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#i'll explain this on request
mallowstep · a month ago
y’all something just clicked in me everyone hated dovewing cause they liked ivypool
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ev · a month ago
my paranoia is literally so high that if someone sends me a friend request after an overwatch game i have to stop playing for the rest of the day
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kharnivorekitten · 2 hours ago
Chatting away today. It's Sunday.
Blog Update.
My ex-mentor accepted my request for protection. I think he understands that I'm not playing anymore. I'm settling into being my quiet self before I begin again.
The ex-Daddy still contacts me but I'm over it now. It doesn't mean what it once did and for me, even if my little may want desperately that connection, I can't bring myself to trust him. I can't give myself to someone who tells me I might be considered for a companion but can't stop lying by omission to me. So, he stays where I put him. With the others.
The Dom with the red flags I mentioned before, has turned passive aggressive after being told I was busy for the weekend - I knew not telling him exactly why was a smart move. He has his kid/s over so it's not such a big deal if I'm not around but he still copped an attitude anyway. Hopefully that dies off soon.
Had a monogamous kinkster message me saying, "I'd love to get to know you. I'll even share if I really have to." My eyebrow went up and I explained that if he has no confidence in himself, he will not be comfortable with my polyamory and won't be satisfied with not being exclusive, then perhaps someone more monogamous is more suited to him.
I am not a toy. I do not compete.
Had a "Submissive Dominant" try to suggest I come over to his house literally on the first day of talking - today. Unasked for bedroom and full naked selfie. Telling me he can cater to any need I have, anything I want done. Needles? No experience but he's happy to stick me with them. Knifeplay? No experience but happy to really get into it. He's all good with R.A.C.K. but can't tell me what it is, and confused it with a St. Andrew's Cross.
By the way, a "Submissive Dominant" is not a Soft Dominant. A Submissive Dominant is a submissive hiding as a Dom, to fulfill their need to serve - they act like a Dominant but their willingness to do ANYTHING, is the give-away.
The Submissive Dominant treats another Submissive in a serving way, thus making them the Dominant by reversing the roles.
They are rare but they exist and it's not Topping from the Bottom either.
The only decent person I've spoken to recently, is a retired Gorean who treats me with more respect than most Doms do.
Chew on that thought for a moment.
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obeythebutler · 9 hours ago
For the yandere prompt list, can we request ships? If so, how about DiaLuci with W? With Dia being the one saying it 👀
W - “War can start for the smallest of reasons. The battle within myself started with you and all you needed to do to stop this was say yes.”
He should have known.
Known when to draw the line.
Lucifer should have declined the gracious offer to stay in his Palace for the night, with furniture and decorations more extravagant than his own house, fit for royalty.
If only he had said no, and returned back home, ignored the sad look on his friend's face.
Well, if he could even call him a friend now.
Because the bindings on his hands aren't what you do to a loved one. You don't imprison them, render them unable to move. You don't do such vile things.
In this moment, Lucifer feels like a collared dog.
"Diavolo," He growls, and attempts to tug at the ropes, break whatever curse has been put on them, but the more he thrashes about, the more the ropes tighten.
"You must be a little.. disoriented, seeing yourself in my bed." Golden eyes trail around the bindings, and Diavolo notices how the ropes have started forming bruises around his skin. He rushes forward, and gently holding the dark-haired demon's wrist, attempts to rub soothing circles in the hope that it will make the bruises fade away.
"I'll ask Barbatos to get some ice." He mumbles to no one in particular, despite Lucifer still being in the room as he opens the gigantic window, and he furrows his eyebrows at the action.
"My hands have been bound, and you dare to worry about the bruises when your actions are the most—"
Vile? Baffling? Outrageous? Lucifer can't quite put the words to them, but Diavolo interrupts him.
"My actions are justified." He declares as he languidly places a paperweight on the stack of documents and sits on the edge of the bed. Lucifer attempts to scoot away, to be as far as he can from the demon, but the bed, despite being large, can only allow for so much distance.
Lucifer feels humiliated.
"I'm claiming my prize, after all."
Lucifer narrows his eyes at the golden-haired demon, who gazes into his own without a care. Suited to his demeanour, but given the current...situation, it was unsettling.
"I am not your prize."
"Oh, but I waged this war for you. Won't you let me have you, after all I've done for you?" His tone almost seems mocking, but delves into something innocent at the end, like a puppy getting scolded for chewing up the tablecloth.
"What war do you speak of?" Lucifer doesn't question the last part, because he knows what the Prince did for him. Brought her back to life, but at a cost.
"As a child, I read about kings and princes waging wars for petty reasons—because someone didn't keep in mind their royal significance, or disrespected them." He says as he gets up to gaze outside the window, the moonlight bathing the bed and him beautifully. Diavolo almost seems like an angel, but the black nails remind him that he's not.
"But some did it for love. In my case, that's the latter."
"This is not love." Lucifer snarls, as he tries to wiggle out of the ropes that are squeezing his hands so tightly, but the more he moves, or attempts to move, the more they tighten.
Diavolo pretends he doesn't see his struggle.
"Lucifer, we're demons. Not them. We love to overwhelming degrees." He explains, as if teaching a child how to use cutlery without dropping it. "As you see, wars can start for the smallest of reasons. The battle within myself started with you, and all you needed to do to stop this was say yes."
But he didn't. Lucifer thought he had made it painfully clear, but it seems the Prince is oblivious.
Diavolo saunters towards him. He tries to ignore the dip of the bed under the new weight as a hand is placed under his chin, forcing him to meet his eyes.
Diavolo chuckles.
"I'm just claiming my prize, after all. There's no one to stop me from taking what rightfully belongs to me now, is there?"
The end was a warning, a threat, for Diavolo never lets anyone spoil his vision, after all.
"Casualties?" Lucifer whispers as he stares outside the window, into anywhere but those golden eyes, and Diavolo lets him, this time.
"Not many." For a moment, Lucifer's stomach sinks. He hopes Diavolo hasn't done anything to them. " Relax," He mutters when he sees his furrowed eyebrows. "Nothing Barbatos can't take care of. Disposing of a few base demons isn't that hard."
They were unharmed, that was clear.
"I don't belong to you." He declares, proudly, as he looks Diavolo straight in the eye. The latter says nothing, only moves to remove the ropes that have been bruising his skin since the past two hours.
Lucifer is baffled.
"You may not belong to me, but your loyalty does, doesn't it, Lucifer?"
The grin on his face is bright, like the Sun, almost contagious. But Lucifer can't bring himself to smile, not when he's painfully reminded. The ropes on his hands might have been removed, but the ropes on his soul still remain.
And with that, Diavolo leaves the room, but not before leaving behind some documents on the desk, with a pen.
The open window is to remind him of his helplessness, that no matter where he goes, he'll end up here.
Lucifer rubs his bruised wrists as he gets up.
Tumblr media
I don't do ships but, DiaLuci has me weak.
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beccascribbles · 11 hours ago
3am convenience store run, ft sawamura daichi [requested by anon]
were you walking in the night at any other time, you would have taken the opportunity to admire the sky. you would have allowed yourself to amble onwards, gazing upwards as you tried to locate constellations or made up your own, pointing out the different shapes to whoever your companion might be. however, this particular late night excursion was an emergency, one you had dragged your friend out of bed to accompany you on.
"we need eggs, sugar and cocoa powder," you explained as you walked down the street with a speed daichi rarely saw from you.
"i still don't really understand why you need me with you," he stated, easily keeping pace beside you.
"i figured you wouldn't be asleep," you explained, reaching out a hand to grab sawamura's wrist as you turned suddenly, stopping outside of the shop, "and this is a good a distraction as any. plus, you're going to be a police officer. you could consider this training: how to protect a young, defenseless university student whose on an unnecessary, yet somehow important, late night shop run."
"i think i've already had that class," he teased, following you as you entered the shop. you grinned back at him, glad to see the lines of tension that bracketed his face finally relaxing.
"then consider this a recap lesson," you said, clearing your throat. "step one, help the defenseless student locate the items they came for."
as it were, the items really weren't that difficult to locate. the shop had a small baking section at the end of an aisle, an aisle which was beside the eggs. while daichi went to grab the eggs, you scanned the shelf, adding the cocoa powder and sugar to your basket. at the sound of daichi's arrival, you looked over to face him.
"you want anything else?" you asked, already walking to where the drinks were. daichi followed, seeming to think for a while before he picked up an iced coffee. your eyebrows rose. daichi wasn't a big coffee drinker. personally, he had always found it too bitter, and couldn't understand how people could drink it so obsessively.
"i'm tired, and there's no way i'll be getting any sleep if i'm helping you with your baking," he said, the corners of his mouth tugging upwards sleepily.
smiling over at him, you took the drink from his hand and placed it in the basket. "come on. let's pay for this and then go home."
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zv4x · 13 hours ago
Hiya!! Heard requests were open, could you maybe do a lemon for Mommy Mearest x a male reader who's short and shy? thanks in advance have a nice day <3
Hello, I'm so sorry this is so late! I hope you don't mind, and thank you so much for the suggestion! Feel free to request anything else you want in the future!
Also I'm so sorry if this seems too short, please tell me if you're not satisfied and I'll definitely extend!
🍋 Mommy Mearest • Shy!Male Reader 🍋
Mommy Mearest giggled to herself as she watched (Y/N) squirm under her, moaning and panting with pleasure. His cock twitched with anticipation and his legs and hips twitched. She didn't even get on him to start riding and he was already so excited, she found it to be so adorable.
Hoards of hickeys and bite marks littered his skin, his chest moving up and down in an unstable and shaken rythem. Mommy wanted his first time to be special, as she knew that he never did anything like this before and was extremely shy about it. That explained why he was so easily over-stimulated. It took all of her power not to use that to a sadistic advantage.
Slowly, Mommy moved in order to position her entrance over (Y/N)'s rock hard cock. She slowly lowered herself down, earning a plethora of whimpers and moans from the man under her. Bouncing on his cock, she placed one of her hands on his chest and moaned in pleasure.
She stared down at him as he moaned at the fact her walls squeezed his cock in the most perfect ways, completely enjoying how good she was making her baby (Y/N) feel. She hummed as she bounced rhythmically on (Y/N)'s member, trying not to giggle with every soft whimper or moan he let escape your lips. (Y/N) wasn't trying to hide how much he was enjoying this, and Mommy adored that about him.
