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#i’m very funny 😌
mcmoth · 5 days ago
Absolutely obsessed with how the bench trio's aesthetic is either property damage or nature. There is no inbetween. You are three dumb teenage boys, and you're either on your way to laying in a field of flowers or commiting arson. Which? Dunno!!! You'll just have to find out!!! If you're part of this found family, you have to be involved with both nuclear bombs and gardening, and that is just so poggers to me.
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trans-xianxian · 22 days ago
would love to hear about your abilities, esp the evil one
okay they are as follows:
- all cats love me. even the mean ones that hate everyone. random neighborhood cats will let me pick them up and hold them. I often lay on the sidewalk for long periods of time cuddling with cats I meet. once a cat followed me to the grocery store and then all the way back to my house (long story...) this is because I am filled with love
- anything I bake will taste good even if I go off the recipe or straight up just make the whole thing up (I have entirely winged pie crust before and it turned out great). people says that baking is a science but I haven't precisely measured an ingredient out in years. how much vanilla extract something needs is decided by my heart. this is also because I am filled with love
- if I use a certain voice people just do what I ask them to before they even realize they've decided to listen to me. this doesn't sound that weird when I say it but I promise you it's honestly kind of freaky how fast and unconsciously people will just do whatever I tell them to. this is the one that I could use for evil but mostly I just use it to get my friends to press the crosswalk button for me. I don't know what I'm filled with in order to cause this effect
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askmydoppelganger · a month ago
hey i’m your mutual and i think you’re cool and low key wanna be friends but i’m coward asf so hi hope ur doing well homie
Hi hello what’s up bestie it’s important that u know that my coolness is An Illusion but I’m always down for new tumblr friends!
Idk Which Mutual in Particular u are but all of u are cool as hell and I hope you’re also doing well :)
If u ever wanna message go for it! If not that’s also fine interactions are scary and all that jazz
#I am currently putting off watching many many hours of lectures for my test tomorrow which is very fun and sexy of me#future me will not agree#I’m also Very Bad at staying in touch so sorry to all the people who I’ve talked to like. once and then forgot to keep up with it#y’all can always just like. send a post that u think is funny or cool or whatever and chances are I will agree#that’s less pressure than holding a conversation lmao#also I usually won’t post my opinions on most fandom discord on my blog but I will certainly text abt it in messages lmao#whoops that word should say discourse but I don’t wanna rewrite the tag#if u ever see a post and ur like man this characterization is Not It I am always down to rant#I will say that if anyone messages me in the next couple days I probably won’t get back to y’all super quick bc it’s the end of the semester#and all my professors have decided that instead of giving finals on finals week they’ll just make all assignments and tests due this week#as to not overload us on finals week#which is nice in theory but in reality it means that I have So Many assignments due tomorrow and 2 tests and like. 5 quizzes#and almost nothing due on finals week lol#don’t y’all just love that I’ve hijacked a nice anon post to complain about school😌#continuing the segment of rambling in the tags about something semi related at best#anon I appreciate you#thanks for the ask :)#if u wanna message me go for it I’m pretty unintimidating I promise#okay now I’m done#anon#asks for me
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lysandthunder · 4 hours ago
Since you have gotten many asks (for the spelling ask game) for Thor and a few other of your loves, I was thinking if I may ask about OBI-WAN? :)
I hope you and your beloveds are having a good day and that work is not too overwhelming, Lys. Oh and I am so happy and grateful to have gotten to see the new photos you blessed us with, you are really beautiful and each and every one of your f/os adore you with their whole hearts!! <3 <3 <3
ahhhh omg lucy you’re so sweet thank you so much for the kind words :’)) i really appreciate it and you a lot!!! i hope you’re having an absolutely wonderful day and i’m sending you all the best!! <33
O: What would it take to break them, inside and out?
i think we all know :(. god what is with all my loves being completely broken in canon :(. anakin’s turn to the dark side definitely broke him. he felt like he failed and he lost his closest friend ;(. he deserves so much better god i love him.
B: Do they have any allergies?
he says allergies are beneath him (🙄 /lh), but in reality he’s allergic to a couple things cndnnd. bees and dust to be more specific (flying is technically not an allergy, but that’s what he usually says he’s allergic to. he’s so funny 😐 /s. fndnndnd i’m kidding he is very funny ;) /gen.)
I: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do they love themselves?
i’d say about a solid 7! he definitely has confidence in himself and his beliefs, however he still doubts himself from time to time, and he’s very hard on himself. i definitely am responsible for at least a bit of his self love though, i always flirt with him and compliment him because i love watching him roll his eyes and blush ;) :’).
W: Can they dance?
no LFNDNDNDN. it’s okay though because i can’t either 😌. he’s a very graceful jedi but he does Not have the moves fbdbdbd.
A: What are/were this character’s best subjects in school?
idk how different school is in the star wars universe but if we’re just sticking to the regular subjects i think he’d really like history! he knows a lot about his faith and the different planets in his galaxy, and i bet he learned a bunch of that in history!!
N: What do they usually eat for breakfast?
anything quick, or anything i make him!! he’s always busy so i love making breakfast for him!!
