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#i'm so tired
let-it-show · a day ago
Elsa, bursting naked out of Anna's ice cream cake: Happy ANNAversary!!!
Anna: It's my birthday, not our anniversary... *staring at Elsa's boobs*
Elsa: Yes...ANNAversary..Anniversary of you being born...
Anna: *still hypnotized by boobs covered in ice cream and cake* Today can be our anniversary sure whatever you want..
Elsa: *gives up and they go at it like their ship is sinking*
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parabloom · a month ago
all over me, all over you
Tumblr media
in which you convince reiner to fuck you on camera.
wc: 4.6k
warnings: smut! 18+ content (consensual filming, unprotected sex, creampie, toys, fingering, dumbification, minor degradation, minor mentions of daddy bc i'm self indulgent)
a/n: for @arlerted 's on the line collab <3 thank u cal for letting me join, please go see the other authors who wrote marvelous things
it's 6am and i haven't slept and i have class in an hour i'm going batshit insane
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“you want me to what?”
you roll your eyes. “i want you to fuck me on camera.”
reiner looks at you, incredulity painted across his face. “babe, you can’t be serious.”
“i am!” you slouch over the kitchen island, elbows planted on the cool marble counter, hands propping your head up. “i’m completely serious. this is my serious face. so many of my followers have asked about my boyfriend, wanna see you in action.” you pout at him, eyes wide and doe-like as you watch him chuckle, tending to the frying pan. you can’t help the way your eyes trail over his toned body, fair skin marked with your love, and drooling just thinking about him fucking your brains out for the world to see. you could just imagine his arms, thick corded muscle swelling as he holds you down, hips pounding against yours as you lay there, pliant, taking it all.
“wipe your drool,” he says tonelessly, serving your plate of pancakes with syrup, whipped cream and diced strawberries. you mouth waters; reiner’s already such a wonderful boyfriend, but his cooking is god’s gift to mankind. “look, baby, you know i love you. i love what you do, and i support you, but i don’t know…”
you shake your head, mouth stuffed full of pancake. “i’sh okay,” you beam, voice muffled. “i jus’h wan’ed to as’hk. you don’t hav’ta.”
“do not speak to me with your mouth full,” he chides, a gentle smile crossing his features. he wipes a bit of syrup off the corner of your mouth and brings it up to his lips. “mm. tastes good, yeah?”
you nod, puckering your lips playfully.
“i’ll think about it,” he says after a long pause. you look at him, eyebrows raised, eyes glowing. “it’s not a yes, but i’ll think about it okay?”
Tumblr media
you’ve been making content since before you met reiner. it wasn’t like you needed the money desperately, just a little here and there for extra spending money. you enjoyed it, enjoyed making the content, enjoyed seeing people get off to your videos, but when you got a boyfriend, you became a little more reserved about it. you were hesitant to tell reiner, weary of the possibilities of what he might say; that you were a whore, gold digger, whatever. you’d heard it all before, but you liked reiner, and that made all the difference.
so when you told him, what you were not expecting was for him to go pink, flush dusting his cheeks and an awkward hand coming up to scratch at his neck, and for him to go, “i kinda already knew…”
you whacked him. hard. “what do you mean you knew?” you fired question after question at him, eyes filled with fiery mirth. you collapsed on the couch together, laughing as he explained how he’d found you one day, never really thought anything about it until he met you in real life. “oh, so i wasn’t good enough for your money? is that what you’re saying?” you teased him, pinching his arm.
“no! no!” his hands gripped the thick of your hips, holding you steady. “i did subscribe, actually, but then i met you in real life, and…”
now it was your turn to flush red. “and you never told me?”
“i was waiting for you to be comfortable with saying it.”
oh. he was more of a gentleman about it than you were expecting him to be, his thumb stroking patterns into your skin as you straddled his hips. “did you… like the videos?” you asked shyly, watching his jaw clench.
“yeah,” he muttered. “a lot.”
the thought of him watching you, his hand jerking off his thick cock, fuck, that sent heat straight to your cunt. you rolled once, tentatively against his hips, feeling the growing proof of his desire under you. “i can tell,” you smirked at him, watching his breath hitch, his grip on you tightening. “which one did you like the most?”
“i- fuck, stop that, i--”
“c’mon, tell me.” you leaned down, planting your lips against the column of his neck. “which one did you like? which one made you cum the most, honey?”
“t-the one, with the black dildo. the big one. fuck, stop that!” but his hands gripped you tightly, pulling you closer to him. “that one was--”
“hot, wasn’t it?” your hands climbed under his tank top, cool fingers against his flushed skin. “i got a lot of donations from that one.”
“do me a favour,” he murmurs, hand coming up to tangle in your hair, pulling you back sharply. you cut off with a gasp, meeting his stony gaze, soaked in honey and glitter. “only use that toy with me.”
Tumblr media
it’s obvious that reiner was supportive of you, so why are you overthinking it? did he not wanna be part of the videos because he was embarrassed? it was a huge ask, you admit, but you can’t help the sinking feeling you feel. he usually did the background work for you, helping you set up the camera, maybe even giving you an orgasm or two before you start, but never dared set foot in front of the red blinking light.
you get over it. you can’t force him to do anything, and if he’s happy enough doing the backstage work, fine by you. but every time you sit in front of the camera, you can’t help but imagine it was him, fucking you senseless, leaving you a stupid mess under him. no toy could even compare to the size of his dick, not even the black one he loved so much, two inches shy of reiner’s cock, and lacking the pretty veins you adored so much. you’re beat into the shape of him, so bad nothing satisfies you as much or as fast as him.
you can’t imagine how much you’d lose control if you fucked him on camera, for thousands of viewers to see. and it looks like you won’t ever get to know either.
Tumblr media
“i wanna do it.”
your head snaps up from your computer, at your boyfriend standing at the doorway, arms folded across his chest. “what?”
