#i'd get people to watch it just for you i swear
allisonxmcu · 2 days ago
How would yandere Peter Parker react to reader’s boss yelling at them but reader is too shy and sad to do anything about it and doesn’t dare to go against her boss. And he also misbehaves with her too, reader is at a fix and doesn’t know what to do and she’s miserable and cries sometimes as well
Uhm this is gonna be short since I'm a little tired
Just watched nwh with my friends for the 2nd time!!
( looking at you andrew 👀 )
pairings : andrew!peter parker x fem!reader
theme : dark
italics = people's thoughts you'll know who
warnings: yelling, swearing, threatening, crying
word count: 1.1K
Y/n walked into the elevator, pressing the top floor's button before settling in the corner, humming along to the sound of the elevator rising. In her right hand was her purse which she promptly slung on her shoulder, and in her left arm were files.
The elevator jolted as it slowed. She stepped out as her heels clicked against the newly polished floors, her lips reflected the light bulbs above as she walked towards her office.
She grabbed out her keys as she nodded to the front desk woman, Shaya. Y/n approached her office, inserting her key.  She rested her head on her chair, already exhausted because of how long it took to get there but also the thought of the long day.
She was head of the Sales Department for the NYC Dior HQ.
As she logged into her desktop and checked her emails a call from her boss came through summoning her to his office which she obviously agreed.
As Y/n nervously made her way to his office her worries were calmed as she saw Alex, her boss relaxed with a smile on her face.
"Hey Alex, you called me?"
“Hold on.” Alex said as he picked up a call, “Are you kidding me Y/n?” “What?” Alex stood up, “You haven’t been taking files home to work on them? I told everybody to! God are you deaf?” Alex screamed.
“What do you mean? We’re not allowed too.” Y/n mumbled out, “We’re falling behind on shipments! Everyone needs to take their work home so we can pick up international sales idiot!” Y/n jumped back in her seat, “I’m sorry I’ll work on them at home.” She said. “No, I am. I shouldn’t have shouted sweetheart.” 
"I wanted to congratulate you. There's been and increase of sales in NYC ever since you were appointed to the position as well as your new ad algorithm. Congratulations Y/n, I'd like to throw you an office party."
"Oh that's too much, I did what anyone else would've done."
"No. I insist, dress for the best Y/n/n." Alex grinned as he slyly winked.
Y/n shuffled in her seat, a uncomfortable wave washed over her as her heart began to race slightly. "Uh, thanks. But I have dinner plans so I'll be in and out."
"Guess I'll have to soak you up while I can huh?" Alex joked as Y/n nervously grinned, "Oh lighten up doll. Smile!"
"Ha, thanks. I've got some work I've gotta get to, thank you again." Y/n smiled as she got up and left.
What she didn't notice was Alex tilting his head for a better view.
- Time Jump -
Y/n packed her desk up with a faint smile on her lips as she thought of her night. A little shin-dig with her friends/co-workers than a romantic dinner with Peter perfect end to the most hectic week she’s ever had.
She looked at the time on her phone, 8pm roughly.
'Damnit, I overworked.'
The building was probably empty by now, only herself, Alex and their superiors stayed later. She exited her office to be met with Alex, "Oh! I caught you before you left. Great." He spoke with a certain air around him, it was, dark.
"U-huh, yeah yo-, you did." She spoke as her Y/n tingles flashed red as sirens went off.
Get out!
Kick him, beat him, anything just go!
Balls, go for the balls.
Jam your pen in his throat.
"Do you need anything, my boyfriend's coming up." Y/n lied through her teeth.
"Oh. Well then uh I'll catch you tonight. 9:30, Arnotes, corner of Bleecker Street." ( Wink wink Doctor Strange )
"Wouldn't miss it." Y/n said as she rushed past him, practically throwing herself inside the elevator before slamming the ground floor button. She leaned her head against the wall as she caught her breath, she could, (a - tell Peter and he tears her boss apart or (b - ignore it and avoid Alex.
B sounds best for everyone, except her but oh well.
As she rode down her head was swarmed with questions, Do I listen to Alex or do I go by the rules? 
God this job sucks sometimes.
- 9:30 - Party -
It had been 20 minutes since Y/n and Peter arrived, Peter told her they were staying for 10 more minutes than they were out.
“Oh my god, a-hah. I gotta go to the bathroom then we’re out. I know, I know sorry Shaya.” ( wink wink ) Shaya sighed, “Okay but watch out for Alex. If I see him I’m gonna kill him.” 
Y/n smiled, “Thanks for protecting me girl.”
Y/n walked away after hugging her friends, she walked into the bathroom as she pulled out her lipstick. While she applied the lipstick, a knock mid-way scared her. “Occupado! I mean occupied.” 
The door opened to reveal, Alex. Y/n’s heart beat picked up as she shoved her lipstick into her purse as she straightened her skirt. “You made it! For a second there I thought you were dodging me.” Alex fake pouted. “Hah, no. But um you just missed me, Peter and I have to go.” Alex walked closer, “Oh c’mon, he can survive without you for a minute.” Y/n pressed her lips together in a straight line, “No really, we’re going.” Y/n said hurriedly.
As she approached the door only for her arm to be caught as she twirled into Alex’s chest. “Do you know what happens to people who don’t listen to me Y/n/n?” He whispered as he brushed her hair and propped her chin up towards him while she struggled to get out of the compromising position. “Get the fuck off her.” Peter said as he grabbed Alex and slammed him into the wall. “Peter!” He grabbed Alex and he punched him, over and over. 
Peter smashed the mirror and picked up one of the shard raised it high as blood dripped down his striking arm. Sweat on his forehead, his hair messier than ever. As he began to bring it down his arm was grabbed, “Don’t!”
Y/n shouted, “He’s had enough Peter let’s go.” 
“No! It’s never gonna be enough. He’s a fucking pig and I’m Spi-” Y/n slapped her hand on his mouth, “I know! Okay, but c’mon, do you want to get arrested?” Peter got up off of Alex’s body as the two slipped through the sea of people. “God I wanna go back there and-” Y/n spoke up, “I know! Again, I know Peter. Thank you so much, I just I felt like I couldn’t speak every time he was around.” Peter smiled, “I love you and I would do anything for you.” 
“I love you too.” She smiled.
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blackwidow-bby · 2 days ago
May I request some Grayson fluff 🤲
I'm really so sad they took her so early in the season but lets pretend that never happened
"Hmmm, to what do I owe this pleasure?"
You could never mistake the deep gravelly voice of your partner for any other. The sound of her behind you brought a smile to your lips. It had been many weeks since you were last able to enjoy a date night with the woman. Between both of your work schedules, the only time you ever got to see each other was right before falling asleep, if you were lucky enough to see her then.
"Just thought I'd come to the balcony for some fresh air."
Grayson sauntered over to where you stood and promptly wrapped her arms around to the front of your silk dress and rested on your stomach. You could feel every exhale push through the soft strands of hair that weren't able to fit in your up-do.
"This reminds me of the first night we met."
She was right. The deja-vu also washing over you as you thought back to the night of one of Councilwoman Kirraman's fancy parties. You were only an intern at the time for some company that a distant uncle of yours owned. You were new and nervous. All of these people gathered around to talk business and network with each other.
As more people began to show up, the more nervous you got. Crowds were never a thing for you. Even in school, you'd much prefer to work on a project solo than in a group. You had snatched a flute of champagne from one of the passing waiter's trays in hopes that the alcohol would settle some of the building nerves.
Your eyes were constantly shifting around the room. Between the bar, your uncle, and the entrance to the Kirraman's home where more and more patrons were arriving. In one of the many sweeps you made with your eyes, you noticed a taller older woman enter wearing an enforcer uniform. Her eyes met yours upon her entry and she smiled. You were embarrassed at being caught staring someone so boldly in the face, so you quickly turned away and hid your blush in your flute.
Reeling from such a sickly feeling in your stomach, you made your way to stand by your uncle. Maybe some company could get your mind off of the embarrassment.
As you stood near your uncle while he went on about some dumb trip to the mountains he took in his younger years, your eyes constantly found themselves on the Enforcer lady. Your mind was beating itself up for the natural slip. No matter where she was, somehow you always found her.
Your heart was racing and you began to sweat.
"Y/N my dear, are you alright?" oh no, you had been caught.
"Yes, I'm just going to get some fresh air."
Quickly, you made your way to the nearest balcony. You had to take a couple of deep breaths. You could swear all of the energy from the people at the party and the strange rush of emotions every time you saw the older stranger was going to make you pass out. Your head felt light headed.
You rested against the railing on the Kirraman's balcony and silently watched over the city of Piltover. You were finally able to calm down a little more. The lights of the city and sounds of people walking the streets made it seem like you hadn't really experienced this city to its fullest. The wind swept across your face as you lost yourself to your thoughts. What it must be like to be a free little bird bobbing and weaving through the tall apartments and businesses. Never having to worry about networking and talking to strangers about work and rich living.
"Ah, and here I thought I scared you away." A voice pulled you away from your reverie. It was so unique to your ears like a song only sung by angels.
"Forgive my rudeness, but how could you scare me away when I don't even know you?"
The older woman feigned hurt, but that was exactly why she was here. You didn't know who she was, neither she you. But something inside her desperately wanted to.
"You can call me Grayson. I brought you some champagne as an offering for your company."
You stayed leaning against the railing as the older woman walked up beside you, handing you another flute. You let your fingers brush up against hers and you swore electricity ran up your arm.
"I'm Y/N. You must not like parties either, I guess?" Grayson turned her body toward you to give all of her attention. As she spoke, you took the opportunity to take in all of her characteristics. Eyes followed the curve of her nose and the rise and fall of her cupids bow. How her mouth moved while she talked and her eyes scanning your own. You thought about how soft her lips might be if you could ki-
"What about you?" Oh no, she said something, what did she say?
Your face was heating in another embarrassed blush. You didn't take in a single word she said to you the entire time. You were really showing this woman that all you are is rude.
"I-I'm sorry I completely zoned out. You look really beautiful in the moonlight."
It was Grayson's turn to blush. Her eyes grew wide. She doesn't remember the last time she caught someone admiring her so openly. Maybe a fling or two in her younger days. You had both looked away from each other to regain your composures. Anyone looking in on this exchange would sure be perplexed at the way the two of you were acting.
Grayson laughed next to you. The sound made you swing your head over to catch her in the act, hoping, pleading that she would be just as beautiful when she was laughing as when she was talking. She was, oh god she was. Your heart raced and pounded along with every boom that escaped her lips until her laughter eventually died down.
"Its been so long since I've felt like this. I must admit, I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the room. I may have felt... disappointed when I didn't see you around. I'm really glad I came out here."
The apples of your cheeks rose with your beaming grin. How had you let someone you just met wrap their fingers around your heart so quickly? You would gladly hand it over to her, over and over again. Smitten by a stranger.
You scooted over to where your side met hers. Grayson swooned at watching your big eyes beam up at her. "I'm glad you came out here, too."
Grayson came behind you to wrap her arms around your front. Her warm body against yours brought a different blush to your face.
"I've loved every year I've spent with you since that day." She pulled you out of your daydreaming. Her head now completely resting against your shoulder. You turned around in her arms to rest your hands on her chest. The two of you looking at each other with more love and care, no one could compare to the two of you.
"I love you, Y/N"
"I love you, too."
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anderwater · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“My friend always says that I bottle things up and need to let off steam now and then and think of myself. But I can’t do that.”
Jobel Mokonzi as Fanta in PARA - Wir sind King (2021)
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roughentumble · 5 months ago
that idea of yours that's Geralt in a shitty relationship while Jaskier supports him as his friend while pining for him? I was thinking about it the other day with Geralt's gf just being a real asshole, wanting an 'open relationship' but only she's allowed to sleep with other people and when he tells Jaskier, Jaskier's a little furious, points out she's cheating on him and how if she wanted to bring someone else into the relationship she could've asked Geralt how he felt about a threesome or something with someone he trusts
And Geralt asks, hypothetically of course, "Would you? If she asked?" and Jaskier immediately scoffs and goes, "I'd be flattered of course but I have absolutely no interest in ever sleeping with her"
And Geralt's like !!!!! bc apparently Jaskier's only opposed to the idea of sleeping with her not Geralt and that's gotta mean something, right?
the words rattle around in his head as he lays next to his partner that night, thinks about how much he cares about jaskier. thinks about all the good times theyve had. maybe jaskier's noticed he's been down recently, has tried harder to cheer him up, something corny but sweet like breakfast for dinner while some upbeat playlist runs in the background, which devolves into dancing in the kitchen and laughing... until his partner'd called and brought the mood down. how more and more often jaskier is the break he needs from the stress of his relationship. thinks if only, maybe, in a different life, etc
but he's too wrapped up in the shit relationship to even think about getting an out, cuz theyve sunk their tendrils in too deep.
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igarbagecannoteven · a month ago
i wish you would write a fic about a character realizing they're asexual while they are in a relationship and then discussing that with their partner in a healthy way where they're partner goes "oh!! ok!!" <33
mmmmm yes excellent <3 i actually have two ace fic ideas rn, one of which is actually a wip and the other is in a cardboard box on a back shelf in my brain carefully labeled "the definitive ace fic: do not open until you've reached writing level 70+". the latter one is if i ever get to that level going to be about someone falling in love while also discovering the fact that they're ace, but i'd originally thought they'd both be ace (bc i find that easier to write since i've never really had a detailed convo with an allo person about asexuality and i'm not sure i could just pull it out of a hat) but now you've got me thinking,,, maybe the other person could be allo. but of course that wouldn't be established relationship which is implied in your prompt. i would love to write many ace-centric fics bc i do think ace representation is so so important and i'd love to write more characters with all sorts of shades of asexuality, so yeah that'd be something i'd consider writing!
#my only problem with writing ace fic that represents my flavor of ace is that i still have some parts of my identity that are up in the air #i want to write something that matches mine bc while i've read a few fics (like the one you wrote for me) that are adjacent to it #i've never read something that was *exactly* like mine #but at the same time bc i'd want to write a fic that was about romance as well as about being ace and coming to terms with being ace #which makes things complicated bc i don't know how my kind of ace-ness fits into a relationship #i don't know if i would be comfortable making out with someone i've never even kissed a person so maybe i don't even like that and just #think i would like it based on what i've read/been told #i mean i still look away from most kissing scenes in movies lol #and could i even do a relationship in the first place? or am i actually grey-aro/demi-romantic? i mean i haven't had a serious crush since #8th grade that's not exactly normal is it? but then we get into the whole 'well i've done a heck ton of repression since then' #which is a whole other bag of worms #i really do get so much joy from knowing that i'm ace and i want to share that bc i know many people don't have that experience #but i'm kind of scared of discovering if i'm aro or not? and i can't tell if that's like internalized aphobia or something else #like i resigned myself to the fact that i may never be in a romantic relationship a long time ago before i even knew i was ace #but it's still something i think about sometimes. when i feel like no one's watching. and idk if i'm ready to give that up entirely #woah this got real heavy real fast i am so sorry #this was supposed to be positive i swear #i just had to read this book for class and this one chapter made me feel like i was staring at future me and not in a good way #and it's kinda been haunting me #but all this to say i want to make sure i fully understand my ace-ness before i write something that goes into the discovery process #not like i'm going to wait until i kiss someone like who tf knows if that's ever going to happen #but just until i really get my introspection on lol #answering mail #jess #so sorry for dumping this on you i may go back and erase these tags in the morning
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ghostlyfoliage · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Several of my plants are starting to bloom, but my Strawberry Begonia may be the one I'm the most excited about (right now). I've been watching this weird little stock push out. I've seen very few photos of the blooms and they're very small, but unusual.
Also pushing out flower stocks is my Dieffenbachia, Maranta, African Violet, several of my Haworthias, and my Silver Squill. It's definitely spring!
Also, my Colocasia is finally making an appearance. I've been waiting for them to sprout for two months! I decided to pull the top dressing off and expose the top of the tubers to encourage them more. While I was in there I noticed that all the baby bulbs (saved from the one I over-watered to death) are very much alive and have swelling buds too!
I also felt that one of the large bulbs was soft and totally freaked out that somehow it was dead on arrival and just rotted. I forgot that the bulbs do have a significant layer of dry material that protect them... so I dug in and lifted the bulb. It's sprouting from the bottom, roots and nodes. Apparently I planted it upside down. OOPS! But because it's also rooting from the bottom (with healthy roots) and underneath the dried sheath that has softened it still feels solid through the center... I apologized to it, placed I back, and wished it hopefully a healthy life. 😅
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daughter-of-sapph0 · 23 days ago
please stop reblogging this my notification tab is dying
Tumblr media
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bogboye · 2 months ago
Whaddup lads just watched Eternals, you know exactly what time it is:
the found family is STRONG in this one (or maybe not so much killkillkill)
they were all so physically intimate w each other raaaaaaaaaaa
also the amount of pretty people is too much for me to handle like the range
I went with my lesbian best friend and I love her, I really do but man she would literally not shut up about Angeline Jolie
Their powers are all so fucking cool
Makkaris sonic boom is just something else
Like every fucking fast fuck you see on TV looks like an arthric turtle trying to reach a place of kale that's laying outside of the greenscreen
But not Makkari though OH NO
Also everyone signing to her oaaaaaa good shit good shit good shit
Finally some good fucking food disabled representation
why was there a sex scene ewewew get it away from me (it wasn't that bad I'm just a dramatic cunt)
Sprites vibes are so fucking gnc like lads
Also I'm like so glad they didn't do some weird romance thing w them and Ikaris like nay lads I woulda left
Why did I already forget Sersis boyfriends name? Oh that's right because he was on screen for like six minutes max
Yo as soon as I saw Ajak lying there like a fucking Manekin someone pushed over at kohl's I knew something ain't right
RIP to you Queen you were a real one
I swear that mf has at least five cameras stashed into every single pocket of his suit
Druig my babe my darling fucking superb you funky little mind controller
He literally went: yeah Imma leave and take the lads me, what you gonna do?
And Ajak said aight fair enough sskdjsnaiaksbssksj
Ikaris? Don't know her
OH you mean the traitorous cunt that killed two members of his family after one of them told him "Hey I think genocide is bad let's stop this"
Fucking all lives matter vibes I hate him SO MUCH
Thena my beloved? My ethereal Goddess of War? I'd fight Arishem for you, just say the word
Also hers and Gilgameshs' friendship is literally one of my favourite m/f friendships I've ever seen on TV
She's suffering from her flashbacks (which reminded me a fuckton of ptsd) and Gilgamesh chose to stay by her side, taking care of her and isolate themselves so no one else could get hurt
I love him so so so much and his death didn't absolutely SIIAVSKADUKDDOAAJBDIS yeah I'm a normal person <3
The man the myth the legend mcus 57th gay character
except THIS TIME we actually met his husband and his son and they were affectionate and they kissed-
crops are watered skin is clear musk is dead
And we had two men that weren't fucking shredded or skinny NO they were stout and they were absolutely fucking badass (not the shit endgame pulled with Thor fuck you fuck you fuck you)
Druig and Makkari own my heart, actually ❤
Also I'm so fucking glad they didn't make Ikaris and Sersi get back together
Yeah he had his stupid little "The power of love" moment
BUT he flung himself in the sun immediately after so it's okay
Die (derogatory)
awwww they made Sprite human let's move on
chile, anyways so
*Harry Styles shows up* hold on, what was that?
I swear I burst a fucking blood vessel
OH WAIT I REMEMBERED HIS NAME anyway whats w that Dane dude? He's funny but what's a w the sword and that ominous ass voice?