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bakugohoex · 4 hours ago
i guess i found you through unrequited and it's honestly amazing, just like all of your other fics but i stayed because i realized how cool you are, like actually i feel like if we met irl we'd get along so well and idk you just seem like the type of person id love to spend time with without feeling drained or like it's forced plus you're just so sweet and funny and your taste in fictional men and music is just immaculate and ily 🥺
aww babes thank you so much i’m so glad you enjoy the series so far 🥺 baby you’re so sweet hehe i’m glad you think that though i try to not stray away from how i act irl so what you see here for 99% of the time is how i act around my friends but yeah i’m the type of person who hates forced convos so i’d just leave the convo whoops 😅 but baby you’re acc so sweet like if ya keep praising me like this i might have to meet you irl now 😌 hehe i’m glad ya think i’m funny and please i’m just a whore for anybody literally this pussy is open for all fictional men and fake niccolo 🥰 and thank you for saying that about my music taste it’s very indie music something the people i’ve been around with don’t listen to but i liked it lmao i love you too though bby 🥰❤️
how did you find my account and why did you stay?
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thefieryphoenix · 12 hours ago
Can I have a yandere matchup with MCU charcuters ? I’m a 5’11 bisexual Afro Latina, I’m thick (built like Megan thee Stallion 😌 on my hot girl shit 😜), I have long 3c hair . I’m in a acting/ modeling agency, I’m very ambitious, I’m obsessed with my success. I love nature, music, fashion, and traveling. I’m always reading something, My love language is physical touch and quality time. My aesthetics are soft girl, baddie, and vintage hoe. I’m funny, smart( in three national honor societies💪🏽😏), loving, caring, and low key a geek. Thank you!! And I hope you feel like the bad bitch you are ❤️.
Haha thanks and I have a feeling we’ll get along just fine. We both can be baddies together UvU and as for your request, I have a feeling you’d catch Wanda Maximoff’s attention
Tumblr media
Gif from: Wattpad
Wanda falls in love and gets attached really fast considering what happened with her past and all. And when she falls in love, she falls HARD. She’ll find herself getting attached to you really quickly 
Wanda loves the way you look so... badass and rebellic, she thinks the style suits you and often she’ll be wearing similar like clothes to your just so she can impress you. She likes how ambitious you are but at the same time she doesn’t want you flying too high since she knows if you become too successful in life, people are gonna start thinking of ways to harm you. And when you show her your soft side, believe it or not she actually pinched your cheeks and called you adorable. She loves that you’ll only show your soft side to her and behave like a badass in front of the others, it’s one of the moments she’ll never forget and she’ll cherish every single second spent with you 
She likes being partnered with you on missions and even if you aren’t an Avenger, she’ll find random excuses just so she can talk to you saying that she either has patrol or something or she’s tracking someone down and all that
Her powers are really useful when it comes to finding out your likes/ dislikes and if you like someone else other than her. She’ll use her powers to read your mind sometimes and she’ll try getting rid of any obstacles and hurdles that are in the way of your love. No one would ever believe the sweet caring kind ole’ Wanda to be a yandere. That’s exactly how she masks her yandere tendencies to you. And I have a feeling she’ll pretend to have a breakdown just so you can comfort her. She will resort to EVERY single sneaky trick she knows just so she can spend time with you 
As a yandere she’ll be obsessive and manipulative 
After the death of her brother, she can’t afford to lose another loved one and see them suffer so... voila, she’ll kidnap you. You won’t be able to escape from her since she’ll have the escape routes destroyed or concealed with her powers. She wants to have you for herself and ONLY herself and she looks forward to marrying you. And maybe having a few kids and being a nice little happy family
She’ll explode with happiness when you offer to model for her, she thinks you look so cute and adorable in whatever you wear really. Heck, she’ll even model with you. She’ll be like the protective mother bear but I wish I can say the same when she deals with rivals since she’ll just use her powers to either drive them to insanity or scare them off. Insanity is the best medicine to use against her rivals who try taking you away from her
In conclusion, she’ll treat you like the angel you are. Just make sure no one tries taking you away from her or you don’t try escaping since she WILL manipulate even your feelings and mind to get you to stay with her. She will do whatever it takes to get you to stay with her, even if she has to try erasing your memories
I hope you liked this and I’m really sorry if you didn’t TvT
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bunnykass · 23 hours ago
this was supposed to be funny but became very reflective and sorta emotional for me. therapeutic tho😌
TW: mentions of underage n*des, cursing, grammar and spell errors
KITA - the senior in my law class freshman year.
He was country, would wear cowboy boots to class and levi’s (i live in texas). He was a eagle scout. very sweet boy. always brought coffee in those cups to class,and he drove a range rover. i’d share sunflower seeds with him all the time and id make fun of him cause instead of breaking the shell and eating the inside, he’d just eat the shit whole. but like i said he was 18 and I was 14. more of crush we never really did anything, one time though he did argue with me on snapchat about immigration and the annexation of hawaii. He had a brother who was a freshman, and in the beginning of the second seamstress I would flirt with him but again me and never did anything.
