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#i'll be back to form in no time
You think Lip sometimes looks at Ian and Mickey and just smiles a little to himself because who would've seen that coming?
Like, Lip's always been good with odds and numbers and back in the day, back when they started out a fucking lifetime ago, absolutely nobody would have bet on those two making it in the end.
He had been around back then, on the side lines catching glimpses from time to time. From 'Mickey's gay and we're doing it' and 'i know what he felt with me' to 'you think i should've?' and 'because i love him'.
And Lip hesitates in the doorway when he enters the living room for a moment and watches them lie on the couch in front of the TV, wrapped up in each other's arms, sleepy and content, for once neither bickering nor on the verge of fucking and he thinks that he's never seen Ian so happy and being himself this much at the same time before.
And maybe he shakes his head when he looks at the man in his brother's arms because holy fucking shit that's Mickey Milkovich right there.
That's 'someone's gotta get a beat down', it's 'oh shit is right', it's anger issues and russian prostitutes and attempted murder and escaping prison to fucking mexico.
But it's also the guy who pours Ian his coffee in the morning and makes sure he doesn’t drink it before he’s had something to eat, who used to count his fucking pills, who once bought a bag full of B vitamins as if they could fix it all somehow.
It’s who Ian lost sleep over, it’s who he made his best bad decisions for.
It's Franny's Uncle Mickey, it's Mandy's older brother and holy shit, it's Ian's fucking husband.
And isn't that so beautifully Ian, that he saw something in that dirty faced thug from ten years ago that no one else ever bothered to look for? that he found a love that proved itself to be stronger than whatever life or fate or Terry fucking Milkovich threw at them, that pulled them back to each other every time they fell apart?
Mickey has been a constant presence in Ian’s life in a way that nothing else but Lip himself ever had. Has been a witness, a catalyst, a victim of Ian’s epic highs and lows, has done insane things to and for and because of him. As fucked up as they always were, they seem to hold the balance, they somehow make it work.
Lip loves his brother with all his heart, has done so his entire life, he knows all the best and a lot of the worst of Ian and he knows that Mickey knows it too. Loves him, too. Signed up for it all, the whole package, good times and bad, sickness and health, Monica and Gay Jesus, mania and depression. Had probably signed up for it long before they stood in front of witnesses at the Polish Doll.
So Lip smiles sometimes when they bicker over breakfast cereal or when Ian can’t keep his hands to himself even when the rest of them is right there or when Mickey talks shit like he’s still big bad Milkovich, south side thug extraordinaire and not the boy who has been in love with Lip’s little brother for the last decade.
Because it’s nice to see they made it. Because if anyone deserves a happy ending and a gentle future, it’s them.
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koishiyo · 7 months ago
just know if i update being like got the job ^3^ on tuesday it is a worse job than i have currently and probably also pays less
#atm im trying to work through some things which is what the very bad switching jobs a month after getting hired thing is abt#hopefully they actually fucking pay me though still haven't gotten a paycheck from walmart#im not going back in though apologies to all but i am being self destructive and also i did not like it there#anyway im like. i feel very hopeless right now like i can see no future for myself doing anything#and maybe that's due to me losing the structure of school for the first time#or losing any type of interest to hold onto for my future#bc that's what theatre was for me basically a path that i could follow that i should follow but not one that i wanted to take#so now im just like. i can't see past the day im existing in#and it's very. i dont want to say painful bc it's not#it's scary#i feel like no matter what i do to myself nothing will change#and i'll be stuck living like this forever#with nowhere to go and not being able to achieve any real form of happiness#can we see what im implying here abt myself bc i dont want to say it lmfao#im hoping that with a job that has people my own age staffing the store#which will be more likely at coffee places/on campus stores#i'll at least be able to form new connections with people#and have something that makes me happy /now/ that i can ground myself with#yeah so i'm making some bad decisions right now but hopefully. in the near future i can work things out for myself#to reach a point where i am ok with having a job full time and existing#bc rn the concept of having any type of job feels suffoc#ating#and it's like it'd be great if i didn't have to work but i do so not much we can do about that is there
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winepresswrath · 11 months ago
Never going to get over how Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng do in fact take turns being genuinely awful to each other, think punching someone in the stomach and threatening to keep it up until they throw up is the purest expression of affection, do the big world ending Dramatic Sacrifices and/or Vows thing, and yet are also just capable of being stupidly soft at each other in these weird little moments where they just wanna be like hey I got you. Admittedly the reason I’m never going to get over this is how much worse it makes everything that will eventually transpire between them, but you know. Go to Hell doesn’t hit like it does if it’s not preceded by hey you should pick our nephew’s courtesy name (but I’m not going to say so to your face).
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winter-james · an hour ago
Requested by anon: hiiii! i love your fics! could you write sebastian and female reader fic where they’re facetiming while he’s filming a movie in l.a and its late at night and he just keeps smiling and staring at the screen without saying anything and readers like “what???” and he’s just like “you’re just so beautiful” and then shes blushing nonstop
Word count: 1.1k
Author's note: I kind of got off track with this one but I hope you like it. Thank you for the compliment and the request!
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
You were getting ready for bed when your phone started ringing. A sound you have been waiting for for a half an hour. You dropped the blanket you were holding and ran towards the sound in the living room. Sebastian's name was on the screen and you wasted no time to pick up his call. His face lit up your phone screen, the only light coming from his phone.
"Hey" you smiled, holding the device in front of you as you walked back into the bedroom.
"Hey pretty, how are you?" he smiled back, happy to finally see you. He was away in LA, filming a movie and you were back in your house.
"Good, I just miss you" you pouted as you climbed into his side of bed. It had became a habit after he left to sleep on his side. First it was because it smelled like him, which it was long gone now, but you kept doing it as it gave you comfort.
"I miss you too baby. A few weeks and I'll be back with you." he tried to assure you, but you knew how he couldn't be hundred percent sure about when he finished and you knew that it could be longer before he is back.
"Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it" you smiled sadly. You weren't mad at him, or anyone for that matter, it was just how things went with filming.
"Hey, don't go all sad on me. We talked about this" he wiggled his fingers at you playfully in warning. You did talk about it once it became too much for you that he wasn't with you, while he was away for another movie before this one, your first time being apart for a longer period of time.
Facetime was your only option to get any contact with Sebastian as he was in a completely another country while you were home. You understood that this was his job and he loved what he did, but it didn't make it any easier when you haven't seen him in person for more than a month now.
"You still with me?" the voice coming from your phone startled you from your thoughts. Your eyes snapped back to where Sebastian's face was on screen, now contorted in worry.
"Yes, sorry I just got caught up in my head for a second" you forced a smile, which he saw right through.
"What's wrong y/n?" concern clear in his eyes made you turn your head away so he didn't see the tears forming in your eyes. You cleared your throat and looked back at his face on the little screen.
"Nothing's wrong, it was just a hard day" you weren't lying, it really was just one of those days when nothing seemed to be going right, but it also made you yearn for Sebastian's presence even more than usual so talking to him now was hard, knowing you couldn't hug him.
"What happened sweetheart?" his soft voice almost made you cry, but you held back your tears.
"Nothing worked out the way I wanted it to! First I spilled my coffee in the morning then I had to clean it up, making me late. Then I missed the subway so I was even more late than I would've been and I got scolded by my boss. Then the whole day was just horrible, I couldn't get anything done and then I got home and there was almost nothing in the fridge so I couldn't eat what I wanted to." you let everything out. "And then I realized that you're not gonna be home for at least a few more weeks and it just made me even more frustrated and I just want to hug you and I-" you choked up, the tears finally falling from your eyes making you hide your face behind your hands. "I'm sorry" you sobbed.
"Hey, look at me pretty, it's okay" he tried to calm you down. You rubbed your face sighing and wiped your tears away. He had a soft smile on his lips when you looked at him, making your heart leap in your chest. He always knew what he had to do to get you to calm down, but looking at you through a camera was making this a little harder. "There's nothing you should be sorry for. I understand it was a hard day and I'm glad you told me about this." he got closer to the screen. "I miss and want to hug you too and I'm sorry I can't be there for you." you shook your head at his words not wanting him to feel guilty, but before you could open your mouth to say something, he continued "I want you to text or call me whenever you feel like this, okay? Whenever. I don't care what time of the day it is, I want to know about it" you almost started crying again.