"You're doing so good for mommy~" She cooed in a parental tone, able to tell by the way (Y/N) acted that he was extremely close to cumming. (Y/N) cried out in pleasure as her pussy slammed against his penis. "You're my good little boy, aren't you?" She asked him in a cutesy tone, and all (Y/N) could do was nod dumbly. Too overtaken by the pleasure of being ridden to give a response that required any thought.
She moaned, placing both hands now on his chest as he leaned up slightly and moaned with her. Soon, Mommy let out one last moan as (Y/N) exploded inside her. His cock convulsed as he released, the two of them panting in equal rythem.
Smiling sweetly and placing one of her hands on his hair, she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. He drunkenly kissed back, snuggling up to Mommy as soon as she got off his cock and laid next to him on the bed.
(Y/N) smiled as he laid his head on her bare breasts, listening to her heartbeat as he slowly drifted off to sleep. However, not before gaining one last kiss on the top of his head and exchanging a tired "I love you."
Mommy played with her lover's hair as he drifted off to sleep, so happy that she could spend time so intimate with someone she cared for so deeply.
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crystal-dee · 21 hours ago
if it’s ok can I request James x reader where he comforts reader while she has a panic attack? 🥺
James Potter x Fem!Reader
cw: alcohol, partying, panic attack, fluff
You felt the booming music vibrate in your chest; people dancing, jumping up and down, hands in the air and laughing, celebrating Gryffindor's victory on the quidditch field.
You weaved in and out between the cheering students, searching for James and occasionally getting bumped into or elbowed in the ribs. Parties weren't really your scene; the loud music and people you weren't totally familiar with, but you were willing to join in to celebrate your boyfriend's victory.
You spotted him, leaning against the wall, all smiles, cheeks flushed and a drink in hand.
"Y/n!" He grinned, pushing off the wall and meeting you in the middle of the dancing crowd. "C'mere." You smiled and took his extended hand; he pulled you close and kissed you. You could taste the firewhiskey on his tongue.
"Congratulations, Jamie." You smiled against his lips.
"Thanks, doll. You want me to get you a drink?" He asked, already walking away from you. "Just stay right here. I'll be back in a sec."
"I—" but he was already out of sight.
You felt uncomfortable standing in the middle of the dancing crowd and decided to move out of the way, but more people started to join in, leaving you trapped in the middle.
All you could see was a blur of dancing people, and the loud music started to fade away, a distant ringing and your blood flowing in your ears replacing it.
It became harder to breathe, and you looked around for James, but he was on the other side of the room, at the drinks table, pouring you a firewhiskey and laughing along at whatever joke his quidditch teammate said.
The distance between him and yourself seemed so far, and the people around you obstructed your path to get to him. The stairs leading to the dorms seemed so much closer, and all you had to do was duck under the people's arms to get there. You'll be out of sight, and the partygoers will just be a distant memory.
You felt as though you were moving in slow motion, your legs heavy as you made your escape. You didn't even hear when James called out your name.
You started climbing the stairs, heart beating out of your chest, and you gasped when you felt a hand grasp your wrist.
"Y/n, what's wrong?" James asked, his brows furrowed in confusion.
"I just—" you were out of breath, and you didn't know how to explain what you were feeling. "I can't be with all those people."
"Okay, that's fine. Come with me," James said and pulled you by your wrist up the stairs to his dorm.
He walked you into his dorm, closing the door behind him and sat on the bed, pulling you beside him.
Your vision was slightly blurry with tears, and in the quiet of the room, you could hear your ragged breathing.
He held each of your hands in his and turned towards you, sitting cross-legged on the bed, alternatingly squeezing your hands.
Your eyes were shut tight when he told you to look at him. His mouth parted as he breathed.
"Copy my breathing, y/n. In"—James breathed in—" and out"—he breathed out.
You did as he said, focussing on your breathing and the pressure of his hands on yours.
Your eyes followed the lines of his face, the curve of his nose, his cupids bow and the way his jaw curved.
"You wanna tell me somethin’ you can smell?” James murmured.
“I smell... the cologne you put on.”
“Good.” He smiled. “Somethin’ you can see?”
You looked down at his hands, still holding yours and turned them over.
“The blue veins in your arms.”
“And one thing you can hear?”
“You. And me. Whispering.”
He smiled.
“You feel better now, baby?” He murmured.
“Yes. Thank you.”
“C’mere,” he pulled you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your torso.
“M’sorry I’m keeping you from your party, ” you said, looking away from him.
“Hey,” he gently put his index finger under your chin and turned your head toward him. “Don't be. I’m sorry my party is making you feel this way.”
“S’not your fault, James, ” you reassured.
He shook his head, but you stopped it by putting your hand on his cheek.
“Kiss me,” you said, not wanting to hear his apologies anymore.
He looked to your lips, then to your eyes, then back again and pulled you in gently by your shirt.
His kiss was tender. James’s kisses were usually sweet and loving, but this time his lips were pressed so gently again yours as if he pressed his lips any harder against yours, you would crumble in his arms. You could hear him inhale through his nose as though he was trying to breathe all of you in; remember your scent.
You cracked open an eye, and you saw his eyes were tightly shut, wrinkles in the corners.
“You won't hurt me, y’know, ” you said, pulling away from his lips just far away enough to utter the words.
“I know,” he murmured. “But I just wanted that kiss to show you I’ll always take care of you.”
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animeyanderelover · 23 hours ago
May I please have prompt 127 with Grell? Hope that's ok?! Thank you for always answering my requests!
That prompt honestly just suits her so well, I can’t😂.
Tw: Yandere themes, unhealthy mindset, unhealthy relationship, clinginess, obsessiveness, kidnapping, blood
Prompt 127: “I would bleed out if you tell me you like the color red.”
Tumblr media
"Why exactly do I have to clean always the mess up you make during such missions? How did this even happen?!" Your voice sounded more shrill than usual, slight panic visible in your voice whilst trying to patch up the wound on Grell's shoulder, besmirching yourself with her blood in the process. You were no professional in this, having not the knowledge or experience how to properly sew a wound and you knew that Grell had a higher endurance, meaning she wouldn't die on blood loss. But you had wanted to help nevertheless, having panicked slightly when she had limped through the door, blood smearing her clothes and leaving a path behind you would have to clean later on if you didn't want the whole house to reek of blood.
"It was nothing too much to worry about darling. I just got in a little fight with someone and I let my guard down for a second." You raised your eyebrow slightly. "And with whom exactly did you get into a fight? A human can't have caused this damage on a grim reaper. So that must mean that you fought against another supernatural creature. Question now is which one. Do you want to tell me the reason why as well?"
A grim look crossed Grell's face for a moment, looking upset when recalling the incident that had caused her all the blood loss. "Well?", you asked, giving her a prompting look to encourage her before going back to observing her wound, trying to figure out how you were supposed to patch the wound after having somewhat cleaned it up. "You know, I can deduce this a bit judging from this wound. Were you attacked from a grim reaper's death scythe or something like this?"
"He started it!", Grell quickly defended herself, jerking a bit up in the process and making you nearly hit her in the wrong spot. "Hey! Sit still or else I'll end up sewing the wrong place. I already have troubles finding out how to even patch this!", you snapped, leading her to quickly sitting back in her earlier position.
"Did you get in troubles with William?", you continued questioning her, doing in your head a small simultation on how you would do any moment now finally mend that bleeding deep cut of hers. "No, I didn't! I said that he was the one who started it. He got punished instead of me and was raken his death scythe." You gave her a surprised look, blinking shocked. "...Wait, so this time you really were innocent?!"
"Of course I was! Why do you sound so surprised?", Grell complained, pouting slightly hurt. "Well...How do I say this?", you started, searching for the right words to explain it to her without ending up insulting her. "You're a bit more...quick-tempered and spirited?, you suggested, feeling like those words would come over as more positive.
"So I could have died back then on blood loss and you would have thought it was my fault for even doing so, am I right?", Grell started, sounding suddenly all too dramatic. "I am just being misunderstood in here. I really didn't do this time anything wrong. All I did was trying to talk with him before he suddenly started throwing his death scythe after me. It seems like he had a bad day and wanted me to shut up when all I did was trying to have a polite conversation with him. My feelings were hurt and at the very least you could be a bit more friendly because I might die here."
"Oh, come one! You won't die on this. The worst that might happen is you feeling dizzy and somewhat hazy due to all the blood that you have already lost! But that's all! Don't be such a drama queen! I'll fix you up! I'll try at least...Do you think that you can tolerate the pain?" It was kind of an unnecessary question, she had told you stories where she had been thrown through walls and hadn't looked affected so this was a ridiculous question which you noticed by the 'why are you even asking' look in her eyes. "Forget it. That was a stupid question. Still, sit still or else I'll end up piercing that thing by accident somewhere where we don't want to have it."
Your hands were slightly shaking, you were after all pretty nervous since you had never done it before. But it was either you finally closing the cut or accepting having her bleeding for a whole lot longer until her body would heal itself which you didn't want to wait for because it would only dirty the house even more than already. She would definitely help you later on scrubbing all the blood from the floor.
"You look sexy whilst being so concentrated.", you heard her chirping, her body moving a bit in the process which made you barely prevent yourself from ramming the needle with the threat in your own hand. "Grell?", you asked after calming down from the small shock. "Yes?", she replied. "Shut up whilst I'm flicking you together. I have to concentrate and your job is to sit still. No moving, no speaking, preferably no breathing. Just be like a stone. Do nothing."
"You want me to stop breathing? So mean.", she whined out, but after seeing the look with the silent message 'just do it', she let out a small huff before sucking in one last gasp of her and then completely stopping to move. "See? You can do it ans it isn't like you will die instantly. Let me just hurry up a bit."
You hadn't even gloves on, making all of this a bit gross since your hands were already stained with Grell's blood and the smell and close sight of it wasn't very great to look at either, but you had never been someone who was shaken up easily and life with the grim reaper had definitely hardened you up a lot.
For the biggest part you managed to not show your nervousness, though the slight trembling of your hands and your bloody and sweaty palms might have given it away that you had no idea what you were doing, the only knowledge you did possess was having read books about how to do it and having watched someone doing it once before, though it hadn't been on a human. But it was better than walking in on this completely blindly and whilst it ended up being a bit inexpertly, you still felt proud because for a starter it was still pretty good, but that was of course only your opinion.
