while Namjoon rubs smooth circles against your clit.
 - You time the rolls of your hips with Yoongi’s as he shallowly fucks his hand.
- You cum like that, both their hands on you, and Yoongi’s growl, Namjoon’s head snap up. “You can cum Yoongi” Namjoon commands, with a fucked out chuckle. Your milk caught in one of his dimples. Yoongi’s hands are tight around the knot at the base of his cock, cum dripping down around his wrist, his head thrown back. Lazily spread out, his limbs turned to jelly.
- To Yoongi- it doesn't feel awkward to have cum so soon. If anything the sheer intimacy of it all- knowing that he can be vulnerable and fucked out in front of both of you- makes him feel even hazier. And just because he’s cum- doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy the sight of you three all tangled together.
- Jimin’s hardness pokes at your thigh as he straddles it. Rocking against you in time with his sucks. hands returning to their appreciation of your thighs once you’ve cum, head a little clearer. Namjoon is equally as hard and waiting. Namjoon groans as one of your hands finds his cock. 
- You’re used to the way he likes it by now, concentrating your attention on his head. Your other less dominant hand still makes Jimin jerk. Fucking into the tight circle of your hand that can’t fit around the entirety of his cock but is more than enough to tease his head until he’s throbbing.
- Jimin gives one last bite as your milk peters off; no more left and your other breast rightfully as drained, pulling away and licking at his lips. He’s so high on the taste of you, the smell of you, all of you that he barely realizes he’s grinding against your thigh or into your hand. Namjoon stills your hand against him when he gets close. Your thighs shake as Namjoon guides both of you to sit back; pressing a kiss to your forehead, Jimin’s, and then your tummy.
- “Why don’t you watch and see how it’s done puppy” Jimin gets off, sitting on his knees to the side and resists the urge to touch. Namjoon gives him a look and you look up from where you lie against the bed, grinning at him. but he’s obedient, doesn't touch, and just watches to learn. 
- “Would you cum again if I called you good b-” Jimin flushes, scrambling to get a hand over your mouth and stop you from finishing that sentence as his cock twitches and dribbles pre-cum onto the blanket. Face flaming as you laugh against his palm. “Yes- so please don’t I just want to-” Jimin whines. the humiliation making him hornier somehow. Yoongi’s rueful grin and Namjoon's expectant expression that says Jimin is just the cutest thing he’s ever seen.
- It’s somewhat of an honesty thing too- because you know Jimin- you know him so well enough to tease him and have it not be awkward but arousing- knowing just the right words to say to get him riled up. To prove to you that he can be good- can learn how to fuck you well without cumming (again) “why don’t you help me hold her Minnie.”  
- Namjoon’s smirk is happy and a little fucked out as he pulls your hips to the edge of the bed by your ankles, your laughter turning into a giggle. Knowing how Namjoon loves to man handle you. And you’d be lying if his strength- the fact that he can still lift you without issue even this far into your pregnancy wasn’t a little bit of a turn on. 
- Namjoon gently manhandles you into the position he wants, you stretched out against the sheets, your nipples all puffy and pink from the way Namjoon and jimin mercilessly handled you earlier. A bruise forming where Jimin was a little rough, half-circles from his mouth. 
- Namjoon guides you to hold your hands above your head, guiding your wrists into Jimin’s to hold you there, his hands lacing with yours, bending down to kiss you. You gasp into Jimin’s mouth at the first push of Namjoon into your dripping cunt. The push and pull of his hips. It’s as erotic as it is sweet, Jimin presses his hips to the bed to relieve some of the aches but does not rut forward. And a look from Namjoon tells him to be careful- he’ll allow that- but the next time Jimin cums Namjoon wants it to be by his command.
- “You see Minnie- she’s not the biggest fan of a rough fuck- we’ve got to be gentle with her see, but as long as you make them deep and long she likes it” Namjoon shows Jimin and below Them, you moan. Lacing your fingers with Jimin's. 
- There is a certain unspoken dominance between Namjoon and the other hybrids. You too- though that has less to do with scent and the instinctual pull that you feel to be good for him. Jimin can’t get a good handle on why exactly he wants to do everything the elder says only that the idea of Namjoon being upset with him right now sends a jolt of fear all the way to the end of his tail.
- When Namjoon cums it’s with a low groan, and you squirting weakly around his cock. Your thighs are shaking and Namjoon leans close to kiss you through you high, then leans up to kiss Jimin too in reward for being patient. 
- You’re panting, body humming with pleasure as you feel namjoon’s knot press just outside your entrance, bulging so much that his rocking rubs against your clit. Namjoon is careful to fist his knot in his hand, meant to lock him and his partner in place to ensure a pregnancy would take place. If you were a hybrid you would be keening for his knot, probably crying for it. But as it is you’re a little glad he didn’t decide to stretch you out on it today. 
- You’re sure that the next time you cum your eyes are going to roll back. And you might pass out. It’s happened before. The first night you and Namjoon ever let Yoongi watch you. Namjoon had so thoroughly put you through your paces that you’d collapsed, and come to with two very panicked hybrids standing over you.
- Especially because it would have taken several long minutes to go down and Jimin is hard and aching for you. Namjoon is a good and patient alpha; he’ll let Jimin knot you tonight. Namjoon gives his knot one final squeeze before he gestures for Jimin. He lets go of your hands unwillingly, joining Namjoon at the edge of the bed.
- Namjoon pulls you by your legs to the edge of the bed, the movement so sudden that it makes you giggle. You’re a little fucked out, but it only makes your hybrids endeared. You close your eyes as Namjoon manhandles you into place, sighing out a “fuck” as he sees you below him. god- Namjoon loves you so much and you can feel it in every touch. 
- He hitches your legs up and asks you to hold them, hands gripping underneath your knees. Keeping you bare for all of them. Jimin’s mouth waters when he sees your wet and messy cunt, a little bit of Namjoon’s cum dripping out of your entrance.
- Fuck just getting his mouth on Yoongi; Jimin wants to get his mouth on all of you. Huh- maybe he has some sort of oral fixation. Jimin is so caught up in imagining it he barely processes Namjoon stepping away, tugging jimin in close and positioning himself behind the other dog hybrid, Namjoon’s knot and wet cock presses up against Jimin’s ass as Namjoon uses his hands to guide jimin into your heat. 
- Jimin is so thick. So big compared to your entrance, the stretch doesn't burn after Namjoon but you do feel full- so deliciously full that it makes you gasp and grip jimin's shoulder, letting your leg fall against his hip. 
-  You're so wet and warm; Jimin has to slow down immediately. whining loud in the quiet room. “Alpha- I can’t-” namjoon's hand forms a vice around the base of his cock, keeping him from cumming. “You can- and you will Jimin” Weather it’s your wetness or Namjoon’s cum that makes the slide inside of you so slick. He can only thrust forward so far before his stomach makes contact with your baby bump, and the slide, the simple push of your hips against his makes him feel tingly all over.
- “Fuck you feel so good,” Jimin pants out, and you smile, reaching forward to brush his hair out of his face and over his ears, sending a shock of pleasure all the way down to his tail. Maybe it’s because he’s been wound up so much, or because you’re still tightening with the last thrum of your orgasm that makes Jimin come so easily. 
- He’s only been trusting inside of you for a few minutes before he feels his knot start to swell, pulsating against namjoons fingers and ready to spill inside. namjoon lets him go and Jimin can barely keep himself from getting rough with you. though he won’t- would never dream of hurting you. It feels nice to be filled by him, and you feel yourself brought to the edge again by his gentleness- he doesn’t have to thrust quickly for it to feel good- just being this close- as close as you two can get to each other is enough.  
- It’s not Jimin’s first time having sex. But for all intents and purposes. You’re the only ones it matters for. He sends a panicked look in Namjoon’s direction, unsure if he’ll be able to hold off. His hands shaking where they sit, entwined with yours. Body crouched as close as he can to you. Through the entirety of it- Namjoon has been stroking up and down his back, and he grips his hips now- guiding him through each thrust to make them less sloppy.  “Alpha- alpha please-“  
- “You can cum Jimin, make sure you knot her.” At his alphas command Jimin cums with a shout. Namjoon pressed to his back and Yoongi hissing over his shoulder. Watching every thrust with baited breath. namjoon pushes jimin’s hips inside at just the right moment and you twitch as he knots you. feeling him swell inside you more than should be possible entrance pulsating in time with his twitches. jimin cumming into you with squirts and squirts of warmth as you milk his knot.
- You squirt weakly- and it drips down around his cock and makes it even wetter if that’s even possible, no doubt leaving a puddle against your bed. you hold jimin close and he wants to collapse against you but doesn't because of namjoon holding him around the middle, guiding you to safely sit to the side, giving your little baby bump a little loving rub. “Gotta keep the bun safe minnie” namjoon chides. “Sorry hyung just- so good” Jimin slurs. eyes still rolling back in his head as he just keeps Cumming. 
- “Can I call you good boy now?” you tease, and jimin whines again predictably as both namjoon and yoongi nodd. Jimin’s knot does not stay inflated as long as namjoon’s does. starting to shrink after a few minutes once he stops cumming really. though the occasional spasm of your walls around him has him tensing again. 
- When its gone down fully he makes to pull out but namjoon catches his hips again, and tells him to wait. A shiver goes down his spine as yoongi walks over to watch. your leg flopping to the side, open so that he can see, though you grumble and cover your flaming face. it might be a little embarrassing- but it’s also really fucking hot- the way they like to see how much they’ve wrecked you- claimed you in a way they only could.  
- jimin doesn't understand until he sees namjoon and yoongi’s ravenous expressions, the way they lick their lips. it’s only then that namjoon carefully guides jimin to pull out. 
- the rush of cum is immediate, forced out of your entrance by your lingering orgasam makeing you clench and force their cum out of you. there's so much of it, dripping down your thigh thick and viscous and so so messy. 
- jimin is so overwhelmed, as his cock keeps dripping. he flops back onto the bed after a second, close enough to you to be wrapped in your arms, both of you huffing with labored breathes, Namjoon gripping hard around his waist and guiding him into the comfort of the bed and your arms. Hands splayed wide on Jimin’s trembling stomach. Pinching at Jimin’s knot for a moment. And the whole room spins.  
- Jimin is so pretty when he arches his back to try and get away from the over stimulation, especially when your hand joints namjoons and you both squeeze- head thrown back in ecstasy, his plush lips parted with his pants. “Stop fuck- too much” your hands are off of him the second he says it. Jimin’s eyes are closed, as you lean in and kiss at his neck. “Sorry puppy” he hears the older alpha chime- Jimin whines, his whole body turned to jelly.
- You’re barely sighing and settling back into the sheets, head tilted to get a sloppy fucked out kiss from Namjoon. Yoongi lingers. And you look up at him expectantly. His cock is still hard and curving against his stomach.Somewhere between jimin and Namjoon in thickness and length but ribbed with veins that stick out like the ones on the back of his hands.
- You think he’s going to mount you too (your deepest darkest fantasy’s hope that he might. You have to admit that you like the idea of one of them going one after another, Cumming in you, making you feel full and well fucked. You’re certain that one day- if they still want this- if they want to keep doing this with you. You’ll have that, each of them knotting you and filling you up- breeding you and making sure they knock you up again. human hybrid pregnancies are so rare they’re practically non-existent, but you know if there where any that would manage it it would be these three.)
- jimin’s eyes nearly roll into the back of his skull when he smells yoongi closer, nostrils flaring, “gotta help us breed our omega yoongi” he slurs. clutching posessively at you. The words so unexpected but so right. Namjoon can’t take his eyes off Yoongi. While in his arms. jimin tries not to dose- thoroughly spent. 
- It’s the kind of language that Namjoon’s used with you before- calling you their omega- though you’re human you know what it means. To be theirs, taken care of and knocked up and fucked out. You and Namjoon- for the amount you bicker like an old married couple. Also communicate a lot,
- Though talk of your fantasies has mostly been pillow talk. Both of you spoke of wanting this before it happened and of your feelings for the others too. Namjoon had squealed almost as much as you had when you’d told him of jimin’s confession.
- You’d done your best to learn all you could about hybrids. So it never struck you as strange when Namjoon had come to you and confessed that Yoongi would one day be apart of his pack. Namjoon’s alpha instincts choosing Yoongi- spreading protectively over the snake hybrid. Namjoon hadn’t had much control over who was accepted into his pack- much in the same way that you have never have control over who you fall in love with.
- And maybe it was through you- that Namjoon and Yoongi eventually found a way to connect beyond the touches. Because Yoongi looks at the utter mess of your entrance, splattered with jimin and Namjoon cum and growls. His hands barely brushing your skin as he guides you to spread your legs and bare yourself to him. You dont understand what obsession they have with looking at your cunt- but there has to be something. 
- Namjoon ever insatiable even snakes his hand around to spread you out for Yoongi. Teasing at your outer lips before his thumb presses against your clit- making your legs tremble. His touches so slow and firm, enough to make you absolutely desperate for another orgasm.
- Yoongi won’t touch you, he won’t make you cum- you know that enough by now because as much as Yoongi loves the intimacy you have it’s still too much for him. But one of his fangs hangs out over his lip when Namjoon starts to finger you. Rubbing their cum into your clit. And like you could read his mind, Yoongi starts up his stroking above you. 
- He never breaks eye contact with you. Beside you, Jimin shifts to watch. His sweat making his hair stick to his forehead. “I’m not going to stop until you’re squirting,” 
- “Why do you always want to- ah- make me messy?” you tease Namjoon- bickering with him even now. “Who knows maybe dirt is just my kink.” 
- Jimin snorts, “You hate gardening Namjoon-“ you laugh, but you’re also squirming in overstimulation, as Namjoon’s thumb teases and teases until you’re trembling, and you want to gasp say that you can’t possibly cum again- but a look over your shoulder tells you that Namjoon knows you can. Yoongi’s eyes lock with yours when you look back, and you see the sweat on his temple, Namjoon’s hand speeding up when his does.
- Cumming after a few minutes with a gush that makes your cheeks flame. Hips jerking up and off the bed as you squirt- pussy clenching so hard that it forces their cum out to drip. Timed with you again- the intimacy of it all- of Cumming together, Yoongi’s cum spurting all over your stomach before he directs it to your clit. Mixing with the other hybrids cum. 
- You’re thoroughly spent, legs falling open with no shame to hide you from the painful friction that would surely arise if anything touched your clit right now. Reaching out for arms that gladly take you. Ready to have them close.
- Jimin sits up, brain finally a little clearer as the pheromones in the room start to dissipate, leaning forward to hasten a lick Over your entrance tasting all of you intermingled makes his tail wag. But you’re a little too sensitive even for that- and you pull Jimin away before he can give a second lick, and he curls up close to you in the next second, face buried in your shoulder. 
- He’s just as fucked out at you are, wrung out and hung to dry by all of this intimacy and pleasure making his body feel satisfied and settled. Unwilling to move from this bed. speaking only through whines and grumbles. Practically non verbal- and brought low into his hybrid headspace. Jimin and Namjoon don’t mind the mess on you. To them- it just smells like pack and home.
- He’s dimly aware of Yoongi going to the bathroom to get a rag for you- because as much as you love the feeling of all of their cum filling you up you really don’t want to have to change your sheets and luckily for you- most of the mess of your lovemaking has been well contained On you skin and your well placed blanket that can easily be exchanged for a fresh one.
- Namjoon softly turns jimin over onto his stomach, Jimin’s red cock pressed uncomfortably to the bed as they wipe down the release on Jimin’s back too. (Had Namjoon cum there? rutting in-between Jimin’s ass cheeks as he’d been inside you? and had Jimin been too lost in the throws of his passion to realize?)
- “I love you Yoongi, thank you for letting us do this, thank you for being apart of this.” he hears you say, and it makes Jimin’s tail wag.
- He stays awake long enough to hear Namjoon switch the fan on and to feel Namjoon swallow both you and Jimin in his arms. He hears them quietly conversing. “Are you sure you don’t want to come closer?” Yoongi must indicate one way or another. Because Namjoon quietly settles. 
- The bed shifts, and he gathers Yoongi must have curled up several inches to the left of him. jimin squirms- wishing he’d come closer. but then he feels the slow trail of Yoongi’s fingers just along his spine and smiles into your hair.
- He wants to reach out, to pull him closer- but Jimin won’t know that touch is so tenuous for him. He knows him not partaking tonight isn’t anything to do with not loving you three. Jimin will respect Yoongi’s boundaries for as long as it takes for Yoongi to not feel a bit of the aching hesitation he suffers through when it comes to loving his pack. His eyes closed, he feels fingers trail along the edge of his hairline, ears flicking and nose twitching, Jimin lets out a happy little puppy grumble.
- “Love you” he finds himself whispering against your hair, “love you all so much” his words are slurry and not all there. And he’s rewarded with Namjoon muttering it back, reaching out to run a hand gently along his cheeks. A large hand knots in his hair, not rubbing through and just gripping, and jimin knows its Yoongi hand.
- Yoongi stays awake that night until all of you are asleep, wishing that for once- he felt the pull of Namjoon’s alphaness the same way Jimin did. The younger certainly seemed hazy; all of the tension in his body giving way with Namjoon’s will exert itself over him. But he’s content to see them the way they are now, all soft and vulnerable. Namjoon and Yoongi bookending the both of you curled together in the middle. So peaceful. Yoongi hopes he can make the two of you feel as safe as Namjoon makes you feel.
- Yoongi reaches out to touch your face, thumb drifting a hair's breadth from your lips, he knows he could never hurt you- never even dream of it. His mistress- owner- this mission was doomed from the start. He was yours- for all intents and purposes of the words. Yoongi didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. Other than your bed at that moment. 
- And when he closes his eyes He imagines all the ways that he would touch you if he could. How he would have touched you tonight if he’d just allowed himself too. Maybe in the future- maybe in a few days when he gets used to this togetherness he’ll get to be close to you in the way he so desperately wants. Tonight was so nice, and with you smelling like all three of them. Yoongi feels like he’s apart of this- in a way that he hasn’t felt before. 
- it’s not only touches he wants- it’s the love you share too. All of the words he would whisper low in your ears where he able. He’d find out your favorite foods and cook them every day, find out everything you like- badger you even. So that he could learn your favorite things and hopefully earn the right of being one of your favorite things too. 
- He imagines the three of you holding him close in the winter and giving him space in the spring when his skin gets all sheady and itchy. Maybe you’d even make him one of those oatmeal baths that you’d started to favor towards the end of your pregnancy to help ease the shedding process. he imagines Jimin prodding at his scales and counting them. Namjoon kissing the ones behind his ear. 
- Yoongi thinks of the future you have with namjoon and jimin and thinks about you and your child. Yoongi imagines for a second even though the image hurts; what it would be like to see them. He feels his heart ache so viscerally it’s too much- he can’t think about that. 
- He can't think about what he can’t have. In the next few days he’s going to do his best to love you three and protect you and then that will be that. that's all yoongi gets. Not a life with you or a family with you. And then he opens his eyes, swallowing. And thinks that even if he doesn’t get to see all of that- at least- at the very least, he can savor every moment like it might be the last.
- And it is the last moment, Five. 
-  Four. He leaves the room to get a glass of water. If he’d known, maybe he would have looked back when he crossed over the threshold of your bedroom door. The clock ticking down to zero in an instant like a timer left unwatched. 
- Three. If he’d known, maybe he would have leaned over Jimin’s body to kiss your lips- just to kiss you once. Given Namjoon a kiss too. Touched Jimin's face to say ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t give you the love you want, but they’ll give it to you in my absence,”
- Two. On his ways down the stairs, the house is quiet and so familiar. The only home he’s ever had, the only place he’s ever wanted to stay forever.
- One. He’s just on the landing, when he sees the car out-front, black with its lights off, but if he listens he can still hear it running, as quiet as a mountain lions purr. Then He hears a quiet knock at the door. And Yoongi pauses on the steps.
- The clock stops at zero.
- The cherry of her lit cigarette is the only thing that glimmers in the moonlight with any color. That and the red tip of her tongue as she rolls it over her teeth. Yoongi freezes in fear the second he sees his owner, standing with her arm against the doorframe. 
- A wash of cigarette smoke tainting the scents of all of you on him. He sees her farce, her thinly veiled superiority, and the tenseness in her body. Three men behind her. it’s all a lie, she’s angry and she’s afraid and she’s a devil in human skin. 
- “Times up Yoongi.” One moment- he just needs one more moment. Holds up her finger and for once, she listens. Taps her foot impatiently. 
- The house is quiet, upstairs you sleep on, unaware of what happens below. 
- The next morning you wake up to Jimin and Namjoon curled up close. Their soft breathes intermingling in the golden light of morning. Jimin nosing underneath your chin. You cuddle close for a moment letting the safety of sleep melt away, before you sigh and get up to get dressed. The heats broken over the night, and you wrap your fluffy robe around your shoulders just to feel a little cozy. You don’t know why you feel so restless, but it’s like your bones are cold.
- Things are too quiet, the hum of Yoongi’s air conditioners aren’t running, aren’t filling the top floor of your house with their white noise hum. And you realize something’s wrong the second you pause by his door. Usually, his air conditioners run through the night, and leave the space under his door and immediately outside in the hall cooler to the touch, but a look inside after a nock reveals his room is empty, his straw hat is missing from its hook too. You’d assumed he’d left after last night to sleep in his own room because yours was too warm.
- You spill out onto the first floor of your house looking for him, searching for him by the coffee maker or on the couch watching the morning news, but a small commotion, terse hush words interrupt your train of thought.
