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“Right, so now I’ll be taking questions on the case of the Arsene Amulet, as Miss Percival King couldn’t join us today.” He glanced over to the empty seat beside him. Seems as if she got too wrapped up in the Murdoch case, but he couldn’t get too mad. He just sighed a long sigh, as cameras flickered.

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Things my dad has said about Ferid

  • “Since when are you interested in such weird things?”
  • “But it’s a vampire, vampires are bad! Aren’t you scared?”
  • “Well, he’s fine, he just needs to cut his hair shorter…”
  • “Wait, are his nails painted?”
  • “It’s a vampire, he’s gonna drink your blood and you’re going to die!”
  • “What happened to him? Why does his chin look so strange?”
  • “Is he rich? In that case you picked well, go ahead and marry him.”
  • *after I showed my dad a gif of Ferid* “Oh he’s waving at me… What if I’m gonna see him in my nightmares now?!”
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Hey guy! I know it’s super random what I’m going to say buuuuuut does anybody play Paladin’s by any chance?? I know it’s not as popular as OverWatch but it’s very fun. Also I do voice chat still you might hear my voice for the first time. But anyway if anybody’s interested DM me that way we can play sometime, okay now I got to go bye


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Thinking of doing a jojo pose drawing meme

Anyone wanna join me? I’ll even draw us in the jojo clothes. Just send in which part you want and which jojo pose you want me to draw along with which oc you want me to use. (Only doing jojo part 1 through part 6) send them in the ask box

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 1) Obtain a large open floor, preferably made of wood. Older wood is better. Technically the area can be sideways, but the other stuff will fall off so it’s not practical. 

 2) Construct a pentagram on the surface made of chalk, and then overlay it with tape from a roll from which tape has been taken to mark a stage of some sort. Lose as little chalk dust as possible. 

 3) Obtain the official scores to The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Miserables, and Hamilton, and place one page from the longest number of each at the edge of the pentagram points. Center them as perfectly as you can, with the titles facing outward. 

 4) Place a lit candle on each page. Do not spill any wax; it doesn’t affect the ritual, but it’s liable to burn your paper. 

 5) Obtain the score to the show your summoning ritual applies to, and place the first page of each number in the center of the pentagram. 

 6) Obtain five items you have personally obtained from shows; items can include but are not limited to shirts, playbills, keychains, socks, and posters. Put one inside each point of the pentagram star. Be careful they don’t go over the lines too much; this is why it is advisable to make your pentagram large. These may or may not be consumed depending on the mood of the summoned spirit, so choose them carefully. 

 7) Obtain a spotlight (any color) and center it on the pentagram center. The angle doesn’t matter.

 8) Finally, stand within 5 feet of the edge of the construction and sing one song from the show you wish the ritual to affect. Don’t worry about music, if the procedure has worked music will seem to begin to play about 40 seconds into the song and follow along perfectly to your voice. Do not miss any words or notes (this includes harmonies, so pick songs with few vocal parts), and do not pause, or the music will fade and you will have to construct the entire thing again in at least a week with fresh material.

9) As you sing the last bars, the spotlight beam will burst into a variety of colors (the colors will vary based on the chosen show and the day) and focus on every item in the pentagram, yourself, and the center. Fog will begin to form around the edges; do not let these mess up your singing as you finish. 

 10) An outline of a figure will appear in the center of the pentagram. They will seem to shift forms between various theater-y characters and people (though they are hard to see and shift too quickly to be certain) 

11) Word your request to the spirit politely and specifically. The wording must be improvised- they will know if you prepared it beforehand. 

 12) There will be a pause. If the request is accepted, the fog will rise, the spotlight will brighten to the point of discomfort, and eventually the spirit and the contents of the pentagram (the latter depends on the difficulty of the request and the sentimental value of the items used) will vanish. If you are unsuccessful, the spirit will simply disappear and the contents of the pentagram will be strewn about the room. 

 13) The next time you see this show, the original cast will be present in the performance. This includes if they have left the show, but in that case you must word your request very carefully and the items used in construction must have great sentimental and monetary value. Do not attempt this process more than once every few months. 

The author of this guide writes purely based on personal experience; your result may vary and he/she/it/they are not liable for any unwanted results resulting from these instructions. Good luck!

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