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#i've thought about this all day
anistarrose · 13 days ago
convinced that when Dipper Pines grows up, he’ll become the GF universe’s Brian David Gilbert. like, who else could build up a filmography so rich with sibling dances, hyper-researched parodies of gaming theories, short horror films, and Halloween (B)ABBA covers
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twilight-99-tm · 6 months ago
Omg ok ok that jealous and needy drabble.... But it's Natasha instead 🥴🥴🥴
A/N: Okay so I got carried away (again) and this turned out way longer than I was expecting so please enjoy.
Warnings: light choking, light degradation, kinda semi public sex, jealousy, top!reader, bottom!nat
You smirked as Natasha handed you your drink, stepping closer to you so you could wrap your arm around her waist and pull her closer to your body. She was jealous. You weren’t giving her enough attention, having to talk up investors at the party instead of keeping your hands and eyes on your girlfriend.
This investor in particular was driving Natasha insane. She was clearly and openly flirting with you, you weren’t flirting back but Natasha hated that your natural charisma kept encouraging the other woman. Your girlfriend was so bothered by her, that she was trying her hardest to show her the two of you were together.
You, on the other hand, were trying to see how far you could push Natasha. You weren’t flirting back, afraid she might actually throw this woman through the window and down the many stories of the tower if you did. But you didn’t put your arm around her or pull her closer to you like you usually did.
Natasha noticed this and her eyebrows scrunched together, looking up at you. You sent her a brief look, thanking her for the drink before turning your attention back to the woman in front of you. You could swear you heard Natasha whine next to you, but brushed her off, turning your body to the investor and laughing at something she said.
Natasha huffed and sat on the stool behind you, a smug smirk making its way onto her face as she pulled you to stand between her knees while you continued talking to the investor. Your hand gripped her knee, giving her a warning squeeze as she sent daggers to the woman in front of you, who was too busy looking at you to notice, only infuriating her more.
You talked to the woman for another half an hour, Natasha trying to pull you closer to her or touch you or do anything to bring your attention to her. Nothing worked, and as the investor looked at her watch and widened her eyes, Natasha had a realization.
Jealousy went both ways. Yeah Natasha was a little possessive over you, but nothing compared to how you would react when people tried to touch her. She turned away from the bar and looked out at the dance floor, catching sight of the guy who’d been eyeing her all night. You noticed him earlier but with the way Natasha was trying to get your attention, you weren’t worried.
That became a different story when he made his way across the party, ordering two drinks as Natasha turned her body towards him, her back turned to you.
“Here’s my card,” the investor said, putting her card on the table face down, scribbling down a number on the back. “With my personal line, call me.”
“Thank you,” you said, taking it from her. “I’m sure Mr Stark will appreciate it.”
You sent her a smile as she turned around, her shoulders a little droopy. You finally turned around to your girlfriend, only to find her back facing you and hearing her giggle at something the man in front of her said, you hands immediately gripping her waist, your lips making their way to her ear.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You whispered just loud enough for her to hear, your grip tightening on her waist.
“Y/N, this is Brad,” she said, sliding away from you. “He works in accounting.”
“Yeah, I remember putting his resume in the ‘maybe’ pile, Brad Stadford, right?” You held out your hand for him to shake, his eyes going a little wider and face going a little paler. “Glad to see you made it.”
“Oh, no, Stark didn’t end up hiring me,” he said, you knew this, his resume went to the ‘no’ pile. He pulled his hand away and scratched the back of his neck. “I’m actually here with my mom, I’m working for her now.”
“Oh good for you,” you said, turning to your girlfriend and pulling her off the stool, her eyes shining in anticipation. “Ready to go, baby?”
She looked up at you, biting her lip and nodding. You smiled down at her then turned to the man looking uncomfortable behind her.
“It was nice meeting you, Bob,” you said, turning your back to him and leading your girlfriend through the sea of people.
“His name was Brad,” Natasha said, stopping in her tracks and turning to you, letting you wrap your arms around her waist and pulling her flush against your body.
“I know,” you said, smirking and dipping you head into the crook of her neck, kissing and biting the skin there, making her release low moans. “That was quite a stunt you pulled, baby.”
“What do you mean?” She said, her hands coming up to your hair, hips starting to sway to the music. Your nails dug into her hips, and you pulled your face away from her.
“Oh you don’t remember?” You asked bringing your hand to grip her jaw, pulling her face closer to yours. “You seem to be a little forgetful tonight, can’t even remember who you belong to.”
