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#i'll answer more asks later
I’m romancin’ some stardew girls over on twitch! Feel free to come hang out!
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from-nova · 5 days ago
ooh dance AU and star-crossed lovers 👀
Oh I love this!!
9. Dance AU
64. Star-Crossed Lovers
It started when they were young. Eddie's parents were hesitant about the boy dancing until they saw the future he could gain from it. While Buck's parents immediately saw the glory and pushed their son into doing it.
It started with small competitions. Then being discovered by big companies. Both of their lives become dancing. They both love to dance though. This is a passion to them, even if their parents are focused on fame.
After 2 years of Buck dancing, he meets Eddie. They're competing against each other in the annual Austin competition. It's an odd one that consists of 3 different dances and the training has been unbearable.
So when Buck runs into Eddie while fleeing from his parents, searching for a moment of peace, he's happy beyond words.
The two hide in an abandoned room and just talk while ignoring the anxieties that'll come when their parents find them
When its close to an hour before start time, they begrudgingly separate and go to their respected responsibilities and get ready for the show while being scolded for disappearing and missing the 5th dress rehearsal since leaving home.
And it becomes a routine for them. Met up and escape the chaos. They do it for years.
And when Eddie gets a phone, Buck begs his parents for one. When he promises to do the best he can this competition and does end up winning. They give in
Buck immediately asks Eddie for his number. And then the years of sitting in supply closets and abandoned rooms grows to texting and calling constantly.
It takes Buck 3 more competitions and for his 16th birthday to pass to finally give in and kiss Eddie.
The 17 year-old Eddie has never been happier in his life.
That comes to an end quickly as what they thought was a hidden kiss goodbye 2 competitions later is seen by the Buckleys.
They throw hell and refuse to let Buck talk to Eddie. Informing the Diazes, in the process which turns into Eddie no longer showing up at competitions for a while.
Its a good 6 months before Buck hears from or sees Eddie again and when he does Eddie won't look at him while his parents are around.
Buck gives up hope until on the last day in St. Louis he gets pulled into a supply closet and greeted with a sad looking Eddie.
Buck goes to ask what happened but is interrupted by a kiss. He quickly learns that Eddie doesn't want to talk about it. He gives Buck an email address and is gone before Buck can process.
They keep doing the sneaking around thing until Eddie turns 18 and doesn't need to deal with his parent's constantly.
They fail to avoid Buck's parents though. In the middle of a competition two months before Buck's 18th birthday, they catch them on a little date at the local cafe.
Eddie doesn't see Buck the rest of the competition. He doesn't see or hear from Buck besides a few odd emails for the next two months.
Two days after Buck's 18th birthday, he shows up on Eddie's front door step though. He's there and crying and telling Eddie how much he loves him.
It breaks Eddie's heart, but it also feels like the other half just snapped into place.
They find a place and know their young and dumb but this has been growing and developing for months.
And then Buck gets invited to a massive tour.
Its a big opportunity and Eddie refuses to let him pass it up.
When Buck leaves and spends two months threatening to come home, Eddie does what he thinks is best and breaks up with him.
Buck fights him on it, but Eddie won't let him give up his dream for him.
They don't see each other again until three months after Eddie's 23rd birthday.
And even then Buck is happy. Buck is with someone and Eddie, well Eddie got married last month and has a baby on the way.
They decide to stay friends.
It doesn't last. Buck goes back on another tour and Eddie stops answering when he starts needing to pick up jobs to take care of his family.
He runs into Buck again 2 years after Christopher is born... 6 months after Shannon asks for a divorce and flees.
They do actually become friends this time.
Buck's done touring and has found a stable job at a local studio. He stays.
6 months after them being reunited, after 6 months of pining and dancing around each other, they actually do dance.
A full day of hanging out with Christopher and doing fun stuff around town, they're standing in Eddie's kitchen and Eddie mentions after all this time they've never danced together.
So Buck puts music on and asks if he can have this dance.
It ends in a kiss. It ends in happiness.
send me a fanfic trope mash-up!