- The cat hybrids are crowded around something on the table. Breakfast barely even started. One of them turns when they see you in the doorway and if any of them notice something different about your scent- probably drenched with both all of your hybrids. None of them say anything. If you had to guess- you’d say that whatevers wrong is much more pressing than any hybrid faux pas.
- “We were going to wake you” one of them says, biting her lower lip, her torn ear twitching. “We didn’t think you’d want us to move it until you saw.”
- The crowd parts, and you pull up to the side of the prep table. a blanket is folded on the table- it’s Yoongi’s- the heated one. The one that he needs to sleep if he’s going to not wake up shaky and too cold in the middle of the night. His sun hat- the one he always wears sitting on top of it, a little note sitting there too tucked into the leather band.
- The simple note- two words that aren’t enough to soothe the sudden panic in your veins. “I’m sorry” written in his neat scrawl. The words he wants to say but can’t- had to erase and then scribble over so you can’t read them. “I’m sorry I can’t stay, I would if I could, and I want too so bad. it’s not your fault that i had to go.” 
- But there are just those two. I’m sorry. Not enough and almost visceral in the way that they shock the air out of your lungs. You gasp- almost falling with the way it hits you. You wish it wasn’t true, but deep down you know what it means.
- Yoongi is gone. 
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absurdthirst · 10 months ago
An Unexpected Forever {Max Phillips x F!Reader}
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8326
Warnings: Pregnant reader, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal sex, unprotected sex, riding, talk of lactation kink, pregnancy kink
Comments: THOTS between @storiesofthefandomlovers​ and myself. Co-written. You have a one night stand with Max that results in an unexpected surprise. He doesn’t take you quitting without a fight. 
Tumblr media
Knocking at the door to his office, you smooth your skirt down, file folder in hand. He will be able to smell your nervousness unless you calm down. You take a deep breath, wishing that your palms weren’t as sweaty or that your heart wasn’t thumping in your chest. Of course he would pick up on that, since it pumped more of your blood through your veins. Which Max Phillips, being the vampire he was, absolutely loved.
"Come in." He calls out and you enter his office. "What's wrong?" He asks immediately, sensing your nerves and he leans forward on his desk. "Is the sales department fucking up again? Do I need to go kill someone to make them behave?" He pouts playfully and waits for you to answer.
You give a small laugh. He was always funny, even if you knew that he wasn’t exactly joking. Despite his polished and poised exterior, he was an apex predator. A vampire, the actual mythical legend of Dracula, draped in an expensive Armini suit, onyx cufflinks and an MBA backed charming smile. “No.” You step forward with a confidence you don’t actually feel and place the Manila folder on his desk. “I just came to give you this.” You tell him quietly, standing straight and waiting for him to read the document.
"Your list of hard and soft limits?" He jokes and waggles his eyebrows before picking up the folder. He scans the document before looking up at you, a deep frown on his face as he looks at you. "What the fuck is this?" He slaps the folder down on the desk. "A resignation?" He narrows his eyes at you. "Why?"
You resist the urge to cover your stomach protectively. He’s smart enough to deduce that quickly enough. A flash of him hovering over you, bare chested and panting over you, his eyes almost yellow with animalistic lust flashed through your mind. You shake off the memory even as your core clenches, aching for another taste. It had been a one time thing, the lover you had taken to bed gone before you had woken up and he hadn’t brought it up when you had walked into the office that day or any since then. “I-I have my reasons.” You tell him.”They’re private.”
"Private? Come now sweetheart. I think we are past privacy after...after that night" He tilts his head. "What's the real reason? Too hung up on my cock that you need to leave before you jump me?" He jokes but his eyes look pained. "Haven't been able to find any good dick since our little rendezvous?" He teases once again, using humor to cover up his aching heart.
“Funny.” You humorlessly retort. You couldn’t tell him you were pregnant and that it was his. He wouldn’t believe you, fuck you didn’t believe it. After all, he had quite specifically said that he never had to worry about birth control. Well, the joke was on him, you hadn’t been with anyone for months before him and you hadn’t been with anyone since. And according to the five at home tests and your doctor, you were most definitely pregnant. “I’ve turned in my keycard to security, and talked with Amanda. It was - an experience working for you Mr. Phillips.” You hold out your hand to offer him a handshake, trying to be professional.
He stares at you in shock, his eyes flicking to your outstretched hand, and he is still for a few moments before he bursts out laughing. "Great prank sweetheart. Where's the camera?" He glances around the room. "Amanda was in on this? Come on Amanda" He calls out before his laughter dies down as you stare at him. "You're serious?" He asks and you nod. He swallows harshly and narrows his eyes at you. "Is this payback for not staying for breakfast?" He hisses.
Your hand drops back to your side and you shake your head. “It has nothing to do with our- with that night.” You lie. Your eyes drop down to his desk, the polished nameplate and the neat desk organizer suddenly fascinating. “I had hoped we could part amicably, but I guess that’s not going to happen.” Taking a deep breath, you look up into his dark chocolate eyes. “Goodbye Max.” You turn on your heel and walk towards the door to leave, your desk already packed and you’ve already put off answering questions from Mike and the rest of the team.
"Wait" He rushes around his desk at inhuman speed and lightly grabs onto your forearm. "You can't go. I won't allow it. I'll tell Amanda to throw out the paperwork. What can I do to get you to stay? A raise? A private office? Another night with me?" He adds, unable to resist his cocky nature. "Tell me what I can do to get you to stay. I don't want to lose- the company doesn't want to lose you" His brown eyes are pleading.
Shaking your head, you try to pull your arm out of his grip, but only manage to slide his hand down to your wrist. You start feeling the tug of his gaze, compelling you to say yes. “No, I can’t.” Your eyes narrow. “Did you just try to hypnotize me?” You hiss, angry that you could be manipulated that way. “How many times have you tried that shit?” You had felt guilty for leaving so suddenly without giving the normal two weeks notice, but now you were ready to walk away and never think about him again. Except for absolutely everything to do with the baby you carried.
His eyes widen at you resisting his persuasion. He has never used it on you before but he needs to know why you are leaving. The real reason. “Never. I just - I need to know why you are leaving. Was it me? Something I’ve done? I know I can be an asshole but come on sweetheart, I think my looks make up for my personality” He jokes again, trying to coax you into telling him why without hypnosis.
“I’m leaving because I’m not working in an office full of vampires while I am pregnant.” You glare at him, turning back to grab the handle of the door. You had told him, you just hadn’t mentioned that it was his, and you had no intention of telling him that fact.
He grips your wrist a little tighter. “You’re...?” He trails off and you nod. His eyes widen and he gulps, his eyes flicking down to your stomach before he looks in your eyes once more. “You’re pregnant” He states and you nod again. “Who- whose is it?” He asks, his face pained.
You swallow hard, your heart feeling like it’s about to burst out of your chest. “I don’t know.” You lie. You grimace when his hand turns to steel around your wrist, his jaw clenches. “It doesn’t matter does it? It can’t be yours and what we had was just a hookup, an itch for you to scratch.” You hope he can’t tell the way that you are barely holding on to your composure. “So that’s why I’m quitting. Satisfied?”
“No. That’s not a good enough reason to quit. We can make it work. I’ll make sure you’re protected. Are you sure you don’t know? How many one night stands have you had?” He scoffs
You fume, twisting your wrist and yanking it from his grip. “Fuck yourself, Phillips.” You spit, throwing the door open and stomping out into the cubicles. “I don’t know why I even bothered.”
He follows you, scowling at the curious employees and he stops you as you grab your purse from your desk. “I’m sorry” He murmurs under his breath. “I shouldn’t have said that. Don’t go” He pleads, “we can figure something out”
“Why do you want me to stay so badly?” You demand, turning around and staring him down. “We aren’t exactly friends, I’m okay in the sales department but your vampire team rake in the real numbers, and,” you step closer and lower your voice, “apparently, the sex wasn’t good enough to be even mentioned again until today. So why?” You throw your purse in the small cardboard box that held your desk plant and picked it up, arching an eyebrow as you wait for his answer.
He winces at your words. “That wasn’t- that isn’t why. It’s - you were...the best I’ve ever had and that’s saying something” He leans closer to confess. “I don’t want you to leave because- you know what? It doesn’t matter. Just go” He waves you away. “Just go”
Your resolve falters a bit at his comment. Probably something he says to everyone after they confront him about getting the brush off. “Yeah, so good you left while I was asleep.” Shuffling the box higher, you swallow and nod, knowing this is for the best. “Bye Max.” Tim and Andrew lounge around their shared space, doing nothing as usual, and Andrew takes an appreciative sniff of you as you walk to the elevator. “She smells really good.” He smacks Tim in the chest and makes him wince in pain as Andrew’s fangs descend. “It’s different than normal, but good.” You ignore them, knowing the entire office is popped up like gophers watching you leave the company you had worked so long at. Climbing into the elevator you refuse to look at Max when the doors slide closed.
Max lets you go. Watching the elevator doors close and he stares at the metal doors until someone clears their throat. He spins around and fakes a grin before clapping his hands. “Back to work. Show’s over folks. Let’s get those sales up before the night shift comes in” He tells everyone and they continue staring at him. “Back to work unless you want to be my snack or meet a stake” He growls and everyone jumps, digging back into their work. He adjusts his tie and cufflinks before walking back to his office. He slams his door and slumps down in his chair, slapping his hand on the desk and he curses when the wood groans beneath his palm.
“Damn, why did she leave?” Mike asks, glumly looking down at his bag of chips. “I hadn’t even gotten a chance to sleep with her yet.” Amanda scoffs and shakes her head. “Gross, Mike.” She gives him a pointed look. “Head of HR? Sitting right here? And she never would have slept with you anyway.” She tells him before going back to her salad. Evan leans forward, taking his arm out from around Amanda where they were all seated at the break room table. “It is weird though right?” He asks, looking around at his co-workers. “I mean, I know Max is an asshole, but she’s been here longer than I have. She just quit, with no notice.” He turns to his girlfriend. “And she didn’t say anything about why?”
“Well it’s because she’s pregnant with Max’s baby” Tim says matter of fact and the group all stare at him. “You’re joking right? Like she’d sleep with that asshole” Evan scoffs. “Unless he hypnotized her.” Tim suggests and Mike shakes his head. “Not even Max Phillips has that much voodoo. She’s too good for him. Way too good for him” Amanda chimes in. “Well, clearly he managed to convince her since she is having his kid” Tim shrugs. Max is frozen in the hallway. He was about to tell them all to get back to work when he overheard Tim’s announcement and suddenly it all makes sense.
“Think about it.” Tim takes a bite of his sandwich and talks around it. “Two months ago Max was constantly hanging around her, or calling her into his office. Flirting up a storm.” Andrew nods and tosses out his observation. “He was chasing her.” Tim points at him and swallows. “Exactly. And then one day, poof, nothing. They are polite but barely talk. Plus she’s been complaining that her stomach is upset when Dave microwaves his fish for lunch.” Amanda and Evan exchange a thoughtful look. Tim takes another bite of his sandwich. “Plus I live in her building and I found the pregnancy test in her trash.” Evan makes a disgusted noise and Tim gives an innocent look. “What? She pays for Entertainment Weekly.” He defends. “I’m not going to waste the money if she’s already bought it.”
“Shouldn’t you have started with ‘I found a pregnancy test in her trash’?” Amanda shakes her head. “That’s fucking creepy man. Going through someone’s trash” Evan scoffs and Tim shrugs. “Gotta get my kicks somehow” Max feels sick. Which for a vampire is an accomplishment. “Fuck” He mutters and rushes back to his office, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket and dialing your number. It goes straight to voicemail and he curses, nearly crushing the device in his hand. “Pick up” He pleads and groans when it goes to voicemail again after redialling. “Shit” He hisses and slams his phone down on his desk.
At home, you’ve turned off your cell phone, sure that a few of the nosier former co-workers of yours would call or text wanting to know the juicy gossip of why you left. You changed from your sensible business attire to leggings and a sweater, brewing yourself a cup of chamomile tea to help calm your nerves. Since you had found out you were pregnant, it seems like your body has been rebelling against you. You were scared, having absolutely no idea about what carrying a supernatural being's child might entail. You look at the plant that had sat on your desk for years, now the centerpiece on your kitchen table and sigh. Max wouldn’t even miss you, you had made the right decision.
Max paces his office, nearly wearing a hole in the carpet as he tries to process the news that you are pregnant. He goes between thinking it is his and scoffing at the idea. He can’t conceive. Was told that before he was changed and he has always used protection in the past for diseases but with you, you told him you were clean and he didn’t think there was a risk. “Fuck” He growls, hating the idea of you being pregnant with another man’s child. He glances at the clock. 4:45pm. Only fifteen minutes before the end of the shift and he decides to leave early. He grabs his jacket and briefcase before walking out of his office, locking the door, and his employees stare at him in shock. He is always the last one there and usually demands they stay late to finish up any work. “Emergency” He declares vaguely, “anyone who wants to, can leave early” He says before rushing to the elevator.
You curl up on the couch with your tea and your computer. Your savings would sustain you for a while, but you wanted, needed a distraction. Checking the listings for positions, you find yourself more interesting in thinking about the fact that there was a life growing inside you. Finally, you shut the computer and just sit, contemplating the irony of carrying a technically dead man’s baby, a new life from an expired one. It wasn’t like there were books on What to Expect When You're Expecting a Vampire’s Baby available on Amazon. You snicker to yourself, maybe you could write one. It would be a bestseller, if nothing but for people to call you crazy.
Max curses as he gets stuck in traffic, his hands slapping the steering wheel and he groans. He knows where you live. Hell, he’d been there two months ago when he fucked and ducked before you woke up. He rarely sleeps more than a couple of hours a night so he just watched you. Wishing he could wrap his arms around you and keep you in that bed with him for the next few days so he can properly show you how he feels. Then his walls went up and he bolted, too afraid of his own emotions to stay there and watch you any longer. You ignored him when you came into work and from that moment on, he treated you like any other employee. Gone were the invites to lunch, the flirting, the coffees he’d bring you to woo you. All of it was done as soon as he realized how deep he was. “Fucking come on” He growls at the slow crawling traffic. Max is relieved and terrified as soon as he escapes the freeway and speeds to your home. He locks his door and rushes up to your front door, ringing the doorbell and he waits, non-existent heart thumping in his chest.
You jolt awake, having fallen asleep. You had noticed that you were more tired lately, but that seemed to be normal. Grumbling and groaning, you heave off the sofa and make your way to the front door. “Coming!” You call out when the buzzer sounds again. Whoever it is sounds impatient and you pray it’s not another anti-vamp petitioner. You flip the lock and swing the door open. “Can I help-“ Your tired but friendly smile immediately drops. “Max? What are you doing here?” You pull the door closer to your body, blocking his view of the interior of your home.
“We need to talk. I overheard the morons talking in the break room and...Tim said something and I have to know if it’s true” He places his hand on your door and he wishes he could push past but you need to give him permission to enter. “Are- are you pregnant?” He asks, his voice shaking a little as he looks at you.
You give him a confused look. “I told you I was pregnant Max.” Huffing out an ironic laugh. “Remember, you insulted me?” You shake your head. “I’m not coming back. I’m sorry you wasted your time coming over here, but I’m sure you know your way home.” You step back and move to close the door.
He shakes his head, his brain short circuiting, and he pushes to keep the door open. “No. No. I it mine? I just need to know...please” He adds, knowing that you are aware of how dismal his manners can be. “Please” He repeats, “just tell me yes or no”
You freeze, eyes widening and mouth dropping open in shock. “Yes.” You blurt out the truth before you can even think to lie, never having seen such a desperate look on his face before. He seemed shaken and it had made your filter stop working. You slap your hand over your mouth, but it was too late, the damage was already done.
His eyes widen as you confirm it and he trusts you implicitly. Knows you wouldn’t lie to him about something like this. “Can I come in? So we can talk about this?” He steps closer to the threshold. “Please” He repeats when you hesitate.
You nod, pulling your hand away from your mouth when you remember you have to verbally give him permission. “Come inside.” You reluctantly open the door wider and move back, chewing on your bottom lip as he steps across your threshold.
He glances around your living room as you sit back down on the sofa and he hesitates to sit down next to you so he chooses the closest chair. “I’d offer you something to drink but I’m fresh out of blood” You sass and he can’t help but chuckle. “I’m good. Took a sip from an intern earlier” He half jokes, knowing that the intern is in the dumpster, fully drained. “I don’t know what to say.” He confesses.
“Yeah.” You scoff and reach down to put your hand on your stomach. “I didn’t either. And the doctor thinks I’m lying about having another partner besides a vampire. So, yeah.” You sigh and pick at the arm of the sofa. “I know that you- that this isn’t for you. I don’t expect anything from you.” You tell him. “How did you even find out?”
“Tim apparently goes through your trash for your Entertainment Weekly magazine and found the test” He wipes his hands on his pants, a nervous habit left over from his human days. “I won’t let you do this alone. I can give you child support and I- I want to be involved. If they are like me...I can help” He declares, slightly terrified by the idea of a half vamp baby. “I won’t let you do this alone. I am half responsible. The one time I don’t wear a condom” He jokes, playfully rolling his eyes.
You sigh, shaking your head. “I don’t want your money, Max.” You state firmly. “I can do this on my own. You can pretend it never happened.” You knew you were a bit hormonal, but the idea that he was here out of a sense of duty was one of the reasons you had decided not to tell Max. You didn’t want a reluctant father for your child. You stood and gave him a tight smile. “Consider yourself free of any obligation.”
“What if I want obligation?” He narrows his eyes as he stands up. “You can’t cut me out of my child’s life. What if I want to be a part of it? Be a father? You can’t deny me that sweetheart” He shakes his head and stares at you.
You paused, never considering that he would actually want something to do with a baby. You sink back into the sofa and look up at him, puzzled. Of course he would want it. He had thought he would never have it, the ability to have a child. It made sense to you. You give him a small nod. “Okay. You can- I won’t keep the baby from you. We can split custody once they are born and we figure out if- if they are like you.”
“Okay. Good” He nods and swallows, “good.” He wants to sit next to you, pull you into his arms and tell you he’s here and it’s gonna be okay but he doesn’t know how to do that. “I, uh...have you been to the doctor yet? To have a scan?” He asks, not sure about how this all works.
Nodding, you get up to retrieve them from where you had put them in your bedroom. You ignore the butterflies in your stomach as you grab them off the nightstand, thinking about the last time Max had been here. He had been in that bed with you, inside you. Creating the little life in the sonogram pictures. Bringing them back out, you hand them to him. “We obviously know that I’m eight weeks along.” You quip. “But they confirmed that in the scans.”
Max gingerly holds the sonograms in his hands and he inhales sharply. His fingers tracing the small circle that shows where his - your - baby is growing. He wishes he could cry. Show you how overjoyed he feels in this moment. He has never imagined having a family of his own and when he met you, he immediately envisioned spending forever with you but he was terrified. Unable to imagine that you’d want a life with a monster like him. “I-” He sniffs - an old habit. “I can’t believe it. I mean I can. It’s here in black and white but I never imagined- fuck me” He exhales eventually, his dark eyes flicking up to look at you.
You blame the hormones for the tears that are welling up in your eyes. Watching him stare at the sonogram, a single finger tracing the tiny image while his lower lip trembled. It made you think that there was still a lot of his humanity inside, buried beneath the facade he has cultivated. You give him a watery smile. “That’s kind of how this happened.” You joke, nodding toward the sonogram in his hand. “Our little monster is right there.” You say affectionately.
“I don’t want to be an outsider” He announces, “I want it to be real. I want us to be real” He scoots closer in his chair and glances down at the sonogram before looking at you. “I want a family. Our family. I want it all. You and me and our baby”
“Max-“ You shake your head, taking a step back from him. “It’s just- the moment talking.” You tell him. “You just found out that you are going to be a father. You don’t mean that.” You wish he did, but he had made it pretty clear where he stood on you when you woke up to an empty house that morning. Even more so when he had locked himself in his office that morning until well after everyone had arrived.
“No no. I do. I- I left that morning because- fuck- because I was scared. I’ve never felt this way and” He stands up from the chair and begins to pace in front of you. “I was a fucking coward because I left the woman I love in bed after sleeping together and I thought I was an asshole but that really takes the prize. I shouldn’t have done that. I regretted it as soon as I was in my car because baby, I’m not a good man. I am selfish and crude and self absorbed but fuck if I don’t want to be better. For you. For our baby” He points at the sonogram.
“I- you -“ You stumble over your words at his admission. “You love me?” You whisper, making him nod solemnly and take a step closer to you. “But that morning, you didn’t say anything. You haven’t said a word about that night to me.” It had hurt, to feel like he had pursued you just to get you into bed, and then turned cold once he had what he wanted. Granted, you hadn’t said anything either, pride keeping you from asking him. Not wanting to seem like a female who couldn’t take a hint.
"I was scared." He confesses. "I never wanted you to look at me with disgust because I am a monster. I never wanted you to feel like you had to love me. I would rather you hate me for leaving you in the morning than you be disgusted by me loving you" He shakes his head. "I- clearly I should've kept quiet. I'm sorry. I'll- I'll go" He hands you back the sonograms and heads towards the front door.
“Wait.” You drop the scans in the chair and rush after him. He stopped, his back tense and his muscles bunched under the jacket of his suit. You don’t touch him, even though you want nothing more than to run your hands along his back and soothe him. “You aren’t a monster.” You tell him quietly. “An asshole, yes. But- I couldn’t love a monster.”
