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“So keep watching me, please?”
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spn-season-16-chronicles · 4 months ago
I find it genuinely amazing that nothing has been happening since Sept 10th. Truly the last day for SPN. Season 16 is a wrap, folks.
I'm still waiting for next big thing to crush me. Every time I think the drama is dying down. Some new thing happens. So it is like 30% anticipation and 70% pure fear.
And sure, one can predict what other things might happen and not happen. But we will always fail to predict it. Just like supernatural supernatural. The attact always comes from somewhere else
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storfulsten · 6 months ago
Did you see whitty's date mod? .. it would be nice to see bf on carol's site, idk,
i love you art-,,,
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yeah ok, not sure how accurate it is but here ya go
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hecking nerds
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i have no other characters that come to mind so here's the obvious one because of course it is gdfhjkgjhh sephiroth?
LOOK WE LOVE OBVIOUS AROUND HERE, especially when obvious is Such A Clusterfuck. My only worry would be rehashing stuff I and fandom as a whole have hashed already and have it be redundant, buthgjhgjhgk I managed to find something new with PK, I'm sure I could do it here.
There is a notable split in how Sephiroth perceives and interacts with the world pre and post Nibelheim— An understatement, to say the least—However one thread I think that remains is that Sephiroth is probably very possessive when it comes to who he loves.
Growing up, I think it's painfully clear to most people that Sephiroth had little to no agency: he was company property, and repeatedly put under the jurisdiction of a father who routinely abused and dehumanised him under the guise of 'work'. As a public figure, there is no doubt that his privacy was violated and his body continued to be policed, even as he grew into adulthood.
I say all of this, because when you are put in a situation where you have been so disempowered and denied anything of your own, that when you do finally get it, you hold.
From the outside, I'd say that pre-Nibelheim Sephiroth's understanding of family is the understanding alot of familial abuse survivors walk away with: that family isn't who you were born into, but who you choose. And yet, funny still how he meets Genesis and Angeal through their mutual tenure as child supersoldiers; that not even this is really free from Shinra's hand. Even still, good things can come from shitty situations— Even if you might not process them as such.
That notion is shattered when the pair desert, without so much as a 'goodbye'. Sephiroth is left to pick up the pieces, and he withers. It's commented on in-game by none other than Angeal, if memory serves.
Sephiroth's found family is swept from under him, and he is left with nothing but the faint, childish hope of a biological mother; someone that would really have loved him, would have protected him, nurtured him unconditionally.
And he gets that.
In exchange for Everything.
There are a number of ways to analyse Sephiroth's relationship with Jenova— The most intuitive being to treat Jenova as an autonomous figure with influence over Sephiroth, in a very human manner.
I personally don't jive with this interpretation for a number of reasons: it often underplays Sephiroth's agency, and Jenova is made into a Wicked Mother archetype, which I feel diminishes the fact that this is a cosmic planetary parasite, eons old, with no gender or loyalty to human emotions— It mimics them only so much as a hunter mimics the sounds or scents of its prey. I feel it does Jenova a disservice to put a clamp on that and reduce them to something almost... petty(?) when their role is far more equivalent to Sephiroth's God. This is my opinion, not the holy grail. I bring it up, though, because it colours how I go about all of this.
When Sephiroth dies, plunging into the Lifestream with the dessicated remains of Jenova's half-dead head, they fuse. Sephiroth becomes Jenova and Jenova becomes Sephiroth; there is no separating the two. Sephiroth has not only met his mother, connected with her, but become her.
Sephiroth is Their own mother.
And as a Mother, great and powerful, older than the meagre rock of this infant Planet, it is Their job to set things right; to make amends; to cast Judgement.
Sephiroth routinely treats the rest of the cast as dimwitted children, either to be used or ignored— Dealt with, maybe, if they step out of line. And yet, there's a glee in revenge; in tormenting this one, shell-shocked man who dared to stab Them with Their own Masamune in the back, right before They were to set out on such glorious purpose.
They go out of their way to fuck with, demean, and infantilise Cloud on a level just... so fucking visceral, words fail to describe it.
Their more-than hatred has consumed Them so much, that it's the only thing They can remember when They are killed for the second time.
And from the shattered pieces of others' memories, They create three vessels: Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo; all of them doomed to be but shadows of a shadow, denied existence of their own.
It's in Advent Children that Cloud's familial connection to Sephiroth is made explicit. The Remnants all call him 'big brother', a title also reserved for Sephiroth. They are of the same nature, the same blood, and Cloud cannot deny that, he cannot deny that Sephiroth's cells live on in his body and that they are his as much as Theirs— Barring the speculated fusion between Sephiroth and Jenova, how do you get more intimate than that?
This leadup is hella long, but I think you get the gist: Sephiroth has been denied intimacy and has lost it time and time again, so when he finally gets something, he clutches it so hard and builds his literal sense of self around it.
From here on out, I'll be theorising.
I feel like even pre-Nibelheim Sephiroth, in the event he were to find himself with children, would get extremely protective to the point of possession. They're his, and he's not letting anyone near them. I could see that being the thing he finally needs to snap out of that Shinra-induced malaise, and run. He wouldn't let them do to them what was done to him— Wouldn't let him do to them what he did to him.
What I think would follow in the aftermath of this, is that the family are forced to keep a low profile. Sephiroth is a firm but gentle parent, compassionate even if untrained. He's devout as devout gets; it feels like some hole in him as been filled. It's a thing alot of parents get, especially if they felt like they were just lifelessly drifting by before. Sephiroth is purpose-driven— Needs it, breathes it, lives life from task to task to grand overarching plan. His kids become his everything.
The issue with that arises is there is such a thing as holding a child so tight your crush their bones. What contact the children have with other people is inconsistent, and they end up sheltered; literally, in this case. This could be further compounded depending on how much Sephiroth decides to tell them; whether he thinks the knowledge is vital, or if they'd be better off unknowing. Innocent.