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dreamymoonlight404 · 10 days ago
Hi, I’m a different person. Just wanted to ask who’s your favorite A3! chara/troupe (your tumblr pic has Azami,assuming he’s your favorite) & who’s your favorite Hypmic group/chara (style of rap also correlates with the group)?
Hi! Thanks for taking your time to write me <3
About A3!...
My favorite troupe is something between Autumn and Winter. I can't say one, both of them stole my heart in the moment I saw them. But I also love the little family the Spring Troupe are and the chaotic children for Summer Troupe. Let's say I love all them, but when we are talking about gacha and rank I'll do my best to get my favorite character.
They are Itaru, Misumi, Azami and Hisoka. But, from all of them I would die for Azami's Card so yeah he is my favorite character haha.
About HypMic...
My favorite group is Matenro, they stole my heart with the anime and also their songs. I like how all of them have like a different style but they sound so good together. You can relax, depressed or get really the mood to party with their songs. The lyrics and rap style is perfect for me. But I must admit lately I really got a liking to Dotsuitare Hompo Naniwa Style.
My favorite character is Doppo, his voice is in the middle of his group. Have you heard his screams? He surprise me every time I hear him. I really like Kento Ito's voice since is not the first time I heard him sing, I like the style he uses to represent Doppo.
Talking about my favorites voices I must say that Asanuma's voice also surprised me, at first I didn't recognized it but when I did, I really came to admire how deep his voice can get and slowly got in my favorite ones.
Osaka Division has a particular style that I really liked it gave me japanese vibes that I really love (also I really like Osaka). There my favorite character is Sasara I really like his Kansaiben and the way he play with words (but translate his lines is hell) all of his songs are my favorites and just like he said "Master Mind Dandy, Wisdom trendy" represent the other two haha
(ok i talked a bit to much about HypMic, it's just I haven't had the opportunity to talk about it)
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origo-tentaculum · 11 days ago
read your takes about dom!zuko and now I can't help but beg you to write some smut full of dirty talk (more filth/humiliation kink than praise please), your writing is gorgeous and I need something like that from your words. Thank you!
(if you're not doing commissions it's ok to ignore!)
Why thank you, Nonny! I do like it when people beg, though I don't do commissions (fic, art, or otherwise). That said, I am always interested in prompts!
I would though like to say sorry for taking so long to respond, the past little bit as been a tad bit hectic and all. As for your prompt of filthy dirty talk full of humiliation kink? Very yum. I immediately opened up the monster to find some—because, of course I did—but to my shock, dismay, and utter horror I actually haven't written it in yet? Trust me, I am just as appalled at this as you are. Truly a grave mistake that must be remedied immediately. So for Thirsty Thursday and without further adieu, lets get to that right now.
Today we have: DomZuko (as usual), Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Choking, a smidge of masochism, and references to consensual non-con. Oh, and there is tossing around of sl*t and wh*re and all those wonderful words that can make people uncomfortable.
Tumblr media
Zuko tightens his hold on Katara’s throat, not enough to impede her breathing but just the right amount to make her head spin. She doesn’t know how he figured it out how much she likes it so fast. Not that she’s complaining—Katara loves it. How his fingers flex and squeeze. Zuko has her completely at his mercy with nothing more than his left hand. Not that he even needs to touch her to pin her down and make her a quivering mess. No, he just needs to open his mouth and start talking for that.
“That’s right, eager today aren’t we?” Zuko’s voice is harsh as he practically sneers down at her.
Katara doesn’t answer—she can’t. Between the grip on her throat and the way her whole body quivers at just his tone, Katara doesn’t have words anymore. Zuko bends her backwards, easing her down over the side of the chaise. The raised arm of it perfectly digs into her lower back. Her feet are still firmly on the ground—for now anyway—and she's bowed back so her shoulders rest on the cushions.
“Not even trying to fight back this time?”— Zuko pushes her a little harder with each word— “Come on, slut. We both know you want to. Or are you just enjoying this too much?”