"You mean love me?" He spins around to look at you with wide eyes. "You can't. I am a monster" He shakes his head. "I don't deserve you. I don't deserve this" He gestures to the sonograms. I- I have to go" He backs away from you again.
“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid you’d want me to get rid of the baby.” You blurt out, making him stiffen. You bite your lip and look away, embarrassed at how you had acted. “I was scared you’d reject them, and- and me.” You lay your hand over your womb protectively. “I loved them from the beginning because even if I couldn’t have you, I would have a piece of you.”
"I would never-" He shakes his head and his mouth falls open. "It's your choice. I would never - no. No" He reaches for you and hesitates before putting his hand over yours on your stomach. "You have me" He promises. "You had my heart, my soul - if there is one - my body. I'm yours" He offers and leans a little closer. "If you want me"
“I want you Max.” You can’t help the tears that start to fall. “We want you.” You tell him, leaning into him. “Forever.”
He reaches out and cups your cheek with his free hand. "You know forever means something different with me sweetheart. Are you sure you want that? Forever with me?" He rests his forehead against yours.
You nod. “After the baby- after they are older, I want you to change me. If you want.” You amend. You pout slightly. “I was kind of hurt when I was left in the human category.” You admit.
"I do. I want to spend forever with you. I didn't change you because I didn't want you to be changed against your will. I never wanted you to be stuck in this life. You are too...human to be changed. If I were to change you, I want it to be because you want it. Not because of me. If you wanted to stay human I would understand" He promises.
You wrinkle your nose at that. “No, I want you to change me eventually.” You admit. “But I need something from you right now, Max Phillips. If you are serious about this, about us.” Your tone is stern as you frown at him.
"Anything. Name it sweetheart and it's yours. Tell me" He pleads, wrapping his arm around your waist and his fingers stroke over your hand on your stomach.
“I need you to take me to bed. Fuck me until I can’t do anything but scream your name.” You tell him breathlessly. “And then be there in the morning when I wake up?” You ask, voice quiet and vulnerable.
"I can do that" He growls and pulls you close so you are pressed against him. "I don't want to fuck you though. I want to make love to you. I- I haven't really done it before and I want to show you how much I love you" He murmurs, brushing his lips across your cheek.
You grin, pushing back from him just enough that you can wrap your arms around his neck, playing with his hair. “It’s kind of like the night that we conceived the little one. Except maybe not as much dirty talk. And feelings.” You wink at him when he narrows his eyes at your teasing tone.”You won’t hurt the baby.” You promise.
"No dirty talk? Might be a deal breaker" He shrugs before winking at you. "Don't worry sweetheart. I will fuck you after but first, I want to love you" He nudges his nose against yours before brushing your lips with his. "I love you" He whispers before pressing his lips to yours.
You sigh, melting into the feeling of his lips on yours. The restrained passion behind his kiss as he licks along the seam of your lips, begging for entrance. You moan when you open your mouth, his tongue eagerly sweeping inside to tangle with yours. Only when you pull back for air do you get to talk. “I love you too, Max.” You grip the material of his suit before you slide your hands underneath to push the jacket off. “Please.” You whisper. “I need to feel you.”
He nods, lost for words and he lets the expensive ‘bespoke’ jacket fall to the floor. Max works on pulling his tie off and undoing his cufflinks, letting them fall onto the coffee table with a jingle. He expertly unbuttons his shirt but doesn’t push it off, deciding to focus on you after kicking off his shoes. He presses his lips to yours once more, his fingers curling into the hem of your shirt and he reluctantly breaks away to pull it over your head. “Shit. I haven’t been able to get these out of my mind” He groans as he lets your shirt fall to the floor so he can cup your breasts in his palms. “Are they bigger? They look bigger” He raises his eyebrows at you.
You whimper when he brushes his thumbs across the hard peaks. Eyes fluttering closed you nod. “All my bras are too tight.” You hadn’t wanted to buy new ones so far, but you would soon need to. Your hands reach for his belt, frantically pulling at the buckle. Needing him naked and inside you. Craving that feeling since that night, your fingers and vibrator a poor substitute for him.
“I’ll buy you new long as I get to help pick” He smirks and hooks his fingers into your leggings after you throw his designer belt on the floor. He pulls them down along with your panties and kneels in front of you. He helps you step out of them and looks up at you as you stand before him naked. “You are so fucking beautiful”
You roll your eyes and shake your head. “I bet you say that to all the women you get pregnant.” You tease, your eyes widening and you yelp when he stands sudden, scooping you up into his arms and rushing through the hallway towards your bedroom.
He gently sets you down on the bed and stands up to shove his pants and boxers down his legs until he kicks them off. He removes his socks and kneels him on the bed, his hard cock bobbing as he hovers over you to kiss you. “I want to taste you” He mumbles against your neck as he kisses and sucks along the skin.
You pant, overwhelmed by the feeling of his mouth on your skin. You shiver and gasp when his fangs scrap along your pulse. Pulling back, he gives you a hesitant look and you tug on his hair. “I liked it.” You assure him, making his jaw tick as he clenches his teeth and ducks his head back down.
“I want to drink from your cunt” He clarified. “I won’t drink from you while you are pregnant sweetheart. I don’t want to risk anything but once the little one is out, I want to fuck you and drink your blood” He promises between kisses as he makes his way down to your breasts, sucking softly on a nipple before biting down gently. You writhe beneath his mouth and he switches to the other breast. “So fucking reactive” He praises.
“Max.” You whine and clutch his head to your breasts, your thighs restlessly shifting but you can’t close them from where he is kneeling between them. “I need more.” You reach down and your fingers brush over the tip of his cock, making him give out a low growl and his hold on you tightening. “Don't tease me.” You beg, practically sobbing when he smirks and finally starts making his way farther down.
He kisses down your stomach until he reaches your belly button and he places a soft kiss before it. "Daddy is about to make Mommy feel good so cover your ears okay?" He whispers against your skin before looking up at you and winking. He spreads your thighs further apart so he can settle between them and he kisses along your inner thigh, sucking a mark on the skin and scraping his fangs along it for a brief second. Once he reaches your core, he inhales sharply before leaning closer to flick his tongue over your clit. "Fuck" He groans at the taste of you, "better than blood." He quips before flattening his tongue through your folds.
Crying out your body lurches up, your sensitive nerves on overload as his tongue flicks against you. “Oh fuck, Max!” You remember it being devastatingly good before but the pregnancy made you even more sensitive. Quickly feeling the need cum already building inside of you as he devours you.
He groans into your flesh and slides his tongue into your dripping hole, stiffening it as he drinks you up. His hand shifts over so he can rub your clit with his thumb. “Cum for me” He mumbles before diving back in, his thumb pushing against your bundle of nerves.
You keen, your eyes closing as you cum on his tongue. Feeling him push the muscle inside your convulsing walls for you to clamp down around. Finger claw at the bedsheets as you chant his name over and over like a prayer, your body trembling under his touch.
He watches you as you cum, his fingers digging into your thigh as he works you through your orgasm and he briefly wonders how long he’ll be able to do this without your bump getting in the way. He moans at the thought and only pulls away when you push on his head. He offers your clit one last flick before he kisses his way back up your body until his hard cock is pressing into your thigh. “You ready for me?” He asks, knowing the question is heavier than intended.
You nod, leaning up to kiss him, tasting your tangy flavor on his lips. Reaching between you, you smirk when Max moans into your mouth as your fingers wrap around his throbbing length. Sliding him along your slick folds and shuddering when the blunt tip catches your clit. “I’m ready baby.” You mumble against his lips. “I love you.”
He doesn’t respond, instead he slides inside of you slowly and kisses your neck as he slowly rocks his hips to push deeper. Once he is fully sheathed in your warm, he leans back to look into your eyes. He doesn’t say a word as he begins to pull out and slowly push back inside, each thrust is deep and slow as he stares at you in awe. He leans down to kiss you, his tongue tangling with yours to match the pace he has set and he groans into your mouth when you clench around him.
You hitch your legs around his waist, whimpering in pleasure when he slides just a bit deeper. The slow roll of his hips letting you feel every ridge of his cock as it drags against your walls. True to his word, Max is making love to you. The sensations even more earth shattering than when he had fucked you into the mattress before. You rake your fingernails down his back and move your hips in a desperate attempt to make him speed up.
He grabs onto your hip to stop you from speeding him up and once he is certain that you are still, he snakes his hand between you to circle your clit. “You gonna cum for me now?” He murmurs, his voice deep and raspy with emotion. “Can you cum for me sweetheart?” He asks, rubbing your clit while he maintains his painfully slow pace.
You sob out his name as you nod, unable to do much more than take him. “Max, please.” You grab his shoulders, your nails digging to his skin. Feeling yourself fall over the edge, your walls clench around him, drenching his cock as your mouth falls open with a loud moan.
“That’s it” He coos as he coaxes you through another orgasm. He waits until you slump back into the mattress before he picks up his pace a little bit, seeking his own high. He grunts as he buries his cock inside of you and his mouth falls open with a soft growl as he paints your walls with his seed. He nearly collapses on top of you but he catches himself on his forearms. “I love you” He murmurs and kisses you softly, his hands caressing your cheeks as his cock twitches inside of you.
“I love you too.” He rolls you over where you are sprawled out on top of him, cock still buried in your heat. You giggle to yourself, unable to believe that you are in bed with Max again. You trace his smooth jaw with a finger. So many things you want to learn about him. Like does he have to shave or is he smooth faced all the time? He would look sexy with some scruff. You look up into his eyes, watching you closely and you smile. “How was making love?” You ask. “Especially knowing I’m pregnant?”
"It was an experience...not something I am used to but I loved it. I love you" He runs his nose along your hairline, breathing you in. "Your heartbeat is going crazy right now. It's delicious" He smirks. "I can't wait until you begin to show. I am gonna show you off to everyone that will listen. Especially those fucking sheep in the office. Show them you are mine" He growls as he reaches down to squeeze your ass.
You clench around him and he twitches inside you again. “Possessive?” You set your chin on his chest and grin up at him. “I didn’t think that you would be the type.” You admit, arching an eyebrow at him.
"You're kidding me right? You know I don't like to share. are mine and I am yours. Forever" He promises you. "Are you coming back to work on Monday?" He asks. "You don't have to but I'd love to have you back"
You bite your lip and nod. Your reason for leaving was moot now. Max knew about everything and you were sure that he would make it very clear that no one was to even look at you while they were hungry. “I’ll come back. I didn’t like the other opportunities available right now anyway.” You tease, leaning up for a quick kiss.
"Good. Plus you know this means I get to fuck you in my office while everyone can hear you scream my name" He growls against your mouth. "I want you to wear those pretty sundresses with nothing underneath so I can fuck you when I want. I am just gonna get hornier the bigger you get" He confesses.
“Pregnancy kink?” Your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. That was something you definitely had not expected. “You want to set me up on your desk with my swollen belly between us and make me cum all over your cock?” You ask innocently, smirking when his grip on your ass tightens. “I bet you would even breastfeed once the baby comes, wouldn’t you?”
He groans and nods, his cock twitching inside of you. "I didn't even know I had a pregnancy kink but fuck if I am not getting hard as a rock thinking about that. Can I suck your tits and your neck?" He hums. "Drink your blood and your milk?" He groans.
You hum, pretending to think about it before you tighten around him again. “You would be in Heaven wouldn’t you?” You smirk when he purses his lips at your choice of words. “Baby you can do whatever you want.” You assure him. “I like the idea of being impaled on your cock while you drink my milk and my blood.” You hold up a finger. “As long as you leave enough for baby vamp. If they drink milk, that is.”
"I have never heard of a baby being born to a vampire but I will call my old professors tomorrow and see if they know of anything that can help. If they drink blood, we can get blood bag donations" He strokes his fingers along your spine. "For now baby, let's focus on you and we will figure the rest out okay? Are you hungry? Do you need something to drink?"
“I am thirsty.” You admit and moan a little when he pulls you off his cock, rolling you over to your side as he gets out of the bed. You watch his bare ass disappear out of the doorway, completely unashamed of his nudity. Grinning, you lay back in the bed while you heard him move around your house. You can’t help but wonder now if he had meant what he said before about your first time together. Staring up at the ceiling, you caressed your stomach as you lost yourself in thought.
"Here you go babe" He hands you a glass of water as he kneels on your bed and he kisses your forehead after you sit up to lean against the headboard. "I got you a snack too" He holds out the granola bar. "What are you thinking about?" He smirks, noticing your grin and the way you are caressing your stomach.
“Just the irony.” You tell him after downing half the glass “I had really thought that you were a playboy. Especially after- well, you know.” You weren’t going to keep beating him up over leaving. Playing with the wrapper of the granola bar, you avoid looking at him. “Did you mean what you said, earlier? Or was it an attempt to keep me from leaving?” You ask quietly.
He frowns, trying to remember what he said, before his eyes widen. "Oh that" He flusters, ducking his head and you can't help but grin at his reaction. "Yeah. I meant it. I have never felt this way about anyone and you? You are the best sex I've ever had and that's saying something because I have had many- you know what. I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead" He snorts.
You laugh, not even slightly jealous. You knew that he had been somewhat of a manwhore, hell, he had bragged about it. “Don’t worry.” You wink at him. “You’re up there among the best.” You tease.
"Up there?" He rears back, true distress on his face. "No no no baby. That will not do. I want to be the best. What can I do to be the best?" He shakes his head. "Among the best" He mumbles. "Not good enough" He huffs.
You lick your lips, already wanting him again. You know you could never overpower him, but you reach for him bringing him down to the bed and straddling his waist, letting his cock nestle between your fold where it lays trapped between the two of you. You love the feeling of his hands squeezing your hips as he bucks up slightly. Leaning down, you inhale sharply as your nipples drag against his chest. “Fuck me again so I can re-evaluate your performance, Mr. Phillips.” Your tone is professional, but the look in your eyes is wicked.
Max growls and lifts you up with one hand so he can use the other to position his cock at your entrance. He pulls you down and you whine, nails digging into his chest as he settles deeper inside of you. “I am gonna be the best you’ve ever had and the last you’ve ever had. No one else gets to fuck you except me” He hisses, jaw clenched as he rolls you over and carefully shifts his weight so he is hovering over you. He bucks his hips and thrusts deeper, grabbing your hip to tilt it so he can press against your g-spot.
“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck.” You close your eyes and twist the sheets into your fists as your body jolts with every hard thrust. Your walls clamp down on him every time he strikes that sweet spot and you mewl. Pressure mounts inside you as he pins you down by your hip and drives into you over and over until all you can do is cry his name.
He grunts as he fucks you and he can tell how close you are by the way you are gripping him. “Come on baby. Cum for me again” He pleads and you moan, gushing around his cock. “That’s it. That’s it. God your pussy feels so good” He groans and continues fucking you through your climax, desperate to reach his own. He leans down to kiss your neck, his fangs brushing your pulse, before he buries his cock inside of you and cums, filling you up once more with his seed.
You whine at the feeling of his cum pulsing inside you. Wrapping your arms around him, you stroke his back, smooth and dry, another marvel of being a vampire. Leaning up you press your lips to his jaw, nipping and sucking on the skin while he thrusts lightly into you to ride out his high. “Hmmmm” You kiss below his ear. “Definitely top three.” You whisper teasingly, earning a little growl from Max. “I’m kidding, baby. You are amazing, best I’ve ever had and you’re all mine.” You coo.
“Better be number one” He grumbles and kisses your lips softly. “I love you” He sighs against your mouth. “You’re moving in with me” He announces
“I am?” You pull back to look at his face. He gives you a serious nod, and grin. “You don’t live in a castle, do you?” A dungeon?”
“I’ll have to order a double coffin” He says seriously before winking at you. “No I have a nice house. It can be a bit dark but I’m sure we can open the blinds in the day for you” He hums. “Plus another bedroom for a nursery”
You smile, cupping his cheek as you marvel at how easily he has accepted being a father. “Well since you don’t sleep much, you get night duty.” You joke. “I love you, and I’m happy Tim is a trash diving little weasel.” You giggle. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be right here. I’d be pretending I wasn’t making a mistake by not telling you. And you’d be thinking that I didn’t know who the father of our baby is.” You wince, remembering your lie earlier.
“Let’s forget about that bullshit. We both made mistakes. Let’s not dwell on them. Let’s enjoy the future and baby, it’s gonna be forever” He promises you.
“Forever.” You say. “I like the sound of that.” Leaning up, you kiss his lips tenderly, confident that you did have forever with this man. After all, he was immortal.
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j0succ · 5 months ago
Hello Nat! May I humbly request a monsterfucking scenario/headcannon of milking cow!risotto?
i have never written anything like this before, please be nice to me
relief - reader x risotto (2k)
risotto takes a liking to a farmhand. 
(warnings: non-human/cow hybrid risotto, farmhand reader, milking/lactation, big strong cow man, not sfw, afab reader)
Approaching Risotto always feels like a Herculean task.
No matter how many times you do it, or how often you visit him, the first view of the man always makes your heart skip a beat. He’s just so big – the muscles, the haunches, the shoulders – the heavy broadness of his chest, clearly in need of what you were about to provide for him.
He sees you coming and tenses. It’s not, you know, that he dislikes you in particular – but Risotto has always been a difficult cow to work with. He has broken free of too many milking machines and damaged too much equipment, and you know that there are other workers on the farm who he will not so much let lay hands on him. For you, though . . .
“Easy,” you murmur, softly, putting up your hands. He’s not skittish, that’s not the right word for him – but he requires trust, and not many people bother putting that into working with him. Despite being somewhat of a loner, the other animal hybrids that had been acquired from his old farm and put into yours all have a strong attachment to each other and him that hasn’t waned at all.
(Melone told you, when you had been foolish enough to believe him with big eyes and a whimper that the machines hurt and he’d give more if you hand-milked him, that there had been two more of them once, but the other farm’s cruel mistreatment had lost them. You think that’s what Risotto is afraid of.)
He sees it’s you and relaxes, the flare of his nostrils receding, his ears relaxing. You’re smiling despite yourself.
“I’m glad they sent you,” he says, after a moment, his voice a very low rumble deep in his chest. His dark eyes – so unusual, but pretty nonetheless – look at you and you see that the amount of milk that he’s holding onto must be painful for him. The last farmhand they sent to try and hand-milk Risotto--
Well. They had not gotten on as well as you did with him.
He’s swollen. You reach up, having to get on your tiptoes, and gently pet Risotto’s face, fingers dancing across the sensitive skin, to the flare of his horns. He exhales deeply, the big gust of air making his long ears flutter.
He’s really cute. You like him a lot; other farmhands are pretty scared of him, but you’ve established that you’re not a threat to him, and that you’ll be kind to both him and all of the other hybrids that are sequestered on the farm.
“You want me to take care of that,” you say, keeping your voice very soft and docile so he doesn’t interpret you as a threat. “Right?” You motion to his swollen pecs, the nipples puffy. You can see one of them is already almost leaking. “That’s gotta hurt, huh? Sore?”
He bows his head, embarrassed, but he nods. He swallows, the bob in his throat very big – just like everything about him, really.
“Y-yeah,” he affirms. He’s definitely not the most talkative cow you’ve ever worked with – but honestly? After being sent to take care of some of the others in his herd, you’re not going to complain about that.
“Alright,” your voice is still soft, soothing. You turn for a moment to grab the extra-large sized buckets that you’d brought with you from the farmhouse proper, setting them on the ground. You need the extra capacity they can hold with Risotto, knowledge gleaned from prior experience. “Get down, come on. I’ll help you.”
Even on his hands and knees, he comes up high against you. In an ideal world, something like Risotto would indeed be left to the machines, which are much more equipped to deal with his unusual size than you are – but in the old days, you guess, farmers would have had to do this themselves, so it’s the least you can do--
For something so big, he’s surprisingly reserved about this – his face flushing warm as you wrap your arms around him. The position is a little awkward – you’re so much smaller than him, and he is so broad – but as your hands gently massage his chest, squeezing softly, Risotto lets out a fluttering whine, his body curling into it almost automatically.
“Hey,” you murmur again, “don’t buck too much. You’ll lay me out flat.”
It’s not like you haven’t been knocked down before – but Risotto’s so strong, he might actually put you out of commission for a while. The stories of broken milking machines have not passed you by – if he can break things that are industrial standard, you know it would be no bother for him to break you.
(You shouldn’t have thought of it like that; your face heats up despite yourself.)
Another squeeze, a soft massage – when he wasn’t carrying so much milk around, the planes of his abs and chest were usually flat and hard. They’re soft and swollen right now, and he pants as you touch him, his back arching. Your teeth bite into your bottom lip as you wedge your feet against the ground hard, trying desperately to keep your balance where you are.
The fingers on one hand latch about his engorged nipple, tugging gently – the other hand massages the soft skin of one of his pecs, coaxing the milk in him out. He groans again, curving – and you hear the tell-tale noise of liquid hitting metal, and know you’ve gotten started.
If you had a spare hand, you would be petting his hair soothingly. You do not, so you have to be satisfied with quietly humming pleased epithets at him.
“Good boy,” you say, all softness and light. His body is warm beneath you, his head ducking further. He never knows how to respond to praise. “That’s right, Ris. We’re gonna get this done and you’re gonna feel so much better, right?”
The thick noise of him swallowing again.
