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#i'm cry laughing ������������������������
satanhalsey · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
By the time the final show ends, Y/N is a mix of sweating and crying.
She had forgotten what it felt like every time Harry got off the stage and there was no telling when he was going to get back up.
She cried hugging Gemma and Desmond, until he ran up to her and hugged her tightly.
"Let's go to the hotel, m'love," he told her, not caring about the thousands of people, he just wanted to be with her.
They said goodbye to his relatives and ran to his car that was waiting for them outside the place, where after greeting the driver, they both entered the back seats.
The two of them were silent, enjoying it after the noise and the screams, until Y/N was the first to speak.
"You are unique."
Harry laughs and lowers his head, trying to hide the blush that her love causes him.
"H, you were able to do forty-two perfect shows, although we know it's nothing new." They laugh. "I'm so proud of you, bubs."
He looks up at her with sparkling eyes.
The light from the streets shines on her face and she has disheveled hair from jumping and dancing, but even so, she manages to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
He can't believe it, all the love that enters his body for the woman in front of him, and he knows that day by day that love multiplies more and more.
The best part? she feels the same way about him.
So he gets closer, still silent, and kisses her. It's a slow, unhurried kiss, in which both take the time in the world to explore the mouths they know by heart, but never tire of feeling.
Harry hopes to convey everything he feels for her through that kiss.
When they separate for air, they have their foreheads together and their eyes closed, until Y/N opens them when she hears an almost inaudible whisper.
"Let's go home, so I can finally put a ring on your finger."
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scara-meow-che · a day ago
hii apperently jpn xiao says this when he does his burst
Tumblr media
do with this information as you please 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Tumblr media
only he can⠀〃♡〃⠀xiao + fem! reader
! :⠀NSFW, rough sex, creampies, overstimulation, degradation, pussy slapping, mentions of spitting, implied infidelity (no one is really cheating), kana is creaming and screaming, ame deserves the best head and ass eaten for this.
Tumblr media
it came off like a sudden revelation as if a sharp knife had cut through the silence and it ruined the tranquility of the night.
xiao never knew he can surrender to his urges without a hint of hesitation on his features, shame no longer invading his mind and his body moving in sync together with the anger his heart feels. jealousy had never looked good at anyone but to all the archons out there, xiao can have anyone bow with just a bitter glare of his.
you were laughing, the laugh he thought is only reserved for him. you were smiling, the same smile that always brighten his day. you were hugging him as if you don't have someone waiting for you to receive theirs for the day.
xiao is still new to these feelings you're giving him, reminding him how far your worlds are from one another. yet that wasn't enough to stop him from getting closer to you. aspiration with a dash of stubbornness, you had found yourself adorning the yaksha and decided to ask him out when he fumbled for the right words.
it was utterly adorable how he'd frown and admit that he was meant to ask the question first. but you shut all those nasty thoughts out with a kiss and nothing has ever been the same for him.
and just as when he thought he's already gone past the phase of his naivety to human emotions is when he's faced with another wave of these feelings and he knows how he doesn't like it one bit.
but you had softened him to the point of hesitating on asserting himself. at first, he let it slide, thinking that it's normal for you to be affectionate to others as well. the second time he felt it ache inside, he reminded himself how selfish he would be if he stops you. but on the third, the fourth, he felt neglected and betrayed.
and that changes tonight.
you had always trusted him, loved him without a doubt but the xiao you're looking at right now is different. the glare he has, the words he spat, the way his hands just went to wrap around your throat had you weak against him. coming home to a jealous xiao is a rare occurrence since you don't give him reason to be but maybe you messed up at some point.
and that doesn't mean you'd complain about it.
"does he fuck you like this? does a slut enjoys being fucked like this that my cock isn't enough for you?"
your legs were pinned by his strong arms, body bent in half just to meet his unabated rough thrusts. your juices continue to spill out of your abused hole, your thighs so sticky from how many times he had made you cum.
you were beyond sensitive, whining as another orgasm peaks behind the pleasurable pain xiao gives you. he showed no mercy, not slowing down despite your little complaints.
"i'm t-too sensitive—"
you were suddenly cut off by a sharp sting on your pussy as the ragged movement of his hips halted in fucking all his anger on you. "just shut up and take it."
xiao pulls himself away before slamming his hips once more to have his cock shoved so deep inside your pussy. you screamed, crying as you came so hard without any warning. tears had puddled in your eyes, your chin smothered with your own spit as words became hard to form.
"yeah, that's right, i'm going to fuck you so good, you'd forget that stupid mortal." xiao held himself back this night, especially with how warm and tight your cunt feels around him. you were addicting and he can't stop wanting to have you all for himself.
and you looked so divine being fucked like this. legs sprawled wide for him, mouth open to having him spitting straight down your throat, eyes shut from how good he makes you feel—how the hell would you even look for another man other than him?
"just look at you, you're so stupid for my cock. am i right, f/n?"
"yes, so good~ so good~," you uttered while your back arched when another orgasm hits you. "ah-ah, can't anymore. please."
"not enough, this is not enough for how badly you treated me," and he didn't stop, not when your body is still accepting him fully. by looking so desperate, whiny, and shaking from how much you already came around him, ah, he will make sure to remember how you've looked like tonight.
"i'm gonna fill you up so good, gonna knock you up, claim you, mark you mine."
for all he knows, you are his and he is yours.
he was swallowed by his anger but he doesn't have the heart to hurt you, not in a way he's used to. but he was hurt and he is greedy. being deprived of the type of warmth you gave him had him like this and maybe, in the morning, he'd have to talk it out with you.
but this will do for the night, it always does.
"shit, shit, shit," he groans when he shudders from the bliss he feels when your inner walls clamped down on him, finally letting go of the tightness on his abdomen. he came hard, filling you up as he ought to. even when the weariness of how many times xiao had made you come, you uttered his name with such love before the words die down with "you're the only one i'll love".
and xiao's resolve shatters and he cums deep inside of you, his whole body trembles the same as you, tremors of these stupid emotions had him weak that when he pulls out of you, knowing how you'd collapsed from the pleasure you both gave to one another, how he had ruined you below, he just ... loses it.
he's addicted to you, he loves you so damn fucking much, he wanted to fill you of him in a way only he can.
Tumblr media
📞⠀⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀⠀want to be a lover? head out to ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴋ’s love matches and find yours today!
Tumblr media
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iznsfw · 2 days ago
Jealous sex maybe?
Yoo Karina x M!Reader Smut
Tumblr media
The world is a strange place. It fascinates you sometimes how you could just be talking cheerfully with Giselle in the recording studio, chatting about life and occasionally interests you share, and the next thing you know you are pinned down flat on the car seat beneath Karina. The doors are locked and the air conditioner failing to cool the heat that gathers in between the two of you this very moment.
Her long brown hair is tied up into a high ponytail, the strands of hair pulled back to let you perfectly see her eyes blazing with anger.
This is the only time in your life you find yourself terrified of your girlfriend.
Her plentiful tits are smushed against your chest. "You know I don't like it"—then the tight white shirt is lifted up—"when you t-talk"—her boobs are smothering your face now—"like that to other girls, right?"
You try to shake your head. "No" is a response muffled by her bosom, and then a groan as Karina grinds her crotch onto yours. To make up for your doings, you suck and lick at her breasts hungrily, making her shake in her position above you.
"Then why were you doing that?"
A fling of her high-cut shorts to somewhere only she knows in the small car, then the feeling of her damp panties rubbing against your erection. You know that despite her jealousy, she gets turned on by this too, seeing how she grinds on your bulge and ignites sparks of heat in between your crotches. And you hate to admit that you are as well.
Of course, who wouldn't be when you have æspa's it girl, main dancer, and leader Yoo Jimin on top of you?
The grinding is painfully slow. You moan and try to buck your hips upwards, but all that earns you is her hand around your neck, and another pumping of your dick furiously. "Gahhh, J-Jimin, I'm sorry."
She smirks. "A little too late for that now."
You yelp when you feel her wet cunt sinking down onto your length. Since when did she take off her panties?! Or did she have none to begin with? You do not know; you aren't left with time to think either, as Karina starts bouncing on top of you.
"Fuck," she whispers. "You really can't keep getting away with this, you know… just because you have a b-big… dick!" She yelps when your tip meets her cervix, penetrating her completely.
"It's- it's frustrating." She rides you in a painfully slow pace—up down up down, then circle her hips when your dick sheathes itself in between her glistening folds again. "And I see the way you look at her. Looking at her ass."
"I wasn't," you protest. "You know I only love you, Jimin."
She laughs sarcastically. "Really? Or has Uchinaga Aeri's ass added to the list of the 'only' things you love?"
She picks up the pace. Her thighs slap against your own and her tits bounce along deliciously. You are deprived of the opportunity to knead them in your hands as Karina has gathered your wrists in one hand and pinned them above your head. She is so tight that you cannot believe that you actually have managed to fit inside her.
Her walls massage your cock continuously, her moans mixing in with the sounds of slapping and wetness held in by the car. "Tell me!"
"Of course not!" you gasp out. When she unsheathes your cock, it comes out moist with her juices, precum leaking from the tip. "I only love you, Jimin."
You cry out as Karina rides you furiously, using you for her own pleasure as punishment for allegedly giving in to unfaithful temptations. Occasionally, she lets out a vulnerable shaky moan, pleasure overcoming her face. But she makes it disappear in just a millisecond with her hands around your throat.
"You are not allowed to cum unless I say so, understand?" she tells you. "Such good… fffffucking dick. Can't believe I'm—"
She releases a gaspy cry when she climaxes. Her walls squeeze your cock painfully and deliciously, causing you to ejaculate into her as well. She quakes as the aftershocks of the first orgasm takes over her, more wetness dripping from her cunt and onto your crotch.
You know that you're in big trouble when you witness the pleasured expression on her face transform into a scary one. You whimper in protest, but now Karina bounces on you harder and faster. Her breaths are cut short by girlish moans at the immediate stimulation, but the grip of her walls around you never changes.
Oh no.
"Didn't I tell you you only cum when I let you?" she snarls. Slide in, slide out, her hands on your throat. "Since you wanted to cum so badly, let's make you do it till you break."
The veins on your member are continuously massaged by Karina's tightness. She does not allow you to rest even after an intense orgasm. She remains relentless and rough, fucking your cock into her wetness while her breasts bounce up and down, pink nipples erect from both arousal and the cool air-conditioner.
You cry out as another orgasm is forced out of you. It's only the second one yet you already feel spent. "P-Please, Jimin, I'm sorry," you croak out weakly.
"Sorry enough to let me keep you here the whole day?"
You are not sure, but it isn't about your permission, really, though you think you agree.
In the end, Yoo Karina continues riding you at the speed of ten angry bulls, wringing orgasm after orgasm out of you even with poor Ningning staring at you from outside the car with horrified eyes.
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kage--rou · 2 days ago
Bruh I hope c!Rivals are just fucking with us rn with the last stream. But if they're not and it's just their genuine feelings, man... the drama could be good.
C!Techno is still emotional about Ranboo's death, clouded his judgement, and takes it out on c!Dream.
C!Dream was hurt, voice gone in disbelief, puts up a cheery voice when 'thanking' c!Techno, and the way he spat out "I don't owe you any favors anymore" while throwing the axe of peace to him with face and voice void of any emotions. (Dream always shows his emotions around Techno, but not this time). And maybe the part where he cuts his braid, courtesy of Techno, once he's out of their sight.