She can only let out a breathy whine from the back of her throat and tremble. Katara should hate it; hate these terrible things that come out of Zuko’s mouth. Each thing he says that’s worse than the thing before just makes her wet though.
“Yeah, thought so,” Zuko chuckles at her. “Just a whore; practically begging for it aren't you?”
Katara can’t even look at him. She can feel how bad she’s blushing and she just can’t bear to see Zuko look so damn smug about it.
She loves it when he’s smug.
Not loosening his hold on her neck, Zuko uses his other hand to make quick work of the rest of her clothes. He isn’t nice about it. Delicate silk tears and falls to the floor in a ruined heap around them. When he finally needs to pull the last part of her tunic free, Zuko lifts her by her neck. Katara almost cums right there.
“Agni, such a desperate little slut,” Zuki pushes her back down and croons into her ear. “You should be fucking ashamed of how much you like this.”
Katara just whines; she needs him to shut up—she needs him to keep talking.
Zuko grabs her left ankle with his free hand and lifts her leg up, holding her wide open. His fingers are going to leave bruises for how hard he’s gripping. Zuko doesn’t even bother to run his fingers over her folds to make sure Katara’s wet enough before slamming his cock inside her. Katara does cum this time. Drenches him as she squirts all over him as he starts a brutal pace straight from the beginning.
“Cumming already? Love my cock that much, whore?” Zuko is growling now, only speeding up. His balls are slapping against Katara’s ass and he’s already going too deep. “Of course you do, filthy fucking slut. Just can’t get enough of being my fuck toy.”
Katara’s head is spinning, it’s all too much. Zuko flexes his fingers wrapped around her throat and she’s already close again. She can only clutch desperately at the chaise—nails digging into the fabric—needing something to ground her. Katara just needs to hear him say that one thing to push her over the edge; the one thing that she’s always too embarrassed to even ask for. Instead, Zuko just continues to hold her right on that edge with all the usual filth.
“I’m going to fucking ruin you tonight, treat you like the little whore you are.”
“After I fuck your tight little cunt raw, I’m going to fuck your ass till it’s a sloppy mess. And you’re gonna be a good little slut and say fucking thank you.”
“Does my whore want to cum? I don’t hear you begging for it yet.”
“Such a disgusting slut, you’ll take it anyway I want to give it to you, won't you? Fucking desperate whore.”
Katara’s starting to drift. The only thing that feels real is Zuko—his hands on her throat and ankle, every terrible word that he sneers at her, his cock pounding into her relentlessly. The trembles wont stop and Katara’s pretty sure she’s trying to babble at this point. She doesn’t know if she’s actually saying anything though. Zuko pulls her leg a little higher—out a little wider—changing the angle just enough and Katara swears there’s stars.
Zuko picks his pace up—hitting that spot deep in her every time now—and snarls, “That’s right, cum for me while I rape you.”
Katara shatters.
Her body goes taunt, almost seizing with the intensity of her orgasm. Katara’s barely aware of how hard she’s squirting. It splashes off of Zuko’s stomach and goes everywhere—everything is wet. Zuko keeps fucking her as hard as he can, prolonging her orgasm. Her eyes flutter and Katara doesn’t know if there are black spots in her vision or if she didn’t actually manage to open them.
Zuko keeps talking. Katara can’t hear the words. Everything feels like a dream. The moment seems to stretch—lasting for an eternity—before the crash hits. Katara goes limp in Zuko’s hold and everything fades to nothing.
It takes a while to come back to herself.
Katara is tender and sore in the best way possible. Bundled up in something soft, she can’t lift her arms or shift much at all. Before she can even try to move, Zuko is shifting her in his lap and holding a glass of water up to her lips. He only lets her take tiny sips—which is good, her throat is sore. She must have been screaming again.
“That’s it, nice and easy,” Zuko tone is soft and gentle, a harsh contrast from earlier. “I’ve got you.”
