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#i'm emotional okay
simplepotatofarmer · 19 days ago
i just think everyone should list their favorite technoblade moment, i'll go first:
- when he gets all excited about remembering a greek mythology story and starts telling chat all about it.
- mcc 8 when he got knocked out of hole in the wall but phil was still in and techno was cheering him on so hard and then did the whole 'i mean i don't like that guy' bit because he was on the other team
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piratefairy-moonlight · 5 months ago
thinking about how Bucky used his superstrength and his metal arm, both of which had been used to make a perfect killing machine out of the winter soldier, not for destroying, but for fixing and crafting something when he helped Sam and Sarah on the boat
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mjonesing · 19 days ago
in today’s emotional hours, i’m thinking about hands.
specifically how in ffh, when they arrive at the airport, their hands search for each other because they finally can. they are testing out this new, beautiful thing between them that continued to bloom despite what was otherwise a disaster of a summer trip.
but in nwh, they’re holding hands already. it’s sure and it’s comfortable and is a message of solidarity to everyone around them. but more than that, most importantly, they are holding each other’s hand to reassure each other - there is an equal amount of pressure, like they’re both holding tight, trying to tell their partner i’m right here by your side, it’s going to be okay. 
peter’s life has fallen apart, but mj hasn’t faltered in her belief in him; nothing can change that.
mj has been thrust into the public eye because of him, and peter wants to protect her, to let her know she is not alone in this.
they are holding hands in a message to themselves and the world.
they are together. united. no matter what.
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deancrowleycas · 4 months ago
just yesterday I thought ‘wow SPN tumblr is kind of dead rn’ but really we were all just taking a nap to wait for Misha’s and Jensen’s quality content <3
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after sitting through season 1 watching buck being mostly alone and excluded from the group it's so refreshing that eddie is finally here. buck never has to do a risky move on his own anymore. eddie will always have his back, through thick and thin 😭
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bee-in-a-trench-coat · 2 months ago
You ever feel like you want to hug a fictional character?
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seventeenlovesthree · 4 months ago
I guess it really is me just being some kind of ~distant observer when it comes to football these days, but...
I really can’t believe that it took a “There are the 5 only players who have been around for Bayern’s 9 consecutive league titles” picture for my brain to... Finally see Manuel and Thomas as actual successors of Philipp and Bastian.
The heart and the soul of the team. The leaders, the guidances. The captains.
I don’t understand why it took so long for my brain to accept this simple analogy. Of course Lahmsteiger did things differently, they had their own legacy, experiences that can never be replicated in the same way.
However, Neuller had their own experiences of downfall and successes. And look where it brought them.
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Tumblr media
I’m like 99,99% sure this was unintentional and there was no deeper meaning or intention here, but let me tell you I fucking  c r i e d.
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splinteredself · 2 months ago
I've been loving my experience in fandoms these past few years... canon gay Shiro, canon catradora, the villaneve kiss, as-good-as-canon TV wangxian, book hualian, Jon and Martin's relationship, canon gay Castiel, and now canon bi Loki... times truly are changing
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random-french-girl · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Black the beast descends from shadows,
Yellow beauty burns gold.”
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alchemania · 10 months ago
Am I once again crying over the Knights throwing a party for Jean to show how much they appreciate her?
...maybe a little bit.
This game is so wholesome I'm all choked up man, I'm LOVING this found family. Y'all can pry it from my cold, dead hands.
(Diluc also appreciating Jean had my heart soft I told y'all he was a softie I TOLD YOU. He's a teddy bear.)
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landhoe · a month ago
I love all of you.
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me: you know what i think i'm doing okay, like i feel emotionally stable
cemetery drive, the mtv live version: *starts playing*
Tumblr media
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nightingaletrash · 10 months ago
walking into Markarth and hearing the cheering as the city’s people are reunited with those they thought they’d lost forever... Lyris and Sai finally taking a vacation together... seeing Verandis alive after being forced to leave him behind again... the rulers of Skyrim coming together and working together rather than fighting one another...
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makascythemeister · a year ago
Emotional about The Avatar and The Fire Lord
But imagine. Sozin helps Roku save his village and does what he can to help the island. And then leaves.
He leaves his best friend.
He helps the people who lived there find a place to live in the fire nation proper. Everyone goes on with life pretty well. Everyone didn’t need too much of an adjusting period. Except Roku’s wife.
Ta Min, who was now without her beloved husband. She didn’t know what to do. She was once held in high esteem for being the avatar’s wife and now she was a widow. She had her children to care for her and her grandchildren to bring joy. 
Sozin still feels so guilty about Roku. Because yes, he did all of that for his plan and his nation but he didn’t do it for the one he cared about most. His friend.
So he houses Ta Min and her kid’s family close to the fire nation palace (or whatever it is) and makes sure he and his wife check up on her, he’ll send servants to watch over the grandkids every so often to help her out, he’ll do what he can to help.
He keeps her close until one day, 12 years later he comes back from a grand victory and he can just tell that this was a very pivotal moment in his nation’s history to hear that Ta Min, passed away. She died in tears. Those around her asked what was wrong, but she didn’t know. She knew her heart was breaking and she didn’t know why. She died that day calling out for Roku. Sozin knew why. He felt a pang of guilt. That’s when he realized he left his friend to die and then went ahead and ordered his death all over again.
He still watched her grandkids grow up. The grandkids stay close friends with his own too. He watches Azulon’s son learn firebending in the courtyard and watches Roku’s granddaughter smile shyly as he winks at her after perfecting his latest trick. He sees them. He sees how they get along. He knows that look in Ursa’s face. It’s the same lovestruck look that Roku had. He see’s the look Ozai has. It’s the same young joyful look that he had before the war. He knows they’ll be okay. He knows that Roku’s family line will live on even if it’s his fault he won’t.
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i-dragonqueen · 11 months ago
When I was a little kid, the street in front of my grandma’s house was re-cemented, so my aunt took me outside and we put our hands in the fresh cement in front of our door to make imprints. I used to go to that house every single day, because it was closer to school than my mom’s and my grandma made lunch for me every day, and took care of me when my mom was on duty. 
The house isn’t ours anymore, and it’s been years since I’ve walked down that street. But I know that if I go, no matter who lives in the house my grandmother raised her family in, no matter who lives in the houses of the neighbors we played with over three generations, there will always be the trace of a very small hand on the ground, smudged by years of family walking in and out and back in again.
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titleofkaidam · 11 months ago
no I'm not about to reread every single riordanverse book now that the tower of nero is out why would you even think that *laughing nervously while pushing away a pile of books*
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