“i wanna do it,” he repeats, and you can see a shy smile start to creep onto his lips. “i wanna join your stream.”
you wriggle out of the chair, flinging yourself onto him so forcefully he stumbles back slightly, a little laugh bursting through his lips. “you’re serious? you wanna come on my stream?” your eyes are wide, glinting wildly.
“oh, i’ll come alright.” you whack him loudly, rolling your eyes. “yes, yes, i wanna do it. gotta show those pervs who owns that pussy, hm?”
god, when he says it like that. “good. good.” you swallow thickly, ignoring the sticky mess your thighs are starting to become. “i- should it be like, a video? or we could do a livestream, whatever you want. you’re the guest, you choose. i like both, but videos--”
you cut off with a small gasp when you feel his hand snaked around your back, his large hand cupping your cunt. “stop rambling, baby,” he murmurs. “it’ll be like any other video or stream, yeah? no need to worry.”
“i’m not- i’m not worried,” you assure him, but you’re melting in his palm. you know he can feel how wet you’re getting at the simple prospect of him fucking you on camera. you rock your hips into his palm, neck craning to look at him. god he’s so pretty, the sunlight catching his golden lashes, streaking over his face. they’re gonna love him as much as they love you, you know it--
“you’re soaked,” he whispers. “thinking about it got you this riled up, huh?”
“fuck you,” his hand rubs gently, thumb ghosting over your clit through your panties. “f-fuck. fuck off, i have work to do.”
“that’s not a nice way to say thank you,” you can practically hear the smugness in his voice, and you can’t stop yourself from rocking into his hand; he’s got you right where he wants you, falling apart at the smallest touches. “oh, i forgot to tell you, actually. i have one condition.”
you’re nearly brainless, but you look up at him with curious eyes. “mm? what’s it?”
“i get to do what i want to you.”
Tumblr media
you shouldn’t be scared. you convince yourself you’re not, but you can’t help the way you fidget nervously on the bed, twiddling your thumbs as reiner stands behind the camera. he fixes it up, focusing it on the bed where you lay. you both decided on a video rather than a stream, just for a little bit more control since it’s his first time in front of the camera rather than behind it.
“how’s this look?” you hear him ask, and you look up to him showing you the angle on the viewfinder. you’re sitting there, pretty and pink in his favourite lingerie set, the one that he had to reign himself in from tearing off of you when you walked out of the bathroom fifteen minutes ago.
you nod, biting the inside of your cheek. “looks good.” why are you nervous? you’ve never been nervous around cameras since you first started, so why now? reiner seems to feel your restlessness, coming around to the bed and cupping your chin with his big, big palm.
“hey. look at me.” your neck cranes up, and eyes lock on his. he’s looking at you with the softest, most adoring glimmer in his eyes. “do you want to do this? we don’t have to.”
you laugh nervously. “shouldn’t i be saying that to you?”
he smiles, leans down to press a syrupy kiss on your lips. “i got you. do you trust me?”
never a trace of doubt in your voice as you murmur, “always.”
reiner backs you up until your back hits the plush mattress. the blinking red light tells you; he’s already started the recording, and thank god it’s a video so you can cut out the bit where you were on the verge of backing out. the doubt’s ringing at the back of your mind but reiner’s plush lips on yours makes you forget; you’re gasping into his mouth as he draws every breath out of you, spit slick lips peppering kisses from your mouth to your jaw, down to your neck.
“so, so pretty,” he whispers in between kisses, barely loud enough for you to hear, like it’s a little secret between the two of you. you’ve never felt more intimate in front of a camera-- reiner’s hands and lips and legs in between your thighs are making you feel like there’s only the two of you in the world, even though you know this is gonna be seen by thousands of strangers with their hands down their pants. “sit up for me?”
you follow as he says, and he shifts you so you’re both facing the camera, him sitting behind you. the blinking red is digging into your corneas, but you’re pulled out of your reverie when you feel reiner’s hands snake around your front, one hand on your chest, the other trailing down, down, down--
“fuck,” you gasp, bucking into his touch as his lithe fingers make contact with your lace panties. instinctively your legs spread, granting him allowance to where you need him most, but he gives you no more than gentle strokes. you’re squirming, practically begging for more, just a touch, rei, just touch me, please--
you’re cut off, your words twisting into a strangled moan as his free hand wraps around the column of your throat. his grip isn’t suffocating, just tight enough to send you a warning. “quit it,” he commands, his thumb nudging your jaw just slightly so you’re directly looking into the camera. “be a good girl, or we’re stopping.”
“nngh, uh!” you barely croak out an affirmative before he’s teasing you through your panties again, this time rubbing deliberate circles against your clit. you shut yourself up, steadying your body so you don’t go against his orders because you’d rather die than disobey reiner. his hand on your throat is cutting off your blood flow just enough to make your head spin a little, thoughts hazy.
and then he’s slipping your panties to the side, dipping a finger tentatively into your cunt and you whine. can’t help yourself and whine like a whore for more, in front of the potential thousands of people who asked for this, who are gonna watch you unfold and uncover your layers of debauchery. reiner’s hushing you as he slips in one finger into your slick. “fuckin’ wet for me, huh? you getting off to all these people watching you?” his words dig into your ears and melt your brain, and you nod dumbly, neck tilting up to look at him, but his fingers are quick to snap your jaw back in place, looking straight into the camera. “who said you could look at me? whores don’t get to look at me.”
you’re wrecked, and he’s barely touched you. he’s easing another two fingers into your cunt with the aid of your drooling wet, commenting about how nasty you are, gushing around my fingers like that. you’re clinging onto his bicep, your legs spread and trembling as he fucks his fingers in and out of you, curling into spots he knows like the back of his palm. reiner is so good, so good at making you cum so easily; knows your body better than you do, knows exactly what to do to make you unravel. your nails are digging into his skin and he hisses.
“you’re tightening up, baby,” he murmurs, loud enough for the mic to catch. “gonna cum? gonna cum like a slut around my fingers?”