"I can't bother you every time I feel a little sad, Seb." you chuckled sadly. "And I can't rely on you all the time to make it better either."
"You won't bother me so get that out of your head." he narrowed his eyes at you. "And I'm not telling you to rely on me all the time, but you can let me know about these feelings. Or think about a happy memory of us. Anything. It could be a small thing too. Just don't be sad alone at home baby. Okay?"
"Yeah, okay I can do that." you nodded, already feeling better.
"Okay how was your day?" he lain down on his bed and you did the same in yours. You started talking about your it, telling him how you met this really cute dog in the park. When you finished you asked him the same question so he told you how he dropped one of the props and it broke. You laughed at him, then it became silent as you found him just looking at you smiling.
"What?" you smiled back, guessing he was just thinking back to something.
"You're so beautiful" his soft voice full of love made heat spread across your cheeks.
"Stop it" you shook your head giggling, trying to hide your blush.
"I'm just telling the truth" he continued, enjoying how he made you frustrated. He wanted to thank whoever let the two of you cross paths because you were the best thing that happened to him. He just wanted to compliment you every chance he got as you deserved it and he planned on doing it for the rest of your lives.
Permanent taglist: @byatomoe
let me know if you want to be added
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bi-bard · an hour ago
For Those Who Don't Know Who I Am- Emily Prentiss Imagine (Criminal Minds/Supernatural Crossover)
Tumblr media
Title: For Those Who Don't Know Who I Am
Pairing: Emily Prentiss X Reader
Requested: Nope
Word Count: 1,617 words
Warning(s): Character death, mentions of monsters
Summary: (Season 13 in both shows) When Linda Barnes comes to the B.A.U with the goal of tearing the team apart, (Y/N) taps back into their old hunter techniques to figure out the truth. Also, Emily finally meets (Y/n)'s family.
Author's Note: Okay. 1) I'm screwing with all sorts of timelines so don't question me about it because I don't know anymore. 2) The casting of Kim Rhodes gave me the perfect excuse for this to happen. I hope you enjoy the weirdest thing I've ever written.
Support my work?
I knew something was wrong as soon as Linda Barnes. Mostly because I already knew her. I furrowed my eyebrows at her. She didn't acknowledge me.
"What's on your mind," J.J asked. I was standing in the meeting room, watching as Barnes walked through the main office.
"Nothing," I shook my head. "I just... I feel like I've met her before."
"You've probably seen her around the office before," she shrugged at me.
I nodded, "That's probably it. Something's just off."
"Beyond her pointless suspension of Emily?"
"Guess so," I shrugged. "Congratulations on your promotion, by the way."
"You can congratulate me by giving the job back to Emily," she sighed. I looked down for a moment.
"I should check on her," I mumbled before walking out of the meeting room.
I walked over to Emily's office, knocking quickly as I opened the door. She looked up from her box of stuff. I gave her a sad smile.
"How are you doing," I asked.
"Fine," she mumbled. I walked over and hugged her tightly. "Thank you."
"You don't have to thank me for basic forms of affection," I chuckled as I pulled back. "We have been together for a while now."
She just chuckled at me.
"How are you really doing," I asked.
"I'm not sure," she shrugged. "It's almost like it hasn't hit me yet."
"Well, how about we head home and order some pizza," I suggested. "That way, when this does hit you, we have something else to focus on."
"Okay," she nodded. I leaned over and kissed her cheek before grabbing the box off her desk.
"We'll get through this," I promised. "The team always bounces back."
She just smiled at me.
--Time Skip--
I grabbed my phone off the table and tried to casually lean on the railing near the meeting room. Suspending Emily was one thing, tearing the team apart completely was a whole different thing.
"What are you doing," Luke asked, leaning next to me. I snapped a quick photo as Linda walked by.
"Just being lazy," I shrugged, checking my phone. "Maybe I can get myself transferred to be with Emily."
"Good luck," Luke chuckled, looking over my shoulder. "Damn, what's up with your camera?"
Linda's eyes were glowing. I bit my lip.
"It's just a filter," I shrugged. "I gotta go. Tell Linda I went to the bathroom."
"Okay," Luke said in a questioning voice as I quickly walked away.
I got into the elevator and waited for the doors to close before pulling out my phone. I scrolled through my contacts and clicked on Jody's contact quickly.
"(Y/n)," she said cheerily. "God, it's been too long since I saw you. How are you?"
"Are you okay," I asked.
"Yeah," she replied. "Why wouldn't I be?"
"There's a shifter here," I said. "Pretending to be you."
"At the F.B.I," she questioned.
"Yes," I snapped. "I'm gonna call Sam and Dean. You need to get out here."
"Alright, alright," she replied. "Be safe. Don't act like you know anything. I'll see you soon."
"See you soon," I mumbled before hanging up.
The doors slid open on the bottom floor of the building. I walked to the bathroom, quickly checking that it was empty before calling the number I had for Sam.
"Please pick up, please pick up," I said.
"(Y/n)," he said in a questioning tone.
"I don't have much time," I explained quickly. "I have a shifter in the F.B.I. She's trying to destroy my team. She took Jody's form."
"Are you sure it's a shifter?"
"I got a picture of her eyes," I replied. "Jody's already on her way here. Please just come help us. Please. I can't do anything without destroying my career."
"Okay, okay, we're on our way," he said. I thanked him before hanging up the phone.
I ran back upstairs. I walked in just as J.J was gathering the team to present the newest set of cases to Linda. I followed her, scared out of my mind.
--Time Skip--
I walked up to Linda's office, not even bothering to knock. She made a smart comment but I just sat in the chair across from her.
"Did you know that my real last name isn't Campbell," I asked.
"I don't remember asking," she replied.
"It was my mom's maiden name," I continued. "She was murdered when I was younger. Right over my baby brother's coffin."
She looked up from the file, looking at me like she was trying to figure out where she had heard this story before.
"I ditched my real last name when I left my family," I said. "There was just so much trouble tied to that name. Maybe you've heard it before-"
"Winchester," we both said at the same time.
"You can't do anything," she replied.
"I wasn't going to," I forced a chuckle. "I was just going to let you know that I'm taking Monday off. My brothers are visiting. I'd like an extra day with them."
With that, I stood up and walked out of the office. I was shocked she never tried anything. I guess she knew that if I never met with my brothers, they'd still find her.
--Time Skip--
I relaxed next to Emily, pulling her closer to me.
"I got an interesting call today," she said. I hummed to show that I was listening. "Apparently after Linda was told to back off, she resigned."
"Really," I asked.
"Yeah, she's off to South Dakota or something like that," she explained. I nodded, acting shocked. "So... what kind of monster was it?"
I stayed silent for a moment. She raised her eyebrows at me.
"...a shifter," I admitted quietly.
"Tell your brothers that I said thank you," she chuckled.
"I already invited them to dinner."
"I'm not shocked."
As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. I hadn't seen them before the hunt, per Dean's request. I basically ran over to the door, which made Emily laugh at me as she followed.
"(Y/n)," Dean cheered, pulling me into a hug. "It has been too long."
"I know," I mumbled. I looked over his shoulder and jumped back.
"Shit," Dean mumbled. "(Y/n), this is Jack."
"Hello," the boy waved awkwardly as he followed Sam inside.
"It hasn't been that long," I said.
"Emily, right," Sam asked, ignoring the subject. He closed the door behind Jack. "Nice to actually meet you."
"You too," she grinned, shaking Sam and Jack's hands.
"How much does she know," Dean mumbled.
"She knows my story, about where I'm going when I use my vacation days, I taught a few basics so she can protect herself," I explained.
"Jack's Lucifer's kid," Dean said bluntly.
"What," I yelled before quickly quieting down. "You brought the devil's kid to my apartment?"
"Sam's idea."
"Better question, where's Mom and Cas?"
"They're... they're dead," Dean looked down. I stepped back. Emily walked over and pulled me into a hug. "I-I'm sorry."
Sam walked over as Emily stepped back. She walked over to Jack and let him go sit in the living room so that Dean, Sam, and I could have a moment. We were soon having a group hug in the middle of my apartment.
"Were they in pain," I asked.
"I... I don't know," Sam mumbled.
"I just...," I stepped back, wiping my eyes. "I don't even know what to think."
