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#i've been putting off watching it but finally had time
old-and-new-friends · 18 hours ago
@atlaocweek Day 6: Comfort and Journey
(Warnings: Mention of Human Trafficking)
Comfort - Case Closed - Bian Yumei (ft. Mako)
Yumei sat slumped against the hood of Detective Mako's police car. She had a shock blanket pulled tightly around her as she watched the other officers load up the trafficking ring members.
She felt like an idiot.
All her life she'd wanted to go into journalism and nothing sparked hee curiosity more than crime journalism. Of course her first real piece on something more than who was seen with who where, went wrong.
"Here," Detective Mako said, handing her a power take out cup. The logo on the side was familiar to a coffee shop not far from where they were. It was still a bit of a walk for a detective when arrests were being made.
"Thank you," Yumei said, though she didn't drink it.
"Come on," the detective said, gesturing to the cup. "It's got all that sugar and milk and syrupy stuff you like."
Yumei looked up at Detective Mako. They hadn't interacted much outside his face occasionally being the talk of "Date Night" and him yelling at her for messing with his case. One interaction did stick out more than the others.
"I thought this was an abomination to coffee?" Yumei joked weakly.
"It is," Detective Mako said, "but you said it cheers you and and you looked like you could use some cheering."
Yumei looked down. "Why are you being nice to me? I almost ruined your investigation. Those people were almost lost for good because I wanted a headline," Yumei muttered.
The detective sighed before sitting next to her. "We never would have found this place if it wasn't for your snooping," he said. "Someone reported a suspicious person dressed in all black trying to break into the local bakery and you getting caught bought us the time to gather more people. I'm letting you have the win, this time."
Yumei smiled at the repeat of her own words to the detective not even two days before.
"Thank you, Mako," Yumei said, finally drinking her coffee. It tasted horrible with way too much sugar but somehow just having it calmed her down.
"I should leave," Yumei said. "I gave my statement and I'm tired."
"Take care, Yumei, and be careful next time," Detective Mako said.
"Next time?" Yumei asked.
Detective Mako held his hands in surrender. "I've learned from Korra and Asami. You'll brush this off and be back under my feet in a week. Just be careful," he said.
"I will," Yumei promised before walking towards her apartment. She crossed a trashcan and nearly threw the drink out.
Instead she took another sip.
Journey - Age Won't Stop Life - Ki Ha
Ki Ha had seen a great many things in his life.
When he had been a young boy, and the Dragon of the West had been nothing more than a baby curled up in his mother's arms, his Earth Kingdom village had been taken in the name of the Fire Nation. His father had died in the battle.
Ki Ha had not known what greater troubles would follow. His older brother was taken to a rig out to sea and Ki Ha never saw him again. Some days, even in his old age, he wondered if his bother was still there. If his brother was still alive.
Taking his brother had done what it was intended and without their earthbenders the village fell into line.
Ki Ha had been a rather reckless youth and spent his free time causing as much unknown trouble for the Fire Nation as he could. He was written off as a troublemaker when he was younger by as his youth slipped into adulthood Ki Ha suddenly became a threat.
He spent the first four birthdays of his twenties in prison. Good behavior got him out and, fearful of returning, good behavior kept him out. That didn't mean it didn't drive him mad watching foreigners run his village.
Then came worse news, proclaimed by Fire Lord Azulon himself, men of the colonies would now be drafted for a minimum two year service. It did not escape his notice that the homeland of the Fire Nation was still voluntary.
Ki Ha ran. He would not become a soldier for his invaders. He knew where they'd put him if they got the chance and a human shield wasn't an occupation he had in mind.
He got work in a town outside the colonies, at least at the time it had been. The old man he worked for was a quiet and secretive type who eventually revealed himself as so much more.
Ki Ha had a white lotus tile tucked into his sleeve the day he returned to his home village, too old for the draft but still young enough to cause trouble.
He spent nearly three decades there before trouble found him in the form of three young men.
They had a journey ahead of them but in the few short days he'd known them, Ki Ha realized even at his age the journey of life and growth never stopped.
Which was why upon reaching Ba Sing Se, Ki Ha chose to stay with his new travel companions.
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thatboyonthestairs · a day ago
The Truth of the Heartbreak
It's hurt to admit this, but in truth I wish I had never met you. I wish with everything in me that I had never put in that application for that damned job. There were some amazing times we had together, but you broke something in me and I have never been able to heal from it.
No matter how far I get, no matter how much progress I make when I close my eyes I'm back at those apartments. In that lot watching you drive off for the last time. It's as if I died there that night in that lot and these years here are just an echo of a gunshot in my head that I refuse to feel and now a ghost in a shell of memories lives on in my place.
I've made peace with the truth and finally laid to bed the myth of closure. It's nice to say people date and they break up that's life but it's impossible to change that word from date to love instead. Love is forever no matter how hard we wish it to be finite. A peace of me is gone missing, I don’t think I'll ever be whole again.
So you can laugh, you can smile if you see this post knowing that in the end you won. I don't really care, but I can't pretend that after all these years of not even seeing your face or hearing your voice that both those things aren't permanently etched in my mind and upon my irises forever ringing in my ears and bouncing from wall to wall of my sanity. Truth is not a day goes by where I don't think of you. Hell sometimes it feels like not a moment passes where I'm not thinking of you.
The biggest lie we tell ourselves is this; that time heals all wounds. Time has done little for me. Sometimes it feels as if I live outside of time, outside of reality in a permanent loop of losing you, holding you, losing you, holding you, losing you, losing you.
It's pathetic,and I'm pathetic-but it's the truth. The undeniable unchangeable irreversible truth. I did meet you. I did love you. Nothing in this world can ever change that or take those memories and feelings away.
I'm lost. Forever.
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So we all know I woke up listening to J. Cole album
And I love him
I started cracking up, rolling on the floor laughing
Damn, I'm dramatic
I wne though the album and Listen to him, just something I had to laugh about
The other night at work, I started enjoying music. Listening to the radio play above as my coworkers got on my nerves
They spelled my name wrong
And my baby face made them think I was 18 when I was actually the oldest out of all of them
And one of them kept hovering and watching me, saying she didn't want to train me until I told her I've worked her before. Then she started over compensating. Watching me closely, she had seen the knew schedule
I had taken her hours.
In my head, I kept saying "I don't know if I'm being a bigger asshole than normal or she's stupid"
It was both, as my other coworker told me not to Listen to her.
My manager, after calling me out in the group chat
Started offering me more hours
I had been moving slow, telling myself your gonna go out today.
It took a second. I just kept laying in my room
I realized that even back on my shots
Like it's weird because all this sex stuff Started because I was off shits
Man that's a weird thing to explain
Let's go
Best way to put it was because like, prior to T shots
Never masturbated.
But like being on T the first time
Now that was a growth.
But it was just a straight up positive experience the first time
This time I went though a depressive episode prior to starting T again
Even on T my depression was the worst than it ever had been
I've also like did drugs between the 16 year old version of me and the 24 version
I was excited, estatic to finally get out of the house and leave more and more everyday.
When I just keep getting this wash if sadness over me you know
And it's this feeling ill know I'll have again. I guess I saw it in a Vision
There's a difference between the human soul and the human spirit
The human spirit is where we hold and keep our emotions the things that connect us, but in a world that seeks capitol off of spiritual corruption the only thing more powerful than that itself is the human soul. I believe that in the utmost.
I guess what I noticed is that I'm almost back to this Spiritual Psychosis that an Upper. That positive that's not the fake positivity people who never experienced suffering, who are out of touch with their own soul let alone the soul of the universal human
Maybe that's why I'm watching people take advantage of me and hit me back to back to back with a psychic attack and I've been fuctioning on my human spirit lately maybe that's why
"How do you get close to love?"
I keep having this just sad feeling because I feel like I let you down
I can't blame you for calling me toxic
And I know I'm projecting all my negitve feelings onto you when that's not the case
When you haven't done anything wrong other than be there to support and stand by me and help me through everything
At the same time I know I would be lying to you if I just faked it
And just kept fuctioning off the human spirit instead if my soul.
As I walked aroundan pondered this, I was high earlier. My mom had given me somTJC syrup. Just syrup it's not lean and I put some in a water bottle and been taking swings every so often
So now I'm starting to realize that, well not realize just know that I'm still over compensating happiness
Maybe that's why technically, I just want my happy moments to be with you
And I don't know how you feel mayve you want to leave or change some aspect of my behavior
I walked to the bus stop, when I met a white guy. Hair scruffy, looked like a knock of Jack Herro
"Hey BRO!!" Just really estic, his hands full of his meds.
"Sup!? Homie!!"
And we both line really happiky sat in silence As the bus came. As I got off he shouted again
"Have a great day man"
You too
I went running my errands, happy because I feel a little bit on my way
When I laid down at the bus stop
My back been killing me from sleeping homeless still and the bus bars from stopping people from sleeping on them was a bitter reminder, as a man walked up. Dressed in all black, and a hoodie, and a grey face mask. Scowling at me, a look I knew, but forgotten what it meant.
"He better not be on of the Crazy ones"
I get up and move, he immediately sits a seat away
And he starts cussing and mumbling.
"Hey man, can I bum a cigarette I'll pa-"
"No," he cuts me off abruptly, a bit roughly "You can't have no goddamn cigarettes. I'm sick of this shit man. Fucc you, pay me if you want a cigarette"
I had a dollar pulled it, "I mean, I will if you-"
"Fucc your money, put that shit away you ain't getting shit from me"
I shrugged, Ah. In just a moment back grounded in the reality of what it means.
I took the bus again, this time I met this homeless Hispanic man. He pulled out his smokes, he asked me if I wanted one. I said sure
We didn't talk. I honestly was a little too exhausted to try to. My social battery has been low. When, was moving around when he asked if I smoked weed. I said, yeah, not in a minute though. My mind flashing, "Dawg," I look at the cigarette "For real?"
Thinking in my head,, like this is why we buy weed from the stores. Shits got to be laced.
Ugh. I really have to stop smoking.
He goes on again, and his time pulling out his phine
"Hey man, I not be making it back tonight. I'm covered in shit and piss," there had been an ordor coming from him, reeking of oversaturated grime and wafting into the air. I didn't flinch away, just kind of sat and chilled my nerves. "They keep treating me like an addict, and they won't even admit me to the hospital. Now I'm have to sleep out here tonight until I get back to the camp tomorrow."
He was a small little dark brown Mexican man. His beard overgrown, and his DC shoes worn to the soles and his hands black from the dirt. He had two backpacks on his walker and was barely able to open and close his hands as he would fumble and try to light a cigarette and his pipe. I had wanted to help, but at this moment I felt some confliction.
A nurse had walked by, smoking in the same brand of cigs. Rushing in side with her surgery scrubs, off to save lives while shortening her own. While she still was rich and upper class and had enough money to recivcive and education so that she could be thankful enough to help a poor man like me with a flash of a credit card and insurance copay. Meanwhile having the knowledge enough to know that her own addiction to smokes was her own anxiety coping mechanism. Meanwhile, as she drilled through her phone searching within any app and social meadow connection to feel her own empathic connection to the Society we live in as a while, she could probably only sympathize with us.
"Alright man, Love you catch you later" as he clicked and got off the phone.
Or was another 45 minutes when he started feeling uncomfortable. So what are you doing here man? Waiting on the bus??
"Yeah, it's...just late..I guess. My phone's off so I don't know"
Seems pretty common at this point, whenever I take the bus without wifi, it's occasionally freeing.
My bus finally arrived, and as I clambered on, I couldn't help but think
Technically I don't want more than this
As I rounded the corner back home, I came home to my Dad. He hasn't said anything to me in weeks. Just ignored me and kept pushing just like he always does.
The two faced son that he doesn't like respect acknowledge and is his own addictive scape goat.
My mom been getting more into the spriual she has a crystal book and been drawing chakras.
Apart of me is glad, half of me is scared.
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wyn-dixie · a day ago
i have 2 first impressions of you:
1. i only came across your name through my other friends but you seemed really nice and smart. i knew you were a good writer from hearing that through friends' tweets.
2. i read golden, like daylight and it hit me so hard that i had to reach out to you and tell you how much it meant to me and how much it reminded me of afraid of everyone by the national. and you replied like "DID YOU SECRETLY WATCH ME WRITE THIS BECAUSE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND." and i was like oh fuck yeah i'm gonna force her to be friends with me.
and then it turned out we almost kind of knew each other and i was truly thrown off but in the best way possible. i'm so glad we finally crossed paths. you're so supportive of my writing and expressing myself and have listened while i whined to you about my self doubt and grief and you're so patient and kind. i've had a hard time getting back into fandom and you've made it such a welcoming and fun place for me. anyways I LOVE YOU. thank you for putting up with me 🥰
Tumblr media
it is fucking insane wild to me that we have had the same loose group of friends for over a fucking decade and yet never interacted with one another but look at us now: fucking kismet.
if Steven George Gerrard couldn't bring us together, José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal took care of it. 
also... our friends said i was a good writer? stop, i'm gonna cry. 
i know for sure that if we had been friends when i was going through similarly, you would've done the same for me. i think that you're so wonderful and you are seriously welcome to just roll up on a train any time you want to and just... come chill with me!