Your other hand moved under her dress, sliding into her inner thigh. Her breath hitched, trying to bring your face closer to hers. Your thumbs circled over her skin, sending shivers down her spine and making her whine. Your eyes darkening and looking up at her as you brushed your fingers over her bare lips.
“Maybe you need a little reminder,” you said, gripping he jaw a little harder as she tried clenching her thighs shut, but your hand kept her from doing so. You trailed the tip of your fingers over he slit, her legs trembling slightly under her.
“P-please,” she said, corners of her mouth turning up as you tilted your head to the side. You pushed her body away from yours, turning her around and leading her through the party with your hand on her lower back.
She started heading for the stairwell, but you pulled her wrist back as you walked past the door to a coat closet. You pulled her inside, immediately pressing her against the door, making sure she felt you were packing. She gasped and turned to face you, eyes twinkling with excitement.
Her hands eagerly flew to unbutton your pants, but before she could you pushed her back against the wall by her neck. She moaned, reaching for you, finding you just out of reach.
“My little whore is getting needy, isn’t she?” You said, enjoying the way she pouted and kept reaching for you. “Knees.”
You let go of her throat and she immediately dropped to her knees, starting to reach for you but stopping herself and looking up at you, waiting for permission.
“Good girl,” you said, running your hand through her hair then pulling her head back to look up at you. She whined at your touch, her eyes trained on you. “Open your mouth.”
She obliged, sticking her tongue out as you unzipped your pants and pulled the strap out, tapping the head on her tongue before pushing it further into her mouth. She started gagging lightly, her arms twitching to touch you.
“You can touch me, baby,” you said, pulling her head back slightly, letting her adjust. Her hands immediately wrapped around your thighs, pulling her self closer to you as she quickly adjusted to the size of the toy. “Fuck- you’re doing so good princess.”
You started thrusting your hips slowly, her eyes still trained on your face as she squeezed your thighs encouraging you to keep going. Natasha’s right hand scratched down the back of your thighs, trying to stop herself from relieving the pressure building up between her thighs. You held her head down at the deepest she would take you, making her eyes water then pulling out.
“God, you are so pretty, baby-” you were about to tell her to touch herself when you heard people approaching the door, quickly pulling Natasha up and against her body, leaning into the back rack of the large closet.
Your hand covered her mouth, quietly shushing her and leaving soft kisses against her shoulder. You heard muffled voices lingering outside the door before it opened, a familiar figure walking into the closet, searching the racks for their jacket.
Suddenly you realized where you recognized him from, a smirk spreading across your face. Your hand trailed down to between Natasha’s thighs and slid up, pulling her skirt up while your other hand lined your strap with her entrance. You eased the head into her, Natasha’s hands reaching behind her to grip your hips, fighting back a moan.
Brad’s phone rang as he looked through the coats, trying to find his belongings. He picked it up, yelling into the phone.
“Yeah, I’m getting the coats now, give me a minute, mom,” he annoyingly yelled into the phone. You thrust your hips roughly into Natasha, making her release a high pitched moan, muffled by your hand.
You pulled her closer to your body, kissing up the side of her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe, pulling away just to shush her softly. You continued thrusting into her, using the hand not on her mouth to grip her hip.
Brad moved down the line of jackets hanging along the wall opposite you. You increase your pace, feeling Natasha clench around you and release low moans, her nails digging into your skin. Brad was directly in front of you, his back turned to the two of you.
You lift Natasha’s head up, making her see the man in front of her. She whimpered against your hand, but not loud enough to warrant his attention. You continued silently pumping in and out of her, Natasha coming closer and closer to the edge.
“Found it!” He screamed, making Natasha jump and tense up, afraid he might now turn around now. Instead her turned back towards the front door and walked out. “I’m coming, I’m coming!”
You thrust your hips faster, Natasha screaming out the second the door closed behind Brad. Both your hands gripped onto her hips, Natasha falling forward and having to balance herself by gripping onto the coats on the opposite wall.
“Him? Seriously?” You pulled her by her hair closer to you, never faltering your movements, Natasha barely registered what you were saying, too focused on the pure ecstasy flowing through her veins. “Who do you belong to?”
“You, fuck- I- I belong to you, Y/N, I’m yours,” she moaned your name, trying to fuck herself onto you. You pulled out completely before thrusting all the way back in, sending Natasha into overdrive.