“mmhm! mmhm!” you’re gasping, squealing and bucking your hips up to meet his fingers halfway. “please, let me cum? let me--” and you’re trailing off as he eases a fourth finger in, stretching your cunt beyond its limits. you go slack jawed, melting into him as he fucks you so, so rough. you love it, love how messy and desperate you get around him, and fuck, he loves it too.
“cum, baby,” he grunts. “need to make sure you’re nice and loose f’me, yeah?”
you nod through the thick haze of pleasure that clouds your consciousness, losing yourself in his grasp. you’ve completely forgotten about the camera at this point, just doing everything in your power to reach your high, to stretch that tight coil in your belly until it snaps, and you go tumbling into blinding white as you cum. you fall apart, gushing around his fingers and wrist and soiling the sheets with your nectar. the sounds you make are making him so goddamn hard, and he has to shift to relieve some of the stress in his sweats.
“good girl,” he praises, letting you breathe for a bit as he pulls his fingers out. he brings them up to your mouth, tapping your lips. “taste yourself. you’re fuckin’ sweet as sugar, baby.”
and you do. you listen, sucking his fingers, licking your arousal clean off. you don’t mind the taste because his voice is so goddamn erotic you’d do anything if he asked. you’re so far gone already you don’t notice him reach out of frame for something; a toy he’d left on the far side of the bed in preparation for this. reiner brings it up to you, letting the big silicon toy rest heavily on your stomach. you pull yourself together just long enough to catch sight of it, gasping softly.
“you guys haven’t seen this in a while, have you?” it takes you a second to realise he’s talking to the camera. “why don’t you tell them why, baby?”
“‘cause,” you drawl, hyperfocusing on the gentle strokes of his thumb on your upper arm, his silent question, are you alright? and you tap his thigh once, your silent answer, yeah, i’m okay. “‘cause i can ‘nly use it around… around…”
“around who, love?”
“around you, daddy,” you look up, neck tilting to catch his honeyed gaze. “for you, only, promise.”
“atta girl,” he whispers. “come, let’s get these pretty panties off you, yeah? wanna fuck you properly.”
he guides your hips up and glides your panties down, tossing it slightly behind him. you’re so pliable, so malleable that all he has to do is nudge you and you’re moving to his liking. you’re sitting between his legs, thighs thick and so lovely, ready for you to sink your claws into when you need to, and your legs are thrown over his, pussy spread and glistening for the world to see. he’s teasing a finger along your cunt again, rubbing your slick onto your clit in figure eights. “good, yeah?” he quips.
“rei, please- need you,” you beg, dainty hands wrapping around his bicep as you watch him pick up the toy again. “fuck, want it inside me, now.”
he hums. “demanding, huh?” he smiles against your neck. “okay. look at the camera.”
you whine, and he shoots you a look, one that says, i’m not playing. so you obey, tilting your head back to look straight into the invasive red. you feel the head of the toy tease at your hole and you have to stop yourself from bucking onto it, instead focusing all your energy on the blinking light.
reiner plays like this for centuries, until he’s finally, finally working the head of the toy into your cunt. “fuck, still so tight,” he mumbles, and you’re whining at the stretch as it splits you open. you’re shaking, trembling in his arms as he pumps the cock into you slowly, feeling it fill you to the brim and beyond. it’s still not as good as reiner’s own, but it’s enough that you’re clenching around it, already feeling the familiar kindling in your abdomen.
“spread your legs wider.” reiner commands, and when you’re too slow to react, his free hand comes down to shove your knees apart, keeping his grip on the fat of your inner thigh, pulling it as close to him as it can go. you’re leaning your shoulder blades back on his plush chest, knees bent and pussy so, so exposed to the camera, and in the viewfinder you can see the way he’s fucking the toy so deep into your cunt. you’re stretching around it, almost too big to fit but you manage, you always do what reiner wants you to do.
fuck. fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. your mouth is gaping open from the euphoria of the toy inside you; you hadn’t used it in a while, always opting for just going straight to reiner’s perfect, fat cock, but god, you forgot how good this one feels in you. it’s pounding into you, reiner’s steady hand pumping it into you at a speed that has you seeing stars, that has you waving to god. “dadd-daddy,” you’re stuttering now, clinging onto his thigh for leverage. “fuck, slow- slow down!”
reiner chuckles. “really, baby? you want me to slow down?” you’ve made a deal with the devil, you realise when he picks up the pace, pumping it into you impossibly faster. “you’re so far gone you don’t even know what’s best for yourself.”
your mouth drops open in silent pleasure. you can’t utter a single word, not with the silicon abusing your cunt at the pace he’s set. you just lie there and you take it, blinking back tears and your walls fluttering around the toy. you can’t even warn him when your second orgasm hits you because it comes so suddenly, washing over you with the strength of a tempest, sending you reeling and creaming over the thick cock.
“aw, you came,” reiner mocks, slowing down the pace of the toy finally. he lets you catch your breath before he pulls it out of you, mesmerised with the sheen of creamy white cum that coats the base of it. “didn’t say you could come, though, did i?”
“i-i’m sorry,” you gasp over your words, feeling so fucking empty without anything in you. “sorry, i didn’t mea’ to, i--”
“it’s okay, i didn’t expect much from a dumb baby like you.” his words are thorned with faux malice, but it only sends your cunt clenching around nothing. “you liked that huh? you like when i treat you like shit?”
you giggle airily. “you’re too nice to me, daddy,” you whisper, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. “want you to hurt me, make me cry.”
if he wasn’t hard before he certainly is now. he grunts, clearing his throat, almost felled by your words. almost. “is that what you want?” he asks quietly, almost like there isn’t anyone watching, like it’s just the two of you. he’s back to sweet old reiner, concern lacing his brows together.