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alex-quackity · a day ago
The Cycle of Unrequited
foolish gamers x reader
also this is kind of a college au btw :D
also also theres slight dnf because i thought itd be fitting to the plot BUT i dont say that theyre in a relationship in any way shape or form so take it platonic or romantic
"what is wrong with you?!" foolish whisper yelled, causing you to look up from your computer, sighing as if there was actual work being done on it. "what did i do now?" you asked quietly, slowly closing your computer. "why didnt you tell me you were gonna be in here? i've been looking all over for you." he replied, pulling out the chair next to yours and taking a seat, lowering his head until it lightly banged on the table. letting out a small groan, you opened your computer up again to be met with a blank screen. you were meant to be writing your final paper for an english class. the theme was "the worst things a person can experience in life." it was a completely opinion based paper that wasnt due for a few months, but you had no idea what to write about yet. "you dick. i thought it was important. you scared me." you mumbled, looking over to your best friend who was raising his head back up. "it is important." he mumbled, earning a doubtful look in return. you looked back to your still blank computer screen, throwing your head back and shutting your computer for the second time. "if its so important why havent you talked about it yet?" you questioned lightheartedly, causing foolish to widely smile. "i have a date tonight. and i actually think that it's going to work out this time. i have a good feeling about it. angelina's changed this time. i know she has." he spoke, making the small smile that had crept onto your face disappear. Foolish sent you a confused look, sitting up straight. "what's wrong? where'd your smile go?" he asked worriedly, thinking he said something bad. shaking your head slightly, you put your computer into your backpack on the floor, zipping it up and throwing it over your shoulder. "its the 2nd friday of the month. its movie night. but you go have your date, noah. if youre gonna end up looking for me for some odd reason, ill be at home." you spoke, an upset tone in your voice, walking out of the library and beginning to walk to the apartment you shared with foolish. about two minutes into your walk, another figure was besides you. it was pretty much a given that it was noah, but whether or not you'd turn to look at him was pracitcally a mystery. "you're not actually mad are you?" he asked, earning a shrug in response. he stopped in his tracks, watching you with a sad look as you walked away from him. soon after, he began running again, grabbing your shoulder at the end of the hallway. "you're not actually mad are you?" he repeated, earning another shrug. "what are you not happy for me or something? are you upset that im ditching you for the first time in what 16 years of knowing you? because if you are youre being selfish." you groaned as you shook off foolish's hand from your shoulder, looking straight into his eyes. "i couldnt care less that youre missing one movie night. like you said its the first time youre skipping something in the 16 years youve known me. im upset because you and angelina always end up together again, for some odd reason you always run back to her. i really dont care who you date noah. but when youve gone back to her about 5 times now after being cheated on every time, dont you think thats a bad thing? you guys always cheer up, you sleep together a few times, she goes to her parents, she comes back and tells you she cheated on you while you were there, you come to me for emotional support, your happy for about two weeks and then the cycle repeats itself. dont you get tired of it? sick of all the toxicity? its your life and you pick how you want to live it but dont bring me into it this time."
shortly after leaving foolish in a random campus hallway, you arrived at your apartment, where your next door neighbor, dream, was struggling to get inside his apartment. "y/n! thank god youre here!" dream sighed contently, looking at his front door. "george is mad at me and wont let me inside. could you convince him to let me in?" he asked quietly, to which you shook your head. "last time you locked george out i didnt help george and im going to keep that same energy for you. but you can come inside my place if you want to." you smiled, unlocking the door and walking inside. your backpack was quickly thrown onto the counter and your shoes were somewhere on the floor. normally you wouldnt be this messy with people over, but it was dream, you knew he didnt mind. "you dont seem ok," dream said, making you chuckle. "im not. noah went back to angelina again." you replied, taking a seat on the couch. "is she the toxic one?" dream asked, curiosity in his voice becoming prominent. the two of you sat down on the couch, your head quickly landing on dreams shoulder. “were you and george ever this way? i know you were friends before you were roommates. you know, constantly arguing” you asked, dream gently moving his arm around your shoulders for a side hug. he inhaled for a moment before shaking his head. he didnt want to disappoint you, but he also didnt want to lie to you, but he most of all wanted to give you advice. “does he know that you dont see him as a friend?” dream asked, getting a no in response. "maybe you should tell him. not now but eventually.." he whispered, kissing the top of your head slightly. you heard a knock on your door but it didnt take long for the door to open. at the door stood george, looking at dream with a regretful look on his face. the pair, like you and foolish, were going through a cycle, thought you would much rather be in theirs than in yours.
dozing off to sleep wasnt a very hard thing to do on most days. other days, mostly days when noah was out, it was trickier. thoughts and thoughts ran through your head, wondering where he was, if he was ok, who he was with. you hoped deep down that one day you would stop worrying about all of those things, but the probability of that happening anytime soon wasnt very high. had it been any other day, when foolish was in your apartment with you, you would have been out like a light, but with him being out, there was constant tossing and turning and it felt like it would never end. taking a quick glance at your alarm clock, you found out that it was only 11:36 pm. the night had already felt like an eternity, and you knew you'd have to wait quite a while more. there was a brief moment where you debated going on a late night drive, but you quickly removed those thoughts from your head, replacing them with ideas for the essay you had yet to write. you noticed your backpack through the corner of your eyes, and a little bit of late night writing never hurt anybody. as you reached over to grab your backpack, you felt your phone vibrate.
Noah: can you pick me up? please?
you debated on whether you should text him back or ignore it for a few seconds, before ultimately deciding to do the right thing and go look for your best friend.
your car wasnt very hard to find in the parking garage, it was just time consuming to leave. you quickly plugged your phone into the radio, dialing foolish's number. "hello?" he asked, taking you back by how quickly he answered. "where are you?" you asked gently, not wanting him to think you were mad anymore. you were mad, but you wouldnt admit it to him. you were sad too, disappointed, concerned, all sorts of emotions were running through your head, but it wasnt about you right now. it was about your best friend's well being. "luna's cafe. the one on fourth. not the one on campus." you sighed quietly, hoping the call wouldnt be able to pick it up. debating whether or not to ask anything else, you ended the call, driving to the location foolish had given you. you would be lying to yourself if you hadnt felt a ping in your heart when he gave you his location. luna's cafe was a well known place, but it was extra special for the two of you. after every school dance, after every football game, after every special event, it was you and noah at the luna's cafe that was on fourth. you wiped a tear that had formed in your right eye as you pulled up to the front of the cafe, opening the passenger side door for your best friend. "get in. dont say anything just get in." you spoke, foolish sending you a small frown. as soon as he climbed into the car you began driving, taking a glance over at your sad friend. you sighed as you pulled into a wendy's parking lot, ordering some food and pulling into a parking spot. you handed the boy a bag and a drinking, turning off the car and pulling your legs into a criss cross shape of the seat. "eat. i know you didnt" you mumbled, grabbing a fry from his bag. "she did nothing but yell at me the whole time. she complained about me not calling her and when i brought up that when i did call her, she yelled at me even more. i swear just yesterday she was a nice girl. it seemed like she cared." his voice broke more and more as he went on with his sentence, but he wasn't ready to cry. not yet. he didnt want to cry. not now. not ever. not about a girl. "i dont get it y/n. why does she do this all the time?" he asked quietly, his voice still breaking. you shrugged slightly, pulling him into a tight hug. "its gonna be ok. im here for you." you mumbled, pressing a small kiss to his cheek. as you moved back to sit in your seat, you noticed his frown turn into a small smile. "theres my best friend." you smiled, taking another one of his fries. you were glad you were there for him, but deep down, in a part of your mind you didnt want to confront at the moment, you knew that the cycle would soon start over again.
you would be lying if you said that your thoughts about the constant cycle you and foolish went through had finally ended. exactly a month after the parking lot conversation, foolish was right back in her apartment, while you were in dream and georges. "what movie is this again?" george asked, reaching into the bowl of popcorn that was on your lap. "its the blair witch project george. we discussed this already." dream replied, making you chuckle. "this movie isnt even scary. isnt it a horror or something?" george asked, making you shrug in reply. "its only scary because its based on a true story george. i think anyway. im not a film major." you joked, grabbing a piece of candy from dreams lap. the three of you continued to watch the movie for a bit, each of you jumping when there was a knock on the door. "dream get the door." you whispered, moving closer to the edge of the couch with george and a blanket. "me?! why me?!" dream whisper yelled, making you and george shrug. "youre the strongest." george replied, screaming when the door opened. "its noah." dream said, making you and george look at each other. you felt your face heat up, a blush of embarrassment growing."is y/n here?" foolish asked, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw you stand up. "i need to talk to you." he continued, george handing you your bag from the floor. "thanks george." you smiled at the boy, walking over to foolish and getting dragged into your apartment. "it happened again." he whispered to you, making you groan. "why are you still trying then?" you asked, a slight tone of anger in your voice. "why are you getting mad at me?" "because you alwways do this and you never listen to me?! because she clearly hasnt changed and you refuse to see that?" you yelled, letting out an angry huff. "youre unbelievable sometimes y/n. im happy with her why cant you be happy for me? isnt that your job as my best friend?" he asked. were you one to think before speaking? usually yes. apparently not today.
"because im in love with you? because i want you to be more than my best friend? because whenever im sitting in dream and georges apartment once a month i think about nothing but your well being and how you would be so much better with me." you spa back, realization quickly setting in when you saw his face change. "i-i did-didnt say any of that." you muttered, taking a seat on the couch, shoving your face into your hands. there wasnt anything said for a few minutes between the two of you. if you could go back in time five minutes, you would in a heartbeat. eventually you looked up to the boy, noticing his mouth ready to speak. "please dont say anything unless its that you feel the same way. i dont wanna deal with the heartbreak of you saying no right now." you whispered, seeing him close his mouth. you sighed slightly, standing up and grabbing your bag. "where are you going?" he asked, his voice soft. "i need to find somewhere to stay tonight. you have my number. if you need it." you replied, walking out of the apartment and over dream and georges for the second time that night. "are you ok?" dream asked quietly, holding the door open. you sniffed and nodded, sitting at the table and pulling out your computer. hands shaky, you opened your still blank english final paper and started typing. "the cycle of unrequited."
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twistedwishingwell · a day ago
Hi! So, not quite sure what the rules are for asks, but here goes nothing lol. Anyhow, how would the vice dorm leaders react to a gender-neutral! S/O who can sing really well but the boys didn't know that they could sing? (Sorry if this makes no sense. I've been listening to "Positions" by Ariana Grande on repeat for the past few hours and I just had this idea of the boys being shocked by their S/O being a really good singer lol)
As long as you were asking for head canons then you are perfectly in my guidelines. I don’t really have rules here other then only a max of 3 characters for a scenario. And without further adieu I hope you enjoy~
As always Dorm Leaders Include Ruggie but subtract Ortho and Gender Neutral pronouns used on request
Trey Clover
Trey doesn’t think anything of it at first when he hears music drifting from the kitchen of the dorm
What does surprise him is when he rounds the corner and realizes it’s his Angel Cake singing there
“Cats and Rabbits would reside in fancy little houses and be dressed in shoes and hats and trousers, in a world of my own.”
He recognizes the song as a popular one from the Rose Kingdom though he was shocked that they knew the song
He just stands there and listens and watches as they work, smiling softly
Finally when the song is done he will begin talking
“I didn’t know you could carry a tune like that Angel Cake.”
They shrug and continue to put their cookies they had been working on in the oven
Trey can only shake his head. His Angel Cake really was a person of mystery.
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie had started humming as he was working on laundry
What he didn’t expect was his Darling was such a good singer
“Be King undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder I am.”
He blinks a few times, stopping moving
“What’s up?” They would ask and he would just shake his head a little
“Just trying to figure out why we are doing Leona’s laundry when you could be a professional singer.”
They laugh and brush him off, taking it as a joke before continuing to work
He leaves it alone though, if they wanted to be a singer they would have been working for it is all
Still, he is going to tease them about it relentlessly
Jade Leech
It was closing time at the lounge as his Cuddlefish was helping him put up the chairs for the night
That was when he heard them start singing quietly to themselves as they were working
“The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake. You dream about going up there but that is a big mistake.”
He is charmed by the little tune and keep quietly to himself to enjoy the song
When they are finished is when he laughed a little and shows a full row of teeth at them
“My you do have a lovely voice. Perhaps Azul would like you to sing as the lounge sometime.”
They roll their eyes and continue to work.
Jade lets it go after that, though he is mentally planning to get them to sing more since it was so lovely
Jamil Viper
Cleaning after a party was tedious but he was glad to have his Diamond’s help
Though hearing them sing was something new as well
“When the winds from the east and the suns in the west and the sand in the glass is right, come on down stop on by, hop a carpet and fly. To another Arabian night.”
