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#i'm also tired of tags

Hey, I’m back from the dead.

I let myself go too far down the rabbit hole. I’m not proud of it. I’m currently trying to climb back up. I think I’m doing well; in fact, I pre-planned my day today. I have four main blocks:

(a) the morning block, which consists of eating breakfast, washing the dishes, folding the laundry, and taking a bath;

(b) the Math block, which consists of studying a chapter that I (and three other people) am supposed to present to class on Wednesday;

© the Social Science block, which consists of reading a material for next meeting’s discussion; and lastly,

(d) the Computer Science block, which consists of working on my project for class.

See? I still know how to schedule my day. There are breaks in between those blocks, of course, for meals and stuff (namely, social media surfing and other things I do for leisure). Anyway, it is currently two in the afternoon and I am finished with the morning block and the Math block. That leaves me the Social Science block and the Computer Science block for the rest of the day. This is going well, I trust the process. Let’s just hope my time assessment skill is accurate.

Let’s get back to the race. See you at the finish line!


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ok, apparently ask formatting is wack, but this one’s for @cinequeen who requested #90 — “i don’t want to think about what i’d be like without you” — for riderquill, but who knows, i may fuck around and write one (or both) of the others that you were debating between at some point! may go on ao3 at some point in the near future both when i’ve actually proofread it and can think of a title, but since it’s now 1:30 am, both of those things are beyond me

feel free to keep sending me prompts from here!

“C’mon, Pete. Think it’s time to go.”

The lump passed out over the counter that may or may not be named Peter Quill slowly begins to stir, lifting his head a fraction of an inch and then groaning before flopping it back down. This happens a few more times as Rich, seated on a barstool less than a foot away, waits patiently. When the head, with hair sticking up in all directions, actually manages to stay up, Rich has to lean in a little bit to hear: “Why? ‘S a party. For me, an’ you, an’ everyone.” The closeness, though, doesn’t help much; with all the slurring, the words are almost unintelligible. “We can stay as long as we want.”

But the lopsided grin that now splits Peter’s face? Couldn’t be missed from orbit with how bright it is.

It makes Rich want to smile, too, but —

“That party,” he says instead, “ended like an hour ago. Syk over there —” he jerks his head toward the other side of the counter, where a particularly grumpy-looking alien is currently wiping down glasses — “claims he owes me a favor, so I let him. But — I think the terms of that favor are about to expire.” As if on cue, Syk chooses that exact moment to shoot him a dirty look. Rich gives a curt nod before turning back. “Don’t make me fireman carry you out of this bar. I can and I will.”

Peter waggles his eyebrows — or, at least, attempts to — and the completely uncoordinated motion looks so ridiculous that Rich can’t help but laugh. Not the kind that he often finds himself having to fake just to keep up with conversation, but a real one that starts in his chest and spreads to the tips of him, that seems to take about ten pounds of weight off of him without even trying.

It feels really good.

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Riots starting literally a block from my home right now. I am terrified but not really for myself, I’m terrified for all the people I know are being seriously impacted through everything that is happening and the people who are going to be hurt or killed. You can sit there and turn a blind eye to it all but that’s not going to make it any less real and change the fact that it’s happening.

We need change, positive change. People NEED to change. That’s the only way things are going to get better. All people want are to be treated equally, to be treated like people. It’s their RIGHT to be treated like human beings. Is that truly too much to ask for?

It fucking appalls me that it takes all of this for people to be heard. You didn’t hear the peaceful protests, but goddamnit you’re going to hear the violent ones. Whether you want to or not you’re going to hear them. And it’s not going to stop until change happens. Change does not start with someone else, it starts with you. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Treat people the way people should be treated. Justly. Equally. Because until that happens all of this is going to keep happening and keep getting worse. This is your new reality, don’t like it? Then fucking change it. Help spread the word that Black lives matter. Sign the petitions. Donate if you can. Start treating people better. Treat people the way you wish to be treated. Because until then nothing will change for the better. It is killing me to see the way so many of you out there think. How can you look at another person and think you’re better than they are?

