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#i'm really sleep deprived

What do you mean I overwhelmed by life…

Almost 4AM (have to wake up around 8AM)

Me : * Have to : Study, Update my other account, Finish writing 3 fanfictions, Finish inking illustrations, NSFW sketches comming, Job, Shopping for some stuffs tomorow morning, Fill in calendar, Check school application, Etc… *

Also Me : * keep scrolling on tumblr *

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Does it make me a bad person, if I’m just a little bit happy that Eleanor died? BOO-YAAA! IN YOUR FACE ROGERS!!

Imagine the pain Flint feels thinking he has caused the death of both Madi and Eleanor. ;( Thank god there were all those pirates and slaves in the maroon camp. He was right all along! (Never once did I doubt that!!)

So now we have the fallout between Billy and Silver, how are they going to split up Flint and Silver? (I know. Flint finds Billy half dead and learns it is because of Silver.)

But, is Madi really dead? Is Thomas dead? We haven’t seen them dead, so…

…now I’m going to go through my dash and find out what you all thought. 

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all atl do lately is play with dogs and drink beer.

WRONG let me educate you 

  • alex is in the process of wedding planning/hiking with his dogs/hiking with lisa (some may include her in the dog category) and possibly even song-writing WOOOO
  • jack i’m 99.9% sure he’s banging nano
  • zack is just… workin out 
  • rian is loving on cassadee and rivalling jack for hangover status

AND BOOM don’t worry there’s definitely dogs and beer in there but there’s also things to laugh about 

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I have been going to be so late because I can’t sleep. I don’t feel comfortable in my room lately, and it’s pissing me off. And my family is one of those families who doesn’t have ANY kind of medication. So I don’t even have like NyQuil, or even just allergy medication (we do, but that shit is literally locked up in my parents room)… All we have are cranberry pills, tums, and baby aspirin… And my grandpa was like “you want an ambien” (he can’t sleep either, so he takes that) and I’m like “I want to sleep, not slip into a fucking coma”.. Like even just 2 advil would put me to sleep… I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow.. That I’ve only been on time to twice this semester…

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Ever since I was little they told me I was a free spirit.
An old soul.
I used to think that made me cursed.
I didn’t fit the mold of the other kids.
I didn’t fit.

I kissed girls at a sleepover in 4th grade because they were pretty.
They kissed back.
I was never closeted because I’m not one to hide how I feel.
My emotions are either hidden completely or screamed at the top of my lungs.

You will accept who I am because I said so and you don’t have much choice.
You will accept that my mind runs full throttle at 3am but not at 3pm.
Because you haven’t a choice.
I am who I am and I do what I do because that is me and there are two options for you.
Accept me.
Or stay in my wake.

I am a hurricane.
A tornado.
Some force Of nature and I swear to you, I am going to do something with this life.

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