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orevet · a day ago
just saw a post that was like "weh the dems let roe v wade fail so they could fundraise" and their 'proof' was that official emails went out five minutes after the decision hit the news
like. motherfucker did you miss the part where the decision draft leaked like a month and a half ago? jusy because this wasn't a surprise to anyone who doesn't have worms for brains doesn't make it a conspiracy
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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses · 11 months ago
for some reason i personally am receiving a lot of snide comments (and a few “kill yourself you pink cunt” etc messages) regarding this tumblr+ horseshit....despite the fact I:
only just heard about it, have literally nothing to do with it
have no intention of signing up for it? it’s bullshit?
have already spoken, multiple times, at length, about how i very specifically and purposely avoid putting content behind a paywall, even when it would make more sense for me financially, bc i genuinely believe in the importance of keeping online content accessible.
i’m assuming this is punishment for the fact i include tip jar links in some of my posts (which some of you have been, haha. passionately rude about), despite the fact reader support is how I try to earn a modest living (hi. disabled and unemployed here), while keeping this blog free of sponsors/ads, and (again) not putting extra content behind paywalls, even though that has always been an option (patreon, ko-fi, other platforms exist).
so no, i’m obviously not signing up for tumblr’s new subscription ‘feature,’ as it’s the antithesis of the values i try to adhere to. and that i have talked about. multiple times.
so great job tumblr. you really fucking excel at punishing people for the behavior you claim to want to see.
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thingstrumperssay · a month ago
Every time I use my situation as an example of why abortion should be legal it usually goes like this-
“If I get pregnant as a result of rape I will die if I can’t abort the fetus before it kills me.”
“Then get your tubes tied.”
“My insurance won’t pay for that and I can’t afford it. Are you going to pay for it?”
“No, why would I do that? It’s not my responsibility to make sure you don’t get pregnant! (Even though I’m making it so you can’t abort it.)”
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slapshotsandscones · 17 days ago
Every time you don't include aro people in your pride posts you owe us money.
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funnytwittertweets · a year ago
Tumblr media
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uglieeeee · 3 months ago
tumblr really is my escape at the moment
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artflavroed · 3 months ago
I don’t know what hurts more.
No one noticing or no one caring.
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vintagewiccan · 19 days ago
That unexplained divine urge to scream all your pain and anger away until your vocal cords tear and your voice goes silent.
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notfunctionalbeing · 7 months ago
I'm tired of feeling like my mind is not mine.
I'm tired of not having control over myself.
I'm tired of trying to try.
I'm tired of being tired.
I'm just tired.
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maesterleia · 11 days ago
God I'm really so fucking sick of this. Asexual people are not responsible for pride discourse. Asexual people are not responsible for homophobia. Asexual people are not responsible for sex negativity. Asexual people are not straight people in disguise. Asexual people aren't "stealing" anything from other identities. Asexual isn't a microlabel. Asexuality has always been a part of LGBT+ history. Asexuality cannot by definition be cishet. If you see a terf and you don't want to interact with or support anything they say you should absolutely be doing the same towards aphobes. Stop supporting people who spew aphobia, stop reblogging from them, stop giving them your attention, stop putting them on my fucking dash.
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malditoinfierno28 · a month ago
Estoy harta de vivir, estoy cansada y me siento enferma de todo a mi alrededor. Te juro que estoy sobreviviendo a estas grandes ganas de morir.
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bam-fuckin-margera · 2 months ago
jackass moots where u at 🤨
Tumblr media
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i-will-disappear · 6 months ago
they say I'm not my illness but i don't know who I am without my illness.
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perpetuallyfive · 2 months ago
I’m seeing some places on the internet celebrating the removal of the mask mandate and it’s just shocking and really disheartening to me. 
My first reaction was to think about how I’d finally started to feel really normal again, going out regularly on the train or with the option of a ride share if I walked somewhere too far out of the way. I’m currently spending a lot of time in a city not my own, and a lot of my time here was originally at the omicron spike when I really felt stuck in the apartment and apart from this new place. Now that I’m feeling so comfortable here, this shift is really really scary and sort of isolating. 
I’m scared but other people are cheering because they’ve decided those of us with health issues that make us extra concerned are mentally ill paranoid weaklings who don’t have a place in society anymore.
It’s really really exhausting to find such disgusting lack of empathy even in places that champion themselves as being progressive and thoughtful.
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erwteumenhmetovasano · 4 months ago
I’m mentally and physically exhausted
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unseeninplainsight · 7 months ago
are you actually ready for a relationship, or do you just not want to be alone anymore ?
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eremin0109 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is this what Charan meant when he said "You are unmarried when you're on set" to Tarak with that smug ass smile on his face???
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battling-my-demons · 7 months ago
I can't stand the people who say "I demand respect no matter what!" Or "you should respect your elders!" Or "respect your family!" Often times, those are the same people who disrespect you and everyone else. No, you do not deserve respect if you can't respect others. You don't automatically deserve respect even if you're an elder or family member. I don't care what anyone says. You have to give respect to earn it. If you disrespect me, you do not deserve respect from me. I don't care who you are. You earn the treatment I give you. If you treat me well, I will return that. If you treat me like shit, that's the shit you get back.
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humming-fly · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Inktober Day 2 - Repose
A bit late today cause I actually Just Finished my first ever steel soul run in hollow knight! Figured I’d go for gold and shoot for 100% completion and shockingly managed to get it first try~
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