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milkovichs · a day ago
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ian & mickey + text posts // part one.
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iandebbie · 2 days ago
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Now that Mikhailo and Ian have given themselves to each other with these vows and the giving and receiving of rings, I now pronounce you husband and husband.
Shameless US 10x12:  “Gallavich!”  |  aired January 26, 2020
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sluttymickey · a day ago
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Ian and Mickey as text posts part ?/?
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doodlevich · 2 days ago
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Vacation boys! 🌸✈️🧳
This year for their anniversary Fiona bought them tickets to come visit her ✨ it was Mickey’s first time on a plane, so he’s a little disoriented but he’ll be okay
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deathclassic · 2 days ago
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418ths · a day ago
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fiancemickey · 19 hours ago
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gallavich + songs [3/?]
"i know it's for the better" » waiting room — phoebe bridgers
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divine-gallavich · a day ago
first moments together
↳ first moments married
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Gallavich as texts
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gallacrafts · a day ago
✨ new year, same gallacrafts ✨
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now that we have your attention…
we wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about the purpose, how it works, and the rules (click for more in-depth info but keep reading for the highlights)
first and foremost, gallacrafts is about community and celebrating each other! crafting is about the journey not the final product… although the final product is pretty fucking cool too
gallacrafts is a monthly event and we are formulaic in our approach so folks can anticipate when themes drop and posting days are…
1st sunday: theme teaser
2nd sunday: theme announcement
3rd sunday: posting day (but submissions are welcome at any time)
and we abide by three lil guidelines…
post original works
don’t be an asshole
no apologizing for your work
and please remember to @gallacrafts and use the associated theme # when you post! we don’t want to miss anyone and we all know this is a wack ass website sometimes
ps: check out past themes and faqs! 🖤
pss: remember that you can always submit themes! or suggestions or complaints or words of encouragement or whatever you want…
psss: reblog, like, and reply to all creations! give creators some sweet lovin’ because they worked hard and, just to see if you were paying attention, gallacrafts only exists because of community
rhys & leah 😘
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Mickey playing with a tape measure, pulling it and zzzthwicking it back into the little metal holder.
Again and again.
Ian looks up from the chair where he's reading giving his husband a LOOK 😐
Mickey raises an eyebrow🤨 and starts moving the tape measure towards Ian.
Mickey: here grab it.
Ian grabs the end and Mickey looks at the measurement.
Mickey: just as I thought.
Ian: what?
Mickey: Too far away from me.
Ian rolls his eyss but gets up to sit next to Mickey, which ends up not being good enough and Mickey climbs into his lap, nuzzling his face against Ian's cheek.
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smokey-mickey · 2 days ago
hi, just a random question <33 what would Ian and Mickey's colors be? can be a color(s) for each of them or a color for both, is up to you :)
ahhh! anon, YES! i’ve been seeing the purple discourse and it’s a vibe and i absolutely adore this ask…
together i think their color is burgundy bc 🥵
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individually, i see mickey as black or blue (or purple) which i realize is kind of predictable, but the heart wants what the heart wants and i see ian as green (like a deep rich green)
if we were consulting avon, i would say that mickey is very much a winter and ian is a fall… mickey connects with the darker and cooler tones while ian feels like warmth… and together they make the perfect sunset 🥺
to say it another way: mickey is to david fincher as ian is to wes anderson
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iandebbie · a day ago
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ofcourseillmarryou · a day ago
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This still tugs at my heart bc now he’s MARRIED to Ian with a LEGAL job and would probably do everything and anything to keep it that way and the saving grace and damaged young man gets me every single time 🥺
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gallavichprompts · a day ago
Gallavich ‘5 Things’ February
Tumblr media
A Gallavich-themed trope challenge for February (or whenever you’d like to take part!) If you are new to writing or a writer who’s trying to get back into the swing of things - why not try writing some ‘5 things’ drabbles or ficlets (or longer fics if you feel inspired!)
So, what does “5 things” mean?
TV Tropes: “Commonly referred to as "Five Things" and sometimes "Five Times", this is a fanfiction or other fanwork structured in six small "scenes" with an event happening in the first five scenes and then either not happening or happening differently in the last. The title is usually a "Number of Objects" Title: "Five times (event happens) and one time (event either doesn't happen or variation on event happens)". This trope occurs most often in romantic fics, where common titles include "Five times [x] kissed [y] and one time [y] kissed back" or "Five times [x] said 'I love you' and one time he didn't need to."
Fanlore: “The format requires a set of multiple scenes that are related to each other in some way, without necessarily being in the same chronological timeline. The number of 'Things' may vary slightly depending on the work, but five is the most common number. 5+1 Things is an enduringly popular variant.”
And what’s the challenge?
It’s a casual challenge meant to encourage people to get writing more or try writing a different format. There’s no set time to submit fics, or a limit to how short or long the work can be. You can share your work anytime in or after February - tag it with #5thingsfebruary and @gallavichprompts.
While you can write drabbles or ficlets, you can even just write dialogue or description. The format means there’s different ways to write. Long or short, it’s a way to explore different ideas, themes, genres, and tropes in one ‘linked’ format.
There’s a list of Gallavich 5 things prompts under the cut, rounded up from previous prompt posts.
We will be reblogging general 5 + 1 prompts throughout February and you are always welcome to send us prompts too! 
