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liminal-universe · 10 minutes ago
One month into having the Blog and I am think about changing the aesthetic, character and everything regarding
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singingvio · 51 minutes ago
Dialogue prompts based on the five senses except I wrote them and the list gets shorter with each sense.
Send a number in my inbox with some characters and I’ll write something with them!
1. “I can’t see anything, can we fix that?”
2. “It’s really dark over here.”
3. “If you look over there you’ll actually regret it.”
4. “Why are your eyes weird?”
5. “What did I say? I said ‘don’t look back,’ and did you listen? No!”
6. “I dare you to lick that.”
7. “What flavor do you want?”
8. “Bold of you to assume I actually enjoy eating that stuff.”
9. “Name one thing you can’t eat.”
10. “Why does it feel like that?!”
11. “I can’t see what just touched my shoulder and I don’t think I want to.”
12. “Why would I even go near that let alone touch it!”
13. “Do you smell that? It’s just. Bread smell. Why bread?”
14. “Listen, it smells weird and so I’m not going near it.”
15. “What were you yelling about?”
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latinosupers · 55 minutes ago
I’m bored at work send me a 🌟 if we’re mutuals & I’ll tell you what I think of you
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fuck-mygayisshowing · an hour ago
Okay, I'm late to the trend (I think, tumblr is weird) but I'm bored. Send me assumptions you have about me, or just ask me things. Please? And send multiple asks, only two people so far actually send stuff.
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theydreamtheydream · an hour ago
Y’all college is so dumb my classes next semester do not make sense or correlate to each other in the least🥴
Like tell me how elementary japanese, african american literature, and intro to contemporary dance (just to name a few classes) are getting me closer to my ANTHROPOLOGY degree in an organized manner. Please. Someone tell me. I’m weeping this schedule is so fucking weird.
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floraflorenzi · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay but the support is honestly just making me all mush-y on the inside, thank you, you guys are the best 🥺 I really want to, the idea of just talking about skam and druck and other (sapphic) shows and movies and books makes me happy but I’m also just socially anxious but I see what I can do
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friendly-chaotic-stuff · 2 hours ago
For the question thingy: 37,52,58,94,95 you can skip whichever you feel too uncomfy with ofc
Tysm for the ask <3
32: Favourite swear word: hmmmmmm, I usually don't swear so I use "what the fudge"🤣😅
52:Favourite food: I like anything sweet, chocolate for life, but love spicy and savory stuff like curry, lasagna & pizza too!
58:Do you have much of an ego: I don't think so. From what I've gathered from my friends and family, I have some ego sometimes, but usually not 😅
94:What are your strenghts?: Well, I am pretty smart, sarcastic and can usually find a way out of everything. I am very protective over my family and friends(irl and online) and everyone says I'm really nice. I love to make friends and don't judge people out of the blue. I love to help people and can be sooooo productive at times. I'm told that I am an example of justice and kindness. Also, we need more equal rights and less bullies in this world.
95:What are your weakneses?: I am pretty lazy and time blind(i blame it on my undiagnosed adhd). When I read a book I like once, I remeber everything; but when I read the biology lecture 20 times, I still can't remember. I can have an ego sometimes and I can get angry very easily. I am VERY messy and unorganized and procrastinate a lot. 😅
Tysm for the ask lovely and this was so fun , pls stay safe and hydrated 💕
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owlheartt · 2 hours ago
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80hd-tv · 2 hours ago
Tak’s Tax Evasion Adventure
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affectionaterainoflove · 3 hours ago
Yes, and while you're at that, let's go out on a date with me too
Tumblr media
As you wish, your Highness.
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honey-bear-ren · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
heyo! this is my story for @inniterhq 's 1k writing event! (congrats on 1k :D). hope you enjoy it as much as i do lol
Tumblr media
a/n : i literally live for this prompt omg, i'm in love with the way this turned out 😩 also i didn't spell check elohel
lowercase intended !
c!technoblade x cocky!gn!reader
tw & cw : yelling, blood, fighting
wc : 1k
synopsis : technoblade, the pvp master. and then there's you, a cocky deal maker.
prompt : "if i win, you go on a date with me, and if you win, i go on a date with you, deal?"
"deal... hey, wait a second-"
r! , 🍡 , 🍰 , 🧋
Tumblr media
𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥
Tumblr media
a 'tch' noise comes out of your mouth as you spit into the snow. a smirk emits from your tense face and you take your hand and wipe your cold pink nose.
"tired?" technoblade asks, sword in hand and his arm on his side.
"no, but i bet your are," you chuckle and take in a breath, "you're heaving loudly and your hair is a mess, i can't wait to knock that crown off of your head, pretty boy, " you finish, gripping onto your sword tighter as you ready your stance. your right foot behind your left as your legs form into a lunging position.