He hums along softly to the familiar tune as well and continues to work to the sweet music
When the song finishes he smirks slightly at them
“Perhaps you should have participated in the VDC instead, with a voice like that.”
The shoulder nudge into him makes him smile
“Like your one to talk.” They fire back and he supposed it was fair. It is up to the individual if they want the spotlight after all.
Rook Hunt
Rook had been the one to start singing first, the song from Neige in the VDC still stuck in his head
What he didn’t expect was his Cheri to begin singing along with him
“Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go.”
-Insert flowery and over the top praise here-
They laugh and giggle at his praise of their beauty of appearance and voice but for the most part ignore it
It is just Rook being Rook after all
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia, being in the light music club is quiet familiar with music
He is almost appalled it had taken so long to hear his little bat sing
“I know you I walked with you once upon a dream”
Definitely falls in love all over again, pulling them into his arms and swaying to the song with them
A coy smile will grace his face the whole time as they giggle and go along with his antics
“My perhaps you should join the light music club with a voice like that.”
They decline but he won’t let it go that easily. They are going to be harassed until they relent or graduate.
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masterwords · a day ago
Just something I've been thinking about. A lot. It's really crude and barely edited and probably reads like a train wreck. You can also read this mess on ao3 if you prefer.
With one gloved hand inside of the incubator, it's easy for him to understand Morgan when he says he's leaving the BAU, when he says he needs to put his family first. Hotch isn't surprised and he isn't upset, maybe a little jealous but he's happy. He smiles, it's real and it's genuine, because even if their relationship was strained at times, even if it didn't look the way other friendships looked, what they shared was deep, forged in fire and death and pain over decades. They'd seen each other at their worst, protected each other from harm, it was unbreakable even if it wasn't conventional.
Hotch deceives himself, thinking it'll be easy to let Morgan go. What makes him think that, he has no idea, some idiotic tactic for self-preservation that always backfires but he clings to it nonetheless. Everyone else cries, hugs him, has their moment and Hotch hangs back in the shadows and watches from where he's comfortable, out of sight. The hole Morgan leaves will be gaping, for all of them, and he's preparing himself. They could replace a body on a team, find someone who could take on his workload, but never the man himself and what he brought to the people who loved him dearly. He watches his team in the coming days, watches the way JJ and Reid walk a little slower when they pass his empty office, the way Garcia has gotten quiet and he doesn't have to remind her she's on speaker now, the way Rossi struggles to find an outlet for his acerbic wit. Lewis is still trying to figure out where she fits into the dynamic as she bounces back and forth between jobs, she's a rock and a godsend for each of them as she realizes they're all struggling in the same way she is. They seem to cling to her, surround her, take her under their wing.
It doesn't hit Hotch until he has Morgan's official resignation, signed, on his desk. He'd fudged the rules, let Morgan go before the paperwork was complete, waived the exit interview, all so he could stay with his family and while the Bureau would have words with him later about circumventing procedure, he knew it was worth it. Never doubted it for a moment, his final act as Morgan's boss, the least he could do. Morgan had given enough to this place, he owed them nothing. When he holds that paper in his hands, reads through the words Morgan wrote about the team and his experience and why he was leaving, he feels the hot sting of tears at the corner of his eye. His hand trembles and he wonders when Morgan dropped it off, wishes he'd been around to say hello, to ask how he'd been, how Hank was doing. He pulls out his phone, almost impulsively, and catches himself before dialing Morgan's number. He puts the phone back down, signs the exit paperwork and slips it with a dreadful finality into a crisp file for Cruz.
Weeks go by, and he's watching his team settle into the new normal but he feels like he's regressing. It had been easy at first to put on the show because they needed him to, but now they were settling and he was left drowning in the wake. In the round table room, his eyes twitch from person to person, looking for Morgan instinctively. Simple muscle memory, he falls into a routine. He has to consciously make an effort to stop, before anyone notices he's slipping, so he settles on Rossi. That's comfortable, it's normal, it's safe.
On the jet, he seats himself in his favorite place and each time he glances up to speak, his eyes search for the one who is missing, the one who is almost always directly across from him. They would speak in silent code, study the other's expressions, anticipate the next step. He almost tells JJ to go to the dump site with Morgan but catches himself, says Reid instead. If anyone caught the slip, they didn't say anything. He tells Lewis and Rossi to come with him to the station, get set up. He clings to Rossi so no one will notice how exposed he is without Morgan, everyone expects it, he and Rossi are close. But now he's leaning harder, and maybe no one else notices, but Rossi does.
“You miss him, admit it,” Rossi says, walking into Hotch's office late at night, after everyone else has gone home. Hotch scowls at him, he's not ready for this conversation.
“I never said I didn't. Of course I do.” Rossi backs off when he hears the words, the strained way they come out. It was a given that Reid and Garcia would struggle without Morgan, that JJ and even Lewis would need some time, but it hadn't really occurred to him how intertwined Hotch and Morgan had been. They rarely occupied the same space but maybe that was it, each of them just knew the other was out there and they didn't need to wonder or worry. Hotch was cut off now.
“Have you spoken to him?” Rossi asks, and Hotch shakes his head.
“He doesn't want to hear from me,” is his reply, and the sadness in it threatens to crush Rossi but he just nods, understands why Hotch would feel that way. He would need some time. His feelings of abandonment are quiet but canyon deep. He never uttered a word over Gideon's leaving, over Prentiss leaving, but he never got over any of it, Rossi is sure of that. He just finds a way to press on, always moving forward, closing himself off further to avoid this feeling.
Weeks blur one into another, and occasionally he wonders if he should send a text, if enough time has passed that it wouldn't be rude or imposing – might be nice to have a visit, to have a dad friend. He wonders if he remembers how to have friends.
He finds himself thinking about Morgan often. It's utilitarian not sentimental. Sometimes he sees things and wants to run them by him, get his thoughts because Morgan always saw things he missed. It's a knee-jerk reaction, conditioning that was just hard to undo. Habits that have to be broken. Ties that were formed over decades are not severed over night, no matter how his forever grieving heart wished otherwise.
Work piles up and it's easy to lose himself in it, finds that just like everyone else, he's getting used to a new normal in the BAU. It's quieter, and he misses the pit that would form in his stomach when Morgan would call Garcia, wondering what would come flying out of her mouth and how horrifyingly inappropriate it would be. It made his job easier, he didn't have to worry about HR seminars now, but he still missed it.
When Reid comes in with his completed files for the night, Hotch asks him to sit down, falls easily into the mode of protector and sounding board. It had been a while since they'd touched base one on one. He smiles at Reid to lighten the mood, asks him how he's doing, how he's adapting to their new normal because he worries about Reid, the man who wears his heart on his sleeve. Reid perks up unexpectedly, smiles, tells Hotch all about Hank and having dinner at Morgan's house over the weekend. He says he thought it would be hard like losing Gideon and Prentiss but it isn't so bad because he still sees Morgan. It makes Hotch smile, but Reid can see there is some sadness in it and he takes a stab in the dark. He's not as clueless as everyone makes out, he'd been there in the days when Morgan and Hotch were different, he knows Hotch has to be hurting and he's hiding it but not well enough to fool everyone. Not well enough to fool him, he'd just been waiting patiently for an opportunity like this to present itself.
“You should call him,” Reid says. Hotch looks down at his hands, feeling suddenly very uneasy and exposed. This was supposed to be him checking on Reid, not the other way around. “He'd be really happy to hear from you.”
“I doubt that,” Hotch replies, and he can't believe he said it aloud, as if it were the most damning piece of evidence, as if he'd just given himself away. Reid smiles victoriously, like he'd just cracked open a geode and exposed it's gleaming core. Like it was the most beautiful mess he'd ever seen. Maybe it was.
“He misses you, too, Hotch. Call him.”
After Reid leaves, Hotch feels a stitch in his side. It isn't often that Reid grants himself authority to offer Hotch advice, but when he does, it doesn't come lightly. He packs up his things to go, and walks by Morgan's empty office on his way to drop his reports off for Cruz. Pausing, he leans in the doorway and wonders for a moment at the years that had passed. How quickly all that time had gone and the magnitude of the stories that came from them, folded now into the silence surrounding a bare desk and empty bookshelves.
He visits with Cruz for some time, finds himself almost relaxing into the conversation and loses track of time. When he leaves, he heads straight home, eager to see Jack and have a late dinner and watch some television. They're deep into watching MacGyver, a recommendation from Sean because he thought Jack would love it and Hotch is just happy to have something he and Jack can share now that he's getting bigger and isn't so interested in being read to or baking cookies. On the weekends Jack asks him if they can try to build things like MacGyver, so they set timers and race to see who can build the most impressive gadget out of household items. Hotch has started adding paperclips and duct tape to his shopping lists, right at the top with the eggs and bread. It's been a gift, and one that has kept him from spiraling as he thinks about the way Morgan got out to save his family instead of repeating Hotch's mistakes, the way Morgan isn't going to miss a minute of Hank's life the way he's missed so much of Jack's. He pops open a beer and settles in beside his son who always bounces along to the theme music, making fun of the 1980's mercilessly but Hotch knows he secretly loves it when he starts stealing his button down shirts, styling them just so. When the show is over, Jack goes to brush his teeth and Hotch pulls out his phone. For the first time, he doesn't think about it, he just does it.
“Morgan, it's Hotch...” he says, and when Morgan sounds genuinely happy to hear from him, he lets out the breath he's been holding for months.
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Troubled sleep
Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary: Bucky has a nightmare about Y/N getting hurt.
A.N: This isn't really in a particular place in the MCU time line, it just exists. I wrote this ages ago.
Warning’s: Swearing, Nightmare
Tumblr media
Y/n parked her car outside the front of the apartment building that she and her boyfriend of two years -Bucky- lived in. She worked as a police officer and sometimes she would have to pull a double shift if things got busy, but she was happy to do it. Today was one of them days. Y/N had had an extra stressful day, as she was in a high speed car chase and almost ended up in a head on collision.
Y/N always felt bad for leaving Bucky after promising to not be long. He always told her that it was okay but she could see right through it. Work had just really stressed her out today and she just wanted to cuddle with her boyfriend.
She turned off the radio in her car, grabbed her bag and got out of the car. She shut the door of her baby blue Jeep and walked through the front doors of the apartment building and made her way up the stairs. Y/N fumbled around in her bag to try and find the door key once she was at her apartment door. Once she jad finally found the key she put it in the key whole, turned the key and opened the door. She pushed the door and walked inside.
"I'm home Bucky." she called, shutting the front door behind her .
She took off her coat and hung it up on the coat rail on the wall by the door. When she had turned around she could see Bucky walking towards her with a smile on his face. His chestnut brown hair looked fluffy and his ocean blue eyes stared at her with love and admiration. He wrapped his arms tightly around the girl in a hug, with his face buried in the crook of her neck.
"I missed you." he told her.
"I've only been gone twelve hours baby." Y/N replied, rubbing his back.
"Twelve hours too long."
"I'm sorry. Jake wasn't in so I had to cover his shift, again."
"It's okay doll, I understand."
He moved so that his hands cupped the sides of her face and pulled her in for a kiss.
"Let me get changed out of my uniform then we can cuddle. Then, I'll make some dinner okay?" she suggested.
Bucky just nodded with a small smile on his face. Y/N walked over to the bedroom with Bucky behind her, following like a lost puppy. Y/N stripped down to her bra and under wear and threw on a of non-denim shorts and one of Bucky’s henleys that was folded over the back of her desk chair. The shirt just about covered the bottom of the shorts that she had put on. She turned around to look at her boyfriend when she was finished and leaned up and pressed a kiss to his lips.
"Come on Bucky. I'll make us some dinner." she said.
"Okay but I'm helping." He told her, as he entangled their fingers.
Y/N and Bucky were sitting down on the sofa after dinner. The pair were watching a movie that Sam had recommended. He had his arm around her waist while she was resting her head on his shoulder. It felt nice to be with Bucky. Her day jad been stressful and it was quite nice to be relaxing with her boyfriend. She felt safe in his arms, always. And Bucky felt safe him her arms.
"Shall I make us some hot chocolate?" she asked.
"That would be nice doll." he replied as he chuckled softly.
So Y/N got up to go to the kitchen and began to boil some water. She then took out their mugs and set them on the side with the hot chocolate powder in each. She poured in the hot water then the milk, gave them a stir and squirted whipped cream on top. Once the drinks were finished she made her way to the living room, where she placed both mugs on the coffee table.
She layed down on her back, but she made sure that she was in the right position so that she could still see the TV. Then Bucky came and laid down on top of her. He wrapped his arms around Y/N’s torso and buried his head in the crook of her neck. He left a few soft kisses there before he settled back down to watch the TV.
After a while she could see that Bucky was falling asleep. He looked so peaceful just laying there. He let out a soft yawn and snuggled closer to her body. The girl had been running her fingers through his fluffy hair and pressing a soft kiss to the top of his head every so often. He had been struggling to sleep lately and she didn't really want to disturb him but she didn't think he'd be that comfortable laying on top of her.
