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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#i'm bored okay

Sometimes I forget there are multiple book to movie adaptations that were similar to Twilight, but never actually took off. Hell, even the Divergent series wasn’t completely finished.

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  • their bts bias(es) / favourite member(s)
  • their first bts comeback
  • the bts album they’d buy first

just send an ask with their name !! even if u don’t stan them, just pluck in a name if you’re curious :) i’m bored as shit, i need a distraction sdjkafajfd

example: rasa – bias: jimin, jungkook and jin, first proper comeback was Map Of The Soul: 7 and first album was Map Of The Soul: Persona

again don’t let this flop pls

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It’s funny cause when i make new online friends the ones that i think that are old are actually young, and the ones i think that are young are actually old. LOL

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“Right, so now I’ll be taking questions on the case of the Arsene Amulet, as Miss Percival King couldn’t join us today.” He glanced over to the empty seat beside him. Seems as if she got too wrapped up in the Murdoch case, but he couldn’t get too mad. He just sighed a long sigh, as cameras flickered.

Ask blog start!

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Things my dad has said about Ferid

  • “Since when are you interested in such weird things?”
  • “But it’s a vampire, vampires are bad! Aren’t you scared?”
  • “Well, he’s fine, he just needs to cut his hair shorter…”
  • “Wait, are his nails painted?”
  • “It’s a vampire, he’s gonna drink your blood and you’re going to die!”
  • “What happened to him? Why does his chin look so strange?”
  • “Is he rich? In that case you picked well, go ahead and marry him.”
  • *after I showed my dad a gif of Ferid* “Oh he’s waving at me… What if I’m gonna see him in my nightmares now?!”
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