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#i'm so sAd

do you think harry practised his lines with louis over facetime or skype 😭 before his first day 😭 he must have been nervous 😭and louis is so comforting bye

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Just a reminder:

Someone can feel so fucking low and think about killing themselves daily while smiling and seeming happy; seeming fine. Some of us like to keep that part all to ourselves and/or with those CLOSE to us. Doesn’t mean it’s not valid or not real.

PS. Don’t forget, you’re kicking ASS and you can keep doing it. You’ll be okay ❤


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To all the people who are complaining about pandemic isolation and lockdown:

My life always was that way. I always was alone. Always outsider, never go out with friends, because I have never had friends. And I was never im relationship. I really hoped 2020 will change my life for the better. I myself changed for the better, I’m more confident and ready for the relationship. I’m better person than 2019 me, but… There is lockdown. I don’t even go to my university. I’m craving love, craving the touch of another person, I want to kiss, to cuddle, to talk for hours, to make passionate love and to plan the future with someone. But there is no hope.

I’m beautiful, passionate, and intelligent 22 year old woman, and I’m so fucking lonely, I’m literally devastated, I just want love, love, love and love, human touch and understatement… :’( I just want love

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Why is it that I always discover or start reading a series around the same time the last book is out. It makes me so sad cause I never really get enjoy all the hype around it. Or the feeling of having to patiently wait for the next release. Like, f*ck.

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Did I just write about J in my diary/journal?? Yes, yes tf I did. I’ve only written about him here, but never actually dared to Write it down on paper, I always thought it would bring too much pain. While it didn’t, it still brought sadness and regret. He will live in my head, along with the memories. I’ll just have to accept that I’ll never be with him and that I’ll never get over him. Anyway I felt like making a post this time and not put it in the tags. I’m so sad guys lmao. Anyways, I’m listening to H.E.R and drowning in sadness for the rest of the night.

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