“Already feels better,” he confesses, sighing as you continue to tug and massage and the steady drip of milk becomes a steady rush, a stream. You maybe should have brought extra buckets, you think, as his supply doesn’t seem to dwindle. God. It really has been a while, huh?
He moans softly as you milk him, shifting from one side of his chest to the other, and despite knowing that you’re on the clock and it’s uncomfortable for you to be feeling like this, you find yourself shifting. It doesn’t help that the position you have to assume behind Risotto leaves your legs spread wide so you don’t even get the relief of being able to press your thighs together – his soft noises and the feel of his muscle beneath your front, the way he’s reacting to being milked are a siren’s call. You’re going to have to lock yourself in a bathroom or somewhere and take care of your problem before you tend to any of your other work, too many of the hybrids on the farm would smell arousal on you the minute you got within ten feet.
“Good boy,” you repeat, and you receive in return a rumble that’s almost like a purr. Whilst it’s easy to imagine him breaking machines based on the raw power coiled in his muscle, it’s also hard to imagine him being anything but pliant, what with how he’s reacting to your stimulation, his groans and shivering.
You can’t see how full the buckets are, but you sure can imagine.
“A-ahh, Risotto--”
He whines and you hear the click of his back hooves on the floor as your own feet are suddenly lifted off the ground despite all of the work you took to keep them dug in, your body bent double over his as he--
Your cheeks heat up in realisation. Risotto is dry-humping the air, the stimulation to his swollen teats obviously having an effect someone further down. It’s not unusual for a cow to be stimulated by this happening, of course – but last time you milked Risotto . . .
Well. Last time you’d milked Risotto he hadn’t given off so much milk, he hadn’t been so swollen, and he hadn’t been dealing with the feel of being full and unmilked for so long, you suppose. Knowing what Risotto has swinging between his legs, though, you can’t help but be glad that you’re basically on his back. It would do nothing for the arousal that you’re desperately trying to fight off to see his cock all hard and thick pressing against the flat planes of his stomach.
“Hey,” you say, weakly. “Down, please--”
“C-can’t,” Risotto replies, desperation evident in his voice. “N-need . . . Ugh--”
The grunt goes right through you like a jolt of heat. Your hands haven’t ceased in their machinations, still milking and massaging, but you can hear that the stream is thinning out. You must be close to milking him dry, then. Maybe once you’ve done that he’ll calm down a bit.
“Come on, shh, let me finish--” Your words are not so soothing with the panic of basically being mid-air and the breathless sounds of being so turned on you can barely concentrate, but you do your best anyway. Risotto’s powerful hips flex underneath you as he ruts into thin air. His tail is swinging side to side – a farmhand who didn’t know him as well might say it seemed irritated. You know a little better.
You try and block out anything but the feel of his chest, the repeated motions of massage and tug and tenderly coax forward the milk, but it’s so fucking difficult to concentrate on anything. Risotto breathes out deep again and the stream turns to a drip, drip, drip. So close. He whimpers, his body not stilling--
And then, you’re done. He’s stopped. You’re about to ask Risotto very nicely to put you down and you’ll let someone know that he could be doing with a different type of milking, but before you can really say anything the cow is bucking you off.
Your back hits the ground with a thump and you wince. He could definitely have been rougher – you’re not broken – but it’s hardly a nice sensation to be forcibly pushed off of something with as much raw restrained power as Risotto has.
“H-hey—” You try and say, weakly. “Ris, please, I’m just doing my job--”
Your calves are being pushed apart. The clack of hooves on the ground as Risotto’s body settles over you. The silky warmth of one of his flopping ears presses against your cheek as the cow nuzzles into you lovingly. His deflated (oh, it’s all hard muscle again) chest presses against your own, his nipples damp where they meet your shirt. Oh, cute – he’s thanking you--
“Please,” Risotto says, breathily, and you realise that he’s not thanking you. You look down past the dark patches of his markings on his shoulders and stomach to see that his cock is still achingly hard and leaking, and right now it is pressing (insistent and massive) into your thigh. “Need. . . please—”
“Oh,” you breathe. “Risotto, I shouldn’t – I should get someone else to do that, it’s not my forte--”
He exhales against your neck, making you shiver, hot breath rushing all over your skin.
“Don’t wanna be milked,” he grumbles against the shell of your ear. “Want you.”
Oh, that’s bad. He shouldn’t want you. It’s never a good idea when cows get too attached to their farmhands. But . . . Risotto’s bulk over you is so massive. He’s such a problem cow for so many other workers. Would it be that bad? Maybe they might want to breed him in the future, his milk is good and he produces so much of it, but . . .
“I shouldn’t,” you repeat helplessly, but your hand is already reaching for his cock. You can barely fit your fingers around it. If it goes inside of you, it might actually break you in half. The thought should not be as hot as it is.
“Please,” Risotto repeats to you, still nuzzling against your neck, sending needy signals all through your body. You bite your lip as you give the shaft a pump that has his powerful hips following the motion. You can only imagine what it would feel like to have all of that force thrusting into you.
You don’t have any other duties today, do you? They gave you all morning with Risotto, thinking that you’d need the extra time--
You give in to the siren’s call. The hand not around his cock fumbles with the button of your jeans.
“Okay,” you say, and Risotto’s nostrils flare again, his tail beating, his big dark ink and blood eyes lighting up. “Don’t break me.”
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derek-rumble · 4 months ago
Would you ever consider writing anything to do with octane lactating while pregnant? If so can I request octane being so desperate to be milked by his step daddy reader (who hes already carrying the kids of ) and while reader gently fucks him he makes sure to milk poor octavios tits and octane begs him to fill him up with even more pups (also if your comfortable with it maybe breast expansion )
(lactation, pregnancy, omegaverse, pseudo-incest, daddy kink, nipple/breast play, breeding kink, slight breast expansion)
Tumblr media
Octavio looks so cute, carrying your pups. His tummy gets big quickly, being an omega, which you are delighted by...even if it makes it very hard to hide his pregnancy from his mother.
When she finds out it's easy to act surprised by the news, even though you're the father of the pups. As entertaining as it would be to shake up the family dynamic by the reveal that Octavio is fucking his step-father and carrying his children, you aren't ready for the hailstorm of rage that would follow from everyone else in the family. Not yet at least.
You do your best to be 'supportive', as supportive as a step-father would be...even if being supportive involves making slightly innappropriate comments that earns raised eyebrows, but comments you know makes Octavio squirm.
Like last night over dinner. It's easy to observe how big Octavio's belly is getting, it's the most obvious change...but what is also changing is his bust size. Previously Octavio wore a binder but recently he has been wearing regular bras so its easier to see the change in size.
"Good evening Octavio," you smile at him. Your eyes focus on his chest. "My, it seems you're growing in more ways than one."
Octavio looks down at his chest self-consciously and laughs a bit awkwardly. You feel your wife eyeing you but don't look at her.
"Nothing to be ashamed of." You pick up your glass of water. "Though we wouldn't want you being don't need to wear a bra around the house if you get sensitive, you know?"
Your wife changes the subject. When Octavio thinks you aren't looking, you see him looking down at his chest and adjusting his shirt to hide his slightly-swollen breasts better.
You don't do anything to him that night. Over the next couple of weeks though you make sure to comment on Octavio's chest size as innocently as you can...just to draw attention to it. You enjoy the way his face pinkens as everyone is made aware that his breasts are filling out.
Only a month from his due date, you sneak into his room and find him standing in front of a mirror. You sneak up behind before wrapping your arms around his pregnant belly and smiling at him.
"You're still growing, baby boy," you tell him as he leans into you with a grin. "Look at those tits! I knew you'd make such a good's like you're made to carry pups."
"Hmm, Papí," Octavio moans softly as you move your hand to grasp one of his plump breasts--he's grown quite a bit, you don't think his bra fits him anymore.
You kiss him, your attention pulled away from his breasts for a while. You get him into bed and spread his legs, fucking your thick cock into your step-sons greedy hole as he mewls quietly. You love fucking him while he's pregnant, knowing it was you who caused his belly to get so big and its your sperm that fertilized his egg....
Octavio's mewls get louder, his hands now placed on his chest. You slow down enough to ask,
"W-well..." Octavio seems almost embarrassed to admit, "I felt really sensitive today..."
"Here." Octavio cups his cute breasts. "And it got worse when you started fucking me."
You reach up to palm one of his tits with your hand. He's so soft and warm beneath your touch. You twist one of his nipples to see the reaction he gives. You tug and pull a certain way--a way that has Octavio's back arching as he moans loudly, a tiny bead of white liquid leaking from his nipple.
"Shit--!" Octavio cries, other hand jumping up to take hold of his other breast. "Fuck, Papí, that felt good, what did you--"
"You're lactating," you tell him gleefully, pulling on his nipple again. More milk streams out, as Octavio moans, clenching around your cock. Excited by this new development, you take turns milking each one of Octavio's tits as you finish fucking him, giving each nipple a few tugs until you've cummed inside his wet cunt.
When you pull out, Octavio is breathing heavy.
"It felt so good--por favor, don't stop, I want--I need you to--"
"Maybe another time." You pat his tummy as Octavio squirms, he looks so turned on. "I've got to get to bed or your mother will become suspicious. Good night, Tavi..."
The next few days, your step-son just about makes you blow your whole cover. You hear him whining in pleasure every night when you pass by his room, and the next day you always comment on his chest size, which is still increasing.
The third time you comment, Octavio says, in a loose voice, "You wanna measure how big they really are, Papí?"
He's getting riskier, made hornier by pregnancy and maybe even a bit dumber too. You make a smooth comment as your wife stares at you, trying to hide your hard cock beneath the table.
That night you pin Octavio to the bed and fuck him quickly. He moans for you, begs you to milk his swollen tits because they're so sensitive tonight, but you don't have time. You cum inside him, and stumble outside just about running into his mother. You smile innocently at her, like you had not just spent fifteen minutes fucking her pregnant son.
Finally, finally, Octavio gets you one night while his mother's out. Crawls into your lap, pulls your pants down, sits on your cock and begs for you to make him feel good, he can't feel good anymore because his breasts are so swollen and he needs you to milk him!
As Octavio fucks himself onto your cock, you lean between the two of you to take one of his nipples into your mouth. You suckle gently, seeing if you can encourage his flow of milk, you are instantly rewarded with a sweet taste as Octavio cries out.
"Ffuck, fuck!!" He groans, gripping your shoulder as he rocks down on your cock. "Shit, they're so full, Papí, you need to keep doing that--"
His breasts feel so swollen, Octavio's never seen them this size! They used to be a modest B-cup, but now? He doesn't know what's happening! He sometimes even feels like they swell more after he plays with them, but if he didn't milk himself, he would just go around feeling sensitive and full!!
You tug on your step-son's nipples as he sobs from pleasure, he clearly loves the feeling. Your cockhead reaches deep inside him, the biological need in you to pump him full of babies is slightly satiated by his big pregnant belly between you two, but you still have the urge to cum in him...and he too wants it.
"Fuck, mmm, daddy, you feel so good," Octavio begs as you keep pulling on his nipples, watching a steady stream of milk leak from his creamy tits. "Feel so good when you milk me, shit, I'm gonna cum..."
Cum he does as you latch onto a nipple with your mouth, just to get some of that sweet taste. Octavio keeps fucking himself on you, cradling your head as you drink from him.
"Want more of your pups, Papí, wanna have them again so I can make more milk, I feel so fucking good!" He sobs when you pull off of him only to switch to his other nipple, with your free hand you grope his breasts. Your step-son feels so big beneath your palm! You're proud of his growth, in multiple senses. Proud of the growth in his tits, proud of the swelling of his belly, and proud of him turning into a blabbering, slutty, baby-making mess for his step-father!
When you cum inside him Octavio moans, holding your head even more tightly against his chest. He really does have a lot of milk inside his tits, no wonder he feels so swollen.
When you pull out your cum leaks out of his cunt, some of his milk leaking from his nipples as well as you stand up and eye him. He's passed out, naked on top of the sheets. You leave him there for someone else to maybe walk in on him and see his semen-filled pussy and lactating tits.
The next morning, you're astounded to see Octavio's tits have definitely taken on more volume. Nothing outrageous yet, but a definite difference. One of the buttons on his shirt strains against his new bust size. He seems self-concious too, crossing his arms to hide them from everyone's view.
Octavio's breasts must swell after being would explain his steady growth after you hear him playing with himself.
Will they continue to expand when he nurses the pups?
You grin as your cock chubs beneath the table, watching your stupid slut's shirt pop open at the breast as he moves too suddenly. You can't wait to find out....
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sparklinspence · 5 months ago
I Can Help!
Warning: Mommy kink, titty sucking, cockwarming, soft domme reader, super subby spence, riding, lactation by taking a pill.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem Reader
Summary: Spencer and Y/N try out something new
It was a common thing for Spencer to crawl under your shirt and play with your breasts by sucking and nibbling, both of you agreed it was calming. Not only that but the sight of him latching onto you was an adorable. It also wasn’t long until Spencer brought up the topic of lactation. It was a bit of a shock to you and also took a little bit of convincing for you to take a pill but when Spencer spouted off a bunch of the benefits of breast milk and you saw how excited it would make him you agreed to try it. Besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen other than you not liking it?
The whole day you have noticed Spencer staring at your chest, which wasn’t unusual for him to do, but he was usually able to keep it to a minimum. He was also usually one to keep it as a private thing and not for a bunch of his profiler friends to see. The two of you had gone out for drinks with the rest of the team- Rossi was buying, why wouldn’t you? You knew your shirt was low cut and it made your boobs look good, it was the whole reason you bought it but you would definitely have to keep Spencers reaction to it tucked away in your memory. When you noticed everyone else in their own little conversations you leaned over to your boyfriend and whispered in his ear.
“I can see you staring” His cheeks heated up and looked down at his hands in his lap.
“‘m sorry..” He whispered back, leaning his head on your shoulder. “Just can’t wait to get home”
“I know bub, i know” You soothed, petting his hair softly and grabbing your purse. As soon as Spencer moved his head you turned to the rest of the group.
“Hey guys, I’m getting tired. I think me and Spence are going to head out” You smiled, standing up and Spencer following quickly.
The two of you said your goodbyes to everyone and thanked Rossi for being generous enough to pay. On the way to the car you hopped into the drivers side. Neither of you had to worry about being too intoxicated to drive because Spencer didn’t drink and you decided to just have some soda during your outting. After putting the keys in and Spencer putting his seatbelt on you noticed him become squirmy.
“What’s got you all worked up, sweetheart?” you tapped your fingers against the steering wheel.
“J-Just want you.. bad” he whined softly and put his palm on top of the bulge in his pants. You tsked and watched him from the corner of your eye, grabbing his hand that was working on his cock and holding it.
“You know better, baby. No touching for the rest of the drive and i’ll reward you when we get home” he nodded and held your soft hand.
If you asked Spencer that was the longest car ride of his life, longer than any jet ride he’s been on, and a longer waiting period than he’s ever had to wait. He usually was a patient person but when it came to you and your boobs he couldn’t get his hands, or lips, on them fast enough. Spencer bounced in his seat and kept his eyes on the road, becoming more and more antsy the closer they became to the house. He almost didn’t realize the car come to a stop.
“Go get naked, lay on the bed and i’ll be right in” You smiled, sending him on his way with a kiss to his lips.
Spencer didn’t have to be told twice before he opened the door and ran into the house and up the stairs. He stripped himself of the many layers of clothes he wore everyday and laid himself on the bed. Eventually you made your way into the room, a cheeky smile on your face when you saw him on the bed completely nude.
“Such a good boy for mommy, aren’t you?” You walked over, crawling on top of him and straddling his protruding hips.
“Yes mommy.. Can i get my reward?” He looked up at you with wide and hopeful eyes.
“Sure, sit up a bit” You removed your shirt and unclipped your bra, letting your breasts fall. You didn’t miss the intent stare from spencer as he sat up to be face level with them.
“Can i?” You nodded.
You watched as he leaned forward and took your nipple into his mouth, latching on and slowly sucking at one with the other in his hand. He rolled your other nipple between his fingers gently and moaned softly. Your skin was warm compared to his cold hands, the contrast making the sensations even more erotic for you. As your nipples hardened you could feel some liquid starting to form and being lapped up eagerly.
“You like it?” You whispered, playing with the hair at the nape of Spencers neck. He looked up at you and nodded a bit without removing himself. The nipple stimulation was great and felt amazing but you needed more, and you were sure Spencer wouldn’t mind getting a little friction on his cock.
“Hey baby, I got a better idea” You held his face in your hands, pulling him off your nipple and giggling softly at the excess milk on his lips. He licked his lips and looked up at you, a frown on his face due to being interrupted while doing something he enjoyed.
“Want me to ride you? Then you can suck some more after.”
“Okay mommy” he smiled and reached his hands down to unbutton your jeans. You helped him by lifting yourself off him a bit and shimmying out of your pants and underwear, throwing them off in the corner of the room somewhere.
“Already got Mommy so wet, baby.” you cooed, kissing him softly and grabbing his hand, placing it on your wet heat. He bit his lip and rubbed at your clit, feeling the wetness he caused. He slowly dipped a finger inside you causing a small moan. Soon enough he had three fingers pumping in and out of you, moans ripping through you and whimpers from him being desperate. His cock hurt from being so turned on, the tip was redder than usual and leaky, just begging to be touched.
“Okay i’m good, want me to fuck you now?”
“Yes yes yes please” he begged.
You chuckled, placing his cock at your hole and slamming yourself down on it. The both of you moaned and his back arched off the bed beneath him. You took a moment to get used to his size before slowly moving up and down on him. His hands wandered to your hips, gripping them harshly and pushing his hips up to meet your movements. Both of you were already so worked up from before you knew this wouldn’t last long, no matter how long either of you wanted to prolong it.
“M-M-Mommy i-i need to c-cum” He stuttered out, looking up at you with a blissful expression.
“Not yet, last a little longer for me and i’ll let you cum inside me. Be a good boy for Mommy” You bounced faster but sloppier, chasing your own orgasm in order to not make him wait too long. When you felt the knot in your stomach tighten you leaned down, kissing and nipping at his neck making him whine.
“ok baby, on 3 alright?” He nodded.
“1..2..3!” You came together, his seed filling you a few seconds off from at the same time but close enough for your liking.
“Good boy” you said breathlessly, a dazed smile spreading across your face. You stayed on top of his long and skinny body, recollecting yourself before pulling off.
“Wait here, i’ll go grab some stuff to clean you up.” He nodded, too out of it to respond but there enough to understand what you were saying to him.
You limped over to the bathroom, going pee to avoid any infection later on before grabbing a wash cloth and wetting it with warm water. Crawling back onto the bed you cleaned him up, avoiding his most sensitive areas as best you could. You placed the wash cloth into the laundry bucket and laid next to him, pulling up the covers to your waists.
“such a good boy for me, you can go back to sucking if you want” you whispered softly to him, running your fingers through his messy hair.
You weren’t given a verbal response, he just leaned over and latched onto your nipple sleepily. It didn’t surprise you when not even five minutes later you noticed soft snores escaping his lips around your puffy nipple.
taglist: @slut-for-mothman @ssa-sarahsunshine @willowrose99 @ssahotchswifemain @mikewizkalifa @princesssmooshie
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r3almellow · 10 months ago
MLQC Boys Being Horny For A Pregnant S/o
Tumblr media
Thanks so much for the request!! This almost turned into a big pregnancy headcanon HC, but I fought through the urge! You guys should be proud of me!
Warning: Pregnancy sex, oral sex, and lactation
Click “Keep Reading” for the goods!
Kiro was in pure bliss while you were pregnant because your sex drive was practically through the roof.
The two of you had sex quite a few times a week and Kiro was in absolute heaven.
At first, you would have sex in your usual places. (Home, dressing room, recording studio, broom closet ect.) But as the months went on, your intimate moments mostly occurred at home or in a hotel room with a nice comfortable bed for you to be on.
Even before you got pregnant Kiro had a thing for your breasts. Biting, sucking, titty fucking...the whole nine yards! 
There wasn’t a moment that went by where Kiro didn’t find an opportunity to slip hands under your blouse just to squeeze “the girls.” 
He immediately notices how big they’ve gotten and booooy did the sight of you going up two bra sizes have his mouth watering.
Seeing your nipples poking out from your shirt was just... *chefs kiss* 
If you complained about clothes irritating your sensitive nipples he’d jokingly say that you should walk around the house topless. But he’s actually not joking and would sell his soul if it meant you’d actually do it.
His favorite position is missonary and cowgirl because they give him the best access to your breasts, so he can caress and fondle as he pleases.
However, the former was mostly doable during your first trimester, so spooning has become his go to mainly because he doesn’t want you doing all the work. 
It was also a win because he could hold you from behind while placing kisses along your neck while taking in your scent. He'd have a hand massaging your breast while the other between your legs, drawing circles around your clit as he slowly thrusted into you from behind. 
Once the baby is born, you always have to remind him constantly that your breasts are extremely sensitive to the point where they're too painful to touch. 
When you begin breastfeeding...oh boy...
He can feel the way his dick strains against his pants as he watches you. He was excited for all the naughty things he planned on doing when you were ready.
You can feel his eyes on you sometimes and you often have to give him a playful glare.
“Whatever you’re thinking, stop it.” How could he stop thinking about how erect your nipples looked?! Or how badly he wanted to leave bite marks all over your breasts?! Oooor how much he wanted to feel them rubbing against his cock?!