Free, perhaps.
Sephiroth is opaque. Sephiroth is kind, and Sephiroth is good, but Sephiroth is opaque. Sephiroth doesn't tell them why they can't play with the other kids down the road with undyed hair. Sephiroth loves and Sephiroth hurts and Sephiroth struggles to reconcile with the harsh truth of both of those. Sephiroth is opaque.
He doesn't know if they're even alotted the morrow.
Post-AC, and really, post-OG, metawise, is where I'm more familiar— If you're a viewer of my written work, then I'm sure much of this will ring a bell.
I'm gonna be real, here, and I've said this in the notes at the bottom of a fic before, but I think now's when I can elaborate, I've never gotten why people would place Cloud as the Remnants' mother in parent-child dynamics.
Sephiroth made them out of the fabric of their own being, I don't think you can get any more maternal than that. And! If you're like me, and fond of the fusion theory, then Sephiroth is the Mother Kadaj reaches out for time and time again, unaware that She is the big brother he so hates. It's a cruel, cruel fucking irony where Kadaj doesn't realise that the brother he's competing for his Mother's love is what made him; is his Mother.
It's intimate in a way I feel is so neglected.
I feel like even in a 'nice' scenario (á la "Mother by Memory" and "Love is a Blanket (And it Weighs Heavily)"), where Sephiroth takes their three gremlins and kisses them all affectionately on the head and professes how deeply they love them with every bit of their being, the fact remains that Sephiroth has an issue with possession and control. They will brush aside discomfort and even violate boundaries if they deem it 'fit'. LiaB ends on the note of Kadaj feeling creeping dread in his mother's arms, as they tell him he shall be reborn, from the beginning, as the blanket is drawn and the lamp switched off. This, I think, is the crux of Sephiroth's character— Especially post-Nibelheim —Where they will do anything to have control and then justify that control with whatever they can muster.
Sometimes it's that the world is sick and They are to cast it down, other times it's to assure their child that all will be well, and that to start anew is to start freed.
There's a large, and complicated, convoluted, confused role that Cloud plays in all of this. There are many moments where Sephiroth sees him as a tool, an enemy, a worthy rival, a brother, an almost-lover and an almost-child: and many where he's most at the same time. With how the dynamic has grown more, and more, and more obsessive over the years on Sephiroth's end... it almost feels like he's struggling to choose.
Struggling what to think of Cloud.
What would be closest.
Most divine.
All of it culminating in that bit in the Remake where he truly, earnestly, genuinely offers Cloud an opportunity for what he sees as the only way out.
That he'll preserve him.
Keep him safe no matter what.
That's the closest thing Sephiroth has had to love in a very, very, very long time.
I think, for Sephiroth, family is keeping; keeping by blood, and if there's no blood, then Sephiroth will give it. Sephiroth will hold the cup of communion to your lips, and force you to swallow down at least half, because fucking hell, half is better than nothing at all.
This is the closest thing he has to love.
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sarah-yyy · 10 months ago
Any chance I could get either 4.ii or 5.iv moshang for the ask prompt? Hope you're doing well!
5(iv) We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear
The police officer looks at Mobei Jun, turns to Shang Qinghua, and then back at Mobei Jun again. He nods. “Stalker,” he says, with a note of understanding in his voice this time. 
Mobei Jun nods.  
“This is just a huge misunderstanding!” Shang Qinghua cries. “I’m not stalking him, officer!” 
The police officer looks at Shang Qinghua sympathetically, as if saying “it’s okay, I understand”, which is rude! 
Shang Qinghua might not look like he just walked out of a fashion magazine spread like Mobei Jun, but he’s been described by his mother (and all the aunties he meets at wet markets) to be a good-looking young man! He has kind eyes! And a sweet smile! Everyone says that! There’s probably a market for young men like him! He doesn’t have to resort to stalking Mobei Jun who is clearly miles out of his league! What the fuck! 
“I really am not!” Shang Qinghua insists. He turns to face Mobei Jun. “I’ve been apartment-sitting for a friend who lives in the same complex the past two weeks! Of course we would occasionally run into each other!” 
Mobei Jun frowns. He’s still facing forward, eyes on the police officer. “There was also the incident at the pool.”
“What incident at the-” Shang Qinghua blinks, suddenly remembering the night he came back from a swim with trunks that didn’t belong to him tucked in between his towels. “That’s also a misunderstanding!” 
Mobei Jun finally turns to look at him. “You stole my swimming trunks,” he says.
“Accidentally took!” Shang Qinghua is quick to correct, face heating. “I accidentally took them! I returned them to the changing room the next day!”
Mobei Jun arches an eyebrow. “What did you do with them through the night?” 
“Nothing!!!” Shang Qinghua yells.
“I would like him arrested, officer,” Mobei Jun says calmly to the police officer.  
“Please don’t! I swear this whole thing is just a terrible misunderstanding!” Shang Qinghua tells the police officer. “He’s not even my type!” 
At that, Mobei Jun’s eyes narrow. “I beg your pardon?” 
Even the police officer looks skeptical. 
Shang Qinghua wants to tear his hair out. “You’re not my type!” he tells Mobei Jun. 
It’s only partially a lie - physically, Mobei Jun is probably Shang Qinghua’s ideal type, but now that they’re going through this whole Incident, it’s clear that Mobei Jun’s personality is...lacking any positives. 
Mobei Jun leans closer. 
Shang Qinghua tries not to be distracted by his proximity, but it’s a momentous task. Why is he looking at Shang Qinghua like this? Are those- Are those his bedroom eyes? What in the fuck.
“We’ll see about that,” Mobei Jun murmurs, and then finally looks away.  “Officer, we’ll deal with this between ourselves. My apologies for wasting your time.”