"It's alright," Dean kissed the top of my head before leading me to the living room. "So, Emily, I've missed years of your guys' relationship. What's been happening?"
Emily looked at me and I nodded, letting her know that it was alright. It became an event of swapping stories. Emily and I told them about our work, some of our cases, some of the people we'd lost along the way. Sam and Dean told us about their hunts, told Emily old stories of me growing up and hunting, and how Jack came to exist.
It was oddly nice. It was like watching my two worlds collide in the best way possible. Seeing everyone get along made all of my stress fall off my shoulders.
Later that night, the boys had left and Emily and I were having tea on the couch.
"How are you feeling," she asked, arm laying on the back of the couch behind me. "And don't you dare say that you're fine."
I chuckled, "I'm not sure. I'm sure it will hit me harder in a little bit. I'm just thinking of how grateful I am."
Emily furrowed her eyebrows at me.
"I didn't get to grow up with my mom," I explained. "I got a second chance with her. She approved of my job and of you. She confirmed what everyone always told me..."
"She was proud of you."
I nodded, "And that's all I could ask for."
"What about Cas," she asked.
"He was a hero," I said. "He was awkward and silly but he helped me through so much. When my brothers would leave, Cas did his best to keep in touch with me. He was my best friend."
I looked down and felt tears in my eyes. Emily scooted closer, moved both of our mugs to the coffee table, and then hugged me, letting me cry into her shoulder.
"It's gonna be okay," she mumbled.
It was that night that I realized that I had fallen into the best support system. I had two brothers... and an adoptive nephew, I guess... that could help me with my hunting life. I had a team that could help me with the stress from my job. I had the love of my life there to help me through everything.
What I Write For
Request Guidelines
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folklore/evermore Writing Challenge (and Masterlist)
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shadows-of-nightmares · 3 hours ago
Joe (Kojiro Nanjo) x Male! Reader
Tumblr media
✑Pairing: Joe (Kojiro Nanjo) x Femboy! Male! Reader
✑Genre: Smut
✑Word Count: 556
✑Warning(s): Sub Reader, Oral (Reader Giving), Jealous Kojiro, Hair Pulling, Swearing & Degradation
Tumblr media
You couldn't pinpoint how you got in this situation, your quivering body underneath the man of your dreams. But, if you had to guess, it'd most likely be because of your outfit of choice.
The way your skirt seemingly flew up when you'd make sharp turns with your skateboard, revealing your lace underwear to the nearby audience. Or it could've been the way your shirt rode up your torso, showing the onlookers your arched back and your gorgeous figure.
Either way, you couldn't control how your boyfriend reacted. After the races had ended, he dragged you back to his restaurant, grumbling quietly.
As the two of you entered through the door, immediately your back hit the cold wall. His normal calm, ruby red eyes were now clouded with lust. Kojiro attacked your neck with bites, leaving marks for everyone to see the next day. "You think you can just tease me like that and get away with it?" He growled in between motions.
You eyes fluttered opened to meet his once more and shook your head slowly.
He scoffed, ripping your shirt off, leaving your chest bare. "Don't give me that bullshit. You knew what you were doing." You shivered as you felt the cold air hit your suddenly sensitive nipples. "What's wrong? You didn't seem to have a problem giving everyone else a show," he spat.
Watching as you looked at the ground, unable to admit the truth of what you did, he smirked. "Don't get shy on my now. I want you to look at me the entire time. Now, if you're really sorry you'll get on your knees," he demanded.
Your body slumped down, your skirt doing nothing to hide your arousal. "If you even think about touching yourself, I'll use that slutty body of yours until you can't cum anymore," he threatened. Clenching your hands on your thighs, you unzipped his pants with your teeth, soon after your teeth grasped the lining of his boxers and pulled them down.
Licking the tip, you made sure to lock eyes with Kojiro as you licked up the shaft. Preparing yourself to take the entire length, you took your mouth way for a moment. Suddenly, without warning, Kojiro grabbed you by your silky hair and pushed you down onto his cock. Tears forming in your eyes, the males figure above you began to blur as you slowly moved your head up and down. Making sure to move your tongue around his glands as your movements began to pick up speed, Kojiro's grip on your hair tightened.
"This is what you wanted, huh? Slutty bitch, showing off your body just to get this, hm?" He huffed, biting his lip at the sight of your pathetic body taking his cock hole with your teary eyes.
You tried responding, only for his hand to push you back down to his base point. Gagging, you swirled your tongue around, feeling the heat in your mouth build.
After a mere moment, the familiar white liquid slid down your throat. Kojiro pulled your head away by your hair, watching as some of his semen rolled down your chin. Swallowing it all, Kojiro pulled you up to be face to face with him.
"Don't worry, I'm not done with you yet," he whispered beside your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
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angel-anoetic · 4 hours ago
People hire Punz and reader comes with, and hirer thinks reader is just eye candy and flirts/catcalls/is generally rude to reader and Reader just kills hirer while Punz steals all hirer's stuff and claps. Please?
this prompt made me think thoughts- I love it! Punz and action, perfect. I hope you enjoy!!
Don't forget to like to save and reblog to share!
c!Punz x gn!Reader - Vendetta
Genre: /rom, action
Warning: Derogatory language, mention of knife, mention of murder
masterlist <3
"Punz! My boy, come in, have a seat! Great to see you again." The gruff man wrapped his arm around Punz shoulder, guiding him to a round table in a dining area. You followed, silent as you took your time observing each part of the condo. It was simple, exactly what you would expect from a con man.
Punz and the man took a seat, pouring a drink for each of them. You leaned against the chair where Punz sat, the man finally seeming to take notice of you.
"Who's this? I wasn't aware you were bringing company tonight..." The man allowed his eyes to linger against you, much to your disgust.
"This is my partner, Y/N. They tag along sometimes." You wrapped an arm around Punz, leaning into him.
"Well, you should bring them around more often...something nice to look at while we do business." You smiled, unamused.
"What's the job?"
"Alright." The man went into expansive detail about some guy who had scammed him a few weeks ago, and now he needed him and his crew gone. It was hard to ignore his eyes, the way they'd shamelessly flash over to you, focusing in on the places you wish he wouldn't.
"You know, I used to have a bitch that would follow me around, but they got too picky, annoyed me to no end so I got rid of 'em. How long have you had them following you around like a lost puppy?"
Punz tensed, refusing to look away from the papers that sat in front of him.
"Y/N and I have been together for, what? About five years now?" You nodded, keeping a serious face.
"C'mon baby, just smile! Upset that he's not giving you the attention you usually get? That's how this business work."
You continued to ignore him. He would get his karma one day, whether it was today, tomorrow, or in fifteen years.
This aggravated the man, never having been ignored.
"What? You stupid? Or just ignoring me?" He sat up a bit in his chair. "I'll never understand you people. Latching on to good men like Punz here, and draining them. At least get a few brain cells."
You drew a circle on Punz back. He cleared his throat and nodded, a sign you took graciously.
You walked over, slowly, tempting. The man's attitude changed, his eyes getting wide as you walked behind him, massaging his back softly. He leaned against your hands, a dumb smile growing across his face.
"You see? This is what I mean. At least you're doing something other than just standing there, wasting away."
"Boss, I hate to break it to you."
Your grip tightened around the man's shoulders then wrapped around his neck.
"But Y/N is more than a 'lost puppy'."
You removed the dagger that had been hugging your side for the last hour, sliding it against the face of the client.
"W-what?" Punz stood up, walking around the loft.
"Say, where do you keep your good stuff? It's too...clean in here."
"I-I don't think I know what you mean." You pushed the knife harder against his neck, feeling the skin straining against the sharp edge.
"Yeah, the jewelry, the guns. I know you wouldn't keep them out in the open, so where is it?"
"The hell if I'd tell you! Get your whore off of me then we can work something out!" Punz looked at you, gave you a slight eyebrow raise. You sighed and pulled the knife away from his neck and backed up a few steps.
"Thank you." The man grabbed his neck, patting away the sweat that formed on his forehead. "Alright, what do you want? Money? I'll pay you when this job is done. I always do."
"Wrong answer." The knife slid nicely into his chest, hardly leaving any time for him to process that pain before he fell to his knees. "Should've paid me more." Punz walked away, starting his search for what he'd come for, leaving you and the man alone.