And when you accidentally start leaking? You’ll be so embarrassed, but Kiro?! Your man is losing it! He didn’t think something like breastmilk leaking through your shirt would be hot but he’s been wrong about a lot of things. 
Kiro will always respect your wishes to wait but once you give him the go ahead your boobs are not safe from him. 
There was something about you being pregnant that really got him going. 
He will always kneel before you to press small kisses against your stomach and has a habit of trailing down to what he calls “dangerous territory.”
Out of fear of hurting the baby and not wanting to put you through any unnecessary stress because he couldn’t keep it in his pants, Gavin will opt for taking care of his “problems” on his own.
He'll be super conflicted too! Poor thing just wants to make love to you, but not at the cost of hurting you!
Whenever you want to have sex, he tries to turn you down. Emphasis on TRY! Somehow things end either with his head between your legs or you giving him a hand job. As nice as that was, it wasn't the saaaaaaame!
“The sight of me is such a turn off, right? I wouldn’t want to touch me either...”  
Gavin will look at you like you just slapped him in the face. Never in his life has he ever been turned off by you. No matter what state you’re in, you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. 
You'll notice his "lack of interest" and naturally start to doubt his attraction to you.
“Babe, its not that! I never thought you could look any more beautiful, but you looking like this proved me wrong. I’ve never wanted you more than I do right now, but I’m trying to protect our baby and your pussy from me. Its been so hard for me to control myself around you.” 
You can tell he’s been going through it when you cup him through his pants and feel just hard he is. Poor thing.
You have to tell him being intimate while you’re pregnant wasn’t a bad thing and that the baby would be perfectly fine. 
It won’t take long for you to convince him, especially when you’re slowly pumping his dick with your hand that “magically” slipped itself down his pants.
He loves having you on top of him so he can look at your beautiful body as you ride him. 
When Baby Bai arrives, Gavin goes back to doing things on his own because he knows you need rest.
You only have a certain number of positions to choose from since you’re carrying precious cargo, but Gavin’s absolute favorite position is cowgirl. 
Will caress your stomach while he's eating you out. He's not exactly sure why but it's become a habit.
Won't pressure you at all and will patiently wait until you're ready.
Sometimes, gets worried when you start bouncing on his cock and the slapping of skin starts to echo throughout the bedroom. He's just like, "B-babe, maybe we should... slow down...ah...what about...shit!" You're gonna have to shut him up somehow. Clenching yourself around him might do the trick.
You had a certain glow about you during your pregnancy that Victor was in awe of. 
Victor is very observant of how much your body has changed throughout the course of your pregnancy for obvious reasons, however, said reasons have become a bit, in his opinion, perverse as the months went on.
Just the sight of you made him want to ravish you in ways he has never thought of before. But why? 
Was it the way your maternity clothes perfectly outlined the curves of your body? Maybe how swollen your breasts have become? 
Or maybe...just maybe it was how good you looked in the various lingerie he bought for you. Babydoll lingerie that perfectly highlighted your stomach were his personal favorites.
Sex with Victor during your first two trimesters was pretty normal until half way through month six he becomes a bit more hesitant and by month seven stops completely.
Another one who doesn’t want to harm you or the child. 
It takes you and three different doctors to tell him that having sex while you were seven months pregnant was perfectly normal.
Even with that knowledge he’s still pretty hesitant, but not even a day after confirmation does his resolve break and with the utmost care you two enjoy a night filled with passion.
He’ll be in the middle of giving you a foot massage as you sit there in your bathrobe and he subconsciously places a kiss against your ankle.
He catches himself trailing kisses up your leg and abruptly stops. That was probably the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Doesn’t help that you’re looking at him with blush coated cheeks as you spread your legs ever so slightly for the hem of the robe to fall from your leg, revealing your upper thigh. 
When Victor puts his mind to something he sees it through without fail, but you always manage to throw him through an an unexpected loop.
So...yeeaaah...two seconds later he has his face in between your legs, tongue pressed against your clit, and hands firmly holding you in place as he continued to take from you. This is one failure he will accept with pride if that means he can have you in every possible way.
His all time favorite position during your pregnancy is definitely spooning. It makes him feel closer to you.
After the pregnancy, sex is out of the question for the next few months which you don’t complain about, because parenthood hits you and your body hard. 
Victor understands that you need time to heal and that your sex drive isn't as high as it was before. Plus, the baby required your attention 90% of the time.
That doesn’t mean Victor doesn’t fantasize about having you under him again. He does miss being intimate with you and has been holding back quite a bit.
He’ll catch you looking at yourself in the mirror, pointing out all your “imperfections” and all he wants to do place kisses all along your body.
You’ll just be like, “I don’t know how you can stare at all of this and still be attracted to me.” 
Victor will wrap his arms around you stare at you sternly in the mirror.
“I don’t know where you got such foolish ideas from, but you’re perfect the way you are and when you’re ready I’ll remind you of that fact.”
You can’t even fight him on that, not when his erection is firmly pressed against you. 
Already researched all the best sex positions for pregnant women. 
You two have a healthy amount of sex for most of your pregnancy, so Lucien and you are never left feeling “parched” for one another. 
It's not until your final months does Lucien take a few steps back.
Prefers to focus on giving you the most pleasurable experience when you two make love. You deserve to feel good especially when you’re carrying a life inside you for nine months. 
So you’ll expect a lot of him eating you out, fingering you, toys; just about anything that can bring you pleasure.
Has definitely done things with you while he's trying to help you around the house. And he's so slick with it!
In the middle of helping you shower, his fingers will gently caress your stomach and you're just like "Awwww!" and then they're suddenly caressing your clit.
While the father-to-be is understanding and all about your sexual experience its definitely a challenge when he wants to have sex with you. Especially when you're so tempting!
You could be in the middle of talking about baby names and he'll have the biggest smile on his face as he looks at you. So wholesome, right? Wrong! His mind is definitely somewhere else!
But it'll take more than your ample breasts, an unsuspecting smile thrown his way and your very existence to make him falter.
While you love the way he tends to you and makes sure you’re getting the most out of this, you'd rather to do things together. 
He dares not admit the amount of times he's thought about bending you over the kitchen counter and pounding himself into you with little to no restraint.
Toys are great and all but you’re trying to feel his dick.
Once you tell him what you want, Lucien will graciously comply and mentally thank you for saying something, because he was on the verge of breaking.
Of course, sex takes a backseat once the baby is born so Lucien won't turn into some sex crazed monster after two months, buuuut he will spend quite a lot of time "handling business" on his own.
Done!!! Kinda posted this with little to no editing, so I'm sorry about that. I still hope this was enjoyable to read!
Want to read more of my MLQC stuff? Check out my masterpost!
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zackcarrion-key · 3 months ago
It’s so nice to find other people that are into lactation or at least are willing to talk about it. 🥺 I can’t explain why but it just makes me coochie go brrrrrrrrrr on so many levels, so I am thoroughly enjoying the Milker!MC posts. Would happily give the boys with a mommy kink handjobs while they get their fill. Depending on how eager they are might even throw in some “Good boy” praise because Azul and Riddle definitely deserve it.
And it's one of my most beloved kinks, don't be afraid to drop by whenever~! It may take me some time to get to it in my "drought" periods, but I'll get to it uvu 💕
I've seen many people both, in favor and against Riddle having a mommy kink..... but I'm sure he does definitely has a praise kink! ouo Personally, I'm in favor bc I do have a weak mommy and big sis side at times so~ HIM & DEUCE, MY BABIES <333
Hold up a bit! I have a nice ask someone dropped that may interest you~! ;3
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dmb-fngrl · 10 months ago
HCs for BNHA boys with a Pregnant s/o
Summary: how best boys will treat a pregnant s/o. sfw and nsfw.
Warnings: nsfw, 18+
Type: Fluff w/ a pinch of smut
Pairings: Bakugo x reader, Kaminari x reader, Kirishima x reader, Midoriya x reader
A/N: this is my first BNHA fic and I’m so excited. Tysm for reading and please send prompts/requests, my requests box is open! <3 Also, Kami’s is kinda long, but what can I say I simp HARD for that boi.
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
So we all know this boy is the ultimate tsundere.
But you recognize it so much more when you’re pregnant.
Complains about getting you food you’re craving
Complains about going to doctors appointments
Complains about legit everything probably more than you do
but at night
when you’re asleep
will whisper how much he loves you into your ear
will kiss your bump, cooing loving things to your little baby
will cuddle you so close, afraid that this is just a dream and if he lets go, you’ll be gone
sometimes, you wake up but don’t tell him bcus it’s nice to see him this soft
so this boy
I’ll just tell you now he has a breeding kink
and you thought it would stop once you were pregnant
but NOPE
he’ll bend you over any surface you’re near
and just go to town on you
he’ll be careful with you tho
he doesn’t want to hurt his baby mama or his kid
sex while you’re pregnant will be super passionate
lots of body worship too
“gosh, you’re so beautiful, babe” 
“you look so hot like this, baby”
“so amazing, all bred with my kid”
be careful when you start lactating cause this man will drink that sh*t up
Kaminari Denki
Tumblr media
this boy
so adorable
so loving
but so, so, so oblivious
“Y/N, did your water break?!”
all nervous
“Denki, I’m 15 weeks pregnant. I’m peeing.”
reads the books you give him, and listens to all the doctor’s advice...
still clueless
he tries
it’s low-key cute tho...
For real, though, this boy will be so soft with you while you’re pregnant
more flirty than when you started dating
this started when you said something about you not being attractive while pregnant
and wHOO BOY
he takes time out of his day now to show you how attractive you are
the Kaminari^tm way
will tell you a bunch of cheesy pickup lines just to see you smile
but you know it’s his way of saying I love you
like I said, this boy is so soft with you
and so clueless
the first time you’re making out and things are getting hot and heavy...
pulls back
“wait, what if I poke the baby”
you have to hold back a chuckle bcus there’s actual concern in his eyes
no matter how much you tell him it’ll be fine, he won’t keep going until you call the doctor and she okays it
even once she does
bb boy is just so delicate with you
“Denks, faster. I’m not gonna break.”
The softest, most loving sex you’ve ever had
The first time he shocks you by accident
he’s just so afraid
“Y/N are you okay!? I’m so sorry, I should have better control over--”
you just giggle, giving him a kiss to quiet him
protect this man, he is just worried
Kirishima Eijirou 
Tumblr media
this boy is baby
you can’t convince me otherwise
soft boi #2
just so cute
makes every effort to make sure you’re comfortable
always asking if you need anything
goes to all of the doctor’s appointments
holds your hand all the time like ‘look what I did!’
can’t wait to be a dad
you got him a baby onesie with “Red Riot Jr.” printed on it 
this man nearly cried just from that
always cuddling you and telling you how strong and beautiful you are
that being said
a little overbearing
not bad, just little things
“Eiji, I can reach the top shelf by myself.” 
this boi has a breeding kink
a bit softer than Bakugo’s
but still
loves how you look carrying your kid
“look how good you are, taking me so well when you’re already so full”
everything about your pregnancy just fills him with an overwhelming sense of love and horniness
it’s a weird combo
passionate sex
not quite soft, but very intimate
loves missionary, but sometimes he’ll just look down and see your belly and just start crying with how much he loves you
10/10, best boi
Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
this cutie
100% adorable
so concerned
more than Kaminari, but for a different reason
he has read every book and every mommy blog he can
and he’s convinced that every slight cramp is a contraction
everything’s a symptom with this boy
he’s more scared than you
gets everything for you, insisting that you rest
definitely makes you watch gory birth videos
and then cuddles with you when it ends up scaring you
but the upside to this
he’s very prepared
he’s done his research and he knows what to do when you have morning sickness, when you have cravings, etc.
he loves you tho
and that’s why he does this
so gentle
has always been loving, and he’s never really been rough, but now that compassion and care is taken up to 11
doesn’t want to hurt you or the baby
if he does something wrong, he’ll be kicking himself for messing it up
please reassure him, it’ll go a long way
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etraytin · a year ago
Quarantine, Day 132
July 21
So I got as far as writing the date on this journal entry when I got a text in the group chat that one of my TNR friends was bringing in a five week old kitten that was sick. The recovery room he got taken to didn't have supplies for a sick baby, so I packed my kitten emergency kit and headed down there just before 10pm. I took a snuggle safe (microwave heating disk), a heating pad, a stuffed toy cat for fake mama purposes, and some high quality kitten food. I also took along chicken baby food in case he didn't want to eat, as well as formula and a syringe with a miracle nipple in case he was younger than we thought. And if things were really rough, I took my lactated ringers solution, a butterfly needle and a syringe to deliver sub-q fluids. So prepared!  I was very sad that Starbucks was not open, but that is probably better for me anyway.
 When I get called out at night for Red Cross or kitten rescue stuff, I usually have a drive ahead of me. We live in a little town bracketed by many larger cities, so I'm almost always called out to one of those. As soon as I get in the car and set my GPS, I plug my phone into the sound system (old school, yeah?) and blast the soundtrack to Come From Away. Nothing chases away the sleepiness and gets the blood pumping like that opening track, and the subject matter is so on point. More for Red Cross stuff, honestly, but at this point my body basically has a Pavlovian wakeup response so it's all good. It's the second song that really gets me going though, I think because of all characters in musical theater, it's Beulah Davis who embodies the me that I would like most to be.  And because it reminds me of why I joined the Red Cross in the first place, during Hurricane Harvey. 
"Crystal I saw on the news that they're looking for blankets and bedding And maybe some food. Do you know what they need and how much? I need something to do, cause I can't watch the news anymore! Can I help, is there something?  I need to do something to keep me from thinking Of all of those scenes on the tube, I need something to do Cause I can't watch the news, no I can’t watch the news anymore!" 
I think there just comes a certain point when something bad is happening that you do make the decision that you absolutely have to do something to help. That impulse got me self-deploying to a Red Cross shelter for Hurricane Irma when I was so new I didn't even have a vest yet (another volunteer gave me his spare) and it was the impulse that had my new colleagues working through days and nights to handle two massive back-to-back hurricanes a third of the country apart. I listened to this soundtrack back then, too, and it's always stuck in my mind. Going to the next town to help a sick kitten is perhaps less elevated a calling, but it's still trying to save a life. 
Anyway, I blasted my music all the way to the recovery room, and got a look at the kitten. He's just a scrawny scrap of a thing, all bones and fluff and goopy eyes, but he had some energy and was drinking and eating, so that was great. I realized I forgot my damn flea comb when I was packing everything but the kitchen sink, so they'll have to comb him out tomorrow. Poor bitty definitely has fleas, but is not in shape for a bath and too little for medicine. He's going to the vet tomorrow morning. For the night we cozied up his cage with a warm snuggle safe in a soft case and a snuggly fake mama cat. I left all the stuff I brought at the recovery room, just in case, since I'm going to be gone all next week and we are suddenly up to our eyeballs in kittens of all ages. At least they'll have access to formula and a miracle nipple if they need it! 
Tumblr media
As I was driving home, I was treated to an absolutely spectacular show of heat lightning that lasted nearly half an hour with flashes just a few seconds apart. I much prefer that to the rain they were predicting, though at least now I don't have to worry about kittens in a storm drain. And because I did not get the coffee I was jonesing for, I do have some hope of sleeping tonight. 
Okay, now for the stuff I was actually going to talk about today, which thankfully wasn't too much. I started the morning early with another stakeout for Mamacat, once again unsuccessful. I just do not think she is hanging around the drain anymore! I waited for an hour and a half and saw not hide nor hair. I'll keep dropping off food for a few more days, just to be sure. The auction I've been following ended today, and as usual there were a flurry of last minute bids that drove a lot of the stuff I bid on out of my price range. That's okay, most of it wasn't stuff I actually needed, and it's good that these people who had to close their business are getting something back from their inventory and equipment. I did get some good deals though, especially on big baking pans and loaf pans. It's time to learn to make Italian bread, yay! 
The kiddo got his room cleaned today with help from his dad, so it is all ready for his new bookshelf to come tomorrow. He also got his electronic privileges back, so he spent most of the day alternating between Minecraft and Prodigy. Two digit multiplication is still hard, but he's hell on wheels for patterning and pretty good at factors so he didn't get too overall frustrated. He and his dad also watched Flight of the Navigator at dinnertime, one of my husband's favorite movies from when he was a kid. I really need to find a copy of SpaceCamp, my favorite childhood movie. I have a feeling it does not hold up at all, but it is soaked in enough nostalgia that I'm sure I'll still like it. I hadn't even thought about it for ages until Kelly Preston died last week, and then I was sad. It was just such a fun movie for a kid who loved space but was too afraid of heights to ever be an astronaut. Maybe I'll see if I can find it streaming anywhere tomorrow. 
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mangaandlivingdolls · 12 months ago
Kinktober DAY 13: Stay boy!
Prompts: Pet Play + Sounding + Lactation
Character: Divus Crewel
Plot: A student gets a little too annoyed at Divus’s teaching methods and decides to punish him.
Notes: Gender neutral, mature with pron, noncon
Thank you @bashjackie for your wonderful writing and giving me this prompt!
Divus was annoying. 
No. Not just annoying, infuriating. His constant condensing ‘good boy’ and ‘stay’ was disgusting. Not to mention when he felt the need to whip someone into shape. 
In some ways, it seemed pathetic.
He couldn’t control his students without a force. He had to treat them like fucking dogs. 
And that wasn’t the only infuriating thing about him. He just had to constantly go on about fashion, design or some other bullshit. What did that have to do with making potions, anyway? Divus is just a wannabe clothing designer. Sure, he’s sold a few lines, but the fact he spends the week teaching ‘puppies’ was enough proof of his failure. 
Maybe that was why he actually favored Schoenheit, the intelligent, strict, hot model who seemed to always have a stick up his ass. In a lot of ways, they were similar; condescending nicknames, obsession with looking good, etc. The biggest difference, however, was that Schoenheit actually seemed to have more to show for it. 
For fuck’s sake, what kind of teacher is cryptic for every lesson?
That’s what led to another rant of his about how terrible the class was. Did he really think everyone could just do such an advanced potion with no advice on quantities? Of course, the majority of the class would fail when all they could do was guess. What a waste of a teacher. Then again, it’s not like the others were better.
Grinding your teeth, you watched as Divus continued to insult everyone for being ‘bad breeds’ and completely untrainable mutts. Finally. the bell rang, freeing you all from his annoying rants, at least ‘til next class. Standing, you carefully slipped a vial out of your pocket and slipped the contents of it into his cup as he berated a ‘mutt’ for not tucking in their shirt.
Too easy. 
Almost disappointingly easy, but then again, what would a purebred show dog have to worry about from a mutt? That’s why in nature, mutts are better off than purebreds.
The effects should start in one hour. He’ll notice sooner most likely, but with another class and a teachers’ meeting, there was no way he’d have time to fix it. Just enough time for you to eat lunch and gather the rest of your ‘tools’.
How could this have even happened? Crewel rushed into his office, locking the door behind him. He obviously wasn’t pregnant, and even more so, he wouldn’t brew a lactation potion for himself. Carelessly, he tossed his wand on his desk and began to quickly remove his coat and vest. Already, his vest had become damp from his now-lactating chest. 
Damn the headmaster and his insistent prattling, Divus thought. If he hadn’t drowned on, then I could have brewed the antidote before my clothes were ruined. 
Ruined may have been a bit harsh, but he’d definitely have to change into some spares if he wanted to leave campus with no questions asked. 
Stuck in his own head, Crewel completely missed the student standing in the corner, unknowingly giving them a show. Of course, the student couldn’t really take the time to admire their panicking teacher.
Quickly, they used a stun spell, before rushing behind their teacher and throwing him to the floor. Crewel didn’t even have a moment to gasp before he found himself frozen and thrown to the floor. Just as quickly, the student shoved some bit of plastic between his open lips and quickly hooked it behind his head, forcing Crewel to bite down on the gag. 
As much as they wanted to appreciate their teacher chewing on the bone gag, they grabbed their teacher's wrist and shoved it into the leather mitt and tied it tightly, repeating the motion as Crewel tied to figure out what was happening.
The next part was going to be difficult.
The stun spell had already begun to wear off, and even without his hands, Divus was still a capable adult. Shoveling down the teacher's body, they grabbed one of his ankles and began wrapping the leather cuff around it. Sensing that he was going to be further restrained, Crewel rolled to the side and used his unrestrained leg to kick his attacker. With a grunt, they refused to relent. They grabbed his other ankle and struggled to place the other cuff on. Even with Crewel realizing what was happening, with his hands and one ankle trapped, there wasn’t much he could do. 
Finally, the student had their teacher trapped and could admire their hard work. 
Divus laid prone on the ground trying unsuccessfully to break his restraints. His hands uselessly pawed at each other in the vain hope that he could somehow get the mitts off. 
The best feature by far, however, was his face. His hair was completely ruined from the tussle on the floor, while his chin had been covered in drool from his grunts and attempts to yell.
Something was still missing, however. 
Even with Divus struggling it didn’t feel quite like enough. That’s when their eyes landed on the teacher’s desk, where his pointer was thrown.
Calmly, they strolled towards the desk, slowly picked up the pointer, and messed with the pretty red collar attached to the end. Turning back to Divus, they couldn’t help but laugh at the position he had put himself in. 
Somehow, he had managed to flip himself onto his stomach and was trying to push himself up with his knees and caged hands, sticking his ass straight up in the air. With a chuckle, they skipped towards Divus and smacked his ass with the pointer. 