“mmhm,” you hum, your eyes half lidded. “wanna go stupid on your cock. wan’ you to make me squirt, daddy.”
holy fuck. since when did you get so brave on camera? he nods sturdily, picking you up and manhandling you onto all fours before shucking off his tshirt and sweats. “you get what you ask for, baby,” he mutters. “you ready?”
you push your hips out, your slit just about catching the head of his cock. you both gasp, yours trailing off into a moan as you nod desperately. “yes, ready, please please, daddy!”
the camera light burns into your retinas as you stare into it. you’re so fucking exposed, facing the camera with reiner kneeling behind you, smoothing his rough palm over your spine, his other hand trailing his cock over your dripping pussy. you know why he wants you here, right in the face of the camera; to show everyone how good you feel, how fucked out his cock gets you. and he’s completely right, because as he works his thick cockhead into your tight cunt, your face twists into one of pure ecstacy.
reiner’s cock is so fucking thick, so long and fat with heavy balls that slap lewdly against your clit. he’s pounding into you so hard and so fast that you have to ball your fists into the sheets to keep yourself from falling over, but you can’t do jack shit to stop the moans that escape past your lips. you’re loud, you’re whining, and you know you’re gonna wake up tomorrow with noise complaints but reiner feels so fucking good in you maybe it’s worth it.
“fuck, princess, gotta shut you up,” you hear him seethe through gritted teeth. he’s grabbing your elbow, pulling you up harshly into an uncomfortable arch, but he’s stuffing something between your teeth before letting you back down slowly. you taste something salty, running your tongue over the unfamiliar fabric until you realise they’re your panties, balled up and shoved into you mouth. “yeah, that’s it. taste yourself on your panties, stupid slut.” you’re barely comprehending what he’s saying, so focused on the way his cock is pounding so fucking deep into you. “you’re taking my cock so well, lovely, so fucking good.”
you moan a response you don’t even understand. your thighs are trembling, arms shaking from the pressure you’re holding up. you’re ascending, so far above your consciousness, but every sharp thrust and loud slap against the fat of your thighs sends you reeling back to reality, where your boyfriend is splitting you at the seams for the world to watch.
i’m gonna fucking cum, you think but can’t say, any sound you make muffled by the wet lace. your knees are giving out before you can stop them, and your body makes full contact with the mattress. “come on, baby,” you hear reiner say, large palms gripping the sides of your hips, dragging you up slightly. somehow this angle lets him reach so much deeper, and you’re squealing so loud, gripping the sheets until your knuckles hurt. “be a good little fleshlight for me now.”
you wail. you sob as you cum from his words, cunt creaming violently around his thick cock. he’s holding you through it, never letting up his pace. his stamina is godly, you know this from the years you’ve been together, but he hasnt cum once, and now he’s sending you towards your fourth.
“lemme get-” you hear, and you feel hime reach over you. you’re dazed out, don’t even notice how he’s grabbed the camera to switch to handheld, one hand still gripping the supple flesh of your ass. “that’s more like it. show everyone how much you’re fuckin’ cumming around my cock. look at that pussy. belongs to me, yeah?”
you’re nodding, humming yes, yes all yours, take it, take all of it but he doesn’t even need to hear it to know it. just the way you’re backing your hips against him, taking all of him and more. his free hands snaking around to your front, pressing hard against your navel. “can feel myself here,” he comments. “wanna flip you over, show everyone how deep you’re taking me.”
you do as he says, shifting quickly on to your back before he’s filling you again, camera focusing on the bulge in your tummy as he fucks in and out of you steadily. you’re so far gone, floating on water as he’s grunting, pressing down on your belly, like he’s searching for something, waiting for something to happen--
fuck. fuck. it happens before you can warn him, gushing all over his cock and the sheets. the panties have fallen out of your mouth at this point, letting your sweet moans permeate the air of the room. you’re squirting all over him, overstimulated but obedient, taking all of him as your clit throbs for mercy.
he’s saying something but you’re not catching it, something about made me all messy, and good fucking girl, gushing all over me like that. you’re cockdrunk, brain mush that you dont even flinch when he focuses the camera on you.
“look at me, baby,” he murmurs. “look at me when i cum in you.”
the camera is back down to where the two of you are connected, catching the way his hips stutter, how he twitches as he buries himself to the hilt in you, and cums. cums so, so much, thick, white saccharine seed that leaks out the sides of his cock. he stuffs you so full of himself gripping you as he comes down from his high.
his favourite part; he’s told you before, he loves seeing cum trickle out of you slowly. he pulls out, focusing the camera in front of your battered pussy, watching as thick white drips down your pussy onto the sheets you’re lying on. you whine, sobering up slightly, enough to realise how exposed you are.
his fingers push his cum back into you, coating it in the slick. “fuckin pretty,” he whispers, and you’re not sure if it’s for you to hear or the camera. “so goddamn good, this pussy.”
Tumblr media
“you’re not fucking serious- again?”
reiner looks up at you from the couch, his phone in his hand. you dont even have to look to know what video’s playing on it. he grins at you.
“we’re so hot, you know that?”
you roll your eyes at him, whacking him hard on the shoulder. “stop jacking off to yourself, narcissist.”
“i’m not!”
you whack him again for good measure before settling down next to him to watch the scene he’s been watching again and again on repeat. but you agree; it’s the best video you’ve made, and judging by the comments and the amount of attention it got, you’re not the only ones who think so.
so maybe fucking reiner on camera’ll become a regular thing.
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thebookquotes · 12 months ago
I wonder why I don't go to bed and go to sleep. But then it would be tomorrow, so I decide that no matter how tired, no matter how incoherent I am, I can skip on hour more of sleep and live.
— Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
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unforth · a month ago
What I think a lot of antis misunderstand about the message of someone like me - as someone outspokenly pro-ship and pro-kink is...
Everyone is within their right to want to protect themselves from content that makes them uncomfortable! If you're a minor, and you don't want adults to interact with you? That's a reasonable boundary to set! Boundaries, in general, are usually healthy, appropriate, and even necessary (not always, of course, but most of the time!). Heck, I am pro-basically-everything, but I still set boundaries, and there's lots of content I support the existence of without ever having any desire to interact with myself. Like. Ever. EVER. You do you but I'll be over here, having nothing to do with it, thanks. I'm anti-censorship, and pro-fiction-is-fiction, period.