He gasped for air, the final moments of life barely visible in his eyes. You leaned down cautiously, peering down at him.
"Guess this bitch does have a few brain cells, huh?" You removed the dagger, it was unnecessary, the damage was done. But it was fun, knowing you got the last word.
"Baabyyy!" You sang out as you looked for a few bottles of wine and booze. Punz yelled from another part of the house, appearing in the next minutes with a few briefcases of items.
"Should we keep the after-party here or take it back home?" You shook the bottles in your hand, smiling. He chuckled, placing the cases down and wrapping his arms around you.
"Let's go home. Would hate if his goons came home early and interrupted." He gave you a kiss, then you both left, suitcases full of riches, and some good drinks in hand.
Life was perfect.
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ibijau · 5 hours ago
omgomg s’il te plaît peux tu nous donner une petite continuation de l’histoire avec l’oiseau?? j’sais que tu l’as posté depuis quelques minutes😅😅mais dans l’avenir?
for non frenchies: this was a request to write more about nhs and bird!lxc
sometimes someone wins in the lottery that is my inbox, and I instantly know what to write lol
“So you're actually a demon bird called Lan Xichen,” the human said, closing his eyes as if it would help him think better, “and that nail was put into you by your enemy Wen Ruohan to poison and kill you, and now that I've saved you, you how me a favour.”
“Exactly,” Lan Xichen patiently confirmed.
In all honesty, he found that this human was taking it rather well, for a creature so young. He and his family had stopped engaging with mortals because humans had forgotten all respect, but this young man hadn't even once accused him of lying. Maybe this was...
“Just one favour?” the human asked, ruining all of Lan Xichen's good humour.
“Just the one, yes.”
The mortal bit his lip and twisted his fingers for a long while. Lan Xichen sighed, and nervously preened his feathers, fearing that the human would ask for money. Most of them did, of course, so it shouldn't have disappointed him, and yet...
“Okay, so, here is the thing,” the human said. “There's a pair of moorhens at the pond, and I'd need to ask them a few questions, so I'd appreciate if you could act as my translator?”
“Yeah, see, I was going to ask to make sure my grant was renewed,” the human explained, “but then I figured that I can get that on my own if I have good data, right? And what better data can I get than by directly asking the animals I'm researching?”
Lan Xichen stared at the human, utterly speechless. In his many centuries of life, he'd never heard of a request like that one.
“When I say you can ask me for anything, I mean it,” Lan Xichen carefully said. “There is no limit of size. Please do not think that I am bragging, but I am very powerful, and you did save my life. I can give you anything. I can let you understand the language of every animal that exists, if you wish.”
The human's eyes went very round. He gaped a moment at the white bird before him, before biting his lip again, clearly rethinking his demand. After another long while, the human spoke again.
“No, I think I'm good with my wish,” he announced. “If I understand every animal out there, my life is going to become too complicated, I don't have time for that. And beside, I'm sure those moorhens will be more willing to speak to me if I have an intermediary so they know I'm not a predator, right?”
Lan Xichen blinked a few times, and felt his traitorous heart speed up.
“Are you single?” he blurted.
“Married to the job,” the human joked. “Which everyone says is fine, until they realise I'll always drop them if I spot something cool happening on one of my cameras. My last boyfriend dumped me because I stopped in the middle of sex when I got a ping about one of my nests. Why, does it matter?”
“Just making small talk,” Lan Xichen said, nervously preening again. “I'm a little tired today, but come back tomorrow morning, and I'll help you with the moorhens.”
While the mortal promised he'd be there at sunrise, as he always was, Lan Xichen tested out how his Qi circulated in his body, and found it satisfactory.
It would take a few hours for the effects of the cursed nail to fully disappear, but come morning he would surely be healed enough to take on his human form again.
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classypartynerdpalace · 5 hours ago
Next up iiiiis: The Ultimate Paint Mixer/Painter and The Ultimate Mage!!
Ayo! I'm back again with More Gals!! And Yes A Ultimate can have Two (Or More.) Ultimates, that shows how Good they are!! Anywho, First up is my Favorite Gal, Paula Amari!!
Tumblr media
She's my Favourite because I ship her with one of my Favorite Characters in my Favorite (But Sufferable.) Game! Cuphead! (Yeah, I'm in the Cuphead Fandom...SUE ME.) And because I like her Hair, At was VERY Hard to Do, but I got the Hang of it! Anywho, Paula is a Mix Breed as well, An Ink and Shadow Demon (I ain't gonna spend Ten Whole Hours explaining what those things are. They are Species are Made up, and I'll explain them once I do very!) Also, you see those White Spots on her Hair? Those Spots Glow when Paula feels a certain Emotion towards Someone. It gets brighter if her a certain Emotion towards someone is stronger! Anywho, enough about her. Time for the Ultimate Mage!!
Tumblr media
Yeah, I know you can see it in the Pic. But I'l say it anyway! Okay, Pearl's Mom was a Neko while her Da Da was a Demon. She was Born a Demon before decided to use Magic to hid her Real Form. Unfortunately, It didn't work fully. So now, she has to wear an Eye Patch to hid her right Eye! Anyhow, that's all for now, Until Next Time. Staaaay...oh Shit. Uhm, Jazzy? Yeah, Jazzy. Bye Bye!
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classypartynerdpalace · 6 hours ago
Next Up iiiiis: The Ultimate Sports Woman and Robot!!
Hey Peeps, I'm back at it again with Two More Ultimates!! Anais Kobayashi and Jessica Tanaka!!
Tumblr media
Okay I wanna explain something, Anais' Mother was a Bunny, and her Dad was a Electric Kitsune (I'll explain a Lot more when I Post all of my Ocs in here!). So when Anais was Born, She was a Mix Breed! some Way. Okay, Anais can Shift into her second Form, Aka: Her Bunny Form! It could be in the Day or in the Night! And luckily these Two Forms has exclusive Powers!! Also, she a Perv (That A. Doesn't go tooooo Far. And. B. Ask for Consent!). Anywho, that's all I have to say about her. Time for the Ultimate Robot!!
Tumblr media
Okay, Even though she is Gary's Cousin. She's also his Half Sister. Why? Gary's Mother was a Robotics Builder and she decided to Build a Robot for Gary! When he was Born, Jessica was Done! Anywho, that's all I have to Say about these Gals. Until Next Time, staaaay Cool!! Bye Bye!
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to the stars above | z.
Tumblr media
featuring. zhongli (genshin impact)
genre. fluff, angst, smut, ancient-liyue!au
word count. 5.4k
marga's notes. aAAAa look look, it's my first commission!! school has kept me really occupied for like the past month but after pulling a few all-nighters, i've finally finished my responsibilities along with this little baby! once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to my bubs @ramannnn for trusting me with this one <33
Tumblr media
Nobody knows when the world began, how it came to be and why it continues to be. Even I, whose mind is filled with nothing but wonder for it, have no idea. One thing I am quite sure of... is how mine did.
It all started with him— a man of many titles, different identities yet at the end of the day, all these monikers are the same; it's all him. He adored Liyue more than anything else, knew it like the back of his hand. He went where the winds lead him, stayed where the moon shines upon him, stood where the golden sun kissed his skin. He found serenity in the walks he travels as he goes about his day, the sceneries his eyes take in and the calm sounds the nature resonates for him. And as if it was fate decided upon by the Celestia, it led him to me. Suddenly, my little world that used to be nothing became everything... quickly and all at once.
Tumblr media
An exasperated sigh escapes from my lips, frustration and disappointment filling my whole being as I stare at the blank parchment paper I held in my hands. Another day was again wasted with no progress, I thought, mentally beating myself up for not being productive enough. Before I could further drown myself into such pessimistic ideas, I snap out of it and let my eyes cherish the view that lies ahead of me. Though I feel a little guilty for taking Vermeer's place, I can only whisper an apology with little to no sincerity. Because truly, nothing can beat the picturesque landscape of Luhua Pool— the crystal clear waters that would most probably reflect my face like a mirror if I were to ever look at it, the ruins that ignited the spark of curiosity within me, wondering about the pasts it holds and the stillness and feeling of peace it gives me as I sit in this cliff. Feeling somewhat a bit better, I place my things on top of the old bag I bring no matter where I go. There's always a better day for writing, I tell myself as a form of consolation, bringing my slim arms up to begin stretching. I've been sitting on this log for quite a long time now, after all.