With a muffled yelp, the teacher completely collapsed, making it easier for his student to turn him over onto his back and straddle his waist. Divus tried to shimmy out from beneath them, but another sharp whack, this time aimed at his face, put an end to that. 
“Divus, stay.” The words seem to not register for a minute as they stared at each other, before Divus tried to buck them off with renewed vigor. Sighing, they went to work unfastening the collar and wrap it around Divus's throat, perhaps more tightly than necessary.
 “There. Now you really look like the bitch you are.” Before Crewel could even give an indignant snarl, they had already begun tearing his shirt and tie off. A red flush covered Crewel's face as his clothing was destroyed, revealing his dripping chest. 
“Wow, Divus, when I called you a bitch, I didn’t expect you to drip like one, especially right in front of your own student!” 
Stroking one of the leaking buds, they gave it a slight tug to watch more milk drip out and pool towards Divus’s taut stomach. Divus whimpered and tried to squirm away from his student’s touch. His struggle was rewarded with a much sharper pinch this time. 
As much as watching Divus moan and squirm as his chest was toyed with was amusing, there were far more important matters to attend to. With one last rough tug to his chest, they got of Divus and went over to their backpack, which was blending in with the background. Divus tried to turn his head to see what his student was grabbing, but with a quick snap of their fingers and a “Stay Divus,” he stopped squirming and merely hoped they’d had their fun and were retrieving the keys. 
A soft rattle of something metal was heard and Divus almost wept with relief that his humiliation was coming to an end, only for his student to come back into view. 
“Aw, does puppy think he’s getting a treat?”, they chuckled. “Sadly you’ve been such a naughty thing that I’m afraid your punishment isn’t over, boy.” 
Divus’s brows furrowed in confusion as his student held up a strange, thin metal object and lubricated it in front of his face.
He didn’t have any time to try and figure out what it was for before his student went back to destroying his clothes, this time his jeans. Divus whimpered and tried to shove them off, but with his hands still bound, it was futile. Finally, Divus’s hard cock was forced into the open air. 
It seemed like time stopped as Divus stared at his leaking cock. His student let out a laugh before grasping his dick, making Divus moan.
“My, my. The puppy seems awfully excited at his punishment.” They smeared his precum around the head of his dick. “I may not even need the lube, huh?”
By now, almost all the fight was out of Divus. He merely squirmed in his bondage as they played with his dick and mocked him for being in heat. 
After what felt like an eternity, they released his cock and began slicking up the metal instrument. 
Then they began pushing one end into his slit. 
Divus nearly choked on his own spit as his struggles renewed in vigor, so much so they had to use another stun spell on him. They forced Divus to only watch as his dick was violated. Surprisingly, Divus felt very little pain as it was slowly, slowly shifted further into his cock. The only feeling was pleasurable fullness. Nerves that had never been stimulated before were played with as the instrument was pushed down. Every couple of centimetres, they would stop to massage the outside of his dick to stimulate him further. 
Finally, his dick was completely full and any further pushing only caused Divus to see stars as it hit something deep inside of his cock.
“Well puppy, how do you feel?” They mocked, going back to play with his chest. In a final act of weak defiance, Divus glared at them and tried to growl around his bone gag. In response, his student bopped his nose and stood up.
“I guess you still haven’t learned anything, puppy. I’m so disappointed.” Turning away from their captive, they retrieved their backpack and began heading towards the door, causing Divus to panic and whine once again. They couldn’t just leave him like this, could they?
“Maybe if you lie there in your mess for a few hours, you might learn.” Just as they unlocked the door, they shot an amused look back at Divus. “Good boy! Don’t forget what you’ve learned today!”
Just like that, he was left in his own office, completely trapped. Divus felt tears fill his eyes as he was left on his back, the milk from his nipples, drool, and precum mixing into his skin.
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amydancepants-peralta · a year ago
the shape of you 
(aka, Jake and Amy’s first night *together*, post-Mac) - rated NSFW. 💗
the shape of you 
With her fingers gripped around the base of a washcloth Amy Santiago wipes her bathroom mirror clear of all remaining condensation, casting a discerning eye over the reflection that stares back at her as she drops the towel into the nearby hamper.  
It feels like it was only yesterday - but realistically, had been close to six years ago - since she had stood in this very position and prepared for her first date with Jake.  It was a lapse of time that felt as though it had passed in a blink, and tonight there was a part of Amy that longed for the simpler times; when her biggest concern had been how to style her hair, second only to which of the two recently purchased dresses she should wear.  
(Her final decision to wear her hair down, based purely in the hope that Jake’s fingers may end up running through her curls, had clearly been an excellent one - and one that she definitely thanked herself for making later that evening.)
She still remembers the nerves she’d felt that night (that kind of thrumming that seems to run through your veins when you just know you’re on the verge of something amazing), remembers the feeling of the kiss he gave her outside the restaurant.  The way the scent of him had filled her senses as he moved closer, pushing her gently against the exterior with careful hands on either side of her hips.  The scratch of the brick against her lower back until his hands moved between her and the stone, simultaneously protecting her from harm and drawing her into his arms.  The soft sigh she’d let out as their tongues brushed up against each other … the way her body felt like it was melting into his embrace.  
It was the kind of kiss that made Amy forget all the rules (made her forget anything other than how hard her heart was beating against his ribcage) - the kind of kiss that confirmed for her, even if she wasn’t completely ready to admit it - that this thing between them was more than just ‘like’.  The rest, as one would say, is history - and while Amy knows that her and Jake’s love story may never compare to the works of Austen or Brontë, theirs will always remain her favourite.  
And now, two toothbrushes live in their holder by the sink, her perfume sits comfortably beside the same brand of cologne from that evening, and a series of colourful turtle decals are stuck to the side of their bathtub (supervised from above by the requisite rubber ducky).  Clearly, a lot had changed - but the one thing that seems to have made a return appearance from their first night together, is the kaleidoscope of butterflies that have taken up residence in her stomach.  
Tonight was Date Night for her and Jake - their first since she’d given birth to Mac close to seven weeks ago - and in true Santiago style, Amy had spent what free time she’d had over the past few days researching the topic of postpartum sex.  Standing in front of the mirror now, with her favourite black lacy underwear hiding underneath her robe and far too much awareness of the dark circles under her eyes, Amy was - for the first time in her life - regretting all the studying she had done.
It had been hard not to get lost amongst it all - articles on episiotomies (a side effect of childbirth that, thankfully, she had managed to avoid), scores of medical advice on when is the right time and endless testimonials from other new mothers, most talking about their total loss of sex drive or lack of primal response to their partner’s advances.  And even though logically, Amy knows that there is little to no chance of that happening to her and Jake (their sex life pre-baby, by all accounts, had always been healthy - especially so during her pregnancy), it had been enough to plant a seed of doubt in her mind - one that seems to have flourished into something far greater as the hours wore on.  
It had, after all, only been a few weeks ago that her underwear had been made of mesh, and housed icepacks to aid the healing of her nether regions.  Even less since her bra had needed to fight for space amongst the lactation pads that held court, replaced on the regular as she and Mac tried to figure out some kind of routine when it came to feeding.  For a while there, the sexiest thing that either her or Jake could say to the other was ‘you keep sleeping, I’ll take this round’; and now there was a dress hanging in their wardrobe that was a size larger than normal, and a set of stripes on her stomach that remained a constant reminder that things were not as they used to be.  
Amy’s hands fiddle with the contents of her makeup bag, toying with the curved edge of her favourite shade of lipstick as her mind continues to race.  It was insane, to think this way: and if Jake’s attentiveness to her since giving birth to Mac was anything to go by - his clear attraction to her at all stages of their relationship, actually - her doubts were going to be unfounded.  
It had, in fact, only been three days ago that both she and Jake had miraculously woken up before their son … and sleepy morning cuddles had turned into a heavy makeout session, evolving into something a little more before Mac’s indignant ‘I’ve just woken up’ cry filled their apartment and pulled everything to a stop.  (Their plans for this evening had been made that very afternoon, with both of them agreeing that perhaps a little bit of ‘Mommy and Daddy time’ was needed.)  
Deep down, Amy knew that the bond that she and Jake shared was stronger than anything either had ever known - but the doubts still lingered all the same, and there was only one person she wanted to talk about them with.
As if on cue, “Amy Santiago!  Date time!  Time to date!” cuts through their previously quiet apartment, and Amy grins into the mirror as she hears her husband’s keys land in the bowl next to hers, finally returning from dropping Mac off at Grandma Karen’s for his overnight visit.  Already, she can feel the tension begin to leave her shoulders, calling out a greeting in return as she listens to his footsteps move around their kitchen.  
Their home seems strangely quiet without Mac’s presence - largely, because Jake wasn’t singing or talking out his actions as he went, like he did so often when carrying Mac around - and she’s just about to call Jake into the bathroom when his singing voice begins to float down the hallway.  
“I think we’re alone now …” the somehow still familiar melody of the 80s song builds in volume as Jake makes his way towards her, and Amy lets out a giggle.  It’s a song that a 10 year old version of Amy, resplendent in some version of taffeta, would have absolutely danced to at a cousin’s quinceanera.  And while her younger self might be disappointed that her husband didn’t turn out to be a version of Magnum P.I., the Amy that looks back at her in the mirror today, laughing loudly at the man walking towards her, knows that there couldn’t ever be a man better for her than Jake Peralta. 
(Moustaches are overrated, anyway.  They’re a treasure trove of crumbs, and leave you with a permanent pash rash.  Great in theory, but a little morning stubble is much more enjoyable.)
His smile is beyond bright as he passes through the bathroom door, a glass of wine held high in each hand as he hums the last few bars of Tiffany’s greatest (and perhaps, only) hit.  “Hey babe - wow, good lord you are gorgeous.”  
Feeling the tip of her ears heat up at Jake’s statement, Amy smiles at her husband through the mirror, busying herself with a tube of mascara and quickly changing the subject.  “How did Mac go?”
Moving further into the room, Jake leans in to drop a kiss to Amy’s shoulder before placing her glass of wine on the counter.  “Uh, it seemed to go okay?”  Leaning his weight against the wall beside him, he takes a sip before continuing.  “Is it weird how much I missed him, like, the instant I closed Mom’s front door?”
Pulling away from her reflection, Amy turns to face her husband with an understanding grin.  “Not at all.  I felt like a part of me was missing the second the two of you left an hour ago.”  Shrugging, she gives him a sheepish look.  “Almost texted you to bring him home immediately, coz I wasn’t sure I could actually go without seeing him for a night.”
“Okay, yeah.  That makes total sense, because I literally almost turned the car around twice.”
“Ugh, we really are just lovestruck parents, aren’t we?”
“Oh, absolutely.  But, I have to say … I’m also really glad we’re getting to do this.”
Amy’s responding smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes, and the knots in her stomach tighten as she notices Jake pick up on the difference.  
His gaze is careful, holding onto the silence for a beat.  “Ames?”
Her fingers fiddle with the lid of the mascara, lifting and dropping the wand exactly the way she’d been taught not to do, and suddenly all the words she wants to say have jumbled up at the tip of her tongue.  Leaning forward, Jake stretches out his hand to reach for her wrist, and she drops her cosmetics back into the bag without hesitation - the need for her husband’s reassurance too strong to ignore.  The warmth of his palm, tied in with the coolness of his wedding band, is a welcome distraction from the uncertainty running through her mind.  
“Is there something you want to talk about?”
Amy nods, knitting her eyebrows as she lifts her shoulders in a self-conscious shrug.  “I … might have spent a little time the last couple of days, researching into what sex can be like after having a baby.”
Dropping his bottom lip slightly, Jake nods in understanding.  “It wouldn’t be you if you hadn’t.  But, babe … you know that we don’t have to do anything like that tonight if you don’t feel ready, right?  We can just go to dinner, and fall asleep on the couch if you want to.” 
Squeezing his hand, Amy is quick to nod in response.  “I do know, and I also know that I’ve been looking forward to tonight.  Like .. a LOT.”  Throwing a wink, Jake squeezes her hand in kind.  “I just …”  Pulling her fingers out of Jake’s grip, Amy pulls the already closed lapels of her robe tighter.  “There are still so many things happening to my body that I don’t have a lot of control over, and I can’t help but worry a little that it’s only a matter of time before …”
Amy’s chin falls to her chest, folding her arms in front before resting her weight against the bathroom sink.  Despite all of the reasons why she knew these fears to be irrational, they weren’t showing any signs of going away - and if there’s anyone that can help clear her mind, it’s Jake.  Slowly, she raises her head to watch his reaction.  “We’ve always had such a great relationship when it comes to being open and affectionate, and the sex - well, you know how good the sex is, but … I don’t know, what if .... what if things happen, and that changes?”
Jake’s reply is so quick - so factual that it makes her heart quicken at the simplicity of it all.  “Then we work at it.”  Pushing himself off from the wall, Jake comes to stand in front of Amy, tipping one finger underneath her chin and lifting her face towards his.  Bright brown eyes stare into hers, so full of sincerity she wants to cry.  “We grow, and we change with it.  There’s nothing that we can’t overcome, Ames.  Nothing.” 
It’s everything that she already knew to be true, but felt far more authentic when coming from her husband.  She’d felt a little ridiculous to be saying any of it, but it would seem that even the securest of relationships needed a little reassurance now and them.  Trying her best to ignore the tears that are threatening to fall from behind her eye, Amy raises her brows.  “You really think so?”
“I know so.  Babe.”  His hands move smoothly, wrapping themselves around her waist and locking at her lower back.  “You’re my best friend, the greatest person I’ve ever known - and the most sexiest, might I add - plus, the mother of my child.  It’s just not possible for any single universe to exist, where I won’t love you forever.”  Leaning in, Jake rests his forehead against hers, taking a deep breath.  “We’ve had to overcome so many obstacles, and nothing has beaten us.  You’re the love of my life, Amy Santiago, and there is literally not a chance that anything will ever change that.”
It’s all it takes for the threatened tears to begin to fall, and Amy tries her best to blink them away as she stretches onto her toes, lifting herself up to meet Jake’s lips for a kiss.  “I love you, Jake.  And I’m sorry for all the crazy talk, I just - ”
“Ames.”  Jake interrupts, a solemn look falling onto his face.  “I’m always going to want to hear how you’re feeling.  I know you’d do the same for me, and I don’t want you to think there’s anything that you can’t tell me, okay?”
Wrapping her arms around his neck, Amy affirms with a kiss, sighing softly into Jake’s mouth as it deepens.  It’s felt like so long since they’ve been able to do this - to just stand and kiss for no other reason than to be close to one another.  His eyes are glazed by the time she pulls away, and it’s enough to spark a tiny fire in her heart, and so she leans in for another.  
Jake’s voice is muffled slightly when he speaks, waiting for a break in kisses to speak.  “We’re going to be late for the restaurant if we’re not careful.”
In what is perhaps the easiest decision she’s had to make in a long time, Amy tightens her grip around Jake’s neck, pulling him in for another hot kiss before whispering against his supple lips - “Fuck the restaurant.  And please, fuck me.”
She feels Jake’s hands grip her butt in an instant, digging in as he lifts her with ease.  Her legs wrap around his waist, a move that has been done a thousand times before but tonight feels so new, his responding moan sending a wave of shivers up and down her spine as he shuffles them towards the doorway.  
There’s a crib half adorned with muslin wraps and a colourful play mat on the floor near their bed for Jake to dodge, but he moves their joined bodies with a practiced ease, never pausing to adjust his grip until Amy can feel the softness of their pillows beneath her head.  
The smile he gives her as he hovers above is so soft, the adoration clear as she moves to shove his hoodie from his shoulders.  It falls to the floor as his nimble fingers work on the knot of her robe, letting the silk slip through with ease, and Amy can feel her heart begin to race as the material falls away.  She knows that it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before - between marriage and motherhood, there literally isn’t a part of her body that Jake doesn’t know like the back of his hand - but she’s still conscious that the bra is a little tighter than it used to be, and the softness of her post-birth tummy remains.  
And then Jake sighs, his eyes raking over her body as he whispers, “You’re so goddamn sexy, Santiago,” and suddenly, Amy doesn’t feel like a new mother with formula in her hair and suitcases under her eyes.  Suddenly, she feels like a woman - a beautiful, desirable woman who somehow managed to capture the heart of the sweetest man to ever walk the earth.  His hands wrap around her waist, lifting her middle towards his as his legs slot in between hers, and the feeling of her husband’s passionate kisses is something that Amy never wants to go without again.  
It doesn’t take long before the rest of their clothing has landed on the floor - a sense of urgency to their movements is something they’ve gotten used to, now that the likelihood of being interrupted has become so high - and it isn’t until Jake begins a trail of kisses down Amy’s jawline that she takes a calming breath.  She feels giddy, like it’s been far longer than seven weeks since they’ve been able to be together like this (eight, if you counted the last time they had sex before Mac’s early arrival), and the feeling of her husband’s hard dick nudging against her thigh was making her crave more, and she wanted it NOW. 
The scent of Jake washes over her as his head dips lower - same as it did all those years ago, only now the scent felt less like cologne and more like home - and her fingers dive into the curls of his hair as his tongue circles the outside of her nipple with the careful consideration of a man who has watched her wince in pain some early mornings.  His teeth scrape along the underside of her breast, the feeling of his breath hot against her skin as he moves to her left to repeat.  With her free hand, Amy traces the length of his back, holding him close as her fingers run over the dips and scars that she knows oh so well, feeling her hips thrust up instinctively towards her husband as his reverent kisses move further down her body.  She can feel the warmth of her arousal pooling in her folds, and it genuinely feels as though she might combust if something doesn’t happen soon.  
Jake lifts his head on the way down, the desire in his eyes obvious as he settles himself at the end of their bed, caressing the outside of her thighs as they settle on his shoulders.  His voice is gruff, the rough sound of a turned on Jake making a welcome return to her ears, and Amy grins.  “Okay, babe?” 
Her heart is racing with both anticipation and nerves, but Amy nods anyway.  She knows that things might be a little different (pushing a tiny human out of your body kinda has that affect), but she also knows the way she’s feeling right now, part of her might just fall apart completely if she doesn’t get to feel Jake’s mouth work it’s magic on her.  
Thankfully, he doesn’t make her wait any longer. 
He starts by rubbing the tip of his nose against her clit, a slow and deliberate up-and-down motion that ends far too quickly, looking up at her with a devious grin as he turns his head to place a tender kiss on the inside of her thigh.  Amy huffs in dissatisfaction, narrowing her eyes in silent reproach, only to throw her head back into the pillow as Jake immediately relocates to where she needs him the most.  His gentle tongue sweeps over her clit with each kiss, lapping up her arousal as the tip of his finger circles her entrance.
“Ames,” Jake whispers, and if it wasn’t for the feeling of his voice vibrating against her over-sensitive body, Amy would swear she’d imagined it.  “Ames, look up for me.”
His fingers, now moving in a circular motion around her folds; are making it very hard for Amy to concentrate on anything right now, and it takes another breath or two before she can lift her head.  Jake smiles as their eyes lock, holding her gaze as he speaks.  
“I love every single part of you, Ames.  This right here?”  He pauses, dropping a kiss on just the outside edge of where she’s craving him before looking up again.  “It shows me how much you want me.  How much you want to be with me, and it's so hot, it drives me crazy.”   His tongue flicks out, drawing a long, thick line against her folds, and her pelvis arches up towards his touch as his fingers slowly enter.  “You’ve literally spilt yourself open to give birth to our child, and you’d do it all again in a heartbeat.”  Carefully, they begin to pump in and out of her, settling into a gentle rhythm that sets all of Amy’s nerve endings on fire.  “You’re a goddess, Amy Santiago.  And I love you more than I can say.”
“I - unhhh! - I love you too,  Jake.”  Her reply is breathless, broken in two as Jake’s tongue returns to her clit, settling into a pattern that increases in intensity - the way he does whenever he knows Amy is about two seconds away from losing all control.  Her left hand travels down until her fingers are running through his hairline, holding him in place with her gentle grip.  
“I’m never not going to want you, babe.”  His breath is hot against her skin, the tiny stubble of his five o’clock shadow ticking her inner thigh as he deviates to place a series of kisses before leading straight back to her centre.  There’s a slight crook to his fingers now, as they continue to move in and out at a steady pace, and it’s enough for both of them to moan their assent.  “So good, Ames.” 
“Oh god babe, right there - yes!”  Jake’s mouth returns to her clit, suckling on her nub as his tongue continues its assault, and its all Amy needs to feel before her mouth falls open in ecstasy, a silent scream of satisfaction falling short in her mouth as her right arm flails up to grip their metal headboard, desperate for something to ground her before her entire body begins to convulse.  It had been so. long. since she’d been able to feel like that … so long since there hadn’t been anything between them, and she’d (almost) forgotten just how damn hard it made her heart race.  
(From his position at the base of the bed, Jake wraps his hand around his erection and gives himself a few solid strokes at the sight of his wife in post-orgasmic bliss, already certain that the image is going to stay in his memory for a long time to come.)     
Amy’s left hand digs into Jake’s hair as she comes down from the high, her fingers carding through the messy half-curls in that way that seems to relax both herself and her husband every time.  “You’re always going to want me?”
His gaze grows soft, and after leaving another kiss against her thigh Jake raises up, the comforter around Amy shifting slightly as he moves towards her.  The familiar feeling of his bare skin against hers calms Amy’s to no end as Jake hovers above, all the love in the world shining in his eyes as he leans down and presses his lips to hers.  “Always.”
