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spilledtee · 6 hours ago
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐈𝐭 𝐎𝐮𝐭
Word Count: 3.1k
Warning: smut, fingering, public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism, katoptronophilia (mirror sex), use of gym equipment, unprotected sex, oral (m. receiving), finger (f. receiving),  established relationship, choking kink, praise kink, degradation, slight humiliation, small impact play, small hair pulling, mentions of filming, slight mentions of body comparison in the beginning, jealous!Jeongin, dom!Jeongin, Jeongin is a little mean, somewhat brat!reader
Synopsis: Jeongin can’t help but get jealous when you attention is turned towards Changbin while the two of you should have been working out. 
A/N: For @boundfortheskye​ along with @bambii-skz​ and @khali-drae​ because the thirst wives on twitter deserve some good smut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It wasn’t your fault. Jeongin knows that. Heck it wasn’t even Changbin and Chan’s fault that you three were such close friends that going to the gym together had become a daily occurrence, but it’s still torture. Torture to see your sweaty figure, hugged by a sports bra and leggings, laugh along to something that one of his hyungs had said and instinctively you touch their exposed arms. Arms that had come to them so naturally, while he had worked hard for his. He never wanted to compare, especially when he knew that you told him so many times you loved him for who he was, even complimenting that his body was perfect and it was a bonus to have someone as hot as him. That didn’t stop the jealousy he had though. You’re his, not Chan’s or Changbin’s, you should be focused on working out with him and no one else.
As you walked back towards him, it was like you deliberately taking slow steps, as your hips swayed in those too tight leggings. Time completely slowed seeing the scene before him and that only frustrated him more. He found himself fixated, more so knowing that your eyes are not on him but rather his friends. The anger made sure that his eyes couldn’t tear away from you, your pretty, pretty lips curling into a beaming smile as you laugh once again. Finally, your gaze met his. It seemed you chose to ignore whatever face he was making because you simply smiled down at him, as he sat at the end of the benchpress. “Here you go, babe. Filled your water and got you towel.”
He accepted both items, wrapping the towel around his neck before pulling at your hand so that his beautiful, long fingers are wrapped around your wrist before sitting you down on his lap and his fox-like eyes shooting daggers at his two older friends. Sipping at the water, he allowed his grip to loosen on you, thinking you wouldn’t run away from him again but instead you’re walking over to Changbin. The annoyance he was feeling definitely spiked upon seeing that. Even more so when Changbin had laid you down on the bench press and started spotting for you.
“You alright? You still have another set.” Chan questioned. Of course he would be the one to notice the obvious shift in his mood.
There it was again. The once angelic, almost saccharine sound that escaped from your lips as Changbin was telling you something that seemed all too hilarious. However, this time it seemed that you had caught wind of his mood shift, eyes glancing from the position you were in and stopping your rep completely as you sat up. “Yeah, babe you feeling alright?”
Nodding slightly, he waved a hand at the three of your concerned faces. “Just a little worn out.”
That was enough for the three of you to call it a night. At least, it was for Chan. It didn’t want Jeongin pushing himself more than he had to. It was a shame that the reason your workout was cut short was because of his jealousy, but he was happy to see Chan and Changbin leave the gym before the two of you. Not quite happy when they had hugged you too tight though. Patting your back, touching you and complimenting you that you had done so well. It irritated him. Could they not realize not to touch his girlfriend?
As the two of his older friends left, you turned your attention to him, sitting on the bench near the mats and looking rather forlorn. “What’s really going on huh? You never act like that when we go to the gym together.” You questioned him, waiting for what feels like forever for him to answer. He doesn’t answer though, only gripping his hand as words continue to spill out of your mouth and lecture him about his attitude. He knows it doesn’t help that the days leading up to this planned workout, the two haven’t seen each other due to your schedules and that you just wanted to spend time with him. After all, it was his idea to bring his friends. 
Hearing a huff from you, his eyes turn up to look at you ready to apologize but then you say those words… a sentence that makes him tense up completely with irritation and made his skin crawl. “If you’re gonna act like this then I should just hangout with Chan and Changbin.” 