You let out a small sigh, wanting to wipe your forehead before stopping abruptly, remembering just what exactly you had sticking on your whole body. You would have to take a thoroughly shower afterwards.
"Can I breathe again?", you suddenly heard Grell asking with a pressed voice, reminding you that she had hold her breath for the last four minutes, probably even longer. Respect, you didn't know if you could do that in such a situation. "Oh yes. Feel free to do what you want."
She gasped loudly, grabbing your shoulders in the process and just breathing a few times deeply in and out before straightening up and bending her head in an attempt to take a look at the freshly stitched wound. "Does it look daft?", she asked you.
"What the...? Grell, it isn't supposed to look like a work of art, not when I did it. It's just to stop the bleeding.", you quickly scolded her, tidying up all the tools and the many soaked towels and tissues you had used to clean all the blood from her wound. "And I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen, right? Bleeding out in this house. But it seems like in the end everything went fine, the blood loss doesn't seem to have had an affect on you.", you added, feeling actually a bit relieved that she hadn't experienced any sort of dizzyness or shock from all of this.
You glaned with a heavy sigh down on yourself, examining just how terrible you really looked, blood smeared all over your face, your arms, clothes and even the tip of your hairs hadn't been spared. Someone would need to spend the next few hours in the bathroom to scrub and clean themselves thoroughly and severly up, you didn't plan on reeking like a wandering bloob bag.
"I look pretty bad.", you mumbled out, shaking your hands a bit in hopes of getting some of the still liquid blood off, though you knew you should hurry before it would start to dry. "I think you look gorgeous, covered in all my blood like this. Red suits you."
You stiffened up when hearing her saying this, although you weren't surprised hearing something like this coming from her. "Do you have to say this after I just patched you up? It makes it sound like you would have actually wanted to continuously lose blood just so I could be covered in your blood. And you wouldn't do that...right?" Why had you to ask this? She would surely not be that risky with her love for you, would she?
Grell put her fingertips on her chest, with the other gesturing at you. (y/n), I would bleed out if you tell me you like the color red."
...You shouldn't have asked this. For a few seconds you were quiet, thinking about how to give an answer to that question before just humming, deciding to leave this without any comment that could lead to her saying more stuff like this. You were for a short moment thinking if she had perhaps after all gotten a bit confused after losing that much of her blood, but with her it was hard to tell. You were sure she would be fine either way, making up your mind to just finally take a bath with a lot of soap.
"Are you taking a bath now?", Grell queried when seeing you walking towards the bathroom. "Obviously.", you replied, slowly gesturing at your currently eerie-looking figure, dry and still fresh blood mixing everywhere on your body. You were sure if you would walk like this at night through the forest and would cross paths with someone, they would run away crying and screaming. You looked like you had just murdered someone.
"Great! Can I come with you?"
"...Let me think. No."
"Why not? I could help you with cleaning you up from all the blood."
"I surely won't let you see me naked Grell! And you need to go easy on yourself now, especially with that freshly sewed shoulder of yours!"
"...I can use my other arm to scrub you up."
"Grell! No means no!"
"Fine then. I just wanted to help you. You could sometimes be a bit more polite with me."
"I politely decline.", you told her before finally disappearing, locking out of caution the door. You didn't know how effective a 'no' would be with her. You knew her overzealousness too well.
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arieouschaosblog · a day ago
Dream x Reader: Lesson on Teasing (Smut)
Tumblr media
AN: After hours of teasing Dream(Clay) at a small celebration party hosted by Karl. Clay takes matters in his own hands of teaching her not to tease.
Requested by ❤️‍🔥Anon
Warning: Use of real name! Smut, Slight Praise Kink, Teasing, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Semi-Public, Dom/Sub MINORS DMI
•°•°•Reader's POV•°•°•
I smiled slightly when Clay's left hand squeezed my hip tightly, trying to warn me. But for once the roles were flipped, instead of him teasing me. It was me teasing him. I wore the beautiful (f/c) dress that framed my body perfectly. Underneath I wore my black lacey bra and underwear.
I knew the dress would get his attention but I wanted to do more than get his attention. Tonight was perfect to do so, Karl was hosting a small congratulations party. Most of the people were our friends, some that lived close and even some that lived far. Nevertheless it was small but full of friends. Nick was laughing with Karl and Alex, while even though Clay was with them he was watching me.
I had been dancing with a old friend of mine, (f/n). The dancing was less than sweet, more intimate if anything. Her hands rested against my hips as they swayed, my own hands placed against her own. I could feel his stare when I gently pulled the waist of my dress up a bit higher. Letting more of my thigh show and just a glimpse of my waistband to my underwear show.
Before long I was back by his side, where he was now squeezing my hip letting me know he was tired of my teasing. I laughed and leaned against Nick's shoulder lightly. It was no surprise that he and I had gotten close, my love language being touch. Often times I was hug Nick but as we got closer, I'd lay my head in his lap or cuddle him.
Clay understood that I was just naturally affectionate with those I was close to, and I was even more affectionate with him than others. But being as tense and aroused as he was, I doubt seeing me lean against Nick was any help. Glancing at him from the side I could see his normally bright green eyes were slightly darker. I knew his look of jealousy well and this look was a mix between jealousy and arousal.
Smiling I lightly pulled away from Nick and laid my head against Clay's shoulder. He looped an arm around my shoulders holding my body close to his own. Pressing my hips back towards his gave me the perfect opportunity to feel just how aroused he truely was. It made me feel what I could only explain as 'godly'.
Knowing I had my boyfriend horny and he couldn't do anything about it, was a powerful feeling. Though I had to admit I was worried about what he would do when we left. What kind of punishment would he do when we were alone tonight? Nick was staying the night with Karl and Alex so the three of them could hangout and game together. That left Clay and I alone tonight.
"I think we'll call it a night, I still have Patches to feed when we get home. I'll jump on discord later tonight so we can call George and game a bit." Clay explained tightening his hold on my hip. His hold was tight enough to leave bruises I was sure, not that I would mind.
Saying goodnight and goodbyes to everyone, Clay practically dragged me back to the car. Despite how rilled up I had him, he still opened the car door for me and let me take my time getting settled before going to his side. Much to my surprise the took his time starting the car and pulling away. That fact alone had me on edge, because I knew I was in for it now.
The ride home was nerve rattling, never before had Clay been this quiet. Normally he would sing along to songs on the radio or make jokes. But now after all the teasing and the times I talked back, he was unnaturally quiet and calm. It made me worried that maybe I had pushed him a bit to far and I was in deeper trouble than I had originally thought. I shifted in the seat so I was leaning towards the window, watching the world pass by in a blur.
I jumped a bit when Clay's right hand caressed my left knee, gently gliding up my thigh. Simply resting his hand on my thigh letting his thumb rub over the skin slightly. His touch was almost sweet and soothing but I knew this meant my punishment was about to start. I shivered when Clay's hand slide further up my thigh, lightly bringing my dress up with it.
I gapsed when his middle finger began rubbing along my aching sex. My black lace underwear did little to hide how turned on I had been this whole time. Clay glanced at me before looking back at the road, all the while his finger began to circle my clit. Whimpering I closed my legs around his hand, letting my head fall back on the headrest. My back arched slightly when he shifted my underwear to the side letting him have access to a dripping core.
"C-clay~" I whined when he pressed his finger in gently rubbing my sweet spot with the tip of his finger. I gripped his arm tightly when he added another finger gently thrusting them in and out. My breaths for faster as my orgasm approached, shifting I opened my legs letting have more access. His movements were slow and gently, just enough to leave me on edge of begging. My hips slightly rolled down towards his fingers hoping to get more.
I whined loudly when he pulled his hand away, bringing his fingers up to his lips. I bit my lip trying not to beg him as I watched him lick his fingers clean off my juices. My hand grabbed his arm and gently pulled his hand back towards my  core.
"Clay... Please?" I gently pressed his hand towards my aching core, begging lightly. He chuckled and pulled his hand away from me, placing it back on the wheel. He completely ignored my plea and continued to drive like he wasn't just toying with me like I had done him. Pouting I groaned tossing my head back against the seat, chewing my lips to stop pleas from escaping. I sat there for a moment before letting my own hand sliding down between my legs.
"Don't even think about it." Clay spoke his voice low and oddly calm, his voice still carried such a dominant tone. I whined, pulling my hand away. He chuckled quickly noticing my bratty submissive behavior.
I took to clenching my legs together in hopes to calm my body even a little. With a smirk Clay reached back over gently nudged my legs open, rubbing circles along my clit. Shivering at his touch I opened my legs further, quietly whining at the pleasure. Just as I began to rock my hips towards his hand again we pulled in to the driveway.
I nearly sobbed when he once again pulled away from me. Clay greeted Patches as we stepped in, petting her and giving her kisses. He gently sat her down and moved to give her dinner, a smile on his lips as she purred at him in thanks. I moved with him towards the bedroom hoping to get relief, even a little.
Clay payed no mind to me while he changed in to a pair of gray sweats and his black 'Manhunt' merch shirt. He shifted behind me to unzip the dress, pressing a light kiss to my shoulder before pulling away.
"Baby I'm sorry for teasing you, just please touch me. I'll be good?" I plead gently grabbing his arm. Clay smirked lightly raising an eyebrow in wonder.
"I don't think so. You didn't want to be good earlier so now you will get to stay all needy for me while I go game with Nick and George." He said gently kissing my lips before pulling away from me and moving towards his streaming room.
I watched as the door closed before throwing myself on the bed with a whine. Why did I have to act out today?! I pouted and curled on the bed a bit letting myself sit there, hoping he would come back. Sighing I slowly got up and finished removing my dress before simply grabbing his lime green smile hoodie.
Pulling the hoodie on as I moved to the living room turning lights off as I went. Plopping down on the couch I turned on a cliche horror movie that was comedy more than anything else. A soft meow was heard as Patches jumped on the couch, she lightly climbed on me before curling up to me purring happily. Smiling I gently began to pet her letting her get comfortable while the movie began.
•°•°•Dream's POV•°•°•
Huffing a bit as I sat in the chair taking a moment to compose myself. It was so hard not turning around and giving (Y/n) the attention she was whining for. I listened hoping to hear her if she began to play with herself. I heard her fall on the bed with a whine before it got quiet. It wasn't to long before I could hear the sounds of her changing from her dress.