Beautiful, majestic, smart Alex bring up the idea of Dream vs Techno first ever serious fight. But this time, they're fighting for their own ideals and their own. Bruh, just imagine them fighting in the rain while shouting their feelings at each other.
c!Dream: "AND SO WAS I!"
c!Dream: "But apparently... I'm the only one who think so, huh?"
(At this point Dream lowered his axe as did Techno with his sword.)
c!Dream: "Of course, what am I saying? Our relationship have been purely out of business from the start, right? It was stupid of me to finally thought that I still have a friend whilst you visited me in the prison months ago..."
c!Dream: "But maybe you never thought of me like that since the start, right?"
c!Techno: "Dream, I-"
c!Dream: "Come to our- ugh... the mountain, where we... I will bring back Ranboo just as you wish. Just remember, I'm not the one who killed him and kidnapped his child. That's just misplacing blame at this point."
c!Techno: "Dream-"
c!Dream: "But please don't show your face around me again, it's the last thing I'd ever ask from you. And I would leave you alone just as you want me to."
(Dream thrust the sword Techno gave to him after the jail break and the shield, which Techno called it as huge favors whilst leaving him naked in the middle of the arctic after spending months inside a hot lava box.
He can never forget the drastic change of temperature at that time. With another sigh, he also pulls out a singed red cape, streaked with ash and blood, throrwing it to the pile as well. He could hear the loud hitch from Techno's throat when he sees that thing.)
c!Dream: "It's okay Techno, I'm the one who gets ahead of myself. Because, I'm just a manipulative tyrant who can never manage to gain your trust despite everything I did, huh?"
c!Techno: "But, Dream, I-"
c!Dream: "Techno, please."
(Dream shakes his head, clasping off his mask and looked at Techno as if his whole world just burn right before his eyes. Except, instead of anger and panic, his eyes are just filled with sadness and acceptance.
If Dream is crying, that's for Dream to know and the rain to hide. Maybe, Techno too, judging by the way his whole body tensed up seeing his face.)
c!Dream: "Don't beat yourself up over it, Techno."
(He could see from the corner of his vision, Techno clenching and unclenching his empty fist, trembling as if wanting to reach out.
Who is he kidding? Maybe he's just containing himself not to punch Dream right now. The green hooded man lets out a bitter laugh.)
c!Dream: "It was just never meant to be. :)"
(Also I'm a sucker for the hc that Techno is the only one who managed to wrangled out the emotional reactions out of Dream, and no one else after that.)
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meliapis · a day ago
No thoughts head empty just readers lumen bumping onto a glass door so hard it nearly passes out and gives reader a concussion
I literally had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing in class but its my fault because I'm reading and responding to these in class, but seriously no, love this bc you're so right, especially with viktor's reader's lumen or even jinx's on occasion. more below the cut!
like listen lumens are pretty smart for floating balls of spirit but they can be clumsy and they, too, can miss clean glass like any sane person, animal, bug, ANYTHING. i just imagine viktor literally diving to catch your lumen and dropping his cane bc of it and wanting to laugh but he can't because you're definitely in pain and goes home to find you with an icepack on your head.
"What happened, my love?" he'd ask trying not laugh and you'd just through your hands up from your place on the couch.
"fuck if i know! I got a migraine out of nowhere--" and he's laughing. he wouldn't be able to hold that in and have to tell you what happened. you'd pout, painfully embarrassed and it wasn't even your fault, but he'd make you feel better with some cuddles. a few minutes in you'd glare at your lumen floating by with a pained flash every once in a while (bc yes it still hurts) and mutter "fuck you, fucking flying into a glass window, gods."
viktor would definitely break into another round of laughter.
and sweet, sweet jinx omfg she would have a heart attack and snatch you out of the air right after you rebounded off the glass and just be petting you and crying because "are you okay, duckie? I'm so sorry, it's okay I've done that a few times, too. fuck clean windows am I right?" definitely shoots the window and shatters it. doesn't matter if it's a part of her room or silco's office, she'll just do it and leave it for someone else to clean up.
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Hey there folks.
As you may know the UK is being battered by Storm Arwen at the moment, it’s been snowing unexpectedly early for this time of year and temperatures have been reaching below zero for days now. Luckily things are starting to abate a bit, but we’re only getting colder which is why it’s the perfect time for my family’s boiler to break.
It’s an old house, and an old boiler, so it’s not exactly unexpected it’s just not great timing and with my two youngest siblings still living at home, one of which has a chronic illness, it’s nowhere near ideal.
Getting a new boiler is far too expensive to consider with all the work that will also need doing to the system, the repair is not cheap but is a lot more do-able to at least last them through the winter. My sister and I who no longer live at home have chipped in as much as we can, but my mum earns £80 a week and that’s the only income into the household that she has any access to (my dad gets all the benefits in his name and has been financially abusive for a very long time) at the moment. I’m signed off work and earning statutory sick pay which is £96.35 per week so I can only make my own rent through the help of some wonderful people.
I’m tired of this year, I’m hoping next year will be kinder. As much as I’d like to ignore it this isn’t a problem that will go away without intervention so if you’d like to help I’d really appreciate it. At the moment we’re looking at about £400 left after me and my sister have given what we can, in the summer they might be okay for a bit without heating and hot water but they can’t do that in the winter.
My paypal is here
My ko-fi is here
Sending love to you and your families. Feel free to message me if you want more information or want to offer me a virtual cup of tea, I will gladly accept.
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greyduckgreygoose · 2 days ago
21, 22 👀
(i'm guessing these are from the smut starters? i have so many ask games i'm losing track i stg)
“bite me” ”if you insist”
“can you feel what your doing to me”
(unresolved feelings, a/b/o, somehow it turned into a cracky version of this concept, geralt/jaskier, mature)
"Okay," Jaskier hissed. "Make this look good."
"Let's just get it over with," Geralt grunted, watching Jaskier sweep aside his overgrown hair to expose his nape. 
It was all for show, of course, but the soft arch of Jaskier’s back, the vulnerable, unbroken span of skin ... Geralt clenched in his fists until his nails tore into his palm, trying to temper the stir of excitement in his gut. 
Not the time, not the place. Under the bleak, winter-white sky, on a stage before the seething market-day crowd, the air reeking of stale heat from the crowd of Omegas huddled, awaiting their turn at the mating auction. 
Jaskier had found himself on the block after some poorly placed gambling debts (and even more poorly attempted seductions), and Geralt had been forced to put up every single coin he’d received from his griffin contract to buy Jaskier back. But before Geralt could take Jaskier with him, he would have to bite the Omega in front of all and sundry. 
Fuck. Jaskier was going to owe him for this. 
"... for the Omega, to pledge the entirety of their life to their Alpha, to submit to them in all things and bear their pups ..." intoned the auction official, flipping through the liturgy he’d already recited a dozen times that day. 
Jaskier scowled at the ground, looking anything but submissive. What would it be like, Geralt thought with a grimace, if Jaskier truly offered himself to be Geralt's mate? No spectacle, no threat of death ... just a warm nest and the sun soft through the window? 
As if.
"Bite me, Alpha," Jaskier said tonelessly, nudging Geralt with his elbow. "Please."
Bite me, Jaskier would laugh, pressing his cheek into Geralt's palm, lips wine red and eyes shining with adoration.
"If you insist," Geralt murmured, girding himself as he lowered his mouth to Jaskier's nape, trying to blot out everything else. 
A bite applied outside of heat wouldn't last, but it made the Omega biddable for a while, and launched them into an early heat. Geralt could feel Jaskier flinch as his teeth broke skin, tasting the sour-salt of his fear. He tried to be gentle, but when Jaskier began to cry out and struggle, Geralt was forced to pin the Omega to his chest, sinking the claim in deep until he tasted blood on his tongue.
"Shit," Jaskier's whisper held an edge of a sob. "I can feel it." The potent venom in an Alpha’s saliva which could change an Omega’s very body chemistry. Geralt felt a dark, instinctive thrill at the thought, though this was a sham mating, the bite was real. 
For a little while, anyway. 
Jaskier's legs collapsed then, with such theatrical timing that Geralt couldn't decide whether he faked it entirely. But when Geralt swung Jaskier up into his arms, cradling the Omega’s head just under his chin, calmed by his soft, slow breaths. 
"Julian Alfred Panzratz, the Omega, is now your legal property," the auctioneer said. Geralt tersely signed where indicated, grabbing the paperwork with his free hand before striding off of the stage. From the corner of his eye, Geralt would occasionally the edge of his bite, the red, broken skin peeking between the collar of Jaskier’s tunic and the dark strands of his hair. 
Geralt was beginning to think that Jaskier had actually collapsed when he cracked open one eye. "I think we pulled it off,” he grinned, glancing back to make sure they were out of sight of the market. 
"You owe me three hundred orens," Geralt grunted. 
When Geralt didn’t immediately drop him on the ground, Jaskier entwined his arms cautiously around the Alpha’s neck. “Small price to pay for the taste of something so long coveted,” he said quietly. 
Geralt froze, looking down at Jaskier, suddenly terrified that he knew, that somehow all of Geralt’s hopeless lusts, his shameful, bestial yearning had been transmitted through their false bite. 
But Jaskier had buried his face in the side of Geralt’s neck, and all that was visible in that moment was the broken, red skin of his bite, bright against his pale nape. 
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sanzult · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
love making should be passionate but how come rindou's tearing up?
18↑, mdni
Tumblr media
it feels euphoric.
with a clouded mind, his hands finds their way to your hips where he pulled you closer to his chest. mouth attached to your neck as he presses open mouthed kisses, cock thrusting up to you in a bruising pace.
his name became a mantra — finding home to your lips as it continuously rings through his hearing.
"feels good." he hears you cry out next to his ear as he lifts you up before pushing you down on his cock, hands firmly gripping your hips as he groans. his thighs are soaking, wet as you bounce on his lap, soft breathless pants leaving past your mouth.
there's a thin bead of sweat that trickles down his forehead as he pulls away, tongue poking out as he licks his lips. a hiss emits from his lips as you suddenly clench around him, cunt slowly coating his cock with slick before grinding down on him. "stop, fuck, you're gonna make me cum."
there's a breathless laugh that comes from your direction. "not gonna last much longer?"
he raises a hand and wraps it around the back of your neck, pulling your head close to his as he presses his lips on yours. god, he wasn't certain why he did that all of a sudden, but he does — and he watches as you immediately close your eyes, placing one of your hands on his shoulders.
he pulls away, lips inches away from yours as he rests his forehead against your eyes with closed eyes, whispering. "i love you."
silence pours over the two of you as he lets out a shaky breath. "i love you, you know that?"
you wonder when your heart started to sink.
rindou doesn't wait for your answer, he doesn't need to, because hearing the answer would mean acknowledging the fact that he's done the most fucked up thing and... just this time, last time, he wants to forget what he's done and treasure this moment with you.
his heart feels heavy as he presses his lips against yours once again, and it even feels more heavier than usual when nimble fingers are wrapped around his neck, pulling his head closer to you as you two kiss.