So, when people like me roll our eyes and go, "God, why are all these people making ridiculous DNIs? Don't they know how pointless this is?" we're not saying "Don't set boundaries."
You absolutely should set boundaries, for your mental health, comfort, and protection.
We're saying - okay, well, maybe I shouldn't speak for everyone - but, I'm saying, "why are people who only feel comfortable within such narrow boundaries on a website like Tumblr?"
This is the fucking anti-boundaries website! It has reblogging functions you CAN'T TURN OFF. The instant your post leaves your blog? You lose all control over it! Even if you delete the original, you can NEVER get rid of those reblogs! So if you don't want certain types of people interacting with you? Short of hard-wiring that information into the very nature of the post (like, as an enormous watermark that covers your entire piece of artwork) you will never, on Tumblr, be able to set your boundaries, enforce those boundaries, and have them respected.
It's impossible, and it's not because everyone on Tumblr is selfish, or mean, or disrespecting you personally. It has absolutely nothing to do with you! The vast majority of Tumblr users see something they like - and like it for any of a million or more different reasons - and then reblog it without every considering the existence of the original poster beyond MAYBE noticing their username at the top of the post.
They won't check your DNI.
They won't know your squicks.
They won't remember your triggers.
Tumblr is not, nor will it ever be, a safe space.
You cannot, and will never be able to, control the behavior of the Tumblr userbase in the interest of protecting your own personal limits.
It is impossible to set and maintain personal boundaries on Tumblr.
People who say, "god, why do people have these DNIs" aren't saying, "you should be comfortable with everything and if you're not how DARE you," we're saying, "there is a fundamental mis-match between your desire to set boundaries, on the one hand, and the social media platform you've chosen, on the other."
There ARE platforms where it's possible to set boundaries. Discord, Pillowfort, Wordpress, even Facebook, have more functionality for any given individual regulating who interacts with created content and how they can interact.
If you want to be able to strictly police your boundaries, you are in the wrong fucking place. Anything you post on here, could, at any time, wildly escape containment, get taken entirely out of context, end up on the blog of a domme, or a furry, or a parent, or your grandmother, or, or, or.
If you want to have strict control of your content, your blog, and who you interact with?
You should not be on Tumblr.
You are just setting yourself up to get hurt...and then you blame everyone else when it happens, even though the issue is the mis-match caused by your decision to be on a website that is a total free-for all. YOU CHOSE TO BE HERE, and then you get the people already here...for not conforming to your expectations. That's a YOU problem, not an everyone else problem. It's like you barged into a Pride parade and went, "Wait why are all these queer people here? And why is there a Parade? I'd rather just hang out with my own friends in a much smaller event CALL OF THE PARADE I DON'T LIKE IT." You sound like a child, and an idiot. Congrats, there are clowns at the circus, what a shock! If you didn't want the queers, if you didn't want the clowns, if you didn't want strangers interacting with you, if you wanted to set and maintain boundaries, then you failed the instant you came on Tumblr. Tumblr is not a website designed for this. End of story.
Have safe spaces. Set boundaries. I encourage you. Heck, I beg you. Having places you feel safe and surrounding yourself with people who respect your boundaries is stupidly important, no matter how young or old you are, how vanilla or kink, how anti- or pro-ship. But it cannot be done it here, and the expectation that it CAN is what so often leads people who are actually behaving like bullies to believe themselves to be victims.
So, like, if this describes you? If you want strict boundaries, and to have certain types of people not interact with you?
The best thing you can do is leave Tumblr, and find your communities elsewhere.
I promise, everyone will be happier if you do.
(and before you say, "but all the things I want are also on Tumblr!" it stupidly easy to make a message board, or create a Discord server. I'm not saying don't have fandom spaces that suit you! I'm not saying you don't belong in fandom! On the contrary, PLEASE do things that bring you joy - but do it in a way you're comfortable with! You're entitled! You deserve it! And you will never be able to here! EVER. This is NOT that space, and you and those who feel as you do should create your own. For your OWN safety, first and foremost, because you deserve a space where your boundaries are respected. And you can't here. This website is explicitly designed to prevent bloggers from being able to protect their boundaries! Expecting your boundaries to be expected here is like going to a field of wildflowers and saying, "ONLY queen anne's lace here all other flowers DNI" and being shocked and personally offended when there'sother flowers all over the fucking place. You can't control what flowers are in the field. Tumblr is a field of weeds and they will grow like crazy, everywhere, no matter what you try to do to stop them. Because that's Tumblr's nature. So STOP TRYING. Go somewhere that you CAN prevent that, and tada, you'll be safe!)
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paperwine · 5 months ago
no because i'm so fucking scared. the second wave in my country is so terrifying. almost every tweet on my twitter timeline is asking for ICU beds or oxygen or remdisivir or literally just places where the tests are actually being done (BECAUSE THE VILE GOVERNMENT IS ACTUALLY ASKING CENTRES TO REFUSE TESTS SO AS TO REPORT THE NUMBER OF INFECTED CITIZENS AS WAY LESS THAN IT ACTUALLY IS. not to mention, its also NOT REPORTING DEATHS EITHER!! a video of bodies being burned in a crematorium goes viral and OVERNIGHT A TIN WALL IS ERECTED ALL AROUND IT SO THAT NO ONE CAN SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING INSIDE IT ANYMORE)
17-18 yr old kids and the youth are verifying oxygen cylinders and hospital beds leads ALL DAY LONG and updating them, helping everyone to connect to the right resources while the government does fuck all. OUR PRIME MINISTER IS LITERALLY BRAGGING ABOUT THE CROWD TURNOUT (AND HOW ITS THE HIGHEST IN YEARS, which like???? there's a fucking pandemic going on ffs), OUR HEALTH MINISTER IS ENGAGING HIMSELF IN A PETTY WAR OF POLITICS WITH THE OPPOSITION. THE GOVERNMENT LITERALLY ALLOWED A FUCKING FESTIVAL TO HAPPEN WHERE THE ENTIRE RITE IS TO WALK MILES TOGETHER AND TAKE A BATH IN THE HOLY RIVER GANGES TOGETHER WHILE THE CASES WERE RISING TO 200,000 PER DAY!!
hospitals are running out of the drug used to treat covid, i.e. remdisivir, and 2 days ago this member of the ruling party was essentially CAUGHT WITH ALMOST 4.5 CRORES WORTH OF THE DRUG SMUGGLING IT TO ANOTHER STATE, away from the state where the ruling party is the opposition of the ruling party in the central government, the state which btw has the highest number of cases in the country, accounting for more than 1/4th of the total cases.