Jeognin didn’t find himself impulsive, yet you could feel himself already moving and sneering at your words. “Don’t talk.” Your boyfriend harshly hissed out, before his hot mouth pressed hard against yours. The bruising hold he had on your throat was enough to make you moan, either from pain or arousal, you weren’t sure. What you were sure about was that his grip definitely had changed, a much stronger, more possessive. Definitely the signs of him working. After all, his grip strength was nearly 50kg. It made your head spin with him deepening the kiss, with so much vigor it was practically animalistic. The grip you had on his rather sweaty, white shirt tightened as his tongue darted between your lips, marking every surface with his tongue, melding his rather salty taste of his mouth melding with yours. You were ready to beg for more but Jeongin pulled away all too quickly. “Did you really think I didn’t notice you staring at me while you were with them? You like the idea of making me jealous?” He questioned, clicking his tongue in disapproval.
You let out a scoff. “I was working out, you can tell by all the sweat on the mats.” 
If looks could kill Jeongin would have done you in with the one that he was giving you. “Didn’t seem like you cared much about working out with the way the three of you were laughing it up. What, you enjoy the attention from the two of them huh?”
“More than you’ve given me all week. What too busy here and fucking your fist that you forgot you had a girlfriend to take care of?” You questioned back sharply, glaring at him through the mirror of the gym. 
His hand tightened around your throat, squeezing for a second to test your reaction. He expected fear, but the vibration of the groan tearing through your throat all the way to his fingers was enough to make him smirk before loosening his grip slightly, however still tight enough to keep your airways constricted with pleasure. “What a filthy mouth you have. Maybe you should put it to better use, yeah?” 
The question was completely rhetorical, you knew that, and you don’t dare with the way that his long, slander fingers were tightened around your throat as you immediately sank down to your knees. His grip finally loosened once you were met by his clothed crotch, clearly straining against the grey material that he wore. He watched you intently, remaining silent to see what you would do next. You knew what you had to do and that it would be without further complaints or instructions. Making haste, you pulled at the strings of his sweatpants before tugging them, along with his boxers, down so that you could grab hold of his cock. Pressing your thumb against the tip of his cock, you smeared the moisture pooling there. Your mouth followed suit, placing wet kisses along his shaft, lubricating it enough for your hand to slowly begin pumping him at the base. Your eyes turned upward to eye him as your lips fully enveloped the head of his cock, hearing him let out a small hiss at the sensation of your hot, wet mouth taking him.
Jeongin can only watch you intently as you bob your head up and down his length, your hand pumping the rest from his base as you struggle to take him. It almost made him chuckle watching you how messy you had already become and you had yet to take him fully. “Come on, sweetheart, you can do better than that. Maybe I should get my phone out and show my hyungs that you can’t even take my cock, hm?” He asked, saying nothing more. You frantically shake your head, knowing exactly what he meant. You took your hand off his cock, placing them on the outside of his thighs to steady yourself. Taking a deep breath, you slowly inched yourself forward, taking as much of him as you could. Tears immediately well up in the corners of your eyes, as you will yourself not to gag when you feel him reach the back of your throat. You’re thankful for the mats beneath your knees because without them you knew that your legs would have been sore just from the struggle of having him in your mouth. “See? It’s not that hard. You know how to use your mouth sweetheart.”
You hummed against him, causing his hips to jerk slightly and for him to touch your gag reflex. The feeling making you want to pull away but Jeongin’s hand is too quick to push your head back down on him. Biting down on his lip, he looked down at you, struggling but nonetheless taking his entire length into your mouth so willfully. You’re so pretty like this. Especially those lips, the lips that were laughing along with his hyungs, now wrapped tightly around his cock, stray tears streaming down your face. It was definitely a sight to see. All of his pleasure and no one else's. He could simply fuck your throat like this, remind you that you are his, but no… he needs more than this.
Pulling at your hair and pulling you away from his cock you, you assumed he was taking pity on you. As he left your mouth, a string of saliva connecting the head of his cock to your lips. The sight made him feel a prick of pride, causing him to smirk. “That’s enough, strip and get on the bench. Let your head dangle where your feet would usually be.”
