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Fiery birds

There is an unexplainable rage inside me, a curse that wretched fire brought upon me, and I don’t know what to empty it over, you or those fiery birds. I hate you. I hate it when you feed and pet those fiery birds, those that thrive in the world’s fire, the same fire that burnt me. I hate it when you admire them and look up to them, when you want to fly like them, like those fiery birds.

I wish you would keep me company here, in this hellhole among the skies, for which is hell, is it the place with the fires or the place that burns you? But I know that shouldn’t happen, you shouldn’t die here, you must go, you must fly, among those fiery birds. You should live and thrive, not be burnt, limp and soon to be dead like me, and it’s disgraceful of me wanting it for such a selfish reason.

That is what I am, a small,disgraceful,limp, burnt bird. Not the graceful, fiery birds who fly like angels,those I am envious of and secretly love, singing songs about such beautiful things I have never seen of, anywhere except for you.

I hate you for taking me in and caring for me, you should have let this poor bird die that very day it came to you. I hate myself for burning myself carelessly,for coming by your window sill. You should have taken a fiery bird and kept it with you, now this miserable life of mine is just extended, because of you, your kindness, the beauty of the fiery birds’ songs in you.

That is also why I love you.You have so much in you, o Icarus. You have so much beauty, ability and strength. You will fly, like those fiery birds, those wretched fiery birds that I am envious of and love, but fret not, o Icarus, I am not envious of you. I just hate you, the very reason I love you, the very reason I love those fiery birds.

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so i was supposed to get paid yesterday but my check never showed up in my account & my groceries ran out yesterday. if anyone is able to help me eat & survive for a couple days until i can get my check, i’d appreciate it so much.

my cashapp is $salc13 and my venmo is xander1327 (if u use paypal, i can dm it to you)

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