I’ve seen it first hand the difference in how my oldest brother, a black man, all my nieces and nephews who are not white americans…I’ve seen the difference in how I am treated and how they are and I am sick of it. PEOPLE DESERVE HUMAN RIGHTS. PEOPLE DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE PEOPLE. ALL LIVES CANNOT MATTER UNTIL BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. OKAY? CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? So please stop saying all lives matter because yes we know that all lives should matter, but right now we need people to know Black lives matter because so many people out there cannot get that through their dumb fucking skull. So until black lives matter…all lives can’t possibly matter. Because they are people. Their voices deserve to be heard.

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Working hard on an animatic, here’s a frame from it

[ID Justine Moritz is standing faces the viewer, wiping gray from in front of her as if she is wiping the window of the camera, behind her and to her right there is a gathering of people, like a party/end ID]

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What a coincidence, because I absolutely adore you :) Also I seem to be 100% unable to stick to your prompts because I read them once, remember them wrong while planning out the fic, and then go “oh whoops” when I re-read your asks, so this one isn’t exactly what you suggested, but… close enough? I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy the result regardless 💖 (Rating T/M, what even is Doc’s life, ~3.2k words)


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Art History Aesthetics - Illya Skawi

Bold what applies, italicize what applies sometimes or somewhat.


Tired eyes. Coffee stains on the table. Listening to the bustle of the city. Unmade beds. Ponytails. Sunlight seeping through the curtains. Chapped lips. Walking barefoot across floorboards. Dusty dictionaries. Black and white reruns. Huge sweaters. The ticking of the clock. Hearing birds in the morning. Fireplaces. Falling asleep during class.


Freckles. The sun rising. Watching the sea. Taking shots of the city. Historical museums. Bright eyes. Looking up at the clouds. Walls covered in artwork. Drawing in the middle of lessons. Tracing your fingers on the sand. Painting for hours. Staying in uncrowded coffee shops. Worn paperbacks. Messy braids. Going to bed with your knee socks on.


Dark hair. A little sophisticated. Always observing the world around you. Intricate designs. High ceilings. Extravagant musical pieces. Dim lights. Colourless photographs. Fancy furniture. Pale skin.  Hearing soft footfalls coming from outside your room. Mischievous looks. Bitten nails. Candlelight dinners. Dark shades of lipstick.


Chandeliers. The clinking of a teacup. Laced clothing. Modern architecture. Light hair. Watching the view from the terrace. Hidden birthmarks. Drinking tea in the morning. Wandering about in an empty building. Botanical gardens. Old films. Ancient marble sculptures. Expensive perfume. Breakfast in bed. Reading stories about mythology.


Compassion. Short writings on scraps of paper. Blushed cheeks. A bouquet of roses. Reading collections of poetry late at night. Loose hair. Carpeted floors. Attending operas. Faint music playing in the background. Staying under the covers until midday. The night sky. Streetlights. Picking flowers. Dancing around in silk dresses. Scented candles.

Tagged by: @mythriteshah​, thank you!

Tagging: Open tag. Tag me if you wanna do this but have never been tagged before!

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I’m sure not all of my followers are going to see this but I actively try to stay up to date with posting on my blog under my currently working on section with what gif hunts I’m actually making gifs for at the moment. I am also going to try to stay up to date with my in progress page so you guys know which season gif hunts I plan on continuing and finishing. so please guys, check my blog before asking if I’m going to finish gif hunts or what I’m currently working on because it’s all there. and from here on out I’m just going to direct attention to my blog cause I’m getting tired of repeating myself and answering the same questions

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You ever see the kind of bad takes about representation in particular media that leave a bad taste in your mouth, but if you actually comment on them, even as a queer person, you just Know that someone will come after you for disagreeing, regardless of how valid the points you make are?