"It seems like you are in a bit of a dilemma," a deep voice comments from behind me. Out of surprise, I lightly jump and turn my head towards the stranger. Right at that moment, it felt as if all the air circulating inside my body had been depleted. Captivating was an understatement as to how he appeared before me. With the sunlight striking his face and accenting his unique features further, he stood with his hands behind him, head tilted as he looked at me with interest, all while keeping his dignified posture.
"Oh, hello. I am afraid so, yes," I respond, or rather, mutter under my breath since I was not really used to having sudden encounters with other people, nor am I fond of it. I tend to keep to myself, finding it much more peaceful than having to tend to others' overbearing expectations and demands which is partly the reason why I chose to live in the outskirts, far from the center of Liyue that contrasts my comfortable abode, "I apologize. I failed to realize that somebody other than Vermeer liked to stay here," I told him, arching my eyebrows a little when he let out a breathy chuckle.
"Oh, you have no need for such formal apologies. I do not always go here, at least probably not as often as the man you call Vermeer. I was simply taking a walk and I think I got carried away by Liyue's view and eventually, my feet led me here," he explains, a hint of sheepishness present in his tone, "and I guess I'll have to thank my feet for that."
Because it led me to you, interesting one. For many years, it will remain unspoken, kept by the strange man to himself and unveiled once his heart gives up from the resistance he upholds.
For the following hours of lounging around Luhua Pool, I learned a lot about the stranger— he calls himself "Morax," and like the god of Liyue, he enjoyed history and is extremely knowledgeable about it, aspiring to know and understand everything of the world, he often brews tea, even going as far as inviting me once I am free from any form of work. Just as he shared facts about himself, I did too.
"So, Cheng, you said you have a bit of a dilemma?" he inquires, slightly angling his head towards the direction of the side I'm sitting on. I nod my head up and down, mouth forming into a small pout of disappointment as I remember that today has not been that progressive.
"Yes. I am trying to write a novel, you see. Something that will leave an impact on this world so that even if I may pass, I will still live on the memories of people," I tell him, an ambitious expression present on my face. He hums, eyes going over the terraces that make up the current view we have and the two huge statues standing by the ruins, "Why so?"
I pause for a moment to think of a reply, "I guess I just do not want to let someone alone in this cold world. Wouldn't that be too cruel and sad, to just leave them with nothing?"
If I'm able to write words that will provide comfort to my readers, then maybe... just maybe the world will be less lonely... even for just a little bit. At least, that's what I thought as silence consumed us, the sun setting as if to remind us that finally, another day is nearing its end. Now, what will tomorrow bring?
"Well then, I do hope I will be able to read at least some of your works at least once," he speaks as he stands up, lightly dusting away his clothes, "It certainly has been a pleasure to be your company, Cheng."
As he walks down the slope of the hill, his somewhat broad back facing me, I call out, "Will you be back?"
He stops and turns, a soft smile is plastered on his face as he responds, "Only time will tell."
But time was no friend of mine. At least that's what I have come to realize as many days passed without him returning to this place. Though maybe it's only because it almost felt as if time slowed down and I was only eager to see him again, something I have scolded myself to— what a fragile heart do I have to already seek a stranger's presence? That is what others call love at first sight, a devilish portion of my mind whispered cheekily within me and I gasped in disbelief, "Absolutely not," I lightly slap both of my cheeks, "I'm just too coped up in my own world. I probably need to go see more people."
That thought remains a simple yearning though because once again, I find myself lounging around the same spot in Luhua, a quiet hope ignited within me, fulfilled when I hear the familiar voice he adorns as he speaks, "You're here."
I release a sound that is between a giggle and a breathy chuckle, "And I see your feet had led you here once more?"
"They were curious, or should I say... I was," he explains as he takes a seat beside me, his posture remaining solid despite the uncomfortable position.
"Of what?" I ask.
"Of you," he simply replies, unaware of the sudden yet unsurprising effect it had on my heart that was already beating rapidly with just his mere presence. I try not to be so showy of it though, too embarrassed to even think of how fast I became fond of him.
But it was no wonder. After all, he himself was an interesting one; from the way he carries himself, the way he speaks, and the way he's just him... all and every action hold so much dignity that it just leaves me almost breathless and in awe every single time my eyes finds their way to his figure— and to think that this was just our second meeting? My mother would most probably let out the most shameless giggle as I tell her these thoughts, pushing me and teasing me like a normal person in their teens would. I shake my head to get out of these thoughts, listening to Morax as he tells another wonderful tale, almost making me think that he lived it himself with how he knew it, going over even with the smallest details.
"You know, Morax, you have such a good memory to remember all of those things despite simply hearing about it," I suddenly speak up in the midst of the silence that engulfed us while he tries to think of the next story to tell, "I hope I can stay in them too... in your memories, I mean. I know I am far from being the most interesting person but for some reason, I wish for that."
He pauses, eyes trailing slowly towards me, beyond my knowledge, before he lets out a somber smile. You already are, is another one of him that becomes an afterthought.
I heaved out a sigh before shaking my head again, "Ah! Why do I keep having such lonely thoughts? Forget about that. Please do not mind me, alright? I think I really need to stop being stuck in the mountains."
I pick up my small bag and shuffle inside it, letting out a quiet sound of 'aha!' as a sort of celebration when I successfully got a small book out, "Here."
He blinked his eyes in confusion, wondering what it was I handed to him so I spoke in delight, "You told me you wanted to read at least one of my works so, here. I am warning you though, it is not like the ones that sell best in the bookstores. It might bore you, or weird you out like what others say."
"What others say?"
"They say it's too unrealistic, too impossible... but I believe otherwise. We live in a world where gods and adepti watch over us. What makes my story impossible then?" I ponder, him still being confused.
"What is it about anyway?" He asks, having no idea of what the context my book had.
"It's about an archon who began living as a simple man in Liyue."
Our meetings became more frequent after that and eventually, we got comfortable with even just the presence of each other, having no need for long talks and such, but just peace. Today, like any other day, Morax was just reading the book I gave him, while I was thinking of what my next story would be about. Occasionally, he looks at me with an odd expression that is almost equivalent to astonishment, as if I have done something so great that it made him look at me that way.
"What made you think of this plot?" he asks all of a sudden, not forgetting to put a piece of paper that served as a bookmark on the page where he stopped just in case he accidentally closed it.
I hum, thinking about my answer to his question, "Hmm. Truth to be told, it was just a mere wonder for me. Archons and the adepti, although not entirely immortal, live so much longer than an average human does, watching over us as we go about our daily lives, waiting for sudden wars to break out and then fight the enemies that attack us. Growing up, those were the things that all the people around me told me. So I began to wonder, do they ever get tired? Is it not too taxing to keep on doing that? What if... they just lived with us, among the crowds? Because I think it is too lonely wherever they are. Would it not be better if they were with us, rather than above us, so they could at least have memories to live by?"
Morax does not give a response, or rather, he finds it difficult to find one. Still, it does not stop the affection that spreads within him. He does not say it out loud, but for someone who prefers to be alone, Cheng was full of empathy. And somehow, that did wonders to Morax's heart.
"Now that I think about it, I kind of actually want to address my books to them now," I hum once more, "It would be like a message for them: Do not be too lonely even if we pass. Because of your help, through these stories, we can show you that we lived a good life."
I huff as soon as I finish my sentence, "Although one of those who read it said that was impossible, because according to them, why would archons give up their power to live a life where there is only simplicity?"
Morax let out a sound that made it look as if he got offended himself, "Archons can do that, can they not?"
"I know! That was what I was saying to them. Anyway, I am not forcing them to like what I wrote. It's just a story, after all. It can do no harm," I shrug, beginning to fix my belongings as the sun began to set, "I should go now, Morax. It is still quite a long walk to my home."
"I want to live a good life too," he suddenly tells me, making me halt and turn to him in confusion, "With you. The good life and memories you shall tell in your stories, can I be part of them too?"
The universe does not stop for anyone, nor does time— science will consistently proclaim this fact matter what timeline we shall live in. No matter how much someone begs to the Celestia to grant their wish of controlling, or stopping time, no one will be able to do such things. But somehow, it seems like when it comes to him, everything is possible as I feel my world stop at his words, just like the way it also began when I met him. And as if planets were colliding with each other, I suddenly felt my heart crash upon him and as if out of instinct, I let go of the truth.