“Do you wanna cum, honey?” You slowed down your thrusts, making Natasha whine loudly. You smiled, wiping some of the hair sticking to her face away, kissing where her jaw and cheek met, down to the corner of her lips, then using your hand to turn her head to kiss her lips. 
“Please, Y/N,” she said, fucking herself on you trying to increase your pace. 
“Go ahead, angel, let them know how good I make you feel.”
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g3t-j1nx3d · 11 months ago
Don't hmu I'm thinking about the parallels between Raven and Laura
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lonelyreputation · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi Allison do you know how much I love you??? You are literally the most amazing human being and I freakin love you
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devorakdork · 2 years ago
imagine if you will that you and Julian share a language that isn’t Vesuvian, and isn’t his mother language. you both just. kind of picked it up, separately, and it isn’t really until one afternoon when you find yourself cursing in this language that Julian’s ears perk up and he asks what you just said.
“oh, no, I’m sorry-- I didn’t mean to say that.”
“my dear heart, I know you can have a mouth as dirty as any pirate I’ve ever met before. that’s not what I’m talking about. you never told me you spoke another language!” and it’s a moment before you respond, eyes squinted at his outburst. “well... you never asked.”
it goes on for the next few minutes, harmless exchanges about how could you have kept this from me? how long as this been a thing? I thought we told each other everything!! that eventually ends in you going, “Illya,” except this time there’s a hint of an accent when you speak. the words that follow are foreign and familiar at the same time for him, causing his mouth to abruptly shut. “stop being so silly. you speak seven languages!” 
“but you know about those seven!” another pause. the edges of his eyes crinkle in a soft smile. the slight whine in his voice is exchanged for the confidence of an accent picked up from years of traveling. “as clever as you are beautiful, I know.” 
again, words borrowed from another language. and just like that the mood shifts back to your everyday experience, except you both have slipped into using your shared knowledge of this language. it goes on, easy conversation: mostly small questions he asks to test your range, to better learn your history. you comply the best you can, most of your responses have an almost knee-jerk easiness to them. some questions make you pause, considering.
it takes about fifteen minutes for you to wear down and say, “that’s all I can do for now, Julian.” the stupid grin on his face is inescapable, his praise almost immediate.  “it’s been so long since I’ve had a good conversation! that was brilliant, darling.” you can’t help the pout on your lips.  “I’m really not that great when it comes to speaking--” “all the more excuse to practice!”
and that’s how you both create the habit of speaking to each other in a second language. sometimes it’s a full day thing, from “good morning,” to “goodnight.”  sometimes it’s just a greeting, just a term of endearment, or maybe it’s a word that you can’t find that translates in the Vesuvian language. sometimes you use it with each other in the marketplace when you’re getting your haggling strategy coordinated, or when there were things that you weren’t wholly interested in announcing to the crowds. 
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pangur-and-grim · a month ago
I didn't want to talk about it until the whole horrible thing was over, but Wednesday slipped out an open door last week and (with the help of a motion-activated camera on the porch) we finally got him back last night!
he’s acting so sweet and cuddly today, it’s clear how happy he is to be home and safe inside.
#god though the day it happened was so scary#I've never physically exerted myself to the point where I thought I might fall over before#but we thought he might be hiding under a car so I walked around the neighbourhood  from 8pm to 11:30pm checking under cars#which was sometime a bending/squatting motion if the car was high enough off the ground#and sometimes involved actually lying on the ground if it was a fancy low-rise car#I very quickly grew to loathe the low-rise car#but yeah I still getting back into shape after the 6 month book contract so doing 3 and half hours straight of adrenaline-fuelled squats was#very inadvisable. for three days afterward I had a hard time bending my legs bc of the muscle pain#but like literally did not notice the exertion while it was happening bc I was in 'oh fuck we need to find this cat' mode#we ended up plastering the neighbourhood in signs and pestering all our neighbours#which lead to several texted sightings that let us know he wasnt straying far from the house#so we set up a raccoon trap on the porch that DID NOT WORK#like he kept getting inside and eating all the food without tripping the trap?#so we'd adjust the sensitivity and the same thing would happen 💀 shitty trap#on night 5 we set up a motion activated camera so that we could make sure it was him eating the food#and holy shit. the stress of seeing him on the camera and not being able to open the door and grab him bc we knew he'd run and not come back#we literally WATCHED HIM ON THE CAM enter the trap and eat all the food without triggering it#and then he sat on the steps and groomed his face for 8 minutes straight while we whispered about what to do#eventually when he left the porch and started walking off we decided we could open the door without scaring him#(bc he was far enough away)#and so my housemate did that and started calling his name and opening cans of wet food to make the Good Food Sound#and holy shit. it worked#when we heard him meow back it was such a relief#they were such horrible distressed meows that we thought something had happened to injure him#but I think he was just vocalizing the emotions of being lost for 5 days and finally hearing his owner's voice#it took a few more minutes of coaxing for him to actually enter the house#he was a stray before my housemate took him in so the fear instinct is STRONG#but now today he's been cuddling up to us and letting us hold him for way longer than normal#and like I'm trying not to anthromorphise. but he's clearly so so happy to be back home and with the people he knows
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plq-to · a month ago
You know what's really evil about Francis Button? “20 paces, cousin”
Yes, it was terrible of him to make both Thomas and Isabelle think that the other didn't love them anymore. Yes, it was dastardly of him to trick Thomas into challenging the officer. But going so far as to give Thomas false information about the duel? Completely unnecessary.
