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#i’m trying my best here 🙈

Blue post-it note on your door that reads:

“My dear Lady Nice, I hope you have a very good day when you get the chance to read this. You have a bright light in you that is so rare and beautiful, never forget that.

P.S.: do you know where I put my book of “Enchantments and Other Magical Stuff”? It seems to be missing…


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That’s okay honey. You send things at your own pace, when you feel up to it, and only if you want!


Originally posted by biinbitch

Moodswings are rough but I promise things will even out in time, sometimes we just have to ride it out. You’ve got this.

And I’m sending you all of my love and affection, if I could I would bundle you up and give you lots of cuddles.

I’m here if you need to chat okay?

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A lot of virgo suns I’m close to have “I want to have an open door type of home for my entire community” dreams for their futures & mindsets. The Kick Ass lesbian that wants to be that well-known community elder that lgbt youth in her area look to for resources & safety, the gentle pacifist that wants his neighbors to feel safe & welcome to knock on his door in the middle of the night in need of a couch with no explanation, my boyfriend’s mother who told me I could stay as long as I needed whenever I needed the moment she met me. Love that virgos are out here dreaming about adopting any & everybody. Consider this post a kiss on the nose from me to all u virgo suns I’m feeling so soft about this

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#tiny little rant just because, #i love my friends and i try my best to find time to listen to their troubles and have fun with them but sometimes. i feel like the respect, #is not very well reciprocated ? or the amount of giving a damn... or understanding, #some people really just think that always being on the receiving end is ???? Normal and should be expected, #like lmao.... ok go give bland advices think you’re caring enough never care for the texts sent to u but demand yours’ to be responded well, #right, #and don’t get me wrong some people are just bad at... finding an advice to give i don’t blame them u can see them try at the very least, #but aaaaA some....., #😌idk im clowning myself i should really just study huh, #and what’s funnier is, #a week ago or so i was gonna visit louvre w this girl shr called in sick anf i was like ok sure if youre having cramps we can cancel it, #....... today she posts a photo of the louvreOK, #i see what u did there bbygirl, #thing is should i care? nope.... should i do the same? :) ..., #i hate people that’s the TLDR, #also i still feel like i don’t belong to this city and like i’m that frog in that graphic design is my passion meme, #idk how to even describe this feeling of alienation or disorientation, #?? disintegration, #like ... culturally maybe but on a historical contexy, #i see a building i go wow i wonder who was here x years ago when this was built, #then the people i envisage, #they don’t resemble me in the slightest.... so it feels more like i’m a guest ? or i shouldn’t be here or i simply don’t belong here, #maybe i’m overthinking, #but :)) who knows honestly, #like i’m learning all these historical stuff and somehow i feel proud of the developments of french people but then again who am i to be, #proud... that aside i’m against this kind of reaction fjdkfj contradicting myself yay, #anyway...., #also sometimes my lungs hurt a little i might be psychologically creating this BUT idk i don’t intend to worry anyone though as long as it’s
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