"love you too, rin..." he hears you murmur. "you did something, didn't you?"
yeah, he hears himself whisper. and it's probably the most fucked up thing he could ever do to you. and rindou's done a countless of fucked up things in the past but none of them were as sinful as this. i've betrayed you.
he doesn't know why, doesn't make an effort to think why either, as his arms immediately wrap themselves around your body. he's desperate as he buries his face on your neck, hot tears dripping down to your bare skin.
"i'm sorry." he whispers. "fuck.. i love you. i love you, so much."
honestly, he wasn't certain if the words were to reassure you or if it was to assure himself that a part of him still loves you.
Tumblr media
gen. taglist. @hsungies @inu1gf @yinubi
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modern-vellichor · a day ago
summary: it's cruel. she's cruel. you're just her little secret, and she's desperate to keep it.
warnings: wlw, angst, could be perceived as emotional manipulation, some Catholic guilt.
Her lips were soft against yours. Her hands cradled your cheeks lovingly. This was love.
"my little secret," she whispered against your lips.
She smiled into the kisses. Your head was reeling. Secret. That was all you were. A dirty little secret. But her lips against yours were all you could focus on. And so you kissed her, harder, desperate. A plead.
She said that every time. That's what she called her. Her secret. When you were hiding, trembling under white cotton sheets waiting for her to give you the green light to leave. To sneak out.
You don't notice the tears rolling down your cheeks. Wanda can taste them on your tongue as they seep in through the corners of your mouth. Her thumbs sweep across your cheeks, wiping them away.
Her curtains were shut. Sunlight filtered through. You laid your head in Wanda's lap. She ran one hand through your hair, the other was wrapped gently around the base of your neck, cradling you, stroking the soft skin there that was littered with bruises she left.
you gaze up at her. She's smiling. It would be a sweet moment if you didn't know that this moment of vulnerability was only allowed because no one else was here, the door was locked. This was secret.
"Why am I a secret?" you whispered.
Wanda chuckled. She leaned over and kissed your forehead.
"That's ridiculous," she laughed. "Why are you thinking like that?"
"it's true."
tears were welling in your eyes again. Wanda chuckled again. She wiped away your tears. But instead of calming down, you cried harder. You scurried out of Wanda's hold and backed yourself into a corner, curling in on yourself.
"Honey, stop it. come here," Wanda begged, opening her arms to you.
you shook your head. Wanda began to cry too. But her tears were silent, while your sobs shook you to the bone.
"Baby, I don't want to keep you a secret," she whispered. "I have to. They'd eat us alive if they found out."
"Who, Wanda?"
She stuttered. She was at a loss for words. You knew who she was talking about. The personification of her Catholic guilt. she was embarrassed of you. you were a sin. this was a sin.
"I'm sorry," you whisper.
you creep out of your corner and wrap your arms around her. she shakes as you soothe her cries. you press a kiss to her temple.
"I'm happy to be your secret," you lie. "please just stop crying."
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rindous-wife · a day ago
You Sure?
**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Masterlist ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rin felt his heart drop upon reading the text from Kakucho. His blood ran cold as he felt himself get dizzy. Ran was at his side in no time. He called for Mikey, anyone really. This has never happened before. Was she dead? His brain would stop talking, he just wanted to make sure you were okay. “Ran. We- we need.. I need, Just.. Where..” He couldn't make a coherent sentence at this point. Ran was worried, Swearing under his breath he lugged Rindou into the car, having him sit in the back. Sanzu sat in the back with him offering what he could for support. Even if it wasn't much.
Ran got into the driver's seat, pulling out Rindou’s phone from his pocket. Attempting to call you again, and continuing to do so. Even trying on his own phone until he swore again. The minutes felt like hours to Rindou. He felt like he couldn't breathe. The weight on his chest made him feel like he was choking. “Y/n.. please.. I fuck.. Please..” Rindou whimpered out. His bottom lip trembling, Sanzu, who had already experienced losing a soulmate before as he was forced to kill her during his younger days. He knew this feeling, not knowing if they were alive, seeing as how it was all still so new to him.
Rindous leg wouldn't stop bouncing as his nerves were shot at this point. He just wanted to hold you and make sure you were okay. Ran had pulled up to where he saw another gang in blue, walking in on yours. Ran spotted you on the ground, he felt his heart drop. Rindou was too scared to move. “Ran..” Rindou breathed out trying to stop shaking. Sanzu got out of the car, making a b-line for you. Ran opened Rindou’s door, yanking him out, pulling him to his chest.
Sanzu shook your body, you whimpered out, “Rin?” a soft sob left your lips as you opened your eyes to see Sanzu. The tears leaked out, followed by a sniffle. “You're not Rin..” voice horse, as Sanzu looked back at Ran and gave him a nod. Before turning his attention back to you, he pulled you up bridal style. A pained scream leaving your lips. Rindou stilled in his Ran arms. Ran refused to let him go. Sanzu walked towards the car with you, a pained face played on your features. Rindou turned to see your banged up body as Sanzu placed you in the back of the car.
“She's going to be okay. Ran. Take Rin and Y/n back. I'm going to have some fun” Sanzu said as he popped the truck pulling out his choice of weapons. “They fuck with them, they fuck with us.” Sanzu said as he slammed the truck as he placed the black mask over his face. Before descending back to the fight at hand. Rin got in the car beside you. He grabbed your hand and you looked over at him, trying to smile at him. “Please, don't smile at me right now. I thought I lost you..” He crooked out. “Mm.. But you're crying Rin.” reaching up to touch his cheek, a wince coming from you as you did. Ran got back into the driver's seat. “I'm not that weak that a little fight will kill me. Might have a few broken bones sure.. But I'm not going anywhere.” Ran smiled at your words as he started the drive back to the main building.
Rindou slid his arms under you, as you breathed in sharply letting out a shaky breath. He carried you in, Kakucho, Kokonoi, and Mikey's attention all on the two of you. All three let out a sigh of relief.
“Such a badass.” Kakucho let out a light hearted laugh, which made you smile at his comment. “I'm not that easy to get rid of. I had to deal with Mikey's bullshit for so long. I'm sure I can take some hits here and there. I'm sure I did break some bones though.” Kokonoi nods as he pulls out his phone to call a doctor to come and check you out.
“I'm going to take her to rest.” They all nod, as Rindou takes you to his office. Ran walked up to the three, “From what Sanzu texted me, She was calling out his name when he shook her awake.” Kakucho smiles at the comment. “She was offended that it was Rin too.” Ran let out a small chuckle. “She's good for him. I've never seen him so happy besides when he's breaking bones. He's always so phlegmatic all the time. First time I had ever seen him in such a state.” Ran sat down, a sigh leaving his lips. “I'm glad though. He was always so dependent on me, followed in my steps. It's good to see him spreading out a bit more.” All three nods in agreement.
Rindou had set you down to rest on his couch he had in his office. He had sat on the floor next to you. “You're so pretty ya know Rin?” a smile placed on your lip and you looked at him with so much adoration in your eyes. “Stop, you almost died..” You shook your head, “I'm sorry, I know you're freaked out Rin. But, I love you. So much. I promise you’ll have to try harder to get rid of me. I'm so In love with you.” Rin looked at you with tears in his eyes. “I-I love you too.” he whispered, as he grabbed your hand resting it against his face. “Please dont scare me like that again.. I.. I couldn't.. I was scared. Terrified..” You nodded, taking in his words, ensuring him you were listening to everything he said. He talked for a while until the nurse walked in.
After checking you out, your arm was broken, and had some pretty deep cuts. She dressed them and placed a cast on your arm.
“Well, isnt that something.” you stood up, walking down the stairs meeting everyone in the lobby. “Why are you moving around?” Ran spoke first. Rolling your eyes, “my arm is broken, not my legs.” Sanzu walked up to you, throwing an arm over your shoulder. “I'm hurt, ya know, you started crying when you realized I wasn't Rin.” Your face went red, as you used your good arm and jabbed him in his side as he went to the ground. “I didnt realise dogs could talk, be a good boy and sit.” You reached down and pat his head and he held his side. Glaring at you, a laugh left your lip, which was soon cut short with Rin grabbing your cheeks placing a kiss on them. Everyone went silent, as you two broke apart, cheers were heard. “I love you. Please Bully the mutt more” You laughed and rested your head on his chest. “Stupid.”
Tags: (open 22/50) @spookydraken @hayami-17 @crybabylisa @wakasa-wifey @nameless-ghoul @sammcaav222 @sunahyejin @k-4-tharsis @hanmascult @bxnten @lollipopd @sanzuswh0re @hanmascult @the2ndl @arosora @q-the-rockaholic @atzuums @rvrindousvpet @mizumellon @royal-shinigami @gulfkfl @nevess
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All work is mine, do not copy, steal. I will know, Reblogs are appreciated
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Tumblr media
please don’t tell me they did that as a joke to the one girl who’s both worried about being too thick and also has trauma over cannibalism, i legit made this joke the other day to a friend of “ahah what if Tikoh’s whole obsession with not getting too fat is ironical because if she did she’d have to think about this whole mess again” 
i legit don’t know if it’s supposed to be her being worried about her own legs being thick or her getting triggered thinking her legs could be eaten if she was thick please i’m going to cry
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alextheoreo · 19 hours ago
Twisted Wonderland Actor AU Bloopers : Prologue
some bloopers and behind the scenes of the prologue
Director: And... Action!
Riddle, waving arm around: OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!
Riddle: Was that good?
Crowley, pinching Yuu's cheeks: Because I am so kind!
Yuu, fighting back: Dad, taht washn't in da script!
Yuu, talking about Ramshackle: looks like a ghost ate it up and shit it back out.
Ace, in the back: Pfft- dUDE-!
*Ace attempting to attack Leona but he holds Ace's head and keeps him back*
Ace: Shoot, the statue!
Yuu: Burnt chicken nugget.
Ace: *kettle laughter*
Deuce: Come forth, cauldron!
Director: Cue cauldron.
*cauldron slowly descends from the ceiling*
Ace: We doing this shit in slow motion? The hell?
*video of Yuu hitting Ace with the Grim plush, Deuce crying with laughter in the background*
Crowley: YOU ACTUALLY WENT TO THE- *insert old man coughing*
Yuu, panicking: Drink your water, don't die on us old man!
Deuce: Expulsion rescinded, I'm- OOF!
*Deuce tripped and fell*
Ace and Yuu: *Laughing*
Deuce, still on the floor: ...ow...
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keep talking. (2)
Tumblr media
part one here.
# — pairing: kazuha x gn!reader
# — characters: gender neutral reader, kazuha, other genshin characters mentioned in passing
# — summary: you don't have to hear him through a phone anymore.
# — warnings: n/a
# — tags: fluff galore with a touch of angst. that's literally it.
# — notes: @chichikoi i gave myself cavities because of you LMAO. as always, reblogs and reactions are greatly appreciated, and i hope you enjoy!
wanna join the tag list?
Tumblr media
✧ — 🍁 — ✧
a week, kazuha said. only one more week and then he'd be home. but a week comes and goes, and he's still not home.
"there's--" kazuha's sentence is halted by the boom of thunder overhead. you hear him inhale sharply. "i'm so sorry, my love. i know i promised i'd be home, but a terrible storm blew in; the forecast says it will be here for at least another week, and--"
you interrupt him with a soft noise. "kazuha, you can't control the weather." you can hear the apology in his voice. he's probably beating himself up for not being able to keep his promise to you. "you're safe, aren't you?"
kazuha sighs softly. "yes, but... i was really looking forward to coming home today." you can almost feel the dejection through the phone. it makes tears sting your eyes. "i miss you so much, love."