(update: the bjp leader was not caught with the drug but was involved in the movement of the drugs. the entire thing is very fishy the more you link into it. here's an article which explains it better: link, and this.)
people are dying, we barely have any resources left, we dont have enough doctors, the entire country is in shambles. and our cases are almost at 260K NEW CASES PER DAY.
i'm so exhausted, the mental health is fucked and all the government wants to do is do PR to show how they're apparently taking care of the crisis while thousands die because of their incompetency.
addition: please see this link for a compilation of all kinds of resources!!
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destiny-islanders · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
How we feeling, Kairi Nation?
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serotonin-supply · 5 months ago
Now this article pretty much sums up that moment in ep 4. Very well written and a lot of stans need to read this to get the whole picture.
Funny how the same people advocating for Bucky had nothing to say about Isaiah's narrative/cops scene.
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nevermindirah · a month ago
I hope Simone Biles gets to curl up in the fluffiest blanket and hear the funniest jokes from her very favorite people today.
She's 24 years old — she's an adult, and damn did it show today when she was put in the position of announcing to the world that mental illness symptoms caused her to withdraw from an Olympic event. But fuck, 24 is so young. The idea of being forced to disclose what are probably very severe mental illness symptoms to a global audience while those symptoms are happening, my heart just breaks for her.
The media talks about Simone Biles like she's a superhuman. And hell yes, she's the most exceptional gymnast in history! Rave about her all day long! But she is a goddamn human being. I'd forgotten that Larry Nasser abused her, because the media attention is so laser-focused on her historic talent. The media didn't let me forget that asshole abused Aly Raisman.
I just, the human mind was not built for the intense scrutiny this young woman is facing. And so many of our institutions were built specifically to extract money from the dehumanization of Black women. I just really, really hope all the people who love her are holding and protecting her.
Tumblr media
Simone Biles makes stunning withdrawal; U.S. women’s gymnastics takes silver
American gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from her final Olympics team competition in Tokyo on July 27, which ultimately lead to Team USA taking silver. (Allie Caren/The Washington Post)
full article under the cut
By   Emily Giambalvo Today (Tuesday July 27, 2021) at 1:39 p.m. EDT
TOKYO — When Simone Biles soars through the air, her skills flow in an effortless rhythm that makes the extraordinary seem simple. She’s been superhumanly dominant for nearly a decade, even with a load of pressure and expectation always resting on her shoulders. But as Biles pushed off the vaulting table Tuesday night, her first flight of the evening, a peculiar sight emerged: She looked lost and shaken as she flipped and twisted, unable to perform the skill she intended.
So Biles did the unthinkable. She stepped away from the meet and her role in the United States’ quest for another Olympic gold medal in the women’s gymnastics team competition.
After her unusual vault, Biles scurried out of the arena with a medical staffer by her side. She said she realized she wasn’t in “the right head space.” When she returned to the competition floor, she pulled her sweatsuit over her leotard and hugged her three teammates, who suddenly became aware they would have to compete without her.
At first, they were stressed and in tears. Ultimately, they earned a silver medal, placing second to the Russian Olympic Committee team.
At 24, Biles is the veteran on the women’s team. But she says she doesn’t trust herself as she used to. The sport doesn’t feel as much fun, she says. Nerves bubble to the surface, especially in the high-stakes environment of an Olympic gymnastics team final. And on Tuesday, it all became too much for the world’s best gymnast.
“I know that this Olympic Games, I wanted it to be for myself,” Biles said afterward, tearing up. “I came here, and I felt like I was still doing it for other people. So that just hurts my heart that doing what I love has been kind of taken away from me to please other people.”
Biles stands among the world’s most popular athletes. She holds power to spark change with her words. She’s been an outspoken critic of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body she represents, and how it failed to protect gymnasts from sexual abuse. Biles is the only self-identified survivor of former national team doctor Larry Nassar’s crimes still competing at the elite level.
After the United States qualified for the team final in second place on Sunday, Biles wrote on social media: “I truly do feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders at times.”
When asked about those comments following her decision to withdraw from the team final, Biles said: “Yeah, that s---- heavy.”
Five years ago, when Biles led the United States to a gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, she probably wouldn’t have made the choice to withdraw, she told reporters. She said she might have pushed through, attempting dangerous skills while second-guessing herself and “fighting all those demons” that occupied her mind. In 2021, she said, withdrawing was the right option — for her safety and even for the team’s medal chances.
“We want to walk out of here,” Biles said. “Not be dragged out of here on a stretcher or anything. So it's like, got to do what's best for me and that was what was best for the team.”
Biles arrived in Tokyo with the expectation that she could earn up to five gold medals. Now she has a silver and a spot in five individual finals — the all-around competition, as well as the final for each apparatus. But she doesn’t know what lies ahead for her at these Games.
“We’re going to take it a day at a time and we’ll see what happens,” Biles said. She confirmed that she had no physical injury, “just my pride is hurt a little bit.”
With the all-around final Thursday, Biles admits that there will be a quick turnaround. Annie Heffernon, the vice president of the U.S. women’s gymnastics program, said USA Gymnastics has a plan in place to help get Biles the professional support she needs. Biles said in the past, therapy has helped with mental health challenges. But this high-stress atmosphere of the Olympics made the struggle on the competition floor too much to overcome.
“Going into the next couple days, it’s like …” Biles said, pausing to collect her emotions as her teammates wrapped their arms around her. “Sorry,” she then said. “It is what it is. Whatever happens, happens.”