I listened to her slow steps as she moved into the main area of the house before shaking my head and messaging Nick and George. Nick was first to answer, simply calling instead of actually messaging back.
"Sup man?" Nick questioned with his usual cheery tone. I laughed asking him about the party a bit before suggesting we play a game or two. It was a good hour before George answered due to the time difference. All three of us were screaming and laughing before long.
Messing with each other or trying to kill each other, though settling on watching a few videos of funny fails. Looking back at the time I noticed it had been nearly 4 hours since I sat down. Bidding my goodbyes telling them I'd call again tomorrow, I stood and stretched out.
Opening the door I quickly noticed all lights were off, curiosly I moved to our bedroom. Thinking maybe she went to sleep I peaked in to our room the dim light from outside bathing the room. I didn't see her form on the bed, making me frown a bit. A scream from the tv drew my attention towards the living room.
I paused to the doorway seeing (Y/n) sitting with Patches curled up on her. I smiled softly moving to join my two favorite girls. (Y/n) lightly leaned against me, not even bothering to look at me. Sighing softly I gently pulled her (h/l) (h/c) hair down so it came loose. I ran my fingers through her hair softly soothing out her hair.
Patches yawned before getting up to stretch, lightly rubbing on me. She moved to jump off the couch and towards the bedroom to lay in the soft fluffy bed (Y/n) had gotten her. Patches claimed the bed the second (Y/n) brought it home, sitting in out bedroom so we were all sleeping in the same room.
"Sweetheart, what did we learn?" I asked gently placing my right hand on her thigh. Her body jumped at the contact, her gaze stayed down. I must've put her in to some sort of subspace, her body language read 'submission'. Deciding I had teased and left her long enough I gently let my hand slide up her thigh.
"Not to tease you." Her voice was soft and meek. Her hands gently grabbed my shirt for support as I leaned over her slightly. I pressed soft kisses to her forehead and cheeks as a small reward for being so patient.
Bringing my fingers towards her core, I smiled feeling her hands grip my shirt. She hadn't put pants on after she changed so all that was in my path was her lacey underwear. Her hips rocked down towards my hand seeking more stimulation than my fingers circling her clit. Smiling I pulled her underwear to the side and lightly pressed my fingers into her warm heat, humming at how wet she was.
(Y/n) gasped when I pressed my fingers in to her sweet spot, her legs shaking as her orgasm was beginning to approach quickly. It didn't take long for her walls to start clenching down around my fingers. Loud needy moans and whines left (Y/n)'s plump lips as her high quickly came crashing down.
"Good girl, such a good job listening to me." I praised her while working her through her high. Her head tipped back against my shoulder as I continued to thrust my fingers in out of her slick warm core. I pressed my head against the side of her neck enjoying her lovely sounds.
•°•°•Third POV•°•°•
Clay lifted himself from (Y/n)'s neck just enough to nip at her ear. Carefully he shifted both of their bodies to lay along the couch. Clay pressed soft kisses along (Y/n)'s jaw before drifting to her neck. Her body shook a bit with every thrust of his fingers, her body beginning bro become overstimulated.
"Hold on okay sweetheart?" Clay questioned in a whisper as he began unbuttoning his jeans. Nodding eagerly (Y/n) watched his movements, the bright light only coming from the tv. A needy whine slipped from her throat as she watched Clay strip his shirt and pulled his pants down to rest on his thighs.
Clay leaned down placing soft kisses and playful nips at her thighs before pulling her underwear off completely. He couldn't stop the groan that left his throat at how wet she was. He leaned in giving kitten licks at her clit making her jump jolt.
Bringing his hand up to place her legs against his shoulders, get began flicking his tongue. Keeping one hand on her thigh, he let the other drop to free his length from his boxer briefs. Gently stroking his member in time with every lick to her soaking core. Her moans and gasp were gradually getting louder and louder as her second orgasm began approaching.
Clay have a muffled moan as he began thrusting his tongue in to her core letting his free hand come up to stimulate her clit. The feeling of her walls closing around his tongue was nearly enough to make him cum as well. Letting go of his length he shifted so that his hands were holding her thighs now. Her orgasm came crashing down again making her back arch and her body to shake.
Leaning up Clay pressed his length in to her welcoming heat, (Y/n)'s hips rolled towards his, eagerly taking his length to it's full. They both sit there for a moment basking in the feeling of being so close and connected to one another. (Y/n) gently hooked her legs around Clay's waist, pressing him further into her.
"God you feel so good" Clay breathlessly groaned in to her shoulder. Leaning to rest on his forearms, he took in the beautiful sight below him. There laid his girl, her hair slightly messy from their movements and her face flushed just enough to make her cheeks a pinkish hue. Groaning he pulled his hips back slightly before thrusting forward again.
Clay smiled at the hearty moan she gave while gripping his shoulders in pleasure. He thanked everything in his power that not only was Nick not there but that he had such a beautiful girlfriend. Clay found a smooth steady rhythm, gently thrusting in and out watching her every expression. The moment didn't feel rushed or heavy, but instead felt lightly and loving. Hours of teasing and feeling absolutely tense brought out the tenderness of the two.
(Y/n) was quickly to slide a hand up to the back of his head pulling him closer to herself. She was seeking his warmth and comfort, something she often wanted. He was so perfect that her mind often played moments like this as a dream or a false reality. Opening her eyes to see his dirty blonde hair making his green eyes brighter somehow. Gently Clay leaned forward pressing his lips to (Y/n)'s own soft plump ones, a silent reassurance that this was in fact real.
"C-clay~ I'm close!" (Y/n) moaned out letting her right hand grip his hair softly while her left scratched his back. Her beautiful (e/c) eyes were locked with his before they fluttered closed as her third orgasm came crashing down.
Clay couldn't help but moan lowly at the feeling of her walls milking him as it triggered his orgasm. He lightly thrust guiding them both as they came down from their shared highs. (Y/n) let her hands come up to gently run through his hair. Clay shifted to lean up giving (Y/n) a soft smile before kissing her lips gently.
The room felt peaceful and calm as Clay picked her up and carried her to the bathroom so they could clean up. Easing her down on the counter he turned to run a hot bath. He smiled again when she reached for him, and he stepped into her embrace.
"Sorry for acting up and teasing you today." (Y/n) whispered lightly scratching her nails through his hair. He chuckled pressing a kiss to her forehead, turning to cut off the water.
"It's alright we just got lucky that Nick decided to spend the night with Karl." Clay said laughing lightly when she gave a snort. As they began to clean up it became clear that (Y/n) was tired and Clay wasn't far off either. Clay got dressed a pair of shorts while (Y/n) put on a different bra and new underwear before grabbing one of his shirts.
Clay loved seeing her in his clothes, especially when she proudly wore his, George's, and even Nick's merch to help advertise or even for pictures. It filled him with pride to see how much she supported him and his friends. Smiling he pulled her to rest against his side as they laid down. Bring her right leg over his waist so that she was laying against his right side. (Y/n) nuzzled in to the side of his neck, letting her right arm curl around the front of his shoulders.
Smiling Clay held her frame enjoying her warmth and the feeling of her falling asleep. Gently pressing kisses to her head he tightened his hold and pulled the blankets a bit higher. A light pressure on the bed by his legs gave away Patches as she curled to him as well. Clay couldn't deny that he was a total simp for his girlfriend.
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myonepiece · a day ago
monster trio asking their princess crush to runaway with them
description: luffy, zoro, and sanji (separate) when they fall in love with a princess after staying in her family's kingdom, and ask her to runaway with them when they find out her family has a plan that involves using her for their own gain
a/n: i sort of want to do a short scenario with this so if anyone wants to request one feel free to :3
Tumblr media
-luffy had already asked you multiple times to join his crew, he had even told the crew they could stay a few more days after the ship was repaired so he could spend more time with you and convince you
-when he found out what your family was planning he headed straight for the castle with the rest of the crew, your family's plan wasn't in action yet so they didn't have to fight anyone, luffy was just grabbing you before you got pulled into it and got hurt or worse
-you were in the courtyard when you heard yelling and rapid footsteps approaching you
-you turned around to see the strawhats charging at you, next thing you know you're thrown over luffy's shoulder and everyone's running away from the castle while their captain explains your family's plans with almost no detail
-the group jumps onto the ship and everyone works on getting it ready, as they pull away from the dock luffy has sat down on the grass with you, looking at you with much more solemn expression and quietly letting you understand what your family has done
-he pulls you into a hug when he sees you begin to tear up, wrapping his rubbery arms around you and squeezing you against him, he pulls his head back to look downat you beaming
-"but you're my nakama now so everything is going to be okay!"
Tumblr media
-the crew was planning to leave and zoro had asked a few times if you would join them, telling you about some ofthe adventures they had been on and things they had seen to help his case but you weren't completely agreeing yet
-so when the crew found out about the plan right as they were preparing the ship to sail, he had a better reason to convince you
-he ran to the castle himself so planning to bring you back to the ship and set sail immediately- he'd be lying if he said he wasn't the least bit excited and giddy at the thought of you running away with him
-you heard faint calling from outside your tower window, then light taps as zoro tossed pebbles at the glass, and then eventually an actual rock came bursting through the window and you ran to see him staring up with wide eyes
-he briefly explained what was happening before outstretching his arms and telling you to "jump! i'll catch you!"
-when you jumped from the window zoro caught you effortlessly, then turned on his heel and dashed away from the palace and back towards the sunny
-once on the ship, and once it was sailing away, zoro stood by your side the whole time which provided some much needed comfort, as you stood facing the island watching your old home bleed into the horizon, with a blush and bashful lowered voice zoro said "sorry about your window."