This is not just for sharing new work, feel free to share old 5 things work too!
As many of you know, Mel has written some brilliant 5 +1 things fics! They very kindly shared this great quote with us:
“5+1 is such a fun format - it’s a really unique way to showcase the patterns, themes, and tropes that interest you! i especially love the challenge of mapping out succinct - but whole! - ficlets that fit within the parameters of the prompt. but what’s really great about this format is how customizable it can be! you can tailor it to your own writing style and come away with a really dynamic piece of writing. and they’re so fun to share!” - @gardenerian 💖
For more ‘5 things’ fics by other authors, check out the ao3 - 5+1 things
Prompts under the cut - some are adults only:
Gallavich 5 (+1) Prompt Sets -> Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5
Random Gallavich 5 (+1) Prompts from various prompt sets:
5 firsts Ian and Mickey have post-finale.
5 pictures Ian and Mickey put up in their apartment.
5 things Ian and Mickey learn about each other in their second year of marriage. (Could be likes, dislikes, secrets from the past, wishes for the future, something else)
5 ways things change for Ian and Mickey post-finale (could be happy, sad, bittersweet, or 5 different canon divergent ideas)
5 things that never change for Ian and Mickey post-finale.
5 things they learn about living in the Westside post-finale (could be good things, bad things, weird things etc)
5 times Ian and Mickey were happy instead of sad (take some canon moments and fix them!)
5 times Ian and Mickey communicate (or try to) instead of arguing/fighting.
5 summers they spend together (or apart if you want to go angsty)
5 times Ian and Mickey eat ice-cream/popsicles together. (Or even share them…..)
5 summer vacations they take together. Or their first summer vacation they ever take together.
5 Christmases or Thanksgivings they don’t spend together + 1 they do. (Or vice versa - for this or any of the 5 ones below)
5 Christmas presents they get each other.
5 different pieces of winter clothing they wear over the years.
5 New Years kisses at midnight they never have + 1 they do.
5 cold mornings they wake up together + 1 they don’t.
5 Christmas ornaments that have special meaning + 1 that doesn’t.
5 snowball fights they have.
5 new winter traditions they make together.
5 items of winter clothing they share.
5 times one of them gets cold and the other has to warm them up.
5 times they are cold and alone + 1 time they aren’t because they’re together.
5 times they try a new kink and enjoy it + 1 time they try one that doesn’t do it for them.
5 times they try dirty talk - getting better and better at it each time + 1 time it’s really bad.
5 times Ian is dominant + 1 time Mickey is (or vice versa).
5 times they use handcuffs + 1 time they break a pair.
5 times Mickey is a bossy, power bottom + 1 time Ian is.
5 times they get off on their size difference (could be their heights or other differences in size….).
5 times they explore a different sense - sight, sound, smell, tase, and touch.
5 sex videos they make or 5 kinky pictures they take.
5 nonsexual things/objects that somehow they manage to make sexy/kinky.
5 times they get off on manhandling each other.
5 times they have shower sex + 1 time they have bath sex.
5 times Ian spanks Mickey + 1 time Mickey spanks Ian (or vice versa).
5 times they get messy + 1 time they clean each other up.
5 times they get off on nearly getting caught + 1 time they actually do get caught (and still get off).
5 ways they discover a kink + 1 they don’t have to discover because it’s so obvious.
5 times they make love over the years.
5 times things start off fast and end up slow + 1 time things start off slow and end up fast.
5 times they have sleepy, morning sex.
5 times they get silly or laugh during sex, or have playful sex.
5 times a simple look gets them horny.
5 ways they express their love during sex.
5 random things they find sexy about each other.
5 ways sex accidentally goes wrong + 1 time they manage to keep it together.
5 soft, sexy moments they won’t ever forget.
5 times they are late for something because they can’t keep their hands off each other.
5 times manhandling leads to sex.
5 times they fool around in the pool + 1 time they get caught.
5 Halloween costumes they never wear + 1 they do.
5 scary truths or dares they challenge each other.
5 Halloween costumes they do wear over the years + 1 they don’t.
5 Halloweens they spend with their kid(s).
5 Halloweens they spend apart + 1 they spend together. (Or vice versa.)
5 spooky or scary moments they have have over the years + one that they think is spooky/scary but actually isn’t.
5 Halloween parties they never meet at + 1 they do.
5 pumpkins they carve or pumpkin themed food they eat over the years.
5 pranks they play on each other or ways they scare each other + 1 time their prank/scare doesn’t work.
5 times they share some Halloween candy + 1 time they don’t.
5 times one comforts the other when they have a nightmare.
5 scary movies they watch together + 1 not so scary but Halloween themed movie they watch.
5 moments in the moonlight + 1 at exactly midnight.
5 weird/random things Ian or Mickey are scared of.
5 times they never see a ghost + 1 time they probably do.
5 ways they never meet as monsters or fantasy creatures.
5 silly Halloween jokes/puns Ian makes that Mickey tries not to laugh at + 1 he can’t stop laughing at.
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deathclassic · 9 hours ago
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don’t have much to post except this little drawing of ian and mickey
click for better quality
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mrs-monaghansblog · a day ago
I think the star wars fandom might be worse than the Shameless fandom 😂😂😂😂
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doona-baes · 9 months ago
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*smooth criminal plays in the distance*
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emmyrussum · 11 months ago
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milkovichy · 10 months ago
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