"Are you tired?" she asked him.
Bucky just nodded and said "Just a little bit."
"Let's get you to bed then honey." she whispered as she kissed the top of his head again. He nodded his head as he let her take him to bed. She got up and took both of his hands in hers and gently pulled him up from the couch.
When they were in the bedroom, Y/N took off her shorts and bra so that she was just in her underwear and the shirt that she had put on earlier. Once the pair were ready, they laid down in bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and traced gentle circles on the soft skin of her stomach.
"Good night Y/N." he whispered.
"Night night Buck."
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, she had been sure that she heard a noise. The blue clock on the bedside side table glowed 02:50 AM. She was so sure that she was woken up by the sound of someone crying. When she sat up straight and turned around to look and Bucky. He was crying. She tried to shake him awake but it was no use.
"Bucky. Baby wake up." I said
He kept tossing and turning. He kept whispering things like 'no', 'please I don't want to', 'don't make me do it' and 'stop'.
"Buck wake up. You're scaring me." she said with tears starting to form in her eyes. "Please wake up honey."
He kept tossing and turning but nothing seemed to be working. He wouldn't wake up. He was still crying, calling out for it to stop, whatever it was.
"No, no, no. Please don't make me do this." He whimpered.
"Come on Bucky please. You're scaring me."
He then shot up suddenly into a sitting position after about five minutes of complete silence and desperately looked around for something, or maybe someone. When his eyes landed on Y/N he wrapped his arms around the girl and clung to her like he was going to lose her. She moved so that his head was on her chest and his arms were around her torso. His head was tucked underneath her chin.
"Bucky what's wrong honey?" she asked, rubbing her hand up and down his arm gently.
"Bad dream." he sniffed, tears were pouring down his face. He began sobbing into the shirt she was wearing.
"Shh shh shh. It's okay. It's just a dream." she said, trying to calm him down. "I got you. I got you. Breath baby. Calm down sweetheart."
She kissed the top of his head as he pulled her body impossibly closer to his. She gently started rocking side to side, like a mother would with her child.
"What was it about?" Y/N asked.
He just kept shaking his head, like he was trying to get the image out of his head.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she asked him softly.
'Don't force him' she remembered the first time this had happened, forcing things never worked in these situations though many tried 'Just let him come to you'
"You dying." he cried.
"Oh Bucky. I got you sweetheart." she cooed softly into his ear as she pressed a kiss to his temple.
"They made me do it." he told her.
"Who's they baby?" Y/N asked even though she knew fully well who he was talking about.
"HYDRA. They turned me in... into h... him. I didn't want to. But they... they forced me to kill you. They... they made me strangle you with my metal arm. It was like I was trapped in my own body. I... I had no control whatsoever, I... I just had watch him k... kill you."
"Oh Bucky, oh honey. I'm here I'm alive sweetheart. I've got you Bucky, they can't hurt you anymore."
Y/N laid back down on the bed and he moved so that he head was on her chest and his arms were around her torso, he was basically laying on top of her again. She gently ran her fingers through his soft hair, nails softly scratching his head and fingers gently tugging on his locks.
"I love you Y/N. I love you so much baby girl."
"I love you too Bucky . I'll never ever leave you."
"Y/N I realise that I sound stupid but, I don't want to go back to sleep incase I have another nightmare."
"Awww it's okay Bucky. I'll protect you from the night mares."
Y/N wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her body. She kissed the top of his head then went back to gently running her hand through his hair. He snuggled into her smaller body, he was like a wounded puppy.
"My angel in shining armour." He mumbled.
"Yep." she replied. "That's me."
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lokiofsassgaard · 2 days ago
The fic I abandoned, and then exhumed from the grave
A long time ago, back in 2013, a mate gave me a simple prompt: How to Train Your Dragon, but Loki. In her mind, this was going to be the crack romance she didn't have time to write. So she passed it on to me, thinking I'd turn it into something a little less Richard Curtis, and a little more Shane Black.
I looked at this idea and said, "yes, but what if it's played completely straight?" Somehow, this became a horror novel in the span of about a five minute conversation. I loved this idea. It would fly in the face of everything popular fanon was doing, using a dumb crack ship nobody liked, and point out everything that was wrong with a multi-national paramilitary organisation like SHIELD.
So I started writing it, and was posting as I went. This fic had a couple of Archive warnings, some really nasty tags, and came out of the gate swinging. The damn thing opens up with vivisection. There is not a single thing that is happy or light-hearted about this fic, and that was the point.
So, imagine my surprise when I'm plodding away, getting a couple chapters up each week, and the comments start getting... uncomfortable. People asking when the characters are going to realise the other one loves them, or when they're going to confess their love. I'd respond to these comments that this is not in the cards. I don't normally like to just wholesale spoil endings like that, but I'd thought it was pretty obvious that a character who has been kidnapped and repeatedly assaulted was not falling in love with the person who was doing the kidnapping and assault. But these comments were sporadic, and easily dealt with.
Then it happened. The big Archive Warning chapter. The one that should have unambiguously told readers that this was not the fluffy romance they were expecting. The one that was pain and humiliation and tears.
And oh my god, nothing in the history of fanfic has ever backfired more than this chapter did. Those occasional comments turned into a flood. People cheering that the characters finally had sex, and now they can admit their love! I'm sorry, what? I'd respond, telling them very plainly to please read the warnings and tags on this fic, because they grossly misunderstood. And that's when the arguing started. People insisting to me, the author of the fic, that clearly the characters are in love. Clearly, this is going to have a happy ending. CLEARLY, there's more at play here.
Me. The guy who wrote it. These people were telling me that I didn't understand my own fic.
That's when I abandoned it. Turned off comments and deleted all of the really gross ones, archive-locked it so only people with an account could see it, and put a big author's note on the end stating that this fic had reached the wrong audience, and I could not handle the comments coming in on it any more. The comments then followed me to Tumblr, and that's when I deleted my entire fandom social media presence and left fandom entirely.
Funny enough, my username got picked up by several other people, and it seems that at least one of them got some of my anons in their inbox. Which means that somehow, amazingly, when I finally came back to fandom late last year, my username was availalbe literally everywhere, because I guess nobody wanted to have a name associated with this hilarious clusterfuck of a fic. Except on Reddit, because they wouldn't let me recycle my old name, so I've got an extra vowel stuffed in there.
And last month, I decided that you know what? I'm going to finish this stupid fic. I'm going to double down on the fucked-upedness, really hammer home the point, and go at it entirely without shame. So that's what I did.
And on Monday, I started posting it. I turned off the archive-lock, and switched comments to moderated, added a new author's note at the beginning explaining things in plain detail, and have been watching the whole thing unfold. So far, I've had one person absolutely livid that I apparently baited and switched them on their happy-go-lucky fluff, and another who could not quite wrap their head around the fact that this fic is not a comedy. The other comments so far have been pretty stoked that the fic is back.
But the funniest thing of the whole thing has been watching the bookmarks on it. The number doesn't seem to know if it should be climbing or dropping. I look, and there are new ones every day, which is neat. But then I started looking through older ones, and I noticed that comments I remembered seeing before have vanished. I don't know if people have made their bookmarks private, or if they suddenly realised that this "fluffy romance" they were reading is anything but, and deleted the bookmark out of disgust.
This stupid thing is my most popular fic ever, outside of one piece of trash I oprhaned out of disgust, and I'm actually glad I've come back to it. I just don't think some of its readers are. And it is kind of a shame that it's only popular because it was apparently so vastly misunderstood, but yolo or some shit, I guess. It's gonna be fun destroying my entire fandom reputation.
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I've got like one little speculation for the season 2 finale that I wanna get out before it officially airs because it has been on my mind ever since Marcy was introduced (and encouraged by the rest of the season) so I'm gonna put that under the cut.
Also hi I have not watched the finale yet so if you have please keep the notes spoiler free.
Ever since Marcy was introduced in "Marcy At The Gates" I've had this incredibly strong feeling that she might die. But at the same time they wouldn't just kill off a main character, right? But like,,, Sasha mentioning that she'll get herself killed one day, the whole thing with her setting herself on fire, her getting eaten by a Barbariant to save Sprig, and also Anne's first convo about Marcy with Sprig being about how she could potentially die while in Amphibia without her to protect her. Also that moment in Marcy and Maddie where she gets Maddie to attack her with a low level fire curse.
I feel like if she does die she might get eaten. Mauled. Just sacrificed and absolutely gobbled up by that thing in the cellar.
It could also be a fakeout death. Probably a fakeout death. One of the two. I just,,, have that FEELING. That ITCHING FEELING LIKE COME ON THERE MUST BE A REASON MARCY ISN'T IN THE PROMO WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU WHERE ARE YOU WHAT WILL HAPPEN I AM JUST SO WORRIED??????
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voretrashcan · 3 days ago
Uncle Knows Best
Tumblr media
The Winner is Peter by a landslide of 5-1!
Peter just shakes his head back and forth, how many times did his nephew need to learn. The fight wasn't even close and frankly it proved how much Derek needed to learn. But at any rate, it was an enjoyable bout, ableit a quick one.
"Derek we do this dance almost all the time. And every time we do, it ends like this. Although I must say...." Peter's eyes glow with a predatory hunger. " I've worked up quite the appetite.
His nephew shoots up a fearful gaze, all of that bravado when challenging him is gone now. Peter picks him up and with one clean stroke of a claw leaves him naked.
"Peter wait-"
Not wasting any time Peter opens up his mouth and stuffs Derek inside. The taste of his nephew and the sweat he built up was delicious on his tongue. He gobbles his head down quickly following is his shoulders.
Derek squirms and tries to fight his way out but to no avail. All he is now is just food for his hungry uncle, again. Tonguing over his chest, Peter takes in those furry pecs. The slabs of muscle are definitely delicious as if they were made for Peter. Taking another gulp they disappear.
With Derek now bulging out his neck, Peter takes his time to rub over it. His abs come in next, just as delicious and as hairy as his pecs. Hearing a whimper come from the bulge, clearly Derek didn't like being turned into food. Something that Peter did not care about in the slightest.
With Derek's cock entering his mouth, he wanted to do something extra special for his nephew. Something to show him that he was not even remotely in his league. Using his tongue with expertise, he gets him off inside his mouth. Watching his legs kick in delight and feeling the rest of Derek wiggle inside, provides him with just the perfect amount of humiliation. Getting Derek to spray all of his cum, Peter washes it down with his cock.
Getting bored with his nephew, Peter wants to speed things up. However before he does, he takes both of Derek's plump ass cheeks, groping them. He then strikes Derek's ass with heavy hands, causing him to shout in pain. Peter does this until his ass is red and screaming. Satisfied Peter tips his head back and swallows more of his nephew.
Feeling Derek enter into his belly, Peter expedites quickly the rest of the meal. Gobbling down his thighs and calves like they're nothing. The bulge in his belly increases as more and more of his meal enters in. Getting to his wiggling feet, Peter tickles him with a smug domination. Finally bored with that too, Peter swallows all of Derek.
Forced to curl up inside his belly, Derek can hardly move. From the outside he can feel his uncle rub all over him. The size difference meaning nothing to Peter, he was being treated as if he was just any ordinary prey. Dominated and devoured on a daily basis was something Derek just had not gotten used to.
"Ah now there is a good boy. Settling in so nicely, you were delicious." Peter mocks slapping his belly. The tight round dome jostles. " Whew, you are filling, definitely. All those tasty hairy muscles were nice treat Derek. You'll have to put on some more after you reform."
Peter gets some angry jostling, as he chuckles rubbing over him. After Derek attempts to kick his way out, a massive belch flies out of Peter's mouth.
"Ah now that was delicious, good job baby boy." Peter smacks his lips tasting all of Derek again with that belch. And it seems that it had tamed the angry beta trapped inside.
Playing with his hairy navel, Peter's face is painted with a smug grin. His nephew had been put in his place, his belly full, this evening was going great.
"Well Derek I say it's time to get you home*URRRRP*, so in the morning I can tell you how bad you fought." Derek completely passed out at this point is unable to resist his uncle. Something that Peter is well aware of and uses to boost his over-inflated ego.
With a smack of his belly and a victorious stride, Peter returns home with his nephew filled belly.
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hazgoldenstyles · 3 days ago
I just miss you.
Im working on other Requests right now!! This turned out more subbier than I intended it to be but I hope you still like it! 
here you go- @purplescissorsmuffinsports
Requested- Heyy can you write one with Harry being cuddly and sleepy and just wants you to hold him? That would be sooo cute🥺❤ Have a great day love😊 
Summary- Harry misses Y/n
Harrys POV
Y/n’s been at work for a while and I already miss her so much since she's been working a lot lately. I know she feels bad because I notice she stares at me when I sleep when she leaves to go to work in the morning.
She knows I miss her so much and I keep trying to get her to quit because I can take care of her.
Right now Im in our room waiting for her to come home watching reruns of friends. I’ve been deprived of kisses, cuddles, sex, overall just spending time time her and lately I've been feeling subby.