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lucylicious · a month ago
[adventures of living in the same household as Bonten pt.3]
Warning: mentions of guns, a lot of cursing and offing people
<Bonten goes on a mission while Y/n stays back at the house>
Ran: I wonder what Y/n is doing right now? They better welcome me back home with open arms ;)
Sanzu: Maybe they're watching their stupid romance movies or something
*gunshot sounds*
Kokonoi: Oi Kakucho calm down man
Kakucho: This asshole betrayed us and took advantage of everything we helped him with. How can I?
Sanzu: Learning the best from me aye?
Takeomi: Sanzu don't and anyways, where's Mikey?
Mochi: Huh? He's not with you?
Takeomi: Yea he was but he got annoyed with the cigarette smoke going to his face and told me to smoke somewhere else. And when I went back to check on him, he's gone
Ran: Wow imagine if he left us here...
Kakucho: No he wouldn't...
Kokonoi: How're you so sure-
*ringtone going off*
Ran: Tch, you have bad taste in music no offense
Kokonoi answering his cell: ...Yeah what's up y/n?
Y/n shouting: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!
Kokonoi: O-oi?! Don't shout in my ear! We're on a mission remember-
Kokonoi: Y/n you know how long this shit takes...
Takeomi: Put it on speaker Koko.
Sanzu: Rindou?! That little bastard-
Ran: Oh great so Mikey did left us
Mikey: They were slow. And I was hungry. And tired. And Rindou was the one who offered to drive us back home
Y/n: And Rindou didn't tell the others about going back?!
Rindou: Kaku-chan was really really angry so I let him be...🗿
Ran: Alright calm down I'll get us a ride
Mochi: While we're looking like this? Blood everywhere and shit?
Sanzu: I'll just get real close to the driver and put a gun to his head if he tries to scream
Kokonoi: Okay but I wanna know why're you calling us this late y/n
Sanzu whispering: Okay which one of you dumb motherfuckers-
Rindou: And we're gonna finish it all
Ran: Rin I swear-
Sanzu: Y/nnn but we were killing the bastards who betrayed us-
Kokonoi: YOU WHAT- HUH? OH WOW this lil sucker hanged up on me!
Ran: I heard turkey. I want turkey.
Kakucho: Where would they get a turkey...
Kokonoi: Well what I'm more concerned is that we won't even get to EAT the damn turkey.
Takeomi: Alright Haitani, get us a ride home
Ran: You got it old man
<Back at Bonten's residence>
Y/n: Well took you long enough.
Kakucho: Hello my dear y/n, we're sorry for coming home late... We had uh..
Ran: Heh Sanzu almost shot the driver
Mikey: Sanzu.
Mochi: Alright then, WHERE'S THE TURKEY
Rindou: You're all lucky we don't have big stomachs
Ran: How dare you leave us stranded😡
Rindou: Y'all slow as fuck.
Takeomi: I'm just gonna take a shower...
Mikey: Can I leave?
Y/n: Yes you can boss, have a nice rest!
Sanzu mouth full: I'd say "not fair" but its fair enough
Kokonoi: Of course it's fair to you...
Kakucho: But anyhow, thank you y/n for this lovely dinner
Y/n: HMPH you're welcome🙄 And sheesh get a shower afterwards, it stinks in here
Takeomi: 🗿
Y/n: Alright I've already eaten and now I'm going to bed. G'night fuckers
Kokonoi: Night y/n and thanks again😌
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earthtooz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝘗𝘈𝘐𝘙𝘐𝘕𝘎 : dreamwastaken x gn!reader slytherin!dream and ravenclaw!reader
𝘚𝘠𝘕𝘖𝘗𝘚𝘐𝘚 : a certain, cunning slytherin has been pestering you about going on a date with him, and overtime, you find it hard to say no to him. 4.6K WORDS, fluff, confident!dream with witty!reader ;)
𝘞𝘈𝘙𝘕𝘐𝘕𝘎𝘚 : one swear word, dream gets injured bc of quidditch LOL but it's not graphic at all!! let me know if i'm missing any warnings that readers should be aware of!
𝘈𝘜𝘛𝘏𝘖𝘙 ‘𝘚 𝘕𝘖𝘛𝘌𝘚 : just a disclaimer, i do NOT support jk rowling nor anything she has stated regarding trans women. trans women ARE women, trans men ARE men and trans rights are human rights, there is simply no other way of putting it. harry potter will forever be a treasured part of many people's childhoods and a story many hold close to their hearts. if you are one of these people, this shall forever be between the story and you, not the author or anyone else. a problematic person should never ruin the sacred emotions between a reader and their imaginations. with that said, i hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
the great hall was one of your favourite spaces in hogwarts. outside of dining hours, it was one of the most relaxing areas in your opinion, and it wasn't too busy as of current. there were few students littered here and there, mingling amongst their houses, some eating, some hanging out with friends and some completing homework.
you were competing in a game of wizard's chess against wilbur soot, a fellow ravenclaw housemate.
"checkmate!" you exclaimed, pumping your fists in the air excitedly as your queen piece destroyed wilbur's king.
"best of three!" the brunet declares as he jumps out of his chair, pointing his finger in your face. his action caused for the blue and black scarf wrapped around his neck to slightly fall.
you shrug, "might as well. i'd much rather kick your ass than get back to charms homework."
the pieces clean themselves up at your command, all resuming their previous positions, ready to be played as if they hadn't been obliterated mere moments ago. they all await for wilbur's first move, considering he was playing white, but before the game could begin, someone interrupts you.
a body has slid into the vacant seat beside you, and you turn your head to see that it's dream who's suddenly invaded your personal space. the blond is pressed against you with his thigh resting beside yours, his arm snaked around your shoulders.
sapnap appears on the other side of the table unexpectedly as well, beside wilbur.
"sup," the black-haired greets casually, nodding to you briefly.
"hey," you trailed off as you tried to distance yourself from dream. "what's up?"
"oh nothing much, just thought i'd come by to check up on how the most beautiful person in the world's doing," dream nonchalantly fixes his green and white tie.
"i'm great, thanks for asking," wilbur butts in, obviously not happy that dream and sapnap were ruining his moment of competitiveness.
sapnap smacks the brunet gently on the head, hissing, "hey! don't piss on my man's opportunity like that!"
"and don't piss on my wizard's chess match with y/n!"
dream smiles in amusement, showing off his perfect set of teeth as he glances to you. "fine, if you two are so intensely in competition, then i won't ruin it." the blond backs off, raising his hands defensively as he slides out of his seat. when he stands, he towers over your sitting figure, "but before i leave, y/n, how about a date-"
you cut him off before he could even begin.
"no thanks, dream. i'm flattered though, really, but no."
"just give me one chance."
"that's one too many."
"i'll make it worth it."
you hummed in faux consideration. "try another day."
dream blows you a little kiss as a farewell which you pretended to swat away, unable to stop yourself from rolling your eyes. wilbur watches the slytherin and gryffindor duo walk away with a judgmental expression.
"dream's still trying?" he asked curiously.
you shrugged, "apparently."
"guy doesn't know when to give up."
"i think it's kinda endearing."
"y/n... you could not have possibly grown to like a slytherin boy, have you?"
you laugh at the idea of it. you? liking dream? "never in a million years, now play the first move, soot."
wilbur obliges and the game is set into motion.
"did you do the homework?" niki asked as you placed your potions books gently on a wooden table in the classroom before pulling your chair in to sit comfortably at the desk. jack walks around to take the other vacant seat, leaving one available for anyone to grab.
"yeah, i kind of-"
however, before you could even settle in, a blond boy manifests next to you all of a sudden, his green and black robes appearing in the corner of your eye. "hey," greets dream.
"hi," you said, sparing him a smile.
"can i sit here?" he gestures to the seat. with a quick scan of the room, you observe that there were plenty of available spots in the classroom, so you don't understand why he's here or why he'd choose this position but there's no reason for you to reject him.
"uh yeah, of course you can. i'm not stopping you."
"just what i like to hear."
dream lowers his books onto the table, sitting down before quickly greeting niki and jack with a wave. he turns his sole attention to you not too long after, resting his chin on his palm as he looks at you.
"so, y/n, how good are you at potions?" he asks.
"uhh, decent if i do say so myself," you muttered. "why?"
"nothing, just wondering if you can feel the chemistry between us?"
you look at him unimpressed, regret immediately filling you as a consequence of your choices.
"c'mon, love is brewing in the air."
dream looks as if he's trying not to burst into laughter while staring at your deadpanned expression, and with a sigh, you collect all your books. "that's it, i'm leaving-"
a hand comes up to tug at your cloak, preventing you from leaving, "no! stay, please? i promise i'll stop."
as he says that, your potions professor strides in and he makes a beeline for the front of the classroom, causing for everyone to fall silent. you sigh before sitting back down since you didn't have time to move to another spot now; much to dream's pleasure.
the blond is surprisingly silent during the lesson, listening intently to the professor who begins to guide everyone through what the class is making today, an elixir to induce euphoria, which sounds intriguing enough.
considering dream was sat next to you and there was only one cauldron per desk, he was your partner to work on this task together, but you held back your complaints the second he left to collect all the necessary ingredients. moments later, the blond returns with a bunch of miscellaneous ingredients in his arms and you notice how he has the exact amount for everything. no second were trips needed, as if this man had memorised it all.
dream's unaware of your surprised expression, for he's too focused on reading the instructions for the recipe. when he speaks, you snap out of your puzzled daze, "okay first, we need to add peppermint to the concoction."
"yeah... right, of course, peppermint," you muttered, quickly grabbing the plant and dropping it into the cauldron. "what's next?"
"shrivelfig until the brew turns turquoise."
you continue working through the recipe together at a quick pace whilst following the instructions as accurately as possible. sometimes, your hands would graze each other's gently and dream would spare a small smile which told you that he enjoyed it every time.
it would happen when grabbing ingredients or when reading the instructions off a book; heck, it even happened when you were stirring the mixture and dream would place his hand over yours, stirring the rod as well. you pull away every time.
“y’know what, y/n, i don’t even need an euphoria-inducing elixir to feel happy, you know why?” he asks innocently.
you hum in curiosity, urging for him to continue.
“cause i can just look at you.”
you groaned, rolling your eyes, missing the way he pouts from your indifference.
when it's the end of the lesson, the professor walks around to check each potion. one he reaches your table, his face morphs into one of satisfaction and excitement as he compliments you and dream's creation. with that, you were dismissed from class while he continues inspecting other student's mixtures.
"you hear that? guess we make a pretty good team," you commented.
"that's what i've been trying to tell you!" he exclaims as you grab your ravenclaw scarf- which was abandoned halfway through the lesson- to wrap around your neck. it does wonders to help shield you from the chilly breeze that would greet you the second you step foot outside.
"don't even start-"
"what did i say about the chemistry, huh y/n? guess it really is brewing-"
"goodbye, dream," you huffed before walking out the classroom, not without the blond hot on your tail.
"hey- wait, y/n, c'mon!" dream shouts behind you, though you don't stop for him until he runs in front of you, interfering with your path.
all you wanted to do was go back to your dorm and change out of uniform, not deal with dream's flirtatious behaviour.
"just one chance," he pleads, and dream cuts you off when you try to say something. "just one! i'll make it worth it, i swear, and if you don't like me or don't enjoy your time, i'll stay away permanently, promise."
the slytherin boy desperately waits your response, watching you shift all your weight onto one foot, your hand on your hip as you make a sound of contemplation. with a hint of mischief lacing in your tone, you tell him, "now that's just too easy."
he groans, "of course a ravenclaw would make this harder. how about this; in the finals quidditch match in two weeks, if my house beats yours then i get to take you out on a date and if i lose, i'll stop."
you grinned, "now that sounds like a good deal."
a shimmer of hope gleams in the blond's eyes, "really?"
"yes! i mean- that sounds perfect."
it was amusing how quickly his behaviour changed. watching the blond try to compose himself with a suave farewell, he walked away, down the other side of the corridor. you wondered how you would tell your fellow housemates about this news and most importantly, how they would take it.
after a streak of constantly rejecting dream's advances, surely you'd get a reaction or two out of them, right?
"are you kidding?" george and wilbur exclaimed simultaneously, except george's was more of an excited squeal whilst wilbur just seemed downright offended. the taller brunet towered over you as you sat on the couch, unsurprised by his sudden, extreme reaction.
"y/n- what? what the fuck?"
“what do you mean?”
“why now? out of all times? because of some stupid dare?” wilbur gawks, placing his hands on your shoulders and shaking you slightly.
technoblade looks up from his book. “wil has a point, y/n. now? out of all times? it seems like you might be rooting for slytherin to win now instead of your own house.”
you scoffed at the pink-haired, who was the captain of the ravenclaw quidditch team and just so happened to have had a friendly rivalry with the slytherin captain, dream.
“you know i’d never root for anyone else than ravenclaw,” you declared proudly and firmly, reassuring the twins. “besides, just because i’ve agreed to a date doesn’t mean i’ll be actively wanting him to win.”
“hearing that might break dream’s heart,” george pipes up from behind. wilbur takes his hands off your shoulders only to stare at the shorter man as if he’d grown two heads.
the curly-haired brunet speaks first, “what about this could possibly break dream’s heart? he’s doing this for the shits and giggles.”
“is that what you think?”
you shrugged, “there’s no other reason for him to pursue me if not for jokes.”
“damn, who hurt you?” technoblade muttered, burying his nose back into his books.
“oi, just cause you have a match in two weeks, i won’t threaten you but don’t think you’re off the hook,” you muttered to your friend who smirks in response, meeting your eyes as you make an ‘i’m watching you’ gesture. “but everyone knows about dream’s flirtatious behaviour, a ladies’ man if you will.”
“you really think of dream like that?”
“no one’s given me any other reason.”
george looks like he wants to say something but decides to keep his mouth shut, forcing the conversation to move along with a small shake of his head. you’re curious as to what he’s thinking, truthfully, you’re unable to deny the small spark of hope that blooms within you that george’s hesitation ignited. but you’re sure it’s not that big of a deal, right?
after an awkward breath of silence, the topic shifts elsewhere.
anticipation bubbled in the air from all members of the school that have managed to snag a seat to watch the much-awaited finals of the quidditch season. with slytherin vs ravenclaw, you were proudly wearing your ravenclaw colours of blue and black, as well as other house members who have come along in support.
you and wilbur were about to go up the stairs to enter the stalls when suddenly, a voice calls out your name, capturing wilbur and your’s attention. george and sapnap are running towards you from the player’s tents. you can only guess what they want.
“dream’s asking for you!” the gryffindor yells, and you share a suspicious look with wilbur.
“why not?” you shrug and the brunet groans in turn. “you don’t need to come with, but i might as well find out what he wants and go back up.”
“loverboy probably wants to talk to you privately. i’ll go up and save you a seat but you have to tell me everything that happens, okay?”
“i will, see you soon.”
you approach the green tent for slytherin, and it seemed like fate had perfect timing or something, because dream creeps out from under the flap at that exact time, face lighting up the second he sees you. the corners of his eyes crinkle from how widely he smiles and you ignore the way you feel your cheeks heat up, combating the cold air.
“you came!” dream exclaims.
you bury your hands into the pockets of your jumper, smiling awkwardly at him before saying, “you asked me to. what’s up?”
“nothing, just wanted to see my lucky charm before i go into the finals.”
“don’t you think it’s ironic that your ‘lucky charm’ is from the team you’re playing against today?”
he pretends to ignore what you say and instead, slings an arm around your shoulder. this action brings you closer to his taller form. “here, i got something for you.”
a green and silver coloured scarf is being waved in front of your face and instinctively, you hold your hands out to take it. from how it was slightly worn out, you knew that this was dream’s personal scarf, the one he wore every day with his uniform.
you look up at him as if he was stupid but dream cuts you off before any objections could be raised, “keep that warm for me, would ya?”
“are you kidding? i’m not wearing your house colours, idiot!” you hissed. “what would everyone say if they saw a ravenclaw wearing a slytherin scarf?”
“it’s not that big of a deal,” he takes the piece of cloth from your hands before gently wrapping it around your neck, over your ravenclaw one. “besides, green and silver suits you.”
“you’re just saying that because it’s your scarf.”
dream hums, staring at you as if taking the time to admire. you pull it off pretty quickly, bundling it into your arms. you make no attempt to give it back and the blond doesn’t seem like he wants it back.
“i hope you’re ready for that date.”
“don’t get too cocky now.”
“i will, because today, i’ll be walking home with the quidditch cup trophy and a beautiful date in my arms.”
“keyword date. i’m giving you one chance and that’s all. don’t screw it up,” you ducked out of his arms, causing for his limb to drop back to his side and he raises a brow at you.
“now it’s your turn to not get too cocky, you know you can’t resist me for long.”
“why don’t you slither back to your tent-” you shove him lightly, “-snake.”
“actually, i’m a serpent,” he clicks his tongue, shaking his head at you. “thought you knew everything?”
“not about you.”
“guess we’ll have to change that.”
a scoff escapes past your mouth and you prepare to walk away, but dream’s gloved hand finds yours. it’s an unfamiliar weight on your palm but for some reason, it’s not all that bothersome or revolting, infact, it’s actually quite nice.
“before you leave, could i get a good luck kiss?” the blond looks at you with pleading, hopeful eyes.
his ask takes you aback and you almost need a minute to process it. only when dream impatiently taps his cheek, you realise that he’s being serious in his request.
“of course,” you muttered, hoping your voice didn’t squeak as much as you think it did because goodness, that would’ve been embarrassing. dream didn’t need to know about the way his sentence made your heart race, causing the rest of your chest to cave in on itself.
the slytherin boy looks surprised but without giving him time to respond, you raise your palm to your lips, left a gentle kiss on the skin before gently slapping his face. not rough enough that it would hurt but rough enough to surprise him.
he recovers pretty quickly, shaking the bruise to his ego by laughing. “you’re a sneaky one.”
“wouldn’t want anything else. now get back inside.”
“aye aye, captain.”
in order to make sure dream actually obliges to your command, you watch as he shrinks back in the tent but not without sparing a wink, just for you.
compose yourself, y/n.
you hoped the walk back to the stands would calm your fleeting heart but unfortunately, even as you ascend the stairs, the blond-haired boy occupies your every thought. for some reason, your brain is repeating every second of the conversation you previously had with dream. against your will too?
there’s not a moment about today you’ll forget, that’s for sure.
finding wilbur in the stands was easy but you sat down next to him without a word, still staring into space, processing whatever just happened with dream. his scarf tickles your skin.
“whoa… what’s up with you?” asked the brunet, waving a hand in front of your face before noting the object in your arms. “is that dream’s scarf?”
“shut up. i just need a second... tell you about it later,” you muttered in response. the blare of trumpets capture your attention and not too long after, the slytherin players fly out of their side of the field.
you don’t miss the blond, who’s first to step out and lead the rest of the players in a flashy show around the stands, causing for everyone to cheer at the top of their lungs for the players. the praise and energy is easily absorbed by the serpent house, who wave to the crowd, asking for more enthusiasm.
typical for slytherins to be so prideful.
dream’s eyes scan the ravenclaw section of the stands and it’s not long until his gaze lands on you, which you pretend to not see as he flies away.
however, the second the familiar colours of ravenclaw flash on the field, you, along with everyone else in the stands jumps to their feet, roaring and clapping wildly for your team. the players circle around the stands, lead by a familiar pink-haired. when they fly by you, you feel the wind puff onto your face due to the speed at which they were whizzing through the air.
once their spectacle is over, the teams meet in the middle, the captains enter a tense showdown and you can only imagine the interaction happening between the two males. everyone gathered around a leather box which contained the snitch, bludgers and quaffle.
the players hover in their designated positions in the air and the next thing you know, the quidditch coach has the ball in her arms. without a moment’s notice, she throws it high into the air.
the game begins.
it happens too quickly, all players seemed as though they were phasing from one place to the next, the bludgers and quaffle were being chucked around too often to keep constant tabs on and the roaring of the crowd whenever a point was scored was a sound you adapted to.
one thing you can’t deny though, is just how much your eyes caught onto dream’s trail, observing him keenly as he skillfully manuevered around the fields, most of the time, with the quaffle held close to his body. as annoying as the slytherin was, he was an excellent chaser with impressive aim, scoring most of the points for his team. it was oddly satisfying watching him play.
slytherin was in the lead by 20 points and the game was reaching almost half-time since the snitch was still out in the wild and the seekers had yet to catch sight of it.
it was incredibly stressful and although you weren’t the most athletically competitive soul- no that was saved for the gryffindors- the drive for your house to win was strong (even at the expense of dream’s pride).
but you forget just how challenging and brutal this sport can be. it was ridiculous how there weren’t many rules regarding physical harm in the game but it wasn’t like you could do anything about it, which never bothered you that much.
you take that all back though when a bludger hits dream square in the jaw.
the world stops to slow motion and you can only helplessly watch as he tumbles off his broom.