OMINI - my freshman english teacher
(tw mentions of sexual assault, grooming, teacher-student relationship)
LMAOO. i had just gotten really into lolita (gross🤮) and so I would literally talk to older guys on the internet (one time i met up with marine even though I was like 15) ANYWAY, so when I started his class i was like damn we about to have a ezra and aria shit. he was super nice to “pretty girls” and “pretty boys” what I mean by that if you weren’t the beauty standard, he was kinda a dick to you. one time he pissed me off though cause he lost a assignment, made me re-do it but only gave me a 70, and i lost interest in him after that. he also accused me of defamation of character because i found his mugshot and was showing everyone.btw he was accused of SEXUAL ASSUALT??? but apparently the mugshot was fake or wasn’t him i don’t remember. he never counted me late or absent tho
ARAN - my best friend
been friends with this kid sense 8th grade. He was in love with this girl though that was leading him on all though out middle school but i really had a crush on him by the time high school started he had gotten over her. when we were freshmen’s he told the whole football team I was a whore cause i wouldn’t send him nudes (i know this sounds bad but i promise it wasn’t plus this was 3-4 years ago) so we didn’t talk to each other till summer going into sophomore year. me and him are still friends and we literally hang out almost every weekend, i love him and he’s loves me. he’s very thing i’d want in a boyfriend but because we’ve been friends for so long doing intimate things with each other like sex seems weird. While we both wish we could be in a relationship we both realstically know it wouldn’t work :(. <3
GINJIMA - my freshmen boyfriend
had fallen in love with me when like school started but like my best friend aran said, i was whoreing’ (not really tho cause i’m still a virgin) so when he asked me to homecoming I was like no. but eventually through out the school year me and him got closer we had like 3 classes together, 2 of them were back to back so we were jus cute like that. my first legit relationship, he was nerdy as hell and the biggest fucking dork. my freshmen year I was what the yt would call a hot cheeto girl and i weighed a lot more back then and he was 6’2-skinny white boy so we fucking looked like glora and melman from madagascar. were like discord moderator and daddy’s kitten shit. he was funny but he was really mean to me and because i was very insecure at the time i lacked setting boundary’s so i’d just take it. he also bought me a roku which i still have today, he was always buying me shit, and i taught him how to take dick pics. he was the first guy that didn’t just like me for my fat tits but i felt like the only way i could keep him around was by oversexualizing myself which ultimate let to him breaking up with me :( honestly no hard feelings though we were both like 15. him an his current girlfriend are so cute, and me and him are cool.
this is a conversation we had a few weeks ago.
Tumblr media
SUNA - my yubo boys
my take away from being in highschool is guys do not give a shit about what you look like or how you’re built, unless they’re insecure, and also self-worth. I got on yubo my sophomore year and had it till my junior year. if you don’t know what yubo is its essentially a teen dating app. now i never went to meet these guys irl i have friends who did... and i just want to stay ted bundy would’ve had a field day with these hoes but would engage in online sexting. which ig is illegals cause i was still under 18. at this point in my life i was just so insecure and seeking male validation that i was throwing ass for people over the internet to people i would never meet. this isn’t one person either this is a collective of i don’t even know how many boys. i feel sick thinking about this but i cant take it back and i just have to encourage my sister and potentially future daughters about this.
Miya twins - my tower moments
these two, like the miya twins are very similare but different. I consider them both tower moments because after them two i change completely how i viewed myself and life. if you aren’t familer with tarot the tower card represents sudden and necessary changes usually the situation tends to me negatives and the outcome following is good. these two are also my most recent compared to the other and i’m still dealing with them today which is why i wanted to give a lil intro. idk if yall believe in astrology but those two have gemini in there big 3 and idk i feel like that has a lot to do with our situationship
OSAMU- my theater teachers son
so technically majority of our relationship was middle school but it carried into high school.he was so mean to me up until 8th grade like i said he was my theater teachers son, and he hated her class. at that time his family had so many issues and i think he didn’t have a outlet. my brother had died around the same time so i too was going through shit. while our issues weren’t the same he definitely confined in me a lot and trusted me with so many things, i don’t think a boy/guy ever just laid everything on me like that and it wasn’t in a “be my therapist” kinda way. he fucked up though, we were in musical theater behind the stage in a closet. his mom was just a couple feet away in the audiences teaching class. me and him were talking per usual, and without a warning he put his tongue down in my mouth. and tried putting his hand down my bra. i was so fucking scared i had never been touched like that. it was my first kiss and i didn’t even tell him he could do that to me. i obviously stopped taking to him after that until the summer going into freshman year when we started sending nudes back snd forth. i don’t like to blame people for my problems but i think i began to hyper sexualize myself because of him. when i wouldn’t send him shit he’d block me, ive finally outgrown him as i now my self worth know occasionally i’ll unblock him and hang out with him for fun but it’s nothing serious. he’s stuck on me like tic though and always bring up the fact he kissed me once in 8th grade 🙄
ATSUMU - my “twinflame”
he was a year older then me and i met him on snap chat that should’ve been a red flag. we started by sending nudes but eventually we started to develop feelings however as soon as things got serious he’d pull out. when his relations with other girls wouldn’t work out he’d always come back to me during that time together he’d love bomb me. take me on dates make out with each other in front of hobby lobbies on sunday, my happiness started to depend on if he talked to me or not and this went on forever. by the time quaratine happened he blocked me because he got a girlfriend? idk if that’s why he blocked me but i assumed that eventually he unblocked me because pussy that good. i gave this man so much power over my life that when i took it back i truly learned by self worth. i will never tell this man this but because of all the shit he pulled on me i’m actually confident. i don’t regret meeting him. occasionally he does try to pull his shit on me and i play along with him. i think the reason i can’t let my gemini boys go is because i’m too scared for a relationship but i know that no matter what they’re both their for fun 😌.