"Of course. It would be the greatest thing to have you."
Tumblr media
Life was strange in its own way. That is what I have come to realize in this simple life of mine.
Despite the fact that the "me" of the previous year has never even thought about putting my whole being on my sleeve, it is pleasingly odd how right now, I find myself in this kind of situation with the man who swept me right under my feet and claimed my heart as his.
“You're cold," I whisper amidst the silence of the night in my abode, my index tracing the ears of the man who had me sitting right on his lap, the shorter strands of his silky hair tucked behind them. So, so alluring.
He takes hold of my wrist, planting a soft kiss on its side, all while maintaining eye contact as he quietly drawls, "Then I suppose you can keep me warm tonight. Will you?"
As if in a trance, I nod my head, letting him take the lead as he laid me down, back against the soft mattress, him following on top with his arms supporting his build. With arising confidence, I circle my arms around him and pull him down, bringing our lips together, a sigh of relief escaping both of our mouths as if to say, "Finally."
I wonder if he thinks the same way as I do— that this was Celestia in its own way. I felt like I could do anything as long as it was with him. The kiss felt like the power we once suppressed from each other became a supernova that changed our world's course all of a sudden. But despite the tension and heat we both emitted at the moment, there is a warmth that engulfs me the same time he fully wraps his arms around me.
I am here. I will always be here.
No noise disturbs the peace we have created, only the quiet sound of crickets reach our ears but even that fails to distract him from what he's doing. He gently tugs on the sash that keeps my coat tied. Nimble fingers explore the remains of my clothing, loosening all until I am set free from them.
His eyes raked over my body, an expression of awe plastered on his face for so long that it made me somewhat conscious. Because as he unravels his to me, I am enlightened by the fact that my figure is nothing worth comparing to his — not even close. A hint of sweat glints from his skin due to the moonlight, making him look even more ethereal. But who was I to complain?
So instead, I look down, fiddling a little with my fingers as I feel my cheeks heat up. How is it that I only realize now what kind of situation we are currently in? Before I further drown in such shameless thoughts, he lifts my head up by the chin, an amused look on his usually-gentle face, "Are you feeling shy, beloved?"
I meekly nodded, to which he lets out a soft laugh and whispers, "Don't be. You are the epitome of beauty itself. If you don't believe me, allow me to show you nothing but truth tonight, I swear under the moon and all these stars."
He dips down and captures my lips in a kiss once again with more passion, if it was still even possible.
"You are made for me, as I'm made for you," he proclaims as he thrusts inside me after minutes of preparation, soft pants and groans following his statements. I can only whimper in response, pain evident in my tone at first with my hands lightly clawing at his back. I pray to the heavens above that they don't leave awful marks after this.
He halts and utters an apology, thumb caressing the bone of my cheeks while he waits for me to adjust. He scans my face after a few seconds, relief flashing in his eyes when I nod for him to continue.
"I... b..." I try to speak out but the pleasure overwrites any sensical thought that goes through my mind. He slows down a little, looking over my face and smiles, urging me to talk.
"Stay with me, beloved. We still have all night," he tells me, encouraging me to voice what has been on my mind.
"I... I belong to you, always have and always will..." I manage to croak out, voice quite hoarse due to the sounds that I let out previously. Perhaps pleased with what I have proclaimed, he begins going even deeper and at the same moment, I begin falling deeper.
"Yes, yes, you do," he repeats like a mantra, his voice sounding more and more desperate to reach his high. I cry out with him, creating a harmony that even the best bards shall be ashamed.
It was a long night— the longest yet most beautiful night I have ever had in this simple life of mine. And in that moment, as we reach the stars together, I knew right there and then that this man is someone who will be etched in my heart for as long as I live, deep into its roots— for him, it shall beat and it shall love.
Tumblr media
You, who are reading this, most probably have had enough of these teeth-rotting praises I kept on writing. But what can I do except to apologize? These words are the only ones that can flow out of my mind and mouth to show how magnificent it was to be loved by him.
Well, nothing significant really changed. He was still the same gentleman I met, if anything, more gentle. Just like in the beginning, he made my heart flutter every chance he gets, no matter how many years have already passed.
We built a dynasty together.
But maybe I should have known that ours were also bound to crumble like the ones that have long existed even way before us.
Days, months and years went on, I realized that he was actually the opposite of me— unlike me who was clearly not parallel with time, he held it right on the palms of his hand. I was not blind, nor was I a fool, I can clearly see how he looks like he has not aged a day, all while I was here, maturing more and more each second that passed by, the amount of signs of me aging increasing significantly.
Morax. Knowledgeable of history as if he lived it himself. Time. All these thoughts eventually congest my mind as realization dawns upon me. He was not merely a man named after the god himself— Morax was him, he was Morax.
"How appalling," I mutter with a hint of sadness and dismay in my tone. I stood in front of the mirror, fingers hovering over my face, wrinkles appearing as I scrunch it. A pair of firm arms snake its way around my lean waist, chin resting on one of my shoulders as he hums his words, "What has got your beautiful mind occupied, my beloved?"
Taking hold of his arms, I turn my body around to face him, a somewhat melancholic smile etched on my face as I look up at his much taller frame, "You are a sight to behold, even to this day." He arches one eyebrow out of amusement and curiosity, wondering why I suddenly started pouring him compliments. After all, my shyness prevents me from consistently doing so. Nonetheless, I continue speaking, "I wish... I could be with you even when everything changes into a whole new world."
I lifted a hand up to cup his cheeks and began rubbing it lovingly, a lone tear finally dropping from my eye as soon as I closed it, "but I cannot, I do not have the ability to do so... I am but a mere mortal, after all."
His eyes widen as he finally discerns my actions and concerns, immediately opening his mouth in hopes of consoling me but I beat him into speaking, "It's alright, Morax. I have been putting the pieces together for a while now. I am in no way angry. I just..." I pause, gulping hard before my lips start to quiver, "... I cannot imagine how lonely it must have been. And now... I think about it and I... I do not want to leave you alone again."
My cries eventually start becoming louder, something that is very new to the both of us, seeing as I have always been composed. Love can change a person into a whole new being. I remember a book I have read once and at the moment, I can only agree. Maybe it was the way my heart clenches at the mere thought of him walking alone, or the way I can imagine us taking our last breaths together yet I know that will never happen— but either way, it was painful.
He whispers sweet nothings to my ears, placing light kisses on my temple as he leads us to the bedroom to rest once my tears have finally ceased and I have calmed down. His hold on me gets tighter every time I let out a small hiccup due to crying, almost as if he was telling me that he was feeling the same pain as I was.
Hours pass by as we lay in silence. My tears have long dried up but we remain coped up in each other's arms.
"Would it not be interesting if you bear the name Zhongli?" I ask him in a somewhat croaky voice.
He peers down and tilts his head, "Now where did that thought come from?"
I shrug, or at least try to, and look up at the ceiling as we shift our positions to lay on our back, hands finding one another and intertwining, "Hmm... nowhere. Just a name I wanted to give you in case that you are needing a new one."
"Oh? How come it would be interesting then?"
I look at him with a comforting yet sad smile.
"Because it means it's time to leave, to go somewhere far away... and unfortunately, I will have to leave soon."
He furrowed his eyebrows together, "Do not say that. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to live a hundred years by my side. Besides, I think it sounds lonely. I do not think I would want to get reminded of the fact that you are not here with me."
I hum, "But if you bear the name I gave you, wouldn't it feel like I never went away? That no matter where your feet take you, no matter how far you go, I am and will always be with you, just as I have vowed."
Tumblr media
The wooden door leading to my writing room slowly slides open and Morax's head peers in, an adorable smile plastered on his face, "You have been quite busy these days, beloved. I do not wish to disturb you but I am starting to long for your presence."
I let out a shameless giggle, "Alright, alright. Just let me write down a few more words while I still have ideas to input."
He peeks on the parchment paper out of curiosity, taken aback when he finds his name on it, "You are writing about us?"
I nod proudly, "My last piece."
"... But why?"