“will he be okay?” a distant voice asked.
“yeah, he’ll be okay. took a pretty rough hit followed by a fall but nothing a little magic can’t fix. best he’s got is a concussion,” another, familiar one says.
dream’s vision is groggy and the blinding brightness of the room doesn’t help since his poor eyes were straining to adjust. plus he’s got a killer pain in his head and-
“he’s awake!” a voice hisses beside him and he recognises that it belongs to george.
great. i’m in the infirmary.
the blond slytherin tries to sit up to the best of his ability but every muscle in dream’s body screams for him to lie back down, return to sleep and never wake again, hibernating until all his wounds faded.
however, all the pain becomes irrelevant the second he hears your voice and suddenly, his heart is doing backflips out the window behind him. “hey, don’t try and stress yourself too much, you took quite a bit of damage.”
“how are you feeling?” sapnap asks.
dream sighs and even that small action hurts, so he flops his back against the pillows of the infirmary bed, quite clearly drained and fed up.
“horrible... everything hurts. what happened?” he muttered tiredly, glancing around the room to his friends and everyone seems hesitant to tell him, including you, who dangles off the bed right beside him. normally, dream would be overjoyed at the proximity, but it’s a bit hard to feel any sort of serotonin right now, especially as it feels like his head might explode any time soon.
“at the quidditch finals, you kinda took a really rough fall dude,” sapnap confesses to his best friend, watching as confusion morphs into the blond’s expression.
dream remembers a bludger whacking him in the face and- oh, maybe that’s why his entire body ached like there was no tomorrow. falling from many feet in the air would do a number on anyone.
he cringes just thinking about it.
“it was really scary to watch, actually,” you mentioned from beside him and dream turns to look at you. he notices the genuine concern swimming in your eyes and it surprises him. he likes it though, because dream’s ego can only handle so much constant rejection.
“who won the game?”
his two best friends glance over to you and you make an awkward ‘oh no’ face before saying, “ravenclaw…”
the disappointment on dream’s face hurts and you can’t tell if it’s because of his loss or perhaps… because of his failed bet. however, talking about it here in front of george and sapnap wasn’t the best, so you keep the question lingering in the air as you continue conversing with your housemate and the gryffindor boy.
it was mostly the three of you talking. understandably so since dream was not having a good time and you didn’t want him to waste his energy speaking.
the nurse breaks the three of you up by announcing how she needed to tend to dream and as much as you didn’t want to leave, there wasn’t any other option.
“we’ll be back,” you reassure, patting his hand gently.
“no- wait, please,” pleads dream and you turn to look at him curiously but he’s looking up at the nurse. “can you give us another five minutes or so, please?”
she tiredly obliges, nodding before stalking off.
“what’s up?” you question.
dream feels nervous all of a sudden and he had no idea how he was so bold to you before the finals. maybe it was the pre-game adrenaline that kept him functioning, “i- uh… wanted to talk to you.”
“you really should be taking care of yourself instead of talking to me.”
“you’re important too,” dream casually mentions and you inhale sharply, making him fear that he did something wrong.
“when you say stuff like that… do you really mean it?”
“of course, why wouldn’t i?”
“nothing. don’t worry about it.”
he narrows his eyes at you and suspicions dwell in the back of his brain but he doesn’t push any further, “okay… so the whole date thing, guess it’s off now.”
“guess it is.”
dream feels his heart deflate, but what was he expecting? you were avidly always rejecting him and avoiding his advances, there was no way you wanted to go out with him and he curses himself for being stupid enough to assume.
you sit back down on the bed beside him, which drags him out of his pitiful thoughts. “hey, did you know you broke the records for most scored by a seeker?”
“yeah and i think that’s a pretty cool achievement and i also think winners deserve to be treated so how about a date to hogsmeade?”
“you’re kidding.”
you shake your head, biting your bottom lip in anticipation for his answer and dream wants to cry from happiness.
“yes!” he shouts enthusiastically, bolting to an upright position as his heart practically sings with happiness. “i’ll get out of here as soon as i can so you don’t have to wait-”
“-whoa big guy, give it a little time first! i’m not going anywhere,” you giggle, finding his excitement incredibly endearing.
“i’m sorry, it’s just, wow. i’m not dreaming right now, am i?”
“you’re not. actually, i brought a little something for you,” you grab the slytherin scarf- his slytherin scarf, and wrapped it gently around his neck. dream smiles at the little gesture. “i kept it warm for you during the game and now you can have it back.”
“but green and silver suits you.”
“you can give it back to me when we properly go out. now, i probably should leave.”
“okay. come back later will you?” he asks shyly, avoiding eye contact.
this side of the blond makes you smile a little. “of course i will. oh and, one last thing.”
you place a small kiss on the palm of your hand before gently slapping dream. he laughs at the familiar gesture. “that’s for making me worried, dickhead,” you muttered.
then, when he was least expecting it, he feels a light graze of your lips on his cheekbone and that’s when the poor, unsuspecting slytherin feels his heart stop. he couldn’t do anything, except smile dumbly as you leave with a small wave and he remains in the hospital bed absolutely dumbfounded.
he’s never felt so attached to a stupid scarf before.
Tumblr media
eeee i actually really like this fic! ngl, one of my proudest dream ones yet :) gonna add this to my list of personal favs teehee but what matters is that i hope you enjoyed!
if you've never seen me around before, i'd really appreciate a like, reblog, follow or comment your opinions! i won't take up any more time of your day, but i hope to see you soon!
kindest regards, earth
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lmanburgbeloved · a month ago
hi! i saw your requests were open and was wondering if you could maybe do a cc!sapnap x gn!reader in which they both have a crush on each other and they pretty much know but aren't officially dating, and how they always need to be touching and just near each other when they're with their friendgroup? tysm if u do this and have a rlly amazing day <33
hi!! i really liked this request so it ended up being 1.6k words haha, and i hope you have an amazing day too!! i hope you enjoy <3 :]
a cc!sapnap x gn!reader
word count: 1.6k
summary: being in love with sapnap and sapnap being in love with you
warnings: lots of swearing, use of Dream’s real name once, talks of sex but no smut or implied smut
Tumblr media
flying to Florida last minute was not what you thought you would be doing at 3am on a Wednesday, quite the opposite actually, right now you're in a plane getting ready for take off when two days ago your plans were to sit in a discord call with Sapnap and watch Hunter x Hunter, the show he's been dying to show you.
so when he told you they were flying George out and he panic bought you a ticket, how could you say no? it's Sap! you'd actually get to see Sapnap in person again, which understandably made you very nervous, because the first time you met, it was awkward, you've had a crush on him for so long it felt that meeting him in person was nerve wracking, but when you got home from that trip he asked you to hop onto discord to talk about the trip, where you both without actually saying it pretty much said that you like each other, Dream constantly makes fun of you both for being "edaters" which Sapnap always gets defensive about, but you didn't mind it, i mean it wasn't your favorite, but his best friend was acknowledging that the both of you are practically dating, that's enough to make you the happiest person in the world.
Sapnap told you that you'd be staying with him and Dream in the second spare room they had since George would be staying in the main guest room, but he also told you that you're welcome to just stay in his room if you wanted since the room you were given is "a shit room compared to mine", as he said.
you knew it was his way of asking you to stay in his room, and you did not decline, which made you both pretty excited.
when you eventually arrived in Florida it was late at night because of all the delays they had, you mentally wrote down to kick the snows ass for it.
walking down the hallway, small bag on your shoulder, you see the place where you collect your luggage, conveyor belts with suitcases spiraling at a slow speed.
you spot your trusty black hard shell suitcase but when you head over to grab it you see a man pick it up, quickly picking up your pace you start jogging and dodging people "hey! you! that's my suitcase!" you yelled as nicely as you could, hoping this was just a misunderstanding and not a robbery.
you catch up to the guy and tap his shoulder, he's facing away from you getting ready to talk to the guy in front of him but was cut off by you, out of breath you speak up "i think you accidentally stole my suitcase" putting your hands on your knees and looking at the floor you try to catch your breath, which was hard in this stuffy place, it also doesn't help that you are very nervous to see Sapnap again knowing how he feels about you.
"i'm sorry to scare you love, i just thought i'd grab it for you, i was getting ready to text you that i had it with me so we could get out quicker" you looked up quickly, and smiled, there he was, "you're prettier than i remember" the blush on his cheeks is now very visible to everyone "gross, get a room" you looked behind him and upward to see a green eyed blonde "hi Dream, it's nice to meet you in person too" you say dripping with sarcasm causing him to laugh and give you a hug, suddenly you felt arms wrap around you both and then suddenly even more arms wrapped around you.
after a couple seconds there was a British voice in your ear "just so you know i talked Sapnap into getting you the ticket" you laughed and everyone pulled away, you all started walking to the car, the whole time talking about stuff you'd normally say in discord, you started by holding onto Sapnap's pinky with your own, then in the car you were holding hands, and walking in the house you were holding onto his arm while holding his hand.
Dream said he'd bring the luggage in for you both since he knows how much you both just want to sleep.
you heard your name being called and when you turned around he continued "where do you want your luggage? spare room or Sap's?" you smile "Sap's room" you received a quick squeeze on your hand from Sapnap.
you were tired, and he knew that, so he led you to his room and watched as you walked over and flopped on his bed, deciding to join you he crawls on the left side, you quickly flipped and curled up close to him, face in his chest, arms wrapped around you, a kiss was placed on the top of your head, and just like that, you fell asleep.
waking up the next morning you quickly noticed Sapnap wasn’t there, but you heard the sounds of three loud boys from what seems to be the living room.
getting up you went to his closet, ‘he won’t mind’ you think to yourself as you sift through his hoodies to see his corpse one, grabbing it and putting it on you head out the door and into the living room.
“Sap?” you ask quietly but loud enough that he should be able to hear, you finally come to the end of the hallway that leads into the living room to see Sapnap on one couch cheering on George as the British boy was play fighting with Dream, and surprisingly looked like he was winning.
walking over you sat next to Sapnap, putting your hand on his thigh, palm facing upward, while he took the hint and held your hand you started cheering “kick his ass Dream!” which caused Sapnap to laugh and cheer harder for George, now recognizing he didn’t want his ‘player’ to lose, “lets fucking gooo George!”
you and Sap were laughing and enjoying your time, when Dream ended up winning you went to get up to high five him, but two hands grabbed your hips and lightly sat you back down, this time on his lap.
you were nervous and overthinking, not wanting to mess up, but two arms wrapped around you, then a chin was sat on your shoulder “relax love” and so you did.
you looked over at Dream who was looking at you both with a smile “i’d high five you but i’m currently trapped” once you said the trapped part you leaned into him more and rested your hands on his arms, rubbing your thumbs on his wrists.
you and the boys just kept taking about how cool it was you are all together hanging out and not having to see each other’s faces on a screen, “George wanna make a bet they sleep together while they are here” you let out a high pitched noise out of embarrassment “Clay! shut the fuck up!” and while you were freaking out from embarrassment you felt a rumble on your back and the sound of Sapnap laughing really hard, causing you to relax a bit and let out a quiet laugh, you held Sapnap’s arms a little tighter without realizing, that caused him to realize you were a little more uncomfortable than he first noticed.
holding you closer he looked at Dream “you make everything weird” he said in a joking tone but little did you know he gave him the look of ‘please stop’, and he did once he saw that you were really red.
you normally were fine with these jokes! you’ve even made them yourself! why aren’t you now? is it because you’re in person? you know Sap wouldn’t make a move like that while you were here so why aren’t you laughing along with the jokes?
you all continued to talk about over stuff, the conversation drifting to the subject of Avatar: The Last Airbender since you and Sapnap planned on rewatching that together while you are here.
“all i’m saying is that my type is definitely season 3 Zuko” you said with a shrug. George chuckled “that explains why you’re into Sapnap” without thinking you relaxed a bit more from earlier and just said “no i’m into Sapnap, cause, have you seen him?” George tilts his head, Sapnap stiffens a bit, and you continue “the guy is just perfect, personality, looks, humor, ugh” you felt a kiss on your shoulder then heard him tell you that you’re a simp, which you did not deny.
about a week into staying with the boys you were swimming in the pool with Sapnap, you just looked at him after he said a ‘your mom’ joke to you, and it slipped out your mouth before you could process it “i’m so in love with you, my love, will you make me the happiest person and be my boyfriend?” he stopped swimming, set his feet on the bottom of the pool and smiled “i wanted to be the one to do this, you little shit” that caused you to laugh “that doesn’t answer my question Sap” he then swims toward you, stopping right in front of you, placing his hands on your cheeks, looking you straight in the eyes “i would love to be your boyfriend, because i am so in love with you too” he then leaned in, and it was peaceful, the kiss made you calm and excited at the same time, it was nice.
“George you owe me 50” Dream yells at the Brit
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sugarrbbee · 3 months ago
Tall S/o
Tumblr media
Includes: Dream, George, Sapnap, Karl, Quackity, Wilbur, and Foolish
Pronouns: Gender neutral
Notes: I'm imagining the reader to be 5'11/6'0
Dream absolutely loves that you're tall
He likes that he doesn't have to majorly lean down to kiss you or hug you
But you better believe he will still call you short
Also would bring it up when he's making fun of Sapnap and Georges height
"Calm your short asses down, even my s/o is taller than you"
Dream would refuse to be the small spoon when cuddling though
One time you snuck into the room so he wouldn't notice you and jumped on the bed and held him
Mans freaked out from your sudden appearance and because he hated being the small spoon
But then he kinda relaxed and realized how nice it was to be held
He will now only be the small spoon on certain occasions
You're taller than him but he honestly loves it
Feral boys tease him for being shorter than you but then you come in the room and yell at them and they all shut up LMAO
"Y/N! They're making fun of my height" *you enter the room* "Stop being mean to George, I know where all of you live"
George is so happy that he can wear your hoodies
Mans also loves your hugs because you make him feel safe
At times he does get insecure that you're taller than him and he thinks you might leave him for someone taller :(
"George I'd have to be a complete idiot to leave you. I literally love you so much so stop doubting yourself"
He smiled so wide at that and hugged you
Oh my god he loves how tall you are
He thinks tall people are so hot and he thinks he's literally so lucky to be dating you
"God took his time on you" "Shut up"
Another man who jumps at the chance to wear your hoodies
One day you walked into your shared bedroom to see him stealing one and you just stood at the door watching with your arms crossed
When he turned around he jumped so hard and was embarrassed you caught him in the act LMAO
He is not insecure you're taller than him
He brags about you being tall
"Imaging being shorter than Y/N" "Sapnap, you're shorter than them" "Shut up Dream, no one asked"
Oh my god he loves forehead kisses, please give him some
And he will literally take any chance he can to give you one
Like when you're sitting down or laying down and he can easily reach, he will give you a forehead kiss
Sees his chance and just *MWAH*
Basically the same height as Karl
He loves it so much because he doesn't have to bend down or look up, you're just right there
You both trade hoodies, depending on your body type
If you were plus-sized Karl would buy himself slightly bigger hoodies just so you can steal them
Karl loves cheek and nose kisses and I stand by that
And because of your height its really easy to do
Mans will sit on your lap at the most random times
"Hey Y/N look at this" *sits on your lap*
He also loves when you sit on his lap
If you ever brought him something during a stream he has you sit on his lap for a few minutes before reluctantly letting you go and continue what you were doing
Oh my god Karl loves when you hold him, but sometimes he's a little too shy to ask but that's okay because you always know what he wants
Overall he loves that you're the same height as him
Oh god he definitely gets fake upset you're taller than him
But he literally finds you so pretty
Another man who wants to sit in your lap, but only in private
He refuses to sit in your lap in front of other people
His chat would tease him about being shorter than you
But he would claim to be taller than you and then refuse to do a height check to prove it
"I'm taller than them, I swear" "Do a height check then" "No, I can't"
When you're cuddling he likes to tuck his head underneath yours so your head's resting on top of his
He just finds it so comforting and he feels really safe and protected like that
He will wear your hoodies but if anyone pointed out it was yours he'd deny it but then eventually just own up to it
"No chat it's not their hoodie......Okay fine, it is"
He blushed when chat caught onto that LMAO
Tall man needs a tall S/o
But he still makes fun of you for being shorter than him :(
Still uses you as an armrest too
Okay but putting aside the teasing, he really likes that you're on the taller side
His sweaters would still be slightly bigger on you (once again depending on you're body type and if you were plus-sized they'd fit you perfectly or he'd buy a size up so they could)
He would audibly awe at you in his clothes
"Awee how are you so adorable!"
Wilbur thinks he's literally so lucky to be dating you because you're an actual god/goddess
(If you can't tell, I like tall people and I think they're so cool)
When you joined him for streams you better believe you're doing at least one height check each stream
Don't even try and tell me Wilbur wouldn't put stuff out of your reach just so he can grab it for you
"Wilbur can you grab the sugar, I can't reach it" "Of course my love"
He would act like he just saved your life
All in all, Wilbur loves you so much and you're tallness just adds to it
He's 6'1, right? I'm pretty sure he is
So he's just barely taller than you
Just like everyone else, he loves that you're tall
Oh my god so many compliments
"You're so beautiful/handsome"
Don't even try and tell me he wouldn't still try and pick you up
Idk why but I just feel like he's the type of man just to like pick you up and put you over his shoulder
Purely just because he can
Foolish would also be one to give nose kisses and since you're so close in height it's easy
He would love to rest his head on your shoulder
Like if you're making dinner or folding laundry he would just wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder
Another man who loves when you wear his clothes
He will wear your clothes proudly and take any chance he has to say it's yours LMAO
"This sweatshirt? Oh yeah, it's Y/n's"
Overall he loves that you're tall
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katkats-stuff · 6 days ago
Sunshines and Lollipops /SUN AND MOON X READER (pt 1, 2 AND 3) (from my Wattpad lol)
All I wanted was some fun. Some adventure. I craved it so damn much, after all mom and dad are strict as hell.
"Bedtime this! Bedtime that! No drugs! No this, blah blah!"
I'm sick of this shit, man.
I gotta do something fun.
I can't stay in this bubble forever.
I just need... Something to distract myself.
From school.
From stress.
Fucking finals. Exams. Pressure for applying for college. The mix.
Average teenager in high school.
I just turned 18 a few months ago. It was one hell of a ride. Never thought I'd make it here but, here I am.
Trying risky, dangerous things was always up my ally.
And tonight is the night I'm pursuing just that.
I lay in bed thinking for a bit, bopping my head to (favorite song).
An idea popped into my mind.
"That one pizza place that opened up... Holy shit."
I take off my earbuds and set them aside, grinning.
I outta break in and explore that place and see if those rumors are true. Kids disappearing? Let me see for myself. If it's my time, it's my time.
I grab my phone and charger and take a who knows how old water bottle that's been sitting there for.... Probably weeks, with me.