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kingkonoha · a day ago
Gurl it may be hard but you just gotta cut them off, or ghost them... BUT I don’t know the reasoning behind why you are so angry with this person but if you talked to them and tell them how you feel about what they are doing and they still do it THEN you cut that hoe off, ghost the bitch 💅💅💅
I literally cut them off for months and they came back into my life on the same exact bs I cut them off for in the first place 😑 I was ranting in the gc about my speech disability and they kept on insisting that it was funny and when I told them it wasn’t funny for people to make fun of me they literally argued with me about how me having a lisp is very funny, and when I said that it wasn’t they told me to stop being so sensitive and emotional, so I said that they can’t tell me how to feel over something they don’t have to deal with and they literally said that they totally can and for me to quit crying and I’M PISSED
if it’s not obvious the person in question is a male 😌
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nbrook29 · a day ago
@thenerd10 posted this little thing and tagged me in it and it sounded like fun so here we go 😝
if you’re a writer:
a fic that you’re really proud of:
life was a willow and it bent right to your wind -> I never thought I was able to write something longer than 10k + sth that was an AU. I didn’t like it very much after posting it because I kept editing it for so long, but a while after publishing it I reread it and I kinda really liked it 😌
a fic that you were nervous to post:
hold all my cliches on the tip of my tongue -> I worked on it for so long and I tried to put lots of Easter eggs and stuff in it and I really wanted people to like it 🙈
12 things I love about you -> I was very unhappy with how it turned out so yeah
a fic you wished got more hits/kudos/comments:
Hmmm I don’t know... maybe Do you like me? Circle YES or NO -> I don’t think people liked it that much xd No but to be honest, I’d like fics to get more recognition than they do in general. Not mine, but other authors’ cause my heart hurts when I see a beautifully crafted fic and it only gets 900 hits. But sadly, there aren’t that many of us left in the fandom :(
one of your favorite tropes to write:
Fluff+humor. That’s not even a proper trope I guess, but all the tropes I love to read such as friends to lovers, childhood au etc require longer stories and I’m not that kind of girl 🙈 I don’t have enough patience to write such long stories AT ALL. Love to read them though 🤩
another ship that you don’t write but you’d like to write:
I don’t think there’s a ship I’d like to write beside Sobbe
one of your abandoned wip you never wrote but wish you did:
Last April I was writing Evak and I had a story planned out and partially written. It was something about Evak’s zodiacs compatibility and there was a hint at Jonas/Mikael and in general, it was supposed to be funny and fluffy. I never managed to finish it because July came along and I started to get into Sobbe and then all hell broke loose and boom, 20+ Sobbe fics later and I don’t feel the right vibe to write Evak anymore 🙈
another writer you would love to collaborate with:
I think I’d be a shit collaborator, I wouldn’t want to bring that upon anybody 😆
if you’re a reader:
a fic (or more) that you love to reread:
fizzy colas by @foxsake5​ -> I’m recommending this fic for the 328738 time, I’m officially a stan 😆
Every one shot by noobishere
recommend a story to your followers:
There are so many great stories. This fandom is truly lucky to have the writers it has. I’m gonna go with a story that I discovered recently, by accident, and I cried like a baby. It doesn’t have many hits even though it’s from 2019 when there were many more readers which is why I didn’t expect how much it’s gonna move me -> we have the stars (and this is given once only). And then these gems (among many more):
love potion no. 9 by @wlwharrys
Our Broken Fairytale by @goeie-morgen
time may change me, but i can’t trace time and a word in your ear from father to son by @honeyandsinn
‘tween the sheets of summer by @tsjernobyl
glimpses (especially the VD one) by @foxsake5
Tomorrow I’m gonna be obsessing about all these amazing stories that I forgot to mention 💔
tag an author you discovered recently:
I discovered @tsjernobyl after their summer fic and I was 🤯🤯🤯
Also ivy-seas
tag someone who inspires you to write:
those two belgian dudes that were recently abducted by aliens, sterkerdanijzer and earthlingoddity, but that inspiration is running on fumes so I’d appreciate you showing your face boyz 🤨
tag someone who you’ve admired forever:
There were so many absolutely incredible writers in the SPN fandom. We had so so so many novel length mindblowing and layered stories. So this section is for all of them ❤️❤️❤️
tag your writing support:
Everybody who comments, reblogs, comments in the tags, writes asks is the biggest support ❤️❤️❤️
I’m tagging @honeyandsinn @goeie-morgen @foxsake5 @skamsnake @peaceoutofthepieces @anicocat @pamouche and anyone who wants to do it! 💛💛💛
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bokuroskitten · a day ago
i can picture you in inarizaki fist fighting atsumu. being smol in date with all those giants. but biggest vibes are seijoh, you fit in with third years perfectly.😉
it’s funny you say this noonie bc honestly
I’d punch atsumu into the moon :)
Even though I’m smol I’d still take them all on bring it 😤 expect kita and Aran, I wanna give them lots of kithes 🥺💋
SEIJOH?! REALLY— actually. You’re right noonie. I would have such fun gossip sessions with the 4th years~ and would love pranking Oikawa 😌 (also I’m very sure I’d fit in between the four of them mhm—)
What team vibe do I give off?
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sakusakiyoomiomi · 2 days ago
I find this very funny because a lot of my other mutual s are like I would literally never fight you I’d protect you at any cost and then there’s always that one mutual who’s like literally fight me. i had this friend who I knew fora year and they were like to if I see you it’s on sight
anyways you don’t wanna fight me I’m very good at fighting 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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winhyuckk · 2 days ago
heyy! i would like to ask for a ship with enhypen.