In all likelihood, Thomas was going to lose the duel anyway. He has little to no experience concerning duels in the first place, and he's going up against an officer who is far more likely to be well-versed in handling a gun. Thomas' fate is essentially sealed from the moment the officer agrees to the duel.
But the thing that makes Thomas' death so much more tragic and Francis' deception so much more evil, is the fact that he makes sure that Thomas doesn't stand an iota of a chance of getting out of this alive. It's very much like the last scene in ‘Hamlet’ where Claudius wants to make sure Hamlet dies during the fencing match (the uncapped sword, the poisoned goblet, the poisoned sword tip); it's going so unnecessarily far that it's unmistakably evil.
“20 paces, cousin”
Not ‘10’ like it was, not ‘12’ which would have disadvantaged him anyway, not even ‘15’ which was a big enough margin for Thomas to die in exactly the same way (I think Thomas only gets to 11/12 paces before he's shot, but I could be wrong, so correct me if needs be), but ‘20’. Ten whole paces more than agreed upon.
“20 paces, cousin”
Thomas doesn't get to face his death head-on, he doesn't even get the chance to put up a fight. All he hears is a gunshot, and by then, it's all over. Maybe there's a good metaphor/parallel for the circumstances surrounding his death in there — he doesn't see Francis' betrayal until it's far too late, just as he doesn't see the bullet until it's ripped right through him.
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hanjisbun · 28 days ago
chan taking you to australia to meet his family, everything is wholesome until night time 'cause lil boi gets so horny after a long day with you that u have to stop him from fucking you in his parents house😭😭
-🐝anonnie (btw I feel like I'm sending a lot of asks maybe 'cause I'm ovulating and my mind goes brrr lmao but tell me if it gets annoying thank u xx)
UGHHHHH 🐝 ANONNIE UR SO RIGHT......... this could end so many different ways; you'd be hesitant to fuck in his parents house but you know if you didn't help chan he would get more whiny and irritable, so either a) you would ride chan, hand clapsed over his mouth as you slowly roll your hips against his, his gentle hands running up and down your body, eyes filled with adoration while he watches you, orrrrrr b) cockwarming while you two try and sleep, both of your hips trying their best not to buck against each other, his muffled groans and your soft whines spurring each other on, his hips stuttering slightly and rutting into you, his fingers finding purchase in your mouth, muffling out your moans as he desperately fucks into you (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
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panharmonium · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am losing my MIND.  
the laser-focused intensity in this scene - LOOK at this!  naruto is throwing a fit in the background and neither kakashi nor sasuke so much as BLINKS in his direction.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
neither of them acknowledge any of naruto’s outraged interjections.  they never respond to any of his questions.  it’s like they can’t even hear him.  kakashi is talking to sasuke - only to sasuke - and he’s saying more than what naruto and sakura are able to hear.
