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#i'm watching transformers

Oi I am literally sobbing

It’s settled, I’m watching Beast Wars after I finish this fuсking “Unicron Trilogy”. No CG could possibly be worse than the atrocity I’ve just witnessed (the first episode of Energon)…usually, mech-type robots aren’t a bad choice for CG because you can make the transformation sequences cheaper while still having them look pretty cool (although CG will always be inferior when it comes to feeling honest and real and nice) but Energon went ahead and fuсked everything up. Instead of transforming, the robots just tell “Transform!” and then they replace the vehicle model with the robot model or vice versa.

And the way they move the models, my god, it’s so soulless. I take back every negative thing I ever said about Armada - I would do ANYTHING to see regular old 2-D hand-drawn Antler Megatron and Hot Shot and even Cyclonus etc. I can’t fuсking believe this show came out after Silent Hill 2 redefined what computer generated animation could be. It’s literally driven me halfway to madness, I could feel my sanity crumbling - I couldn’t look at the screen. Every time I did it was worse than before…

Everything that isn’t the robots is still flat, which I am grateful for because it means I can look at them. Rad and Carlos and hypothetically Alexis, Billy, and Fred are still characters, but they’re adults and the focus of the show is on like. This fuсking asshole kid named “Kicker” who reminds me of that bitсh from Black Clover combined with all the bad parts of Naruto. Also the Quintessons are here - there’s one, and it’s actually Thrust somehow reconfigured by the dying Unicron.

Oh yeah also “Kicker” is psychic but only about robots

I’m not gonna make it to Cybertron, man. Transformers: Energon is an abomination skinned in madness.

Sucks cause the backgrounds are legitimately pretty, man. They’re all hand-drawn paintings and they’re incredibly nice to look at, but then you’ve got these abhorrent aberrations appearing over them, and it’s just more clashing wrongness; a dread disease

I don’t know what the plot is. I think Energon is a mineral now, and it’s like, readily available on Earth but no one’s ever discovered it before, and also the robots (I refuse to call them Transformers any longer. At least the Armada bots actually transformed and had, like, souls) still need it to live but this has never been an issue before. Thrust the Quintesson sent a bunch of fuсked up birds that he’s calling Terrorcons (they’re not) to attack the Earth. I blacked out for like ten minutes in a feverish frenzy not unlike Renfield’s giggling mania whenever the terrible Count exerts his will. They’ve decided to ruin even more characters from the original. Thrust the Quintesson seems to be half insane (a bad, half-assed insanity) despite having five faces. The credits rolled and I was left shaking with madness.

Seriously man Armada is a fuсking masterpiece of story and animation compared to this - this fuсking - this fuсking amorphous tapestry woven by a raving spider, shaking its legs in gleeful agony, trapping us all in nightmarish visions of utter meaninglessness.

I’m shuddering, looking forward to watching G1 tonight, it will be even more my saviour than ever before -

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Look, Megatron may be a dumb bitсh, but he’s not STUPID. He’s occasionally capable of recognizing a greater threat and momentarily joining forces with the Autobots to stop it from destroying them both. He would not have hesitated to work with Optimus Prime (OR Rodimus Prime, or Ultra Magnus, or anyone) when faced with Unicron.

But it didn’t happen like that…even then, though, we see him still fighting to try to stop Unicron from destroying Cybertron and the entire universe, right up to the end. Unicron stops him every time - by force, by exerting his will over Galvatron and forcing him to submit in the face of such agony - but he even tried to give Roddy the Matrix, right at the end there.

The strain was too much, I guess. Either of suffering or of being repurposed by Unicron as a mere puppet (and then having his strings cut as Unicron was destroyed). I didn’t want to like him, you know, but no one deserves that. It’s tragic, and you know how terrible I am around tragic beings, especially those who are lost and purposeless…

(They told me, “his mind is degrading”. And I cursed them, for now I cared for him. It is all Unicron’s fault anyways - I will be happy to hate Unicron - but I can’t, all I feel is fear)

He seems a little more his old self in the finale. He even works with Prime…and yes, he was certainly ready to see Prime die on multiple occasions during all of that, but it was more for old times’ sake than anything else. You can see that quite clearly. He doesn’t expect Prime to fall to any of it. He’s more lucid, somehow, like he was during the climax of that episode about the horrible therapy planet (oh, Cyclonus, you meant well but you cannot trust the Quintessons! Please, you’re the only one with any sense left), and once more he sees the greater threat and moves to end it.

…and he does seem genuinely happy, at the end. Galvatron can have little a galactic conquest, as a treat.

Dammit,, I’m gonna cry again, man, he’s really a bad person but still, please just let him be happy and not corroding

Season 3-4 suffers from Supernatural Syndrome (characters coming back from the dead, the color palette slowly getting darker and duller, the big climax tries to make you think it’s gonna kill off important characters but unlike the movie it doesn’t have the guts to do it or the heart to do it well)

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also if you want a show that’s like VLD but Good watch “transformers: prime” on netflix. i didn’t have to know any of the lore going in, but it has really good animation, lore, found family, and a couple of similar plot points to vld but like, they’re well done and resolved at a good pace? josh keaton voices one of the main human characters and optimus is a beloved, selfless moral leader and both are given the Respect They Deserve. thank god.

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I’m rewatching that one LoSH clip and Brainiac 5 just made THE Transformers transforming noise and my brain was like “!!!” but I just looked it up and THIS CARTOON PREDATES THE BAYVERSE FILMS WHICH MEANS BRAINIAC 5 WAS MY FIRST INTRODUCTION TO “TRANSFORMING ROBOTS” BEFORE I EVEN KNEW WHAT TRANSFORMERS WAS…FRICK

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MAG-CHAN! This is how I will call Ultra Magnus from this day on <3

Also I have to mention 


That sweat drop is so cute! Feels like ages that I’ve seen one, I think modern animes don’t even use it anymore quq Not that I watch a lot of modern anime, but still

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