I am 5’4-5’5, i have red hair, i am on the chubbier side, i have green eyes and freckles. I wear glasses when i don’t have my contacts in, and i also have dimples on the apples of my cheeks. I normally wear leggings and hoodies, but my style is very grunge-ish. I sing professionally, and have been vocally trained for 7 years. People tell me i look mean and intimidating, but i’m actually very caring. I am the mom to all my friends, i always cook, have medicine when they need it, bring extra snack, etc. I can get very protective of the ones i care about. All my friends come to me for advice, since i am very logical and mature, as well as a good listener. I am naturally a very loud person, and i don’t care what people say or think about me. I would like to say i am funny, and sarcastic at times. I enjoy making brackets and baking. I am in love with the night sky, i get really giddy over stars, and have an app on my phone to tell me where the stars and planets are. I write a lot as well. I very much enjoy photography, and am a very huge animal person. I hope this was decent! thanks so much! 😚😚
note - thank you for requesting, dear! you sound so sweet! hope you like ur ship!!
In enhypen I ship you with...
Sunoo 🦋
So Sunoo is: a baby
He comes to you all the time to ask for advice or comfort
You being the mom of your friend group would benefit him bc who doesn't want such a caring person as their s/o?
He takes notes on how you remember to prepare for trips or accidents and applies those skills to his life
Members: shook
Sunoo likes to look through your wardrobe and get a feeling on ur
✨ aesthetic ✨
Probably buys you grunge accessories for your outfits if we're being honest
Buys a few matching pieces for himself-
Really loud-
Ok and-
Sunoo is loud
So y'all can be loud together 😌💅
The members probably hate that y'all are loud but whatever-
If he was ever sad or stressed, he'd ask you to sing for him and who are u to say no?
Pokes ur dimples *boop!*
He low-key loves your green eyes, he thinks they're so pretty! and they are!
He's so into taking selcas so you know y'all are going to have photoshoots and he'd beg you to teach him some photography tips
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babyboibucky · 2 days ago
okok can we talk about some size kink/difference with beefy bucky? 🤤 let's say... he's a personal trainer. muscles for days. he's biiig. could squeeze you to the death between his thighs. his hands would look great on your throat, would likely to cover your ass cheeks very nicely. he's into ass play?? hmmm. loves plugging you up and touching it sometimes when you're expecting the least 😌🥴
NOW THIS IS HOW YOU NORMAL HORNY. Thank you for this, baby 🥰
BUT OMG AKDBSKBSSKJDKDLHSJSKDJEKS you’d literally feel him tower behind you when he’s spotting you while you’re lifting weights akdjksjihsks
And it drives him crazy whenever you bend BECAUSE WOAH DAT ASS he has to stop himself from slapping dat peach but one time the tension’s just too much and he fucks you in the locker room
You’re definitely coming out of that locker room with a sore ass, plugged up (because Bucky has a butt plug with him cause he’s damn sure he’ll get his chance with you) and just wkdjwksns
Also I would like to share a funny story when I used to go to the gym, my trainer accidentally called me love when we were texting about my sched 😭 It was so awkward because he has a wife and I’m not sure if it was a genuine mistake because there were times when he’d randomly call me (I never answered fyi) if only I had Bucky as my trainer andjejxnwlsjs
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imaslutforremuslupin · 2 days ago
hi babes! i come from @pinkandbluechats convo with you and i expect details about your theatere boy and there are no exceptions 😌
i will give them to you i promise!!!! we are off today (bc it’s sunday for me rn and a lot of people are attending church) but i will tell you about yesterday. 
you came here from the convo, so you know we have a flirty relationship, but he also calls me “his girl” which is just 🤤 
but anyways, i was going to go get subway yesterday (and i was wearing a tank top and jeans, nothing too special but it makes my boobs look really good) and the guy working was staring at my boobs and started making the sandwich without the bread and i had to remind him that he forgot the bread and he got all flustered, which i thought was funny, and then as i was checking out he gave me his number.
he wasn’t really my type and i wasn’t going to call him, but i took it anyways bc i didn’t wanna be mean. so i met gavin on our rock (this might be hard to explain but the stage is up on a hill, and below it is a river and on the bank of the river are there a bunch of huge boulders and we sorta “claimed” the one in the very corner as ours because it is in the shade of this huge tree.) and i told him about the guy a subway.
and he looks at me and says, “i don’t like him looking at my girl like that, but i can’t say i blame him.”
and first of all the possessiveness was just 🥵 if i wasn’t waiting for his birthday tomorrow, i would’ve sucked his dick right then. but i smirked and said “then i guess that you won’t like that he gave me his number, either.”
and he had his arm around me and my head was laying on his shoulder, so he sort of whispered into my hair, “that depends, are you going to call him?” 
and i shook my head and he asked why, and i told him “because i’m your girl, not his.”
and his voice kinda went a little bit lower and he was like “exactly.” 
and anon i-
he might be the death of me.
