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Commenting on a fic you like is literally the nicest thing you can do for an author. At least it is like that for me. It’s nice to be appreciated, sure, but what’s more important is that you know that somebody out there had maybe a good 5 minutes reading. Someone maybe had just a tad of a better day. And that’s what really counts in this stupid world. Yeah, I can write for myself or my characters, to fill a need, a hole, to pass the time. But it’s infinitely more fun if just one person out there enjoys it just the tiniest little bit with you.

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If someone would ever trick me that they are someone close to me but they actually are my enemy, I wouldn’t be scared of the fact that they got someone I love or the fact that they got me. No my anxious ass would be scared that I said something relatively embarrassing if you’re someone else and that the person would make fun of me, or that they would make fun of me cause I fell for their trick. Sad life guys, sad life.

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I will never forget this one time when me and my girlfriend were in her bedroom , she’s litterally only wearing these tiny ass shorts and she’s undoing my belt and for some unknown reason I just randomly blurt out “isn’t it weird that monarch butterflies are actually moths”. I have no clue why she stayed with me for almost another 7 months

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hello you beautiful human yourself!! :) i am very sorry for the pain I caused this past chapter… hopefully the one I just posted will help some!! (Cas goes through some major character developments. a very important thing) 

thank you for leaving a lovely message in my inbox every week, even though i am a Very Rude writer and left that cliffhanger at the end of that last chapter. you’re the best for sticking it through!! 


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