"looks like you'll have to wait a little bit longer, you majesty, " he giggles, mirroring your movements.
"well, your majesty wants their crown back!" you grunt as you begin to sprint over to technoblade, your feet pushing the snow behind, making a white pathway that follows your movements.
he follows your motion, head first, he starts running towards you.
"hah! god of pvp my ass!" you shout, a wide smile on your face as you raise your sword to meet his, just then, he turns to the left.
"wha-fuck!" you yelp as he hits your sword out of your hands and pushes you to the ground. his mouth twitches and creates a smirk, his knee pinning you down by your stomach gently so he doesn't hurt you.
"if the crown fits..." he starts, you widen your eyes and grin.
"yeah, yeah, 'wear it', i get it, i get it," you chuckle, he stands up and reaches out to you, you grab his hand.
"get up- hey!" he grunts as you pull him down towards you, you take your foot and press it against his stomach, which makes him flip over you. he lands on his back just behind you and groans.
"you landed on snow, it didn't even hurt," you chuckle, "you're such a baby."
"you still lost, don't think that just because you got me on my back you can get all cocky now, " he states, you see his finger pointing to you in the corner of your eye.
"darling, oh darling, i've always been cocky," you smile and sit up quickly, quickly getting onto your knee to push yourself up.
"let's go again," you grunt and go to grab your sword.
"no, i'm tired and cold," he says, shivering and desperately trying to wrap his cape around him, you knew it was an act.
"how about a deal then?" you sneer and push your hand out to him, he stands up and looks at you hesitantly.
"a deal?" he questions, "what did you have in mind?" an arrogant smirks rests upon his face.
you tilt your head to the right, "if i win, you go on a date with me," you say quickly, before he can intersect, you continue, "and if you win, i go on a date with you, deal?"
"deal," he says quickly, your smile becomes an even bigger crescent moon, technoblade pauses and taps his thigh, "hey, wait a second, that's not-"
you cut him off, "nope! a deal is a deal, you get what you pay for," you chuckle and scratch your neck.
technoblade stammers until he eventually sighs, giving in, "fine."
once again, you ready your stance. technoblade grips onto his sword tightly, his knuckles turn white and his caps hangs from his shoulders neatly.
"a crown and a nice dinner, what more could i ever want?" you say, arrogance tied to your words and your eyebrows furrow.
just like last time, you run towards him, he doesn't move. a confused look finds its way to your face, you shake your head and continue towards him.
"have fun eating snow!" you yell as you raise your sword up high, he continues to stay still, "would you at least try to fight back?" you growl and lower your weapon.
suddenly, he raises his sword as well, the two of you meet with a loud clash, swords turning left and right as you force your weight onto each other.
you back up as he continues to attack you, until suddenly, you bump into a familiar fence, the one that keeps carl safe.
"shit," you mumble, so quiet he almost didn't hear. he closes in on you, once again, he knocks your sword out of your hands.
"might as well give up now, darlin'" he laughs, "it's the end of the road for ya!"
suddenly, a light turns on in your head, your eyes widen. technoblade raises his sword to meet your neck, but instead, you move to the right.
"you're not the only one who knows how to fight, technoblade," you whisper to him as you pass under his arm. you reach your hand over his chest and unclip his cape.
you pull his cape off of him and snatch his crown.
"i want you to see yourself in the reflection of this crown as i completely destroy your ego," you sneer, you use his cape to wrap the cloth around the sword in his hands and pull it towards you.
you take your foot and kick his back, sending him flying into carl's fence. you laugh as he turns around, arms holding his upper body up on the fence.
you quickly clip the cape around your body and plop the crown on your head, his sword in your hands are you point the tip to his neck.
"i win," you smile.
"whatever," he mumbles and pushes the blade away from his body with two fingers, a pout on his lip.
"awh, is the pretty boy embarrassed that he lost," you mock his pout and walk over to him, you stand on your tippy toes and mess with his hair.
"the next time we pvp, i'll make sure to cut this braid off of you, too," you giggle, "now c'mon, we've got a date to attend!"
technoblade watches you skip off and jog up the stairs to your shared home, "what the fuck?" he asks himself. he follows you after feeding carl an apple or two.
"what do ya wanna do?" he asks, a pant coming from his mouth as he hangs his cape up on a nearby coat hanger.
"let's make a deal."
Tumblr media
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blueskyheadleft010 · 4 hours ago
Been playing that Water Sort Puzzle app that keeps popping up on all the ads and I laugh at its so called ‘complexity’. Bruh, I’m already at lvl 220 where’s the good stuff...
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angelicbox · 4 hours ago
200th follower gets nothing....!
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