I smile and approach him, taking his hand and placing my forehead against his after he lowers his head down to my level, "I told you, did I not? I do not wish to leave the person I love with nothing. So that you will not be lonely, my words will be with you. I will be with you, always..."
"... and to tell the gods... to tell you, that I loved every second of my life with you— that it was, indeed, a good life."
Tumblr media
"Who are you, young man? Are you my son?" I speak with a very hoarse voice, squinting my eyes at the figure in front of me, as if my poor vision will allow me to do that.
I hear a melancholic yet gentle sigh come from him before he takes my rough hands and looks afar, "Don't mind me. I'm just someone who vowed to be with you for as long as time lets us."
"Oh.... really? That’s quite endearing," I hum, "Well, may I know your name?"
Tumblr media
"This… I think I may just have an idea to whom this book is for," Paimon trails off, looking over at the traveler who was in the same trance as her, "Paimon thinks we should let the strange person we saw a while ago give this directly to Zhongli!"
Lumine nods, turning around and starting to run towards the direction they were at previously, recalling the person named Cheng who gave them the novel they just finished reading. They were unique, dressed in layers of robes and it was almost as if they lived in the old times of Liyue. Even the way they talked and moved screamed ancient.
Just as they turned the corner, a woman near the Liuli Pavilion called them over, "Traveler! Here!" As they approach, Lumine cranes her neck to look around the area but to no avail, the strange person was long gone.
"Are you two alright?" the woman asks, much to their confusion, "I saw you talking to literal air awhile ago and I was worried you have eaten something strange."
The pair looks at each other in surprise before Paimon replies, "You didn't see anyone? Like a man dressed in the strangest attire? He dresses anciently!"
The door of the Liuli Pavilion opens and there goes Zhongli, a calm expression morphing to an awkward one when he realizes he barged into an ongoing conversation. He apologizes for the disturbance and despite the curiosity he had upon overhearing bits of Paimon's statements, he starts his walk back to Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. At least not until he hears Paimon call his name, "Zhongli! Wait! A person named Cheng. Do you know them?"
He abruptly stops and turns to the two, eyes wide for a second before it returns to his usual demeanor, "How... how do you know of them?"
"We met them," Paimon says, as if it was the simplest thing to do, "Well, honestly, we don't know because we were apparently speaking to nothing but air! It's so odd!"
He stays still, honestly having no idea of what response he should give them because he himself found it hard to believe.
"Well anyway, they asked us to give you this nov— wait, where is it? It was just in your hands a while ago, Traveler!"
In the midst of the loud chaos made by the two in the middle of Liyue, he thinks he knows what to do and where to go now.
Tumblr media
It was the day of the Rite of Parting, an event where he's supposed to be taking part of, even just a part of the audience. But he finds himself hanging around the Wanwen Bookhouse, eyes scanning the shelves until it stops at a familiar name engraved on the cover of a book.
"Oh! Greetings, Mr. Zhongli! I see you took a liking to a very great and romantic novel," Jifang comments as she sees the book in his hands.
He looks at her, "Is it really great?"
She gasps in delight, "Yes, indeed! Almost all of the Liyue folks have enjoyed this story! You can say it is a classic, especially for readers! Cheng definitely outdid themselves with this one! Such a mysterious person yet equally amazing. Imagine? Being able to make such a beautiful love story with Morax? They don’t mention the present name they gave Morax though, such a shame. Maybe it was due to old age, they wrote it until the last moments of their life after all. Anyway, I have to get back to work but enjoy reading that masterpiece!"
He feels his heart swell in pride upon knowing his lover had his wish come true. His nimble fingers carefully open the pages of the book and hours later, as he sat inside the Funeral Parlor after taking the novel home, he finds himself absorbing each and every word Cheng have written, the loneliness sitting idly inside him subsiding little by little.
Tumblr media
I found solace in the countless cups of tea you brew whenever I encounter distress with my works, the endless stories you tell with a smile so beautiful that not even the most heavenly scenery can vanquish, but most of them all, the feeling of your hand intertwining with mine, providing me with serenity no one else has ever done before. Under the moonlit night of Liyue, I remember your wistful amber eyes, staring deep into my soul as you proclaim your love and desire for me. How foolish was it of me to think that I could live this life without even experiencing such warmth and intimacy?
It is a banality, really — how I wish to become a well-known writer with unique tales and yet the story I am telling is something so common to folks that they have most probably heard similar ones before. But I guess this is what it means to love and to be loved. Everything is like a cycle that just keeps on being repeated, yet we never get tired of it, of the feelings it brings. So, thank you, Morax. Words will never be sufficient to show how grateful I am to you for showing me a whole new world but I suppose this is still a way for me to give back to you.
With this little book of mine, I hope my heart reaches yours regardless of how many eras may have passed before and after us. So, my beloved, do not be too lonely without me. Even if you find yourself longing for my presence, just open this and my heart shall be with you.
This belongs to you, it always will.
And I do, as well.
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(YEAAAA WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS~! so does this mean that asks will be ANSWERED in comic form? as well as better quality from the detailed art I see?) - Tech anon
(Can't exactly promise but I'll try my best to keep the good quality. But that will mean I need more time to get it done.)
(I might switch over between sprite answer and comic answer)
(So get ready, I suppose. I'll try my best to keep the quality)
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amberbeach · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
eugene 'skull' skullovitch x reader
gif belongs to me
Before you started dating, you had seen Skull and Bulk around school and knew how close they were, rarely without each other - if ever. But it wasn't until you began to date that you noticed just how much Bulk bossed Skull around or insulted him in one day. You knew how much the comments affected Skull although he never showed it unless you urged him to talk about it.
You knew when you started dating Skull, that Bulk was a package deal, but you never fully realized how much of your time with Skull was interrupted by Bulk until one day you were eating lunch together and Bulk insisted Skull shared his lunch with him, ordering him to scoot over on the bench. You stared at the boys in front of you in disbelief as Bulk took Skull's tray, stealing his lunch.
"Give it back." You said sternly.
Bulk glanced at Skull who looked between you both nervously. "What did you say?"
"I said give him back his lunch. Now." You stood up, placing your hands on the table, unfazed by the attention you had earned. Bulk pushed the tray to the side and it slid off the table. You glared at him when he stood up, matching your stance.
"Listen, missy -"
"T-Take it easy, Bulk. She didn't mean anything by it." Skull awkwardly tried to defuse the situation.
"I don't like you." You said plainly.
"I don't like you either." Bulk agreed.
"I don't like how you treat him."
"Aw, that's so cute. Your girlfriend fights your battles, does she?" Bulk chuckled, slapping Skull on the shoulder.
"No, of course not, Bulk -" Skull laughed nervously.
"You're nothing but a bully. You make him do things he doesn't want to do and mock him constantly. Yet you claim to be best friends."
"We are best friends, honey. So why don't you go over there and sit with the other losers?"
"If they are your definition of losers, then I'll gladly sit beside them to avoid the stench of stupidity." You took your bag and Skull inwardly groaned when you left.
Later that day you were in the music room, practicing on the violin when Skull entered, checking no one had seen him. You glanced at him with a sigh, knowing he was afraid of losing his image. You placed the violin back in the case and he smiled, not picking up on your mood yet as he walked over to you.
"Hey, you're sounding great." He said.
"Thanks." You smiled faintly, picking up your case and heading to the door.
"Wait," Skull turned, catching your arm. "What's wrong?"
"Why do you let him talk to you the way he does?" You asked.
"Bulk? We've been friends for a long time, you know that. That's just how he is."
"And me? He dismissed me and you didn't do anything about it." You said, tears forming in your eyes. Skull opened his mouth to speak, but you spoke before he could. "It's him or me, Eugene." 
"Babe -" He chuckled nervously.
"I mean it." You walked away and Skull frowned when you left him alone, dropping his hand to his side.
After a few minutes, he walked out of the music room, not caring who saw him leave as he walked down the hallway, in a state of shock. Bulk approached him when he saw him and clapped a hand on his shoulder.
"Hey, there you are. Listen I've got an idea. Why don't we go -"
"I think Y/N is breaking up with me."
"You dodged a bullet." Bulk told him with a laugh. "Anyway, if we -"
Skull shrugged off the hand on his shoulder, looking at Bulk in annoyance and disbelief. "You don't get it, do you? I really like her. But you treat her l-like crap." 
"Take it easy, Skull."