Tumblr media
-he had asked many times for you to join the crew, presenting you with flowers and treats and stories of their journey, but you were still on the fence and sanji certainly wasn't going to push anything on you
-he had told the crew he needed a few more days to find the perfect foods, in order to buy himself some more time with you
-but when he found out about your family's plan he told luffy he was ready and they could leave, then hurried off to your palace surpringly calm
-he easily climbed up to your tower window, knocking on the glass and hopping through the frame when you invited him in- he explained the situation with sympathy and clear genuineness
-and when you agreed to leave with him he offered you a brilliant smile, politely and carefully taking you in his arms bridal style and leaping down from the tower
-he carried you all the way back to the sunny and put you down, as the ship sailed away he stood behind you continuously taking drags on his cigarette and blowing the smoke away from you
-he could see the anguish in your eyes and it hurt him to see you upset, so he slipped his arm around you hesitantly and rubbed his thumb soothingly over your upper arm, softly apologizing for what happened
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murderslugs · a day ago
I was wondering if you could do an art request of Jason Voorhees and my OC self kissing, since I don't know anyone else that could, if you don't want to that's fine, just post this privately or delete it. If you do, that's good too, just talk to me on messages and I'll explain the features.
This would be a lot of work,, and something that I would more take as a commission. So, if you're able to pay for a commission, then I welcome you to dm me!
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woniesdimple · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
inspired by the song by ariana grande, and social house, because i felt the need to :) enjoy!
you opened the door, as you let your best friend jake inside your house. he had somehow convinced you to go to a party tonight. you'd rather stay home, and relax with him, but somehow you couldn't say no to him, when he practically begged you to go.
"why do you even wanna go so bad?" you questioned, as you watched him sit on the edge of your bed, while you finished getting ready. "well, ningning is gonna be there, and somehow i think tonight's the night i'll finally talk to her." he chuckled.
you felt your heart sink a little. "i see." you faked a chuckle. "alright, let's go." you chuckled.
at the party:
not even 30 minutes later, you had already lost jake at the party, you didn't mind though. you wanted to him to be happy, truly. even if that meant that you wouldn't end up with him, you wanted him to be with the person he wanted.
you continued to walk around, before feeling a light tap on your shoulder. you turned around, before looking up at an unfamiliar face. "hi, do i know you?" you questioned. "ah, i'm yedam." he introduced himself, flashing you an adorable smile. "nice to meet you, i'm y/n." you smiled. before you could continue, your eyes glanced over to jake, who seemed to have found ningning perfectly fine. you smiled, before looking up at yedam. "so, why'd you decide to approach me?" you questioned. "well, why wouldn't i?" he responded, softly pushing one of the hairs that fell down onto your forehead behind your ear. you smiled, before looking over at jake, who didn't look as happy as you did.
"i'll be back, yedam." you smiled, before walking over to jake. "hey, can i talk to you quickly?" you questioned, before pulling him over to a corner. "now, why were you eyeing yedam, and i like that?" you asked, curiously. "you know i'm protective of you." he mumbled. you scoffed, "no reason to be. i'm grown up, why would i need your protection? you don't need my protection with ningning do you?" you asked. "look, i can't have what i want, but neither can you." he said. "what?" you questioned. "look, you're not my boyfriend." you explained. he smiled, before tilting his head. "i'm not, but why do you eye ningning, and i, the way i did with you, and him? you're not my girlfriend." he said.
the end :) i hope you liked it, also i picked random idols that came into my head tbh, lol. let me know if you have any requests!
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wolken-himmel · 2 days ago
In which Malleus and (Y/n) are about to confess their feelings to one another, yet are interrupted by Ace and Deuce coming to drag (Y/n) off because of some stupid accident.
Enraged, Malleus turns into a dragon and intends to roast the two Heartslabyul students alive.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"The night sky is so pretty, isn't it, Malleus?"
You and your mysterious friend were sitting on the steps in front of the front door to the Ramshackle dorm, enjoying each other's presence and the serenity of the night. It was another one of your nightly meetings, and yet, Malleus intended it to be the most memorable one out of all.
Exhaling in peace, your eyes were trained at the star and all the shimmering stars that occupied by the black canvas. You sat on the doorstep with your knees pulled to your chest and your arms wrapped around your knees. While you watched the stars, Malleus watched you, a fond smile on his lips as his eyes sparkled just as brightly as the stars up in the sky did.
"It is..." he muttered, trailing off. "But it's not as pretty as you, (Y/n)."
You chortled at his words, a teasing grin appearing in your lips. "No you," you threw back as you briefly averted your gaze towards Malleus, tilting your head to the side in curiosity and amusement.
Malleus shook his head and wagged his finger in front of your eyes, as if scolding a little child. "You can't throw back a compliment like that."
"Why not?"
"It's the same with presents: You can't just give the present back to the person who gave it to you in the first place," Malleus explained smoothly, as if he had practiced this.
"Aw, Malleus!" you cooed as you scooted closer to him, leaning your head against his shoulder with an awe-struck smile on your face. "That's so cute..."
He tensed up slightly due to your gesture having been highly unexpected, but he relaxed soon upon realising how good of a sign that was regarding of having his confession tonight be accepted and his feelings reciprocated. Chuckling, he peered down at you while continuing, "Therefore, you have no other option but to accept my compliment."
"Fine, if you put it like that." A little pout decorated your face, but you admitted defeat nonetheless. "I'll accept your compliment. No buts."
Malleus' lips quirked up into a delighted smile. "Good."
Even though you had admitted defeat, you still weren't going to give up on possible revenge. Cackling to yourself, you pulled away from Malleus and straightened your back again. His eyes bore into yours, curious as to what that flashy grin on your lips could mean. "You're super handsome, though," you cooed, which caught the usually so stern fae off-guard. Giggles escaped your lips upon finding him speechless, which meant success for you. "See? That's not against the rules!"
Once the initial surprise had faded, Malleus found himself smiling down at you in a fond and adoring way. Unable to stop himself anymore, he gently took your hands into his, his thumbs rubbing circles over the back of your hands. "My Child of Man, can I tell you something?" he asked, his heart threatening to fall out of his chest.
You hummed while giving his hands a reassuring squeeze. "Of course. Anything!"
"Do you..." Malleus took a deep breath, staring into your eyes intently. His voice was smooth and velvety, but inwardly, his nerves were about to explode due to all the excitement he felt. "—like me?"
"I do," you replied without any hesitation, which left Malleus relieved to no end. "Otherwise I wouldn't be spending time with you right now."
Upon hearing your carefree words, he realised that you had misunderstood him: No, he didn't just want to be friends — he wanted more. So, shaking his head in amusement, he cooed, "You're adorable. But I didn't mean it like that, my treasure." Once again, he took a deep breath to get a hold of his wild thoughts. "I was wondering... if you love me."
Your voice cracked in surprise as you repeated, "Love you?"
He hummed, desperately trying to catch your gaze again when you averted your clouded eyes from his, finding the earthy ground much more interesting all out of a sudden. "Because I feel that way," he blurted out when he realised how hesitant and torn you seemed. Your lack of response gave his confidence a blow, but not all was lost, yet; he just had to convince you of how much of an effect you had on him. "Whenever you're around, my hearts beats quicker, I feel like a completely different person, and suddenly, the world feels less lonely..."
"Oh, Malleus..." you whispered, trailing off. Finally, you raised your head again, and your eyes finally met. A smile sat on your lips, and Malleus hoped that your sparkling eyes were a good sign and that you wouldn't break his heart. "I—"
Before you could continue, a booming voice interrupted you. Footsteps accompanied the loud voices, a male voice yelling out, "(Y/n)! (Y/n)?!"
You immediately jumped to your feet upon hearing your name being called out, disrupting the silence of the night and the magical aura that Malleus had managed to build up for his confession. Pulling your hands out of the fae's grasp, you turned your attention to the two students running by the fence of the property. Ace and Deuce — your favourite idiots.
"She better be awake—" Ace muttered, panicked and afraid. You watched them enter through the rusty gate and storm towards you with hectic footsteps. "(Y/n)! We need your help!"
"Uhm—" You looked quite torn as you briefly looked down at Malleus, whose hands were grabbing onto yours, his eyes desperately wanting to know the end of your reply. Biting your lip, you turned to Ace and Deuce again, and you rolled your eyes while muttering, "I'm in the middle of something right now—"
"We're sorry," Deuce cried out, frightened, too. "But we accidentally ate the wrong tart! It was so dark... and we didn't see that it was Riddle's tart that we were eating—"
"And he's going to kill us if we don't bake him a new one!" Ace nodded along vigorously, grabbing your other hand to pull you away from Malleus.
A frown appeared on the fae's lips when your hand left his grasp, and his eyes darkened in growing anger and fury at the two other first-years that had ruined this special moment. He had shown you such a vulnerable side of him, ready to lay his feelings out to you and entrust you with his heart if you agreed with accepting his feelings.
Malleus was enraged.
Especially when you shot him an apologetic smile as you willingly followed your two friends out of Ramshackle's front yard, merely yelling out, "Ah, I'm sorry, Malleus..." The Diasomnia student was fuming as he rose to his feet, his hands clenching into fists. His bangs covered his glowing eyes, concealing his fury to you. "I need to go now. Good night, alright?"
"Don't—" Malleus seethed, his voice a mixture of desperation and anger. "Don't leave me, (Y/n)."
Seeing how affected he seemed to be, you dug your heels into the muddy path beneath you to get Ace to stop pulling at your hand. You shot Malleus a little smile, hoping to cheer him up. "We'll see each other again, tomorrow. I won't leave you," you said, unable to fathom how much your words stung. Malleus was hurt; were your foolish friends more important to you than him? "But right now, I have to help my idiot friends."
Yes, it seemed like he wasn't as important to you as he thought.
"No!" he yelled out while he raised his head, finally revealing his glowing green eyes that lit up the darkness and yet exuded an unfathomable cold. His whole body was shaking, and black smoke seemed to be collecting around him until it completely hid him from your worried eyes. "They can't just take you away from me!"
"M-Malleus?" you called out as you ripped your hand out of Ace's grip and ran back to Malleus — who was now now completely shrouded in smoke — worried out of your mind for him. Deuce tried to get you to stop, but you simply wouldn't listen, and eventually disappeared within the fog, too.
The two boys watched the black smoke in concern, nervous and scared of what was happening.
Finally, the fog disappeared due to a large pair of wings flapping and thus whirling up the smoke.
Deuce's jaw fell down. "Oh, by the Great Seven!"
A large dragon with wings as black as the night and eyes as green as poison was revealed to Ace and Deuce, and cooped up in his right hand were you, thrashing around in hopes of freeing yourself. His claws were like a cage, keeping you in place despite your struggling.
"He's a dragon!" Ace cried out, his legs growing wobbly in fear. "And he has (Y/n)!"
