ilyberrymuch · 13 hours ago
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This came to me after my last doctor appointment and I had to send it out into the world
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mywheelieweirdlife · a day ago
If I started writing a book on disability and sex; the way I described it to my group chat was 'what if I write an inclusive sex ed almost manual or resource.'.
Would others in this community be willing to collaborate on it and have some of those conversations with me so that I can make this a reality?
Quote from text:
'With chapters on things like:
Safe sex
Adaptive equipment and sex
ADHD and sex
Autism and sex
PTSD and sex
Impaired mobility and sex
Blood sugar issues, gastric intestinal issues, all the weird shit with disabilities we don't talk about and then have to have awkward conversations about that make my demi ass avoid sex.
And like
Kink and disability.
LGBTQIA+ & disability and sex.'
I have added more to my research page... and I just want to include as many symptoms and conditions as possible. I want to add all the information and just have it as a resource because we're so often left out of the conversation and sex ed and fetishised so much that it's hard to explain to people that we're human and sexual when we're dating and they can't find resources for it. Especially with co-morbidities.
I want to cover chronic pain, brain fog, migraines, fatigue, cancer and chemo, sight impairments and blindness, deafness, anything and everything else and how all these things impact sex and consent conversations and accessibility issues and misconceptions.
Would others be in for this? And if you would like to be part of it but don't want to comment publicly or if this blows up, please pm me and let me know so I can start planning for how to put this together.
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 months ago
it’s okay to have “unflattering” symptoms
it’s okay to have “embarrassing” symptoms
it’s okay to have “gross” symptoms
it’s okay to have “ugly” symptoms
it’s okay to have “inconvenient” symptoms
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disabledprincesses · 28 days ago
As a disabled person, I'm telling you right now:
Act disabled.
Stop telling yourself you're acting more disabled than you are.
Crawl to clean your room, use a wheelchair when you're "only" at level 3 pain, wear all the wraps and ice packs
Allow yourself to act disabled and you'll see that it helps you a whole lot when you allow yourself to use any and all tools
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jarwars · a month ago
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A meme about my current situation because this is how I cope
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funnytwittertweets · 2 months ago
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urban-bike-cryptid · a month ago
Help me make the world more accessible!
I'm working on making a website to track bathrooms and allow people to rate their accessibility. What kinds of options/ratings would you like to see for bathrooms?
Current Options being considered:
- Wheelchair accessible
- Walker/Rollator accessible
- Cane accessible
- Gender Neutral option?
- Changing tables available?
- Treatment towards people asking to use the bathroom
Users would also be able to upload images, give an overall rating out of 5 stars, and write a more detailed review. Another feature planned is links and resources for filing ADA complaints about bathroom accessibility. Please feel free to reblog or DM me with your suggestions, thoughts, complaints, and general feedback!
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citrineghost · 11 months ago
me, gaslighting my stomach into cooperation: you’re fine
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sleazyowl · a month ago
It's so funny when you're chronically ill and ppl tell you to "get well soon" and you're just like... Thanks, I won't.
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allsadnshit · 7 months ago
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been feeling really self conscious about some of the biggest changes in my lifestyle accepting chronic illness. I remember promising so many friends I'd be in their lives again when I finally "got better" and figured out what was wrong with my body, not realizing at the time I would get a diagnosis that's lifelong. It's taken me over a year to forgive myself and the universe for what originally felt like losses to who I was, and is just now starting to feel like an important pivotal change to the person I am becoming. I just want to send a little extra love today to anyone who's on that journey too, and finds themselves feeling shame where compassion could be.
You don't owe anyone (even yourself) a specific version of yourself to be whole and happy. no hobby, career, favorite restaurant, or social standing disappearing from your life will ever diminish your value!
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chronically-izzzzle · 3 months ago
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dontcallmeprongs · 2 months ago
My closest friend pointed out that there's no harm in trying to fund a disability aid, regardless what my anxiety is trying to tell me, so here goes:
To some, the idea of a dishwasher might feel more like a frivolous expense, but for me, it is a disability aid. 
I have IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Though it often viewed as more of a vague inconvenience rather than a disability, unfortunately mine is severe, rather than an occasional discomfort. I cannot work, I flare at minimum several times a week, and these flares lead to flu-like symptoms, sweats, chills, and extreme fatigue. 
Guys, it sucks. I’ll be plain- This is hard for me, and this situation feels like there’s no good solution. A dishwasher would be a middle ground, a tool to help me live a life with less chronic pain. 
The fatigue in particular makes it difficult to keep up with my dishes. I only have a small sink, approximately half the size of an average sink in most homes, and having the energy to do all my dishes at once is rare. As a result, the pile of dirty dishes builds faster than I can get through it, even on the best of days. 
I barely have enough resources to buy groceries for the month as I am on welfare, and getting disability for IBS in Canada is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Even in the unlikely event that I got disability benefits, it still wouldn't be enough to pay all my bills and still have funds to set aside for this sort of expense.
Please donate and share if you can, I would really appreciate it ❤️
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chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 months ago
for anyone who needs to hear this
• i wish your painkillers help quickly today
• i wish your stomach won’t be upset today
• i wish your mental illness is stable today
• i wish you’ll have a low pain day today
• i wish you that you’ll have no flare ups today
• i wish you’re able to eat properly today
• i wish you can have a lot of water today
• i wish you have a lot of spoons today
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disabledprincesses · 2 months ago
People who have symptoms but no official (or unofficial) diagnosis are just as welcomed into the Ouch Community as anyone else. I don't care if you're in the "tummy hurted for too long" or the "i have no arms or legs, my skin is made of paper, my bones are made of glass, and I have the most advanced Disease ever" category.
The community is "it hurt and is now my life"
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disabilityhealth · 23 days ago
Am I a human or am I just 97 symptoms in a trench coat?
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howtobeapersonwithfibro · 8 months ago
Being chronically ill in a pandemic means you're always scrambling to add "oh, but it's not the contagious kind" whenever you have to mention that you're not feeling well
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chronicallycrappy · 4 months ago
One thing I hear a lot from healthy people and medical professionals is "what would this diagnosis do for you?" and "diagnoses are only important if they help you get services/meds/help"
And while they're not wrong... I think a lot of people forget that a lot of times you need a diagnosis to know where to start! A patient with IBS wouldn't necessarily benefit from a treatment designed for Chron's. A patient with autism wouldn't necessarily benefit from a therapy designed for BPD.
If you don't know what's going on with you, it can be exponentially harder to identify what resources you need to deal with it! And that makes sense!
There are lots of reasons to seek a diagnosis, don't listen to people who try to fight with you about it. It's your body.
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howlingxmouse · 2 months ago
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221bluescarf · a month ago
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allsadnshit · 9 months ago
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sending love to anyone who struggles with this anxiety and fear and I am wishing you luck to find the support system and access to food options you need!!! you're not too much and you're not high maintained. you are loved and valuable as you are!!!
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