The policer officer throws a thumbs up at Shang Qinghua as he leaves. 
it takes them a week to papapa
another week to formalise their relationship 
by the time sqq returns from his work trip and sqh’s apartment-sitting services are no longer required, mbj asks him to move in
(lbh who has been trying to get sqq to look at him in a vaguely romantic light for 3 years running now knocks on mbj’s door for some pointers when he hears about the progress with the moshang relationship)
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navyinks · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello! This is a final thank you to the Silmarillion fandom
Within ten days, you guys collectively raised $967.56USD to aid the covid crisis in India. I know it’s a small and chill fandom, but there’s obviously no shortage of kindness and generosity here - the response has been overwhelmingly amazing and exceeded my expectations by miles. To everyone involved in donating, sharing the commission post and helping spread the word - thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I had a puny desire to help, but you guys are the ones who made a difference out there. Thank you so much for donating to help India, and thank you for giving me a chance to put my silly hobby to do something useful 😂 
I would not insist that I knew what Tolkien thought regarding anything involving his work, but in this case - I really think he would have been proud :)
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uncanny-tranny · a month ago
Transition status does not necessarily equal medical transition. The more important aspect to look at is social transition - lived experience outside the binary assigned to you due to sex characteristics. Dysphoria and (ideally) lived experience is what qualifies a person as transgender, that's what gave us modern trans folks access to the resources to change our bodies until the whole inform consent thing took off.
- a trans person, 7+ years of lived experience out as trans and 6 years of hormones and two gender affirmative surgeries later.
I think my problem with this stems from both the dysphoria aspect and the lived experience part.
See, dysphoria isn't required to identify as trans or to know you're trans. It might help you parse out how you identify (what makes you feel most at home versus what doesn't), but many agree it doesn't make you trans. I've been diagnosed by a few professionals with dysphoria, but that didn't magically make me trans. Nor did my dysphoria itself. Is dysphoria a big part of some or many trans peoples' experiences? Obviously it is, it should be respected and people who are dealing with dysphoria absolutely deserve the resources to address it if they'd like. But it isn't everybody's experience.
As well, lived experience as the "opposite" gender really doesn't mean much for some, I believe, in that you can still know you're trans even without "lived experience." Like... even when I wore dresses with sneakers, I still knew something didn't feel right, and that's when I was between five and seven. And did lived experience suddenly validate that and "make" me trans? Lived experience after I came out didn't tell me I'm trans, it kind of just confirmed what I already was very very very well-aware of (which I suppose may be a reason why people believe this). It also rubs me the wrong way when people use lived experience to bar those from transition, mostly because it takes agency away from patients and puts it up to others (who, let's be real, are likely transphobic) to decide of you're "worthy" enough to them to transition.
I do agree that social transition is important - just as important as medical transition is, in fact, because all forms of transition are important. Though I do not believe it "makes" you trans - I don't think transition has that kind of power. I believe transition is a way to affirm how you feel (such as I feel affirmed that testosterone has made my voice deeper, for instance). But if I decided to never have socially or medically transitioned, nothing would change about my identity. I'd still identify as male more or less, and pre-T and pre-coming out, that's pretty much how I felt, as well.
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dogcircle-scans · 5 months ago
With the mystery of White Haired Reiko definitively solved... is anime!Natsume taller than manga!Natsume? I remember a post showing a scene comparison of Natsume with the Fugiwara's, but I didn't save it and now I can't find it. Other height comparisons are also hard to find, so do you have any good group shots, or, heaven forbid, an official character hight guide?
Here's the forbidden height chart you seek.
Tumblr media
(I posted it on Tumblr once, so I wonder if that's the post you were referring to.)
There will be some discrepancies, but I'm pretty sure anime!Natsume and manga!Natsume are supposed to be the same height since in both versions Natsume is taller than Reiko by roughly the same amount.
Tumblr media
I know the perspective in this cover is a little off, but hopefully, this should still suffice.
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gogysglasses · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the MCC masterpost with all of the information you could ever want about MCC!! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about MCC, so here’s (hopefully) most of the answers. There’s a big learning curve for MCC, so don’t worry to all you new people, you’ll catch on quickly!!
General information
-MCC stands for Mine Craft Championship and it’s basically a really big sporting event for minecraft that takes place every month. It’s run by a team of people called Noxcrew and they put in a TON of work for this event. There are 40 players that are split up into teams of 4, so there are 10 teams. Each team has a color and a minecraft animal associated with it. So a team of 4 people are the “Red Rabbits” or “Blue Bats”. 
-The teams and players are different in every MCC! Scott Smajor, one of the organizers of the event (he also plays in the event) is the one who puts together the teams. He does his best every event to create fun and balanced teams. There is a list of ccs who are in the event, you have to sign up to be in the event and then there’s a waiting list of people to play. People can also make requests to be on each other’s teams. The teams are announced usually a week or two before the event itself. They announce the next event about a week after the last event, then the teams and then the event. They announce the team over two days, the first 5 teams the first day and then the second 5 teams the second day. 
-The way the game is scored is with coins. Individuals win coins in each game that count towards their team score. Some games are much more individual and some games are entirely team based. There is a hall of fame in every event that shows the top 10 players, however the only “winner” is the winning team at the end of the event, and all 4 people win. 
-There is an individual scoreboard, and every person in MCC has a placement on the scoreboard depending on how many coins they have. So the individual with the most coins doesn’t necessarily win. 
-There are 8 games played in the event, and then one game at the very end to decide the winner. The game explanations will be found farther down in the post, and I’ll explain each game. For now there are only 9 game modes available, but for season 1 there were a few more games. The decision dome is where all of the teams go to decide which game to play in which order. This is important because the later games get a coin multiplier. So the early games don’t matter as much, and you earn more coins in later games. The very last game is always dodgebolt, and whoever wins dodgebolt determines the winner. 