Shifting slightly underneath her husband, Amy moves to grip his hard cock in her hand, following the length of his shaft with her palm as Jake moans above her.  She watches as his teeth dig into his lower lip, biting down harder as she increases her pace, and she tightens her hold before releasing him completely as his hips lift slightly away.  
“Don’t wanna come until I’m inside you,” he whispers, pulling her in for the deepest of kisses before settling in-between her thighs and lining himself up.  Amy feels herself tense up, the tiniest sliver of apprehension remaining as her legs widen slightly, and Jake rests his weight on his forearms above her before entering just the tip, pulling out and waiting for her cue to return.  
Lifting her pelvis in invitation, Amy holds onto Jake’s gaze as he enters another inch inside her; holding for a moment this time before pulling out completely, returning again with another longer stroke.  It’s something that he’s never done before, but was actually the perfect way for Amy to feel reacquainted, and as he repeats the process inch by inch, she gradually feels the last tendrils of tension begin to fade.  
Finally, their bodies are hard up against each other, and Amy can’t help but let out a heavy breath as the intimacy of it all envelops her.
“Hey.”  His thumb traces her cheek, following the contour of her cheekbone, and it’s definitely not the hormones that are going to make her cry.  With eyes so soft Amy could almost dive into them, Jake gives her a tender smile.  “I’ve missed you.”
Amy’s hands trace the subtle lines along his arms and shoulders before resting on either side of Jake’s neck, dipping her fingertips into the base of his hairline as she returns his smile.  “I’ve missed you too, babe.  I love you.”
Jake responds with a kiss, the press of his lips against hers so loving and familiar that Amy cranes her neck to chase for more when it ends.  He gives her a knowing smile, nudging the tip of his nose against hers before diving in for another, moving his hips in careful thrusts as his tongue sweeps gently against hers.   
Logistically, Amy knows that the feeling of togetherness and completion is what making love is all about - but still, as Jake moves above her and she finds her body responding to his steady rhythm, she finds herself overwhelmed by the emotions washing over her.  There were times as a new mother when her body had not felt like her own - like she was merely a walking vehicle for any and all of her son’s needs - but laying here with Jake, feeling all of the other parts of her body awaken at his touch, made her feel so alive. 
In her husband’s arms, Amy feels incredible like an irresistible woman, like the goddess he’s always insisted she is.  And, most importantly - she feels loved.  
Jake’s pace increases, his crazily sexy eyes locking onto hers as he lets out a breathless moan, and Amy feels her lower body instinctively lifting towards his to meet his thrusts.  “Oh god, babe … you feel incredible.”  Amy’s shoulder blades dig into the mattress as she presses her chest against her husband’s in response, elongating her neck and letting out a satisfied sigh as Jake dips down to lick the sweat off her skin.  
It’s his breathless version of her name a moment later that makes Amy break out into a grin, tightening her grip around his lower waist and digging her fingernails into his butt.  Jake takes the cue, speeding up again as Amy’s legs tighten around him, sinking her teeth into his shoulder before shifting her weight and rolling him onto his back.  
The movement makes his cock slide almost completely out of her, a situation Amy is quick to rectify, throwing him a sly grin as she sidles down.  Jake’s teeth sink into his lower lip as their bodies join back together again, a reaction to the sensations that Amy finds herself mirroring, stretching out her spine as she flips her hair back and settles her weight on her husband’s thighs.  
It was a moment just like this that she had been afraid of - being in front of her husband in all her naked glory, highlighting all the newly marked curves of her body with no chance for cover.  But one look at his face - at the sheer amount of adoration and attraction she finds there, made it clear that when it comes to being loved by somebody like Jake Peralta, there was never going to be anything to fear.  
And so she moves, clenching the muscles in her upper thighs as she rises and falls, dipping her pelvis back and forth so that she can really feel every part of him.  Jake’s hands fall to her legs, fingertips digging into her soft flesh as he moans beneath her, sliding up to her stomach as she leans forward to rest one hand on his chest.  He grins up at her, tracing gentle circles against her skin with his thumbs as he pumps his hips up to meet her every time, and maybe this is the hormones but Amy swears she’s about to either laugh or cry.  It’s only taken a moment, but one smile from her husband, and all of her apprehensions are gone completely.   
Amy feels the stretch of her ribcage with every staggered breath she takes, gripping Jake’s lower legs from behind as she sets their movements into a steady rhythm.  “Babe … Jake.  Ohh, I’ve missed this.”
She lets out a moan as she feels Jake’s hand slide up her slick skin, moving towards one breast and cupping her there, carefully circling her nipple with his thumb while his other hand moves to replicate on the other side.  It feels incredible, her husband’s touch - especially when coupled with the feeling of his erection inside her - and there’s a breathless affirmation of the same bubbling out of her throat when his hands move to her lower ribs, holding her steady as he lifts his back off of the mattress and pulls Amy in for a kiss.  
It’s sloppy, the messy kind of kiss lovers give each other when their bodies are moving at too steady a pace for it to be anything but, but Jake takes the chance to bend his knees behind, silently encouraging Amy to lean back slightly as her own legs stretch out behind him.  She can feel the pulse of blood rushing back to her upper thighs as her feet join together behind Jake’s back, holding him in place as she leans against his knees and lifts her pelvis up and down at this new angle.  It’s perfect - it’s tantalising, especially once her husband’s skilled fingers reach down to play with her clit - and it’s definitely going to make her come.  
“I love you so much, Ames.  I’m so lucky to have you, you don’t even know,”  Jake’s voice is strained, a surefire sign that he himself isn’t far away from completion, and Amy cannot resist the chance to lean forward - looping one arm around his neck and puling him in for another kiss.  She loves this man, with everything that she has, and it’s the thought of what they have together that finally pulls her over the edge, crying into his mouth as her second orgasm of the night washes over her.  It’s clearly all that Jake has been waiting for, the sound of his own moans mixing with Amy’s as he makes one final push towards release.  
It takes a while for either of them to disentangle themselves from their upright position, their mixed gasps for breaths the only sound in the room until Jake pulls himself out of his sex-induced haze, covering the section of Amy’s neck he has access to with kisses as she lets out a satisfied sigh.  Her legs tingled (as did some other places), and part of her cannot wait to write her own (highly positive) account of postpartum sex on the forums she’d visited earlier in the week.  But there was something she wanted more than that; and as Jake falls back onto the mattress below she follows suit, tucking herself into the juncture of his neck and shoulder - and just like that, things were exactly as they should be again.
There’s still a latent note of exhaustion in Jake’s voice when he speaks, but his tightened grip around Amy’s naked body begs her not to move as he turns slightly to glance at the clock on her nightstand.  “You know, if we moved quickly, we could probably still make our reservations … just blame it all on a flat tire or something.”
Sighing into Jake’s chest, Amy shifts impossible closer before shrugging her shoulders half-heartedly.  “We could … or, we could order takeout.  Eat, talk, have more sex … whatever.”
Twisting his neck slightly, Jake ducks his head down to meet Amy’s lips with a chaste kiss.  “It’s official.  My wife is a genius.”
In an hour, there will be an extra blanket laid out on top of the bed, and Jake and Amy will alternate cartons of takeout as they talk about everything that’s happened over the last two months.  It’ll be another hour before their meals have been cleared away completely; another again before Jake lifts his head off of his resting place on Amy’s abdomen, leaning in for a kiss that definitely leads to Round Two.  They’ll end up sleeping the rest of the night away, curled up into each other’s arms as they relish the silence - yet already dreaming of picking their son up in the morning and looking for all the ways he might have grown during his one night away.  
But for now, Amy will rest in her husband’s arms, basking in the feeling of his fingertips as they trace lazy patterns on her bare skin.  Change, after all, is inevitable.  But the world that she and Jake have built - for both themselves and their family - is strong enough to take on anything.  
And truthfully, that is all she will ever need.  
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daddy jaehyun
"Here is the grape." Jaehyun picked a piece and wanted to give it to Sunoh. But he opened his mouth very wide. "Should I feed you?" He asked his son, who nodded with his mouth still open. "Okay, here comes the grape." He put it on his tongue and Sunoh chewed it with a big grin. But then he grimacing, apparently, the grape was too sour. Jaehyun watched him, but then the boy opened his mouth again. "More, Daddy," he said, and Jaehyun laughed. "Isn't it too sour for you?" He asked his boy, but he shook his head. "Well, if you mean." He shrugged and continued to feed Sunoh with grapes. Sunoh grimaced every time, but he always wanted more. When Jaehyun gave him the last piece, he kissed his cheek and pulled the boy towards him. Sunoh started to giggle and then Jaehyun started tickling him and their two laughter echoed across the room. It was always so nice to see them both so happy. They have grown more and more together lately and it made you happy to see your men like that. "Hmmm...Daddy." Miga suddenly came to the two and she looked sad. Jaehyun stopped tickling Sunoh and hugged him tightly in his arms. "Hey princess. Why are you so sad?" The little girl climbed up to her father and sat next to him. "I'm sad that Cujo isn't here. He sure feels very alone." Miga was really unhappy and Sunoh looked at her warmly. "Oh Miga, Cujo is fine. He's with grandma and grandpa." Jaehyun laughed and pulled his daughter to him too. "Can we call him later?", She looks at her father with wide eyes. "Of course, my princess. He'll be happy about that." "Hey, are you all cuddling together without your mummy?" You come into the room after you put the twins to sleep. "Hihi yes," said Miga, grinning and laying her whole body on her father. Jaehyun had both children in his arms and laughed. "Thank goodness I have two other babies who love me," you say with a wink, and Jaehyun turned to kiss you gently. Sometimes you were so in love with each other that you forget that the children were around you. "No! Mummy! Daddy! That's yuck." Miga screamed and you break away from your husband and you two laughed.
Tumblr media
"How do you like Switzerland?" Asked Emilian, who is sitting next to Xiaojun. "It's really incredible here. My friend Yangyang taught me a few German phrases, but they speak very differently here." Xioajun looks at his seat neighbor with wide eyes. "Yes, Swiss German is significantly different from German." Emilian laughed, but when he saw his wife trying to lift something heavy, he got up and took it from Audrey. "Wow, it looks like your possessive behavior is already transferring to Emilian," you joke, but Jaehyun looks at you in shock. "Hey, what does that mean?" You just laugh and see Emilian put the food on the table. But you notice that Audrey was nervous when she sat down at the table. You actually wanted to say something, but Sunoh, who was sitting on your lap, wanted to climb on the table to grab the bread. "Careful my big one. I'm now giving you a piece." You lean over and give your son a piece of bread, into which he immediately bit into it with great joy. "If he continues to eat like this, he will still be 2 meters tall. He is already taller than all 2-year-olds." You stroke your son's head. He has always been a huge baby and you felt he would never stop growing. Meanwhile, sometimes you would stop your boy and just enjoy the time when he is so small. "Um ... we want to tell you something." Audrey looked around nervously and all eyes turned to her. Emilian took her hand and she took a deep breath. "Actually, it is perfect that you are there right now, as I can tell you personally ..." She stops briefly and looks around. Everyone waited for what was to come and eagerly listened to her next words. "We finally did it and I'm pregnant. As of today, I'm in the 4th month. The first critical months are over." Audrey ran a tear down her cheek and you could see Emilian looking at her with joy. "Oh my God." You take Sunoh and put him on Jaehyun's lap to run straight to your sister. Mia also came to her and you hug each other. "Now I'm going to be an aunt too." You smile and touch your sister's stomach gently. "Audrey, I'm so happy for you." Mia also hugged her sister tightly and for a while tears of happiness flowed.
Tumblr media
"I can't wait to hold my baby in my hand soon." Audrey had Geon in her arms and she looks dreamily at the boy. After having dinner you sat in the garden with her and you are now breastfeeding the babies. "I'm so glad that it finally worked out for you." You smile and stroke Kiwoo, who was drinking from your breast. You were really happy that Audrey was pregnant. She had tried since Miga was born, but it never wanted to work for her. "How was it with the twins? How was the home birth? Was it that different?" Since Audrey told you about her pregnancy, she has had so many questions and, of course, was nervous. "Well, I chose it because so many things happened ... you know. And many were worried because I was pregnant with twins. But it all worked out well. It was a really intimate moment and I thin somehow it was also the most intense birth for Jaehyun. He experienced everything differently. He was with Kiwoo in the bathtub and pulled him up. I was also able to breastfeed immediately. It was much more relaxed and the babies were also much calmer. It was also nice that I could go straight to my bed and the children could get to know their new siblings as soon as they woke up." You stroke Kiwoo's back and you only have good memories from their birth. Migas and Sunohs were also beautiful, but the home birth was something very special. "Ohh, I wish I could give birth at home too. But because of my problems, my doctor said that I should give birth in the hospital." She sighed and tried to free her hair from Geon's grip. "It is definitely safer." You smile over to your sister. She nodded, but you could see that there was so much in her head. "Is breastfeeding difficult? I mean, I hear so many stories from women who said it hurts." "I had more problems with Miga and Sunoh, but not at all with the twins. I have more problems now that my body knows that I need a lot of milk and that I now produce too much milk. The two boys don't really want to drink from the bottle and that’s why I can't take so much to pump it up. We already have so many milk supplies. And now I always have full breasts." You sigh and notice how Kiwoo is struggling to fall asleep but is still hungry. He swallows and swallows and cannot get enough but at the same time, his eyelids fall always down. "Have you ever tried to breastfeed Jaehyun?" Audrey got quieter and she looked at you with wide eyes. "WHAT?" This question came as a surprise and you didn't know what to think about it. "I heard that it can be totally erotic and strengthen the bond." Audrey apparently loved the idea, but it sounded strange to you.
Tumblr media
It was late at night. You had breastfed the twins again, but Geon has had a lot of stomach ache lately and you don't want him to lay him on his back because of his reflux. Jaehyun stayed awake with you and stroked Sunoh's head. "Jaehyun?" You turn to him with your baby in your arms. "Hmm." He was already very tired on the mattress and looked up at you with small eyes. "Have you ever heard of erotic lactation?" You were careful about the topic because after all, it was very new to you. "Uh ... yes." His eyes suddenly grew big and his ears red. "Really? From where?" You were curious and wanted to know more. But Jaehyun put his hands over his face. "Ahhh Y/N. Do I have to say now that I still watch porn?" "I know you're watching porn. I just wanted to know if you knew it." You roll your eyes and look back to Geon, who got a little more restless because he apparently had a stomachache again. It was quiet between you two for a moment and you thought Jaehyun was trying to fall asleep, but then you see him turning back to you. "What do you think about that?" He asked then and looked up at you. But you shrug your shoulders. "I don't know. Audrey told me about it because I told her that I'm producing so much milk. Do you find it erotic?" "Hmmm ... well, I like your breasts. I want to do everything with them." He grinned and looked up at you. You just nod, but somehow you couldn't get this thought out of your head.
daddy jaehyun masterlist
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yikesharringrove · a year ago
Billy and Steve trying to get freaky for the first time after their baby is born while she’s takin a nap (cute lil mango) and Steve being insecure because of how his body looks after pregnancy (stretch marks, he has tits now wtf, etc.) and Billy just being so lovely and caring
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5
This part has smut but very little plot so you can skip it if that’s not your vibe (yes I have more requests for more parts)
So, since this is ABO, I typically imagine male omegas as being on the intersex scale, as it makes more sense to me in terms of pregnancy and stuff, so basically he has a small penis and a vagina.
There’s also mentions of lactation ad stuff, so again, it that’s not your vibe, the next one will be posted soon.
“She’s down.” Billy climbed into the bed behind Steve. “She was exhausted. Went out like a light.” Mina was a month and a half old now, was finally able to go more than two hours before needing to be fed. Billy pressed himself against Steve’s back, started kissing his neck, running one hand up his thigh.
Steve could feel that he was getting hard against his ass.
They hadn’t had sex since Steve really popped. Not that Steve wasn’t super horny with all his hormones dialed up to eleven, he just, his body was so different.
Once his belly went from a little chub to pregnant, he got stretch marks, big stripes all over his belly from getting so big so fast. But he also got tits. He didn’t totally mind them, when he pumped or when Mina fed, they were small enough to look like pecs. Hell Billy’s were probably bigger than his at this point, but even they had stretch marks on them and they were so tender, his nipples just like hurt, all the time now. And when they were full, he was a solid C cup.
With Mina born, his stomach was round like it was, it looked deflated.
Billy hadn’t really even seen him topless in a while.
Billy had slipped one hand between his legs, rubbing at him gently.
Steve had needed four stitches after giving birth, had gotten them out a week ago, was told everything was okay, that he could have sex, take knots again.
“You wanna?” Billy nipped at the soft skin on his neck. Steve could feel his slick, definitely wanted to. But then Billy pushed one hand up his sweater.
Steve pushed his hands away.
“Sorry, Bill. I’m just, not right now.” He curled into himself.
“Baby, talk to me. I can smell you.” He manhandled Steve until he was facing him. “What’s wrong?” Steve huffed.
“I just, I look so different. Like, I’m all soft and squishy now, and I just, I don’t want you to see me like this.” Billy rolled on top of Steve.
“If you really don’t want to have sex, that’s fine, but if you’re just nervous about me seeing your body, Pretty Boy, I love your body. It’s gorgeous, at all times. This body gave us our daughter, this body keeps her alive.” He started planting kisses to Steve’s neck. “Wanna worship this body.”
Steve took a shuddering breath.
Billy looked at him for a second before sitting up, practically ripping his own shirt over his head. Steve felt down Billy’s body.
He had softened just a touch, hadn’t been working out as much while working every shift he could at the garage. But he was still muscled, just an even thicker slab of beef now.
Steve tried not to focus on Billy’s cut body as he worked his sweater over his head. Billy tossed it on the ground.
His stomach was soft, hung just a bit over the waistband of his sweatpants. He had taken to wearing nursing bras, found they helped when he got sore.
Billy reached around him to take it off, moving slow, giving him a I’ll stop if you say look. Steve let him take it off, let him sit back and look.
Billy ran light fingers over his stomach, his chest. He brushed over his nipples, making Steve gasp at the feather-light feeling.
“So beautiful.” He bent over, trailing wet kisses, his tongue over his body, began pulling his sweatpants down. He tugged them off, and just, kept, staring.
Steve felt so self conscious, nothing was the same since they had last done this. He tried to move his arms to cover himself, but Billy took his wrists, held his arms spread out, and just, looked.
“Bill-” Steve squirmed, closing his legs only to have Billy shove his hips between them. “Bill.”
“Just let me look. Wanna memorize how fucking beautiful for look.”
“I’m not-”
“Yes you are. You’re perfect.” Billy growled, made Steve whine high in his throat. “Your body looks amazing, it just made a life.” He let go of his wrists, dropped down to kiss over Steve’s body, nipped over his stretch marks, flicking his tongue over his tender nipples, dropped between his thighs, licking one slow stripe up him.
He could taste all that slick, flicked his tongue along Steve’s little cock.
“Miss this pussy.” Billy buried his face between Steve’s legs, licking up inside him, making the most obscene noises. He slip one hand up Steve’s body, getting a nice handful of tit, squeezing it appreciatively.
Steve bucked his hips, writhing against Billy’s face, one hand tangled in his hair, the other holding onto Billy’s wrist.
“Bill, I’m gonna-” Billy sucked on his cock, two fingers sliding into him. Steve arched his back, shuddering and sobbing out as he came, tightening around Billy’s fingers.
Billy pulled off him, grinning at Steve, his mouth, his chin, covered in slick.
“Been months since I tasted you, made you cum like that.” Steve helped Billy worm his way out of his sweatpants.
He felt so good, had forgotten to feel ashamed of his body, just wanted Billy inside.
He whined as Billy tossed away his pants, his cock so hard, thick, slapping against his stomach. Steve wanted his knot.
He spread his legs a little more, bucking his hips.
“You want me? You miss my cock that bad?” Billy was smirking at him, flicking his thumb over his right nipple, the other hand playing with Steve’s cock.
“Fuck, Billy. I want you, want you to fuck me.” Steve made sure to pout in that way he knew Billy couldn’t resist.
Billy grinned at him, licking over his teeth. Steve’s heart sped up.
“Bill, I want, I want to be your mate.”
They had had this conversation several times since Steve got pregnant. Steve wanted to mate right away, but Billy wanted to wait, wanted it to be something special. He looked seriously at Steve.
“Are you sure?”
“Fuck yes, I’m sure. Fucking bite me.” Billy spread himself over Steve, looking into his eyes.
“I want you to bite me too.” Steve just stared at him. Most alphas didn’t like carrying bond marks from their omegas, just sunk their teeth into their omega to seal it. “Want us to be bonded to each other.” Steve just nodded, his eyes glassy.
Billy reached one had down to adjust himself, slid into Steve in one motion.
They went slow, staring into each other’s eyes, hands intertwined over Steve’s head.
“You’re so perfect. I love you so fucking much.” Billy said the words pretty much into Steve’s mouth.
“I love you, I love you, Bill. Wanna, wanna be with you, forever.” Billy’s knot was beginning to swell, began tugging at Steve.
“You ready, Sweet Thing?” Billy was nuzzling against Steve’s throat, against the soft gland that would bear their mark.
“I’m ready, Billy. Want you.”
His knot caught inside of Steve, and he sunk his teeth into his neck.
Steve arched up, crying out as he came again, the pain in his neck, the overwhelming pleasure he felt from Billy’s knot, from his teeth latched into his flesh. Billy let go, licking over the spot to soothe it.