I finally hear her walk through the front door and I feel a spark in my chest
I hear her set her stuff down “bubba” she calls walking up the stairs, I lift my head up from my pillow when she walks through the bedroom door.
 “hi” I say smiling
Y/n’s POV
“hi” he says smiling and my little heart melts because he looks so out of it and adorable. He makes grabby hands at me and I walk to the edge of bed to where he is so I can fulfill his wishes.
I squat down, “hi my sweet boy how are you” kissing his cheek.
 He blushes
“Im fine, haven't really done anything today. Just miss you” he says pouting, looking at me.
I kiss his pouty lips over and over again until he's giggling “I'm sorry bub, I'm getting asked to do more hours” I say stroking his rosy cheek.
He starts pouting again and I see his big green eyes well with tiny tears.
“b-but you don't spend any time with me a-anymore and I m-miss you” he whimpers.
I climb on the bed and gather him in my arms while he lays his head on my boob, for some reason he always does that. “I'm sorry baby boy, how about I take a couple days off to spend time with you. How does that sound” I murmur in his curly hair, rubbing his back.
“I like the sound of that” he whispers turning his head to look into my eyes “we haven't even had any naughty time” he whines.
I smirk at him “I know your sleepy bub but I'll see if we can put that in the schedule for later, but only if you be a good boy” I say sternly rubbing his peachy little bum because he loves when I do that, he shyly nods and moans a little. 
After while I start to see his eyes drifting.
I kiss his forehead while he snuggles into my neck.
 “I love you so much, and I’m so sorry” I whisper 
Make sure you share and reblog!!! You're welcome to recommend, but please don't act like you wrote it. Also make sure you leave a comment, you can find my Wattpad here.
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blackcherry125 · 4 days ago
hey i saw you asking for ideas and i can't find your rules so feel free to ignore but i just had this thought of bokuto or bakugo who are really into exhibitionism but get too wrapped up in the feeling that instead of you just sitting on his cock with it being blocked from your skirt his hands are pushing the skirt past your waist and he's moving and groaning just a little too much to be discreet but that's okay bc the couple's best friend (akaashi and kirishima respectively) finds your two more entertaining than whatever movie was put on
So I really like this! I've never tried writing something like this before so I hope you enjoy!
Content warning: exhibitionism, voyeurism if you squint maybe. ALL CHARACTERS ARE AGED UP
It started off as a normal evening. You, your boyfriend Katsuki, and his friend Kirishima. You'd been watching movies and you had ended up in Katsuki's lap and as the evening went on his fingers softly started caressing your stomach just over your skirt. Every once in a while they'd slide an inch or so under causing your breath to hitch and your eyes to fly to where Kirishima was focusing on the movie. Finally you felt those teasing fingers slide down enough to tap your clit, you froze and immediately felt Katsuki huff out a laugh against your ear. "Let's play a game babe. See if I can make you cum without him noticing." It's whispered against your neck and you have to hold in a whimper when that turns into soft kisses, your answer comes in the form of a little stretch that readjusts you, and your skirt. Now the only barriers between you and his quickly hardening cock are your wet panties and his gray sweatpants. You glance down to make sure the front of your skirt will hide what's going on as you feel him pull his sweats down and your panties are moved over. Just before he slides in he nips at your ear, "ready?" It's almost a growl he's talking so low. You nod and barely breathe out a yes before his thick cock impales you.
He's moving you so carefully, his cock stays embedded in your tight wet pussy while he moves your hips, grinding inside you. Slowly though he starts thrusting up as you're grinding down and your breath comes out in a small squeak. Again you and Katsuki's eyes move to his friend who is still engrossed in the movie you're meant to be watching. "Be a good girl and stay quiet, or do you want him to know what a little slut you are?" He reaches up and squeezes your nipple quickly causing you to inhale sharply but you shake your head. He starts moving again faster this time with random sharp thrusts right against that sweet spot, each time you bite your lip to keep from crying out. Your eyes are unfocused and your cunt is drenched. There's the softest wet slapping noise that comes from the two of you. Katsuki is losing focus on his fun game, his movements keeping you squeezing around his cock but never cumming and he's getting so close. He tightens his hold on your hips to hold them still as he fucks up into you, this entire time neither of you bothered to check where your skirt was covering and by this point it's bunches up above your hips. "I'm getting so close baby girl. Gonna fill you up, you gotta stay quiet for me." Just as he says that your climax rushes through both of you and you can't help but let out what starts as a soft moan and ends with a clear whimper. Your head drops back against his shoulder as his hot cum fills you up. You're both recovering from the aftershocks when you hear a laugh come from the other side of the room.
"I feel like I should have paid by the minute for that. Better than any movie on tv." Your face flames as you remember Kirishima. When you look at him he's grinning at you, sharp teeth well displayed but his eyes are zeroed in on where he can clearly see your pussy stretched tightly around Katsuki's cock. "Please Bakubro, don't stop on my account."
I really hope you liked this! Thanks so much for suggesting it, it's good to go outside the norm!
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#BackToBoston (Part V/Final Part)
March 31st, 2021: 9:16 A.M
After Miles successfully blocked off Tucker's escape path, I was able to grab him and smashed his face into the car door which knocked him out, then dragged his ass back inside the warehouse to tie his arms and legs up. My family offered to stay with me so they could watch me torture Tucker, but this was something I wanted to do alone so I sent them back to #RussoBar and wanted them to stay them until I came back. Running through my head, I had a lot of ways I wanted to torture this man.
"Wake the fuck up." - Dominic.
But first I needed answers as I tossed an icy cold bucket of water onto him, which woke Tucker up, who immediately did his best to break himself free, but I tied the chains around his wrists and ankles tight enough that he couldn't get out. I let out a laugh as I pulled up a chair, sitting close to him.
"It seems to me that you thought you were going to be slick. Blow up your warehouse, kill all your men and you try to make a clean getaway, but the one thing you didn't see coming is that I had a guy on the outside. I knew you were going to tuck your tail between your legs and try to run so I had him cut you off before you could even try." - Dominic.
"Listen. I'll tell you everything that you want to know, just don't kill me." - Tucker.
"Oh no, it's a little too late for you to be begging for your life, but what you are going to do is tell me every thing that you know." - Dominic.
Then I was going to kill him.
"Starting with who the fuck decided to put a hit on my wife when we were in Bali back in December and who killed my mother!" - Dominic.
"Listen! If you let me down, we can work together and I can bring you to them." - Tucker.
"Are you trying to make a deal with me, Tucker?" - Dominic.
I chuckled, getting up from my seat. He was going to say anything to spare his life as I shook my head and walked over to the table that I had prepared with various weapons I planned to use on Tucker to get him to talk.
"Yes! I can work with you, Dominic! That's why I sent you that note with my number. I didn't expect Dorsey to come." - Tucker.
"Dors. acted on his own and I'm glad that he did it, but as far as you go." - Dominic.
Pausing as I picked something up from the table, it was a blowtorch. I walked back over to Tucker with a grin on my face.
"I know it wasn't you personally who killed my mother, but you know who do it, just like you were most likely told to put a hit on my wife, but you're in no condition to make any fucking deals, so you're going to tell me who the fuck did it!" - Dominic.
"I can't!!" - Tucker.
"It's too bad...for you." - Dominic.
I fired up the blowtorch and lowered my glasses, protecting my face from the bright sparks as Tucker screamed in agony, but nobody was going to hear him. I moved the blowtorch closer and closer towards his skin as Tucker was feeling the hunt until I got it close enough that I started to torch and burn his skin as Tucker continued to scream in pain. I've been waiting along time to do this and I wasn't going to miss a beat.
"Alright!! St..stop." - Tucker.
"NOW you're fucking ready to talk?" - Dominic.
Hearing him yell that through the noise of the blowtorch, I turned it off and smirked at my handy work to see how burned the side of his body was. I placed the blowtorch down and once again pulled up my chair, sitting in front of him.
"Their are things happening that even you can't control or stop, Dominic Russo, you or your #IrishClan. You're right though, I didn't kill your mother, but I know who did." - Tucker.
"I had an associate of mine tell me that a man named Marco Mastroddi had something to do with it, but that's impossible because he's fucking dead, I saw him get killed in my own eyes." - Dominic.
"You really have no idea, do you?" - Tucker.
That's when Tucker began to laugh at me, which turned into coughs because of the burns I gave him. I wasn't there to play mindgames with him so I grabbed another /tool/ from the table, a lead pipe and I bashed his kneecap with it, then grabbed his hair again.
"TALK!!" - Dominic.
"Reach into my pocket." - Tucker.
Tucker said weakly as I cautiously did what he said and when I reached into the pocket Tucker told me, I felt something and when I pulled it out, their was a folded up photo and when I unfolded the picture, their was a picture of a man on it, a man that I recognized who I assigned to be one of Gabby's (@GabbyRussoRp) Bodyguards while I was out. Gabby continued to express to me that she had a bad vibe about him and she didn't trust the bodyguard so I had Pops Russo fire him.
"The fuck are you doing with a photo of Gabby's former bodyguard, Franklin Simms?" - Dominic.
" that what he told you his name is?" - Tucker.
Tucker once again TRIED to laugh at me so I grabbed the pipe again and smashed his ribs. I heard a few crack when I did it.
"His REAL name is Carter Banks, he's Marco Mastroddi's right hand man. The last name should sound familiar to your family, especially your father because it was your father who killed Carter's father back in the day, Connor Banks." - Tucker.
"I have heard my dad throw that name around sometimes; Revenge, is that's what this is all about? Carter's Dad was killed by mine, so he kills my mother, tries to kill Gabby in Bali, but failed. Knowing that he failed, Marco sent him to be to become a bodyguard to finish the job, but can't get the job done because I ALWAYS have someone around and eventually gets fired because my wife doesn't trust him. Did I fucking get all of that right?" - Dominic.
"All except for one part; you remember back in January you had a helping hand in killing the Dade County Renegades? Well Marco and Carter had deals them, another reason why they wanted Gabby and you dead, they still want you both dead, along with your buddy Jeremy. I was just an accomplice along the way, helping." - Tucker.
I do remember Jeremy (@ForeverNavy85) also throwing around the name of #CarterBanks in an unusual meeting he had with the man. This was something I was going to need to warn him.
"Now that I told you everything you wanted to know, it's time for you to let me go." - Tucker.
"Don't think so. I appreciate your canter though." - Dominic.
I grabbed the knife from the table, stabbing Tucker several times with it. Not just for me, but for my wife that Carter and Marco put a hit. This was also for my family.
"It''s no..not ov..over." - Tucker.
He said weakly as the blood was draining for his body while it dripped to the floor.
"Good. I hope they do come because #TheIrishClan and myself will be ready for them." - Dominic.
After stabbing Tucker several times, which also including stabbing him right in the head, leaving the knife there. That wasn't enough for me, I stood a few steps back and fired a few shots at his lifeless hanging body.
"Never fuck with my family." - Dominic.
Another thing that I placed on the nearby table was a tank of gasoline. I poured it all over Tucker's body, around him and around the warehouse. Once it was empty, I took a step back near the door, taking out four matches and lit them up, throwing them into the gasoline as the fire began. It was time for me to get out of here and the first person I knew I needed to call to give him an update was Jeremy, especially about #CarterBanks.
//A Few Minutes Later
"Carter Banks and IF Marco Mastroddi is still alive, those are two situations that we might need to deal with soon." - Dominic.
Taking out my aggression on their accomplice felt pretty good. I might not got the revenge that I wanted on the person who killed my mother or who tried to kill Gabby in Bali, but at least I know who did it and I'm not going to rest until they'll both six feet under, dead or alive. I don't know where Carter currently is at, but for the next few days while I was in Boston with my family, I was planning on figuring it out.
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Foolish Heart, Ch 14
Pairing: Jake Tapper x OFC
Warning: language, smut
Notes: It may be a few days before I’m able to post the next chapter, but I wanted to get this one posted today because God knows it’s been a long time coming!
Tumblr media
"Foolish heart, heed my warning. You've been wrong before, don't be wrong anymore."
Aubrey flipped the last pancake before taking the bacon out of the oven, dumping them on a plate lined with paper towel and bringing it to the table. She went back into the kitchen and turned off the stove, taking the final pancake off the heat. She'd given Aramis a bath as soon as they'd gotten home and then left him watching a movie while she showered, shaving and putting on lotion. She dressed in a pair of cut off shorts and a shirt that stopped just above her waistband. She looked herself over in the mirror before going into the kitchen to start making dinner. Jake had shown up not long afterward, staying with Aramis in the living room while she cooked.
   "And they change colors!" Aramis said, spouting off more of what he knew of Bearded Dragons. 
   "That's really cool," Jake replied.
   "Hey guys, dinner's ready." It sounded so natural to her that for a moment she allowed herself to believe that they were really a family.
   "I love Beered Dragons," Aramis said as he climbed into his chair.
   "I can tell," Jake replied in a chuckle. He looked at the breakfast spread on the table, pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice. "This looks great."