"i miss you too. so much." your voice trembles. you swallow back the lump that suddenly forms in your throat. "but your safety comes first. you better come home to me in one piece, you hear me?"
you're really glad you can't see his face right now. he chuckles, and you hear some shifting and another pop of thunder in the background. "i hear you loud and clear." there was a brief silence before he says: "i wish you were beside me."
you curse silently. he isn't making this any easier for you. you know how he gets when thunderstorms hit; his hearing is too sensitive and it gives him headaches. whenever it gets bad, kazuha would press his ear on your chest and you would cover the other with your hand, allowing him to focus on your heartbeat. the steady beating would sometimes lull him to sleep.
you laugh wetly into the receiver. "that's not fair. you're gonna make me cry at this rate."
"that's not my intention at all." kazuha sounds frantic for a split second, troubled by the thought of you shedding tears for him again. "i'm sorry; will you forgive me? don't cry, dove." he sounds so wounded. "anything but that."
you swipe a few tears away from your eyes and take a steadying breath. it's a good thing he can't see you. "i won't, kazu'," you reassure him. you're sure he can hear the thinness of your voice, but he doesn't comment on it. you two stay quiet for a little while, leaving you to listen to the way the rain beats against the window over the phone.
thunder crashes again. it's so loud that it makes you wince. "kazuha, are you--"
"petal," he says at the same time, "would you please talk to me for a little while longer? please," he almost begs you, "it's... a bit loud here."
'a bit', he says. your heart wrenches; you want nothing more than to cover his ears for him, to completely take his mind off of the storm. but with so much distance between you, you know that's not going to be possible. you absolutely hate it, but the best you can do for him now is talk until he's satisfied -- or at least until the weather calms down enough.
you make yourself a little more comfortable. "want me to tell you about my week, then?"
kazuha's reply is immediate. "please." then, "can i see you?"
you have half a mind to say no in fear of the tears that have yet to go away, but you think twice. your desire to see his face outweighs everything else. you agree and prop your phone up on a pillow across from you as you wait for his camera to turn on.
when it does, you see that kazuha's in a similar position as you: he's lying on his hotel bed with an arm tucked underneath his head. his scarlet eyes gleam in the lamplight, and a quiet smile overtakes his face. "hi." his smile only grows further.
you giggle. "hey."
again, there's a comfortable silence between you. with the way you two are positioned, you would think he's lying across from you. you wish you could reach out and touch his hair, but if you did that right now, all you'd feel is your phone screen. something dims in kazuha's expression and you wonder if he's thinking the same thing you are.
lightning suddenly flashes on his end and the entire screen goes white for half a second. when you see kazuha's face again, he's frowning with his eyes closed. almost immediately after, there's a loud crash of thunder; somehow it seems louder than before. kazuha doesn't speak right away. he presses his lips together and you try to think of something to say.
"the kittens near the convenience store," he finally says. your eyebrows twitch up when you understand what he's talking about. "how are they? did their mother return?"
you shake your head. "no, unfortunately." this wasn't how you wanted the conversation to start, but now that it's started, it's easy for you to come up with some more things. "xiao and i had to take them to the shelter where he kept one."
kazuha cracks an eye open. "it wasn't the cream-colored one, was it?"
you snort. you know how much kazuha loved that one. "no, he didn't. he took the fluffy black one. he named it heise. oh, and that reminds me, yoimiya stopped by for looking for you the other day..."
once you've got the ball rolling, you chatter away, telling kazuha what's been going on in the week leading up to his delayed arrival date. he nods along and chimes in every once in a while, and slowly, you start to notice him reacting less and less to the storm raging outside. eventually, you see him cover up a yawn with his hand.
"i'm sorry," he apologizes again. "i don't mean to seem disinterested. please keep going."
you tease him a little bit. "i can't believe my own boyfriend thinks i'm boring."
kazuha must be too tired to play along, because he actually looks a little disheartened by your words. "that's not it, love, i promise."
"kazuha, i know." you hush him. "it's okay if you're tired. do you want me to hang up?"
"no." he doesn't waste a second. "your voice is... almost like a lullaby to me. keep talking, please. where were you, anyhow?" he muffles another yawn. "you were saying something about klee making you and the others play hide-and-seek?"
even when drowsy, kazuha was still paying attention. your face warms when he calls your voice a lullaby. you continue for his sake. "it was one hell of an afternoon, really..." you start.
not long after that, kazuha's breathing evens out on the other side, his shoulders rising and falling steadily as he sleeps. the storm hasn't gotten any quieter outside, but he's resting peacefully, not a twitch or wince to be seen.
your little routine of talking until kazuha falls asleep continues for the entire time the storm torments the town kazuha's in. when he wakes up one morning with the news that it's finally safe to return, you nearly fall over yourself with excitement. thanks to how far away he was, his flight was over 18 hours long, meaning that he wasn't going to be in until some ungodly hour of the morning, but you don't care. come hell or high water, you were going to be there.
and so you find yourself dozing off on some chairs at the gate at 2:30 am, waiting for kazuha's flight to come in. you haven't heard from him since he boarded sometime yesterday, making this the longest you've gone without speaking to him since he left.
you wonder for a moment if you're too excited. you've been at the airport for a little over three hours now; you timed the flight wrong and were too lazy to turn back. you were up for hours preparing for this day. you even wore one of kazuha's favorite sweaters (which he was kind enough to leave behind) just to surprise him, but unfortunately, that meant you were on the brink of falling asleep.
you pull out your phone and glance at the time. "it wouldn't hurt to take a short nap, would it?" you yawn aloud to yourself. you pull up the hood over your head and tug on the drawstrings, sinking down in your seat to make yourself more comfortable. you had about 30 more minutes before the plane landed; you'd be up by then. you look at the door at the gate and crack a small smile. in thirty minutes, kazuha was going to be home. you feel giddy, like a child anticipating a field trip. sleeping would definitely make time go faster. your eyes slip closed and you finally doze off, your head resting on your own shoulder.
the first thing you realize when you wake up is that you are most definitely not in the same position you fell asleep in.
your head is resting on something warm. you mistake it for the cushioning of the nearby chairs for a moment, but as soon as you realize that you're laying on someone's legs, you shoot upright, too mortified to acknowledge the sudden vertigo. you throw the hood off your head and immediately start spewing apologies one after another.
"i am so sorry," you bow your head, too ashamed to look the stranger in the eyes, "i was so sure i was alone here and i must have moved when i fell asleep, i--" you're interrupted by the sound of a quiet snicker. your cheeks flush and you hazard a glance at the sorry soul you forced to watch you nap.
looking back at you is not a stranger, but kazuha, his kind scarlet eyes glinting with mirth. evidently, he's trying very hard not to laugh. when you gape at him, your mouth suddenly dry, he taps the underside of your chin twice, making you aware that you'd stopped speaking mid-sentence. you close your mouth with a silent click.
neither of you say a word as you try your best to process the fact that you're seeing kazuha. you were laying on his lap and he just touched your face. there's no mistaking that he's real and that he's finally in front of you, but a part of you is struggling to comprehend it. kazuha looks more than amused by your mental battle -- it must show on your face. how comical you must look to him right now. kazuha takes the initiative when he realizes that you're too stunned for words.
"hello, my star." his voice is like honey coating your ears. "i'm home."
he's home. kazuha's really, really home.
you all but throw yourself at him, hugging him as tightly as you can and burying your face in his shoulder. he grunts softly with the force but hugs you all the same, squeezing you just as tight -- if not tighter -- than you are squeezing him. kazuha ducks his head and burrows his face into the fabric of your (his) hoodie and takes a slow, shaky breath. the two of you drink each other in, hoping to make up for almost two months and few extra weeks of lost time. he smells the same as he always has, like sandalwood and cedar. you inhale as deeply as you can in as you try to drown in all that is kazuha. neither of you move for what feels like an eternity, and then he speaks again, his voice muffled by your clothes.
"you've been using my shampoo, haven't you?"
you bark out a laugh and squirm in an attempt to push him away, but he doesn't move an inch. not that you mind. "i-is that so wrong of me?" you ask. your voice holds none of the bite you hoped it would. you're pretty sure you're crying, but you can't really tell with your face pressed into his shirt like this. "you were gone for so long."
kazuha's answering laugh is low and content. you can feel it and it nearly makes your heart stop. "i know." he says. "but i'm home now." you didn't think it possible, but his arms tighten around you some more. "i'm home."
you feel like the air is being squeezed out of your lungs. not because kazuha is threatening to pop you like a balloon, but because you have to see his face again. something desperate claws at you -- the need to see him properly is so strong that you make a small noise. thinking that he's done something wrong, kazuha releases you, but his hands don't leave your waist. they rest on your hips as he searches your eyes for any sign of distress.
you can practically hear his thoughts. it's a lot less worrying than it usually is -- you would've given anything to be able to read him with just a look for the past two months since it's been difficult with the distance. you rest your hands on his face and swipe your thumbs over his cheeks.
kazuha's eyes widen for a split second and then soften when it dawns on him that nothing is wrong. he brings a hand up to hold your wrist and turns his head to kiss your palm. you shiver and he laughs softly.
"i've missed your voice all this time." he says, a slight lilt in his tone. "will you say something for me, songbird? preferably not an apology this time."
your face burns hot at the new nickname. any and all confidence you may have had suddenly leaves you. "you should have just woken me up." you bite back.
kazuha kisses your hand again. "you looked so peaceful," he reasons, "i couldn't bring myself to do so and startle you with my own excitement."
"i wouldn't have been mad at you. i could never be mad at you." you feel the lump in your throat return when you finally register the warmth in your hands. you're holding kazuha and he is holding you; this is all you've wanted for two months. you feel like laughing at yourself -- someone would think he was gone for two years with how relieved you feel now that he's back. "besides," you breathe, "i dunno what else to say besides i missed you."
kazuha, the cheeky bastard, hums. "i believe i could think of a few places you could start."
you raise a brow at him. "oh really? and where might that be?"
your lover kisses the inside of your wrist, relishing in the way you shiver for him. "i personally love it when you welcome me back after long trips." he chuckles when you fluster; you didn't realize you hadn't said it yet. "there's no rush, of course, but i--"
"welcome home, kazuha." saying those words make you feel like a shaken bottle finally freed of all the pressure that had been built up. your insides unwind and you feel like you can breathe easier.
even though he asked for you to say it, kazuha looks delightfully taken aback. "one more time, songbird. please."
you indulge him. "welcome home."
kazuha leans in close and lightly bumps his nose against yours. he's a breath away -- you can count every one of his platinum lashes from this close. you sigh, contented, and he pushes face slightly closer, his lips brushing your own. "i love you." he whispers. every time he says those words, he says it like a prayer, his tongue cradling each word so gently, like they were fragile things. "i love you, petal. you'll never understand how badly i wanted to say that to your face again."
you almost don't reply. you feel like no amount of 'i love you's will ever capture what you feel for kazuha. your reply comes in the form of a kiss, one kazuha returns with as much love as you pour into it. you drink in the sound he makes greedily. only when you pull away do you feel the words come to you.