-There’s a training island server that has mini versions of some of the games that players can practice on. This is what people will practice on before the event.
How the championship works!!
Every game is decided by the players in the decision dome. 
Tumblr media
Each team goes into a little tank that coordinates with their team color. Each player then has an egg that when thrown spawns a chicken. On the floor of the dome there is a space designated for each game, and players can “vote” by throwing their chicken in that space to vote for a game. Whichever game has the most chickens is the game that’s played next. However the chickens can move into other spaces, and quite often a game is chosen that people didn’t want to play. 
This happens after every game to decide the new game. Since there are 9 games, 1 game won’t be played. The order matters because the games get a coin multiplier as they’re played later. The final game has a double coin multiplier, so whichever game is played last could really determine which place your team ends up in. For example, teams that are really good at pvp will try to vote for those games later on because there is higher coin multiplier for the later games. 
In the middle of the event there is a game decided by the audience (which is us!). On the MCC twitter account they run a twitter poll and people can vote for different games. (usually it’s whichever game gets the least amount of votes). So whichever game is chosen by the audience is what’s played and creators will tell people to vote for a certain game.
After the 8 games are played the top two teams play dodgebolt. Whoever wins dodgebolt wins the entire event. So even if your team gets first place in terms of coins, you could still lose dodgebolt to the second place team. 
For every player through the whole game there is a little side panel that has a lot of information on it. If you look at this little panel it will tell you a lot of what you need to know about what’s going on right now during the event. (sorry about george’s head peeking out there at the bottom)
Tumblr media
The Games!!
There are many different game modes to be explained! As of right now there are only 9 game modes that are being played since noxcrew has revamped everything for season 2. During season 1 there were a couple more game modes that we don’t know whether or not they’ll be returning. there are also some games that have been removed entirely.  
I got some parts of these descriptions from the MCC website, but I added some of my own information as well. 
Ace race- This game used to be known as foot race, which was basically just a race around a map. Ace race has boost pads and tridents and elytras and other fun things. Ace Race is a three lap race around a big track full of shortcuts and pitfalls. Sprint, jump, and fly as fast as you can, and avoid obstacles to get the fastest time possible. The better placement you end with, the more coins you’ll earn. No coins are rewarded if you don’t complete the race. This game mode is infamous for being extremely glitchy and difficult. Wilbur Soot especially hates this game because of all of the things wrong with it. 
Battle Box-a PvP-centric game that occurs over 9 rounds. Each team cycles round and plays against every other team in a 4v4 match up! Teams have 1 minute, and only 1 life. The game is won by placing wool in the center of the map. There is a small square and each team has a color that they have to fill in the square with. This is most easily done by killing the other team (which you get coins for) and then filling in the center, but some teams will just try and fill in the center without killing the other team, which gets fewer coins but still wins. Coins are awarded to each member on the team that captures the objective. You can also earn coins for personal eliminations. Zero coins are rewarded if the match results in a draw.
Build Mart- A speed-building game that really tests communication and resource management! There are three different builds that the teams then have to replicate. The aim is to build as many as you can in the time limit. Players head out into Build Mart, collect the resources they need and bring it back to their team's private build zone. Completing a build earns coins for each player on the team. The first teams to complete a certain build gets more coins. Extra Coins are rewarded at the end of the game depending on how much you have completed of your remaining builds. This game is also infamous for being widely disliked among many of the players. There are a few players (especially those from hermitcraft) that really love this game, but it’s known for being disliked. 
Hole in the Wall- The aim of the game is to stay alive for as long as you can while large walls of slime converge on you from all directions! Jump and thread your way through the walls without being pushed off the platform. Over time, the speed of the walls will increase, as the platform beneath you decreases in size! Coins are awarded every time you’re still on the platform and a player falls, with a big bonus if you survive an entire round.
Sky Battle- Similar to Skyblockle and the classic Minecraft mini-game Skywars, Sky Battle is a fast-paced game designed to keep teams moving and trying new strategies! Teams begin with access to resources and infinite blocks, which can be used to build defenses, and move between islands. Build up your resources and head towards the centre of the map; the last player or team standing wins! Sky Battle is played out in three rounds of approximately five minutes. During the game there’s a border that’s shrinking around the map that pushes the players into the middle of the “arena”. There’s usually a very chaotic fight to the death in the very middle of the map and many people get killed by the border. 
Survival Games- Last team standing wins! All players are let free to roam the map, trying to become more powerful through finding equipment hidden in buildings, all while the map borders converge into the center, forcing you to fight for survival. In this version, players have infinite levels, allowing them to enchant their equipment to further levels of power. Look out for occasional chests containing powerful and unique equipment! Coins are awarded every time a player dies and you’re still alive, for eliminating an opponent, and for surviving the entire game. It’s important to survive in this game, but it’s just as important for pvp. Killing players gets a lot of coins. 
Parkour Tag- This game kind of replaced parkour warrior, which was just a purely parkour based game. After Dream completed the map for the 3rd time in a row (despite Noxcrew’s best effort to make it hard enough to not complete it) they got rid of the game and replaced it with another movement based game. Each team designates a hunter to hunt the other team. Then the hunter is put with the other three members of the opposing team, and the opposing team’s hunter is put with the other three players. The hunter has to tag each of the runners by just hitting them. The map for the game is designed to have parkour elements, so the better you are at parkour the better you are at this game. Someone on a team can be a hunter 4 times, and then they have to be a runner. All of the teams go against each other. Hunters get points for tagging the other team and runners get points for staying alive. 
TGTTOSAWAF- This long ass acronym stands for To Get To The Other Side And Whack A Fan. Usually just called to get to the other side. The game plays out in six rounds across six different maps. All players start on one end of the map and are given various tools to assist them in getting to the other side. Each map is different, so some require blocks to bridge across, some require a boat to slide across ice. Once they’ve made it across, they must punch a fan to complete their goal! There are 40 minecraft skins at the end of each map and they just have to punch them to complete the course. Players can all hit each other along the course so people will try and punch each other into the void as sabotage. Where you place will determine how many coins you earn, with first place earning the most coins. 