what i mean by that:
the above exchange, along with the one before it (“sasuke, what is your current dream?”/“if you don’t want to tell us what you’re thinking right now, sasuke, that’s fine”), as well as the moment when sasuke and kakashi first encounter each other (“sasuke, i’m sorry for appearing so suddenly.  i promise we’ll talk more later”), are all scenes where kakashi extends a shocking degree of grace without asking sasuke to explain himself or defend his actions or justify the apparent trust kakashi is placing in him, and the most crucial thing to recognize about these moments is that kakashi knows sasuke isn’t “on their side” right now.  from the moment sakura mentions that sasuke wants to become hokage, kakashi recognizes what sasuke is planning to do.  you can see it clicking for him - immediately after sakura asks “what’s the meaning behind saying you’ll be hokage,” kakashi realizes just how sasuke plans to achieve that dream:
Tumblr media
but even given this - even suspecting that a post-battle sasuke is planning to drop their temporary alliance and go right for naruto’s throat - kakashi decides to keep telling sasuke the same thing he tells all the kids: i believe in you.  “it’s okay if you don’t want to share what you’re thinking right now,” he says, even though he’s pretty sure that what sasuke is thinking about is killing naruto and taking the hokage’s seat by force.  “i promise we’ll talk more later,” he says, as if there’s no doubt in his mind that sasuke’s future includes a “later” where they can sit down together and have a conversation.  “you should be the one leading team 7′s four-man squad,” he says, even though he and sasuke both know that sasuke is planning to turn on at least one of them as soon as this battle is over. 
kakashi gives sasuke team 7, even though he knows that sasuke no longer considers himself to be a member of the squad.  he does it in front of everyone, over naruto’s vocal objections, his eyes never leaving sasuke’s for a second.  he’s trying to tell sasuke something that the other two can’t hear, and while we won’t know for a while whether sasuke really absorbs the message or not, i respect kakashi SO MUCH for choosing to deliver it, especially since it’s done at his own risk and in defiance of any and all common sense.  
no other adult in the hidden leaf would have recommended that kakashi take this route.  everyone outside team 7 has already written sasuke off (”this guy has no future”), and even though kakashi knows perfectly well that sasuke has plans that aren’t necessarily “we all make up and become friends again,” kakashi still chooses to step into a trust fall that no one in their right mind would have advised as a safe or smart course of action.  he doesn’t do it foolishly or naively or out of an abundance of rose-tinted optimism.  he does it with his eyes wide open and his heart steeped in acceptance of the risk he knows he’s taking.
the following is just my own impression, but the sense i get from all of kakashi’s interactions with sasuke in this arc (and of course these are just my current thoughts from where i’m at right now; things may change as the story progresses) is that kakashi has reached some kind of settled internal decision about how to handle sasuke’s reappearance (and what sasuke might be planning to do now that he’s back).  i don’t know if it’s because of everything else that’s happened in the last few hours, or because of all the other times today where kakashi has been painfully confronted with the hard-to-accept knowledge that he isn’t responsible for other people’s choices and can only honor his ideals and take care of the people around him as best he can, but whatever the contributing factors are, in the end, when it comes to sasuke, kakashi decides to take a leap of faith and believe in the student he helped raise.  he’s not going to interrogate him about his intentions, and he’s not going to confront him about his plans.  he’s not going to abandon him, certainly - the things he says to sasuke in this arc are still lessons, last reminders (there’s a “later” for you with us, if you want it - it’s okay if you don’t want to share with us, but “that we were all once members of team 7 is an incontrovertible fact, isn’t it?”) - but he’s not going to counsel sasuke to change his mind, and he’s not going to exhort sasuke to turn back.  kakashi is choosing to trust sasuke to walk that last mile of broken road himself, to find his way home on his own.
kakashi has spent his whole life fighting to save the people around him from everything under the sun, but this time, for perhaps the first time, he decides that what he and his students have already done for sasuke is going to have to be enough for sasuke to save himself.  it’s not a decision that comes out of nowhere - from the very beginning, kakashi has always been the one who’s known that sasuke would have to make the decision to come back on his own, and this is just an extension of that understanding.  all of team 7′s members know, deep down, that sasuke is planning to turn on them.  all of them understand, on some level, that sasuke isn’t really on their side yet.  but kakashi still chooses to hand sasuke the reins to team 7 regardless, willingly ceding control of a group that sasuke doesn’t even consider himself to be a part of anymore, all to communicate the message “i trust you to lead us, even when you say you aren’t one of us.  i have faith that you won’t hurt us, despite your explicitly expressed desire to kill us.  i (still) believe in you.”
