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#i'm sad
aiyasbs · an hour ago
i'm really really hoping that we get sambuckysharonzemo as our new cap quartet because the chaos that happens between the 4 of them is smth i want to have forever
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aimtrick · an hour ago
Tumblr media
☽ ⚜ ☾  ⎯⎯⎯         OKAY   ,   DAY   TWO   of   playing   dad   by   gaylight   !!!   Let’s   see   what   abomination   will   I   get
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goopeculiar · an hour ago
wonder jungkook/jimin, PG-13, 7604 words. "You see, one loves the sunset when one is so sad." -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
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monochromaticvision · an hour ago
It took me a bit over four months but I caught up with Critical Role Campaign 2 and LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I’m not exactly sure if I should be proud of myself or concerned but I did it!
Can’t believe I have to wait every week for a new ep now what am I gonna do now that I can’t binge anymore
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kirbymybeloved · 3 hours ago
I think I accidentally reported a post as spam when trying to play a video that looked cute 😭😭 I can't see it anymore so sorry to whoever posted that, it looked like a great video my phone is just dumb😭😭
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consulaaris · 3 hours ago
don’t want to massively spoil the short fic series i’ve been chipping away at if you already know how some of it goes down bc i can’t keep my mouth shut ever no you don’t <3 but i’ve been having a lot of thoughts about rys lately, and just-
at his core he’s a character who does a lot of very terrible things for the right reasons, because to him that makes his actions thus justifiable. this isn’t to say he doesn’t find himself morally reprehensible (self hatred galore here), but he views the things he does as necessary. and rys just strikes me as a particularly tragic character because he’s not a good person- he hasn’t been for many, many years. but he’s trying so very hard to act in support of a cause he believes is good. because even if he doesn’t view himself as redeemable, even if he doesn’t think he’ll be around to see it or necessarily view himself as being worthy of doing so, there’s this faint hope that by his actions as a double agent for the republic he can in some small way help to change the galaxy for the better.
(no matter the costs- to himself, to the people he cares about- for rys the results will always outweigh the methods... and he’ll be the one doing the dirty work. he’s already too far gone to stop it, and he’d rather debase himself for a cause, a hope, than for the fascist empire that’s been influencing him since birth.)
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suuuuuuunshinexxx · 4 hours ago
I hate nights where I can’t sleep and all I want is to just talk to someone about anything and everything like I just miss having that connection ://
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korvanjund · 4 hours ago
So the hard drive on my laptop is fucked. My friend tried all he could but the it was too corrupt for him to save anything, so I lost everything.
I’m mostly upset about all the art I lost. I had a bunch of WIPs on there that are gone now. I’ll never get them back.
He gave me a new hard drive, which was so sweet of him, and he put a bunch of shit on my laptop to protect it in case something like this happens again.
I guess this serves as a reminder to back everything up every so often.
Luckily I’ve been writing Blood of the Dragon on my phone, and that’s backed up regularly. So I’ll never lose that. If I had lost all of it like I did my art, I probably would have had a complete meltdown and then I would have given up on it completely. So I guess I need to count my blessings.
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logically-asexual · 4 hours ago
so as you noticed i’ve been depressed all day and my brain decided to take revenge on itself by finding just the damn perfect Loceit fic (which happens to be over 100k words long and incomplete... sigh) and started reading it at midnight.
... how is this going to help? it’s not. i’m going to be more depressed because of lack of sleep tomorrow and the cycle will keep repeating i guess
i woke up fine this morning... but oh well.
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anomalis · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
if anyone on this blog is never allowed to be sad, it’s her.
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mando-chicken · 4 hours ago
Me: *Watching people shouting at people about some random fanfic in The Mandalorian community*
Me: *Watching people screaming about how horrible TBB show is because of some rumours before the show is even out*
Me, who just came here to browse fanwork in peace:
Tumblr media
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Stephen probably has never seen a beach i'm sad
i mean, when he was a kid, but he’s lived in NY for at least a while (I at least headcanon he went to college there) and New York has beaches
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My mama used to say
'You need to ask yourself
who you are!'
How can I know that
when every version is rejected
either by my school
or by her?
How can I know who I am
when I am ten thousand souls
wrapped into one?
How do I become who she wants
with the illness
still ebbing at the forefront
of my mind?
And I know I promised
I wouldn't go down that road again,
but what if I never
turned down the right one?
Which path hurts the most?
My mama used to say
that my friends wouldn't like me
if I was myself.
My ideas and my identity
were rejected,
so I made up new ones.
Better to be a plastic bitch
than a real one.
It's better to have thick skin
than bleeding wounds.
People always commanded
that I become who they want
but I never learned
who I was supposed
to be.
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