"i love you, too." your words are a prayer of your own, one kazuha accepts with fervor.
just outside the window, the sun begins to rise. day breaks, and kazuha is in your arms again; late, but present.
Tumblr media
✧ i need a breather tbh. this was so wholesome, i think my brain is going to melt. my heart skipped so many beats while i was writing this -- i don't think i should be alive rn actually.
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I absolutely love Dick and Jason’s relationship like obviously I understand why people might prefer reading Dick hanging out with Tim or Damian more because they’re his baby brothers but Jason made him an older brother and they’re so unintentionally funny together like they could do or say anything and I’ll laugh or cry because their lives are angsty. Idk I just really like reading about them in comics and seeing the perfect balance of annoyance and so much love. Like the change from “ugh the new robin is so annoying 🙄 I guess Bruce has a new kid now whatever…” to Dick clearly thinking Jason was so adorable and him immediately becoming an older brother to Jason and calling him “little wing” and stuff. It’s so sweet. Night wing and chicken wing…
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chapter eight — chilly
Tumblr media
<<previous next>>
pairing: hongjoong x fem reader x seonghwa
genre: omegaverse, friends to lovers, fluff, polyamory, smut
chapter summary: if there's one thing you're sure, it's that you belong nowhere else.
content warnings: unbearable sap. you've been warned
taglist: @bobateastay
a/n: i can't believe this is almost over *crying noises*
Steaming mug in hand, you plop down onto Seonghwa's lap where he's sitting on your couch. He merely looks up, that same princely aura woven into his motions. The very way he blinks, slow and almost deliberate, makes him look like a character from whatever fantasy books you used to read in high school.
Quite honestly, you're not sure why Seonghwa has chosen you when he was constantly surrounded by people all the time. Prettier, sweeter, daintier candidates would try to weasel their way into his life and he would never let them, not even the ones you liked. He'd tell you none of them made his heart race, and you'd try your best not to snort.
If these people didn't make his heart race, then he's as good as dead, you'd think, admittedly a little bitter.
It took you a little too long to understand how his beauty had started to isolate him, and in hindsight you're really sorry for not noticing it until you stumbled on him in the bathroom crying so hard he couldn't breathe. Maybe that's where things changed, where his beauty stopped being something that separated you two and became simply something he had going on for him.
So it doesn't hurt you that he looks like he belongs in the ether and you don't, and he proves again and again that it never really mattered to begin with. He's still here, looking up at you with this starry gaze you've never been sure how to stand under before, and you're not stupid enough to deny it feels right.
"Hello there," He pokes, mischief coated with affection. There's something so dreadfully freeing about knowing you're in love together; justification settles into the sappiest, silliest places. "I see you found yourself a seat."
"Maybe I have." You smile. Seonghwa puts down his phone so he can properly wrap his arms around your waist. While he's not particularly warm, there's something very comforting about his embrace, like the cold side of a pillow. And then he looks, blinks up at you like you've done something extraordinary, like you are something extraordinary. "Oh, you're gonna say something really cheesy, aren't you?"
He laughs, caught. "In my defense, we're literally a couple now." And, as his joy softens, he draws closer, so close in fact that you think you're getting a kiss. You don't, but you suppose his gently awed tone might just be the next best thing. "My girl."
Hot to your very ears, you try to play it off, chuckling against his shoulder. "You're so lucky I'm stuck in this lease with you." It's impossible not to notice how, despite his bold lines and flirty remarks, Seonghwa's heart beats so fast you can feel it in his embrace. Not to say you're any better, the grip on your mug more haphazard by the second. "I refuse to say anything until this honeymoon phase is over."
Hongjoong meets the two of you in a cozy little coffee shop downtown, the approaching winter asking for more layers and less waiting outside. It's afternoon, but you know it won't be for long. If anything, the diffused sunlight already feels off, like the first hours after dawn.
He seems to enjoy it, really, mug caught in his sweater covered hands as he watches the tangerine tree by the window. You squeeze Seonghwa's hand in your pocket almost without noticing, and he's attuned to your signs enough that it doesn't take long for a soft, endeared chuckle to leave his lips.
"He looks like he's in a music video." He leans in to whisper, and you giggle as you nod. Neither of the two move from your spots, if anything trying to make this sweet view last longer.
"I'm sure he feels like he's in one." You reply. It's his turn to squeeze your hand, and it doesn't escape you the little nervous cues in the angle of his brows, the shift of his feet. There's so much to be said, and yet none of it will matter until he's elbows deep into Hongjoong's shenanigans. "Let's go, big boy."
Inside, the warm air has a sweet, cinnamony smell, and it seems to seep through the fibers of your clothes, soothing. No wonder Hongjoong looks so at peace here, you muse.
"You go ahead, I know you've been missing him." He smiles sweet and kisses you even sweeter, giggling to himself like he's done something scandalous. And then he's off, already taking off his coat to greet Hongjoong, who, despite his best efforts to play cool, blushes furiously at the attention.
The barista is an older beta man, a little shorter but with a posture that doesn't give away his age. He greets you warmly, getting your drink orders right away, and tells you all about their selection when you get overwhelmed by the pastries. By the time you two are done chatting, Seonghwa and Hongjoong are watching from their place at the table, matching smiles on their faces as if they kinda expected you to befriend the barista.
Admittedly a little flustered, you bring over a chocolate croissant for Seonghwa, and a blueberry muffin for yourself, plopping down across from the men who still watch you like cats on a windowsill.
"What?" You ask, a little self conscious all of a sudden. The two eye each other, before falling into hushed laughter. With a sigh, you place your brand new coat on the empty seat beside you, fixing your hair a little. And still, they stare. "Stop looking at me like that!"
"We're just." Seonghwa starts, reaching for his own pastry. "Enjoying the view, I guess."
"Then why are you laughing?" Frustrated, your huff. Hongjoong, who's now staring down at his mug with this far away look in his eyes, is the one to answer.
"For the same reason teenage girls laugh when they see a handsome senior walk past." The corner of his mouth quirks up just enough that you're a little taken aback. He takes a sip, swallowing in your silence, and finally looks up at you, all boyish charm. "We're like, obsessed with you."
"You two are the worst." You hide your fluster by resting your forehead on the table, groaning. "Is this just gonna be you ganging up on me forever?"
"Sounds like a plan, actually." Seonghwa smiles so tender you're stuck on it for a moment, before he breaks your trance and speaks again. "I like the forever bit."
"Is he like this all the time?" Hongjoong pokes, conspiratorial, and you laugh, reaching out a hand to hold his. There's no hesitation when he intertwines your fingers together, and you feel like it means a lot more than just holding hands at a coffee shop. You've skipped a few steps but that grip means they were never needed to begin with.
"All the time." Sighing, you give Seonghwa's pouty face a tired, but unavoidably infatuated look. "He's even tried to woo me in his sleep once."
"I'm not surprised."
The drinks arrive just then, with a firm grip and a gentle smile. You take a sip from your caramel macchiato just as Seonghwa hums around his own, cozying up to a giddy looking Hongjoong.
"I didn't think—" Your boyfriend stutters a little, and you can't help but adore the lack of grace in his honesty. The omega turns to look at him, ever so attentively. "I'm just really glad you feel the same, or— you know, are willing to try with us."
"I was a bit… hesitant, I think." Something in his voice tells you he still is. You desperately want to reach out, to kiss those worries away from the draw of his brows, but you don't. You sit there and wait for him to finish, instead. "I didn't think I belonged with you two."
Outside the big window, the sky darkens and the lampposts finally flicker on, golden dots in the gainsboro background. You take another sip from your drink, only to find it's the last.
"I want to be honest because you've been honest with me all this time," He picks at the cuffs of his sleeves, something very jittery in his motions, and yet neither of you give up on your silence. Seonghwa is terrified, there's no mistaking the vice grip on the edge of the table. Still, you don't move to comfort him, because you can already see the point Hongjoong is about to make. "You two are like soulmates, you know? How could I get in between that?"
"Love…" Seonghwa whispers, hand reaching out for the omega's. Hongjoong takes it, squeezes it so tight his knuckles go pale. "We're in love with you."
"And I couldn't— what?"
You kick your boyfriend under the table before you can help yourself.
"What else are you gonna dump on him, hm? Your social security number?"
"I didn't mean to say it yet, it just came out!" A whiny baby until the end, he frowns, only a little apologetic. "I'm sorry, love, you have no obligation to—" The words are cut off when Hongjoong smacks a kiss to his rambling lips. It's a gentle little thing, couldn't last more than a moment, yet it sends you both reeling.
"Now we've both made impulsive decisions." Smiling wide, he turns to you, good old you, red to the tips of your ears. "Your turn."
In the deceiving dark of the late afternoon, you three walk together.
It's a little windy, the chill pushing you closer to each other, and at some point Hongjoong links arms with the two of you, seemingly a lot more comfortable than before.
If there's anything that reassures you about this whole situation, it's how easy it feels. Despite your awkward slips and constant worrying, the spaces inevitably slot into place.
Warm to your very fingertips, there's nowhere you'd rather be.
"Would you like to come over?" You suggest right before you part ways. Hongjoong looks over to you, and while the darkness might've concealed his blush, the way he avoids your gaze so suddenly in favor of staring at his shoes is a dead giveaway. "We can watch Venom for the fiftieth time."
At last, he nods, steps getting a little skippy. It's unbelievably sweet, and you don't have to look to know Seonghwa is a puddle on legs. "Sure."
"Joong?" Your boyfriend calls, so quietly it can only mean one thing. There he goes again, you think, and now that all the scary things have been said out loud, there's space for amusement at the impending request. "What you did earlier… Is it okay if we do it again?"
"Oh!" The rhythm of his steps gets messed up a little, his grip on your arm tightening.
"You don't have to, you know." You gently poke him on the side, a lighthearted reminder that none of this will happen without him, if he doesn't want it to. "He just can't help himself sometimes."
"No, no, it's alright, I just thought—" He chuckles a little, shaking his head. "I haven't even kissed you yet, and he's getting seconds?"
Your laugh rings in the quiet of the street, bubbling nervousness pushing it a bit higher than usual. But none of it stops you from cradling his face in your palms and pressing a long, sweet kiss to his mouth. He sighs, melting under your fingertips like the buttery flavor of his lips, skin so warm you want to press harder, closer, just to steal some of it.
"There." You whisper, a little floaty in your giddiness. Thumb wiping at his lip, you smile a bit confessionally. I'm in love with you, too, it promises, I'll be gentle. "Now go give that man a kiss before he starts waxing poetry."
Crammed in your admittedly small couch, you watch the credits roll on the TV screen.
It's the third movie of the night, and you're pretty sure you're the last man standing at this point, if Seonghwa's soft snores are anything to go by. Hongjoong is carefully tucked under your boyfriend, head resting on the soft of your belly. His black hair fans out under your fingers as you comb through the strands, and you enjoy how silky they feel. It won't last, you know, because he's always changing it, but you're sure you'll find another reason to love it just as much when it inevitably gets a little damaged.
If you're honest, you're seriously considering just sleeping like this, no matter the painful consequences tomorrow morning, but when Hongjoong shifts awake, rubbing his eyes, you change your mind. He deserves a good, comfortable night of sleep, for all the ones he couldn't afford lately.