He pulls the glass away, shifts, and places it on the small table beside them—never once taking his attention off of her. Katara just blinks up at him, still not quite with it yet. She feels amazing nonetheless. Zuko just brushes her hair back from her face, then trails his fingers lightly down her neck.
“I bruised you again,” this time he doesn’t sound guilty about it. More like he is simply stating the fact.
“Mmmm—was good,” Katara rasps softly. She doesn’t have the coherency to try and convince him and the less she needs to talk right now the better.
Zuko gives her that small crooked smile she loves so much. “Oh, I know. You ruined the carpet and the chaise with how much you came this time.”
She only smiles back and gives him a small shrug. Katara knows he doesn’t give two shits about the furniture. It just makes Zuko smile wider at her. Then he’s shifting his hold on her and standing up.
“Let's get you into the tub and see if we can do that again shall we?” he sounds so fucking smug.
Katara tries to respond but it just comes out as an indignant croak.
Zuko just chuckles at her and nips at her nose. “Besides, I think my filthy little slut wants me to ruin her tonight.”
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samuslut · 14 days ago
rb and tell me in the tags (to all or one), fuck/marry/destroy:
oikawa, ushijima, bokuto
hinata, sakusa, atsumu
tsukishima, daichi, kuroo
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holyshit · 15 days ago
Your top 5 songs to sing in a karaoke :)
ooooh fun! i actually haven't done that much karaoke in my life (which is something i should fix asap) but what i imagine i would love to do:
Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears
Lucky by Britney Spears
if it's a duo, Dilemma by Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland
Best Song Ever by One Direction
Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
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didilysims · 16 days ago
Returning the favor since I too love reading people's answers:
4, 12, 14, 15 :-)
4. what is your least favorite thing about the sims 2?
From a purely vanilla perspective, the game has several limitations that bugged me. Equal aging was a big deal to me, so I hated that townie kids would keep wandering around while their childhood friends were having kids of their own. FT had an option to help with this, but I didn't get FT for years. There are also several ways to mess up the game, although I had one version of Strangetown with aliens imported from a custom neighbourhood and families deleted from the family bin and I had a tonne of fun with it before moving on with corruption never cramping my style. (Probably there were signs of it, but I didn't know anything about corruption back then...blissful ignorance!)
12. do you have any unpopular opinions about the game? if so, what are they?
Inspired by the next question, I have never considered ACR essential. I've played with and without it multiple times and currently I'm really enjoying the autonomy of the vanilla system. Sure, Sims flipping out over a simple flirt is sometimes an overreaction, but it's kind of fun trying to avoid that situation. I just don't enjoy woohoo-crazy Sims, I guess.
14. what mods could you absolutely not live without, if you had to run a minimal cc game? (except from the essentials, like no sim loaded/no unlink on delete/ACR)
no-red-pause-mod, macrotastics, trim inaccessible bushes, water inaccessible plants...probably more, but those are the ones that stuck out in my “essentials” folder. :)
15. what is your favorite sims challenge to play? (legacy, pet asylum, bacc)
I honestly haven't played that many. I set up for a few, like the apocalypse a couple of times, but never got past the beginning. I thought my BaCC would be the same, but it lasted for years, and will probably keep going if I ever feel motivated to clean it up someday. I have attempted legacies, but never got past the 3rd gen. So by default BaCCs are my favourite, but I also do find them super fun as they work well with my rotational neighbourhood play, opportunity for stories, and I like how customizable the rules are. And it's so cool to see a little town spring up from nothing!
Thanks for asking! :)
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kosmo-mckogane · 21 days ago
I thought of another! HTTYD 3 (if you’re a fan) is not as good as the second movie.
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
imo the franchise is good as a whole! but yeah whilst i loved the third movie, it is actually my least favourite. i haven't rewatched the second one in a while, but i'd say the first one will always be my favourite... just because. it makes me feel happy things :)
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koorinohebi · 22 days ago
Tell us about a myth/folktale/urban legend of your culture. / Would you rather explore the face of the moon or the bottom of the Mariana Trench? / Vampires or Werewolves?