Sands of Time-  This game has the biggest learning curve to understand in my opinion. It makes no sense. Teams enter their own dungeons and compete against the clock to collect as many hidden coins as they can. These coins are found by doing puzzles, killing mobs, doing parkour etc. Generally the riskier the puzzle or the deeper you go into the dungeon the more coins you’ll find. However if you die your coins are lost and someone has to revive you by using some sand. The second aspect is the time. There is a big sand timer in the middle of the dungeon and usually someone is the designated time keeper. They are in charge of filling the timer back up with sand blocks (which you can also find around the dungeon), which gives players more time to explore. There are also sometimes traps in the dungeon that will kill you (or in dream’s case with the iron doors just not let you out ever). If you don’t make it out of the dungeon before the time is up you lose all of your coins. 
Dodgebolt- Dodgebolt is the final duel, and is not available on the Decision Dome. The top two teams with the highest number of coins goes to the final. It’s an elimination game where the aim is to remain as the last team standing. Dodgebolt is played as a best of five, and the first team to reach three wins will become the MCC event winners! It’s basically like dodgeball for minecraft but with a bow and arrow instead of a ball. Both teams start across from each other on opposite sides of an arena (they can’t cross over into each other’s sides). At the start of the round, 2 arrows are dropped into the centre, where players will race to pick them up. From here on out, the players must shoot the arrows back and forth to try to eliminate each other. No coins are awarded in Dodgebolt. This one’s for the win! All of the other players are surrounding the teams in the arena, they can pick flags that they hold to cheer for a certain team and usually people will cheer in chat. 
-There are two other games called bingo but fast and rocket spleef that were played in MCC season 1 and might be returning, and two other games called foot race (which became ace race) and parkour warrior (which became parkour tag kinda) that are retired and for the foreseeable future won’t be played anymore.
Misc information
-Captainsparklez is known for consistently getting third place and never having the chance to win MCC by playing in dodgebolt. Even though he’s played in every event since the beginning, he’s never won. People call this “the captain's curse”. 
-A lot of people get REALLY into the technical aspect of MCC. There are all sort of stats and data about MCC out there. There's a subreddit where people are doing a lot more analyzing and predicting. People will rate players into different tiers based on their previous performances and their overall coin amount. This is where it gets more competitive. People will make team predictions and winner predictions. If this were irl sports these people would be the hardcore sport fans that know all of the stats of the players and do like math and stuff to figure out who will win. But. It’s not that intense, it’s just fun friendly competition. :)
-Some people stream on twitch, some people stream on youtube! A lot of the information can be found on twitter as well, as far as announcements go. 
If you’re more of a visual learner this video is fast paced but good at explaining the different games and how the championship works. 
Just for fun, here is the MCC spotify! Some of the songs on here are absolute bangers. 
I would also reccomend you check out the MCC website for more info, and before MCC watch a couple vods! Pick your favorite CC and try and watch a few videos or a few games to get a good handle on the event before you dive into the live event. 
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srapsodia · 5 months ago
a whole gerlion comic with sweet, sweet, amnesiac!geralt angst?! FUCK ME UP RAPS I'M BEGGING YOU!
sndjkdf anon I'm glad you're on board!!! cause not all that many people care/know enough about tw1, so this comic is EXTREMELY self indulgent hahah
but YES. it's basically a "missing scene" of geralt and dandelion talking after shani's party and im VERY excited about it. I hope it gives enough context so that people can enjoy it even without tw1 knowledge!
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tiredbiostudent · 20 days ago
Oh cool are you actually going for the MSC degree? Exciting and good luck!
noooooooooo no MSc in the near future for me, I'm actually looking at either a post-grad certificate or an advanced standing diploma in environmental tech/ecosystem restoration etc etc, and it'd only be a one year program (thank u god). I've heard really good things about them- lots of practical field experience and really beneficial when applying for jobs! essentially my plan is that if I don't hear back from any bio jobs I've applied to by the end of january and the program I'm looking into is still taking applications then I'll apply and do that for next academic year aka this fall-next winter. and try to find some sort of outdoor or bio job for the spring-summer and volunteer somewhere if I can find a spot ! sorry for the info dump my mind has just been going brrrrrrrrrrr all this week :-)
#it would be through a college not a university #in the states I think you guys call them community colleges #my one concern about doing school again in the fall is if it's online because I'll genuinely drop it #because I'm going for the in person learning and hands on field experience and making connections/friends #I'm actually a little excited thinking abt it :! #I've kinda been all over the place though like ohhh maybe I should shift into forestry because then I can make #decent money and still be able to spend time outside #but rn I think I'm gonna keep pushing for my main career goal which is essentially a wildlife biologist field technician #I really want to be working outdoors collecting samples/data/etc doing population monitoring all that good stuff #and if it's really not working out after a few years then I might switch to forestry or I also saw some cool programs #for adventure tourism but ya again idk if that would be more lucrative anyways #I think the one year program will be nice because it's not a crazy time commitment and I don't really see any #downsides to having that diploma on my resume because I'll gain a lot of technical skills #I think the total program cost will be ~$5000 which is what one semester of university cost me not even #and I can definitely apply for aid and osap and whatnot #I can try to pick up a job during the year too because I'm not expecting the workload to be as intense as university was #and I'll be living closer to home so that'll be cheaper #anyways omg did not realize how much I needed to air out my thoughts in the notes lmao #asks
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osamusriceballs · a month ago
The accident Part V
Atsumu x Reader
Words: ~ 2k
Warnings: None
About: Time for some backstory- and for another Miya maybe! <3
Part I II Part IV
A soft knock on the door abruptly brings you back to reality.
