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pursemongerstuff · 3 hours ago
She broke up with him because she doesn't think she's good for him. She thinks he'd be lonely with her. She doesn't think she can ultimately make him happy?!?!🥺😭
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smurfingg · 8 hours ago
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“could you help me with my science homework? i’m having trouble with it and the way jamie explained it didn’t really make sense...”
“of course, bud! let’s get that finished up and then we can break into that pumpkin pie your mom brought, mkay?”
“thanks, dad!”
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ickle-ronniekins · a day ago
I have no question, really. I just want to say that I adore you! I love your writing; you're amazing! I love the Weasley twins and you do such a great work depicting them. 💕 Hope you're well!
Much love from a Hufflepuff 😉💛
oh my goodness, this has made my day! i'm so sorry this response is coming back at you so late, i haven't been back on tumblr in quite some time, but i am so happy and humbled to know that my silly little stories about those two boys are still finding new readers! i appreciate your kind words so very, very much! <3 sending all my love to you!
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thetraversingreader · 3 days ago
Elliott headcanon #17-3
- Once he lives in the farmhouse, he loves coziness in winter
 -> Likes cuddling up in a big soft blanket while writing or on the couch
 -> enjoys it when the farmer snags his blanket and wears nothing but
 -> loves ending a long snow stroll with his spouse and or children with hot punch, hot choclate and classic winter snacks - nuts, christmas cookies, apple crunch pie...
 -> Loves the time in the office in the extremly early hours of the morning. When its dark outside and the world is bathed in glittering snow. The house and the world is quiet and he sits there in his blanket and works on his stories (in my personal world, Elliotts office has huge window fronts so he is basically enveloped in the world of spinely, snow-covered trees in the early light...)
 -> Sometimes one of his toddlers will come to the office in early mornings because they know he’s often there. They knock shyly but they know its okay as long as they remain quiet. Elliott lets them in and allows them to climb into his blanket and cuddle up to him while he works. He loves the feeling of their warmth while they just fall asleep against him again
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darklightheart · 4 days ago
Literally All I’m Hearing as I Write Up the Last Chapter
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cinnabun-faerie · 4 days ago
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anarchy-and-piglins · 7 days ago
Phil is going to donate Techno's will to Eret’s museum.... oh....
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keepontalking · 8 days ago
SNSD’s new teaser is an Into The New World remix. I need my emotional support stuffy~
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emilyblame · 9 days ago
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so much hurt in such a tiny detail.
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stevetown · 12 days ago
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For my 30th birthday, @plummetingplum made me a Persona 5 character complete with custom Persona!! I'm in a state of dumbfounded awe at her incredible artistic prowess and how much she gets me. This gift is everything to me. I'm so lucky. I love you so much <3
I can't wait to explore this new decade of my life with you.
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bookshop-cryptid · 13 days ago
It's good to be young, but let's not kid ourselves It's better to pass on through those years and come out the other side With our hearts still beating Having stared down demons Come back breathing
You deserved better than you got Someone's got to say it sometime because it's true People should have told you you were awesome Instead of taking advantage of you
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sirchubbybunny · 14 days ago
When Brian Fallon said "Here, in the dark, I cherish the moonlight. I'm in love with the way you're in love with the night; and it travels from heart, to limb, to pen", I felt that in my soul.
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haychii · 17 days ago
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Just know that I believe in you.
I always have, and I always shall.
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moonstrider9904 · 19 days ago
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Happy birthday, Moon! You are a doll, a goddess, a great talent and wonderful person. I hope you had a wonderful day!
Sam, I--
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I lack the words to express how lovely this made me feel, this is such a beautiful detail and I'm nothing short of honored!!! The letter, your kind words--
Hang on I just need a moment, I-
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Thank you for your kindness and for this lovely detail, it is much appreciated and I'm sending you a big, big hug!
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sunkissed-mogai · 21 days ago
after a lot of thought, i've decided to leave the mogai community.
you all have been wonderful and i've thoroughly enjoyed my stay, for the most part. i made almost 2500 posts' worth of content. probably over 1000 genders. i've fullfilled dozens of requests and answered hundreds of asks.
and it's been great.
you guys are awesome. every anon who's come to my inbox, everyone who's ever sent a request, everyone who leaves positive comments on my posts. you guys are some of the best people i've ever known. and this community will always be in my heart. but coining has taken too much out of me. running this blog feels like a chore. this is horrible on my mental health and it's time i realise that disappoining one or two followers is less important than my entire state of mental wellbeing.
on that note, though, i am sorry. it's gotten harder and harder to convince myself that anyone actually likes my content, that anyone actually wants me here. but if there's someone who enjoys my posts, or likes the genders i make... i'm sorry. i can't keep doing that and i'm sorry. you don't deserve for me to just dip out on you like this.
it hurts too much to carry on. when i don't coin, i hate myself for not coining. when i do coin, i hate myself because of the quality of my posts, the quality of my genders. i hate myself because i will never be reign or cinna or mason or the sunrise system. i will never be enough, or so it seems. i've tried going on a hiatus. i've tried "pushing through." i've tried to act like my usual fun and peppy self from january. i've tried to make my flags better and my posts cuter. there's only one thing left to try. so that's what i'm doing.
thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. thank you for some of the wackiest conversations, happiest days, and best friends i could've ever asked for. thank you for being my safe place- my people. thank you for making me smile and making me cry. thank you for being here. i love you all.
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silk-and-oranges · 22 days ago
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The Art of Fuckery vs Wherever You Go, There you Are
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dearpillbug · 24 days ago
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