"No. Because she told me to choose. Her or you."
"And you choose me. Wise decision." Bulk grinned. "There's plenty of other babes in sch-"
"I don't want another 'babe'," Skull said, making air quotes with his fingers. "Just her. She cares about me. I've never had someone who cares about what I want. I don't like how you treat her. Or how you treat me. I'm sorry, Bulk, but if I have to choose....I choose her."
"I'm sorry." Skull sighed as he walked away to find you.
Bulk frowned as he watched him leave, before noticing the stares he was receiving in the hallway. "What are you looking at?" People averted their eyes and Bulk walked away, needing time to think.
You were standing at your locker when Bulk approached you, closing your locker. You raised an eyebrow at him.
"How about we make a deal? I get Skull Monday to Saturday and you get him for an hour on Sunday." He bargained.
You scoffed, starting to walk away.
"Okay! Okay! How about I get Skull Monday to Friday and you get him on weekends?" Bulk offered.
"No." You shot down, walking into class.
Bulk followed, taking the seat beside you. "Okay, how about Monday to Saturday and you get him for a full day on Sunday?"
You pretended to think about it, before looking at him. "No."
"Bulk, you don't take this class." The teacher pointed to the door and Bulk reluctantly left.
Later, you were walking away from school grounds, talking to Katherine who assured you that you were doing the right thing, not just for you, but for Skull as well. She agreed that it was time he stood up for himself.
You turned, looking at Skull when he cleared his throat. "I just want you to know that...I choose you."
You smiled softly, rushing forward to hug him. As he buried his head in your shoulder, wrapping his arms around you, he knew he made the right decision.
For the remainder of the week, Bulk observed from a distance, as you and Skull spent time together. During the weekend he did a lot of reflecting and realized just how happy you made Skull. And he realized he shouldn't have tried to come between you.
The following Monday, you were standing at your locker, talking to Skull about the upcoming music concert when Bulk appeared.
"Uh, hey."
You glanced at Skull who was equally surprised as you were.
"Hey, Bulk." Skull greeted him while you closed your locker, standing next to him.
"I've been doing some thinkin' were right. I said some things that I shouldn't have and I just wanted to say...I'm sorry." He said. "You're dating my best friend and I should have respected that. Truth is, I think you're great together."
"Thank you." You said softly.
"Yeah, thanks, Bulk," Skull said, watching his friend turn away, feeling saddened that their lifelong friendship was coming to an end.
You nudged his arm with your elbow and Skull looked at you. "Go after him."
"Really?" He tried not to look too hopeful but you nodded and he grinned, kissing your cheek before walking towards Bulk. "Hey, Bulk!"
Bulk turned around and Skull stood in front of him. "Wanna grab some lunch?"
"Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great."
You smiled when the two hugged and rolled your eyes fondly when they laughed together. You started walking to lunch, feeling Skull's arm around your shoulders moments later as he quickly caught up to you. 
While the two caught up about their weekend, you realized that despite your earlier assumptions, Bulk did care about Skull, he just didn't show it in a way you'd expect. But when faced with losing his best friend, he had swallowed his pride and apologized.
You watched the duo as they animatedly spoke to each other, shaking your head when they high-fived, coming up with another scheme. They paused, looking at you and you rolled your eyes, nodding.
Skull grinned, putting his arm around you. "See, Bulk, I told you she was great."
"Yeah, she's alright I guess." You playfully threw a fry at him and Skull chuckled when Bulk retaliated.
The duo got an idea and grinned, "Food fight!"
You squealed when Bulk threw a handful of fries at you and you stood up in shock. Skull became nervous that another fight was about to start, but when you poured your smoothie over Bulk's head he laughed, nearly falling out of his chair. Bulk threw his burger at him and Skull threw his muffin at his head.
You squealed when food threw past your table, other students joining in and you moved away, seeking refuge underneath the table. Skull and Bulk followed suit, and the three of you shared a look before bursting into laughter.
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obey-mes-treasure · 13 hours ago
Hi, there! First of all, how are you? (≧▽≦) I hope you're having a great day and if not I really hope everything will work out just the way you wish for!
Your works are A M A Z I N G! (ノ^_^)ノ✨✨ I love them! They were so good they made me go all
Tumblr media
Now I don't want to bore or annoy you any longer so I'll try to go straight to the point. If it's possible, I'd like to request a headcanon about Obey me (the brothers and the now Datables if you have the time, if not only the brothers will be totally fine. I don't mind, really!).
MC (GN! or F! makes no difference, you can choose the one you're more comfortable writing with!) arrives in the Devildom with their/her pet cockatiel and Diavolo lets them/her keep it. The cockatiel always stays on their/her shoulders, never leaves them alone and always tries to defend them whenever someone it doesn't like or trust comes too close. One day, the brothers somehow find out that the bird isn't really a bird but a big fierce DRAGON that chose MC as its "master" and thus decided to stay in a more "accepted" form (the more fluffy and cute one) in the human word in order not to draw the attention and to be their familiar. So now as Lucifer has Cerberus, Levi has Lotan, MC has a fucking dragon ready to destroy everything in their path. Of course MC didn't know it but still loves it anyway cause "Hey! That's still my baby nugget and noone will ever change it or take it awat from me! If anything happens to [insert bird's name] I'll kill everyone in this room!". But how would the others react?
I really hope I did everything right, if you don't want to do it, for ANY reason, feel free to ignore this! And, again, have a great day, don't forget to drink water and eat and take a break whenever you feel stressed! 💕(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
I really feel really bad for taking so long on this, especially since you are always liking my work. I’ve been really busy with school but I’m out now. Yayyyyy! Anyway, I’m going to do this as with a GN!MC so more people can relate. Hope you don’t mind I’m going to do this in three sections . 
Older Brothers Reacting to MC Having a Cockatiel That Turns into a Dragon
Warning: Slight Season 1 Spoiler (TSL Competition)
- Ridiculous. First, he has to take care of his brothers. Then Diavolo. Then a weak human. And now a bird that's going to be eaten in one week. He doesn’t care about the cockatiel in all honesty. As long as it doesn’t cause him any trouble he's going to ignore it.
- That is until the TSL competition happens. Levi is about the attack MC and he’s about to step it. Right, when he goes to move a dragon emerges from beside MC's head straight for Levi.
- He’s trying so hard to keep his face from looking shocked at the chaos around him. There's Levi attacking MC. A dragon attacking Levi. Lotan attacking a dragon. Everything is a mess and he is pissed. He doesn’t care that MC didn’t know he’s still going to punish them.
- He is glad that the human isn’t entirely helpless. It’ll take some of the stress off his back. As long as it doesn’t cause any more destruction he’ll let it stay.
- He won’t admit it but he likes Mc’s cockatiel at first, they remind him of his crows. He’ll definitely complain about having to take care of both of them.
- He is so worried that he can’t get to MC during the TSL competition. His eyes are locked on them and he almost doesn’t even notice the cockatiel turn into a dragon. He finally notices it at his mouth is dropping.
- He doesn’t like the cockatiel anymore. He’s MC's first man but some bird is trying to save his human. He starts ranting about how it wasn’t allowed to save MC anymore while he wraps up their wrists.
- He’s definitely worried that it’ll try to steal and hoard his treasures. Yes MC is his treasure too.
- He’s happy and jealous at the same time. That jealousy only grows as he starts to know MC more. He’ll try to get MC to leave the cockatiel behind when they go out with him. It doesn’t ever work but he can try.
- Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. JEALOUSY EVERYWHERE.
- Jealous. This otaku is jealous of the MC and cockatiel . He complains over and over again about how it isn’t fair that MC can bring their pet with them everywhere. He can’t do that. He can’t bring Henrey with him everywhere.
- He’s so angry that MC knows what's going to happen in TSL that he goes to attack. When he sees the cockatiel turn into a dragon he’s even more angry and jealous. It’s not fair.
- After he gets close with MC he still hates the bird. Why did the bird get to spend all day with his best friend?
- The ONLY reason he hasn’t gotten rid of it is that he knows how much MC likes the cockatiel .
- He eventually thinks that MC reminds him about that anime, “I got sent to hell with my bird but I found out it's actually a dragon and...”. After that, he starts to wonder what it would be like if MC's dragon and Lotan fight on the same side, water and fire working together.
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