"Let's go to bed, hm?" You suggest, and he nods, still a little out of it, moving to get up. It's only then he seems to notice Seonghwa attached to his waist, and you can see he smiles from the way his cheek rises.
"Hwa, let's go to bed." He mumbles, and it's so endearing you feel like tearing up. You don't, but it's a close call.
In bed, Hongjoong immediately takes a spot in between you two, groaning when his joints pop a bit. You whip out your phone, texting Wooyoung so he won't have to wonder if Hongjoong is alright, and you're quite vague about it in case he still doesn't know anything. The obscene amount of smirking emojis in his reply tells you he knows enough.
"Sleep as much as you want, okay?" You press a kiss to the omega's temple, hand moving to rest on his stomach. "You deserve it."
"She's right," Seonghwa whispers when Hongjoong turns to face him, sleepy smile still painfully handsome. "You worked so hard, love."
And there's nothing he can do but nod, halfway out already, and snuggle up to his lovers with a happy little sigh.
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bonny-kookoo · 13 hours ago
Home: Forever
Tumblr media
Languages are marked as always: English | Korean
Additional warning for: angst, misunderstanding, home couple fighting rip my heart, but major fluff to make up for it, manhandling and kook pinning/restraining reader (not in a sexual way for once oop)
Jungkook never wanted to be in this situation ever again; him standing speechless in the living room, while you're crying in front of him, ready to leave.
"Its not what it looks like-" he starts, cringing at the sentence just after saying it, while you scoff in front of him. He knows exactly what it looks like; him hiding messages, not replying, taking distance from you, and now of course the first message you spot popping off on the screen of his phone is from a female friend, asking if he'd done it yet, and that 'she needs to know kook, better now than later'.
"Well fuck me then Jeon Jungkook, I'm not going down that road with you." You bark back lowly. "Explain it to me whenever. I shouldn't stay here right now." You say, brushing past him in anger, and he closes his eyes and clenches his jaw before he reaches out. "Jungkook-" you start, attempting to push his hand off of your arm- but this time, he's not letting you. "Let me go." You threaten, pulling strongly now, but he simply pulls you right back, one of his arms holding you against his chest as it rests over your collarbone- your struggling futile. "Jung-"
"Look." He says, voice a lot more serious than you've ever heard him talk before, while he holds his phone in front of you. "Read it." He requests- but you don't need to, recognizing the image in the chat as the same box that's placed in his bedside drawer- having spotted it when you'd been searching for something a few days back.
"You-" you start, and he puts his phone away, before he lets you go.
"I'm not letting you go." He mumbles, as he walks around you slowly, gaze downwards, not meeting yours as he walks straight into the bedroom, the small drawer being heard opening and closing, before he reappears, running a hand through his hair. "I.. this wasn't how I planned it, but-" he mumbles, before he goes down on one knee, opening the small black box with shaking hands- actually slipping a few times while cursing, before he finally makes it. "Will you-" He starts, but you already nod. "You didn't even let me ask the question!" He complains with a tearful laugh, getting emotional himself. "Will you marry me?" He asks, and you just nod your head again, before you get down to him as well- hugging him tightly for a moment. "Can I put the ring on today or-?" He teases with a chuckle, holding onto you.
"I'm sorry." You say, and his eyes widen as he becomes confused.
"Why sorry?" He wonders, and you detach yourself from him, sniffling as he wipes away your tear stains.
"Cause I thought.." you start. "I don't know. I just constantly feel like I not a good fit for you and-" you ramble, while he simply slides the ring onto your finger with a smile on his face, before he shows you his own- almost exactly the same as yours. A-
"A perfect match." He says, before he leans forwards to kiss you, hands on the sides of your face before he rests his forehead against yours. "Thats what we are." He tells you.
And you just nod at that, enjoying the moment a little longer.
He sure is full of surprises, isn't he?
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ohpuckthat · 15 hours ago
Kid... (Tyler Seguin)
Does include swearing...
Tumblr media
Tyler and I had met when he first came to Dallas. I was only a few years younger than him but for some reason, he had nicknamed me Kid. For a while, he was just like an older brother. Throughout the years, a bunch of things in both of our lives changed but the one thing that was consistent with him was that he never liked any of the people I dated. So it was no surprise that the minute I started dating Princeton, Tyler had his reservations.
"You're dating a dude named Princeton?" He asked as soon as I finished announcing my new relationship.
"His name is Princeton?"
"Tyler. What's wrong this time?" I asked, sitting back on the couch and sipping on my wine.
"Kid, his name is Princeton."
"And you're name is Tyler." I laughed, knowing exactly where his logic was currently.
"Princeton is such a douche name!"
"And Tyler isn't? Can't you just give him a chance?"
"Fine kid. But don't come crying to me when it all goes wrong." He laughed, pouring more wine into my glass.
"Deal." I laughed as well, taking another drink. What I didn't know was just how right he was.
A few months later, Princeton had decided that he wanted to meet my friends. I had met his friends but he had yet to meet mine. When I got the text that the boys were heading to the bar after a winning game, I jumped at the chance. I texted Princeton and then started getting ready.
Not long after, he showed up in an uber and we were on our way. The whole ride, I told Princeton a little about the boys and how we had met. I told him how Tyler was the first one of the bunch I met and how we immediately clicked. I also warned him that Tyler may be a little standoffish. When he asked why I slowly danced around how Tyler had never liked any of the guys I was with.
"He's just very protective and only wants the best for me. Once he gets to know you and sees how amazing you are, he'll lighten up."
"Okay." He whispered back, placing a kiss on my cheek.
"And you let me know when you want to leave. I don't work tomorrow but I'll go when you go."
We pulled up to the bar and ran in. It wasn't freezing but it was cold in my current outfit. Once we made our way in, I spotted the boys and pulled Princeton towards them.
"Kid! You made it!" Tyler yelled over the music, pulling me into a hug. "You're freezing. Here." He said, taking his suit jacket and wrapping it over my arms.
"Thanks, Ty. Princeton, this is Tyler, Tyler, Princeton."
"Nice to meet you man," Tyler said, holding his hand out.
"Yeah," Princeton said, ignoring Tyler's outstretched hand and instead, wrapping his hand around my waist.
"Well, I'll introduce you to the rest of the boys." I said, mouthing 'I'm sorry' to Tyler. Once all the introductions were over, Princeton offered to get us drinks. Tyler sat next to me as soon as Princeton made his way to the bar.
"What a jerk."
"Ty, he had a long day at work. Give him another chance. Please? For me?" I said, using my best puppy dog eyes.
"Fine. But he should have at least shook my hand." He joked, nudging me on the arm.
"Here you go, hun," Princeton said, setting down my drink beside me.
"Thanks, babe." I smiled, taking a sip. Instead of it being my favourite, it was something else, something strong. As a reflex, I made a face, not expecting what was actually in the glass.
"Everything all right?" Princeton asked, sitting in on the other side of me.
"Yeah. I just haven't had anything to drink in a while." I smiled, leaning into his chest.
I slowly finished my glass and threw my two cents into the conversation every now and then. Princeton was quiet the whole time but kept his hand on me in one way or another. With an empty glass and a few empty beer bottles, Tyler was next to get the drinks. He came back with a tray full of more beer and one glass, placing it in front of me.
"Here you go, kid."
"Thanks, Ty..." I chuckled, taking a sip and letting it run down my throat. This one went much better and once I had it down, I became more lively and began to actually enjoy the night again. That soon came crashing down as I felt Princeton squeeze my shoulder.
"We should go." He whispered, sliding out of his chair. I nodded, getting out of my chair and turning back to the table.
"I'll see you guys later," I called, waving at everyone. I went to take off Tyler's jacket but felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Keep it. I'll get it later. Stay warm."
"Thanks, Seguin," I whispered, giving him a side hug. "Good game."
The next day, I was over at Tyler's place on the floor with the dogs as he was making coffee.
"I knew it. He's a douche."
"He didn't realize you were freezing when you first walked in, didn't know your drink order, and made you leave as soon as you were having fun. And, may I reiterate, his name is Princeton."
"Tyler, I told him to let me know when he wanted to leave."
"And you're making excuses for him... again." He pointed out, passing me a mug. "Just admit that he sucks, break up with him, and then we can move on."
"You are literally the worst friend in the world," I said, getting up. "Tyler, I'm happy. Why can't you see that?"
"Because that's not how a relationship should be kid!"
"And I should be taking relationship advice from you? A man who hasn't been in a serious relationship since I met you?"
"God, you really can be an idiot at times." He laughed, sitting at the island.
"Great. Well, I should go." I sighed, checking the time.
"What? Oh, come on. Don't do this."
"Do what? I told Princeton I was going to meet him for lunch so I need to go. I'll talk with you later." I scoffed, walking out. I knew this fight wasn't going to last. We couldn't be mad at each other for more than a few days. This time, however, I would need more than a few days to cool off.
Princeton and I's first year anniversary came faster than I thought but we weren't going to be spending it together. He had a work trip set up but had sent me flowers that morning. As disappointed as I felt, I couldn't dwell on it too long. For the rest of the day, I spent time alone but had promised Tyler a dinner. We hadn't seen each other in a while, with him busy with hockey and me with work. I made a quick stop at the grocery store before making my way to his house.
"Good evening." Tyler smiled, leaning on the door frame as he opened the door for me.
"Hey, Ty. You gonna let me in or are you just going to stand there looking like a GQ model?"
"You think I look like a GQ model?" He laughed, stepping aside.
"Don't let it get to your head. I brought stuff to make pizza."
"This is why you're my favourite."
"I beat out Jamie?" I smiled, setting all the bags up on the kitchen island.
"Don't let it get to your head kid." He laughed, helping me unpack. Tyler helped me around the kitchen but let me take charge.
"Do you want to watch a movie?"
"Or we could go sit by the fire? We haven't just talked in a while." He suggested, pouring us both some wine.
"That sounds really nice." I chuckled, taking the pizza out of the oven. "Thank you for tonight. I've missed this."
"You know you are welcome anytime. Not just when I'm not here." He laughed, silently thanking me for taking care of the dogs while he is away.
"I'll keep that in mind." I chuckled, picking up both pizzas and following him out onto the patio. We placed everything down and started the fire pit. I went to grab a few blankets as he went to grab some cushions.
"So, where's Princeton?" Tyler asked as he set the cushions down.
"He's on a work trip. He didn't want to go today of all days but-" I stopped realizing what I just said.
"What's so important about today?"
"Well. It's our one-year anniversary." I said, knowing he would see right through any lie I tried. "And before you say anything, I know."
"I'm sorry."
"It's okay. We're planning on getting dinner when he's back."
"That's nice. Is he taking you somewhere nice?"
"I think so. He's keeping it a surprise." I smiled, lifting the wine glass to my lips. "Enough about him. How have you been?"
We spent the rest of the night outside, finishing off the bottle of wine and both pizzas. It was nice to just sit together, talking about whatever came to mind.
"We need to do this more often," I whispered as Tyler was helping me back into the house and towards his guest room. I was definitely feeling that wine and knew I would regret it in the morning.
"And we will. But right now, you should get some sleep."
"Thank you, Ty. For everything." He tucked me into the bed, placing a kiss on my forehead.
"Good night."
A few weeks later, Jamie and I were over at Tyler's place. Empty take-out containers were littering the coffee table and there was music playing over the stereo. Tyler had just gone to the bathroom, leaving Jamie and me alone.