The dragon let out a frightening roar and exclaimed, "I will burn you alive for trying to steal my treasure, you thieves!"
"Malleus!" you cried out, hoping he would listen to you. "Let me go! Please!"
Sadly for you, Malleus seemed too focused on grilling your friends alive. He opened his mouth, the green fire growing at the back of his throat as he prepared to spew a blast of incredibly hot fire at the two first-years.
"Deuce, do something!" Ace yelled out as they both pulled out their magic-pens.
"Do what?!" Deuce threw back, a big scowl on his face. The panic got to their heads, and they soon seemed to prefer bickering with another over the impending danger of being flamed to ashes. Deuce threw his hands into the air, glaring at Ace. "What am I supposed to do against a giant dragon!?"
Malleus ignored their discussion, instead prancing closer to them with his slitted eyes glued to their silhouettes. "I've been practicing for tonight's confession for weeks already!" the dragon roared, causing you to wince and shrink back at the volume of his distorted voice. Malleus sounded so angry yet hurt, and you couldn't help but think that some of it was partly your fault. "Just for you foolish idiots to come in and ruin all my effort!"
"Malleus," you pleaded once again; this time, the giant lizard actually turned his attention to you — if only for a brief duration. Once his eyes met yours, that angered green softened slightly. "Calm down, please..."
For a moment, you thought you had managed to somehow influence the giant dragon to listen to you — but he quickly flared his nostrils before returning his attention to Ace and Deuce. It seemed like his hatred for the two exceeded his love for you — at least, it did at the moment.
Wasting no time, Malleus opened his mouth and breathed a large stream of fire at the two students. You turned your head away, feeling the heat that the main stream exuded gnawing away at your skin as a stark contract to the cool air of the night.
Ace used a wind spell to divert the mighty fire that Malleus threw at them, barely avoiding being grilled alive. It took quite a lot of effort to divert the stream of seemingly never-ending fire, yet the fire blast eventually ended, leaving everything in its path burnt to a crisp. Ace breathed out and turned to Deuce. "Oh no— that was too close!" he cried out, wiping the sweat off his forehead. "What do we do now?"
"I don't know—" Deuce admitted, yet his eyes were focused on the dragon's captive. "But we have to help (Y/n) somehow!"
An expression of helplessness was evident on Ace's face. "How—"
Despite your first attempt of getting through to the mad dragon failing, you were determined to try again. For some strange reason, he seemed adverted to the thought of hurting you — so you had nothing to lose. Furrowing your eyebrows, you once again cried out, "Malleus, please. Listen to me." He didn't seem fazed, yet froze at what you yelled out next. "I love you, too! That's what I've been meaning to say before they interrupted me!"
The dragon stopped in his movement, his jaw still ripped wide open as he was about to spew another burst of fire at the two Heartslabyul students, but no fire seemed to come out of his throat. Instead, he clamped his jaw shut and instead averted his attention to you, softly asking, "You... do?"
You nodded, ecstatic that your plan had worked. So, when he brought you closer to his eyes, a big and relieved smile appeared on your lips. "Yes! You're so smart, regal and adorable in your own way. After having spent so much time with you, how could I have not fallen for you?" you exclaimed in a genuine and passionate tone while reaching out to run your fingertips across the patch between his eyes. "So please... calm down again, and everything will be alright, dearest."
The dragon stared at you with wide eyes, and his hold on you seemed to weaken until he finally dropped you to the ground. Luckily, Deuce managed to catch you with a levitation spell and safely lower you to the floor. Ace was still busy with putting out the old trees that had caught fire that was illuminating the dark night.
The dragon disappeared behind a cloud of smoke again, and one last regretful roar filled your ears and made your heart sink in horror. Once the fog cleared up, you found Malleus in his humanoid form limply laying on the ground. Worried out of your wits, you immediately dashed over to him and knelt down beside him, lifting his head up into your lap.
Malleus' eyes fluttered open, yet he seemed incredibly tired. "I'm... sorry for having reacted that way..." he croaked out, grabbing onto your wrist when you cupped his cheek.
Relieved that he seemed alright aside from the exhaustion, you shook your head softly. "No no, it's alright," you whispered, pushing strands of his hair out of his pale face. An affectionate smile appeared on your lips as you helped him sit up. "You can stay over at Ramshackle tonight, alright? I'll send Ace and Deuce off to fix their problem by themselves."
"I'd... like that," he retorted, a weak smile on his lips.
"Hey!" Ace yelled out, stemming his hands onto his hips at your words. "We're not leaving!"
Deuce rolled his eyes. "Would you like to be eaten by a dragon instead, Ace?"
"Fair point." Ace took a deep breath, admitting defeat. Turning around, he and Deuce returned to where they had come from; after this whole experience, being collared by their angry dorm leader didn't seem as bad anymore compared to being grilled alive by an angry dragon. Ace shot you one last wave and yelled out, "Good night, (Y/n)..."
"Good night, you two." You hummed and waved back, yet Malleus quickly clung onto your blouse to get your attention back to him. Surprised, you turned your undivided attention to him again. "Sh, you're safe now, Malleus," you cooed as you pulled him into a hug, running your hand up and down his back, to which he eased into your embrace. "Nobody was harmed. Don't worry..."
Malleus shook his head, sobbing out, "I'm a monster..."
"No, you're not." You let out a humoured laugh, one that made Malleus perk up curiously. Wiping away the tears that cascaded down his cheeks, you explained rather seriously, "I will be a monster when scolding my idiot friends tomorrow for causing such a disaster."
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allensimpsforcorpse · 2 days ago
𝙴𝚖𝚘𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚕 | c.h
Pairing :: Corpse Husband x GN! Reader
Requested :: Nope
Summary :: You were in the middle of a Death note marathon when Corpse called you because he got scared and too anxious while playing RE Village
Warning/s :: Corpse being anxious
A/N :: I hope you guys like this! This isn't requested but just a dream that I had last week and I have been itching to write it! Taglist (for all my future Corpse fics and my one multi-chaptered fic) Requests are open
Tumblr media
You sighed contently as you finish another episode of Death note, one of your favorite animes.
Today was one of your day off of streaming and you deemed it as the day you will finally finish re-watching the anime as your plans to watch it had always been foiled by surprise streams and other plans.
Normally you'll spend the day with one of your friends or with your boyfriend, Corpse, either hanging out or having one of your midnight dates. But everyone seems to have plans for today so you were left alone to watch Death note in peace. Though, no doubt you will always choose your friends over a mere show, it was nice to be able to finish watching the anime.
Just as you were about to play the next episode, a familiar relaxing tune came from your cellphone. Reaching out to your nightstand where your phone was charging, you took it off it's plug and checked who was calling you.
🖤 Corpsiee 🖤 is calling...
Well, that's unexpected. Isn't he supposed to be streaming right now? And he's just on the other end of the hallway, what could he be calling about for?
You answered it and before you can even utter a single word, he greeted you. Shaky, and he sounds out of breath. Uh oh.
"Hey, love, are you okay?" you immediately asked, moving to clean up the mess you have made on your bed. Did something happen in his stream? Granted, he always gets nervous and anxious whenever he streams but that was always in the beginning and when they're playing among us. If your memory serves you right, it's been hours since he started and he's not playing Among Us today- Oh wait, he's playing Resident Evil with Tina!
Yeah, that's a good reason to be anxious.
"Just... Just needed to hear your voice. I got, uh, spooked while playing." he explained, making you nod despite knowing he will not see it. You put the call on speaker and gently placed it on your desk so you can easily fix your hair.
"Want me to join you while you continue your stream? I can hold your hand" your tone of voice suggested that you were just teasing but internally you were serious. You'll gladly hold his hand while he plays, similar to what you do when he plays Among Us in a clutch moment
"Yes, please" with that, you got out your room and walked over to his streaming room. Gently knocking on the door to avoid further making the man inside with the sudden noise, you opened the door as quiet as you can.
Corpse looked up from his phone when he heard you walk in. As soon as you got close enough, he pulled you on his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist to tightly hug you. You could feel him lightly shaking as he did so and you hugged him back with no hesitation. From his earphones, you can hear Tina talking to his chat in his stead.
"Sorry that I had to pull you away from yout marathon" he quietly mumbled, you were certain you wouldn't be able to hear it if you weren't so pressed up against him at theta moment, not that you were complaining about the closeness. "I'll make it up to you after the stream"
You let out a soft giggle, shaking your head as you pull away from him to look at his face. You placed your hands on each side of his face and kissed him on the forehead. "It's okay, silly. It's just anime, you're more important than watching Light. Plus, I'm only, like, 3 episodes away 'till the end so I can just watch it later" you kissed him on the nose this time, lightly laughing at the redness visible on his cheeks.
You helped him regulate his breathing and he eventually went back to his stream, apologizing for his long silence.
It's okay, corpse!
I hope you're okay, C!
Is (Y/N) with you right now?
He read the last comment out loud before answering. "Yeah, they're with me right now. Them and Tina are my emotional support animal" he jested, making both you and Tina laugh as he finally continues to play the game, more calm now that you were here with him.
Tumblr media
Tags: @apple-slice-of-your-laifu-blog
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 2 days ago
He Knew
Tumblr media
A/N: so I was sent this picture ^^ on my wattpad account and asked if I could write a one shot to go with it. Thank you for my first request and I hope I did good.
"Its been five years, come on they need us." Was all Dr. Strange said as we stood on the alien planet looking around confused.
"Huh?" Peter asked.
I looked around for my father, but he wasn't there. I did however, see 3 of the 4 people we had met right before everything had gone all dusty.
"What happened?" I asked.
"No time to explain we have to go," and with that he made the portal and opened it. Revealing a battle field, I could see Steve looking around as more portals opened all around us.
I saw my father, "dad!" I ran to him. He threw his arms around me mumbling, "you're ok, you're ok." My dad greeted Peter, bringing him in for a hug after he started rambling.
"Here, give me the gauntlet I'll get it to someone who can use it." I heard Peter call out.
I threw it to him, turning back to fight the alien monsters tying to kill everyone.
"Don't do it kid! Give me the damn thing!" I heard the pain in my father's voice.
My blood ran cold when I spun and saw Peter pulling the gauntlet on. I flew, making the thrusters on my suit go as fast as they could.