i’ll have to keep watching to find out whether his choice here is justified, but even though i’m pretty sure it (eventually) will be, i don’t think kakashi will regret making it even if it turns out to be wrong.  he chooses this knowing full well that it’s a risk.  he knows sasuke has already tried to kill him once, and there’s absolutely no reason for him to think sasuke won’t just leave him for dead somewhere on the battlefield that they’re about to enter.  but if that’s where they’re headed...well, then, i think kakashi feels like that’s just where they’re headed.  he’s accepted it.  risks or not, this is the only choice he can make.  he tried to make a different one the last time he and sasuke confronted each other, and even though he did it for all the right reasons and in the service of protecting innocent people, i suspect that somewhere in between then and now he’s come to the realization that treading that path again just isn’t something he’s willing or able to do.  he’d rather take this unlikely gamble and put his life in sasuke’s hands and maybe end up killed for his misplaced trust than harden his heart and drive his hand into another young person’s chest.  
accepting this risk is the only road kakashi can take that doesn’t feel like a betrayal of everything he stands for.  it’s the only choice he can make right now.  i don’t know how things will play out from here, or how the situation might change later, but in this particular moment, this is what kakashi thinks is right, and this is what he has to do.  no matter how ill-advised his choice might sound to an outsider, kakashi has known for a long time that doing the right thing doesn’t come with guarantees, that the mark of true conviction isn’t just doing what’s right when you know your choices will be validated, but rather doing what’s right when you know they probably won’t be, when you know you might suffer for it, when you know you might die for it.  true conviction means doing the right thing even when you can’t be sure that you won’t pay for it later, and for kakashi, in this moment, the right thing for him to do is believe.  he has to believe that sasuke will be able to sort his own heart out in time.  he has to trust that he has done everything he can for this kid, and that sasuke possesses everything he needs in order to break free from his chains and become who he’s meant to be.  kakashi has to give his lost student one last chance. 
whether this choice pans out or not, i don’t think it’s a decision that kakashi will regret.  he may have spent the past thirty years unfairly second-guessing and blaming himself for every other decision he’s made in his life, but the choice to take a leap of faith on a child he cares about is a decision about which his conscience will always be clear.
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Okay saw this in the tags AGAIN and I was fuming but. I'm calm now, I'm calm and I'm gonna point out the lack of canon evidence that Peeta ever forced or pushed Katniss into ANYTHING. Much less a relationship.
Here is the thing; if you are gonna say at all that Peeta admitted his feelings for Katniss to get her to be with him in a relationship you have to prove ONE thing; that Peeta knew the rule change was gonna happen, or at least possible. He had somehow been a part of the choice to allow a team of tributes to win.
There is NOTHING to suggest that, as far as I know. Please, do tell me if there is but I've never seen any of that.
But canonically...Peeta thought he was gonna die. He used what he could to make Katniss look good in a way that could possibly get her more sponsors, and hopefully a better chance to go home. Theres no way he could know Haymitch was gonna try and pull for a rule change unless I am massively blanking on something.
That is also neglecting to take into account that while, yes, he was pouty when he finds out Peeta never does press the issue. Never forces himself into her space until the Capitol comes around. And even then he makes it clear, even if in a slightly jerk way, that he knows now it's not real for her. Even when they are engaged he actively upset because he knows Katniss isn't wanting this.
I do not, no matter how hard I try, understand this idea some people have of Peeta being this evil mastermind who pulls the string to get Katniss to do anything he want when canonically, he literally does nothing of the sort.
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rillils · 21 days ago
About two months ago, I asked for writing prompts and a couple of kind souls sent me a few. Now, I’m still working on those, but in the meantime please have: Things my brain rejected as Valid Prompt Fills, part one. (Wartime boys, 667 words.)
This should be the epilogue; the very last line in their story before “and they lived happily ever after”, sweet with the promise of forever.
Instead, their first kiss comes at the heart of everything – not as the final reward after so much hardship, but rather as a precious moment of reprieve, here, in the breast of war. Their lips touch and Steve knows, with the unyielding faith of every fairytale, that this cannot be the ending.
This is the crux. This is the turning point, the plot twist that was never much of a twist at all, because Steve knew– it was always going to be like this.
It’s inevitable, you see – like salt in the ocean; like the sharp burn of hot coffee, like white ghosts of breath when the winter chill sets in.
It’s new and it’s centuries-old, as fundamental as ABC, like nothing else in life will ever make sense unless Steve learns this first: the intimate caress of Bucky’s tongue tasting him inside, the push of his chin, the tip of his nose nudging, cold and endearing, against Steve’s cheekbone. The way his jaw shifts under Steve’s hand as Bucky eases in closer, kisses him deeper, the wet heat of his mouth opening up like a treasure.
