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adhdeancas · a month ago
it was actually insane of them to have dean’s child ask him what love is like and have him fondly explain that love “can get a lot crazier than that”
there is nothing more romantic
WHO is he thinking of WHO is he thinking of with crazy love with crazy crazy love
it ain’t lisa it ain’t cassie sorry but those loves were not crazy!!!! you know what kinda love is crazy? the kind where you beat each other to a pulp under spells controlling you and break through those spells in order to save your beloved, love that makes you cross the earth and the realms to save your beloved, love that makes you defy god himself to save your beloved
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elementalmoments · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Q: Do you have any race rituals?
Charles Leclerc: “At every start of the season, until F2, my grandmother used to take my race suits, remove one of the sponsor logos and sew a little cross instead of it. Now grandma is gone, I can’t sew and the ritual is over. I was thinking about keeping a lucky charm in my pocket but then I thought to myself: if you need an object [to feel better], then you are missing something on the mental aspect, so I let it go.”
- interview
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witchmd13 · 14 days ago
do you ever think about how maybe if merlin loved arthur a little less, arthur might’ve lived
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thefirstknife · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on the floor.
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nadja-antipaxos · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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0tterp0p · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
end of tgcf book 1 sketch diary
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dilfthancred · a month ago
Hey, so apparently we're behind bills and we owe like, 500 in wifi/tv and we cannot pay that and it'll be shut off on Saturday, this was like the first time i've heard about this and, yeah.
If you can, it would make me endlessly happy if I were to get help on this
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neverfeedthesarlacc · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Art by frostedbasilisk from Ch. 6
A Series of Unfortunate Collisions: Master Post
A Series of Unfortunate Collisions (40k, Complete)
Din Djarin is a bounty hunter desperately trying to make a few extra bucks by streaming his bounties on the holonet. Boba Fett is a veteran hunter with a cult following returning to the holos after 10 years out of the game.
After running into each other on the job, Boba proposes a scheme: stage a rivalry to make more money. For Grogu and the covert, Din can’t refuse.
But Din can’t outrun the imperial remnants forever. Instead, they’ll face them together.
Pairing: Boba Fett x Din Djarin Rating: T Tags: Slow Burn, Romantic Comedy, Alternative Universe - Modern with Aliens, Light Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending
Outtakes & One-Shots
Double Exposure (2.2k, complete)
Assassin-turned-camerawoman Fennec Shand starts collecting b-roll of Boba Fett going soft-eyed for a certain Mandalorian bounty hunter. She has to wonder if Boba realizes exactly how much time he spends gazing at the guy, even while the cam droids are rolling.
Outtake #1: Post Chapter-6 (~1k, complete)
The night after Boba Fett first works with the other Mandalorian on purpose, a stretch of footage disappears. Camerawoman Fennec Shand investigates, then thinks better of it.
Outtake #2: Post Chapter-8 (~1k, complete)
Boba Fett has been feeling too comfortable around the Mandalorian. Of course, that means he had to go and put his foot in his mouth.
The Mandalorian Responds to Viewers (~1k, complete)
Fennec Shand presents the Mandalorian with select comments left by Boba Fett’s viewers.
Other Authors
The Parsec Archives by stopcryingyoullrust (2k, complete)
Din stumbles upon fanfiction written about him. Post chapter 8.
Exposed by Ginipig (11k, complete)
A skip tries to remove Din’s helmet. Boba doesn’t take it well. Missing/expanded scene from Double Exposure.
Find the whole series on AO3 under The Consequences of Being Seen :)
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theravenscape · a month ago
I rarely saw these being brought up by the fandom at large so i thought i'd compile them.
so we all know freddy carter practiced walking like kaz for the role, right? but he didn't. not really. ig kaz's walk w his limp was too pronounced for him so he had to make it "smoother" (even though kaz /is/ disabled, dammit! thats the whole fucking point! but nah, he had to "refine" the walk of the teenager with the shattered leg. great.)
i'm not qualified to talk about the cane but disabled people in the fandom pls go off about its (i've heard shitty) usage in the show.
and the show didnt recognise inej's trauma at all, let alone respect it. like in the books she struggles with a panic attack when she nears heleen's building (which tracks; she's experienced nearly unspeakable horrors there) and in the show she just rolls her eyes, unbothered? that's straight up denial of her trauma.
they gave more hints to jesper being grisha than they did to kaz's haphephobia (fear of touch). like. it was ignored when it was inconvenient. did kaz bodyslam jesper in the fold bc he loved him or was that just a terrible oversight on the part of the showrunners? guess we'll never know.
amita suman said inej wasn't ready to be in a real relationship yet and needed to get past her trauma before she's ever with kaz, and that really rubbed me the wrong way. especially given that kanej is canon!! two people with trauma aren't incapable of having a romantic relationship!! they heal and grow together while focussing on themselves individually as well, and that's beautiful
this was going to be a short, three point post but what the hell. this has to be said.
jesper deserves better. gambling addiction is a debilitating struggle, and the showrunners turned it into a humor device. gotta say, as someone with adhd who's more prone to addiction than neurotypicals, seeing jesper's issues become the butt of the joke every. single. time. by the fandom as well as the showrunners!!! IS JUST NOT IT.
y'all infantilize wylan and never take jesper seriously, which just speaks to how autism and adhd are viewed by society, but i guess thats a rant for another time. this is an s&b post.
and credits to @ludgatelatte and @bitchthefuck1 for far more eloquent expressions of s&b's fucked up "interpretations." sorry for bothering you w this tag but i had to.
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doctorofmagic · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
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himbothy · 6 months ago
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yangsbandana · 6 months ago
i can’t believe that ‘blake screams and needs to be held back because she thinks yang died in whalexplosion 2k21′ was the atlas ball but ‘blake screams and needs to be held back because yang fell into superhell for being gay’ wasn’t,,,,,,,,,,, 
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beetlethebug · 5 months ago
hi aelwyn and adaine in the nightmare forest and just,,,”she’s a baby” hurts so badly in all the best ways. as an older sibling just watching aelwyn strugglir ng to decide between her sister and her family. adaine wanting to make new memories with her sister. aelwyn seeing herself broken and seeing herself in the aftermath of calethriel tower. Seeing her realize who she really is and seeing that adaine chose to love her after seeing every broken, messy, tragic part of herself. adaine saying “will you be my big sister? i’d love to have you be my big sister.” is so fucking heartbreaking. the counterspell. “i’m sorry.” adaine’s furious fist. everything about them is so, so poetic. there is so much tragedy in the abernants and it is so, so beautiful. 
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bitteroryx · 3 months ago
I'm going to cry that was such a feel-good stream with this front of a "the syndicate, ender of oppression and tyranny, etc etc"; yeah right, this is a found family book club who happen to be fed up with everyone's bullshit at its core and I will not be taking any critisism, they may be powerful but they're a bunch of fucking nerds who play with fireworks in their cottagecore community while celebrating a birthday, surrounded by comfort animals and sitting at the tiniest fucking table possible
If there's anyone who belongs on that list of best filler eps it's them
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