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torontoschampions · 2 days ago
68f is so ideal omg we've been at mid to late 80s for a couple weeks now (which is like close to 30/ over 30c i believe). is vancouver nice and temperate? i've considered moving there before when i saw one (1) nice photo of it lmao
these hockey players need to take a class from a footballer and up their social media game (or just follow martin nečas he's doing great)
noooo that's so funny😭💀💀 maybe i have to like mr matthew his sag energy is just too strong
hey in your defense, i still very much enjoy the leafs😌 canes & leafs are my top two for sure, you just have to blame the power of brady's greys for stealing me away
i wish there was truly a way for both to lose somehow🙄 for me caps-bruins is very much equivalent to the ugly ucl final match up we've got this year
the isles are sounding like man city with that attendance record lmaooo rip them. fun fact the first hockey game i watched (i guess not first first bc i've watched hockey during the olympics here and there but the first i really paid attention to and registered bc i decided i would be getting in to hockey etc) was pens-isles in new york and my immediate impression was of the isles was "those are the ugliest logos i've ever seen" and also i immediately hated them for no reason other than i was rooting for the pens because i like penguins and sidney crosby lol
yoo i bet you made an impact, i mean they'll def remember the class the graduated in the middle of the pandemic. and she'll def remember ur advice that's plenty impact😌☝🏽omg 3 hr bus ride good luck! i'll let you know at least about the pens-isles game
look at the leafs up there🗣🗣 i bet a game in toronto is so much fun😩 i need to see those carolina numbers go up for sure😤 and anaheim solely bc haydn deserves it. i wonder how seattle will end up👀 better than the isles i hope lmaooo rip them maybe their logo shouldn't be so ugly
nooo look what you've done, you've turned me into a tkachuk enjoyer wow😔
omg yes that's me!!!😭💀 please it really is such a good song i listened to it every day this week i can't deny that it gets me hyped
lmao it's late so sweet dreams! i hope your busy day tomorrow is kind to you!
oof that sounds terrible 😭 like one day of 30deg weather is nice and then I’m like ok ok can we go back now ! Haha tbf my experience with the weather in Vancouver is based on a four (4) day trip I took six (6) years ago but it was nicer there! Rained a lot more but less extreme temps (not that the temps here are that extreme either but relatively)
mr thighs setting the standards for hockey players everywhere. Who’s doing it like him ! No one !
smh brady and his greys absolutely hoodwinking us all save some for the rest of us king 🙄 alright I can accept top two ig
Oh god I forgot abt that final lmao 😭😭 but yeah you’re right it’s just the most annoying possible matchup, lose-lose in many ways. 😩 at least most of the other series will start today so there will be other stuff to watch ha
hahaha omg YES SUCH AN UGLY LOGO !! And the colour scheme is so weird too RIP them.
yes yes ty I can’t believe they’re playing so early like what need is there for a hockey game at noon hello ??? and thank u I just started my bus ride 🥲
I’ve never been to a game here but yeah the atmosphere seems like it’s always great. Esp in playoffs !! In downtown TO there’s a place called maple leafs square where they’ve got big screens up and like thousands of people will come out to just stand there and watch the playoff games (leafs, raptors, jays) and it’s so cool. When we won the nba championship in 2019 it was absolutely insane downtown haha. Obvs not gonna be anything like that this year 🥲
thank you bestie I hope you slept well !! Happy first day of playoffs (that we care about) 😌💕
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iloveyouprat · 2 days ago
this is like my 3rd time deleting an account then making one again KALSKAALS
so um don’t send hate to my posts if u think im bashing the ships bc if u do i will literally come at u bitches FEAR ME-ok calm down alexis-
also if u say that i missed some POPULAR ships BTCH- who tf do u think i am? friday? bestie GO LOOK FOR IT ON GOOGLE YOURSELF
Tumblr media
i think the phuck not.
lol anyways
enjoy this post!!
clintasha: i honestly don’t mind this. this is a great ship, i recommend :) 10/10
steggy: although it PISSED ME that steve left bucky for peggy, i do love the fluff in the ship. 8/10
brutasha: ok this was canon, BUT i don’t feel like it rn, sorry:( 5/10
romanogers: ok but as a bisexual myself, i can confirm that nat WOULD NOT date steve. just two gays 4 life 😌 6/10
pepperoni: ok story time abt this lol: (not rlly-)
ok so im a HUGE stony fan, and everytime i read anything whteher one shots or series, pepper’s always a btch in every fanfic. ok but the fanfic pepper is DISGUSTING. and as a pepper stan, it rlly hurts, but wtv. STONY!!
so this ship is like a 7/10.
um chile.
Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter: dude, hooking up w your great niece is so embarassing oh my phucking god-
(ok but one of my friends had a crush on their uncles i’ll do that in another post haha sorry cait)
Tumblr media
so um yeah 0/10 
Clint and Laura: Ah, yes. the iconic couple. 10/10
MJ and Peter: *screams internally* 9/10
Peter and Liz: *cough cough quill, gamora and thanos teen reinaction* 2/10
Thor and Jane: ....i rlly dk much abt this ship sooooooo 4/10 
need leeds and betty: i absolutely love them, but their pet names were not it im sorry 😭 3/10 
quill and gamora: make starlord less of a dumbass then we’re good to go 7/10
(ok that’s like all the straight ships ik so sorry but I JUST CANT WAIT FOR THE GAY I KNOW SO MANY OF THEMMM)
stucky: may i just say, that this is canon. but APPARENTLY *glares SPECIFICALLY at someone* SOMEONE DECIDED TO COCKBLOCK 1000000/10
stony: PLEASE DO NOT GO AFTER ME, but i once despised stony bc of stucky, so i shipped ironstrange. THEN APRIL LIKE, 2 OR SUMTHIN-
boom i became obsessed with stony.