I grab my skateboard and sneak out. It's around 9pm.
As I scurry off into the night I listen to (favorite band). It's surreal. I've never snuck out before.
Sure I've been to that pizza place before. Once. With my family for my cousins birthday.
The animatronics were creepy as fuck. Satan spawn. Like, how do kids like that shit? I'll never know.
I end up at the front of the building and search for a way to get inside. I slowly unlock some back doors, which end up being locked.
Except for one.
I'm greeted by neons. Bright colors. The place is huge.
I take a swig of my water and spit it out.
That shit is moldy and tastes horrible. It's definitely been months.
I use the flashlight on my phone to see certain areas. I hear something walk up behind me.
"Hey, superstar!" I turn around and face a big animatronic bear.
"Hey, teddy!" I look up at the bear.
"My name is Freddy. Why are you here? It's late!"
I scurry in my mind to find a response. "I uh, was bored and wanted something interesting to do?" I shrug.
"That's a strange reason. You should really go home, this place is not for young people after hours.". Freddy said, placing his hand on my shoulder.
"Why? Is it a strip club or some shit?". I laugh.
Freddy shakes his head. "Watch your language, superstar. No, it is not... A strip club. I just... I do not recommend staying here throughout the night is all."
"Alright mister Teddy. Thanks for the advice, but I'm gonna do what I wanna do.". I begin walking away.
"Y/N!" Freddy calls out to me. I turn around slowly. "What do you want, man? A million bucks? If so, I can't help ya. I'm broke as shit."
"Just... Be careful, superstar. Please.". Freddy says.
I nod. He seemed genuine. I begin to second guess all of this.
But, I'm here. No going back now.
I remember my cousin going to the daycare for a little bit the last time I was here with family. I never saw inside but it looked pretty intriguing.
I enter the daycare center and face the slide. I chuckle to myself. "Haven't been on one of these since I was a little shit.".
I enter the slide and go down, falling into a weirdly colorful ball pit.
You walk around in the pit.  There must've several kids who pissed and shit in here.  You hoped you didn't step in any of it.
A figure from the corner of your eye catches your attention.  A sun man is at the top of a stadium thing.
The sun man opens his arms and twirls around.  "Hoooo Hoooo Hoooo!" He exclaims, happily.
He cannonballs into the pit.
You can't see him.  "Bro, I swear to fucking god if you jumpscare m-"
The sun man pops up and holds your shoulders.
"Hellllloooo! New friend!  You sure are up late! Are we having a slumber party?! Where are all of your friends?"
"My guy, I don't have any fri-"
He places you on the ground and walks around in a hyper, childish manner.  "We can finger paint, tell stories, drink Fizzy Fazz until
our heads exPLODE and stay up all night!"
You just stare at him blankly.  "What kind of drugs are you on. Holy shit."
The sun man interrupts you yet again.
"There is only one rule!"
"Keep the lights on... ON! On..."
"Whatever you say, buddy.  I'm just here for shits and giggles.".
You kick a stacked up mini tower down to the ground.
The sun man scurries over to the mess.  "Oh, no no no! What a mess!"
You walk away and observe the place.  It's pretty cool.
"Oh, which was the bottom and where is the top?! Clean up! Clean up!" He frantically exclaims.
You keep walking around.  The sun man eventually catches up with you.  "Why did you do that?! Why are you here, friend?"
I turn around to face him.
Shit, he's tall.
"I need something to do, so here I am."  I sigh.
"Well, in that case... I'm Sun! Nice to meet you, new friend!"
He holds out his hand.
"Sun? How original!" You say sarcastically, shaking his hand.
You find it creepy and weird he keeps calling you "Friend", over and over.
"You have an attitude, friend!  You need some Fizzy faz to lighten you up just like me!  Be bright and happy just like your friend!". Sun dances around.
You look at him.  "Whatever you say, Sunny D."
He looks at you confused.  "What is Sunny D?"
You roll your eyes.  "Nevermind. Don't worry about it." 
He shrugs and keeps hopping around excitedly.  You kinda admire his energy.  You wish you still had that kind of energy in you.
"So, you're the daycare guy.  How's it like taking care of little shits all the time?"  You sit down on a mat.
Sun gasps. "Such language, friend!"  You chuckle.  "Sorry about that.  But anyways, like I was saying...  How do you manage to take care of kids all
the time?"
"It's easy! I just love kids! They're so lively and fun, full of energy! Like me, aha!". He twirls around.
"I see." You look Sun up and down.  You aren't very sure what to make out from him.  He's so energetic, it's uncanny.  But he's also pretty cool.
Sun grabs your hand and smiles at you.  "You're my best friend!".
You stare at him. "Dude, we just met like 5 minutes ago. What the he-"
Sun pulls you into a tight hug.  He's cold. Well, he's made out of metal.
You pat his back.  It was nice being hugged. Even if it was just from some strange sun man anamatronic thing.
You stand up straight and look up at Sun.  "You know, I've heard that there's been problems here in the daycare.". You observe sun.
He began to have a panicked way about him.
"Oh, you're just being silly! A silly silly (boy/girl/person)! He says, looking down at the ground.
"I can handle the truth, Sun." You say in a calm voice.  "I'm genuinely curious."
Sun looks at you.
"I have a mean... Side of me that only comes out if the lights go off.  If they turn off... It's no good! No good at all!"  He starts to twiddle his thumbs nervously.
"What exactly does this other side do?" You eventually sit down on a padded mat.
"You will find out... The lights go off every hour! Oh no, I don't want it to happen again!"  Sun frantically exclaims.
You can see the genuine fear in his body language.  His face may be permanently happy, but something about him just screamed 'I'm terrified. Please don't leave me alone.'
"Look, I got all night, Sunny.  I'll stay with you and make sure nothing bad happens. Alright? Besides, how bad is this other guy anyways?"
At that very second the lights flicker.  Sun jumps in your arms and shivers.  You've never seen him like this. Granted it's your first time really seeing him.
"You'll be alright, Sun.  I promise you.". You pat his head.  He nuzzles up against you.
"I just don't want him out anymore,". Sun whines.
Time passes.  You two end up coloring to get Sun's mind off of everything.
You hold up a drawing you did of Sun.  "I made you a little something."  You give him a weak smile.
Sun beams with joy and picks you up.  "That's amazing, friend!  Oh boy, I love it so much!" He hugs you tightly.  This time... Longer than what he did last time.
"Are you gonna put me down or what?"
"I feel so silly, friend! What's this feeling inside of me?". Sun tilted his head.  You look down at him, he's still holding you up.
"I don't know, but can you explain?" You said, curiously.
Sun sets you down on a beanie chair.  He walks around a bit with his hands behind his back.
Sun speaks up.  "You're just so cute!"  He hides his face away.  You look at him, raising your eyebrows.  "Thanks?..."  You found it weird you were being complimented by a robot sun.  But, you weren't complaining.
"I um... I really just... Think you're-"
The lights turn off.
Sun frantically waves his arms screaming.
There was a pause.
You look around and can't find Sun anywhere.
"Bad children must be punished..." A low, raspy voice calls out from the depths of the Daycare. 
"Sun?" You call out.
The same voice is heard, laughing sinisterly.
'Dearest, I'm not Sun." The voice says.
You panic and begin to hide in the little playhouse, closing the door quietly.
The voice laughs, once again.  "Where are youuuu, Naughty one?"
You shut your eyes so you can try to soothe yourself. 
They get closer. And closer.
And closer.
There will be a continuation of this story, so if you want more, feel free to follow me on here.
Wanna support my work? I got Wattpad (I KNOW I KNOW BUT IT'S FUN). My Wattpad is @z0mb11fi3d
My original plan for this story WAS smut . But I think I'll make this more of a flirtatious, almost smut thing. Very soft stuff that doesn't go into detail because my confidence of writing smut is low lol.
BUT YEAH enough of me talkin, hope ya stick around!!
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thelegendofwinchester · a month ago
the year is 2050. j2 are at a con to talk about their classic show spn. someone asks a question about sam and dean's relationship, and jensen talks at length about how much dean loves sam and how he thought his speech in the barn scene reflected that perfectly. jared talks about how difficult it was for sam to live without dean. they agree that the boys had a good life together before dean's death, and that their reunion in heaven is the perfect ending for them.
on twitter, a user with a blue and green heart in their username tweets:
haha jackles can pretend all he wants, we all know he hates the finale!! destiheller king 💚💙
another replies:
haha #SexySilence
a third answers:
where are the destiel tapes!! someone violate jensen's privacy and leak them already!
a fourth person says:
i can't wait for jensen to finally be free of his abusive PR friendship so he can be his authentic self with mish #CocklesForever
a fifth person mourns for a group they don't really care about, saying:
it's the queer kids who watched spn that i really feel awful for. what they did was the peak of homophobia and the worst thing that queer people have ever been through #TheySilencedYou
someone adds:
i bet it's jared's fault :/ he's been holding misha back forever, we all know he's always been insanely jealous.
the other five agree.
meanwhile, none of this changes the fact that sam and dean are canon soulmates, who lived out their semi-retirement domestic fantasies in the bunker after years of thinking they could never have that kind of peace. j2 are still attached at the hip, spending insane amounts of time together. they have long since stopped pretending to acknowledge misha's existence, even though every now and then he still tweets inappropriate things about jensen. all six of his remaining fans are delighted by this but no one else cares. jared has gone on to star in several successful shows, and even a few movies. jensen directs all of them. their spin-off short series about sam and dean in heaven was a massive hit.
the twitter user with the hearts in their username posts:
i can't believe jensen would just abandon mish like this :/ that man literally only cares about j*red, it's disgusting :/
the other five agree. they make plans to get #MishaForPresident trending, using every sock account they have at their disposal. it works for five whole minutes, and they begin bombarding the white house account with spam, asking when they'll be swearing misha in. misha tweets:
I'd be a great President, especially with my First Lady at my side @jensenackles
all six of his fans cheer. jensen doesn't respond, because he permablocked misha on twitter after The Great Destihell Shitfest of 2026. he goes on a nice dinner date with jared and posts pictures, with the caption:
Date Night with my boy.
jared likes it immediately and comments:
looking great for a dude pushin' 100! love you brother ❤️
twitter is in uproar. INCEST, they shout. someone tweets:
they are comforted by misha, who posts a link to his stands shop where he's selling a t-shirt with the words LOVE WINS written in feathers over a trenchcoat. a reply arrives immediately:
the only real ally 💚💙 fuck those homophobic assholes, who needs them anyway!!
it receives five likes.
on november 19, jensen posts the barn scene. jared posts the bridge reunion. they talk about how much spn means to them and how much they still care about sam and dean. they don't mention misha at all, even when he posts his own crying face from his final scene.
the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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mackenzielovee · 3 months ago
Hi, I loved crazy love. Literally I become obsessed, so I was wondering if you could write something about them when they are moving to their new apartment near to college and both of their families are helping them to have everything in order, but Rafe only want them to leave to be all alone with you in their new home. Maybe a little bit of smut?
a/n: this idea had my heart bc i'd really been wanting to write something like this ;) i hope you enjoy! thanks so much for the request!
Warnings: swearing, smut, mentions of planned pregnancy, discussion of sex
crazy love masterlist
my writing
our home: crazy love blurb - rafe cameron
"No, no a little to the left. Ward, are you listening to me?"
You sigh as you set the very last box down on the kitchen counter, stealing a glance at Rafe, who is sitting on your new couch. His head is in his hands as he listens to his parents bicker back and forth, trying to hang up the painting they had bought the two of you. Rose had gushed over it when she bought it, telling you it would match the rest of your decor perfectly.
"Of course, darling. You're talking loud enough," Ward gripes, shifting the painting to the left as Rose demands.
"Oh, come on, now. Back over to the right-"
"It's straight!" Rafe raises his voice, standing up from the couch.
You inhale sharply and step into the living room of your new apartment, wrapping an arm around him to try and calm him down. Ever since his parents and Wheezie arrived with the moving truck to help you both, he's been on edge. When your parents showed up with Macy, you thought he was about to go into cardiac arrest.
"Actually, I think it might just be straight," Rose nods, "Good eye, Rafe."
"Thanks so much," he remarks sarcastically.
"Hey," you whisper to him, trying to tell him to quit being mean to his step-mom, "They're here to help, remember?"
Rafe rolls his eyes, "I could do this shit myself."
"Because you're such a handy man?" you snort.
Rafe clenches his jaw as he looks down at you, but can't help the smirk on his face. He pulls you closer to him, leaving a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"Where did Macy and Wheezie go? They should start on those kitchen boxes," Rose tells Ward, stepping away from her husband to look for them.
"We can handle the kitchen boxes," Rafe tells her.
"Y/N?" Rose looks to you for a final answer.
You glance up at Rafe only for a second, noting the look on his face, then nod your head in agreement.
"I like the kitchen organized a certain way, anyway," you tell her with a smile.
She nods her head, "All right. Ward and I can start on your sheets-"
"Y/N's parents are taking care of that," Rafe informs her.
Wheezie and Macy come tumbling into the front door, running past all of you and into your bedroom with your parents.
"What the hell are those two up to?" Ward questions.
Wheezie and Macy have become as thick as thieves, the best of friends, over the summer. One day, you'd shown up at Rafe's only to find your sister in her kitchen with Wheezie, baking away. Ever since then, you and Rafe have had to be extra quiet upstairs.
Rose and Ward step toward your bedroom as well, which is down a small hallway just off the kitchen. Rafe grabs your hand and yanks you with him, following the crowd of people.
"Can everyone get out of our bedroom, please?" Rafe grumbles, standing behind his father and watching your parents finish up making your bed.
Your parents had not been crazy about you and Rafe living together right as you both make the transition to college. You had cried, begged, threatened to not go to school, and even dragged Rafe over for a family dinner so all of you could talk the situation out. You'd never seen Rafe's face so red as the night he had to sit at a dinner table and discuss with your father how the two of you would be sleeping in the same bed.
When your parents found out that the Camerons would be financing your rent bill, however, the living situation had changed. Your parents hadn't realized how expensive dorm living is, and the thought of not having to pay for housing on top of tuition sounded like a dream come true.
Which is how you land in your new, empty kitchen, trying to hold Rafe back from killing every family member the two of you currently have within arms reach.
"It's quarter to three," your dad tells your mother over your bed.
"Macy," your mom speaks, "Get your stuff, honey. We have to get going."
"Yeah," Rafe perks up, earning the attention of his parents, "You guys should get moving, too. Y'know, lots of traffic, and Wheezie's got that thing early in the morning."
Wheezie opens her mouth to speak, but stops suddenly when Rafe gives her the death stare. She looks to you, to which you just shrug, and then turns back to her parents.
"What thing?" Rose asks her. Ward's phone buzzes in his pocket, earning his attention.
"Uh," Wheezie hesitates, looking to Rafe once more.
"Girl scout meeting," Rafe blurts.
You cover your face with your free hand to try and prevent Rose from seeing your laughter. You truly have no idea where Rafe gets this idea that Wheezie is old enough to be in girl scouts. Wheezie narrows her eyes at him, shaking her head slightly.
"Girl scout?" Rose questions to herself, still trying to figure it out when Ward speaks up, eyes still glued to his phone.
"Wheezie, get your stuff. You won't want to be tired in the morning at your meeting."
Wheezie rolls her eyes but does as she's told, making her way out of your bedroom and down the hall to collect her things in the living room.
"Seriously, Rafe?" she hisses, "Girl scouts? I'm fourteen-"
"Shut up, Wheeze," Rafe says back to her through gritted teeth.
Wheezie turns to you, "He's your problem, now."
"Oh, boy, do I know it," you tease Rafe, smiling with Wheezie. She laughs, but it's short lived when Rafe shoves her away.
"Get your shit," he mutters.
"Stop it," you demand, stepping in front of him and holding onto his forearms as they are wrapped around your waist.
The one thing you love about Rafe more than anything is how he always shows affection to you, even if your parents or his parents are around. He just doesn't seem to care about anyone except you.
"I want them to go," he defends himself, keeping his voice quiet, "I just want to be alone with you. In our home. I didn't realize that was such a difficult request."
You smile up at your fussy boy, dragging one hand up to his face to stroke his cheek. You can faintly hear your families moving around the two of you, but you're too lost in your own little world to think too much about it.
"Be patient," you whisper to him.
He smirks, "Will you make it worth my while?"
You give him back the same look, loving the way he smirks at you and allows his eyes to rake over every inch of your face and torso. It takes everything in him not to just grab you by the throat and kiss the hell out of you, only controlling himself because your dad is ten feet away.
"Don't I always?"
Rafe groans, trying his best to keep his composure. He has to close his eyes as he continues to whine, knowing that if he keeps looking at you, he'll be hard in no time.
"All right," Rafe says loudly, tugging himself away from you, "Thanks for coming, everyone, but we have a lot to unpack here. Dad, Rose, Wheezie, I'll show you to the door."
You snicker as you watch him attempt to lead his confused family out the door. You turn to your own family, giving hugs and promising to call whenever you can. Rose refuses to leave without giving you a hug, which pisses Rafe off, as he's gotten Ward and Wheezie out successfully and only needs one more.
Rose promises to send flowers, one that match the color scheme of course, and tells you she'll call you to check on Rafe, since he doesn't bother to return her calls. You give Wheezie a hug and give Ward a polite smile and wave from the doorway.
The second they're all out the door, Rafe slams the door shut and locks it before any of them can decide they forgot something.
"Ah, free at last," you joke.
Rafe turns around, licking his lips as he thinks about how you two finally have an empty house and he has you all to himself. No distractions, no parents, no little sisters listening intently at the door for secrets and drama. He eyes you up and down once, and when he brings his blue orbs to meet yours again, you know what he's thinking.
"Come here," he demands, but he can't help himself.
That boy rushes over to you, pushing you up against the wall in the entryway of your new apartment, kissing you as if his life depends on it. You accept his kiss without a second thought, allowing your hands to wrap themselves around his neck.
"Up," he mutters against your lips, hands guiding themselves to your waist as you jump up and let him position himself in between your legs, wrapping them around his torso.
He moves his kisses to your cheek, then your jawline, then your neck, while his hands relentlessly roam your ass.
"Rafe," you say, tilting your neck to give him more space.
"Hmm," he hums against your skin, not stopping or slowing down for anything.
"I really do have to unpack the kitchen if you want to eat dinner tonight," you tell him, although you're fully aware he would never set you down for anything right now.
"Not hungry."
"I think," he stops you, wet kisses trailing your collarbone, "We should fuck everywhere. Y'know, break the place in."
Even though you two have been together for a while, him saying things like that to you always seems to send tingles through your whole body. He always knew what to say, what to do, to get you riled up in all the right ways.
"That would take us all night," you whisper, smirking because you already know what he's going to say.
"Fine with me, baby."
You smile, then reach down and grab ahold of his cheek with your hand. You lead his lips back to yours, kissing him harder than you had been before. He moans into your mouth and you know you have him right where you want him now.
"Kitchen first?" he questions, breathless, "Or should we mess up that pretty little bed your parents just made up?"
The raspiness in his voice gets you going, enough for him to notice you squirming in his grip. He grins, knowing exactly what it is you need.
"Kitchen," you tell him, watching as he barely nods before he kisses you again, carrying you over and setting you on the counter.
With ease, he removes your shorts and underwear, dropping his own shorts to the floor beneath him. He kicks all of the clothes away, knowing the two of you won't be needing them for a very long time.
"I can't wait, baby," he mumbles, excusing his lack of foreplay.
You shake your head, and he already knows you don't mind based on the way you're dripping onto the granite, "Please, Rafe."
He smirks and then grunts as he enters you, breathing out a sigh of relief that you two are finally home.