   Aubrey smiled at him as she cut up some pancakes for Aramis and drizzled syrup on it. "Thanks." She looked at Aramis. "How many bacon strips do you want, babe?"
   "All of them."
   Jake laughed. "My kinda guy."
   "You can have three to start. You gotta leave some bacon for me and Jake," Aubrey said around a giggle, setting his plate in front of him. She looked up at Jake. "Go ahead, dig in."
   "Thanks," he replied, serving himself some pancakes and bacon. "So, Aramis, I know how much you love Bearded Dragons. What else do you like?"
   Aramis swallowed the pancakes in his mouth. "Drawing, bacon, circles, blue things…"
   Jake chuckled. 
   "Oh! And the playground," Aramis said, chomping on a piece of bacon.
   "Of course, the playground," Jake replied, smiling up at Aubrey. "This is really good."
   "Thanks. Can't really go wrong with pancakes and bacon."
   "Like apple pie," he replied, smirking up at her.
   She smiled back around a mouthful of food. "Yeah."
   "Why you on TV, Jake?" Aramis asked.
   "Because my job is to tell everyone in the country what's going on in the world. It's how people know all of the new things happening in the country, too."
   "Things?" the boy asked as he stabbed another piece of pancake. "What kinda?"
   "Well, like who's running for President."
   "I run for President," Aramis declared.
   "I'll be sure to announce your candidacy on Sunday," Jake replied in a chuckle.
   Aubrey laughed softly. "From what I've been seeing, you might make a better candidate than the people who are running."
   "Yeah, no kidding," Jake mumbled. "It's cycles like this one is shaping up to be that make me glad I don't vote."
   "You don't vote?" she asked, knitting her brows.
   "Not in federal elections. I've always wanted to stay neutral and if I go into every cycle judging candidates by which policies I agree with, I won't be able to give truly unbiased reporting," he explained. "I still vote in local elections, though."
   "That's interesting," she said. "Makes sense though."
   Jake was drinking from his orange juice when he felt a gentle brush against the inside of his foot. Eyes coming up, he found Aubrey staring back at him like she wanted to devour him. Her toes grazed against his ankle as she broke eye contact and ate more of her food. They continued to play footsie beneath the table while Aramis continued to tell them about Bearded Dragons. After they finished eating, Aramis asked Jake if he wanted to watch a movie. So the three of them sat down to watch The Force Awakens, Aramis sitting between Jake and Aubrey.
   By the end of the movie, Aramis passed out, leaning against Jake's arm and Jake looked up to meet eyes with Aubrey, who smiled at the sight.
   "Let me just put him to bed and I'll be back out," Aubrey whispered as she stood and carefully picked up her son from the couch. Jake stood as well and stepped to the side, making room for her to move past him and into the hallway. 
   Swallowing, he tried to ease the butterflies in his stomach by walking over the bookshelf beside the couch and looking at the photos on it. There were several of Aramis through the years, some of Aubrey and Aramis together and one at the top of Aubrey as a young girl, hugging an older woman with dark wavy hair and kind eyes. Reaching up, he carefully brought the framed photo down for a closer look as footsteps sounded from behind him. He looked back as Aubrey came to stand beside him.
   "This your Aunt?" he asked, looking back down at the picture.
   "Yeah," she replied. "That was the last time I saw her before she died. My twelfth birthday. My parents were always kind of...indifferent to me." She smiled at him. "I mean, I always had my basic needs met, clothes, food, roof over my head...but they never really took much of an interest in me. Aunt Julie filled that void for me."
   "She seems like she was a nice lady," he said, eyes still on the picture. "You look really happy."
   The corner of her lips curled upward slightly as she gently took the frame from him. "I was happy," she said in a sigh, looking at the picture. "I blamed myself for her accident for a long time. She'd just moved to DC and I...I didn't want her to leave me behind. I was being selfish. I'd called her after a really big fight with my mom and begged her to come and get me. 
"It was raining really hard that night and she'd asked if she could come the next morning instead. But I she got in her car and started to drive up to our house. She didn't even notice the black ice, the rain was so heavy. She spun out, hit a tree on the side of the road and died instantly." 
   She inhaled when a sting began on the bridge of her nose, swallowing as she stepped to the shelf and put the photo back in its rightful spot.
   "I still wonder sometimes whether it would've changed anything if I'd just let her pick me up the next day. Would she still be here?" Taking another deep inhale that caused her chest to expand, Aubrey pursed her lips, trying to ignore the pain in her heart. "Anyway, I had a really rough time when she died. Met Aramis' dad not long after."
   Stepping up behind her, he passed a hand over the back of her head, his other hand settling on her waist when she turned to face him. "It wasn't your fault," he whispered, cupping her jaw. "You were just a kid, Aubrey."
   "I know," she replied, hands smoothing over his chest. Biting her bottom lip, she relished in the feel of his muscles beneath her palm. Looking up at him from beneath her lashes, she licked her lips. "Kiss me, Jake."
   Slowly so as to give her plenty of time to back out if she felt the need, he inched closer, parting his lips when his phone rang. Cursing under his breath, he pulled out the mobile, dropped the call and set it down on the book shelf behind her. "Sorry."
   "It's okay," she whispered, smiling and tilting her face up as he again moved closer. His work phone began to ring.
   "God damn it!" He pulled that phone out, dropped the call and set it next to his personal phone.
   "How many phones do you have?" Aubrey asked. 
   "Work and personal, that's the last one, I swear," he replied, once again moving to close the space between them, hands cradling her face. 
   He was close enough to feel her warm breath against his lips when, "Mommy!" 
   Jake couldn't help the whimper that escaped his lips, his forehead pressed against hers. His body thrummed with desire for her, heart pounding in his chest while a sweat had begun to build on his neck. Below the waist there was a tug in his pants as his blood traveled there. He had so much pent up energy inside him that he felt he would burst at any moment. "Aubrey."
   "I'll be two seconds," she whispered against his lips, her chest rising and falling with each heavy breath and her eyes at half mast. 
   He nodded, panting softly as he reluctantly dropped his hands. "Okay."
   "Two seconds."
   Forcing himself to let her pull away and tend to Aramis, he let out a shaky breath, becoming acutely aware of the tension inside him like a champagne bottle that had been shaken, bubbles expanding and rushing to the surface in preparation of propelling the liquid out of the bottle once the cork was finally popped. Putting a hand over his eyes, he tried to slow his breathing down and dragged it down his face as he felt another pull below his belt.
   Turning at the sound of her footsteps, he met her eyes as she stopped a few feet away from him. They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, panting softly as Aubrey licked her lips and her eyes took him in. It wasn't until she moaned under her breath that he broke their stillness, crossing to her in long strides until his lips were firmly pressed against hers, his hands cradling her face. Moving his arms around her waist, he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, bending his knees to pick her up. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, arms locking around his neck.
   "My room is down the hall, straight ahead," she whispered as his lips traveled to her neck.
   He didn't need to be told twice, moving down the hall and carefully pressing her against her closed door, kissing her again. Moaning against his lips, her tongue danced with his while her hips wiggled in an effort to stimulate both him and herself. She slid down his body until her feet touched the floor again, reaching behind her and opening her bedroom door. With her free hand she took a handful of his shirt and pulled him in with her, closing the door behind them and pressing him back against it.
   "We just have to be quiet, okay?" she whispered, slipping her hands under his shirt and sliding them over his heated skin.
   Nodding, he looked down at her, stroking her cheek with the backs of his fingers before he cradled her jaw with both hands and kissed her slowly. His tongue traced the seam of her lips, requesting entrance, which she immediately granted with a moan as her fingers deftly unbuttoned his shirt. Pushing the material off his shoulders, Aubrey tugged his undershirt up and over his head. Her eyes immediately fell to his chest, taking the vast span of hair over both pectorals. One his left side, directly above his heart were three words. 
   Using a single finger, she gently traced each letter as she whispered the words, "Be the light."
   "After what happened with Theresa, I started to doubt every decision I had ever made in my life. I gave up on just about everything, except my career. I realized pretty quickly that my work was all I had left. I wanted something to remind me of why I do it," he replied in a hushed voice. Running his fingers through her hair, he closed his eyes as her lips dropped soft kisses over each of the words. He let out a shuddered breath, lowering his head to press his nose in her hair. Her lips were like a tender needle, stitching his broken heart back together with each kiss. He inhaled deeply, her scent overwhelming his senses and sending tremors down his body.
   Reaching for the hem of her shirt, he pulled it up and off, hands settling on her hips as they stumbled towards her bed. Pulling down one bra strap, he kissed her shoulder as she turned them and carefully pushed him to sit on the bed. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra, pulling it off and placing her left hand on his shoulder so he could take in her tattoo unobstructed. 
   He let out a breath as he let his eyes roam the black and grey ink that spanned from an inch below her breast down past her hip, below her shorts. Noticing he couldn't see the bottom, he slowly started to unbutton her bottoms, pushing them down her long legs. Pulling one side of her lace panties down, he again let his eyes take in her massive tattoo, now noticing the width wrapped around one side of her stomach and her back.
   Like she had done with him, he used one finger to trace the large rose at the top of the ink, skimming over the sheet music delicately drawn over her ribs, down to the second rose at the bottom left corner near her hip bone. A scar at the center of her pelvis caught his eye and he carefully traced it with the same finger he'd used on the tattoo.
   "C section," she whispered.
   Looking up at her, he rocked forward to kiss over her stomach, making his way up to her breast. "You're beautiful," he whispered against her nipple, sucking it between his lips. 
   She put a hand over her mouth as a moan tumbled from her lips. Her inner muscles contracted and as he made a path to her other breasts, an itch blossomed deep inside her. The seat of her panties were soaked and her clit ached for contact.
   Inhaling deeply, he groaned. "Fuck, I can smell how wet you are." He pulled her nipple into his mouth, biting down on the hardened bud and tugging light before he kissed a path down her torso.
   Her fingers sank into his hair on the back of his head as his tongue toyed with her belly button piercing. Getting to her knees in front of him she playfully shoved him back onto his elbows, unclasping his belt and unzipping his pants. Pulling them off, she ran her hands up his legs and over his muscular quads. Keeping her eyes on his, she smirked and dipped to kiss the base of his clothed erection.
   "Fuck, Aubrey," Jake groaned, one hand moving to back of her head as she kissed up his twitching, cloth-covered shaft. Her fingers curled around the waistband of his boxer briefs, pulling them down slowly. She blinked when his cock sprang out, hitting his lower belly with a barely audible slap and grinned to herself.
   Dipping her head, she gently flicked her tongue over his sensitive balls, watching as his shaft flexed in response. His chest was heaving as he panted beneath her, biting the tip of his tongue while she dragged wet kisses from the base of his shaft to the tip. The hand on the back of her head wrapped around her hair while she encased his head between her lips and softly sucked.
   "Oh Christ, Aubrey," he whispered, arching his hips as she sank down on him, allowing him to slide down her throat. Jake clenched his jaw to suppress a growl, tightening his grip in her hair and nearly losing his mind when she swallowed around his cock. 
   Moaning around him, Aubrey leisurely bobbed her head while she rolled his balls in one hand, the other stroking the base of his shaft. The salty, musky taste of him fell on her tongue as precum dripped from his opening, making her hum. His breaths were shallow and in time with the bobbing of her head as he laid on his back, eyes closing. When he began to feel his balls drawing closer to his body, he used his grip on her hair to pull her off, sitting up at the same time.
   Kissing her deeply, he pulled her onto the bed beside him, rolling onto his side. He used an elbow to keep most of his weight off her while his free hand smoothed over her form, down to her thigh and back up. 
   "Jake," Aubrey whispered as his kisses moved down her neck, to her collarbone, pausing to suck her nipples one at a time. She hummed a little louder than she meant to and covered her mouth with a hand again as his tongue traced part of her tattoo. 
   "This thing is huge but it's beautiful," he whispered, dropping another wet kiss over the sheet music as he moved further down her body, tracing the rose at the bottom.
   "Thank you," she whispered back in a shudder. 
   Kissing her c section scar, he pulled her lace panties down, hissing as her pink slit came into view. Grazing his hands over her thighs, he left tokens of his affection along the inside of her right leg, inhaling her scent as he kissed where her leg met hip. 
   "You smell amazing," he purred against her glossy lower lips before parting them with his tongue and humming at the sweet, metallic taste he was met with.
   She arched her back deeply, hand pressing hard against her mouth as she moaned. Free hand moving to her breast, Aubery rolled forward and back on her bottom while his slithery tongue played with her inner lips. The hand over her mouth moved to instead muffle her moans with her arm, pressing her mouth into the crook of her elbow. Pinching her nipple, she repeated the action on the opposite peak before reaching down to grip Jake's forearm. She panted through her nose, holding her breath every so often so she could listen to the wet sounds his tongue and lips were making on her pussy, her hips rocking against him. Clenching her mouth shut, Aubrey reached for the nightstand drawer, opening it and blindly feeling inside for the box of condoms she knew was in there somewhere.