He offered himself to Steve, pretty much placing his neck onto Steve’s mouth, murmuring do it into his ear.
Steve clamped down, sent a shock through Billy spine, sent him flying over the edge, cumming deep inside Steve, groaning into his hair. Steve pulled his mouth off, kissing the small marks he had left behind.
Billy slumped on top of him, stroking his fingers over Steve’s collar bone, lis little breast, his bond mark.
“I love you. So much.” Steve chirped, just once in the back of his throat, his eyes half closed.
“I love you too, Bill.”
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#74 pls! With Daddy!Bucky and twink!steve 🥺💓💓
[update: this prompt fill is now posted on AO3!]
oh my god how did you kNOW i was seriously feeling some bottom!Steve feelings????? holy shit i meant to write a true drabble but my brain and my ovaries took this and raaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (also this got way very kinky and i really hope that i didn’t write any of your squicks!)
i got a lot of other amazing prompts that i’m also going to fill but everyone please be aware that not all of them will be this long!
#74: “You know I can’t resist when you look at me like that.”
Tags/Warnings: Daddy kink, heavy feminization, breeding kink, pregnancy kink, overstimulation, brief lactation kink, barebacking (between monogamous, long-term partners), un-beta’d
version edited July 2020
The big, opulent house is mostly dark when Bucky walks inside, but that’s normal for this time of night. It’s late, even later than he’s been coming home most nights these past few weeks, and that’s saying something.
He calls out the name softly; partly because he’s just damn tired, but also because there’s about a fifty-fifty chance that Steve is asleep right now, given that it’s almost midnight. He’d love to see his sweet boy, kiss, talk to him about his day, but he doesn’t want to wake him if that’s the case.
“In here, Buck.”
Steve’s voice coming from the living room sounds a little dreamy, sing-songy. Bucky smiles. He rounds the corner knowing that his baby is feeling a certain kind of soft tonight.
What Bucky finds in the living room is his sweetheart, sitting on the couch and wrapped up in his favorite silk robe, holding a glass of red wine. There’s another glass sitting on the table, and Bucky knows there’s no one else in the house; the glass was waiting for him.
“Welcome home, Daddy,” Steve says with a sweet smile.
Bucky’s husband is gorgeous, and always has been. He’s looking particularly beautiful tonight with the thin robe clinging to him, and Bucky can make out the lines of Steve’s lithe body, the texture of his toned stomach. He’s shorter than Bucky by a couple of inches, and he’s certainly got nothing on Bucky’s overall thickness. Steve is narrow in all the places that Bucky is built like a tree – ‘beefy’, as Steve calls it – but he’s got muscle and tone in all the right ways. Bucky drops his briefcase and moves further into the room before his mouth starts watering, thinking about what’s under all that silk.
“Thank you, sweetheart.” He leans down and presses a chaste kiss to the corner of Steve’s mouth, and the blond sighs contentedly. “I’ve been missing you.”
Steve urges him to join him on the couch and get comfortable, which Bucky does. It puts a smile on his face when Steve sets down his own glass of wine and hands Bucky the other one, then kneels on the floor to work Bucky’s shoes off. It’s intimate, domestic, and though Steve is always sugar sweet, he’s not always quite like this.
Steve sets Bucky’s shoes aside and picks up his glass again. Bucky raises up one arm in a gesture for Steve to cuddle up to him. His husband smiles big, like Bucky’s given him a gift, and goes gladly.
“How was your day?” Steve asks. The look on his face tells Bucky that he genuinely wants to know the answer.
Bucky could have all the sugar in the world, and it still wouldn’t be as sweet as his baby.
“Long,” Bucky answers. It’s tired and it’s honest. “Full of meetings. Full of a lot more of the same bullshit. Same clients, being idiots.”
Steve frowns but leans up, smoothing a little kiss to the furrow of Bucky’s brow. His lips are the slightest bit sticky.
“Better now, though?” he asks hopefully, like that little peck was a panacea for every problem ever. Maybe it was.
Bucky smiles, gives Steve his best. “Definitely better now.”
The two of them just sit and talk for awhile, catching up and sipping their wine, and it’s the best Bucky has felt all month. He’s missed Steve even more than he realized. His job pays him the big bucks but it’s always been insane, always has him working long hours, but lately it’s been downright unmanageable. What’s the point of having an income that he can spoil his beautiful husband on if he never gets the time to spoil him?
But the fact remains that Bucky hasn’t had a day off in weeks, and he has a client meeting at eight in the morning, and he is fucking beat. So when they finish their glasses and Steve gets that look in his eyes, crawls into his lap, Bucky gives Steve a kiss but stills him with an apologetic hand on his hip. Steve’s face goes from hopeful and mischievous to let down and heartbroken immediately. Bucky feels like the worst person on earth, and maybe he is.
Steve is straddling him and he looks down at his own hands, fiddling with the tie of his soft robe. He was looking sweet and soft before this, but god, when Steve lifts his head and opens his innocent-looking mouth, Bucky is fucking gone.
“Daddy…” Steve whispers.
Bucky has never, ever had a defense against this. He’s not sure he wants one. The person he married has eyes more blue than the sky and more deep than the ocean and Bucky could resent the fact that he’s powerless under that gaze, helpless against the flutter of blonde lashes on perfect, pale cheeks, but he doesn’t. You don’t make Steve Rogers your’s for life without wanting to look at this every goddamn day.
“Oh, sweetheart. You know I can’t resist when you look at me like that.”
A proud, almost silly grin spreads across Steve’s face. He knows Bucky’s hooked.
“I know.” Steve dares to shift his hips forward, and Bucky stops trying to hold him still with the grip on his waist. “Don’t want you to resist it.”
Bucky touches a fingertip beneath Steve’s chin and tilts the blond’s head up, allowing a different angle of light to touch his fair, freckled skin. He takes in the look of his baby’s pretty face and sees that he’s wearing the faintest hint of what Bucky recognizes to be Steve’s favorite cherry lip gloss. Tonight is a special night.
“So beautiful for Daddy,” Bucky murmurs, thumb just barely pressing on Steve’s sticky lower lip. It’s helplessly possessive. “Who are you tonight, Stevie?”
Bucky asks the question but he already knows the answer. Steve takes a few breaths and looks down bashfully – needlessly nervous – and gives Bucky a honeyed, sweet smile.
“I’m Daddy’s Pretty Wife.”
Yes. Tonight is a special night.
“Oh, angel,” Bucky coos. He can’t help the happy smile that covers his own face. “Of course you are. I put this ring on your dainty little finger, didn’t I? Made you Daddy’s blushing bride?”
He takes Steve’s left hand in his own, smaller than Bucky’s, and softly runs a fingertip over the white gold band with it’s elegant, understated row of inlaid precious gems; rubies, his baby’s birthstone.
“Yes, Daddy,” Steve whispers, grinning like he’s excited and he's trying to contain it and he’s chewing on his pink lips, just a little.
“Did you get yourself all ready to be Daddy’s pretty lady tonight?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Yeah? Why don’t you show me?”
Steve’s face is all blush and excited anticipation when he crawls hastily out of Bucky’s lap, standing in front of him and untying the thin robe.
“Oh, honey,” Bucky sighs dreamily. “You look stunning.”
And Steve does. He’s wearing one of Bucky’s favorite pair of lace panties; delicate, cream-colored hip-huggers. There’s a matching bralette, too, with half-cups and oh, Bucky loves it when his Stevie is feeling this way and wants Bucky to make love to him with a bra on. For all that Steve is definitely a total twink, he’s always had a fairly impressive set of pecs on him. Bucky wants to devour them and taste lace on his tongue.
“Thank you, Daddy.” Steve has impressed his husband, and it’s got him preening. He leans down and lowers his voice to a silly stage whisper. “I got waxed today, too.”
“I can see that,” Bucky growls appreciatively, hauling Steve back into his lap with one arm. “You like feeling all smooth under Daddy’s fingers?”
Steve bites his lip a little shyly and nods. When Bucky pushes his hand down the back of Steve’s panties he finds the base of a jeweled plug, as he expected.
“Mm, baby girl. Did you get this sweet little pussy all ready for Daddy?”
Steve blushes again-- head-to-toe this time -- at Bucky’s use of such a filthy word.
“You knew Daddy wouldn’t be able to resist seeing his beautiful little wife, done up like this. Knew I’d take one look at you and need to get this sugary sweet cunt right away. Didn’t you, baby?”
Steve, his fucking gorgeous young husband, looks up at Bucky through his thick lashes. There’s a sudden air of hesitation about his expression, and it’s out of place among all that previous giddiness.
“I’d hoped,” Steve admits quietly. “Hoped you would want me enough.”
Bucky’s heart fucking shatters.
“Oh. Oh, baby.”
He’d known that he was letting work take up all of his attention, but Bucky hadn’t realized until this moment just how much it was hurting his sweetheart. Steve thought that Bucky didn’t want him enough to take more time off of work, to come home in time for dinner, to stay up a little late with him and share a glass of wine. Bucky made Steve feel that way.
“Baby,” he says again, gathering Steve further into his arms to hold him tighter. Steve buries his nose in the crook of Bucky’s neck, inhales his cologne. “Daddy always wants you. You know that, right?”
“I, just. Sometimes you’re just really busy, and I—”
He stops Steve. “Honey, I’m so, so sorry. Never want you to feel like I don’t want you. Want you all the time. I know Daddy’s been busy, but that’s no excuse for not treating his sweetheartthe way youdeserve.”
Steve lifts his head and looks over Bucky’s features, as though he’s trying to decide if Bucky is being sincere. Bucky leans forward and kisses him on the lips, soft and sweet like he knows his baby wants it.
“Make it up to me?” Steve asks, hopeful and breathy against Bucky’s lips.
Bucky grins, nips at Steve’s chin, makes sure his husband’s thighs are wrapped around Bucky’s hips securely before lifting them both off the couch and carrying Steve to their bedroom.
Steve laughs a little at the show of strength. “So big and strong.”
“Mm,” Bucky hums, kissing Steve as he lays him down gently on their huge, soft bed. “Can’t have my princess walking everywhere on her own dainty feet, can I?”
Whatever Steve’s reply might have been is cut off with an effeminate moan when Bucky closes his mouth over one of Steve’s nipples, wet and needy through the fabric of the bralette, soaking the lace.
“Oh, Daddy,” he gasps, “yeah, play with my tits, feels so good.”
Bucky smiles and gives Steve’s other sensitive nipple the same attention, laving over the pretty, silky material and taking in his husband’s sweet little sounds. When he pulls off, he sees the pink of Steve’s peaky little buds through the sheer off-white lace and lets out a long, guttural groan.
“So fucking pretty for me, sweet girl.”
On any other night, the next thing Bucky might have done is make Steve undress him, get Steve down on his knees between Bucky’s thighs, make him suck Daddy’s big cock. His baby loves to make him feel good with his mouth, loves to suck on him and bury his face in Bucky’s balls, take in the musk of his husband’s natural scent. Loves it when Daddy fucks his throat and makes him gag. On any other night, Bucky would make time to show Steve that display of dominance, remind Steve who he belongs to.
But tonight? Tonight, Bucky’s got a task. He’s got to show his sweet baby how sorry he is for neglecting him, got to make it up to him and make him feel good.
Tonight, Bucky’s got to make his Pretty Little Wife feel appreciated.
So Bucky undresses himself and slips off Steve’s pretty panties, gently, takes time to place little butterfly kisses all along his thighs as he does it. He pulls the plug out slowly, first letting it tug against Steve’s rim before letting it sink back in a few times, just like he knows Steve likes it. He sets it gently on a tissue on their nightstand when he’s got it out.
Then Bucky is shocking a moan of surprise and pleasure out of Steve when he roughly throws his legs over Bucky’s shoulders, wastes no time getting his mouth on that smooth, pink hole. The flavored lube from the plug tastes almost exactly like Steve’s lip gloss.
“Oh, Daddy, fuck!”
“That’s right,” Bucky growls, not totally lifting his face away but letting the vibrations tease at Steve’s ass and make him feel even better. “Nice husbands go down on their pretty wives when they’ve been good.” He pulls back, spits on Steve’s glistening asshole obscenely. “Gonna lick this little pussy like it’s dripping honey for me.”
And then Bucky is, he’s licking and sucking at Steve’s rim with an almost unhinged fervor. It’s probably been three whole weeks since he’s taken the time to do this for Steve and he can’t believe he’s let it go that long. He’s never going to let it get this bad again, never going to let Steve feel unwanted and un-pretty and like he’s not enough for his Daddy.
Because Stevie’s Daddy is so, so lucky.
Steve lets out these gorgeous little whimpers and high-pitched moans while Bucky works, and he threads his fingers through Bucky’s hair. Maybe other days Bucky might playfully scold him for the tugging, but tonight Steve can pull or yank to his heart’s content and Bucky’s going let him, going to let Steve ride his fucking face if that’s what his sweet babywants.
“Daddy,” Steve whines, “want you. Want you in me.”
Bucky’s chest rumbles approvingly and he slips two fingers inside Steve, testing. They go easy, with how wet and open Steve is from the plug and Bucky’s tongue. He slips in two more just beside them, and while Steve is definitely tight on four fingers, he’s relaxed enough that Bucky knows Steve will take his cock nicely. There’s a time for a little pain, but it’s not tonight.
“’M ready, Daddy,” Steve urges impatiently, and he is. “Can we– like this? Wanna see your face.”
Steve only wants Bucky to make love to him in missionary when he’s feeling particularly sweet, when he wants Bucky to be romantic with him, and that’s exactly what Bucky plans to do tonight. He wipes his mouth and reaches under the pillow for the lube, clicks it open, coats his dick.
“Gonna fill you up real good tonight, baby girl,” he says, lining himself up and just barely pushing forward. He keeps his eyes down to watch Steve’s pink, wet rim stretch over the flushed head of Bucky’s cock.
“Oh, yeah. yeah,” Steve pants, eager, grabby hands reaching for Bucky’s shoulders. “Need it. Need you, Buck.”
The use of Bucky’s real name in the middle of all this makes him melt for a moment, makes him look away from where his dick is opening up Steve’s body in favor of looking at Steve’s blissed out face. He wraps one of his thick arms around Steve’s body, pulls him in, keeps his own weight from crushing Steve by resting on his other forearm. The kiss he gives Steve is intense, deep, hot and incredibly wet.
“So fucking tight on me, Stevie,” he moans, bottoming out and taking in the searing, familiar heat around him. “Fucked this little pussy a thousand times, but you’re always tight like it’s your very first time. Like a fucking virgin on Daddy’s big cock.”
Bucky’s compliment is filthy but it makes Steve blush pink all the same, and that genuine bashfulness gets the best of whatever is left of Bucky’s self-control. He pulls out a few inches and sinks back in slow, repeating the motion a few times and changing the angle ever so slightly with each pass.
“Fuck!” Steve shouts when Bucky’s dick grazes over the spot he’s looking for, and his husband's voice is gruff and gravelly for the first time all night.
And damn, the way that Steve’s exclamation comes so shocked that he doesn’t have time to work it into the character fucking thrills Bucky. He loves it when his husband gets sweet and feminine and soft in a scene when he’s playing Daddy’s Pretty Wife, gets him hot under the collar every fucking time… but he really loves those moments. Those are the moments that Steve is just feeling so damn good that he can’t stop his voice from returning to his natural, deep, masculine register. There’s something about the rawness and intimacy of it that fucking derails Bucky, fills his blood with lava. Because yeah, he married this curvy kid who’s got a tiny waist and a bubble butt and a penchant for getting railed into the mattress like an actress in a porno, but that doesn’t change the fact that James Barnes loves to fuck hard bodies— loves to fuck Steve’s hard body.
But it’s all a part of the game, and those moments make the scene even better, because the next minute Bucky has Steve’s legs over his shoulders and he’s bending Steve in half. He’s fucking his cock into Steve’s lithe body hard but pulling out slow each time, slow enough to let Steve feel every drag against his prostate before slamming back in and fucking a moan right out of Steve’s throat.
“You’ve been saving yourself for Daddy, haven’t you honey?” Bucky drips. “So sweet and tight, goddamn. Can feel that you haven’t been puttin’ your toys up inside you.”
“‘S yours, Daddy,” Steve whimpers. “Saved it all for you.”
Steve’s beginning to slur a little but he’s not quite in that headspace Bucky wants him. He picks up the pace.
“You did so good, Stevie. So good. Such a sweet little wife for me, and Daddy’s gonna give you everything you been needin’. Oh, fuck, I gotchu, baby girl.”
It’s not long before Steve’s ass is gripping onto Bucky’s cock harder, the taut skin of his pink rim dragging along Bucky’s rock-hard shaft. Bucky looks down at Steve’s neglected dick and gathers a wad of spit in his mouth, opens up and lets it dribble down all filthy to cover Steve’s erection. Steve moans wantonly at the nasty display and yelps when Bucky uses the spit as lube to stroke him off.
“Daddy! I– umfh– I need to come!”
“Go ahead sweetheart,” Bucky coos. “You can come as many times as you need tonight.”
Steve takes Bucky’s permission like it’s Bucky’s command and shoots all over his chest, and Bucky can tell it’s intense. He can tell by the way Steve is tightening all around his cock like he’s trying to suck Bucky in and keep him there for a lifetime. He can tell by the way Steve’s dick is spurting so hard that some of it gets on Steve’s own lip. Bucky licks it off for him. He can tell by the spaced-out look on Steve’s face that Bucky’s got him exactly where Bucky wants him.
If Bucky had married another man then he might be stopping right now, might be pulling his painfully hard dick out and sparing his husband the oversensitivity, but Bucky married Steve, and he knows from years of experience that Steve lives for this. Steve hates the toomuch toomuch of it but he loves it when Bucky takes his pleasure, loves it when Bucky uses his body to get himself off. He whines and he cries a little when Bucky starts fucking him harder but he tightens up, too, and he grips Bucky hard and pulls him in and visibly rubs his last two brain cells together to try and talk dirty at him.
“Daddy,” he begs. “Daddy, want your come.”
And oh, Bucky fucking loves it when Steve begs for this, and Bucky knows that tonight is special and his sweet baby is begging for something just as special.
“Yeah, you like this, princess? You want what Daddy needs to give you?”
“Yes, Daddy, need it–”
“Tell me what you need, baby,” Bucky growls. On a sudden wave of the same natural viciousness he’s been staving back all night, he tugs hard at Steve’s hair, fucks in especially hard and mean. “Fucking ask your Daddy for it.”
“Fuck, want– want you to knock me up!”
And Bucky almost spills, almost gives it up right then. But the look on Steve’s face is too real and this shit is too damn good and he’s not ready yet. He needs more.
“You want Daddy’s big cock to breed you up good?”
“Unh-huh, please!”
“Want me to put my baby in you?”
“Yes, yes, please Daddy–”
“You wanna walk around town all heavy with my fucking kid?” He slams his hips in at an angle that can’t feel good for Steve right now but it’s deep, and Bucky’s aiming for a fucking womb if it’s the last thing he does. “Wanna be big and round and swollen so everyone knows what you let your Daddy do to you?”
“Oh, fuck, Bucky! I’m–”
But Bucky can’t stop, can’t hold back now that he’s imagining it, thinking of his Pretty Wife carrying his baby and looking peachy and cute and ready to fucking pop–
“You want Daddy to keep fucking you even after you’re all bred up? Gonna ask Daddy to get you on all fours with that big belly underneath you, huh? Gonna let Daddy keep on fucking into what’s his?”
Steve’s moaning has gone completely nonsensical, not an intelligent word to be heard among it. Bucky’s right on the edge and he pulls out – all the way out – and it’s only half a second he’s there but it shocks him to the bone when Steve does say something, and its pathetic and broken-sounding but Bucky hears it loud and crystal fucking clear–-
“An’ you can suck the milk outta my tits, Daddy?”
Bucky comes harder than he’s ever come in his life.
He hasn’t even fucked back into Steve’s body when it starts, so he gets the first spurt all over Steve’s swollen hole. But then he’s groaning like a dying man and shoving his cock so deep inside Steve that it jolts his husband’s body a good three inches up the bed. Steve’s ass is impossibly tight all of a sudden, and at first Bucky thinks it’s just because he’d pulled out for a minute, but then the cool mess of sticky come that had been sliding between their stomachs is suddenly warm again, and– the fuck?
“Sweetheart,” Bucky groans, just starting to come down from his mind-bending orgasm. “You came.” When had Steve even gotten hard again?
He looks up at Steve and sees his boy looking positively drunk. He’s giggling.
“You said I could come as many times I wanted, Daddy.”
Bucky laughs incredulously and rolls their bodies, still inside Steve but pulling the smaller man on top so he doesn’t crush him. They’re both disgusting, but his baby is warm and happy and feeling good. Bucky’s done a good job.
They’re quiet for a while, touching and kissing and just letting the endorphins wash through them.
“How was that, honey?” he asks softly, stroking Steve’s hair. He’s so soft.
“’S good, Daddy.” Steve pulls his head back from where it had been tucked into Bucky’s neck. He flashes Bucky a dopey grin. “But…”
Bucky cocks an eyebrow. “But what?”
Steve sits up fully, Bucky’s cock mostly softened but still very much inside him. His sweet face takes on an air of mischief.
“I just really wanna have your baby,” he whispers. Bucky’s breath hitches and his cock jerks where it’s buried in Steve’s ass. “And, well… all the other ladies say it takes a few tries.”
 Bucky’s eight A.M. client can go fuck himself.
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