By the time you and Rafe even make it to your bedroom, he has to carry you because your legs can't physically function anymore. Rafe's proud of his work, but pretended to pout when he finished you off on the couch and you told him you needed a break.
He lays you down on your new, freshly made bed, moving the pillows out of your way and tucking you underneath the duvet. He climbs in beside you and molds you into his body almost instantly, inhaling your shampoo scent and perfume, thinking about how perfect this moment truly is.
"I can't believe it," he whispers.
"I know."
"Our home."
"Yes, it is."
You two lay there for a while, staring out at the tens of boxes that have each of your names written on them, just begging to be unpacked. You're sure Rafe's boxes will still be sitting there in two weeks, as he had packed a separate duffle bag of his 'essential' belongings.
"You know," he starts after a while, a devious smirk finding it's way to his cheeks, "The next big step is having a mini you. Or a mini me. But, I'd rather have a mini you."
"We just moved into our college apartment and you're talking about impregnating me," you laugh, as if to ask him if he's serious.
"She'll be so cute," he goes on, "A little girl that looks just like you. And she'd have your smarts, thank God, because she'd be screwed with mine. But she'd have my humor, of course."
"Of course?" you tease him.
"And then we'll have a boy."
"Wow, Rafe Cameron, you really just have this all figured out," you move your head up to look at him, noting the small, cheesy smile plastered across his face.
"I do, baby. He'll be a hellion, though. Never listening, always running away, but a total momma's boy. Never wants you to leave his side-"
"So, just like his dad, then?" you grin, watching Rafe clench his jaw and shake his head.
"Break's over," he grunts, rolling you on your back and climbing on top of you, "We're trying, now."
"No, we're not," you say forcefully.
Rafe rolls his eyes, "I'm joking. We'll wait until, like, junior year or something."
"Fine. But the second you walk across that stage with your diploma, I'm putting a baby in you."
@hollandsour @flowerkidlxrry @kookkyra @pogueslandia @sarahwasfound @fuzzyhumanpersontrash @rafecameronn @rafeswh0ree @outerbankies @morganwilliams
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misskatebishop · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
I'd fight on Christmas night for you
Word count: 1.198
Pairing: Thena/Fem!Reader
Warnings: Fluff.
Summary: It's the first Christmas you and Thena will spend together, and the Eternals are coming, too.
A/N: I had so much fun working on it. Sorry it took longer than I expected. I combined two resquests I had since both of them had "first Christmas" as theme.
If you want to be added to the taglist, please, send me an ask telling me for which characters.
Requests: 1. Can you please do a ‘First Christmas’ with Thena where reader meets the Eternals for the first time whilst also spending her first ever Christmas with Thena after being together? / 2. Can I ask for a first Christmas with thena and a mistletoe kiss with Thena.
Tumblr media
You fidget nervously at the rim of your t-shirt before you hand another Christmas ornament to Thena.
This was the first Christmas you were spending together, and you were more than happy about it. You’ve moved to Australia just a few months ago, so you didn’t know a lot of people, and since Thena and you start dating you could be found at her and Gilgamesh’s house often. So when Thena asked you to come and stay for Christmas, you accepted it, of course. Then, Gilgamesh let you know that the rest of their family was coming.
You couldn’t stop the knot of nervousness forming in your stomach at the idea of meeting Thena’s whole family. Well, this would happen one way or another, you just didn’t expect it to be soon. Actually, you know you’d be nervous even if it was later anyway.
You were so immersed in your own thoughts that you didn’t notice Thena’s concerned face as she called you until you snapped out of whatever trance took you.
“Y/N… Are you okay, my dear?”
You blink, holding out a stocking to her.
“What if they don’t like me?” you sigh, sitting down. You look defeated.
Thena puts the stocking on the wall before she comes sitting beside you, she holds your hand gently, then she pulls you in a hug, resting her chin on the top of your head.
“They will. I’m sure they will, and if they don’t…” Thena says. you look up, a little scared of what might come next. “I’ll fight each one of them.”
You smile, pulling apart and poking on her shoulder.
“You can’t fight all of them,” you reply amusedly.
“Oh, you haven’t seen me fighting yet,” Thena shrugs and winks, a smirk tugging on her lips.
You can’t help but lean for a kiss, which she happily grants. Then, the doors suddenly open, allowing the sunlight and the summer weather to warm the interior of the house. You hear a swear from the outside before Gilgamesh appears, pulling a stepladder behind him.
“What’s up?” Gilgamesh raises a brow, looking at the two women. You shrug.
“Y/N is afraid the others won’t like her,” Thena says, standing up and pouring some water in her glass.
Gilgamesh chuckles, shaking his head as he positions the stepladder.
“C’mon, Y/N. I’m sure Ajak and Sersi will love you at first sight,” he says. Thena wraps her arms around your waist, resting her chin on your shoulder as she watches what the other Eternal is doing. “Sprite will annoy the hell out of you. Makkari and Druig will tease you, and Kingo is too self-centered, he will want to know if you have watched his movies,” Gilgamesh reassures you. “Ah, Phastos is quiet, but he’s very polite with everyone. Ikaris is a flatterer, so don’t mind him either,” Gilgamesh gets down, rubbing his hands when his job is done. “You’ll be fine,” he pats your shoulder.
“Yeah, but–” you start to say but Thena cuts you off.
“What is it?” Thena points to the new ornaments Gilgamesh added to the decoration. You look and smirk.
“It’s a mistletoe,” Gilgamesh shrugs.
“What’s the point–”
“It’s just for fun,” Gilgamesh justifies, but he’s smiling while he puts the apple pie on the table.
You don’t give much thought to the mistletoe, instead, you go to help Gilgamesh to set the table for Christmas dinner. Thena, on the other hand, crosses her arms, resting her chin on her fist, looking curious at it.
You were ready when the first guests arrived, trying to look chill, but your hands were in the pockets to avoid showing your hands shaking due to nervousness and the sweat in them. Ajak, Sprite, Ikaris, and Sersi were the first to get there. They all looked happy to see Gilgamesh and Thena again, and then Thena introduced you to them.
You have to admit that wasn’t so bad. Ajak was lovely, pulling you into a hug and saying how happy she was to finally meet you, and so did Sersi. Sprite made a joke, saying that if Thena hadn’t made you run away yet, then nothing would do, but she welcomed you into the family and made you promise to give her some extra gingerbreads, which had you laughing. Ikaris simply shook your hand before he poured some drink for himself and sat next to Sersi.
Kingo was the next to arrive in his jet. He greeted everyone before he came to talk to you. As Gilgamesh had predicted, he asked you if you’d seen any of his movies, which you did, thanks to Thena and Gilgamesh who watched the movies as if they were a comedy. You had a lot of fun during movie nights with these two. Then, Druig arrived, and even though he greeted you with a nod, he remained in his corner, spending most of the time outside the house. Phastos was polite, as Gilgamesh said he’d be, he made small talk with him and then he sat and started talking to Ajak and Sersi about a new creation.
The last one to arrive was Makkari, but hey, she doesn’t need a jet or anything. It was only after she arrived that you see Druig coming in again, smiling from ear to ear as he signs to her. He actually takes it upon himself to introduce you to Makkari who held her hand out for a handshake. Druig signed something more for her and she giggled. You frowned, but Druig simply shrugged, wrapping his arm around the other guest and walking away.
You smile, tilting your hair, slightly confused but sure that they are probably just teasing you like Gilgamesh said they would do. You feel a hand on your shoulder, and you turn around to see Thena. Her silky blonde hair seems to glow tonight, and you can’t help but run your fingers through it. She leans in your touch.
“Don’t mind them. They are just teasing us,” she reassures you, and you feel like you can breathe a little lighter after her statement.
“That’s good,” you smile.
You don’t notice that the whole room is looking at you until Sprite calls you and Thena out.
“Hey, is that a mistletoe?”
You look up to see that you both are standing right under it. Thena laughs, looking down and her cheeks turn red.
“Well, you know what they say, right? It’s a tradition. I don’t make the rules,” Gilgamesh waves his hand as if he could not help you.
You feel your cheeks heating up, then you look at the gorgeous woman in front of you and you wrap your arms around her neck. You take a deep breath, tilting your head and smashing your lips against hers. Her arm slides down to your waist, pulling you close. You have forgotten how strong she is. For a moment you feel as if you were alone as if there weren’t another nine pairs of eyes watching the scene.
Thena’s smiling when she pulls apart, she places a kiss on the tip of your nose, making you blush.
“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”
“Merry Christmas, Thena.”
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angy-mouse · 5 months ago
this is my first time sending a request but i was thinking like angry sex or smth with dream team. like they were going to a party with reader (she/her if possible :)) and told her to stick with them but she got mad and wandered around. they get annoyed after they found out they lost her and were got really mad after they found her hanging out with another guy so they go home and have angry sex.
(it’s totally okay if you don’t want to or if you want to change it abit, your choice) ly <3
I'd been thinking about a chapter where reader and sap take their rich boys to a party and this fit so yay. I did change it up a bit and couldn't fit the sex in and its 1.7k that I'm incredibly dissappointed in so there's that.
PSA: this is the beginning of a bunch of works that I'm not proud of but usually y'all like it anyways so I'm queing them anyway
Tumblr media
When Sapnap told you he’d invited your two new sugar daddies/fuck buddies to the bonfire this weekend you were frankly shocked. “You invited Mr. ‘collared shirts and sweater vests’ and Mr. ‘I bought a yacht and filled it with video games so I can game in the bermuda triangle’ to a bonfire? No offense to them but it’s not exactly their scene.”
“They wanted to come,” he reasoned with a shrug. “...I may or may not have let it slip that you bought some daisy dukes with the money they tipped you last week.”
You scoffed at him, shaking your head with a soft smile. “...did you have to explain what daisy dukes were?”
He cackled at that. “Yes! God, those two are cute but fucking rich people,”
“Fucking rich people,” you echoed with a laugh.
Sapnap did his best to prepare George and Dream for the bonfire. He walked them through what to wear (“I swear to god if anything you’re wearing cost three digits you’re gonna deep throat my cock the entire drive there”) and picked them up in his pickup from Dream’s shockingly modest house. It was gorgeous, as it seemed everything involving Dream was, but by no means the mansion Sap was expecting.
“Don’t you look cute,” George chirped as he slid into the middle seat, rubbing Sapnap’s chest over his tight black tee.
“Very, cute,” Dream agreed with a purr as he sandwiched George between them. He furrowed his brow as they pulled out, seeing the backseat empty. “Where’s our little doll?”
“Already there,” Sap rushed to soothe, stretching his arm across the back of the seat to rub Dream’s shoulder. “She got a ride with some of her friends so they could get ready together.”
George huffed, crossing his arms. “Well then what are we doing wasting time? I wanna see my darling,”
Sapnap scoffed but shifted gears anyways, borderline speeding to the lake just to feel the way George clung to him and hear Dream’s yells of joy as the wind whipped in through the open windows. He managed to get a parking spot right on the beach by leaning out the window and shouting ‘make way, we’ve got beer!’ and watching the partiers scatter to make room. He let the rich boys take in the sight of about a hundred people scattered all over the beach, sand peppered with all kinds of coolers, towels, chairs and even clothing, as he pulled the cooler out of the bed.
“Alright, where’d our little sugar run off to,” he mused, startling at the sour look on Dream’s face- not the expression of someone who just saw their fuckbuddy in daisy dukes.
“Who’s that tool she’s dancing with,” he growled. Sapnap searched the crowd while the other two stewed, letting out a similar noise of displeasure when he finally spotted you. You were a sight to see, that was for sure, cute little booty shorts and a low-cut tank top clinging to your body as your open flannel that he was pretty certain came from his closet swayed with every movement you made- he couldn’t help feeling smug as he realized you’d unintentionally matched your outfit to his with your black shirt, flannel, and denim bottoms. No, the issue was the familiar blond prick with his hands on your hips.
“Punz. He’s cool enough, just can’t keep his hands to himself,” he grumbled, grabbing Dream’s arm as he started to stomp towards the two. “Ah-ah, where you goin’?”
Dream turned to him with a sickly sweet smile that actually made him feel a little on-edge. “I’m going to show both of them who she belongs to,” he said simply- because to him it was that simple.
“Yeah, that’s not gonna work,” Sap told him. “Remember the rules, boys: we are not dating. She’s not ours, so we’re not allowed to act jealous.” He let out a strained breath. “No matter how badly I want an excuse to lay his ass out- what the fuck is George doing?”
The two were left dumbfounded as George strolled up to you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on your shoulder. You whipped around to see the culprit and lit up, abandoning your borderline-grinding with Punz to give the brit a hug. “There you are, Georgie!”
“Hey there, gorgeous,” he chirped, grinning with false regret at Punz. “Sorry to interrupt, I just couldn’t let this one get away with not giving me my hug,”
Luckily Punz simply laughed it off. “I know what you mean- little thing thought she could steal from my cooler without a dance.”
You huffed as George faked a dramatic gasp- you didn’t need two guys you’ve fucked around with teaming up against you, you knew how that played out. “I just wanted to try one of your white claws,” you excused, pressing yourself deeper into the hug to try and gain some sympathy. “I didn’t think you would mind.”
“Oh, I don’t mind at all, bunny,” Punz purred with a cheeky grin. “Especially not when I get to watch you bend over to get it in those shorts.”
“Speaking of,” George stage-whispered into your ear. “I think I’ve been over here long enough for Dream and Sap to start getting jealous that I’m stealing your attention so we should go say hi, hmm, baby?”
You hummed out an ‘mmkay’ and flashed Punz a cheeky grin with a wave of your fingers as George pulled you away. “See you later, Punz, save me another dance?”
“Of course, anything for you, cutie,” he tossed back. George glanced over his shoulder, allowing himself a small displeased grumble as he saw Punz’s eyes glued to your ass as you walked away- it didn’t matter, though, he quickly decided. You chose him over the frat boy and he’d make sure to reward you for it later.
“God damn pretty priveledged mother fucker,” Sapnap laughed as he watched George lead you back to where the two guys had found a log near the fire to claim for your group. Dream stayed silent as you skipped up, tossing your arms around Sapnap’s shoulders since he was closest and also in charge of the cooler.
“Sap, did you bring my drinks?”
“Maybe,” he hummed, resting his cheek against your chest. “What would you give me for them?”
You smiled down at him, stroking his hair as you turned his face into your chest. “I’ll take them once you’re dead,” you decided as you weakly tried to suffocate him. The three burst out laughing as Sapnap easily pulled out of your hold and pulled you down to sit on his leg.
“How did you get drunk so fast,” he mused, watching you immediately forget your murderous plan in favor of tucking yourself under his flannel to steal his warmth. “Let’s switch you to water, sugar.”
“I want a soda,” you protested, leaning to try to grab something out of the cooler for yourself. All three boys lept to grab you as you started to topple off Sapnap’s lap. “Whoops,” you squeaked, hands latching onto Dream’s forearm that he threw in front of you. You blinked up at him, tipsy mind trying to comprehend why he looked upset for a split second before your thoughts shifted to ‘ooh he’s so cute.’ “Dream! Can I have a soda, please?”
He sighed with a soft smile as you pulled out your best puppy eyes and pout- the whole 9 yards. “I saw Sap packed some ginger ale,” he said, fishing one out and pressing it into your hands. “Try to sip slowly, alright, doll? We don’t want our precious little thing getting sick.”
You eagerly nodded, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, daddy,” you chirped before settling back into Sapnap’s chest. You missed Sap’s sympathetic grin and George’s muffled laughter as Dream took in a sharp breath at the title, fingers digging into his palms. Later, he told himself.
The rest of the bonfire breezed by in a flurry of music, drinking, marshmallow-roasting and conversation until you were pressed between Dream and Sapnap in the front of the pickup while George dozed off in the backseat. “Did you have fun, Dream?”
You heard him hum, nuzzling deeper into his shoulder- he’d offered himself as designated driver since he didn’t drink often anyways but to you that meant he’d offered his shifting arm as your personal cuddle buddy. “It was more comfortable than most parties I’ve been to,” he admitted somewhat begrudgingly. “...I think I’d enjoy it a bit more if it was just the four of us.”
You gave a half-questioning half-understanding hum. “You didn’t like my friends?”
“Your friends are lovely, princess,” he assured you, moving his hand from the gearshift to knead your exposed thigh. “Puffy, Niki, Bad and Skeppy- they’re great, they’re all really nice.”
You hummed. “What about Minx and Punz?” You smiled lazily as he grumbled in response. “Aw, is someone jealous?”
He let out a deep breath after a second, tightening his grip on the wheel and your leg. “...Yeah, I was. I know I have no reason to be because we’re not exclusive or anything- but I am, okay? I don’t like the way Punz was grinding on you, I don’t like the way Minx was so eager to follow you to the bathroom, and I fucking hated the way they stared at you-”
“They stare at me the same way you do,” you giggled. You weren’t terribly drunk, but enough that you found the situation adorable.
“I know,” he groaned. “...I may not be allowed to act jealous, but that’s not going to stop me from feeling it.” He turned to look you in the eye as he stopped at a stop sign. “And, princess, as soon as you’re sober I can promise you’re going to be feeling it, too. I’m gonna mark up that pretty neck with hickeys, I’m gonna smack your ass red- I’m going to make you mine, baby. Do you understand me?”
You smiled up at him and nodded, leaning forward to bunny-kiss his nose. “Yes, daddy,” you chirped, watching him smile and nod before turning his attention back to the road. “...I always come back to you three,” you told him.
He didn’t respond but his hand gave a gentle squeeze on your thigh and you settled back into his side for the rest of the drive to his house where you could sleep off your hangover in peace with your three favorite people.
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miss-smutty · 5 months ago
The Wait
A/N- So this is my entry for @ritesofreverie awesome writing challenge. I've been In a little writing slump recently with my head not in the right place but i wanted to get this written while I could. (Apologies if it's not very good 🙈) I broke my rule too and it's a long ass fic, usually I'd do it in a couple of parts. Anyway I really hope you like it 😬😬
I chose business meets pleasure with bodyguard!Thor😍
Summary- You'd been trying to get the attention of your gorgeous bodyguard for six months now. When you're pushed into a situation that forces you closer, will you finally get what You've wanted for so long.
Pairing- bodyguard!Thor x reader (Thor is off-canon)
Word count- 7.3K
Warnings- Swearing, smut, violence, murder, threatened sexual assault?, Unprotected sex
18+ only!!
Posted: 1st August 2021
Taglist:- @longlostinanotherworld @mostly-marvel-musings @darklydeliciousdesires @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap @jjpogueprincess
Tumblr media
"Cooee, Thor." You called, a slight smile playing on your lips. "Could you please pass me that towel? Silly me, forgot to put it next to the pool." You bit on to your bottom lip as you stood by the side of the pool, completely naked, the water still dripping off of your curves.
This was a last ditch attempt to attract the attention of your absolutely delicious bodyguard, you'd literally tried everything you could think of and he just would not give in. You knew he wanted to, could see the determination written on his face as his jaw clenched whenever he was around you, his hands in fists of frustration by his side.
Thor's eyes widened when he looked at you, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat. You almost felt guilty for distracting him from his job but that tiny glimmer of hunger you see everytime had become like a drug to you. A desperate need to chase it, just to feel that second of arousal you feel when his eyes scan you. The confidence you feel when you make this highly professional man's guard slip for the slightest of seconds. It was the biggest turn on you'd ever felt, your internal muscles clamping with desire. It was a need, a deep feral need that became addicting all too soon.
"On second thoughts, why don't you join me? The waters lovely." Your head followed the movements of Thor, as he bent to pick up your towel from the lounger. The fitted trousers he was wearing, stretching against his toned ass. You bit your lip, staring shamelessly, as he brought you your towel, the hint of a smirk on the corner of his lips.