Biles could return to herself — a dominant gymnast who understands that her performance here is secondary. Or she might not feel comfortable enough to compete again. Biles said her goal for the rest of the Olympics is to “focus on my well-being and [that] there’s more to life than just gymnastics.”
As Biles trained for her second Olympics, she said she wanted the Games to be about herself — not about what others thought and not all those otherworldly expectations that she can somehow usually meet anyway. As these Games approached, she said, she felt that mind-set drifting. The struggles seeped into her training, prompting mental errors. The vault in the team final was the first public sign that something was not right, but her teammates had witnessed similar episodes in practices.
“She was giving us a little heart attack,” teammate Jordan Chiles said.
“It just sucks that it happens here at the Olympic Games, because it can happen any other time,” Biles said. “But with the year that it’s been, I’m really not surprised how it played out.”
As Biles stood on the sideline Tuesday night wearing a white sweatsuit and cheering for her teammates, she processed the drastic decision she had made on the sport’s biggest stage.
“At the end of the day we’re human, too,” Biles said, “We have to protect our mind and our body rather than just go out there and do what the world wants us to do.”
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drag-on-dra-goon · 3 months ago
Fellas, if your girl:
Has fox ears reminiscent of a kistune
Goes "mi-kon!"
Is widely mischaracterized as a cute, loving, uwu-ing waifu-bait airhead of your dreams due to shallow collective fan obsession, widespread fetishization, and admitted flanderization on the part of the creators through a proliferation of non-serious, joking appearances in other spin-off anime or mainline franchise entries that only perpetuate these inaccurate characterizations in a depressing, painfully tired cycle
Then that isn't your girl,
Tumblr media
That's Tamamo no Mae.
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astr0physicist · 5 months ago
What if only the Butler was infected
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hope you like it.
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sugamamacustard · 8 months ago
Feral Animal
Pairing:  Alpha! Kentarou Kyoutani x Omega! Reader
Genre: Fluff
Request:  Hi! I love your abo blog! I was wondering if you could write about Alpha!Kyotani with an Omega!Reader, where their first encounter catches everyone by surprise? Like, Reader has a traditionally alpha scent (like burning/smokey wood) and can usually get away with being mistaken as an alpha at first glance? It’s fine if you’re asks are full or you don’t want to do this but thanks for your time 😊 —Sno
Summary:  You just wanted to get the boys to practice on time. You weren’t prepared to deal with this.  Good thing you had a gaurdian angel- or should we say, dog. 
Author’s Note: I love Kyoutani so much. Like he’s in my top three people I simp for. 
Requests: Open!
Tumblr media
Kentarou Kyoutani
➵ No one gathered in your way when walked down the hall. You smelt strong enough to put them on edge. 
➵ Peoples hackles were constantly raised when you were around, and truthfully, you didn’t know why. 
➵ You were still you. You were still an omega. 
➵ You still ached to reach out for touch, to scent someone, to just have the smallest bit of attention from anyone that wasn’t Iwaizumi.
➵  You and he had met when you were young, and he took to being your personal guardian—since he was a year older than you.
➵  You were thankful for him and his friendship, but that was all it would ever be. You both tried dating in your first year of middle school (Dating being a loose term), but it was obvious you were better off as friends. 
➵ You both still hung out constantly though, and eventually he grew to be an older brother to you.
➵  When you got to high school though, you quickly realized that with Iwaizumi came Oikawa. You had known him just as you had known Iwaizumi, but the other male seemed to keep his distance from you.
➵ It didn’t take a genius to figure out why he was keeping his distance with you. When you and Iwaizumi explained to him there was nothing between the two of you, nor would there ever be, he calmed down. 
➵ The fellow omega (Oikawa is an omega ass bottom change my mind. Unless it comes to requests. Then he’s an alpha for you :D) grew to be close with you as well and if one or the other was being idiotic you stepped in as the shoulder to cry on. 
➵ You were happy for them, truly, but you knew sooner or later you were going to be out of the picture.
➵  They were third years, and you were a second year. They had a relationship that ran deeper than any thing you could offer them.
➵ And that was okay.
➵ Facing the obvious, it’s clear that, because your best friends are those two dorks, you’re into volleyball. Or in the very least, know of it and how to play. Because of this, you’re elected manager.
➵  No more choice. 
➵ You don’t fawn over Oikawa constantly, you can handle Iwaizumi’s outbursts, you were calm with the first years, and you don’t put up with any fan girl’s bullshit. 
➵ You didn’t get the chance to refuse honestly.
➵ “I’m sorry, but unfortunately, Oikawa-Senpai is busy at the moment- “
➵ “Please, just- Let me see him! I won’t be long!” The Alpha pleaded, trying to appease to your sense of empathy. Unfortunately for her, that was dried up before the second girl even looked at you to ask the very same thing. 
➵ You were tired of girls, obviously not getting the hint, trying to confess their undying love to Oikawa every other day. How did they not see he was an Omega? 
➵ Yeah, he had suppressants out the wahzoo but, good golly, his mannerisms were all Omega.  
➵ Apparently this alpha though her and Oikawa would be the ultimate power couple.
➵ “Like I said before, he is busy. Any time you take up is time wasted.” You snorted, turning tail and shutting the gym door, ignoring the screech of anger behind it. You were used to it.
➵  Most times you locked them out, they’d throw a bitch-fit, turn and bad-mouth you to their friends for a few days. 
➵ They’d tease you for your scent—which was a, frankly lovely, pinewood and amber scent—and poke fun at you, saying how ‘you’ll never get an alpha smelling stronger than them” with a sneer. You’ve learned to ignore those types of girls.
➵ What you didn’t expect however, was for her to scream some more, banging on the metal door.
➵  It was ripped open in your moment of shock, making you turn on your heel to face her. 
➵ Her hair, though still relatively upkept, was frizzy with fly-a way’s running out occasionally, but her eyes were what scared you. 