Even then I only managed to land at his side as he said, "I just wanted to be like you." To my father.
He tilted his face to look at me, giving me a weak smile. His eyes full of hope and love, like they were telling me it was going to be ok, telling me he loved me. I sobbed, watching the light fade out of his eyes, "no! NO! Peter come back! Don't leave me! Dammit Pete I never got to tell you I love you!" I collapsed into my dad's arms, sobs racking my body.
My dad mumbled against my head, "it's ok, he in a better place now." His voice broken, both of us knew there was no rewind for this. No stones would bring him back.
"It's not ok, I never got to tell him." I cried, tears clouding my vision, "please Peter I never got to tell you."
"Hey, it's ok."
"No, no, no NO!" I felt someone pick me up, moving me from his body. "NO! PETER! PETER! NO LET ME GO! I HAVE TO STAY WITH HIM!"
"I'm sorry honey."
Standing there.
Staring at the newly dug grave.
Feeling a tear roll down my face.
Not bothering to wipe it because more would just take it's place.
"Hey (y/n), Peter left you something." I heard the soft voice of Peter's aunt.
I turned around slowly, wiping the tear off my cheek to meet eyes that were just as red as mine. The eyes of someone who had lost someone they loved, even if it's a different kind of love.
"Oh honey," she looked so sad, holding out her arms to me.
I hugged her tightly, feeling tears roll down my face while I could feel her trembling with quiet sobs.
I pulled away gently once her son's stopped, my voice raspy as I said, "you said he left something for me?"
"Oh, yes here." She pulled a small box out of her purse, handing it to me gently.
I sat on my bed, staring at the box resting on my palm. Apprehension filling me as I wondered what it was.
I opened it, my fingers shaking as I pulled a small cube out. The cube had a round button on it, along with a lense.
I pressed the button, shock filling me as a small hologram of Peter Parker floated in front of me, watching as his mouth opened.
"Hey," he said, rubbing his arm nervously. "So if you're watching this then something happened. I guess this mission didn't go as planned but let me rewind. I built this little device when we started dating, before I told you I'm Spiderman. That message was to explain my disappearance to you, but I figured that because you know who I am I should change it.
So it's 2018 and we've been dating for 6 months, I wanted to make this message to tell you everything in case something ever went south."
I sobbed, "oh Pete you have no idea."
"I'm going to assume the worst happened if you're watching this, and I just want you to know that I love you."
"I love you too," I said, wiping my puffy eyes.
"And I know we've never actually told each other this before, but I really, really love you. Like you can't even imagine how much, well" he smiled, "maybe you can. In those moments when we just hang out with each other and it's just us two, I know you love me. And I just wanted to tell you, in case I couldn't before, that I love you and I know you love me."
I bawled, relief flowing from me like the tears streaming down my face.
"(y/n) Are you ok?" My dad's panicked voice interrupting me, him stopping abruptly when he laid eyes on the hologram.
I hugged him, "he knew dad, he knew."
So how'd I do? Any suggestions, requests?
I hope you liked it and you're having a good day, bye.
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jardinsdeminuit · 2 days ago
My kingdom for frustrated kisses with Reiji (please)!
Absolutely! This is one of two final kiss prompts I'll be dropping from this list. I had a lot of fun writing this one, as I do with Reiji content in general. Hope you like it!
Prompts taken from this list. Please note that requests are currently closed.
13. Frustrated kisses - Reiji
Beware of jealousy. It will be your undoing.
Reiji's mother told him that many years ago. He can still remember the words coming from her vile mouth, so utterly patronising it makes him as sick now as it did back then.
And yet, as he stares at the sight in front of him, he realises she might have been right. Is it normal to feel this kind of jealousy when you're just talking to Shu? It's not like he has his arm around you or anything... Still, he's known his brother long enough to recognise the telltale glint in his eye, the slight upturn of his lips that shows he's interested in what he's hearing. And there you are before him, hands clasped together in front of you, feigning innocence when it's obvious that all you want is attention.
Reiji can't stand it.
He waits until you're a considerable distance away from Shu before pinning you to the wall. His fingers curls into claws that he wraps around your neck, forcing you to look up at him.
“I-I'm sorry,” you choke out.
If the wide-eyed look on your face didn't betray your guilt, your words certainly do. You know what you've done wrong. You don't even try to deny it or explain yourself. Somehow, that makes Reiji even angrier.
After all the times he's warned you, all the training he's put you through, and still you disobey him by talking to the one person he's ordered you not to. His fingers tighten around your neck, and he can tell from the hiss of breath from your mouth that he's blocking part of your airway. He's in two minds to tear you open on the spot. Shu's nearby still. No doubt he'd be able to smell the blood as Reiji bit into you, claiming you as his own for everyone in the mansion to see.
“Please, Reiji.” Your eyes are starting to glisten with tears. “I'm sorry.”
Pathetic, he thinks. He tilts your head back, exposing the smooth skin of your collar beneath his hand, pulled taut by his grip. The pump of your artery is like a drum beat against his fingers. He can almost taste the blood flowing into his mouth already, and it's driving him wild.
Slowly, so as not to rush the moment, Reiji leans forward and parts his lips. He takes in a sharp breath and is about to bury his fangs into your neck, when suddenly you turn your head. The movement catches him off guard. His grip loosens enough for you to lower your chin and catch his lips with yours.
Reiji freezes. He's not used to being taken by surprise, and certainly not in this way. But as the shock wears off and his senses return, he finds himself moulding to the kiss. His hand squeezes your neck again, not to choke you, but rather to pull you further into him as he devours your lips, all his frustration and envy poured into a single embrace that leaves you in no doubt as to who you belong to.
You're mine, he thinks furiously. You will always be mine. Remember it.
Sometimes a little jealousy can go a long way.
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theblueprintshawty · 2 days ago
Sebastian, Anthony, and Y/n Bullying Tom Holland for 7 minutes.
Summary: Their tag teaming was already enough, but when Y/n gets into the mix, hell becomes a place on Earth for Tom.
Pairing: Tom Holland x platonic!reader, Sebastian Stan x platonic!reader, Anthony Mackie x platonic!reader
Warnings: Cursing and friendly bullying.
Word Count: 1245
A/N: This was in my asks but I was already going to do this before so perfect coincidence! I still have more in my asks that I need to finish but I will get to them. Don't be afraid to request via my ask anonymously or even in my DMs, I usually respond pretty quick. Feel free to check out my other writings too! Enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Leave me alone fiend," You spoke as you answered the 4th facetime call from Tom. You plopped down on the couch glaring at him as you began to look for something on the TV.
"Show me your dog and I'll hang up, Tessa wants to have a playdate," He explained bringing her on screen which resulted in praises of how beautiful she was from you. Tom gasped in shock and you rolled your eyes.
"How many times do I have to tell you that dog wasn't mine, it was my ex's, and do you know what ex means? That we broke up!" You yelled into the phone towards the end startling Tom and you returned back to your task of searching for something to watch. You clicked on Youtube as Tom's voice broke through the phone.
"You know, you underestimate my intelligence," he claimed as if he were heartbroken and you just snorted at him in response seeing a video in your recommendation that piqued your interest. You turned to Tom beginning to say goodbye.
"And who's fault is that? Before you answer, yes, it is your fault. Goodbye Tom!" You hung up as he began to protest and you returned your gaze back to the TV screen. Your name appeared in the title which caused more curiosity from you, the title presented was Sebastian, Anthony, and Y/n Bullying Tom Holland for 7 minutes. You laughed to yourself before pressing play.
Tumblr media
You were in an interview with Sebastian and Anthony for TFATWS and Tom still kept blowing up your phone. You put it on vibrate, you were unable to put it on Do Not Disturb because you had been waiting for an important message, and if it wasn't obvious Tom wasn't that important message.
"Y/n I get you are famous but how are you that famous to have people calling you nonstop, goddamn," Anthony spoke after your phone went off another time. You picked up the phone quickly turning it towards your camera showing Tom's Caller ID, British Kid, would like to facetime.
"He calls me once a day like im his parent, hell, it may be even more than that. I keep hoping that after the fifth dial tone it would be an indication that I am not picking up," as you finished your sentence it began to ring again and you tossed your phone behind you. Sebastian and Anthony laughed at you, then Sebastian spoke up next.
"We could escape him, but you can't, taking one for the team as per usual Y/n," You saluted and rolled your eyes hearing it vibrate again in the background. You huffed and began to stand up, the camera view cutting off the top of your body. As you spoke and walked towards your phone your voice became distant but still audible.
"I'm just blocking his number at this point."
Tumblr media
"Are Tom Holland and Y/n..." Tom spoke, going to rip off the paper, you spoke before he did so.
"It better not be dating because that would be the most disrespectful question asked," Tom rolled his eyes at how you were busting his balls.
"...friends?" Tom and you both went to respond.
"Hell no." His head whipped towards you.
Tumblr media
"Genuine question. If I was on a railroad track and Tom Holland was on another one, which one would you save before we got run over by a train?" You asked the question to Sebastian and Anthony. You were at Disney Expo and doing an interview with them, you stood next to Sebastian moving in a bit to ask them both the question. Anthony without hesitation answers.
"We would try to stop the train, but if all else fails we can just kill Tom Holland." You and Sebastian both cackled and you leaned over engulfing Anthony in a hug as Sebastian laughed at the both of you turning to the interviewer.
"He could probably bore the train to death and save himself at that point." You laughed placing yourself next to Sebastian.
Tumblr media
You sat on the black couch at ACE Comic Con with Sebastian, Anthony, and Tom. You were next to Sebastian, your head rested on his arm, and your arm behind Tom's head hitting it each chance you got; he would glare at you each time you would do so. A fan had stood at the mic about to ask a question.
"My question is for Y/n, you say that a lot of your co-workers are sometimes your favorite actors. Who on that couch has work you love the most? Whether it be shows or films." You thought for a second moving to sit up, hitting Tom in the process causing laughter to ring out through the room.
"Honestly, Sebastian and Anthony are just amazing. There is limitless talent out of the both of them and it's just always so impressive each time you work with them. There's also never a dull moment, and I don't know if I have a favorite work of their's because I just love everything they do," You paused for a second applause happening as Sebastian wrapped his arm around your neck pulling you into a side hug and Anthony smiled at you. Then as the applause died down you spoke.