A) Tell us about a myth/folktale/urban legend of your culture.
Tumblr media
"Everyone believed that he was a monster; they believed in the awful things that he had done, believed in the reputation that preceded him. Everyone believed that he was death; they believed that all he could do was take without ever giving back. Everyone believed that he was terror; they feared what they couldn’t understand. Yet all I could call him was love; because he has enchanted me with life."
I'm just gonna shamelessly plug a blurb that I wrote for that one book that featured my story about this.
I'm quite sad though that these particular pieces of myth aren't as prominent as Greek myth... in OUR OWN COUNTRY, but what can you do when schools hardly teach them anymore?
That being said, in our culture, we have a God of the Skies who is also technically the God of Death called Sidapa. He's the one who is in charge of overseeing humanity's existence; their lifespans carved onto a giant tree. Sidapa descended from the heavens and made residence in Mt. Madjaas, living most of his life in isolation-- if you dont count the mountain dwelling sprites and animals. Back then, it was said that the Philippines had seven moons and Sidapa was in love with them. However, it's not just him. There are other gods who also feel the same way about the moons, wooing them with songs and such. So he too did what he could, and in his own way (frightening as it may have been for those who did his bidding) garnered the help of others to try and gain the moons' favor.
Some of the things that he did:
- Asked the birds and mermaids to sing his endearments to them.
- Ordered flowers to bloom and perfume the surroundings so much that it reaches the heavens.
- Asked fire flies to light the way so the moons could find their way to him.
Despite the sweetness of this gesture, only one of the moons came down to him, and it was the youngest of the seven, a boy named Bulan. He was the complete contrast to Sidapa who was tall, muscular, and quite scary. Despite this difference, Sidapa gave Bulan much gifts. Doting him with affection and up to this day, it's believed that both of them are still together.
(I made a short story about this for one of the local books who produced a mythology anthology...and since my contract with them is through, I'll post it somewhere here.)
B) Would you rather explore the face of the moon or the bottom of the Mariana Trench?
Tumblr media
I'd have to go with exploring the surface of the moon for this one. I absolutely love space and other heavenly bodies and I've always wanted to go to the moon and explore its craters. Maybe have a nice view of the Earth while I'm at it. Definitely want to study the components and materials that make up the moon too. ALSO! Since this mentions "moon" in general, nothing is stopping me from going for other moons too! If technology would allow it I would like to go to Titan, one of Saturn's moons, because of what Cassini had observed during its expedition.
C) Vampires or Werewolves?
Tumblr media
Definitely Vampires. I remember doing a whole thesis on vampires in pop culture back when I was in high school. One which focused on Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, and on Vampire: The Masquerade. That was pretty fun. My brother couldn't believe I passed a thesis whose foundation (half of it) could pass for something remotely close to dungeons and dragons. But hey, we did pass the subject. Although to be honest, my love for Vampires stem more from Vlad. Which is why works that detail his life both in the historical and fictional sense are things that I enjoy. Hellsing for one, is so good. Historically however, I do admire the way he handled his enemies. It sure as hell is not a very humane thing to do (specially the impalements) but it was effective. Specially that forest of impaled bodies. I too, would have been appalled if I was part of the Ottoman army and I had to see THAT.
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theroleofimagination · 25 days ago
do you remember back in 2017(?) Emma Byrne tweeted about writing a book because of all the stories and secrets she knows, lol. Imagine if she did write it, people would be quaking.
I would pay very good money for that tbh, I really hope she does one day - I'm sure she could tell some stories alright (Dan's obviously heard some of them!) ☕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lianne obviously has some stories to share too! Kinda hope that in a few years we get some really honest autobiographies from some players...
Tumblr media
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musette22 · 29 days ago
I wish the happiest of Mondays to you Minnie! Hope you had a lovely time on your trip and that you got to relax and refresh a little. May this week bring you all the best things that give you joy!