You immediately shed your clothes, the anticipation of Jeongin had planned making your whole body buzz. Wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, you pull yourself on the bench press, lying back just as he had requested of you. “J-Jeongin…”
“So obedient, I think you deserve a little reward hm?” He cooed, completely ignoring the plea in your voice when you called out to him. He was definitely enjoying this. Your current flustered state was such a stark contrast to how you were acting earlier. You attempted your best to respond, breath so uneven and already so worried for him. Finding it hard to reply, you simply offer him a nod, to which he immediately shakes his head. “Use your words, slut. You were so mouthy earlier and now you don’t want to speak?”
“Want- I want you to fuck me…” You let out breathlessly, looking up at him from where your head was dangling. 
Shaking his head, he let out a tutting sound, moving so that he could rid himself of his shirt and pants. “Later. I don’t think you really understand who you belong to yet.”
A hand came to the back of your head as support, tilting it slightly so that your eyes were glued on him. His free hand had gone to his cock, wrapping a hand around the base as he took a few steps closer to you. He tapped the head of his cock against your bottom lip, signalling for you to open. You did so, just as you did before but this time he didn’t allow you time to adjust, having already fucked your mouth. He took immediate control, thrusting until your nose was pressed against his skin. His hands immediately freed now, he placed them on your throat, squeezing as he felt the shape of his length against your throat. He grunted, groaned, tightly gripping the neck, as his hips thrusted back and forth against your mouth. You gagged, tears leaking out of your eyes once more. A rather sinister chuckle escaped him, as he pushed all the way back against your throat, stealing your breath completely. 
Thankfully, or rather not, he was kind enough to release one of the hands on your throat to nudge your legs apart. A groan escaped him as his fingers slightly traced your slit, feeling the wetness already dripping from your heat. “Fuck.” He cursed. “You this worked up from choking on my cock huh?” A sharp sting came down right on your clit, causing you to scream against his cock and your eyes to snap open. You had realized that your boyfriend had smacked a hand down against your aching core. You looked up at him, only for him to repeat the action, once, twice, watching as you squirm and arch into his touch as he continued to fuck your throat. “So worked up even after a workout baby? Don’t worry, I'll take care of you.” The words, though sounding rather reassuring, you knew definitely meant something else.
The hand that had slapped your clit, remained where it was, but this time the pads of his fingers touched you. He began rubbing tight circles on your clit, watching your body go pilant from the touch. Your form had hunched over slightly, legs too weak from your workout and the previous torture he had put you through. That won’t do, he wanted a reaction, just like before. Determined to stir such a reaction he increased the pace of his finger against you, the immediate reaction of you whining against his cock still pumping in and out of your mouth, only made him want to amp up the pressure on your bundle of nerves. Another whine escaped from you, hips bucking up to meet the air, begging him to halt this and just fuck you. Hearing your plea, Jeongin allowed two fingers to slip within you, nudging around until he found your sweet spot. “Bet you wish Chan and Changbin were here to see you huh?”  Your hips jerked at his words, the tears stinging your eyes as a relentless boyfriend was knuckle deep in your cunt. 
The movements of his fingers were completely brutal, rubbing hard against your clit, as his fingers pumped in you again and again. You were trying to speak up, tell him that this was too much, that you were too sensitive, but your voice was buried in muffled noises against his cock. It was humiliating to think that his fingers would see you like this, but nonetheless your body shuddered, feeling yourself tethering on the edge of falling apart completely. 
As if he knew that, your boyfriend pulled away from you. Your throat burned, your core feeling raw and your nerves frayed. Moving your arms to loop them around his neck, he chuckled, seeing how complacent you were being. He settled himself between your thighs first before gripping the back of your hips and pulling you against him so that you both were now on the mats again, you on knees once again and him behind you this time. “Such a good girl for me. Look at yourself.” He said, free hand going to your chin and forcing you to look at your spent reflection. You were completely fucked out and he hadn’t even been inside of you.
You have time to think about it as Jeongin snapped his hips into yours. He watched you through the gym’s mirror, watching your face contort with pleasure as he sank himself completely in your wet, aching heat. You can’t help but cry out, despite how sore your throat felt. “You sound so sweet. Maybe I should have let you breathe.” He said, thrusting into you harshly as the words escaped him. 