"Y/n? Do ya want some food? I ordered somethin' for us."
Atsumu's voice reaches your ears, numbed through the broad wooden door, making you realize that you spent too much time in the bathroom. "Yes, just a second please." You flinch at how shrill and unnatural your own voice sounds and quickly rub the last remains of smudged make-up from your face. You slap your cheeks one last time when you're done and smile at your reflection.
Hopefully it will be enough.
You open the door hesitantly, slowly turning the doorknob with countless thoughts running through your mind- only to face Atsumu, standing right in front of you.
It's rather his chest that you're facing though- he is tall.
Really tall.
Your startled expression confuses him visibly and his gaze drops to your bruised cleavage for a millisecond before he focuses on your eyes again. His sharp, dark eyes demand all of your attention, both of you finding yourselves unable to look away while you stare at each other. It's the first time for you to look at each other without being disturbed, and your heart skips at beat when you see the expression on his face.
It's the way he's looking at you. Like he can't stop staring at your face, like he needs to memorize every single feature of your face.
It feels like an eternity, just the two of you staring at each other, frozen, unable to move, the tension between you undeniably strong- until the smell of food causes your stomach to growl. It causes both of your attention to drift to the food on the bed.
It's a moment of silent communication when you both move on to sit on the bed and to take the boxes into your hands. "I hope ya like it, I ordered a lot." He grins at your excitement when you take a few fries and don't hesitate to eat them. "It's good. I was starving," you answer with a full mouth, not caring about manners when you need to fill your stomach.
The burger is without a doubt the best you've ever had in your life. Or maybe it's just the hangover making you think that this is the most delicious food ever, but you couldn't care less when your body is craving for nutrients and salt. He also digs in without hesitation, eating hungrily like a cute little puppy with full cheeks and a delighted expression on his face while he's holding the burger with both hands, his eyes closed in bliss as he eats happily.
It's just you and him eating, the only noise in the room your chewing and munching sounds- until a loud knock on the door causes both of your heads to raise in sync.
"Oy, 'Tsumu. Open the door."
Atsumu curses under his breath, wiping his mouth with a tissue while you almost choke on the last bite you took at the sudden intrusive noise. "Who is that?" you mouth silently but he just sighs before he gets up.
"An idiot."
He opens the door- and your jaw almost drops when you see the man on the other side.
He looks like Atsumu.
His hair color is different, and his face seems more relaxed, but his appearance is without a doubt similar to Atsumu's. The black shirt fits tightly around his torso, his shoulders seem even broader than Atsumu's- are they athletes? They probably hit the gym at least five times a week.
His gaze shifts from Atsumu towards you- his eyes widening when they land on you. He's staring at you intently, his gaze having a somewhat similar effect as Atsumu's stare. His eyes roam from your face to your neck, his expression unreadable when he looks back at his brother and breaks the intense eye contact with you.
Why do they have the ability to get you flustered with pure eye contact alone? What's wrong with these guys??
"That's- fuck, 'Tsumu."
His voice is deeper, he's basically growling at Atsumu, sending a shiver down your spine. That's hot. Can Atsumu do that too?
"What? That's what, 'Samu? Huh? Tell me. What the fuck happened last night and why didn't ya stay with me, ya shithead. I fuckin' married, and I can't remember a fuckin' thing about last night."
Atsumu grabs his collar, their foreheads touching while Atsumu spits fire at him. You flinch at his shouting, surprised at his sudden outburst. He seemed calm when he was comforting you before, but it seems like he can be equally impulsive.
"Oy, stop. Yer scarin' her."
The man answers, slightly pushing Atsumu who stumbles back. Atsumu seems guilty, shortly looking back to you before he focuses on the other male again. A tense moment of silence follows, you even catch yourself holding your breath in anticipation while you wait for the next step.
Atsumu slowly steps back, allowing the other man to come in. They stand there awkwardly until Atsumu runs his hand through his hair and sighs before sitting back on the bed. The other dark haired male discretely sits on the chair, is elbows resting on his legs as he scans both of you intently.
One demanding word from Atsumu shifts your gaze towards him, his hands curled into fists, his jaw clenched with narrowed eyes.
"Ya can't remember what happened? Not a single thing?"
"Obviously not."
"What about you? Y/n was it?"
You blink surprised when he addresses you with your name. He knows you?
"You... know me?"
He nods but that only confuses you more. What's going on here?
He sighs, closing his eyes for a second before he speaks again.
"I'll tell ya what happened. Don't interrupt me. And don't ask stupid questions before I'm done. Understood?"
You nod obediently, but Atsumu hisses annoyed.
"Shaddap 'Samu, just talk already."
Samu just rolls his eyes and finally begins to talk.
"Last night..."
"That's my tie. You look ridiculous with it."
"That's mine. And if I look ridiculous- that means ya look ridiculous too. Idiot."
Atsumu scoffs and throws the tie at Osamu's face, who skillfully manages to catch it and wraps it around his neck.
"I won the game, c'mon, let's celebrate." Atsumu grins widely and excitedly grabs his coat on the hotel room chair. Not even the mocking comments of his own twin could ruin the night for him. His team won the Olympics- and he would make sure to let the whole world never forget about it.
"Yeah. Hinata-kun and Bokuto were great. Yer just lucky that your medicore sets were enough for them." Osamu's mocking comment causes the blonde setter to clench his jaw.
"My sets are not medicore. I'm literally one of the best setters in the league- just say somethin' nice for once."
He storms out of the room, grabbing his wallet and his keys before he slams the door close. Osamu just grins and silently follows him.
At the club:
"C'mon, just one more shot." Atsumu whines and pouts, but Osamu stays adamant. "No. Yer drunk. I'm gonna get our jackets, and then we'll leave."