Steve barely has any breath left in his lungs when they part.
“Buck,” he pants, hands a trembling shell where they frame Bucky’s cheeks, “Sweetheart, I–”
“Don’t say it yet.” Bucky’s voice falls softly between them, scraped raw with emotion. “When we go home. You’ll tell me when we go home.”
It’s the look in his eyes that cuts the deepest. Vulnerable. Hopeless. Pleading. It makes Steve’s chest ache, down to the deepest crevices of his heart, because– because Bucky should never have to beg for anything. Not from Steve; not when everything Steve has, everything Steve is, is his for the taking.
He cups his hand over the nape of Bucky’s neck, moving in to gently rest their foreheads together; lets this moment stretch around them, taking, no, claiming a few moments more, just to share this breath with Bucky, and the next, and the next.
Home, Steve thinks. Their love deserved that much grace. But while they’re alive, even this torn-up corner of the world will do.
“Sweetheart,” he rasps, quiet in the holy space between their lips. And he promises, promises, “When we go home,” nodding with his eyes closed and his lungs full of Bucky, and then he says nothing more, because Bucky’s kissing him, fierce and fragile, holding onto him like a drowning man holds onto life, and love swells like the tide behind Steve’s ribs.
“Steve... please...”
And because he can’t say the words out loud, the way he’s been wanting to, the way he needs to – I love you, I love you – he kisses them into Bucky’s skin instead.
He peppers silent I love you’s along Bucky’s jawline, burning his lips on the rough stubble there, on the glorious sting of Bucky’s chin, the red of Bucky’s mouth hot like a brand against him.
His fingertips trace I love you’s down Bucky’s chest, again and again, each popped button a new promise; every inch of bared skin like a revelation under his hands.
It’s I love you when he presses their bodies together, chest to chest, heartbeat to heartbeat; I love you, in the slow worship of his mouth down the column of Bucky’s throat; I love you, as he coaxes Bucky’s legs up to wrap around his waist and sinks inside, slick and unhurried, so sweet it makes his eyes prickle with tears.
And when he feels Bucky’s fingers grasp his shoulders; when he sees his own name take shape on Bucky’s lips, feels the warmth of that whisper right against his skin, Steve knows that Bucky’s saying it back.
He buries his face against Bucky’s neck, holding him as tight as he dares. When they go home, Steve tells himself. When they go home.
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one-more-offbeat-anthem · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The time is now and the place is here (aka it’s ten days until October starts and I’m impatient) to announce my serial Halloween fic for this year! 
Basically, it’s a spooky-themed fic and I will be posting a chapter every day of October :) if you’re interested, here’s last year’s serial Halloween fic! And this year’s summary: 
Little Monroe, off the coast of northern Oregon, is well-known as a Halloween town. With its rainy, windy weather and rows of cottages, there's no better place to visit a pumpkin patch, go for a hayride, or get a mug of hot cider.
Four months ago, Dean and Cas Winchester moved to Little Monroe after their house burned down, and everything's been perfect. 
Almost too perfect. 
Little Monroe's annual Halloween celebrations, along with Dean and Cas's new house, may be hiding some ghostly secrets, secrets that could explain the mysterious death of a teenage boy in Little Monroe ten years ago and why Dean and Cas’s old house burned down. 
And someone may be willing to kill to keep those secrets.
Posting starts October 1!
(tagging some mutuals under the cut!)
@tootiredmotel @spookyshrimpemotions @spookynightdeancas @pumpkincakecas @chaoticdean @myaimistrue @fanged-cas @blackcatstiel @theangelisgay @chapeldean @spookyshrimpemotions @thehuskingbee @thenightwemetnatural @expectingtofly @thisisapaige @dadstiel @theehunterhusbands @achillestiel @harvestforcas @hallodeanwinchester @undeadcas
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emmettsleftnut · a year ago
Emmet and Jasper in: Food Shopping for Bella
Jasper: Ok Emmett, we're here, we have a goal, did you ask Bella what she needed?
Emmett: Was I... supposed to?
Jasper: Emmett, that was your one s i n g l e job, asking the human what she needed to eat
Emmett: Ok so... like meat, right? I used to eat that shit a ton as a human. They dont sell deer, thats stupid, guess we'll go with chicken.
Jasper: Em, she doesnt need 8 packs of chicken.
