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#ibara shiozaki

Where did they first meet?: Well obviously UA Sports Fest

How did their relationship start?: Shiozaki was impressed by Shoji protecting a couple girls from the ever perverse Mineta.

Do they ever wear each other clothes?: Shiozaki can’t fit into any of Shoji’s sleeveless shirts.

Who apologises first after an argument?: Shoji. Shiozaki is rather stubborn.

Who sings along to the radio in the car?: Shiozaki. We all know Shoji isn’t much of a talker.

Who has the strangest interest?: I mean… Shiozaki is really into her faith. Its not strange, just something Shoji didn’t think he’d see in a partner.

Who cries the most at films?: Neither. Stone cold.

Who worries most when the other is sick/hurt?: Shiozaki prays for Shoji to get better, while Shoji goes full tentacle mom.

Who steals the blankets at night?: Shoji’s arms are the blanket!

Who takes the most photos of the other?: Shiozaki. Shoji doesn’t think he’s photogenic.

Who starts a food fight when the other is cooking?: Neither. Too immature.

Send me any more ship asks.

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Tell Me Tell Me

Part 12: Stakeout Time



A/N: This chapter is mainly an apology for the fact that I haven’t been watching Madoka Magica due to cramming on an animation and to beg for your forgiveness. But hey, looks like the stakeout started! What could possibly go wrong?



@kageyuji @lilli-chae @zyxys1 @madusas-girlfriend @volleybloop @mindofess @prettyinblack231 @linzierin


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we do get to hear about monoma, tetsutetsu, kendou, and ponys in the light novel, so ill start with them!

monoma’s room is apparently very lovely; he has antique white furniture, and it over all has a “serene and parisian” feel. the girls who judged class a’s room king and kaminari can find no fault in it, lol. (or as i like to call it: superior gay interior design instinct)

tetsu’s room is an EXACT mirror of kirishima’s, but he also has heavy curtains made of lead to help him get even buffer.

kendou’s room is “very masculine” (tetsu says “even manlier than mine”) with black metal furniture, and photos of motorcycles on the walls. we love to see it. she also states she “doesnt feel comfortable when things are too cutesy”

pony’s room doesn’t get as much description, but apparently it’s full of anime merch! she also has a rare usa-only all might figurine deku asks to take pictures of

as for headcanons; (1 per student just so this doesnt get longer than it is)

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you got a 50 and a 63?
it's online! you can CHEAT! and you still got a 50 and a 63?!-
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ibara 🤝 rin 🤝  tsuyu fuck winter all me and my homies hate winter

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kamibara reverse hallmark au where kaminari is the big time cityboy and ibara is the buff farmer making sourdough in a house apparently untouched by the recession that he swoons for

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A couple more 1b holiday pieces that I had sitting around. Some Christmas TetsuKendo and Halloween IbaKendo

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i need more bnha mutuals i want bnha content on my dash

but i dont wanna follow first because …. >.> you know how it is on fucking tumblr i just wanna mind my own business

so yknow. check out my carrd.

and if u like bnha and give me a follow ill check out ur blog!

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Ibara Voice: Alright “gamers”, let us get that “bread”

based on @catboymonoma ‘s gamer Ibara head canon (which you can find here)

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i believe in spreading the bigender ibara agenda

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anyway for anyone wanting to know i was trying to come up for a way for ibara to optimize photosynthesis without

1) being green (if shes all green it makes her design too monotonous and also i dont care for it)

2) having leaves (which would change her silhouette, over-complicate the most complicated part of her design, and also raises some other logistical issues)

so my solution was not only does she get regular freckles, but she also has “freckles” that are actually just chloroplasts that can migrate across the surface of her skin in order to get the most sunlight. they tend to congregate on her face, but if she’s doing yardwork or something, they may move to the back of her neck or her arms.

oh, and they turn orange-red in the winter, when the chlorophyll dies but the other pigments remain

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Some Setsubara that I did as a Christmas present for @natural1-b! Merry Christmas!

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