   Jake moved up to pull her clit between his lips, earning a moan, which she quickly tried to quiet with the hand not rummaging through her drawer. Moaning low in her throat, she once again began to pant through her nose, continuing to rifle through the top drawer without looking. Knitting his brows at her movements, he pulled away with a smooch. "What are you looking for?" 
The reprieve she'd gotten from his tickles between her thighs had been just long enough for her to get up to her elbows so she could look inside the drawer for the purple box she could've sworn was in there. God, please be in there! But the break was short lived as his lips and tongue were right back on her pussy directly after he'd asked. She froze as he made contact with her soft center, jaw falling open in a silent scream as she looked down to where his lips touched her glistening slit. Clenching her inner muscles, she fell on her back again and reached down to thread her fingers in his hair.
   He smirked against her as he relished in her writhing beneath him, groaning softly. Her legs moved until they were draped over his shoulders, pulling him closer while she humped his mouth. With her free hand, she grabbed a pillow from beside her and pressed it against her face, muffling her orgasm.
   He wished he could hear her moan his name at full volume and see the look on her face when she was pushed over the edge. At least he could see her body squirming, back arching off the bed while her hips bucked against him. He sucked her a while longer, prolonging her release before letting her go with a wet pop, kissing her clit before he formed a path up her frame. 
   Pulling the pillow away from her face, Aubrey kissed him when he reached her lips, holding him close.
   "I don't have a condom," he whispered to her. 
   "I think I might," she answered, twisting to look through the drawer as he bent to kiss along her tattoo. Grinning when she spotted the box in the back corner, Aubrey pulled one out and rolled them over until she was straddling him. She tore the packet open and scooted down far enough to be able to roll it on him.
   Jake sat up and brushed her hair back, cupping her jaw as their lips met again. He gasped against her pout, hands going to her hips as she rubbed him over her entrance before beginning to slowly sink down, taking him inside her inch by inch. Their kiss broke, foreheads remaining pressed together as his head pushed past her entrance, prompting a low moan from him. She panted softly against his lips, fingers threading through his hair, lightly scratching his sideburns. When she was fully seated, her head fell back as she shuddered with a gasp and her moan vibrated against her lips, while one of his buzzed against her neck.
   Fingers digging into her hips, he pulled her firmly against him while her legs moved around him. Meeting eyes with her, Jake licked his lips before taking hers in a passionate kiss. He groaned as her walls hugged his shaft, tightening her grip on him as his kisses skimmed over her throat. 
   "You feel so amazing," he whispered against her pulse point, pressing a wet kiss there as her hips rolled over him. His arms tightened around her as he rolled them over, perching himself above her. Holding himself up with his hands, he thrust at a steady pace against her, their eyes locked on one another while her smaller hands stroked over his chest. Straining her neck, she pulled him down for another kiss as her pussy gripped him harder. He groaned slightly louder than he meant to and tucked his face in the crook of her neck.
   "Shhh…" She grinned at the tickles his shaft caused inside her channel as her hips began to counter his, wanting to make him feel as good as he was making her feel. "Oh my God, you feel so big."
   He growled and snapped his hips forward, earning a sharp moan from her, which he swiftly shushed with a smirk. Their lips met again, tongues playfully dancing together as they rutted against each other. Her nails dug into his back as he moved his lips over her shoulder and thrust faster, creating a light slapping sound. She gasped, back arching deeply as her walls fluttered around his shaft in delight.
   "Wait! Wait!" she whisper-yelled. She groaned as he slowed down, muscles tightening around him.
   "Are you okay?"
   "Yeah, I just don't think I'll be able to stay quiet if you fuck me like that," she murmured against his pout, pulling his bottom lip between her own. 
   He groaned and kissed her back, lowering his body to press against hers as he thrust between her open legs. "Oh fuck, Aubrey," he sobbed quietly. He wanted so badly to drive into her with his full force, to lose himself in her tight, wet heat until she was crying out her release. The tickle along his shaft from her velvet sex was so delicious and left him hungry for more.
   "Jake," she whimpered, long legs circling his hips while her fingers curled, digging halfmoon shapes into his back when he angled his hips and reached between them with one hand, circling her swollen clit in time with his thrusts. "Oh Jake…"
   "Come again for me, baby," he whispered against her lips, watching her eyes roll back as her body responded to his words. A moan began to burst from her, prompting him to kiss her in an effort to muffle her cries of pleasure while she rode out her release. He growled as her nails dragged down either side of spine, no doubt leaving bright red streaks on his skin while her inner muscles spasmed around him, milking his shaft.
   Tucking his face into her neck, he bucked his hips hard against her, chasing his own orgasm and sinking all the way into her heat when he felt a surge of energy move up his shaft. Pressing his lips against her neck, he muffled his groans as he swelled and throbbed, seed spurting from the tip and filling the latex between them until he was spent. Bringing his head up to meet her eyes, he passed a hand over her hair as they both panted, gradually catching their breath. Jake closed the space between them, tenderly kissing over her cheeks, nose, both her eyes and finally, her lips.
   Humming softly, Aubrey's fingers tangled in his hair as he lowered his kisses to her neck, pressing his hips firmly against hers. He nuzzled her cheek with his nose, grazing along her skin until he was staring into her eyes again. Letting his forehead rest against hers for a moment, Jake hugged her close before carefully rolling off of her, wincing when his back touched the sheets.
   She rolled towards him, prompting him to lift his arm to make space for her to curl into his side. "Are you okay?" he asked in a whisper, kissing her forehead.
   She hummed around a smile, fingers tracing his tattoo. "I'm amazing." She kissed his chest. "You're amazing." Kissing his lips, she purred contently, legs curling over his before she snuggled against him. "How was it for you?"
   "Amazing seems accurate," he answered. "But also not strong enough a word."
   She chuckled softly, pressing another kiss to his chest. "Will you stay?"
   Turning to touch his lips to her forehead, he inhaled, taking in the scent of her shampoo comingled with sweat and sex. "I'm not going anywhere."
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septicfabgi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
TITLE :: Not So but very so Princely
OC(s) :: Prince
SUMMARY :: One of the occasions Prince went off at Jennie's anti's
NOTE // English is Italics
'Hello Blinkies!' Prince waves at the camera, calmly but still buzzing with excitement, 'I've been given the opportunity to do a solo live so I'm here to bless you all with my absolutely blinding beauty.'
The chat goes by quickly, many people agreeing with his joke, making him chuckle.
'Thank you for boosting my enormous ego,' he jokes before leaning forward, 'but I hope you're all well.'
He watches chat, smiling at the responses while taking a sip of his drink before a question caught his attention.
'What did I do today?' he puts his drink down, 'well Jennie and I hung out today, we couldn't do much today so it was a very nice lazy kinda day.'
He smiles more at the supportive responses before his smile falters slightly.
'And we're going to pretend those comments don't exist, hm?' his lips purse as his demeanor drops a bit, 'we don't want to see it.'
He tries to carry on the live with a good vibe but it's very obvious he's holding back. It's not long before he finally let's go.
'Okay so I've had enough,' Prince sternly says, his voice going between room volume to slightly louder, 'can please leave Jennie alone? She has done nothing wrong at all and y'all keep harassing her. You're very lucky that Jennie has asked me to be civilized.'
Prince sighs as he leans back, covering his face.
'I'm sorry to the good people who had to witness that, I apologize but I must go now. I love you all, be safe take care.'
The boy shuts the live off before banging his head against the table.
'Time for damage control...'
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Never Thought It Would Be You ~ A Cordelia Goode x Fem! Reader
Summary: You a 24yr old come to stay at Miss Robichaux's Academy 3yrs after Cordelia became the supreme, you do the little things around the house while everyone else goes out. Little did you know your heart will grow fond of one specific supreme.
Tumblr media
It was a typical Friday night, all the girls were getting ready to go out and you were getting ready to record your podcast. Yes you have a podcast all it is, is you talking about your feelings. You had waited till the girls left and Cordelia was in her office before you started recording. "Hello, everyone and welcome. yes this is the pod were I just talk aloud like I'm talking to myself. Man this never gets any easier, now I'm just getting off track. Here I am all alone at this school and nobody knows anything about me." As I was about to go into my week I hear a knock at the door and immediately close my laptop and take my head phones off. The person knocks again and I walk to the door and open it.
"Hello, Ms.Goode. Are you hungry? Did I forget to clean the table off?"
"Whoa Y/N, no everything is fine. I just came up here to ask why you never go out with the other girls?" Cordelia has the most beautiful smile on her face. I'm now embarrassed my cheeks turn pink, as I look away.
"Oh, sorry. I just never got into partying plus I'm too old to hang out with them anyways."
"Y/N, you have nothing to be sorry about how about we go down stairs and make some popcorn and watch Brave" Cordelia says as she puts her hand on my arm. My whole arm feels like it's on fire....but in a good way.
"Sure, why not lets go." Cordelia and I walk down to the Kitchen make some popcorn and start watching Brave. I've always like this movie the was that Merida was so strong and was not afraid of stepping up for herself. Soon enough we ended up falling asleep on the couch I awake from the girls coming in and laughing. I look down at my lap and see Cordelia's head, I start to smile and brush a piece of hair out of her face. Cordelia has a small smile on her face, I look up and see Madison smirking at me.
"What's going on here? You finally make a move on Cordi?" Madison asks with a knowing look.
"Madison I don't know what you are talking about. We were simply watching a movie and fell asleep. Now get to bed while I go and take Ms.Goode to her room." I say with an eye roll and with that I move to take Cordelia upstairs.
"Ugh.. whatever" Madison turns around and walks away. There's one thing the girls don't know but I can do Transmutation, so I can move to another location while just picturing it in my mind. I think of Cordelia's room and picture the bed so Cordelia will just stay in her position. Once we get to her room she starts to stir, I wait till I know she won't wake till I move her off of my lap. I cover her with her blanket and move to the door. As soon as my hand touches the knob I hear "I didn't know you could do that" I look at her and smile.
"Oh Ms.Goode you're half asleep we walked up here I can't do Transmutation." I say with a soft smile.
"Oh okay, good night Y/N, thank you for hanging out with me tonight" She lays her head back on her pillow and is out, I can hear her little snores.
"Good night Cordelia" With that I walk to my room and go to bed.
I awake the next day at 5am and start on breakfast knowing most of the girls will have hung overs and will be starving. I start dancing around the kitchen while making pancakes, bacon, fried potatoes and cheesy scrambled eggs. I make 4 coffees one for myself, Zoe, Malory and one for Cordelia. I have been cooking for everyone since I got here, I know how everyone likes their coffees and teas. Every time I flip a pancake I dance a little. I didn't even notice the time and I do an spin and there is Cordelia, standing there watching me with a smile.
"Oh my gosh Ms.Goode you scared me" I say as I put my hand over my chest.
"Oh I'm sorry Y/N, i didn't want to disturb your process. Also you looked deep in thought." Cordelia comes over and grabs her coffee behind you.
"Oh, don't worry about it. Just a mini heart attack." I say as I'm now realizing the close proximity. Cordelia has me in the corner with her reaching behind me, I look at her lips then back up only to find her looking at mine. We both lean forward, I can feel her breath on my lips......"Y/N, you better have my coffee ready." We both pull away so fast and Cordelia looks at me then rushes outside. I look over at the island and there is Zoe rubbing her head. I hand her coffee over and start to think what is this day going to be like......
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simpforferrets · 5 days ago
only you ; part two
draco x reader
warnings: mentions of getting high and drunk, use of the word "shagging" ??
word count: 950 (exactly👀)
enjoy ig, i had absolutely no idea how to end this so it's complete trash and i encourage you not to read the end. but for the sake of self love and positivity, it's the best thing i've ever written :) no it's not
join my taglist!
send in a request
Neville Longbottom is probably one of the nicest boys in Hogwarts. He's everything a girl would want and everything a girl deserves. He was one of the first people not to judge you for being a Slytherin.
But, still.
Neville took you to this field of flowers, which was in this hidden area beside the castle. ("Not many people know about it. I thought you like it, though. D-do you like it?" Which was honestly the most adorable thing.)
It was slightly cold, it being mid-February, so Neville offered you his jacket. You had gotten weird looks from your house as you walked away with him, people wondering why you were going on a date with a gryffindor.
"Have you ever made a flower crown? You cross them like this, then loop it around the other flower," he spoke, delicately twining the flower stems together.
Neville was amazing. He treated you like a woman needed to be treated, he'd gotten pretty handsome over the past two years, and he knew how to make flower crowns. But he was so... bland. You couldn't imagine him taking any risks. And you need some adventure in a relationship. It's what makes it exciting.
"Then, when you finish, you loop the end flower around-"
You started to compare Neville with Draco. Neville was always kind, but Draco added some spice to your conversations. Neville's hair was shorter, but you could run your fingers through Draco's.
You felt a light touch on your hair and your eyes focused on the slim face of the boy as he placed the flowers onto your head. "Y/n?" he questioned, his eyebrows forming into a slight frown. "Are... are you okay? You seem distracted," Neville spoke quietly before his eyes moved to a spot behind you.