then i dropped ironstrange and stucky
me as an multishipper: SIKE yOu tHoUgHT
so um stony is an infinity / 10 
ironstrange: i’m currently melting rn bc im taking a break from stony haha shipper problems  10/10 
hawksilver: yuh get into it 😌💅 10/10
winterfalcon: TFATWS WAS SO GAY I CANT- 💀 so 110/10
thruce: i feel like this ship isn’t very much appreciated 😭 8/10
spideypool: i’m sorry, but i feel like peter and wade aren’t a good match GOD I AM SUCH A JERK- 3/10 
spiderio: aww, quentin made it forbidden love, then  ILLUSIONAL LOVE. how cute. anyways ALEXA PLAY DESPACITO- 5.4/10
valcarol: this ship SCREAMS bisexuality, bi attacks, bi themes, JUST PINK BLUE AND PURPLE. LOVEEEE 🏳‍🌈 10/10 
Okoye and Ayo: y’all gettin crazy, but get into it ig. 6.5/10
loki and grandmaster: GOODBYE ARE Y’ALL FR  ???/10
Carol Danvers And Maria Rambeau: uhhhh chile ANYWAYS VALKYRIE GET YOUR WIFE RIGHT HERE 
Tumblr media
haha im funny
i’ll go now. 
lol i gotta finish this dorks 
pepper potts and maria hill: WHAT IS GOING Y’ALLS HEADS I- 0/10
rhodey and tony stark: don’t make me say it y’all. they’re just two pretty platonic best friends-
no they’re just buddies. 2/10 
that’s all
ty for reposting or liking
lol if u didn’t
ily anyways
-both in bisexual 
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Moot can I take advantage of ask games to be nosy and ask more about your trip to see your gf? Like whatever details you wanna share--were you nervous, what'd you do, are there any standout highlights you wanna gush about? Or whatever isn't else too personal? I'm so curious about you two cuz you're so cute lol, but no pressure!
Get to know me
I was soooo nervous mootie you don’t even know. Like just getting there had me so anxious I felt like I was gonna vomit, I didn’t don’t worry. When my gf and their best friend saw me I nearly lost it. When I saw them I didn’t realize at first but then my eyes got big and I panicked and LOOKED AWAY LIKE A DUMB SHIT and just kept going “fuck fuck fuck holy shit holy fucking shit” but when i saw her moot. When I saw her up CLOSE?! Please mootie I’ve never simped so hard in my LIFE!!!
They were so beautiful and they had the biggest smile on their face, they looked even more radiant in person and seeing her familiar smile that calms me down instantly just put me at ease. When we got to the hotel I was soooo nervous like ahh what do I do??? I kept telling my friends how I’ll give her a handshake and thankfully I didn’t, but I was so nervous to kiss them 😭 like I panicked bc I literally had to ask my adult friends as a fucking 25 yr old how to kiss someone. Lucky for me it went very well and my stomach had the tinglies and I’ve never felt more alive in my life.
We cuddled lots and lots and was very very clingy and I always say I am but I didn’t expect to be physically 😭 literally just clung to them like a baby and would hold their hand all the time. And they took such good care of me JEJJSJSJS MOOTIE I FELT SO LOVED AND CHERISHED 😭🥺 she really did make me feel like loving me wasn’t such a terrible thing after all
We went to the mall and I met all their friends! And I got free food 😌 OH YEAH Savannah would keep joking with me and this is how it would go
“Babe you know what we should do?”
“No felonies.”
“Why noooot?!”
“Because felonies are bad!”
“What about Murder?”
“I don’t date murderers.”
“You literally simp for Shiggy.”
“Doesn’t count Shiggy could do no wrong.”
We watched all the High School Musical movies and then I cried bc her singing is so beautiful and remembered their mine 😭☝🏻 mootie I would give my left leg to listen to their singing on repeat it’s so beautiful istg and it’s funny bc hearing people sing irl give me major anxiety
And it was so nice to curl up in their arms while I was sleeping and then just cling and never let go AND TO WAKE UP TO KISSIES WAS THE BEST 😭😭😭 oh we also have a secret kiss and we call it the “froggy kiss” and it’s so cute and fun but she’ll do it by surprise and I’m like BABE PLEASE SHJSNSNNS and their laugh????? 💳💥💳💥💳💥💳 Would pay all the money in the world to have that forever
They give the best hugs and they dyed my hair for me!!! She dyed it while we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! WAS SO GOOD ANF FUN SJSJJSJSJN and meeting their BFF was so nice too 🥺 I love them both vm and will protect them with my life
We had fun and serious talks and we even just were able to lay in silence and just exist and that’s always something I can’t really do with anyone. It was really nice to have fun and just be Hayden and not have the stress of anything. Probably sounds bad but it was so nice to just not be Hayden that Shiggy blog and just be Hayden, Savannah’s boyfriend!
