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#i'm thinking
mikaeled · a year ago
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Aubrey Plaza as Riley in Happiest Season (2020)
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Y'know how all the LLers recognized Scott by his keyboard clacking?
What if-
✨ High heels~ ✨
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darkwarfy · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i didn’t wanna make this post even longer SO @that-one-multifandom-chick here is your hug! :D
(pronouns under the cut!)
Tess: It/Its/Itself
Loki: He/She/They
Logan (dude in the back): He/His/Him
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duskyskz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Minho's thighs are made of steel...
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Like, we all know what Lex's power is: manifesting things into her possession by reaching through the Black and White
Who else have we seen do this?
Uncle Wiley, when he took Linda Monroe's pepper spray
Which brings me to question: is Wilbur Cross from Hatchetfield and has the Gift
Did he gain that power from Wiggly after he pledged his allegiance to him?
also is he possibly Lex Foster's dad?
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belovedgamers · 4 months ago
You know, early on when Foolish talked to the Egg and shortly after Ponk was possessed by it, Foolish said of Ponk how he was “trying to play both sides” by involving himself with the Egg and how he thought he might be in control. And he said this:
“That’s naive in and of itself, to think that you can just tread with this but not be corrupted.”
And this just worries me because Foolish has said that what he wants in Las Nevadas is “balance”. He says he isn’t just going to flip a switch...
But is he being the naive one this time?
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katsukichu · 2 months ago
You know the tiktok trend where inferno is playing in the background and like you touch the screen and you like draw yourself falling into the anime world / anime verse what if you did that and your f/o gets so happy and excited because honestly that's all they wished for they wished you were real / came into their world the same way you wished they were real and when you finally meet their awestruck to say the least but can't help but cry because you're finally here you're real and they wanted nothing more than to hug you and tell you how much you mean to them
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fanartandvents · a month ago
Something I always just think is interesting is how they made Stolas a member of Tytonidae and Stella a part of Strigidae (they're the two owl families), and how that carried into Octavia. It's an interesting thing to think about and the differences between Tytos and Strigids(???) could be a neat look into their dynamic with one another.
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rosstrytobe · a month ago
People, it is a marriage proposal if you ask to your best friend to be his son legal guardian if something happen to you... 🤔🤔
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whump-town · 6 months ago
The older I get the more I realize that my "type" in TV shows is always the "lawfully" aligned duo of the guy who regularly loses his shit and goes off the walls and his hot female friend who has to watch in a mix of "what in the fuck is wrong with you" and "boy if you don't calm the hell down" like if I see that I'll lose my mind because I just eat it up
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dreamygeorgenap-archive · 10 months ago
ok but what if that was the way George’s character was supposed to go before George didn’t want to be in the lore? “The greatest king who was killed by Eret.” 
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pecanplease · 8 months ago
Prep Nursey x Goth/Punk Dex...... what a concept
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weepylucifer · 5 months ago
force-sensitive clone...
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memory-boy · a year ago
the parallels what do they M E A N
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mercedesgrussell · 10 months ago
can someone who understands the stock market tell me if we pull off the same thing reddit did but with haas stocks can we get callum a seat and get you  know who out
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trenchcoatimpala · 11 months ago
Haha you know what makes me sad. 
Dean didn’t think he deserved love or good things or the care of others, and yet Castiel told Dean all of those things weren’t true. He told Dean he loves him, he told Dean that good things do happen, and he told Dean that he cared because of Dean and that he cares about Dean. 
But Castiel. Castiel, angel of the lord, leader of a garrison, warrior of heaven, doesn’t think that he deserves love or good things or the care of others either, and he was never told otherwise. No one ever told him they loved him. 
Let me draw this parallel between Dean and Castiel real quick. 
Castiel was an angel, a soldier, and he always did what he was told.
Dean had it drilled into him by his father that he should follow orders and not talk back. He had to be Daddy’s blunt little instrument: his soldier. 
Both Dean and Castiel were made to believe that they should do as they were told, when they were told, to be soldiers and listen to higher authority, never thinking for themselves. 
And yes, they both broke free from these outside controls and learned to be themselves.
But the difference, is that Dean, although he never believed it, was told he was loved and that he matters and that he makes a difference. 
Castiel never believed he mattered either, he never believed he should earn the care of the Winchester’s, and he never believed that his love could be requited, because why would it? Why would Dean Winchester, the righteous man, the brightest soul, love him back? 
When Dean kicked him out of the bunker while he was at his lowest, he probably believed he deserved it, he probably thought that now that he wasn’t an angel he was even more useless and that the brothers didn’t need him anymore. 
Even when Dean apologizes, Castiel most likely thought it was just a sympathy apology because he had his grace back so now he was useful again. 
Sure, Dean tells him he’s his brother, tells him that they appreciate him, that he’s part of their family. 
But the words ‘i love you’ were never spoken. 
Castiel never believed he was worthy of Dean’s love and he died believing it, and so that’s why he was happy with just saying it.
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