"...and Tom..." You looked at Tom as he eagerly awaited his praise.
" Tom, he's replaceable, not even a top ten on my list. There's about 5 other Tom's that I could name before Holland, and Hiddleston definitely is first," You rested your back against the couch watching as Tom presented a shocked face, he brought his mic up to his mouth.
"You know that apparently nearly 20% of workers experience workplace bullying?" He asked you, the audience laughing at him.
"That is pretty sad actually, but you deserve your torture...h-how in the world do you know that? Did you look that up for the purpose of knowledge or did you look that up because of personal experience?" Tom and you looked at each other, you giving him a knowing look, and him hesitating to answer causing the crowd to laugh.
"I refuse to answer that question," You laughed at him bringing your mic up to your mouth to finally bring your answer to a close.
"My favorite work of Tom's is when he was in Billy Elliot, it definitely hasn't and couldn't get better than that." He shoved you as you finished.
Tumblr media
You called Tom back waiting for him to pick up, when he did he gave a mock surprise and you deadpanned.
"What do I owe the pleasure and surprise of your call today?" Your eyebrows furrowed and you glanced at the time, scoffing.
"We just talked like 10 minutes ago asshole," He squinted at you, shifting his position on his couch and you smiled a wide grin scaring him.
"You know Tom, you are a moderate friend and I slightly appreciate you, and even though I would drop you in a heartbeat for Hiddleston, know that... I think you are kind of cool," You finished and he stared at you blankly.
" insult me and can't even muster up the words 'I love you Tom' or 'Tom you are spectacular and awesome and handsome-" You cut him off before you could continue.
"That's too many 'ands', and my mother didn't raise no liar...but I guess I love you Tom."
"Love you too Y/N."
@madamevirgo @rorysreallyrandom @ximaginx @n3ssm0nique @dorothea-hwldr @wakandabiitch2 @loveforaugust @justtjay @kobababy @y-napotat @bi-lmg
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obeymeobsession · 2 days ago
Rules And Guidelines for Requests
Firstly my Requests are open!
I won't be the one to write your smut/lemon/sexual headcanons I'm sorry! I have my reasons for doing so. with that said I won't tolerate anything that's: homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, racist. I shouldn't have to say these things but if anything vaguely like this enters my requests it'll be deleted.
I'm not against writing things that are angsty/gory/violent. I will have content warnings and trigger warnings and a whole paragraph explaining the prompt and what kind of content is within the post.
if there is something I'm, not comfortable writing I will most likely respond by saying so and explaining why. (that's if its a reasonable request and doesn't get deleted for one reason or another)
Sorry if sometimes takes me a while to respond, I often struggle to figure out the best way to respond for some characters.
You can ask me about my oc and about my art, I don't really mind. I don't do commissions tho. (please ask me about my concepts for the archangels)
I'm more likely to do headcanons for readers rather than mc and I'll likely consider them vastly different. so please be clear on which one you want.
I think that's mostly everything.
Admin out ~ <3
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haikyuu-sickfics · 2 days ago
Ooo yes well if you are taking request could you please write a fic with Suga and Iwaizumi? a sickfic if you’d like or a injury fic
Alcohol+Vomit warning! Koushi groaned as bright light flooded his vision.  The all too familiar pressure of a hangover pressed against his forehead and abdomen.  Dizziness swam dully throughout him as he struggled to remember last nights events.  A party.  Sawamura.  Hajime.  Alcohol.
"You're finally awake," a distant voice commented.
Koushi sat up quickly, the quick movement inviting ruthless nausea to attack for the briefest of moments.  He forced his palm against his forehead, closing his eyes and swallowing a couple times to setting his stomach.  It was only once he reopened his eyes that he realized he was in an unknown place.
Panic surged through him, his eyes quickly scanning the room for any hints of what happened last night, Hajime stood in the doorway fully clothed- a good sign.  The room had no clothes strewn about the floor- another good sign.  Koushi was wearing unfamiliar, poorly fitting clothes- a bad sign.
"Whoa there, don't get up so fast.  Here, I brought water and a tylenol, figured you'd need it," Hajime offered, quickly making his way to Koushi with the water extended in one hand.
With wide, clueless eyes, Koushi took a couple tentative sip before tossing two tylenols into his mouth and washing them with a gulp.  He shuddered as he felt the cool water mix with the burning contents of his stomach.
"So," he started, voice groggy, "what happened last night?"
"Well... there was a party on campus, you were outside, I went outside to call someone and I saw you and talked to you."
Koushi knew this wasn't the whole story, far from it.  Hajime wasn't the type of person to randomly strike up conversation.  Something happened.  Koushi thought hard, setting his water on the nightstand so he could rub the weariness from his eyes.
They were crusty.  The specific type of crusty that one may only achieve after a long night of crying.  So Koushi cried last night. Why?  And that still didn't answer his change of clothes.
"So then I just got in your car?"
"Well, no," Hajime squirmed, obviously he could remember it and obviously if Koushi could then he would be halfway out the door by now.
"So tell me!" Koushi whined, eyebrows furrowing in pleading.
"Let's wait until you eat some, I'll make some toast for you.  Meet me in the kitchen in a couple minutes, it's just down the hall- can't miss it."
Koushi pouted as Hajime left him in the room.  He squeezed his eyes shut, trying so very hard to grasp onto the loose thread of memory from the previous night.  That course of action proving fruitless, he searched for his phone.
It was hidden next to him in the covers, it's batter nearly dead.  Koushi frowned at this before opening his messages.
Oh no.
He could remember now.
The picture someone sent him of Sawamura and some random boy dancing closely.  Too closely for just friends to dance.  Above that conversation was Sawamura frantically trying to explain himself to a pissed off, drunk Koushi.
"Ohh, fuck!" He cursed loudly, bits and pieces of his conversation with Hajime coming to him.
He said too much, way too much.  The alcohol and calming presence of Hajime led him to display all of his deepest thoughts in neon lights.  From the distrust he had been feeling to how neglected Sawamura had been feeling and all the way to the feelings Koushi had for Hajime.
"Fucking shit!" He cursed again.
He confessed last night.
Sharp pain burst from his arm where he was pinching it, hoping to anything and everything out there that this was a dream.
It wasn't.
Koushi thought about possible escape plans.  First- the window.  That was a dead end.  It was locked, only to be open by some complex series of actions which Koushi did not know.  Even if he did know how to open the damned thing, it was far too high off the ground- and even if it wasn't- Koushi wouldn't get far without his shoes.
So he was stuck with leaving the normal way.  Out the front door after having breafast.
Sighing heavily, he pulled himself up onto shaky legs.  Nausea swirled dangerously for a moment before dying down and allowing him to move on.
Taking deep breaths to prepare himself physically and mentally, Koushi followed the smell of toast into the kitchen.  The scent was suffocating, forcing its way down Koushi's nostrils and settling like a boulder in his midsection.
"I put some butter on yours," Hajime nodded to a single piece of toast on a paper plate next to the sink.
Koushi grimaced, trying his best to give a meaningful thanks.
The plate was warmer than the toast, who's butter had melted fully.
Not wanting to appear rude, Koushi took a bite.
His stomach revolted immediately.
"Bathroom," Koushi stated, voice muffled by his hand.
"Shit, uh, down the hall to the right."
Koushi nodded, quickly making his way down the hall with his eyes glued to the floor.
The door was open, allowing him to spot the much needed room easily.  Collapsing to the floor infront of the toilet, Koushi clenched his jaw in an attempt to spare the last of his dignity.  Best case-scenario, the nausea spell was just that- a spell- and would fade without trouble.  Worst case-scenario, well that's exactly what was happening.  Bile splashed agaisnt the back of his upper throat, forcing his mouth open to fall into the toilet with a splash.
Koushi groaned.  This was the absolute worst way to spend a saturday morning.
"Still got some in you?  I can't belive you have anything left in your body after last night."
The new clothes made sense now as Koushi remembered how sick he got last night.  
"You knooooow~ you have strong, STRONG muss less!!" Koushi slurred, squeezing Hajimes Biceps.
Hajime scooched away, taking away Koushi's support and causing him to fall into the railing.  The cool metal dug into his gut, pushing on the angry stew of alcohol.  Before he knew what was going on, a loud gag forced it's way out.  Strain tugged on his forehead and pulled on ever muscle from his stomach to his tongue.  The gag ended, leaving him breathless.
"What was that!  That was crazy!"  Koushi turned towards Hajime who was backing up cautiously.
"You should take a seat," Hajime advised, uncomfortable with the close vicinity of him and Koushi's mouth.
"I don't need a seat! My ass is so fat -hic-  that whenever I walk it's like I'm sitting on a cLOOUD!"
Koushi coughed, gagging again, bending forward with the force of the retch. Hajime jumped back and behind Koushi.  One more heave resulted in something productive.  Alcohol singed it's way up Koushi's throat before landing on the floor with a splat.
"Holy shit!" Koushi straightened his back, "I was -hic- NOT expecting that, were you?"
Hajime remained silent.
"Do you have a ride home, or someone I can call?"
Koushi smiled remorsefully, "my only ride is getting dicked right now."
"Oh," Hajime paused.  He really wanted to go home, but there was no way he could leave Koushi alone at this point, "I could drive you to my place."
"Ohhhh!  Are you hitting on me!?" Koushi crooned, leaning into Hajime.
Hajime couldn't help the heat that rushed to his cheek, instead deciding to hide it by taking Koushi's hand and dragging him to the front of the house where his car was parked.
"Oouuu!  Aren't you supposed to wait until the second -hic- date for this!"
Hajime opened the passenger seat, ushering Koushi in and clicking the belt over him.  He pointed out the plastic bags which were stuffed in pockets of the door- he was friends with heavy partier, this wasn't his first rodeo- before seating himself behind the wheel.
Koushi hiccuped in response, already fumbling for a bag.
That's the best way to confess to someone.  Drunk off your ass before throwing up all over the place.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," Koushi groaned at the memory, wiping his palm down his face, "But what happened to my clothes?"
"You got really sick on the walk between the car and the front door," Hajime grimaced at the ugly memory.
"So you remember everything?"
"I was drunk, you know."
"I didn't mean it-"
"Yes you do."
"Okay but-"
"I like you too."
"I have blankets on the couch and blinds over the windows, I know the perfect hangover movie.  Come on out when you're ready."
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