"So?" He started, keeping his voice low.
"How's Princeton? You two still together?"
"God, you're starting to sound like Tyler."
"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, sliding closer to me.
"Tyler has never liked any of the people I was with but for some reason, he really hates Princeton."
"Cause he likes you."
"What?" I whispered, my stomach twisting.
"Oh come on. We both know you're not that oblivious."
"There's no way. He keeps calling me kid."
"Okay, maybe you are." Before I could have my rebuttal, Tyler walked in, a pair of sweatpants in hand.
"Maybe you're what?" He asked, throwing the pants on my lap.
"Nothing," Jamie answered, a shit-eating grin taking over his face.
"You guys are fucking weird."
For our second year anniversary, I decided to surprise Princeton. He had been extremely busy with work and I had a feeling that he would forget. I went shopping for a new dress, picked up our favourite take out and made my way to his apartment. When I finally arrived, I smoothed out my dress before getting to the door. I grabbed the key from under the mat and walked in.
"Princeton?" I called, not seeing him anywhere. "Prince?"
I set the food down onto the island and walked over to the couch, sitting on the couch. As I grabbed my phone to text him, I heard something from further into the apartment. I slowly walked down the hall and started hearing some more questionable sounds. Everything broke when I heard another woman moaning Princeton's name. Just like that, I froze. I finally came back to when I heard footsteps in the bedroom. I ran back to the front door and back to my car. I was able to drive away and got to a park before I broke down. I grabbed my phone and quickly called Tyler, not thinking straight at that point.
"Hello?" He yelled, some loud music in the background of his call.
"Ty." I squeaked out, hoping I would be able to keep it together.
"Hey, kid. You okay?"
"Yeah. I just, it's been a long day." I wiped away some tears, laying back in my seat remembering that conversation we had when I first told Tyler of Princeton. "Are you busy? I should let you go. I'm sorry."
"I have a few people over but we're not doing anything crazy. Do you want me to come over?"
"No, it's okay. I uh, I um." I started, feeling my throat starting to close up. "I'll talk to you tomorrow," I whispered, hanging up quickly.
Throwing my phone onto the seat next to me, I covered my face with my hands and just let it out. I was able to recover fairly quickly and safely made it home. I ripped off my dress, took off my makeup and put on some sweats and a t-shirt, falling back on my couch. I laid there for a while before feeling the hunger taking over. I got up to grab the takeout I got but quickly realized I had left it at Princeton's place. Shaking my head, I ordered something else and returned to the couch. About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door to see Tyler standing there with a grocery bag in hand.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, shocked to see him.
"You said you had a long day so I brought some of your favourite food. Can I come in?"
"Uh yeah," I said, taking a step aside. "I uh, ordered some food in. There should be enough if you want some."
"Sounds good." He smiled, pulling me back to the living room. "So, you want to watch a movie?"
"Nope. We're not going there. We're going to have a relaxing night tonight." He placed his hand on my knee, squeezing it slightly. "We could watch the Hurricanes game? We play them next."
"Okay. Here." He said, passing me some chips from the grocery bag. He grabbed the remote and put the game on. He put the remote back on the coffee table and laid back. Only a few minutes later, there was another knock on the door. "I got it."
"My cards on the table," I called, leaning back to watch him.
He came back and passed me my dinner. We both ate in silence, the game on in the background. When we finished, I threw everything out and sat back next to Tyler. As the night went on I got closer and closer to him, finally laying my head on his shoulder. Before the third period even started, I had fallen asleep.
When I woke up the next morning, I found myself wrapped in Tyler's arms. I slipped out of his hold and made my way to the kitchen. I made both Tyler and me some coffee and went back to the living room to see Tyler finally sitting up.
"Morning." I smiled, passing him a mug.
"Good morning. How did you sleep?"
"Pretty good. How about you?"
"Really well. Probably the best sleep I've had in a while." He laughed, hiding a smile behind his mug.
"Do you want some breakfast?" I asked, going to get up. Before I could, Tyler grabbed my wrist, pulling me back.
"Before that, do you want to talk about last night?"
"Yeah, sure." I sighed, getting comfortable.
"Y/N, you called me crying. I know you and I also know what last night was. What happened?"
"Ty, I'm not doing this," I whispered, getting up.
"What do you mean?"
"You um, you told me not to come to you when it all went wrong so..."
"Oh, kid." He sighed, pulling me into his chest. I took a breath but quickly fell apart. We sat there for a while, Tyler rubbing my back as I cried.
"I'm sorry Ty."
"Don't apologize. I'm sure it's not your fault."
"I don't know. Maybe it is?" I said, sitting up and wiping the tears from my eyes.
"Oh, kid. He didn't." He sighed, pulling me into his chest again. "I'm gonna kill him."
"I'm not actually going to do it." He laughed, rubbing my back again. I started laughing as well but stopped when I heard my phone ring. "Is that him?"
"I think so." I sighed, picking my phone up from the coffee table. I checked the name before showing it to Tyler.
"Are you going to answer it?"
"I'm going to have to. I didn't last night so I have to break up with him somehow."
"Do you want me to stay here?" I nodded before picking up the phone and putting it on speaker.
"Hey, babe. Did you bring some takeout to my place last night?" He asked a little bit of guilt in his voice.
"Uh yeah. I just assumed you were working last night so I thought I'd bring you some dinner." I said, feeling the anger bubbling in my body.
"That's so kind of you. Yeah, I was super busy last night. You should have come to see me, hun. I was just in my office."
"Huh. I thought I heard you in your bedroom. It sounded like you had company so I just left the food there for you."
"Yeah. What were you doing in there?" I asked looking up at Tyler, wondering how Princeton was going to try and dig himself out of this.
"My buddy recommended a tv show so I was checking it out..." He slowly said, not believing his own story.
"How long?"
"What?" He whispered out.
"How long have you been cheating on me?" I whispered, feeling Tyler grab my hand.
"Baby. Come on..."
"Princeton. I deserve to know."
"A year." He choked out, taking my breath away.
"Okay. Um, have a good life Princeton." I looked up at Tyler and hung up. "I can't, I."
"C'mere kid." He said, pulling me onto his lap. I spent the next almost 10 minutes bawling my eyes out. Eventually, I was out of tears and was drained of energy.
"I should have listened to you," I whispered, slipping my sleeves over my hands.
"Oh, kid. You know I don't like any of the people you date. Even the good ones. There's no way you could have known."
"But I should have," I said, sitting up. "Ty?"
"Do you like me?"
"Of course I like you. More than Jamie, you know that."
"Tyler..." I whispered, placing my hand on his arm.
"You do." I smiled, looking down for a minute. "That's why you never like anyone I date."
"Kid, you just found out your boyfriend was cheating on you for a year."
"And I know I'm in no shape to start a new relationship but if I was going to, it'd be you."
"What?" He choked out, wide-eyed.
"Ty, you have always been there for me. You were a much better boyfriend than Princeton could have ever been. You were with me on both of my anniversaries."
"So you would go out on a date with me if I asked?"
"In a heartbeat. I just need some time."
"Of course. I can wait." He smiled, grabbing my hand. "Oh, by the way. Can I get you saying you should listen to me in writing? Or I could record it."
"Shut up."
"Anything for you kid."
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aaaaaaa if you’re comfortable hihi sub! OMG YOU MADE MY DAY SO MUCH THANK YOUUU
Coming right up<3
AFAB!Sub!Reader x Dom!Poseidon
⚠️Content warning for⚠️: Dacryphilia, size kink, oral (receiving), fingering (receiving)
(I have no fucking idea how to write size kink so I'm doing my best here)
An Ocean Between Your Legs
Tumblr media
Once, when Poseidon caught you crying, he'd said, "Crying is a sign of weakness. Is my wife someone who would be weak in the face of a few insults?"
You would never, of course, otherwise this relationship would never have worked out. But was it still weakness when it happened the face of euphoria?
"Poseidon- My Lord- Please, have mercy..." Laying on your back, your hands gripped at the sheets as your legs squeezed tight around his head, hips thrusting upwards to meet his tongue halfway. Your choked gasps and cries for a break filled the room, covering the sound of his tongue's quick movements in and out of your hole.
It was all Hades' and Aphrodite's fault; under the guise of a meeting, Zeus had called the gods together to drink and party. And those two just had to get drunk and start insulting Poseidon's head-game.
"I bet he doesn't even know where the clit is!"
"You really think Poseidon of all people would give head in the first place?"
You had laughed it off, but Poseidon obviously didn't think it was so funny. It was true he didn't go down all that often, but when he did, you saw stars.
"Oh fuck, fuck me fuck me fuck, Poseidon!" It wasn't your first orgasm of the night, but it may have been the best. You don't know exactly what he did with his tongue just now, but gods did it send you over the edge. Your legs kept his face to your cunt as you came, back arching off the bed and eyes rolling back. Tears, fat, hot and salty, rolled down your face to stain the bed below.
When you finally relaxed, your breaths came in large, slow gasps. Your clit buzzed with sensitivity and your legs trembled, occasionally coming close enough to add fleeting pressure to the well-used spot. You hadn't even realized Poseidon had finally brought himself up from between your legs until you felt his breath on your lips.
He looked every bit as enchanting as the first day you laid eyes on him- no, more. His face glistened in the light, covered in your arousal, pupils blown large enough to take up the entire iris. Hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and his breathing, though quieter, was just as labored as yours.
Your breath caught when you realized you were trapped in his arms. On all sides of you, there he was, big enough to swallow your form with his. The warmth from his body made you hot in a way that sent another another wave arousal from your cunt, further soaking the sheets. One large hand cupped your face, swiping away a tear with its thumb. He brought it to his lips and tasted it, never taking his eyes off yours.
"Why do you cry?" It wasn't a question born of concern; no, rather, he asked out of sadism and pride. He wanted to see the way you blushed and squirmed when you told him that's just how good he made you feel.
A breathy chuckle, then, "I guess I'm just that weak for you."
The look he gave you alone made you moan, loud and shameless, right in his ear.
"My Lord, fuck, please-"
Fuck. It was all the young god could think.
"Just like that..." The way he said it, so close to a moan, "Keep being weak for me. I love it."
You could've came off those words alone; though the feeling they brought was greater than any orgasm you've experienced. He remained hovering over you, one elbow holding him up while his other hand reached down to your cunt. Three thick fingers, all at once, were shoved inside you as his thumb teased your clit just the way you liked. Embarrassment burned your face red as you yelled and gasped directly under his gaze, tears running hot down your face to stain the pillow bellow. Eyes cold as winter and blue as the ocean watched your expression change with an attentiveness unique to the gods, following each tear trail diligently, admiring the way your eyes rolled back and your moans became nothing more than breathy gasps as you got closer to the edge.
"Please what? Use your words."
The most you could manage was random babble. You felt so full from only a few fingers- you couldn't catch your breath. With the way he stared at you, so calm while you were falling apart time and time again, ever strong and firm and intimidating and big...
You glanced down, watching the way his hands stretched and rubbed you. You didn't know when he'd taken his dick out, but there it was, large and hard.
A single bead of precum leaked from the head, dripping down to land on your stomach.
It was too much. It was far too much.
