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#i'm screaming

I did a redraw of something I made two-ish years ago (you can dm me for the og) and HOT DANG! I wasn’t sure how I would’ve improved so I experimented and did whatever and this popped out. I’m screaming it is so good! This is my old sona Valor Nightstrike. I kinda miss drawing her and I adore her still, even if I don’t use her as a sona of sorts

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don't forget vocal gkljflf deep ass grunts and moans in between, also whispers in the ear with his voice already gruff from so much kissing damn

oh my god sjknsjnks pls,, that low voice of his? his groans would be so deep, the kind where it’s from the back of his throat, his voice gruff when he speaks and lips swollen n glistening,, end me

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As the daughter of a chimney sweep, my reactions went

“oh honey, you gotta open the flue…”

(marisha “the flue is open?”)

“I bet it’s not…”

“what do you MEAN your chimney hasn’t been cleaned? …do you even have a cap? HAVE YOU ST LEAST HAD IT INSPECTED?!”

“Why are you flipping logs? What are you doing?”


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