Only a rather sinful moan escaped from you as he continued. With each harsh, brutal thirst of his hips, a mess of grabble words and Jeongin’s name mixed together as your wall continued to cling tightly along his cock. This man, your boyfriend, was completely unrecognizable. His words and actions so dark, so authoritative, so utterly in control that your body had no choice but to comply with every command that he spoke to you. You can’t help but cry out, thinking of it and causing your walls to clench. “Fuck… Jeongin need it please.” You managed through choked sobs.
“You need it?” He questioned, eyes glued to the sinful expression you were making at him through the reflection of the mirror. “Cum for me then. I won’t repeat myself.” 
You completely obeyed his command, body reeling from the force of his hips colliding with yours and the tip of his cock brushing against your g-spot. “Feel so good… please fill me up… Jeongin please I need it…” You choked out, breath hot against his skin. That only quickened the pace of his thrusts, as the pleasure began to creep through him. His hands tightened on your hips, feeling his thumb caress your skin. Your hands only tightened on the mats beneath you, as the overwhelming feeling of his cock continuing his movements, more sloppy and harsher than before. “Jeongin please…” You begged.
The spectacle of seeing you continuously beg for him, barely coherent, was enough to send him over the edge. With a rather lewd groan, he bit down on your shoulder as he stilled, painting your walls white with his cum. He slumped forward, hand gripping harshly at the skin of your hip as an attempt to stabilize himself and his mind. Once the pleasure of his orgasm subsided, he let out a whimper and pulled out from you. His eyes immediately went to your pussy, completely wrecked and leaking his cum. It made him smile as he released his grip on you, letting you rest on the mats as he got his disregarded towel to clean you up. 
A small whine escaped your parted lips, before letting out a sigh as he finished cleaning you. “Jealous much?” You questioned, with a small huff and a smirk.
He shrugged. “Can’t you blame me?” He smiled, thinking about how had just occurred between the two of you
You let out a breathless chuckle. “Well, I am dating you. I am sorry that you didn’t offer to help me with the bench press. You’re too obsessed with those ab workouts.” You pointed out.
He rolled his eyes at your words, letting out a small exasperated sigh. “Still could have me for help.”
In return you rolled your eyes at him as well. “You’re so stubborn.”
“You love me for it.”
“Yeah, whatever.”
Tumblr media
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linielf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝗃𝖾𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗂𝗇 𝗐𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗉𝖺𝗉𝖾𝗋𝗌
𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾/𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗎𝗌𝖾
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skz-bubble · 23 hours ago
there was a project for chan's birthday and a hashtag was created, #TheMoonShinesFromChan and apparently chan saw everything and changed her photo and status😭🖤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hyunnie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
small skz moments in 500px (479/∞)
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mylovelyhyunjin · 17 hours ago
Hyunjin 💭 message update
[210927] 7:11 pm
🥟 : “i have a funny picture i want to show you”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[210927] 7:11 pm
🥟 : “i was sleeping like that during music bank and when i woke up and checked the group chat everyone was doing this”
🥟 : “i’m on the bottom right..”
[210927] 7:12 pm
🥟 : “yang jeonginnie why are you bowing back to me”
🥟 : “seo changbin hyung is using me as a footrest”
🥟 : “kim seungmin took the picture with a cool pose”
[210927] 7:12 pm
🥟 :“hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
hahahahahahaha when i opened my eyes i saw this picture i found it so funny i had to show you..”
[210927] 7:14 pm
🥟 : “yongbokie is sleeping well..”
🥟 : “i normally sleep in that position.. when i sleep on the floor”
🥟 : “it’s the most comfortable..”
[210927] 7:19 pm
🥟 : “i find it so funny when kim seungminnie does something like that”
🥟 : “changbinnie hyung took his shoes off and put his feet up”
🥟 : “ah and the source of the picture is channie hyung”
*even when he sleeps he's so cute 😚... he must be really tired. I want to hug him 😭😭
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haidanoano · 2 days ago
I just need to flip out 🤪🤪🤪 for a second because Felix, my guy, for WHAT REASON DID YOU DO THIS? I. Want. To. Fight. Him. The unwarranted attack. His nickname is now Whiplash, because boy--. What does he want? I only wanted to search up his recent bubble message bc people were talking about it and found this. I shared this because I will not suffer alone 🙂
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