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#i'm having a moment

I love these two characters so much, ESPECIALLY their minion counterparts. They look like they work really hard to catch up to you and stand by your side. They’re not independent, instead remaining next to you, and I really like to think of it all as a metaphor. They work their hardest to be able to be by your side, and while they have minds of their own, they don’t falter or wander off from their place next to you. Sure, they may do so at times in the story, but it is with the intention of being assistance to you and the Scions. I love them so much

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i’m in a weird limbo of being so fucking bored that doing anything seems interesting, and not wanting to do shit because i’m also getting used to doing nothing because of being locked in my house and my semester being over.

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it’s almost one in the morning and i’m re-reading the king’s men for the nth time, as one does, and honest to god this book destroys me everytime and like nothing else.

i didn’t think i was a personal problem. you hate me, remember?

“every inch of you. that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t blow you.

name something more iconic than this whole conversation. i’ll wait.

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Do you think if maybe we bought all the chocolate milk we could lure yugyeom out? But since he's scared of living alone he'd likely ask one of the boys to come with him and they would all agree to just go together and then we'd have got7 馃ぇ this is my plan on getting another ot7 vlive. I miss them !!

For a worthy cause, I see. It’s worth a goddamn shot. Time to get to buying 😂

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[ if ever there were a post that better describes the vibes ray tries to give off/better expresses what ray’s original character concept was supposed to be, that “you follow the sound of claire de lune while lost in your uncle’s mansion” post is it. ]

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For the every song is a destiel song if you try hard enough : Champion (ft. Beau young prince) by American Authors. Whenever I hear it I think of Bamf Cas coming to Dean's rescue haha

omg did you say bamf!cas saving dean’s ass?! i’m so here for this 🙌🏻

The crowd only cheers when the blood hits the floor

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter, they’ll just replace me

And the crowd will still be screaming for more

I need to believe that an angel like you can save me

You bring me life when I’m undone

In my colosseum, you’re my champion

When I’m cold and numb

Please tell me that you’ll never run

In my colosseum, you’re my champion

Champion, ‘cause I need you here to stay

Champion, fight the lions in my way

When I’m cold and numb

Please tell me that you’ll never run

Protect me like my armor, I can’t feel the pain

omg anon

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listen i’m not saying i’m “obsessed” with rdj or anything i’m just saying that if robert’d star in a fifteen seasons long tv show and y’all would make the breath-taking gifsets of him that you make anyway, i’d know which season and episode and scene and exact second that gifset takes place

but in no way am i obsessed that’s ridiculous

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Imagine being finally reunited with the man you love after a month of missing the other one deeply just to be once again separated after only two weeks… Imagine being finally happy again but now living in the constant fear that you’re maybe gonna lose him forever…..

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