"I don't mix business with pleasure Miss Y/L/N." He was wicked, cruel, a complete and utter tease but you absolutely loved every minute of it. The thrill was such a rush, adrenaline coursing through your veins when his fingers brushed against your bare skin purposefully. Thor's eyes fell to your exposed breasts, your nipples instantly hardening in response and for once you were lost for words. Crushed by his intense gaze and then boom it was gone, and you were left aching and needy. The ache so real, your face screwed with distaste.
"Do you ever take a day off?" You slumped down on to the lounger, completely frustrated, your pussy throbbing.
"Your father has hired me to watch over you 24/7, so no, I don't." Thor continued looking at the sky, anywhere but on your naked body, his hands fisted by his side. Those large hands that have probably killed people, you wished he would wrap those long fingers around your neck. You want to know what it feels like to be under his control, your breath restricted as he plows into you. 
"My father hired you to keep me from danger. I'm pretty sure the way you make me feel is dangerous Thor. I'm almost certain if you don't give in soon I'm going to explode." You pull your knees up so you're fully exposed.
"Fuck sake." He hisses under his breath. "We don't want that now do we Miss Y/L/N?" His eyes are finally pulled away from the sky and they're on you, everywhere, you can feel them on your skin like an itch. Your breath hitches, caught in your throat, you can finally see the man underneath the controlled demeanor and it's hot, like a beast, his eyes devour you. You can faintly hear the sound of your phone ringing next to you, you couldn't care less for it, there was only one thing on your mind right now.
"Your phone is ringing." Thor stated, distractedly, his eyes still burning a hole in your core.
"I don't care."
"I do. Answer it." You let out a breath, frustrated at Thor for continuing to break the mood every damn time.
"Dad?" You pick up your phone, rolling your eyes at Thor giving you the I told you so look.
"Y/N you need to get out of the house now." His voice is agitated, completely out of character for him. You sit up on the lounger, wrapping the towel around you.
"Don't question me, just leave, don't tell anyone where you are going, not even me."He cleared his throat. "Apart from Thor, take him with you." 
"Dad, what's going on?" Your heart was thudding in your chest, ringing in your ears as you tried to stay calm. Whatever was going on you knew it was bad and the way Thor looked at you, his face looking concerned yet stern, he knew too.
"Put Thor on the phone" Thor was already reaching for the phone, his eyes glowing, the static electricity coming from him making your hairs stand on end.
"Dad?" You were surprised with how weak your voice sounded, almost childlike, not like you at all.
"Now!" You gave the phone to Thor, listening intently, trying to catch any hints as to what was going on.
You watched Thor's face tighten, and just like that he's slipped from your grasp again, a flicker of worry passing through his eyes as he utters words of understanding to your father.
"Protect her at all costs." Is the only thing you heard from your father's end, his loud voice travelling through the phone, your mind swam with questions, your stomach turning with the fear you heard in his voice.
"What's happening Thor?" You said shakily.
"We need to check into a hotel, one out of town. Go and pack." He commanded, his face softening when he saw your eyes widen. "I'll tell you about it on the way."
Thor gripped the wheel tightly as he drove down the back roads and out of town, his knuckles white and his eyes constantly darting back and forth from his mirrors and the road. Taking the back roads had been your idea, knowing Thor wouldn't have been able to relax on the highway, too many cars, too many opportunities for you to be followed unknowingly. At least this way Thor had a clear view of the road from all angles, any suspicious vehicles would be flagged by his eagle eye sight.
"Can you tell me what's going on now?" 
"Your father has received an anonymous tip that someone is coming after you, he's got the authorities tracking down where the tip came from but until then you need to stay low." He looked from you to the road then back at you again, his brow furrowing as he worked out your emotions.
"Don't worry, I've got you. I won't let anyone harm you."
"Why?" You wished you could look him in the eyes while you asked that, to hold his head in place while you searched his eyes.
"What kind of question is that?" He sounded annoyed.
"You won't let anyone harm me because it's your job or because you care for me?"
"Both." He gritted his teeth, staring at the road.
"What would've happened if my father hadn't called?" Your bravado had slipped as soon as you'd got the phone call, your nerves getting the best of you and you were allowing yourself to be vulnerable and honest for once. Your voice still small and weak, you weren't flirting this time, you were being real. Right now you needed to be held, for him to smooth your hair away from your face and pull you close and it kills you knowing that will never happen. Deep down you knew he would never sacrifice his job for you and it hurt more than you let on.
Thor could sense it too, his eyes softened as he looked at you, the restraint he had to maintain even harder when he finally saw a glimpse of the real you. If he wasn't sure how much he wanted you before he was certainly sure now. It was torture for him not to be able to pull you into him and hold you close
"Nothing." He sighed, you turned to face the window, you knew he was lying, you'd known him long enough to be able to read him even if he did have the best poker face but for some reason his words still cut like a knife to the heart. You didn't think you were asking for much, just a little acknowledgment that under other circumstances he would feel for you the way you felt for him.
He'd been with you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for six months it would take a damn nun not to develop feelings for someone after so long. Especially on those nights where you were locked up inside together, safe from any threat, Thor allowing himself to relax a little. Long talks in front of the fire, his ears pricking and his mask slipping back on whenever he heard a sound, his vigilance never fading. That's why it cut deep, you knew he could do it, you knew he could still protect you while giving you a little more. 
The rest of the journey was spent in silence, you continued to watch the rain patter down the window, the sound calming your nerves. You didn't want to look at Thor but you could feel his eyes on you throughout the car ride.
"Where are we?" You ask when the car comes to a stop, waking you from your sleep. It's dark outside and you can still hear the sound of rain falling on the top of the car. You blink, looking around you until you see the illuminated sign of the hotel across the car park - The Hotel Indigo it read, sounds ominous. 
"It's best if you don't know exactly where we are." He continued looking straight forward, his hands resting on his thighs, those deliciously thick thighs.
"So what's the plan now?"
"Erm… Well I suppose we pretend to be just a normal couple checking into a hotel. I'll check in and you hang back incase you're recognised and then we lay low until we hear from your father."
"I can do that easily but how are you going to cope?" You teased.
"I think I'll manage." He smiled at you, his eyes lingering on yours for a little longer than expected.
You stepped out of the car, grabbing your suitcases from the trunk. Looking up at the hotel, it was so big and grand, with an air of mystery to it. It felt like you had stepped back in time, like you were on the set of a movie from the twenties. You were kind of excited, your nerves being lulled into a false sense of security. Maybe it was what Thor had said about pretending to be a couple, like your mind had forgotten the reality of the situation and you were already lost in the act. You absolutely were going to take full advantage of this time together and while you were in public Thor would have to be pretend you were a couple. Maybe just maybe he'd forget it was an act when you were alone together too and he'd finally give in to his cravings.
"What are you doing?" You'd laced your hand in his as you walked towards the hotel. The feel of his large hand in yours was electric, you could feel the physical sparks shooting through your veins.
"Baby, don't you go stepping out of character on me. Im your fiancée now." You winked.
"Fiancée? We never agreed on that, I said couple." He smirked at you but his hand gripped yours a little tighter, his thumb stroking the back of your hand. You looked down at your joined hands, your stomach somersaulting with how right it felt.
Your eyes widened when you walked through the revolving doors and into the foyer of the grand hotel and it really was like stepping back in time. The lobby was magnificent, everything was white and gold from the white marble floors to the huge golden columns. You were used to a life of luxury, what with your father being the mayor but this was something else entirely.
"Wow." You exclaimed, letting go of Thor's hand to twirl around, wanting to take in every little detail you could.
"It's beautiful isn't it." Thor looked up to the ceiling, the biggest chandelier you have ever seen hung there. "Go sit down while I check in, try keep your head down." Why did the way he always told you what to do, turn you on so goddamn much?
You watched him talking to the receptionist, his eyes never leaving you as he spoke. You smiled at him, feeling warm and fuzzy, he really was the best looking man you'd ever seen. His sparkling blue eyes like the clearest ocean made you feel weak whenever you looked into them. You couldn't help feeling excited at the prospect of what may happen, you knew it would be more difficult than ever with him being even more focused on protecting you but you were optimistic that you might finally get what you've always wanted. The past couple of weeks he'd been looking at you differently, even now as your eyes met it was like you were the only people in the room.
"Come on then m'lady. Let's go to our room." Thor offered you his arm as he picked up both suitcases and you linked your arm around his.
"You know this is going to make me want you even more." 
"What's that?" 
"This act. How am I ever meant to go back to you dismissing me all the time after finally getting a little bit of what I've always wanted." You looked up at him, catching him gulping.
The truth was, Thor was feeling the exact same thing. How was he ever going to go back to resisting you after this time you're going to spend together, acting. It wasn't an act though, this is how he wished he could actually be with you if only you'd met in different circumstances. When you'd tucked your hand in his earlier he'd almost caved, almost pulled you into him right there and then. The thing was, it was now more than ever vital that he kept his wits about him which meant he couldn't be distracted by you, as difficult as it was.
You walked up the grand staircase towards your room, Thor looking down on you, thinking about his answer. Right there you could see it, the cogs in his brain ticking as he struggled to answer. It told you everything you needed to know, he didn't have an answer to your question because he was thinking the same thing.
"I don't dismiss you Y/N, I'm just doing my job." That's the first time he'd called you by your first name and that along with the way his face contorted with anguish was another sign for you to keep hanging on.
You were sure you could feel eyes on you as you reached the middle of the staircase. Unable to shake the sickly feeling, you turned your head to look over your shoulder, there were so many people it would be impossible for you to pin point who you were looking for but you knew you were being watched.
A tall man, with glasses and a large rimmed hat stood in the darkest corner of the hotel lobby, his beige trench coat made him stand out against the sea of cocktail dresses and suits.
"You'll never guess who I've just seen in the lobby of the Hotel Indigo?" He paused with the phone to his ear, listening. "Yeah she's here. What should I do?"
"Don't let her out of your sight." The voice on the other side of the phone call declared.
"Thor relax, you know we weren't followed. We can remain completely inconspicuous here. I've brought wigs." You digged into your suitcase, pulling out a vixen red, long, wavy wig. His eyes lighting up when he watched you slip it on.
"Roxy, nice to meet ya." You faked a southern accent and saw his jaw tensing again. You didn't know whether he was about to laugh or rip off your clothes but honestly you'd be happy with either. Anything but that dreadful silence and vacant stare.
Thor tried to hold it together, clenching his teeth, biting on to the tip of his tongue. Anything to distract himself from the sight of you in that damn sexy, red wig. And that southern accent? Shit, he nearly bust a nut, adjusting himself accordingly and turning away from you, he couldn't see that hurt flash before your eyes when he dismisses you again.
"It is not a good idea Y/N, I told you we must stay low."
"Are you going to give me something better to do while we're stuck in this hotel room?" You cocked your eyebrow at him. Thor closed his eyes with a tight lipped smile. "I thought not. Let's go." You'd already put on a tight little black dress and were more than pleased with the reaction you'd got from Thor and now you've spent the last ten minutes trying to convince him that it would be fine for you both to go to the bar. Keeping from him, the fact you wanted to be in public so you would have an opportunity to touch him.
"I think you should probably kiss me." You whispered to Thor, your hand resting on his chest as you gazed up at him, your eyes sparkling, flirting. You were so close that you could smell his scent, like a pheromone, it drove you wild. You could tell he was enjoying this whole acting business, he certainly didn't look uncomfortable infact he looked the most relaxed you'd ever seen him. You were both sat at the bar, the best place Thor could sit to have eyes on everyone but right now, mostly his eyes were on you. Glued to you.
"Oh really and why's that?" He flirted back, his head lowering closer to yours.
"Well we don't want anyone getting suspicious, do we?" His face was so close now, you could feel his breath tickling your face, his lips parted in front of yours, waiting patiently for you to close the distance.
Finally you could feel the softness of his lips, you'd been dreaming about how they would feel for so long now, that the real thing was like ecstacy. As first kisses go, it was absolutely perfect, sensual but not lacking passion. His beard tickling your chin and upper lip as his tongue gently massaged against yours. You didn't want to pull away, didn't want it to end and neither did he as his hand clasped behind your head, pulling you in closer and deeper, both of your hands resting on his broad chest.
He took your breath away, quite literally, you were both softly panting as your lips moved apart slightly and Thor licked his top lip. Savouring the taste of you, his eyes glinting with passion, a look you'd been waiting to see for so long. You couldn't help but grin so widely it was almost embarrassing but apparently it was contagious as Thor also had the same grin plastered on his own face.
"Finally." You breathed, turning towards the bar to catch the bartender's attention, you definitely needed a drink after that but when you turned back to Thor he looked distracted.
"Do you know how long I've waited for that? It kinda hurts a little that it wasn't fake to me but it was to you."
"Did it feel fake?" 
You pondered that for a second and it definitely didn't feel fake, surely somebody couldn't act as well as that, if he could he probably deserved an Oscar. "No?" Your eyebrows furrowed.
"So stop questioning everything." His hand rested on the curve of your hip but his eyes were still distracted, looking over your head and into the the crowd.
"Is everything ok?" You asked trying to pull his attention back to you. You reached up to cup his chin pulling his face down to you and kissing him gently on his lips. God it felt good to be able to take what you wanted whenever you wanted.
"Fuck Y/N." His forehead rested against yours, his arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you against him. You could feel the bulge in his trousers straining against his zipper and weren't disappointed with the apparent size of it. While you were nestled in to his chest he took the opportunity to scan the room, trying not to be distracted by the way your hand disappeared under his shirt feeling his abs and tickling his skin with your soft fingers. His body was in turmoil, his growing erection and instincts in a constant battle. He wanted to enjoy the moment with you, finally feeling your touch that he'd been longing for for six months but he couldn't shake the feeling that something didn't feel right.
"I think we should head back to the room." Thor whispered into your ear, his nose nuzzling against your ear and making you squirm. Your stomach flipped at the thought, your confidence slipping for a slight second while you studied his face and realising something must be wrong because you'd lost him again, he'd slipped through your fingers once more. The desire in his eyes had disappeared and his face was set firm again, his handsome features set into a grimace as he leaned back on to the bar, never turning his back on the room as he scanned it.  The way he leaned with his elbow propped made him look almost casual, like any other hotel guest in the place but you knew better. You furrowed your brow at him as you watched the mechanics of his brain turn over and over, his mind constantly on the job. 
"Oh really? Is that a request or a demand?" 
His eyes darted towards you, his tongue slowly wetting his lips before he quickly regained his composure, his eyes back on the job. His muscles tense, making his body appear rigid as he straightened up, standing awkwardly next to you, still facing the room. 
"A demand, Miss Y/L/N." Fucking tease he was, the slight smile appearing at the corner of his mouth as he side eyes you, waiting for your reaction. He made you so goddamn wet and he knew it, if only you had the same kind of restraint as him. You didn't want the night to end, not now you'd finally gotten him to open up a little and were finally getting to the place you wanted to be.
"Are you telling me you're finally going to cave in and fuck me, Thor?" You raised your eyebrow at him, smiling slyly when the tendons in his neck tensed, his jaw clenched so tightly you're surprised he didn't shatter his teeth.
"No. I'm telling you that something doesn't feel right and my instincts are not usually wrong." Oh, fuck. Way to kill a mood. Your demeanor changed instantly, the atmosphere of the room becoming static all of a sudden. If experience taught you anything it taught you that he was right, his instincts were never wrong.
"What should we do?" You turned around leaning both your elbows back on to the bar, trying to look casual while you scanned the room, unsure of what you were actually looking for.
"I couldn't stand anything happening to you so you need to do as you're told for once." 
"Does that mean…." You started before he interrupted you.
"Not the time or the place Y/N." The way your name rolls from his tongue has your insides clenching but he was right, this isn't the time or the place. 
"Tell me what to do then, sir." You smiled through your nerves, desperate to hang on to the heavy tension that hung in the air. Scared that if you let it disappear again you'd never be able to get it back.
He pulled you close to him again so he could whisper into your ear without anybody else hearing, you stood on to your tiptoes, your hand holding on to his shoulder. "We're going to move through that crowd over there." You turned slightly to see where he was gesturing towards. "Try and keep low without causing suspicion. Then we will move through the exit in the middle of another group, there's constantly people coming in and out so it shouldn't be hard to stay hidden. We'll have to take the stairs to our room, it's too risky sharing a lift with anybody. Grab our things and we'll find somewhere else to stay for the night. We'll probably be better with a small motel." 
"I wish we didn't have to leave here." You pout.
"I know but as long as you're safe I don't care where we go." You catch his eye and he swallows, his finger reaching out to stroke your cheek. "Are you ready?" 
You move stealthily through the bar and casino, stopping by a poker table that had gathered a large crowd of onlookers. Thor put his arm around you, his hand resting on the swell of your ass while he leaned down to whisper in your ear. "See that group about to leave over there?" Your eyes scanned the room, falling on to a group of young men and women to your left. You nodded at Thor. "We need to get into the middle as they leave, it will be easy for you to blend in between them." 
"Is this all necessary? Do you even know we're being watched?" You knew you were, you felt yourself being watched as soon as you'd arrived but you were hoping it wasn't true.
"Yes, I believe so. Even if I'm being over cautious it's better than the alternative. Are you going to do as you're told? Or…" His hand slipped down to your ass, squeezing your cheeks and making you squeel. Now this is what you could get used to, this is the Thor you'd wanted all along and it was a major turn on. Dominating and in charge, protecting you while still driving you wild with his touch.
"Or what?" He nuzzled at your neck, his lips tracing the tendon by your throat. "Fuck, Thor. I'll do whatever you say, let's just get it over and done with so I can get you alone." 
You'd made it through the first step and into the lobby, this was a little more difficult because it was practically empty apart from the odd person scattered here and there. Thor's eyes were all over the place, scrutinizing everyone they landed on as he ushered you towards the stairwell. His eyes fell upon a strange looking man in a beige trenchcoat, stood by the payphone, the phone already in his hand as he eyed the pair of you.
"Y/N, twelve o'clock." You looked over to where Thor said and saw the man watching you.
"Thor I saw him when we arrived, he was watching us then too." You admitted nervously.
"Why didn't you tell me then? This could've all been avoided." He pulled you behind a column so you were out of sight. 
"Why can't we just make a run for the car now, we don't need our things." 
"I do." Thor said through gritted teeth. "I've left my fucking gun in the room." You watched the anger flaring in his eyes.
"Why would you do that?" You asked, immediately wishing you could take it back when Thor almost bit your head off.
"Why would I do that? Why would I fucking do that? Because you have made it your mission to distract me from my purpose since the moment we stepped out of the car and congratulations it fucking worked." He was pissed off with himself for dropping his guard but taking it out on you, it probably was your fault though, he was right. You'd been so desperate to distract him that you'd put both of you in danger. The way he spoke to you hurt though, even if it was your fault you were in this situation. You felt the tears burning the corner of your eyes as you looked up at him, his eyes softened when he saw how hurt you were.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to speak to you like that. I'm just frustrated with myself for making such a stupid fucking mistake." He looked down at his feet, pulling you into him and wrapping his arms around your shoulder while your tears fell silently.
"It is my fault Thor, I was being selfish and only thinking about my own needs. I wish I'd have listened to you." His hand cupped the back of your head, stroking your hair back.
"No one's to blame, we both made silly mistakes because of the same reason. If I'd have been honest with you in the first place this wouldn't have happened at the worst possible time." You looked up at him through your lashes, tracks of tears down your cheeks. He closed the distance, his lips attaching to yours and it was real, you could feel the passion behind the urgency. Praying to God that this wouldn't be the last time you'd feel his lips on yours. "He's probably already called for back up, while we're in public we are pretty much untouchable but we need to move fast. I need to think of a new plan."