Osamu rolls his eyes and gestures him to stay there. "Don't move, 'kay? I'll be here in a second."
Atsumu is left at the bar, energetically turning his chair towards the dancing crowd, enjoying the music and humming to it. Until someone falls down on his lap, his hand reflexively keeping the person from sliding down to the ground. The side effects from all of his training. The weight seems like a feather in his drunken state when he profusely lifts the person back to their feet- and stares at you.
Even though you almost fell to the ground, you still have a wide smile on your face, your cherry glossy lips curled widely, with shiny eyes and- your dress. The fit around your figure complimenting your body perfectly- you're absolutely beautiful. The moment when you stare at each other, both smiling intoxicated and feeling somewhat attracted towards each other probably only lasted a few seconds, but everything feels like in a movie, like in slow motion.
"Hey." His hands are still wrapped around your hips and when you suddenly lose your balance, and he is quick to seat you on his lap. You're breathless while you try to accommodate your sight, and the next thing you know is that the handsome stranger is looking right at your face.
"Are you okay? Ya need some water?"
"Oh- yes, please." Your slur a bit when you talk, your tongue heavy, but he himself is too intoxicated to notice.
Atsumu nods and turns his chair with you still on his lap, like he doesn't notice your weight at all. Much to his surprise you suddenly scoot closer and deeply inhale his scent. "You smell nice."
Atsumu stares down at your dreamy face, absolutely flustered.
"Well... thanks. Here is your water."
He quickly hands you the water, watching as you gulp it down without thinking twice. He sighs in relief, subconsciously patting your head as you finish.
"Ya need another one?"
"No, I'm good. Thanks."
You smile, and he swears that his heart skips a beat when you smile at him like that. He clears his throat, the alcohol running through his system making him brave enough to initiate a conversation.
A conversation that would change his life.
"What's going on?"
Osamu frowns when he sees you on Atsumu's lap, still holding his brother's jacket along with his own tightly in his hands. Both of you smile happily at each other, your bare arms wrapped around Atsumu's neck, while his hands rest on your waist, fingers spread widely and rubbing against your body.
"Samu- perfect timing. We're gettin' married." He connects his forehead with yours and grins widely while staring into your eyes.
Osamu freezes.
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lily1eaf · 8 days ago
bit of an update:
hiii mutuals, sorry I disappeared for a bit + that you probably couldn't find my other blog..
I got rlly paranoid + saw some stuff that made me super uncomfortable so I decided to delete the app from my phone + take some time away from here (it was a spur of the moment decision so I'm rlly rlly sorry if you just suddenly went "where's lia/her blog?")
I'm feeling good enough to reinstall the app + make this post just to tell you that I'm all good :)
if you're wondering where my other blog is (I got some anons asking) dw it's just password protected atm bc that's tumblr's equivalent of privating !! It's not deleted!
anyway :) I'm still feeling v :/ about tumblr + it's users (not including mutuals ofc), but I might be back vvv soon bc I'm feeling better now
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somedaytakethetime · a month ago
Here, everyone, have a baby Manu to cheer your day:
Tumblr media
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askundeadaspen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello!! I am returning!!
Unfortunately, I must admit my weakness to you lovelies. Life gave me a mild case of shaken baby syndrome while y’all weren’t lookin, and it took me a long time to recover and even get close to performance ability. 
I am not done with apologies just yet! I have lost all bake sale drawings!!!! Yay! Since they were traditional drawings, they were tangible, which you would think would be pretty hard to lose since they don't get deleted or lost in file corruption, etc. That is, until someone robs you!! yeahhhh, don’t leave your car unlocked. 
Getting over that tragedy, I had covid!! Yay!! I’m still feeling some knock off effects of it, but doing much better. 
Aaaand after two major holidays, I have collected myself enough to decide that i was well enough to return. To make up for such a long time of inactivity, please accept some Halloween doodles I did while ill. 
Tumblr media
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karkalicious769 · 6 months ago
For the bad things happens bingo, Villian reveals the secret with Danny Phantom???
(Also just found your blog and I plan to see a lot of your stuff so sorry for the notifications in advance)
From this post.
This is such a good prompt, aah! I'm going to use Vlad, because he had a lot of potential to be a much better villain and, no, and I'm not going to get over it.
This is a canon divergence of "Bitter Reunions" because it always bothered me how fucking stupid Vlad's plan in that episode was. "Hello, teenager that I have known for two days. Please help me murder your father so I can fuck your mom. Please. I'm so lonely." This is more satisfying.
Summary: Vlad calls Danny's bluff, in the worst way possible.
There's no way that Danny can beat someone so much more powerful than him in a straight-on fight, so he haggles with the only thing that he has to offer. "Listen to me," he says to Vlad, and it feels so strange to hear his own voice and feel his dad's mouth moving. Overshadowing, although useful, always feels unpleasant. "I swear I'll walk out of my dad right now and expose us both unless you agree to a truce."
Vlad narrows his eyes. Even without pupils, Danny can tell that those red eyes dart over to glance at his mom and Danny's grip on Vlad's collar tightens subconsciously. "You're bluffing," Vlad settles on. It sounds more like a question than a statement and his uncertainty is written clear-as-day on his face.
Finally, Danny feels something akin to relief, and lets himself smile. "No, I'm not. My parents will accept me no matter what, but if I expose you, well—" He chuckles, trying to sound more confident than he actually is. "What would my mom think?"
The problem, though, is that he is bluffing. Danny hopes with everything in him that his parents will understand, or at least not shoot him on sight, but he can't guarantee that they won't. He can't even be sure that they'll choose him over Vlad. Not with the smooth-talker that Vlad is. Because if he plays his cards just right, then—
He can see the exact moment when Vlad reaches the same conclusion. Surprise gives way to smugness and Vlad bares his fangs. "Well, why don't we find out?" He shoots back.