In other news, I saw a take saying that ATLA would’ve been enhanced by Zuko, Sokka, and Toph being queer in some fashion because of their existing character arcs, and I have some Thoughts About That…

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negative qualities : zodiac edition.
adapted from this post. bold what definitely applies to your muse. italicise what somewhat applies to your muse. repost, and do not reblog.


aries : tries to do everything at once, doesn’t know when to stop and take care of themselves, bends over backwards for everyone even if someone did them dirty, has entirely too much on their plate.

taurus : idealistic, spends a lot of time trying to impress others, doesn’t like to apologize, eating is a coping mechanism or just addictive personalities in general, a tad codependent.

gemini : the most flip floppy people ever, what’s today’s mood ?, never apologizes, in denial 90% of the time, their way is the highway, desperately needs a break, they have a hard time setting goals because their goals scare them.

cancer : the literal meaning of I’ll give you the shirt off my back, isolates themselves in fear of someone hurting them, wants to change but is scared of change, complains a lot but never takes advice people give them.

leo : no one takes them seriously because they feel they always have to portray themselves as the fun one, is actually really sad inside, honestly needs a hug, exhausted always.

virgo : can dish it but can’t take it, rushes everything, anxious, plans their future but forgets to live in the moment, sometimes ignores their friends because they have so much on their mind, talks about themselves a lot and sometimes forgets to ask the other person how they are.

libra : solves everyone’s problems but their own, is actually really sad and lonely, gets easily heartbroken but tries not to show it, will do anything to justify bad decisions, honestly just wants everyone to love them but doesn’t really love their self.

scorpio : easily set off, will give anyone the cold shoulder at any time even without reason, keeps a lot in, so observant that they often times find out things that hurt them, too many “what ifs” swirling in their heads, has trouble showing their true selves.

sagittarius : impatient, brash, commitment issues, body issues, doesn’t realize they don’t need to change for anyone, has a lot of different goals to a point where they get overwhelmed, just wants to disappear and do what they want without anyone questioning them.

capricorn : scared people won’t like them unless they’re at the top of their game 24/7, takes a LOT for them to talk about their feelings, secretly struggling, fake happy, needs a plan but doesn’t know what that plan is, confident but insecure at the same time, wants to be stable but sometimes wishes they could drop everyone’s expectations of them and live normally.

aquarius : gets heartbroken like 30 times a week, trust issues, can be unmotivated and disinterested, feels they have to adapt to every person they meet so they can be liked, doesn’t know how to tap into their emotions despite being very intuitive, confused, expects little.

pisces : empathetic often to a point of no return, plays the victim, doesn’t know when to say no, cynical, hermit, is very impatient, trusts everyone too much, can be secretly very critical and judgmental, can only tolerate maybe ten minutes of social interaction, needs a lot of validation.

tagging: @windstormwielding, @hanabiira, @nightbeat-cat, @gentleshinigami, @glacies-tempestatem​ @senboago (muse of your choice!), @scrpent + @gcntlesouled (muse of your choice!), @tcnente​, and anyone else who’s just as sleeby as me right now~
tagged by: @hirako5hinji​ (arigatou, Annapun Groundroller~!)

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I’m glad the news about the Percy Jackson series aren’t as obnoxious as they could have been because I read the first book a while ago and, as someone who grew up with original Greek mythology and not the americanized version of it, found it boring and unremarkable, not to mention incorrect in more than a few bits.

Still, I’m happy for the fandom for receiving a faithful adaptation of their beloved books, all books fandoms deserve good adaptations of the stories they love.

Just wish someone would make a good series too for, I don’t know, Ovid’s Metamorphosis? Maybe with actual mediterranean actors? Just saying.

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I’m a Christian, so that gives you an idea of the “edgier” topics I won’t answer, but most of it is left to my personal discretion. For instance, I’d never answer a serious headcanon pertaining to drugs, but Zora “yah I smoke weed…. DANDELION” Salazar is ridiculously funny, so I might reference it.

Basically, anything I don’t want to answer, I’ll just delete from the inbox, no harm done! And I’ll use trigger warnings for anything I post that might be iffy. The reason romance asks bother me so much is because I specifically and explicitly state that they are not allowed pretty much EVERYWHERE on the blog. Even if you didn’t know that “gen” meant “no romance,” it’s on my subtitle, in the submission rules, on my about… I literally plaster it everywhere and yet people still don’t pay attention. That’s what bothers me.

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