You let him think, peeking your head around him and the column to see where the man in the trenchcoat was. "Thor, he's gone." Thor looked around the lobby trying to find the man but he was no where to be seen.
"Do you think it's just a coincidence? Maybe he's a journalist and he just recognised me." 
"We can't take any chances Y/N" He said running his hand through his hair.
"So what do we do?"
"You go and speak to the receptionist, don't tell them everything just tell them someone has been getting handsy with you and you're scared for your safety. I will go to our room and get my gun." 
"I'm not leaving you Thor." You said wide eyed, the thought of being split up even scarier than the thought of being caught.
"Fuck sake. I wish you would just listen." He looked at you without speaking for a minute. "Fine, stay close to my side. We need to move fast." He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the stairs. Looking around the corners before practically dragging you up the stairs.
You finally reached your floor and you were already out of breath trying to keep up with Thor's long legs and stamina. He stopped at the top of the stairs, opening the door a crack so he could peer out and make sure it was clear. You could see your room from here and the hallway was empty, it almost felt too good to be true. You prayed that it was all a coincidence and you could both get out of here in one piece.
Thor stepped out of the door and immediately disappeared from your view, dragged behind the door. It took a minute to process what was happening, it all happened so fast. You stood blinking, the door slamming shut in front of you before being flung wide open again. 
You tried to run back down the stairs but it was too late, your body defied you and failed to act as fast as your brain reacted, a inner alarm sounding in your mind as you were grabbed by the throat and pulled into the hallway.
Your eyes became blurry, a heavy ache at the back of your scalp that made your head hammer like a drum when you were shoved against the wall with force. Your wrists burning with pain with the force of restraint. You still couldn't see properly, just figures moving in front of you, you couldn't see how many or who they were because your eyes were still recovering from your head injury.
"Fucking let her go." You heard Thor shout and it brought you back to reality, grounding you the way only his voice could do. 
"Woah, easy big man. You so much as move one muscle and I'll slit her throat right 'ere." You felt the coldness of a blade press against your throat and you tried to fight the urge to swallow, wishing you could sink into the wall to escape from the grip of your captor. 
Your eyes finally adjusted and all you could see was Thor, the anguish in his eyes as he could only watch you struggle and the room you'd both been bundled into. There was a huge guy holding him in a chokehold, he was even bigger than Thor which surprised you and terrified you all at the same time.
Then your eyes fell on your captor as his weasely little face moved in front of you and his eyes were level with yours, the stink of stale coffee and tobacco making you gag. You tried to kick out at him, squirming under his hold until you caught Thor's eye and he glared at you to keep still.
"Aww don't be like that dear, we're just here to get what we want and then we'll be on our way. I'm sure Daddy dearest won't want anythin' 'appening to his darling daughter." The guy in the trenchcoat sneered at you, his eyes narrowed until they were tiny black slits in his skull. Then one of his dirty hands grasped your mouth, holding in your cries as he ran the blade up your inner thigh, up your dress and across the gusset of your underwear.
"I swear to fucking God if you touch her I'll snap your fucking neck." Thor sounded angry but he looked as terrified as you felt. Your eyes met with his and the pleading look he saw in your big eyes made him seethe with anger. Your body was shaking with so much vigour it was making your teeth chatter together noisily. 
"Shut the fuck up. You're in no position to make threats and I think it's about time you shared this sweet little hunny pot you got 'ere." The tip of the knife toyed with the edge of your underwear, you were terrified to move, one little slip and the blade would ruin you for life. "I'm sure Daddy would like to know his Daughter died because the incompetent fool he hired would rather fuck 'er than protect 'er. Don't you?" Thor gritted his teeth, a look of hate permanently etched on to his face. You watched him desperately, hoping for a signal or a sign of how you were going to get out of this dangerous mess you'd gotten yourselves into. His eyes look defeated as he looked to the ground, you thought he'd given up and that this would be your fate.
There was no way in hell you were going to die this way, absolutely no way. You had to think of a way to get out and quick, but first you needed Thor's attention. You needed him to know you weren't going down without a fight and at the same moment you thought it, Thor's head raised. Only he didn't look defeated anymore, he looked determined, his eyes glowing with that feral passion he gets but for completely different reasons and you smiled slightly at him. That's my man.
You kept the eye contact with Thor, communicating with your eyes and realising six months of completely obsessing over him had definitely come in handy. Being able to read him like a book would be a major advantage.
You would have to distract the weasel while Thor took out the big guy. The thought of it made you feel sick but it was the only way. So while he readjusted his knife, you let out a little moan, making Thor's and the weasels eyes both snap up to you at the same time. You had his attention but your stomach was churning with the way he looked at you. 
"Oh you like that? You like a bit of danger?" You swallowed down the bile that rised through your throat, burning your oesophagus. All eyes were on your body apart from Thor who had luckily worked out your plan and you gestured with your eyes for him to take his chance.
"Mmm." You saw Thor move and immediately brought your knee up as hard as you could, meeting with his crotch and causing a sickening crunch as he fell to the floor clutching his balls.
At the same time Thor had kicked back into the silent big man, knocking him on to his ass and dazing him, he didn't have a clue what had happened. Before he'd had time to register it Thor had settled himself behind him, wrapping his bicep around his throat and pulling tightly backwards until the guy fell limply against his chest. 
Then he rushed over to you, grabbing you in his arms and making sure you're ok.
"Thor what about him?" You pointed to the guy crying in the middle of the room.
"Don't worry, I'll fucking deal with him." He kissed your head. "Wait outside the door and scream if you see anyone coming. And I mean anyone." You nodded before going to leave, kicking the guy on the floor in the balls again just for good measure.
Thor stood above the weasel, watching him struggle on the ground and enjoying it.
"You shouldn't have touched my fucking girl. I might've let you live if you hadn't have crossed that fucking line. Fuck, especially since I haven't even gone there myself yet you little fucking maggot." Thor spat, kicking the guy in the stomach so he would look at him.
"Easy big man, I wasn't gunna touch 'er I swear, I swear. Oh fuck! Don't fucking kill me. Please." Thor didn't want to hear anymore, grabbing him by the head and twisting his neck grotesquely until it snapped.
You waited for Thor outside the door, your heart beating out of your chest, your eyes darting from left to right, terrified someone else was going to come. You whelped when the door opened and you almost fell backwards until somebody caught you. It scared you, you were in shock and traumatized and you didn't know who it was until you smelt his smell. You turned, crashing your head against his hard stomach and cried, really cried. You were still crying as he soothed you, his hand stroking down the back of your hair.
"What do we do now?" You whispered against him, your voice still shaky with tears.
You were almost as tense as Thor was on the journey here, your eyes darting in every possible direction, terrified there was someone else coming after you. You were sat right on the edge of your seat, your face practically stuck to the windshield.
"Relax, Y/N. We're safe now. I promise." The feel of his hand on your thigh instantly calmed you and you stared at it. The way it made you feel, the warmth spreading through your body and then you looked at his eyes, he was watching you and for the first real time there was no denying the hunger there.
"Pull over." You demanded, after what you've just been through there is no way you're waiting any longer.
"What?" He questioned, surprised.
"Pull the fucking car over, unless you want to crash." 
You were already climbing onto his lap before he'd even pulled into the side of the road. You were so fucking turned on by the way he saved you and the sexual tension between you had finally gotten too much.
"Fuck, Y/N." He moaned against your lips. "Do you know how hard it's been to resist you?" He was fumbling with your underwear trying to tug it off, his fingers gliding against your soaking wet cunt.
You were already riding the wave of euphoria at the feel of his rock hard cock grinding against your soaking panties when his teeth met your neck, biting into the flesh and making you moan with ecstacy.
You leaned back, your head falling backwards as he ripped your panties, frustration getting the better of him.
"I thought I was going to fucking lose you." He groaned through gritted teeth, his fingers circling your opening and gathering the wetness while his lips grazed against your collar bone. "Do you know how that made me feel? Fuck." 
You released a gutteral moan as he forced his fingers inside, twirling them around while he bit onto his lip and bucked his hips up into you. "I've wanted to fuck you for so long." 
You ground your weight down onto him, panting loudly when his knuckle pressed against your clit. "Oh fuck, Thor. Please." You knew your face was contorted with need but you didn't care, you needed this more than anything and the way he was making you feel was fucking torture.
"Please what?" His fingers continued to ruin your cunt, satisfaction written on his face at the noises you were making. His other hand pushing on your shoulder, pulling you down on to his fingers.
"I need your cock. Now." You moaned. You didn't need to beg although you definitely would have done. You watched him fumbling with the buttons lifting you up with one arm while he pulled his trousers down with the other. Your mouth fell open when you watched his cock spring free, it was so fucking huge and thick.
Your eyelids hung heavy with lust, his eyes screwing as you let yourself sink onto his cock until he was filling you up, balls deep. The way he held onto your hips, his fingers digging in until you could feel bruises forming, made you whimper. You crashed your lips against his messily, wanting to feel every inch of him all at the same time, while you bounced up and down on his rock hard cock. You could feel the gripping sensation rising through you already, you'd waited too long for this.
"Did you kill him?" You screamed, louder than you anticipated making Thor stop grinding against you. "Fuck don't stop. Did you fucking kill him?" You asked again while his fingers rubbed against your clit, his breath heavy in your ear.
"Yeah, I fucking killed him." He panted, biting on to your ear lobe.
"How?" You looked him in the eyes while you rode his cock, you could see he was nearly ready, his hand gripping your ass tightly. The eye contact almost bringing you over the edge.
"I snapped his fucking neck." He groaned against you, his head resting on your chest as he lifted you up and down. Oh fuck! You came and gushed all over his cock, the power making your legs ache as you rode it out, him still thrusting inside of you with even more velocity. You knew he killed people with his hands and the thought turned you on even more.
"Fucking choke me Thor, wrap your fingers around my neck. Please." You pleaded, feeling another orgasm building. He squeezed his fingers around your neck perfectly and this time when you came you screamed his name and he was coming too, you could feel his load painting your insides.
Then you were both panting, his arms wrapped around you tightly. There was no way he was going to let you go ever again.
You rested your head against his chest while you recovered, feeling content and satisfied for the first time in six months. You smiled to yourself, with his heart beating against your ear, It was well worth the wait.
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deadly-flourish · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
You take advantage of Caitlyn's uniform...
Fandom: Arcane (League of Legends)
Pairing: Caitlyn x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, mature content, swearing, semi public sex, oral, fingering, hair-pulling, marking
Word Count: 2,900~
Notes: Something spicy for our favorite cupcake because it's my duty to write naughty stories with all of the ladies of Arcane! I hope you enjoy this ❤️
My Arcane masterlist
The night was still young and being out on patrol was proving itself to be rather uneventful -- though you never expect anything different from the pure, uptight, clean city of Piltover where crime was so low you sometimes wondered if it actually needed a police force as numerous as it currently had…
Yes, you knew there was strength in numbers but an entire team just to guard some stupid party? It made you wonder if the people who had hired you did it just to show-off their power and wealth to the equally snobby guests or because they genuinely thought they needed protection from something…
"That old lady looks suspicious." You murmured, elbowing your partner's side, narrowing your eyes at the sweet elderly woman who was walking her dog; some small mutt with white fur and a pink bow on its head that matched the leather leash.
"Want me to interrogate her?" Caitlyn chuckled, her hand moving your elbow away to straighten your posture when the lady glanced over at you.
"I pin her down and you use the cuffs?" You smirked, offering the passerby a wave as she slowly, so slowly, made her way around a corner.
"I'm pretty sure that would count as excess usage of force." The young Kiramman smiled, turning to face you, noticing the playful shine in your eyes.
"She could have been carrying a bomb…" you laughed softly, taking a step closer to the other woman, glancing above you at an empty balcony just in case any party-goers where looking.
"Ah, the very famous, very dangerous poodle bomb we've heard of during briefing..." She snorted.
"You never know…" you grinned, studying your tall partner under the yellow street-lamp's light mixing with the white from the half-moon, making her look strangely more appealing than usual...though that might have been your bored brain trying to focus on literally anything that was remotely interesting.
"Have you heard of professional distance?" She mumbled, looking at you from the corner of her eye, feeling a bit timid at being stared at like this.
"You look pretty, Kiramman." You said, boldly and without hesitation, watching her mouth open a bit with a silent 'oh', blue eyes glancing to the side.
"It's Caitlyn…" she corrected you, straightening her already perfect posture, trying not to seem distracted by your eyes roaming over her body.
Why she chose that version of the uniform was beyond you but you weren't complaining -- in that peaceful street you two were alone and you had all the freedom to gawk at your girlfriend without any superior or rich bastard telling you to focus.
Shamelessly you took in her form; from the straight hair down to her shoulders, the front of the uniform squeezing her chest, the length of her slim torso, the skirt that was long enough for her not to feel unprofessional but stopped above the knee so you could still get a good look of her thighs…
"Will you stop that? I can feel you undressing me with your eyes…" Caitlyn scolded you, though you knew from the faint color on her cheeks she was into it -- into you so obviously checking her out.
"I'd be undressing you with my hands if I could, kitten…" you smirked, catching her shift slightly in place at the pet-name, trying to look unbothered.
"We're working. Behave…" she murmured, though her eyes glanced quickly at you and then down at your hands hovering inches away from her body.
"Nothing's going on and we've been working in this city long enough to know nothing's going to happen…" you stepped closer, your hand touching Caitlyn's lower-back to keep her steady, knuckles from the other brushing lightly against the bit of skin on her arm that the uniform did not cover.
"You're going to get us into trouble…" she mumbled, though made no effort to pull away when your hand moved up to caress her jaw.
"Sounds exciting. Better than whatever we're supposed to be doing here…" you smirked, tracing your fingertips up to her defined cheek and then down to take her chin, leaning closer to let your mouth rest inches away from her soft lips.
"W-what if someone sees us?" Caitlyn did an awful job at hiding her excitement, making you smile wider. "We shouldn't…" she added, that bit of effort to seem professional amusing you.
"We can go somewhere else for a bit…", you moved closer to let your lips brush against hers with the promise of a kiss, denying it for now only to get her riled up enough to let you take her to a more secluded area where you could have a bit of privacy without anyone showing up on accident.
"I can't believe I agreed to come with you! What if someone c-- AH!" the young Kiramman gasped in surprise, cheeks growing warm and full of color when you pinned her arms to a brick wall behind her, pressing your body against hers, smirking.
"Just be quiet while I play with you…" you purred, leaning forwards to press your lips to hers, finding her returning the kiss with excitement. It seemed Kiramman wasn't as innocent as she looked…
You sunk teeth into her bottom lip, pulling on it to earn yourself a soft moan from her, half-lidded eyes meeting her blue ones. She parted her mouth for you and without hesitation you slipped your tongue in, closing eyes with a quiet huff to indulge in the taste of your girlfriend's mouth.
Caitlyn squirmed a little against you and you pushed your body closer, trapping her against the wall, giving your hips a slow roll that had her legs shaking. Her cheeks felt warm against yours and you could feel how fast her heart was beating and it gave you the confidence boost to continue.
Pulling away with a huff you took a moment to study her face -- the blush was deep and her lips slightly parted with each breath made her look so incredibly appealing. You attacked her neck then, licking a wet spot on the skin to suck a pretty little mark onto the flesh, hearing her let out a whine.
"Everyone w-will see that…" the woman hissed, closing hands into fists, chewing on her bottom lip to silence another moan from leaving her when you gave your hips another roll. She whined softly but tossed her head to the side, giving you more access to her neck, allowing you to claim her.
You released her neck with a hum, looking up at her dilated pupils watching you intensely, feeling a rush of excitement at knowing she was enjoying your little mischievous escapade. Smirking, you began kissing at her throat, feeling it move with a swallow when you grazed your teeth against it.
"Don't move, kitty-Cait…" you chuckled, letting go of one of her arm to take a hold of the front of the uniform, groping her breast through the fabric.
"Fuck…! D-don't call me that!" She groaned, arching her back as much as she could to press further into your hand. You squeezed her chest and rolled your hips again and again, watching her bite down moan after moan, blue eyes glancing to the side as if to make sure you were both alone.
"Pussy-Cait…" you teased her, watching her mouth twitch into a pout, eyes returning to your face, lightly flushed. "You're so hot, Cait…" you murmured against her chin, offering kisses to the skin while you toyed with her breast through the uniform for a bit before allowing your hand to dip between her thighs, caressing squishy soft flesh.
Eagerly you took a hold of her ass, squeezing hard enough for her to gasp. She murmured your name and tangled her free hand in your hair, pulling on it to move your head up to press her lips against yours, making you groan from the stinging sensation on your scalp because of the hard tug.
You swallowed her moans, toying with the flesh of her ass and thigh, moving hand under the skirt to caress whatever bit of skin you could reach before setting for the soft material of her panties. Under your fingertips you traced the shape of a little bow at the front of the elastic, smiling against her lips.
She pulled away first, panting, looking at your own mouth hanging open with labored breaths, taking in her bottom lip to quiet the whimper that wanted to spill from her at the feeling of you cupping her clothed cunt, pressing palm against the little nub hidden by cloth, making her squirm against you.
"Aah! Please…" Caitlyn whimpered, overwhelmed by your palm giving attention to the sensitive spot behind the cloth. You gave her no time to recover, pressing mouth against hers again, stealing away any breath she tried to retain, moving your fingers up the cotton to dip against her clit, keeping her on edge, squirming between the wall and your body.
Your mouth latched onto the other side of the woman's neck, sucking a mark there too. She would be pissed about it later, for sure -- but right now she melted under your touches, trying to sway hips to follow the rhythm of your fingers as you rubbed circles on her clit and dipped them lower to feel at the little wet spot on her panties.
"Please touch me…" the young Kiramman moaned, looking through half-lidded eyes at you, your flushed face and eager grin making her let out a little whimper, thoughts running through her head of your gorgeous face between her legs.
"I am touching you, baby…" you teased her, enjoying the little pout she gave you and brows dropping with a frown; it made her look so cute.
Caitlyn was taller than most people and despite being quite slim she had enough muscle to toss a grown man around...maybe that was why you felt so excited whenever she was like this -- needy, a little pouty, obviously letting you do as you wanted in a place that was still very much public, showing a side of herself that only you got to enjoy…
"You know what I meant!" She squeaked, the slight push of your fingertips into the wet spot to graze against her pussy surprising your lover.
"It's been a long night, Cait…" you dragged your words while teasing her through the fabric, "You got to give me a detailed report on what you want me to do…" you chuckled, watching blue eyes narrow, a piercing gaze being thrown your way.
"Damn you…" she hissed, hips moving to follow your fingers, her face betraying the obvious needs of her body. "I-I will do n-o such thing!" Her cheeks were a shade deeper then and despite her words, you knew she would be easy to break -- after all, you did have her under your fingertips...literally.
"You like being a little brat sometimes, uh?" You smirked, pushed your body forwards to knock her back against the wall when she tried to squirm.
"I'm not…" she groaned deeply, features softening when you removed your fingers from her front, reaching behind to give her ass a hard squeeze, feeling her jumpand gasp softly by surprise.
"Maybe I should spank you…" you purred, watching her eyes glance to the side and her bottom lip disappear behind her teeth. Oh, so she seemed into that -- you would make sure to keep that in the back of your mind for another time.
"N-not here…" she mumbled, looking back at you, showing interest but not feeling comfortable doing something like that out in public. You nodded and she relaxed a bit...though stiffened when you put your fingers back against her clit to tease her.
"You want my fingers or not?" You hissed.
"Y-yes…" she whimpered.
"Yes what?" You smirked, feeling a rush of sensations filling your chest with confidence.
"Yes, please...I want…" her glossy eyes met yours and she sunk back against the wall, "Please fuck me with your fingers…" she murmured a bit timidly but with practically no distance between you both, it was easy to hear what Caitlyn had just said.