Sweetheart! Hi! It’s always so lovely to hear from you 💕💕 I did have an amazing time, it was so good to be away for a bit! Unfortunately I woke up feeling super sad this morning, which is sucky, but now that Lily is back I’m feeling a little better 😅 Hopefully it gets better from here! I hope you’re doing very well my darling, and that you’re happy and healthy!!! <3 You’re the best 😘
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popisdead · a month ago
sorry but all i do is win i thought you guys all knew this already
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thegeminisage · a month ago
Sorry if this bothers you, but can you tell me the Taylor Swift unintentional reference in Broken Road? I didn't catch it and now I'm curious!! So excited for the next chapter <3
oh my god i CAN’T REMEMBER and i also can’t FIND the post where i said that. do you have a link to it? if you have a link to it i can go backwards on my dash and see what someone else reblogged right before it. searching on my blog is no good because i think i censored it out lmao this website is so FUNCTIONALLL
EDIT: answer here
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kosmo-mckogane · a month ago
OMG I THOUGHT, THE WAY WE LEARNED THE POOL NOODLE GAME WAS ACTUALLY SO FUNNY!! Okay, so technically the “game” is more of a prank type thing. Basically you say ur gonna blow on ur side and they do the same, but at the last second u point ur end of the noodle towards them and they spray water on themselves. So my other friend knew abt the prank and new damn well that we didn’t, so we j blew into the mf noodle and my friend dAMN near died from all the fucking chlorine water in their mouth 😭 basically, all this to say... shiro would definitely be the one to suggest that his idiot brother and his idiot friend play the game 😭😭😭 -🍓
Shiro, standing off to the side as klance blow into the noodle:
Adam, coming up beside him: *sips orange juice through twirly straw* watcha doin?
Shiro: i taught them the pool noodle game and now i'm watching them play
Adam: ... why?
Shiro, watching keith get waterboarded for the 438th time: Spiritual healing
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crimenight · a month ago
does bruce still feel Jason's death anniversary? did his feelings change after his resurrection? does he even allow himself the moment to begin with?
april 27th:  the day the joker took the life of an amazing,  smart young man.  jason’s death marks the start of bruce’s dark night of the soul,  nothing is the same since;  it’s the greatest loss he’s faced since the death of his parents.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes,  bruce feels jason’s death.  he’ll never not feel it,  &  it’s definitely not going to better when the relationship between him  &  jason is still horribly strained.  one of the only things bruce said while he was being brutally beat to death by bane during his knightfall arc was jason’s name.  bruce still had his picture,  he still has his old robin suit up.  i despise the way modern comics is handling their dynamic so i will not be using any more examples,  but there is not a doubt in my mind that he thinks about him almost daily.  not only was a member of his family ripped from him,  but it was a clear indication that his own judgment was HORRIBLY faulty multiple times.  this isn’t just an average loss,  bruce has every right to believe he caused it,  &  that’s the most damning part of it all.  that will always stick with him,  it directly leads to him being obsessed with creating a plethora of master plans for even the smallest things.
i imagine his feelings switch to something of longing after he finds out jason is alive.  a longing to right wrongs  &  go to him as a father should race to his son’s side.  jason will never not be an ache in bruce’s heart,  &  i’m not sure why that’s such a controversial subject in the fandom.  the batman  &  red hood are often at odds,  but that doesn’t mean bruce isn’t constantly killing himself over his failure to protect jason.
allowing himself to feel his emotions completely is not hard for bruce,  it’s pushing them to the side that’s the difficult part.  he may not verbalize  &  act on a lot of things,  but he feels so much.  he feels everything.  he would try to push aside his feelings about jason if they become overwhelming  &  distracting to the task at hand,  but he will allow himself to indulge in that ocean of guilt eventually.  i imagine he sits on a rooftop somewhere on april 27th with jason’s picture  &  allows himself to feel.  yes,  he even cries.  losing a child is something i don’t think bruce ever thought he’d experience,  it doesn’t change no matter what jason does.  that’s his son  &  he hurts just as any father would,  even more so due to the fact that he adamantly believes he could have stopped the joker.
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