Emmett: Bro have you seen chickens, theyre so small, I could put an entire chicken in my mouth. Y'know what, I've seen a chicken near home. When we get home im showing you that I can put an entire chicken in my mouth-
Jasper: Emmett please god stop, I don't doubt you can fit a chicken in your mouth, people are staring.
Jasper: Ok, Edward said Bella likes salad. Do you know anything about salad.
Emmett: Do I LOOK like I have ever eaten a salad Jaz.
Jasper: Yeah fair honestly I dont even know why I asked.
Emmett: Ok, we have a bunch of leaves, we have... vegetables of some description. What else did Eddie say she liked?
Jasper: Something about mushrooms, like a pasta, he said they had it in a resteraunt in Port Angeles. Lets go to the pasta section then.
Emmett: I am not entirely positive what a pasta is but when I find out, hooooo boy.
Jasper: Ok so I'm not seeing any mushroom flavoured pasta, Em what do we do thats like... the only thing I can think of that it could be.
Emmett: *looking at a box with a triumphant look* Well, queue the hoooo boy because Jaz, I have found what we have been searching for.
Jasper: Wait, you did? What is it?
Emmett: *holding up box for Jasper to see* It says right here "mushroom shaped pasta" thats like, the same thing right?
Jasper: You are an absolute genuis.
Emmett: OK, chicken?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Mushroom shapes?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Leaves?
Jasper: Check.
Emmett: Thats all I can think of, humans just need water and sun then they'll get big and strong, right?
Jasper: Em, thats a plant, youre thinking of photosynthesis. Humans need food and sleep and warmth and happiness and stuff.
Emmett: Ok, I vote that I just improvise a bit and see what happens. Whats the biggest potential issue?
Jasper: Fair honestly, go wild I'll meet you at the register.
Emmett: Cullens, we have been hunting and we have RETURNED
Jasper: We did great, obviously
Alice, to Edward: Spoiler Alert; they didn't do great
Emmett: Hush Alice, let me show our bounty. Mortal, come to us.
Bella: *wearily walking over* uh.. sure
Alice, mouthing to Bella: Be nice, they did their best.
Jasper: Firstly, we have, drumroll please... chicken.
Bella: Mmm
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: Oh
Jasper: And chicken
Bella: ..
Jasper: And chicken, and some more chicken, and finally, a bit more chicken.
Bella: Ok, awesome, thanks.
Emmett: Please Bella, save your praise for when we're finished.
Bella: Y'know what, sure Emmett, please show me what else you have there, I would personally love to see it.
Emmet: Of course you would. Next up we have... salad!
Bella: Em, that just lea-
Emmett: Bella please, I know youre insanely greatful but as I said, save the praise for once we're finished. I will only accept drumrolling at appropriate intervals. Jasper, next item please.
Jasper: We have mushroom pasta
Edward: Oh, thats actually a good one. Wait, Jasper, what is this?
Jasper: Its mushroom pasta..? Duh
Edward: Did you hear me talking about the thing from Port Angeles?
Jasper: Mhm, we thought we'd suprise her with her favourite.
Edward: Jasper, it's called mushroom ravioli, and she's only ever eaten it once, and I'm like 90% sure it was sub-par at best. Also, this is just mushroom SHAPED, it doesnt have any mushroom in it what-so-ever. I don't even thi-
Alice, smacking edward over the head: Jasper its great, lets just move on to the next thing.
Emmett: Ok, speedround, you ready?
Bella: Absolutely not
Emmett: Cool, 1. Frozen corn 2. thin potatoes in a very large bag 3. An entire bag of B+ blood, no you may not ask where I found it 4. Tiny edible pillow things. 5. Finally... Tampons, idk it felt like a good idea.
Bella: Honestly thank you
Emmett: Also I need to show you something with a chicken I found, wanna see
Bella: Absolutely
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johnrutter · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ten Years of Glee’s The First Time (November 8th 2011)
The viewership isn’t told if Kurt and Blaine have actually decided to be intimate or not; however, the message is pretty clear: your first time should not be while you’re drunk, but rather, should be special and only when you are in love with someone. This is a radically new sexual script for gay male youth. Even with these messages, The Parents’ Television Council lambasted the “First Times” episode, saying in a statement: “Research proves that television is a teen sexual super peer that can, and likely will, influence a teen’s decision to become sexually active...Fox knows the show inherently attracts kids; celebrating teen sex constitutes gross recklessness” (Johnson, Faill, Glee and New Directions for Social Change)
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