You nodded, feeling your face grow warmer when you slipped your fingers under her panties to touch at her hot and wet flesh. "You're so wet, kitty..." you purred, earning a whimper from her and then pressed a wide grin against the corner of her soft mouth, feeling it twitch under your lips.
"Shut up…" she whined, making you chuckle.
"You're the one that needs to be quiet." You spoke, reminding her of where you were, still in public, still under the risk of being caught.
She whimpered, clutching the back of your uniform, chewing on her lip to quiet the moans that threatened to escape with each careful stroke of your fingertips against her slit, wetting your pads to bring them up to start rubbing on her clit…
Caitlyn trembled against you and despite trying to silence her moans you still heard very soft sounds leaving her. They urged on, quickening the pace of your fingers to overwhelming that little nub with sensation until the woman started to pull on your hair again, asking for your lips on hers. You kissed her with a little hum, muffling the rumble of a moan when you slid your sticky fingers lower to push two into her dripping sex, fucking her fast and hard.
She whimpered against your mouth and each time you pulled away to breathe, she did the same with effort. The kiss grew sloppy but your lips did well to keep her quiet enough for you to continue with your fingers; stretching, curling, thrusting, making her a shaky mess struggling to stand properly…
With a soft moan of your own at feeling her walls twitching around your fingers and her hand in your hair pulling a little bit too hard, you pressed your lips to her ear and between pants you growled.
"Cum for me, Cait…"
Caitlyn's back arched off the wall and you felt her flesh tighten around your wet fingers. You moved them still, fucking her through her release as she let go of your head to hold onto your shoulders.
She bit so hard on her lip that you worried it would split open so you kissed her and silenced the short wave of whimpers and moans until she started to relax her body and you could pull your fingers out.
"That's my girl…" you smiled, offering her flushed cheek a kiss before letting go of her arm, brushing your nose against the front of the uniform as you sank to your knees, looking up at her with a grin.
"What...what are you doing?" The young Kiramman hissed, reaching for your head but you were fast and quickly hid under the skirt, pressing your mouth to her inner-thigh. "Fuck…" she let out a whine, bringing an arm up to bite onto the fabric of the long glove, muffling her little whimpers at the feeling of your fingers pulling her panties aside to part her messy folds, opening her up to you.
"I'm not going to leave you dripping all over your nice underwear, Cait… I have manners!" You laughed softly, feeling her push on the back of your head, shoving you further against her cunt.
She never spoke but her little grunt made you smile, knowing she would have yelled you to go fuck yourself if you two where somewhere else.
With a press of your lips against her clit and a swipe of your tongue you started to take care of that sensitive spot, still raw and throbbing from the work your fingers did earlier. Caitlyn moaned into the glove, keeping herself as quiet as possible as you licked her 'clean', tasting every bit of her flesh before your mouth focused on her clit, sucking and licking in short motions to make her cum again.
It didn't take long -- she was still very sensitive.
Doing as good of a job as you could to collect her juices onto your tongue, you let her panties snap back into place, making her squeak. Moving away from under the skirt to look up at the woman, you coiled your tongue back into your mouth and gave a very audible swallow, watching her eyes widen.
"You're a pig…" she groaned, looking to the side.
"You're so tasty, though…" you chuckled.
Caitlyn pushed herself off from the wall with a little curse, smoothing out her fancy uniform, trying to look like nothing had ever happened. You stood up and looked at your messy fingers under the moonlight, noticing she was staring at you with a timid smile. She took hold of your wrist and took your fingers into her mouth, licking them clean.
Well, that was certainly something…
You felt yourself start to heat up, that familiar feeling between the legs making you squirm.
"We should head back." She started, letting go of your wrist and turning around to lead you away.
"But…" you scratched your cheek, seeing her glance over her shoulder at your little pout as you tried to fix your uniform. "I thought maybe you could return the favor?" You asked, sheepishly.
Caitlyn looked at you for a while, considering it, her head peeking out from the corner to take a look around. As expected, nobody was around and Piltover was still so incredibly peaceful…
"Hmm..." she smirked, reaching for something in her belt, twirling the golden hand-cuffs in a finger, the glow from the metal under the white moonlight shining into your eyes, making you squint at her.
"Let's see if you can stay quiet too..." She giggled softly, stepping towards you, her mischievous grin making your heart start to race and face to flush.
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amayatheowl · 10 days ago
When I'm Around
Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader
Teaser | Masterlist
Welcome to the first part of It'll be Okay, this took some time because I needed to plan some things out and life, hope you like it though! I am so excited for this! A special thanks to my lovely moots @allegra-writes and @m-whhyyy for betaing
Warning: SPOILERS!!! MAJOR ONES - so if you haven't watched the movie, I'd steer clear of this one! Angst and swearing. (Let me know if there is anything else ya'll)
Summary: Peter surprisingly runs into you while he settles into this new life and apartment, nothing about you changed except for the fact that you don't remember him and treat him like a complete stranger.
"You're a different person When I'm around Now you smile politely I swear you just don't like me You're a different person When I'm around" - Jeremy Zucker
Tumblr media
He practiced his lines countless times, the tiny piece of paper with well-thought-out (or overly thought-out) words was crumpled by the time he saw you. Smiling, dancing along with him, his hands fixed on your waist as you shied away from his gaze, head buried into the crook of his neck.
All the people that truly mattered to Peter were in this one room, clueless about the storm that Peter was about to bring in with him and you, you were in complete bliss, hand in hand with him. Peter’s carefully curated gift for you was propped up in his hand, another piece of evidence he was sure would work if his practiced speech didn’t.
Peter finally stopped mumbling to himself when he saw him pull you in, his lips meeting yours, only his smile reflecting in your eyes as you two parted. Your adoration for him radiating off your entire being, while Peter stood outside your door, an outsider to the life he was meant to live.
When you two parted, your face was flushed and you let out a small breath, that's when your gaze landed on him, every inch of your body instantly lit up. Peter plastered on a smile, hiding the gift behind his back as you rushed to him.
“Peter! Hey -”
“Hey!” Your voice struck him so hard he stumbled back, the box in his hand tipping to the side, everything instantly on the floor.
You flinched and groaned before crouching down in front of him handing his things back. “You can’t just freeze in the middle of the hallway like that.”
Peter felt as though he was coming face to face with the avengers again, starstruck, at a loss for words. He never thought he’d be seeing you again so soon. When he didn’t utter a word for a couple minutes your face knotted together with concern, leaning in closer to him but cautiously. Cambridge was full of odd characters, you couldn’t just go around getting close to any one, even if they were dressed like a preppy school boy.
“Are you good?”
“Huh?” Peter finally blurted and you watched him quizzically. “The hallway, it’s too small for you to be playing ‘statue’ in, especially with all these boxes.”
“Oh… s-sorry.” Peter muttered sheepishly, snatching the text book out of your hands and shooting right up. He couldn’t stop looking at you, he couldn’t believe Strange’s spell actually worked. It was like he was meeting you all over again. It was to be expected but -
“I didn’t mean to scare you though. Sorry about that.” You smiled, awkwardly shifting your weight from one foot to the other. “Moving in?”
Peter could only watch your lips move, the sounds were too troublesome to pay attention to but the look on your face told him that if he wanted to be in your life again he was going to have to get his shit together, like right now.
“You’re new to the building?” You crossed your arms over your chest, leaning against the wall, taking him in. Any other day, you would’ve just walked away after handing him his stuff but a part of you was so intrigued by him, desperate to know more.
“Oh! Yeah… just moving in.” He smiled awkwardly, raising the box in his hand ever so slightly as a way to point out the obvious.
“Cool, which one?”
“Oh um… 12B I think.”
“You think?” You narrowed your eyes at him, hiding a smile, Peter grinned slightly, scratching the back of his neck. His heart was hammering against his chest right now and he couldn’t think straight, all he knew was that his apartment was at the end of the hallway.
“I guess we’re neighbours then. I’m y/n.” You gave him a slight nod which he returned. He wanted to desperately tell you that you two were more than just neighbours, but that wouldn’t be the best way to reintroduce himself into your life so a tight-lipped smile and a nod should be sufficient.
It took Peter a couple seconds to realise that he had to tell you his name too because you’d been waiting this entire time. “I’m Peter Parker.”
He really had no need to tell you his full name but his heart had been childishly hopeful that maybe telling you this might lead to you remembering him and everything you’d been through, he needed you right now more than words could describe.
“Alright Peter Parker.” You smirked. “I’ll see you around.”
You left as abruptly as you appeared, slipping into the elevator never looking back and Peter could finally breathe easy. Those compulsory drama classes at school finally came somewhat handy today, but he was going to have to brush up on his work if he wanted to go back to how things once were, or at least not get caught.
As he managed to carry the last of his boxes through the door he slipped a hand into his pocket to pull out his phone, expecting a message from his aunt but his screen was as empty as the apartment he was standing in right now. For the first time, he was truly isolated, the loneliness creeping up to him and enveloping him in its cold presence.
“P-please please! Just- I’ll do anything just… let me have her back!” Peter’s voice was battered from the constant yelling, his chest tighter than ever, painfully constricting his lung as though it was being stabbed constantly.
“I know what it feels like to lose someone you love the most Peter, I know what it feels like to want to do every possible thing to bring them back, but that is not how the universe works.” A cloud of darkness pooled around his feet as he slowly landed on the ground ahead of him, his eyes smoked out, almost engulfing them but a blue marble pierced through, a stark contrast to his aura. “I can give what you want Peter but are you prepared to lose everything else? Are you prepared to sacrifice your entire life as you know it just to bring May back?”
He wasn’t really sure what else there was to do, but sitting here reliving his past was surely not one of the things he’d planned for himself. He curled up in the small corner of the room, the city lights pouring into his tiny studio apartment as he settled on one of the pillows he designated as a seat for when he wanted to just disappear… Although in hindsight now that he was sitting here it didn’t really make sense considering no one by the name of Peter Parker exists now but still, pretending to not know the person you’re so deeply in love with and know absolutely everything about can be quite exhausting.
His eyes slowly sank down to the very sad and badly handled copy of a book you’d lent him not long ago, Peter was sure if you saw the condition your book was in right now, he would’ve had his ass handed to him. While he wished that were true, there was no way for you to know that this book was once yours.
“The book of two ways…” He whispered to himself.
The entirety of the book was caught between two timelines, the past and the present, and the way that they would intertwine and make you question your entire existence. It was all you would talk about for weeks, and Peter finally understood why. Having been caught in the crossroads himself, the world he was in right now seemed to be quite similar to that of the underworld he had read about countless times in the book, yet in his case, there was no map he could really use to find his way back to a life he truly loved and sometimes took for granted. He wasn’t even sure if there was ever a judgment hall that led him back into the past, or the point where he still had May, his friends, everyone that truly mattered to him, he wasn’t sure if his heart would ever pass the test when weighed against a feather.
He had done things he wasn’t proud of, made deals he could never utter a word about, it was surely better if Peter Parker remained hidden.
“I once read that every story is a love story. Love of a person, a country, a way of life. Which means, of course, that all tragedies are about losing what you love.” You recited quietly, your voice like honey dripping over the words and lulling Peter to sleep, his head moving along with the waves of your breath as you massaged his scalp gently.
“That’s sad.” He commented, unable to understand the reason why you had been oohing and aahing over a book that had made you question your entire existence a few hundred times.
“Tragedies aren’t always sad.” You smiled down at him.
“You sure about that? Because I saw you weeping over that book like two days ago…”
“Because it was sad!”
“That’s what I’m tryin’ to tell you!” He chuckled, craning his neck to press his lips against whatever part of your skin was available to him. “It just makes me feel like I could never lose anything because it would always be a tragedy. Like somehow the entire universe is just waiting for me to suffer.”
“But Peter -” You shifted to sit up straighter, the book now by your side, your full attention on him. “You have to lose things in order to gain something, so if anything, tragedies are just a sign that something better is waiting around the corner. A sign that while everything’s gone to shit, your heart somehow still has the strength to love something, just as intensely if not more.”
Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you, the way your eyes would widen at every second word for emphasis, as though highlighting and underlining specific words, in case Peter had completely missed the point.
You self consciously paused, rushing a hand through your hair and turning the other way before laughing to yourself. “What!” You finally broke, poking at his side.
“You should work for those… I don’t know what they’re called. The companies that write those really cringy quotes about love.”
Then came the wack of your pillow and a rapid train of words he couldn’t make out followed by his first name and last name.
He wished he’d remembered what you’d said to him earlier on. Maybe that way everything would have been somewhat okay?
Peter’s ears instinctively perked up at the sound of your familiar footsteps, your muffled voice getting louder and louder. He knew you were neighbours but, he fucking managed to get an apartment directly or almost directly from yours… Now that was an achievement. Clearly, the universe that you used to put so much weight on was on his side.
“- and then she refused to give me an extension. I literally did everything she wanted me to, I changed the entire manuscript because she said my characters were too dramatic and she now goes on to tell me they’re bland, that I need to either fix it or work on a new story… all by Tuesday next week!”
“What a bitch.”
It was blatantly obvious that was MJ, the cool water like flow of her words with a hint of sarcasm even if she didn’t mean to was hard to miss.
His movements had been so quick that even he didn’t notice his body pressed against the door, listening to your keys click open the door to your apartment.
“What the fuck does ‘tone them down but also don’t’ even mean?” You yelped, your voice seeming distant. Peter in a desperate and maybe even a little stalkerish attempt, yanked open his own door to see where you lived, almost tearing off the door knob and froze to see you staring back at him. MJ at your side, equally stunned.
“Hey.” Peter quickly forced out the words, clearing his throat to sound less prepubescent, even though that was pretty hard considering his voice was already comparatively higher in pitch.
“Who are you?” MJ inquired, studying him. Her eyes squinted as though she was zooming in on him, trying to match him against the list of people she knew but couldn’t.
“Oh-” Peter jumped out of his apartment, making sure to close the door behind him, which MJ took note of. He anxiously jutted out his hand, he wasn’t sure why, it seemed awfully professional of him and MJ never took it, nor did you seem like you wanted to jump in and help.
This was really not how Peter wanted things to go.
“He’s Peter Parker. The new guy I was telling you about.” You finally spoke up when Peter awkwardly retreated his hand back by his sides but then gave MJ a sad little wave.
MJ gave him a nod of acknowledgment introducing herself by just announcing her name before continuing on with your previous conversation. “Have you talked to the department head?”
“His office was closed. I might try again tomorrow.”
Peter didn’t move from his spot, he just watched you two, which he was now realising didn’t seem quite right.
“Settled in?” You turned back to him holding your door open, MJ already inside.
“Yeah… well kinda. I might need to get some more furniture. A couch at least. My ass is numb from sitting on the floor too long.” He blurted, much to his surprise you were laughing and he couldn’t help but smile too, happy he got a smile out of you.
“Do you want to come inside maybe? We’ve got a… mediocre couch which I’m sure is better than the floor.”
It worried him how easily you’d let a stranger into your house but he wasn’t complaining. Any excuse to spend more time with you and his friends meant the quicker he could have you guys back and the better he’d feel. “Oh.”
“-Unless you were about to head out and I completely distracted you.”
“Oh no. I was actually going to ask you if you…” he paused. He didn’t really have an excuse to be out here yet here he was. “If you had any carrots.”
“Yeah. I was making a… soup?”
You were clearly surprised, your head was slightly tilted and you had a puzzled look on your face but Peter just had to roll with him. He was never good at improvising, he wasn’t sure what made him decide to do it now yet here he was.
“I- um I can check?” You walked inside without a second glance and he stood outside waiting, kicking himself. He had a perfectly good chance to come and just act normal but here he was apparently making soup.
“Peter.” You snapped him right back into reality, the lost-looking man now meeting your eyes and giving you a tight-lipped smile.
“Do you want to come in? Or are you in a rush?”
“Oh, I don’t want to interrupt.”
“You’re good.” You smiled holding the door open for him and he slowly stepped through.
MJ’s eyes instantly darted over to you, disapproval clear in her features as Peter followed you in. Your place was exactly as you’d described to him, dreaming about the warm lighting in your apartment, the coloured furniture with dark wood tones, there were hints of MJ around the apartment as well, darker corners, sketches on your fridge, on a bulletin board behind you along with countless notes and photos. It was comforting in a way, knowing that you and her were still somewhat the same despite seeming like complete strangers.
What Peter didn’t expect was Ned sitting on a barstool, hunched over his computer typing furiously.
“Oh hey Ned!” You tapped him before wrapping your arms around him in a gentle hug, peering over his shoulder. “Your roommates too loud again?”
“You might as well move in at this point.” MJ chimed in behind you, nonchalantly flipping a page of her book.
Peter found himself wondering what his place would be in the group, in another world, maybe he’d be sitting on the couch holding his arms wide open for you, snorting at MJ’s statement just like Ned was right now. He wondered if you would’ve moved in with him rather than MJ or if he would’ve gotten his own place right across the hall with Ned. There was always a running joke between the four of you about how you would all ‘Friends’ it up.
“Oh, this is Peter by the way. He just moved into the apartment at the end of the hall.” You finally took a step away from Ned, leaning over the counter and gesturing to him. Ned held his hand out to him, a kinder and warmer welcome than the one that MJ gave him. Peter thankfully took his hand, suddenly noticing how clammy his hands had gotten in the span of a couple of minutes. He was pretty sure he hadn’t even locked the door to his apartment, not that there was anything in there to steal, either way, this moment was a lot more valuable to him than anything in that apartment.
“What kind of soup are you making?” You hummed, crouching on the floor and holding open a drawer in your fridge.
“Huh?” Peter looked at you like a deer in the headlights before sputtering over his words. “Uh… Carrot soup.”
“Oh,” you laughed, dramatically smacking your own head. “I’ve only got three carrots though, is that enough?”
“Should be.”
You gave him a small smile as you slid over a bag full with them. “You’re welcome to stay for some time if you like.”
Nothing about you had changed, you were still the same, Peter wasn’t sure why he thought you would be any different, always the hospitable one, nice to anyone that would make an effort with you. Your eyes had the same sparkle in them, ones that Peter would spend hours trying to count, memorizing the different ways that they would move depending on the lighting. Everything was the same except for him, and it weighed on his chest.
Caught in the spiral of his own thoughts, Peter missed half the conversations around him, you were no longer standing in front of him but nestled next to MJ sharing a quiet word, Ned focussed deeply into a code he’d been ferociously typing, paying Peter no mind. You were all so caught up in your worlds that Peter had never felt so alone.
His grip was tight on the carrots as he left your apartment, making up an excuse about needing to pay some friend a visit and it wasn’t like you’d known him well enough to stop him and insist he’d stay but a pathetic part of him wished you did.
“You can’t just invite random people over Y/N!” MJ’s smooth voice carried through the door and the weight on his chest pressed further against his ribcage, threatening to collapse against his lung. He struggled to breathe, rushing back into his corner of the world and faltering on the ground, gathering lost pieces of himself.
Who was he without the people in his life? The ones who’d seen him grow, the ones that painted fragments of him their own colour. Who was Peter if not a combination of the people around him? Their way with words was laced in his own manner. Their interests influenced his own, the best parts of them were hidden deep within his own personality the same way he was in theirs.
With his identity completely removed from the world, he was lost, finding himself in a world that held no memory of him. Taking deep breaths, he tapped his leg in a familiar rhythm, the way May would pat his back whenever things got a little too hard for him, reciting to himself as though a prayer. “It’ll be okay.”
Thank you for giving this a read, hope it lives up to your expectations. As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
Taglist: @allegra-writes @cocoamoonmalfoy @seolaseoul @laic2299 @bleh-bleh-blehs @m-whhyyy @book-wan3 @merdikai
See you lovelies soon!
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