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#i. 「 ooc. 」

i. all i do is write text posts that no-one wants to hear that will cause discourse, draft them, and depression nap.

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can anyone read my google doc? just wondering someone let me know they can’t.

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i. if you use anon to shit on people, you’re two things: a coward, and a piece of shit! (: 

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i. people who rp canon muses working their muse into your oc’s story…. 😍😍😍

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i. on the one hand: jemma could have her own blog and i would be able to run her on her own blog, on the other; having all my muses in one space is p neat, on the other other hand; jemma is a very minor character and is part of a canon that most of the marvel rpc disregards and it would spiral my self esteem a little bit to put her on her own blog only to be met with mostly indifference, on the other other other hand: i’m gay and i love her.

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good morning, i am so tired. i forgot how much i hate waking up at 7am. i’ll be getting to things shortly once i start actually waking up ! <3 

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just a little psa !! i’m doing a FOLLOWING cleanse. i’m not a fan of following tons of people who i simply DO NOT interact with. if you plan on interacting with my muse, please give this a like so i don’t accidentally unfollow you. <3 <3 xo hallow.

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