You screamed as you came, and someone in the background of your euphoria, you could hear Poseidon's pleased humming. Your body went rigid, and then relaxed back into the bed. You could hear the wet sounds made as he removed his fingers from your hole, gasping as the cold air hit.
He used his tongue to clean his fingers off, laying beside you and pulling you into his arms. Exhaustion from such intense orgasms quickly pulled you under, and you fell asleep with the sound of his heartbeat in your ear.
A/N: It's way too easy to make ocean jokes with AFAB reader I need to put my phone down shdjdksh. And damn do I say "breath" "breathing" "breathy" a lot like damn I get it he intakes air.
Sorry if this is rushed I hate making people wait. That being said, I'm going the fuck to sleep. As usual, tell me if I made any grammar mistakes.
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stealanity · a day ago
더보이즈 ✩ THE BOYZ REACTION : to their s/o asking for another kpop group member's number.
Tumblr media
genre : fluff, maybe a tiny little angst
a/n : since my 3 top bg are performing together (I CLEARLY WANT TO SCREAM RIGHT NOW) aka enha, txt & tbz, i wanted to write this reaction! hope u will like it!
Tumblr media
상연 ✩ sangyeon
don't understand why you came to him all lovey dovey
with doe eyes and big big smile on your pretty lips
don't understand either why you're so clingy suddenly
then the fateful question : « what do you need? »
smile when your pretty hands come to rest on his cheeks
« baby please, do me a favor, ask for heeseung's number for me before your collab stage.. »
but frowns at your sudden question
don't understand why you need heeseung's number so bad
his heart helps a little in his chest, imagining the worst
maybe he wasn't good enough for you?
seeing the worry in his eyes made you regret your request
so you come gently strew his face with butterfly kisses, whispering little i love yous in his ear
« sangyeon, heeseung just looked kind and nice. you don't have to worry, the man i love is you and only you. »
can't hide his smile and the blush on his cheeks
camouflaging his face in the crook of your neck after positively nodding his head
제이콥 ✩ jacob
« cobie, can i ask you something? »
too bad, you knew he would never tell you no
even for the silliest things
the precious angel in him always made him accept
« sure honey, whats up? »
when you asked him in a small voice, enhypen jake's number, he thought he misheard
then he asked you to repeat, confirming that you had just asked for the number of a boy other than him
but it didn't bother him more than that, just nodding his head
even though he didn't understand why you wanted jake's number
he understood even less when you came to cling to him, kissing his cheek
when he seemed completely lost
« what was that for? »
the smile on your lips warmed his heart, making him want to hug you, like a teddy bear
« just to remind you that, just because i'm asking for another boy's number, doesn't mean i'm looking for something else. i have you, and you are perfect to me, i don't need anything else. »
and he felt like he was falling in love with you again, smiling like a fool
영훈 ✩ younghoon
you were quietly in the living room
watching tv with him
zapping to find something interesting
when you stumbled upon the show presented by the prettiest mc : park sunghoon
younghoon, not interested, kept changing the channel until he heard you moan and steal the remote
he suddenly felt very interested in the program
and you too, which made him roll his eyes
« honey, can you ask sunghoon's number for me? he looks so cool and cute, i want to talk to him. »
your question made him bugger, making him frown as he pivoted his face towards you
« why do you want his number? not like you want him to be your friend or something. »
you shrug your shoulders, your eyes riveted on the screen, tilting your head slightly
« he's tall, cute and handsome. totally my type. »
a shocked laugh left his lips, falsely offended by your words, a wounded hand against his heart
« i'm also tall, cute and handsome. »
slip his arms around you after that, pulling you against him as a little hint of jealousy dawned in him
feel his heart melt in his chest when your eyes land on his
your fingers playing with the strands of his ebony hair
« yes, i know. that's what i said : totally my type. »
and then a small kiss on his cheek
making him realise that you're truly the love of his life
현재 ✩ hyunjae
« and why the hell do you want jay's number? »
he felt deeply attacked and shocked for you to dare ask him for the number of another boy
even more if it is someone other than his group's members
acts like a dramaqueen, placing his hand against his heart, mimicking fainting on the sofa
fake crying when you dare to answer him that jay has a better dress style than him
and above all that he looks cooler
proceed to sulk in your bedroom, hugging a pillow against him with his lips in pout
he was jealous, but he would never admit it
he's still jealous, even when you climb on the bed to come around his waist with your arms, resting your chin against his shoulder
« you should go cuddle jay, not me. »
moan in pain when your hand crashes violently against the back of his head
ready to retort, until you silence him by kissing him, making the tips of his ears blush
« he may be cooler than you, but he will never be you. you're my loser lover. »
can't help but want to punch you so hard and kiss you so bad at the same time
주연 ✩ juyeon
« juyeon, can you come here? »
when you ask for something
juyeon can't help but make all your wishes come true
whatever it is, he will do anything to satisfy you
but this time, your request left him perplexed
« why do you want yeonjun's number? »
shrugging your shoulders, you looked up at him for a few seconds
trying to cover up the smirk emerging on your lips
« mhhh.. have you seen his aotm performance? he's amazing, i can't help but watch it on repeat. » (true fact honestly)
and currently, he frowns again
because why the hell you watch yeonjun's aotm, when you should watch his
he feels disappointed, crossing his arms against his chest while clearing his throat
as you try so hard to keep from laughing
« and what about my atom? do you like it as much as yeonjun's? »
feels even more disappointed and betrayed when you said no, shrugging your shoulders
but don't notice when you get up to walk towards him, putting your hands on his cheeks
lifting his head to look at you, smiling tenderly
« yours? i love it even more lee juyeon, you're amazing, and you will always be my favorite. »
케빈 ✩ kevin
he looked disoriented, when you jumped on his bed so early in the morning
when you should be peacefully asleep
but no, you had to scroll on twitter, finding new pictures of hueningkai
making you hop on the bed, your hands hanging on his arm
« i absolutely need you ask hueningkai his number for me, i need it. »
raising an eyebrow laughing, he ends up taking your hands off his arm, almost knocking you out of bed
which did not prevent you from continuing to whine for hyuka's number
« why do you need it so bad anyway. »
rolling your eyes coming to stick to him, pretending to think
« i mean, look at him. he's handsome and supra funny. »
he couldn't believe his ears, raising his arms to the sky
asking beyonce what he could have done wrong to deserve this
« dude, i'm literally your handsome and funny boyfriend. »
looking up at him, you nodded, giving him the most beautiful smile
« ahh, you're right. you have something he doesn't have. »
looking at you with a victorious smile, he bulged his chest
« what? charisma? »
a bulged chest which you hastened to bang, give a flick to his forehead
« foolishness. »
뉴 ✩ chanhee
« jungwon's number? but.. since when do you have a thing for jungwon? i through your bias was sunoo. »
in fact, chanhee was right
maybe you had a penchant for sunoo's infectious smile
but that was before your heart was taken by jungwon's smile
with pouty lips, you begin to say : « yes but.. yang jungwon' smile.. »
rolling his eyes, chanhee played with your hair, bored because of this conversation
he was not jealous, at least not too much
because you used to talk about other people together
but he can't stand the fact that another smile than his
could make you ask your boyfriend for another boy's number
unbelievable !
sighing lightly, before you lift your head to him
chanhee offered you the sweetest of his smiles
the one that capsized your heart and blushed your cheeks
and you come to peck his lips once or twice, snuggling in his comforting arms
« nevermind, forget what i asked you. »
raising an eyebrow, chanhee gently stroked your arm with his fingertips
« why? you know, i don't mind asking him. »
but you shook your head negatively, camouflaging your face in the crook of his neck
« no, no need. the only smile that matters to me is yours. »
making his heart beat 300 miles an hour
큐 ✩ changmin
« can i may know why? »
changmin definitely couldn't believe what you just asked him
did you really just ask him for the number of his favorite mc?
aka choi soobin?
« nothing in particular, he just looks funny, and sweet, and fucking handsome. and t a l l. »
pretend to yawn when you tell him this, going back to his occupations
and even when you beg him lightly he refuses
no he said, and when you ask him why
he answers : « because soobin is mine. »
and you're the one in shock now, pretending to sulk
but at least now you won't ask for the number of any other boy than him
because deep down, changmin was just extremely jealous
which made him come and take you in his arms, placing a kiss on your shoulder
turning you around, coming to put a million kisses on his face
« maybe soobin is yours, but you, you are mine and only mine. »
he couldn't help laughing, before smiling tenderly at you, placing a kiss on your forehead
« i am completely and totally just yours. »
finally, you were the one who was jealous now
주학년 ✩ haknyeon
« uh? »
he seemed lost when you asked him for taehyun's number
blinking several times trying to realize if this was all real
but when he asks you why, you suddenly seemed dreamy
your chin stuck in the palm of your hand
« for several reasons : he looks funny, cute and surrounded by good vibes. it just seems to be nice to hang out with. and more important point.. »
sliding your hands in front of your chest, your eyes looked big while miming the bulging muscles of his torso
« this. »
haknyeon looked suddenly shocked, the tips of his ears blushing
as you watched him out of the corner of your eye, scrutinizing his reactions
he was way too cute, observing his own torso
that you got up to come the back hug, placing a kiss on the bridge of his jaw
« you know.. i also have a bulging chest. »
his remark making you laugh, you nodded positively
as he swiveled towards you, giving you the opportunity to let your chin rest on his chest, as you smiled at him
« i know, and this torso will always be my favorite. and the boy who has it. »
선우 ✩ sunwoo
when he feels your body collaspe on his back
he feels really happy to have his baby hugging him
but when he heard you sigh incessantly
he understood that you had something to ask him
so he swiveled, now finding himself on his back, you lying on him
« what do you want. »
a smile appeared on your lips, as you assumed an innocent look, which made him raise an eyebrow
« my cute little boba boyfriend, could you ask for enhypen's sunoo number, for your cute little soulmate? »
raises his eyebrows even more after that, a nervous, mocking laugh escaping his pretty lips
because he thought you were joking
when you weren't
« wait, you're serious? »
seeing the serious way you looked at him, he understood that you were serious
then a jealousy invaded his whole body, crossing his arms against his chest
« why? you already have a sunwoo in your life, isn't it enough for you? »
a crystalline laugh left your lips, which made the tips of sunwoo's ears blush despite the pout on his lips
that you hastened to kiss, before resting your chin on his hand
« he's just cute, but of course, you're cuter than him. and above all, i'm in love with you, dumbass, not with him. »
에릭 ✩ eric
you were both quietly installed in the living room
you working on your homework while he relaxed himself, playing the console
when you remembered that tweet you saw this morning
continuing to do your homework, your voice suddenly distracted him from his game
his head swiveling towards you with a shocked expression
« and why do you need beomgyu's number? »
he was not jealous, or at least not yet
but when you shrug your shoulders
replying that beomgyu looked really funny and always in a good mood
he felt his stomach tighten
and you see out of the corner of your eye, his pouty lips, tearing you a sweet smile, melting your heart
« hmm.. yea sure.. »
his voice sounded so sad all of a sudden, that you bothered to leave the table to sit on his lap
kissing his cheek tenderly, hanging your arms around his neck
« look at your sad face, are you jealous? »
he looked away, just wrapping his warm arms around your waist
a little laugh left your lips, stroking his hair softly while whispering
« you're the sunshine of my life, eric. no one will ever replace you. not even choi beomgyu. »
Tumblr media
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