Propelling himself upward, Vlad slams his knee into Danny's chin. It's a very physical attack, but Jack has a very physical body and it leaves Danny stunned all the same. The ecto-goo covering Vlad causes Danny to lose his grip, and when Vlad hits the ground, the door to the library slams open.
Vlad Masters stands in the entrance, and Danny is surprised for a few seconds before he remembers that Vlad can duplicate himself. His shock lasts just a little bit too long. By the time Danny is turning back to Vlad Plasmius, he's too late to react to the fist coming at his face. It passes through his skin, intangibility sending shivers down Danny's spine, and then everything goes a bright, blinding pink.
Laying flat on his back with his face and hair seared from Plasmius' ecto-blast, Danny can only groan. His dad looks unharmed, although he is dazed. Danny tries to sink through the floor, find somewhere to turn back into himself, but Plasmius is on him in a heartbeat.
Somewhere behind him, Masters is shouting. "Quickly, Maddie! While they're distracted fighting each other!"
That doesn't sound good.
Danny's hands glow, ecto-blasts powering up, and Plasmius grabs him by the hands, absorbing the energy harmlessly. "I'm sure you're right, Daniel," Plasmius mutters, just low enough for only Danny to hear. Somewhere nearby, he can hear his parents fiddling with their ecto-weapons and lining up the shot. Danny struggles harder to shove Plasmius off of him to no avail. "If you exposed us both, right here, right now, your parents would pick you. However, I have no intention of ever exposing myself. And it occurs to me that you'll have a hard time getting them to believe you if they think you a monster."
An ecto-gun fires.
Plasmius refuses to let him go and the shot from the Fenton Bazooka hits them both dead-on. As a clone, Plasmius disappears on sight, painlessly. Danny doesn't get the luxury.
He skips several times across the floor, like a stone over a pond, and rolls to a hard stop on his stomach. Something's sizzling. It takes Danny a few seconds to realize that it's his skin. Half of his jumpsuit had been blown off in the impact, clinging to his torso in strands like ecto-plasmic spiderwebs. His shoulder and side are blackened, and Danny wonders if he really sees bone sticking out or if he's just delirious from how hard his head is pounding. It doesn't matter — even as he watches, his body stitches the worst of the wounds closed, ectoplasm swallowing up the injuries.
He feels, somewhat distantly, that he's turning back but Danny doesn't have the energy to stop it. The pain grows more acute and he lowers himself to the cool ground gratefully, groaning.
"Danny?" His mom's voice. Maddie sounds horrified. There's rapid footsteps that quickly stop.
"Don't get any closer," Vlad warns. "I watched that other ghost overshadow him. It could still very-well be in there."
"Are you out of your mind, Vladdie?" Jack snapped. "Ghost or no ghost, that's our boy, and he's hurt!"
Somehow, Danny finds the energy to lift his head. His burns still throb, his ghostly-half struggling to mend every last indication of damage. He makes a mistake by looking at his parents. His body is numb and cold, but his eyes are burning. Danny is familiar enough with the sensation at this point to know that they're glowing.
His parents are still concerned, but they see his green eyes and they both take a measured step back. Vlad, looking smug, doesn't move. And Danny can't help it — he snarls, anger and pain making his thoughts swim, and feels his eyes flare that much brighter.
"Get behind me, Vlad," Maddie orders, and Vlad is all too happy to obey. Anger is washed away by hurt as Danny watches his mom level the Fenton Bazooka at his face for another shot. "Make this easy on yourself, ghost," she says, voice trembling. "Come out of my son and we can make some sort of deal for your freedom."
Danny shakes his head. "Mom," he tries, climbing to his feet. He sways, and sees Jack move toward him, only for Vlad to set a hand on his shoulder and stop him in his tracks. "Mom. Dad, please," Danny begs again, desperation inching its way into his voice. His eyes haven't stopped glowing and he doesn't know how to make them. He's only had this power for two months and Danny wants to cry — is it really so easy to rip his life out from under him? "You don't understand. I'm not overshadowed, I'm just me. I'm Danny." Neither of them answer him and, growing more frantic, Danny takes a step closer. "You have to believe me!"
Maddie's eyes widen in alarm and her finger goes to the trigger. She doesn't fire, but it burns even worse than if she had. "No closer, ghost," she orders, and her voice is hard. She isn't talking to her son anymore.
Stunned, all Danny can do is stand there, staring with his mouth agape. He isn't sure what he expected. Was it really so easy? All Vlad had to say was three sentences and his parents were glaring at him as if he was...
A monster.
He locks eyes with Vlad, who's still standing behind Maddie, looking beyond pleased with himself. And why shouldn't he be? He'd barely had to lift a finger to turn Danny's parents against him.
There's nothing else that he can do, he knows. Danny turns invisible, drawing a gasp from his parents, and sinks through the floor a second before the Fenton Bazooka leaves a scorch mark in the ground where he was just standing.
He has no idea how he's going to deal with this, but at the moment, Danny just wants to be alone. And he wants to talk to Sam and Tucker.
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sicsemper · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
–––  Our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exalting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;                         But O heart! My heart!                            O the bleeding drops of red,                               Where on the deck my Captain lies,                                  Fallen cold and dead.
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aro-culture-is · 6 months ago
closet nb aro culture is being super chill with your best friend of the opposite binary gender that you dated bc you thought you were all and you both found that you both have a better relationship as friends. did you know that some ppl who get divorced can remain friends bc their relationship works better as just friends???? who knew that "men" and "women" can just be friends together without necessarily trying to date each other?????????? I'm tired of allos, friend. I really am.
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smoosie · a year ago
Tumblr media
On this special day, I’ve realised that I’ve never drawn them being soft !
You can find this super cute snake pic on SnakeyPython’s facebook page
Aziraphale is about to hit that heart button ❤︎
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