When you turned, you saw him.
February 21st, 1997
Pansy had just left your shared dorm, probably off to go shag Blaise, when you heard a knock at your door. You put on a fake smile and turned to open it, only to be met with the face you never wanted to see again.
"Y/n," he whispered, his face plastered with worry. Draco's hair was messy and eyes were rimmed with red. He was high. And drunk. Of course he had to get drunk to finally talk to you. "Y/n, I am so sorry baby. Astoria never makes me feel good, it's always been you, darling. Please, I- I've been thinking about you non-stop since you caught us and-"
"Go away, Malfoy." Both of your eyes widened at the use of his last name, something you hadn't called him since second year.
He stumbled into your room and turned to cup your face. "No, don't do that. I came to apologize, we can be happy again! Isn't that what you want?"
It was hard to say no when he looked so sincere. He looked like he was telling the truth. But when has he ever told the truth? You gently guided him out of the door and to his room, while he babbled on and on about how happy you made him.
You fought tears as you pulled out clothes for him to get changed into. And as you tucked him into bed he tried to kiss you. That's when you slapped him.
"Y/n? I, um, can I speak to you? Sorry to interrupt your time with her... Longbottom, but may I borrow her from you?" You almost laughed at the tone of disgust he used to pronounce Neville's name, as if he was jealous.
"No, Neville and I happen to be—"
"No, no it's okay! Don't let me hold you!" You looked at Neville to see the boy packing up the picnic with a warm smile on his face. "This was nice, Y/n. I'll, um, see you later."
You and Draco watches the boy walk away, while you silently cursed him for leaving you with Draco. You glanced at him to see him staring at his shoes with his hands in his pockets. Letting out a sigh, you spoke. "What do you want, Malfoy?"
Draco's head snapped up to meet your gaze and he held a look if remorse. "Y/n, I just wanted to.. apologize. And, I know I never should've cheated on you and I am so, so sorry."
"It's been a year, Draco. A year. Why couldn't you have done this sooner?" You whispered, on the verge of tears.
He cringed at the thought of what he'd done and shook his head to rid him of the words. "I know, and I'm not asking you to completely forgive me but I just want you to know I'm sorry. And we shouldn't have to hate each other like this," he raised his arms to emphasize his point. "And you shouldn't have to hate my— our friends, either. I remember how close you and Pansy used to be." He paused to study your features, to note the tears forming in your eyes. "Anyways, I just want you to know that that's not the kind of person I am, or who I want to be. And I was just wondering if we could be... friends, I guess..."
He trailed off on the last part, suddenly aware of how childish it sounded. A single tears rolled down your cheek and onto the sleeve of your green sweater. He looked so sincere. You've had a year to cope with the breakup, and when it happened you also lost your bestie friend.
You focused on the boy's face, his eyes also welling up in tears. Maybe you could give him another chance. Not to date, just friends.
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lsvdw-blog · 5 days ago
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x f!MC
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings; Rating: Angst (with a happy ending); General
Premise: The aftermath of MC and Ethan's fight about their date night debacle.
Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback on Part I and II! This almost had an alternate ending, (it's still sitting in my WIPS) but I couldn't do them like that 😅 it starts off angsty, but the happy ending is there 😊 I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading 💖
She struggles to unlock her front door, vision blurry from the tears. She hopes to any and every deity that the apartment is empty as she stumbles through the entrance.
“Serena, you’re home! How did it go?”
Sienna is at the dining room table, jumping excitedly in her seat. Her face falls as she takes in her roommate’s running mascara.
"It didn't go."
Serena staggers to the couch, falling face first onto the cushions. "He didn't show…"
"Oh sweetie… " Sienna stands and makes her way to the couch. Sitting on the unoccupied end, she strokes her best friend’s hair.
“Then, I went to his apartment and we had this huge fight and he called us a mistake," she says through her sobs as she sits up and puts her head on Sienna’s shoulder.
"Do you want to stuff our faces with takeout and junk food and binge watch Marvel movies?"
Serena just sniffs and nods her head.
Two hours later, the television is playing a soft melody as they share their second pint of Ben & Jerry's.
"Even after everything… Steve is Peggy's Lobster, just like Ethan is yours."
Serena looks to her left with incredulity.
"You know! Lobster! They fall in love and mate for life!"
Serena snorts. "Have you seen the claws on those things? Ever been pinched by one? Shit hurts," she says as she puts another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.
They sit in silence for a few minutes before Serena’s dejected voice rings out. “Why does he keep doing this to me?”
Sienna scrunches her nose. "Lobsters always were finicky."
~~~ One Week Later ~~~
“Here are the test results you requested, Dr. Ramsey.”
She places the manila folder in front of him and takes a step back, keeping her head down.
Ethan stares at her for a long moment, willing her to look at him. It’s been like this for the past few days: she only speaks to him when absolutely necessary and avoids eye contact at all costs. When she continues to evade his gaze, he sighs, and opens the folder.
His brows furrow. “This isn’t the test we decided to order.”
“Oh. I'll go fix that right now.” She finally meets his eyes and says, “I must have made a mistake.”
His chest tightens: Did she make a mistake with the test... or with me?
She approaches the office and knocks softly.
“Come in.”
She slowly pushes open the door and sees Naveen look up.
“Ah, Serena! To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing my grand-mentee?”
She gives a small smile as she shuts the door behind her. “I was hoping you would have some time to talk.”
“What did he do?”
She spills the story, only stopping halfway through to take the tissue Naveen hands her. After she finishes, she wipes her eyes, and reaches into her coat pocket, pulling out something folded. “And I was hoping you would approve this.”
Naveen unfolds the paper, skimming over it. “A leave of absence?”
She nods. "I'm not asking for this solely because of what happened. I've been homesick for a while now; it was my first holiday season without my family and I haven't seen them since I moved here… and I don't know, I guess what happened with Eth—” she clears her throat, “Dr. Ramsey, was the last straw. It all feels like it's too much: Edenbrook, Boston.” She shakes her head before continuing. “I just… need a break. Please."
Naveen sits back and takes her in. She’s slightly hunched over, strands of hair falling out of her topknot, the concealer no longer hiding her dark circles, and she’s been wringing her hands since she sat down. The woman in front of him is a shell of the usually confident and exuberant young lady he is used to seeing and his heart breaks for her.
“I will grant you this leave of absence.”
She perks up at his words.
“On one condition.”
She eyes him warily.
“When you feel like you have reset, you must return and talk to him. I am not saying you have to make up with him, or even forgive him. Just talk to him about what happened.”
She is unmoving for a few seconds, then nods soberly. “You’re right, I know.”
“I wouldn’t be much of a grand-mentor if I wasn’t, now would I?” He says with a smile.
Ethan is walking down the corridor to his office, trying to comprehend the words on the file in his hand, but his mind is elsewhere. The sun has long set, but he refuses to go home. To the place where, everywhere he looks, he's reminded of her. It's not like he'll be able to sleep anyways; he's lost count of how many sleepless nights he's had since their argument, tossing and turning for hours, as her side of the bed remains tucked and cold.
Not only has he been unable to sleep, he's been unable to focus on anything but her: her melodic laugh lilting through the hospital corridors, her sweet perfume lingering in the office, her animated way of chatting with anybody but him.
He opens the office door and a voice in the back of his head reminds him: You miss her, you idiot.
He rubs his bleary eyes and looks at his watch. 8:09pm.
He groans and goes to sit at his desk when a purple sticky note catches his eye. There, scrawled in her loopy half-cursive is a note: Need some space.
He immediately grabs his bag and rushes to the parking garage, hoping he's not too late.
He knocks urgently, stepping backwards as the door swings open.
"Dr. Trinh, hello. Is Serena here? I really need to speak with her."
Sienna stands there, unblinking.
He awkwardly clears his throat and begins to try and look into and around the apartment.
Sienna follows his movements, trying, and failing, to block his line of sight.
"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Dr. Ramsey."
Before he can speak, she continues: “Even if she hadn’t left yet, she wouldn’t want to speak with you anyways.”
His blue eyes turn a shade stormier at this information. “What do you mean ‘if she hadn’t left—”
“Nothing!” Sienna goes to close the door, but is stopped by Ethan’s hand.
“Dr. Trinh. Sienna… please.”
His eyes are conveying a plethora of unspoken pleas, and after a few beats, she sighs.
“She’s at the airport.”
“What? Where is she going? For how long?”
“She’s going home and she didn’t say.” She shrugs.
Ethan immediately turns on his heel.
"Flight 936!" Sienna yells after him as he sprints back to his car.
He hurriedly weaves between the leisurely drivers and dodges through the lackadaisical travelers in the airport lobby, stopping in front of an information screen. His eyes scan the monitor furiously until he sees it.
Flight 936: Boarding Now.
He bolts to the nearest desk, buying the next available flight, and rushes through security.
He's running like a madman, frantically looking for her, hoping that she hasn't boarded yet.
He arrives at the designated gate area, but she's nowhere to be found. He's about to approach the help desk when a familiar voice rings out from behind him.
“What are you doing here?”
It’s not lost on him that she utters the same words he so callously said to her in front of his apartment that night.
He heaves a sigh of relief. He turns towards her, taking a step forward, only for her to take a step back, and the small smile on his face fades.
“I need to explain myself.”
“It’s a little too late for that.” She begins to walk around him.
Ethan lightly catches her wrist, stopping her. “Rookie… I know I've hurt you, innumerable times, and I am so sorry. Please hear me out and if you still want to leave afterwards, I will buy you a new ticket home.”
She looks into his imploring orbs and sees nothing but honesty. She closes her eyes, breathes out, and whispers, “I cannot believe I’m about to do this.”
She grabs her stuff and begins walking to a less busy part of the gates area. Ethan is too stunned to move for a moment. She looks over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow at him.
“Right!” and speedwalks after her.
She stands with her suitcase in front of her, arms crossed, waiting for him to start speaking.
He runs his hand through his hair, clears his throat, and locks eyes with her.
“There are no excuses for my actions, but I want you to know that it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. I know that’s an out people utilize, but in this case, it’s true. You know about my mother abandoning my father and I when I was a child, but what I have not shared is that her leaving absolutely destroyed my father. He waited and waited for her return, all the while putting on a brave face for me, and continuing to love her."
He notices that her arms have fallen back to her sides.
"What he did not know was that I could hear him crying at night, that I would catch him wistfully looking at her pictures, and overhear him leaving her voicemails begging her to come home. Watching him fall apart, while I couldn’t do anything, broke my heart and I promised myself I would never let myself be in the same position. ”
Her eyes have slightly softened now too and it’s all the encouragement he needs to keep going.
“My father says that he and my mother had a great relationship in the beginning. Then a few years down the road, it started to change. He told me that no matter how much you love someone, sometimes it just isn’t enough, because if it was, she wouldn’t have left. Therefore, to ensure that I wouldn’t be left heartbroken again, I closed myself off to anyone and everyone.”
He can feel the tears gathering slowly in his eyes and he tentatively reaches for her hands.
“Until I met you. You have been so incredibly patient, supportive, and understanding with me; I see and feel it everyday. Despite that, I am still afraid. Afraid that one day, you will lose your patience with me or that you will see what my mother, the one person who was supposed to love me most in the world, saw, and leave as well and I’ll be left shattered, begging you to come back to me.”
She begins to try and say something, but Ethan continues.
“I know you are not my mother and that I am not my father. But the images of him in the first few months after she left are ingrained and still haunt me.”
He’s gripping her hands tightly now and she squeezes them comfortingly.
“I do not want to make the same mistakes as my parents: that is what I meant. You, and we, are not a mistake. I know we can, will, do better. I completely misspoke the other night and even Jenner has been acutely avoiding me since then.”
She laughs lightly and it gives Ethan the strength to blink away his tears.
“I am so incredibly sorry for my words and for hurting you. I will spend however long and do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness.”
He rests his forehead against hers and whispers, "There are not enough words for me to convey my gratitude in having you in my life. You deserve better and I will do my utmost to be better. Forgive me, baby.”
She serenely scans his face and his heart begins to pound so loudly, that he wonders if she can hear it too.
She brings one hand to wrap around the back of his neck and her eyes flutter closed. She gives a small nod and whispers, “Okay.”
She pulls back far enough to look in his cerulean eyes and nods again. He breaks out into a large grin and sweeps her up into his arms, spinning her around. She laughs in surprise and Ethan thinks it's the most wonderful sound he's ever heard.
He sets her back down and kisses her tenderly, languidly. He pulls away with great effort and takes her plane ticket.
“Now that you won’t be needing this anymore, how about we go back to my place?” He doesn’t wait for her to respond, as he’s already moving to collect her things. She tugs on his hand and he looks up. When their eyes connect, she places one hand on his cheek.
“I know this is difficult for you. So thank you. For your apology, for opening up to me… for trying.”
He leans into her touch and places a sweet kiss to her palm.
“For you, I am always willing to try.”
She beams at him as he places a soft kiss to her temple and they walk out of the airport, hand in hand.
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