➵ They were constricted to ball point bulbs that were locked onto you, fangs poking out as she snarled at you.
➵ Of course. Because why wouldn’t a feral Alpha be part of your day today?
➵ You growled yourself, trying to reign in your scent but it was getting harder and harder as she stalked closer.
➵ No one else was in the gym, as they were changing in the club room, but you figured you could handle her.
➵ You hoped at least.
➵ She tried pouncing on you, your arms quickly crossing in front of your face to shield yourself, but instead of an angry alpha trying to claw your eyes out, you merely got a gust of wind.
➵   Peeking open an eye—you couldn’t recall closing them, but whatever—you frowned at the face staring back at you.
➵  You hadn’t talked to him, personally, but you knew who he was. Kentarou Kyoutani. 
➵ He was incredibly strong, a worthy advisory, and worst of all…
➵ A ticking time-bomb of an alpha.
➵ He had the resting bitch face to end all resting bitch faces, and the attitude to go with it. He had only said one word to you ever and it was ‘move’. His voice was gruff and angry when he said it, but his eyes softened when you looked up at him. 
➵ He waited patiently for you to gather your things before moving. That was the first, and what you thought, last time you’d ever see the alpha. He entranced you though, so you wouldn’t ever necessarily be opposed to seeing him again. 
➵ Just maybe not in this circumstance.
➵ Kyoutani held the alpha by the collar of her shirt, his lips poked up in a snarl with his canines gleaming dangerously in the sunlight
➵ . Contrary to popular belief, he’d only ever gone feral once in his life. His stepfather, an awful, awful, excuse for an alpha had raised a hand to his Mama.
➵  He refused to let anyone ever raise a hand to omega that day and stuck to his grits with it.
➵  Many people often feared him because of his careful eye and quick reflexes. 
➵ They claimed he was close to going feral because they never cared to admit they were planning on hurting someone. He didn’t care.
➵ At least he didn’t. When he saw you simply turn and close the gym door, he felt his heart skip a beat. 
➵ Maybe it was just the fact that you didn’t relent, or maybe it was the fact that you didn’t care or bend or submiss in the absolute slightest, or maybe it was the waft of the most calming scent he’s ever smelt before.
➵  He knew the other alpha’s scent, as she had practically reeked all over him while asking him for things Oikawa liked before he snapped on her, so this was all you. And he…liked it. 
➵ He hated scents that were too sweet or too ‘exciting’ in a way, but this? This was calming and euphoric all in one and he wanted to straight up bathe in it.  It smelt that good.
➵ He watched the alpha screech, stomping her foot—he could guess she was the very definition of daddy’s girl with her reaction to being told ‘no’—and before he could growl at her to leave, she was forcing open the door and snarling. 
➵ So, he dropped his bag and ran to make sure you were okay. His alpha pawing at him to hurry up. 
➵ He had felt the very same as they day he ran his stepfather out of his life, but this time…This time, he would be sure not to go feral. That would scare you and he couldn’t, wouldn’t risk that.
➵ When he got there, the alpha lunged and he had barely enough time to grab her. You looked shocked to see him, or maybe it was residue from when she broke into the gym, but you didn’t say anything.
➵  He took that as a good sign, turning tail and dragging her to where he dropped his bag. He grabbed it quickly, instead dropping her and rushing back to the gym.
➵  You closed the door behind him, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa quickly locking it. In the time, between Kyoutani dragging out the feral alpha you had the chance to text Iwaizumi, sending choppy and shaky, but succinct, messages to let him know what was going on.
➵  The rest of the team were on their way anyway, so they merely hurried their steps. When they turned to lock the door, you stopped them, crying for them to just wait for a minute.
➵ Kyoutani had run in seconds after your plea and the door was quickly shut. 
➵ Scents were going insane in the gym, but his was most discernible to you. He smelt scared.
➵  Before anyone had a chance to mention it though, he was turning to you and reaching for your face.
➵ you flinched but that didn’t stop him. His fingers were gentle, more so than you could expect from him, and he was so soft while turning your face to observe the damage. Iwaizumi tried to get close, but he was growled at as you were held to Kyoutani’s chest. 
➵  The team could only watch, flabbergasted, as you were hugged and scented by their mad dog. Even more so when you began laughing and purring, placing your hands around his neck.
➵  You whispered something (They were ‘Thank you’ and appreciation whispers) into his ear, making his shoulders visibly relax. No one could really understand what had happened, but they weren’t sure if they wanted to question it just yet.
➵ Well, most of team didn’t at least.
➵ “Aw, Mad dog-Chan! How do you know our little Chibi-chan?” Oikawa laughed, leaning off Iwaizumi as he spun a volleyball on his pointer finger.  
➵ Kyoutani grunted, abruptly pulling away, only to growl and pull you back when his alpha snarled. “Don’t.”
➵ “Wait- wait, wait. Hold on.” Hanamaki snorted, holding his hands up. “So you, Mad dog, most vicious alpha this side of the equator, just decided fuck it, and chose to not only save an omega you’ve never met, but then hog her? I don’t know, Mattsun, seems kind of sus to me.”
➵ “Very sus.” Matsukawa agreed, snickering. He yelped however, when Kyoutani turned to snarl at him, only for you to hold him back. Matsukawa had never felt more scared for his life in that very moment, and he owed you a whole ass chapel.
➵ It stayed like that for the rest of the practice, with you calming Kyoutani down ever time he needed a ‘time out’ and over time he got much better at controlling his anger.
➵ No one was surprised when you walked in two weeks later, a small, thin leather choker clipped on around your neck with a hand-made moon charm hanging from it.
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eldstunga · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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psidiumnocte · 3 months ago
okayy usually I don't say anything here but as I follow a lot of sebstan .. I'M SO FUCKING DISAPOINTED and i feel really dumb. ((and sorry to the people who say that i finally understand this, i'm not a huge fan of him and i already thought he was problematic in more than a way (just to mention his last film monday and the pam and tommy hulul series who are fucking disgusting)))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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