There were lots of Big doggies in the hotel and was 🥺 and Sav pet them and then I stared at them and smiled thinking how lucky I am they picked me snsnnsnsn we had a book date too and picked out poetry books :( which is very nice bc I love poetry and I don’t meet a lot of people who do tbh so we got some books! And I got the new mha vol that was released 👁👁
For the most part the trip was honestly just laying low inside and curling up in each other’s warmth and it was really nice. I truly just felt content and excited in their company and it was such a relaxing time and I can’t wait to see them again. The hardest part was definitely saying goodbye and we kept looking back at each other when I was leaving until one of us came out of view. That really really hurt moot I’m not gonna lie. Felt like I left a piece of me behind :(
I never understood the phrase “they make me feel young again,” and even tho I’m not honestly old, I finally know what that means. This sounds so corny I know but like everything just makes sense now. Like I can see the world more clearly and the colors are brighter now. I’m so glad she became my Shiggy anon bc I’ve never loved someone so much in my entire life.
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ohno-otome · 4 days ago
i dont remember let me give you my second ehm my 2nd one was that you are very approachable and also funny as well as supportive (forever thankful for that) also djdjdjjs that lucifer ask lives in my mind rent free im deceased
Lucifer SHOULD be in your mind rent free, it’s what he deserves 😌
but also baaaabe 🥺🤍 I’m so happy I found your blog and didn’t chicken out interacting with you, you’re so fun to talk to!
tell me your first impression of me ✨
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adellovesrowan · 5 days ago
RSA- adel’s birthday is close to mine, I’m a Libra as well (do wizards believe in astrology). Since wizarding colleges aren’t a thing, JT went to a muggle college. She liked being at a school that wasn’t constantly trying to kill her. Liz went to the same college as JT (and they were roommates). It takes about eight years for someone to meet the educational requirements to become a vet so that means they didn’t become teachers at Khanna Academy until their late twenties, same time Mina was born.
ohh libra gang !!! and ya i think they would believe in astrology since they study divination and astronomy. jt is so valid ,,,, o h jt and liz were roommates yes !!!! OOOOHHH the timeline is perfect ,,, i support them being vets🥺
RSA- I mentioned Halloween at the school and what about costume parties?! Rowan and Ismelda going as obscure historical figures. Liz and Barnaby going as different creatures (Charlie went with them one year as a dragon). Cherry and Mina in their first costumes! Or in matching costumes! For Mina, she was a bee, and they ended up being her favorite animal. The students setting up Halloween decorations! Mina and Cherry and their roommates decorating their dorm for different holidays.
OMGGG those are all so cute !! mina loving bees is so precious😭😭 i honestly dont know what cherry would go as. maybe something like a werewolf or a knight. or matching w mina and he a flower or a bee !! or a cherry lmaoo HAHDKBDKANNS
RSA- I haven’t decided when Rowan opens up the school yet but it is funny to imagine Rowan graduating from hogwarts and immediately starting his own school. Knowing Rowan, he probably wouldn’t wait that long. Au where instead of going to hogwarts, the mc helps an eleven year old Rowan build their own school (comedic). Bonus points if it includes R!Rowan.
HDHDHDJDNDND IM LAUGJING omg breaking news eleven year olds start building school using wizard lego bricks
RSA- the students having small parties with their roommates. Sleepovers with friends in different dorms. It happens on the weekends so they can sleep in after staying up late. I mentioned a werewolf student before ( I should probably name him) and his friends scheduling these get togethers on nights where there isn’t a full moon. Off topic but Rowan and Adel spending time alone with each other??!! They’re just so sweet together I’m going feral <3. I know they’re both happy together 😌💕💙.
OHHH PLEASE i live for them just being kids and happy !!! omggg imagine them keeping the ww student company as he transforms tho ( after srinking wolfsbane potion ofc LMAOO ). and yesss they are !! they are very happy and in love god bless🥺
RSA- I like that besides the creature teachers (yes I know it’s a bad rhyme), the pairs that work together tend to not be friends, at first at least. Like with Merula and Ben who for most of their school life disliked each other, or Rowan and Ismelda finding common ground in their love for history despite their friends potentially still being rivals with each other, or Tonks and Talbott since they rarely interact with each other in the game. Also sorry if this ask was phrased badly !!
omg dont worry i get u !!! these pairs dont have the best history w each other but they solve it out and actually make a good team here !! and i agree w wanting more tonks n talbott interactions !
RSA- Tulip and Tonks as partners is such a great idea. I don’t think they’d get married or have a wedding, they’re happy just being together. Also characters in polyamorous relationships, like JT is polyamorous. All of her partners view Mina as their kid bc it doesn’t matter if they’re blood relatives or not, family is family. On a similar note, when Rowan was pregnant with Cherry, which of their friends did she and Adel tell first? How did they react?
OMGGGG consider tho ,, tonks and tulip in a queerplatonic relationship🥺 jt is SO valid !!!! im thinking maybe they tell ben bill and penny first. they were thrilled and joyed ofc !!
RSA- all of the gender hcs are great, esp with Liz, you’re so right about them. Badeea and Tonks as well. Wait what about trans Tulip?! I saw this one piece of fan art a while back of fem!talbott and what if both of the side quest friends were transfemmes? 👀. Also the hphm kids figuring their identities out at different points in their life! Honestly they can all be trans, y’know? Off topic but what does the school do for graduation? Maybe it’s something to do with the boats.
im glad to hear u like my hcs !! 🥺 OMGGGF TRANS TULIPPP AAAA TRANS FEMME TALBOTT GOODBUE YESSS😭😭 ur right theyre probably all trans none of them are cis. ohh boat ceremonies would b so cool tho !!
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