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kenma loves you.

he loves you with all of his heart.

however, as much as he loved you, he could not, would not, let you do what you were about to do.

kenma has always respected every choice you’ve made. after all, it was never his intention to deprive you of your free will. he figured he’d let you do as you pleased as long as it didn’t involve you getting possibly hurt.

he knew that what he was about to do would make you mad. still, he saw no other way of possibly stopping what could happen next if he didn’t intervene. he’d rather deal with you being mad at him than you being sad because you couldn’t get past the scenario.

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Well, it’s been less time since I’ve been here than the last time, but I don’t know what to do, and asking the void seems to be my only option because I can’t talk to anyone, because I have no one. 

I don’t know what to do… I feel like I’m about to have my heart broken, which seems crazy because I literally started talking to her on the second of January.. it’s been less than 2 weeks and I feel like I love this girl. She’s got the best fucking smile, and she makes me smile, and want to be better. And I started it out on a fucked up note. 

She has a boyfriend. has. not had, but has. And I knew. I knew she had a boyfriend, and I still flirted. I still basically role played with her… and then it went further, and I really fucking fell for this girl. And she made me feel things I’ve never felt before. I basically pretended the boyfriend didn’t exist.. and what did I think was gonna happen? That everything would magically be okay? I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I was thinking anything about him or their situation. I was a fucking asshole, I know. I am a fucking asshole- I KNOW. 

But no matter how fucked up the situation was that began this journey, I fell for her- hard. And now here I am, trying to give her space so she can make up her mind about the situation that I put her in. This isn’t right to her, this certainly isn’t right to him. I’m so fucking sorry. I fucked up, but what’s new for me? I do this shit to myself, and it’s fine when it’s just me that gets hurt, but now I’ve dragged two other people, people who were fairly happy from what I can tell, down into my depths and, as selfish as it is of me, I don’t want to let her go. I don’t want her to just choose him… THEY HAD 5 YEARS TOGETHER- and I don’t want her to choose him? How fucked up is that of me… 
I’m so fucking sorry to both of you. I don’t want to cause anyone any more pain. I just wanted a friend at first, and then I fell and I couldn’t stop. And I’m so sorry for all of the pain and hurt and distrust I caused. I don’t want to give her up but I know I should. And I can if that’s what she really wants, I will, because who am I to do this? Who am I to think I have any right to break up a 5 year relationship. I’m no on, and I know that… But now I’m someone who fucks other people up besides herself. 

I can’t apologize enough. I hope he says they can work through it.. I hope she can be happy with him and he with her. I won’t be able to give her what he can. I just hope she loves herself more. I hope that if I have brought any good to the situation is that she loves herself more. She sees how amazing she is, how bright her smile is, how radiant she is. She is a beacon of light to others, she just needs to know it herself.  

I want to fight for her, but I don’t want to pressure her. I want the choice to be hers. I want her to choose because it’s what she wants, not because of me saying something she might like… I can only offer her happiness, but he can offer her a life.. I don’t know… I’m sorry. 

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simping for therapy is also an option, my friend 

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Alya: Will you be able to spend a week in New York with Adrien? Isn’t it like, romantic?


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The entire Color Rush fandom right now: YEONWOO NO

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I didn’t realize the impact that destiel spanish confession had on my life until now.

I see spanish and my brain instantly goes

yo a ti

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Lots of people online: I have anxiety :( I feel like x, y, z

Me: Pff. No you don’t. Everybody feels that way (Some people really do have anxiety disorders but it’s way worse than that, right?)

Years later

Therapist: You have an anxiety disorder


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If Kjelle were canon in Stone Ocean: … Ungalo… Ungsie Bungsie… why don’t you play some Nintendogs for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS lite maybe you’ll calm down

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I mean- I’m actually really quiet. Unless you’re my friend. Once I trust you I won’t stop talking. Definitely indecisive, but depends on the situation. Yep I’m cold a lot but I don’t really mind, it just means that I’m really cool B)

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they were so weird and fake sounding cause Jon wasn’t there to make them talk with his eye bullshit!!

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