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word prompts compilation

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@skullgrit​ said:  [ lift ] for your muse to give mine a hand stepping up or over something etc. (from Su)

~*~ The blonde wasn’t the shortest but she was still fairly short. She occasionally struggled if the ledge was too high for her legs to get enough of a boost on her own and normally she wouldn’t even ask for help. Kaisa would struggled to climb on her own. Su’s outstretched hand surprised her. Pink dusted her cheeks and she hesitated. She wasn’t a fan of physical touch even if it was for help climbing up. 

Kaisa finally took his hand, hers small in his. She swallowed and put some of her weight into the hold so she could sit up on the exam table. 


“Thank you. Am I good sitting up or do you want me to lay on my back?” She asked.

Kaisa wasn’t the most comfortable in the Twelfth Divisions labs, but she was there. Her emerald eyes made the discomfort she felt obvious.

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D –> How am I supposed to train this pokémon I received from an egg when it is too weak to defeat a single foe

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D –> Oh I see

D –> Some types are STRONGER or weaker against different types of pokémon

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Not this again. Leave me alone. You already know the answer, which is no

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fuck, i got somethin goin on, gonna have to play tomorrow if ya around

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One of the frequent customers of my Rated E for Everyone hands is in a dad rock group. So I told him his ‘crime is time, and it’s 18 and life to go.

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Listen. Kid. You can’t just go anywhere you want. There’s a faerie court nearby that you’re clearly not from, so you’d better be careful, alright?

… And no, I have a cave.

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So anyways I got blown up

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drove for a little ‘n got lost. back home.

gonna take a nap now.

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Send me “&” for my muses reaction to yours tracing one of their scars.

Probably his largest scar, the one going down his left shoulder to his chest. Even though a good bit of it had healed over, it was clear that his scales were thinner there.

He was quiet as Vi traced over it, before giving her a gentle hug. “…M’sorry I couldn’t keep my promise as far as that went. I hate making you worry.”

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space pizza night tonight boys

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These kids confuse me.

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“Finally, a moment of peace where I can hear mysself think…”

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xx the light is taking a turn f0r the better xx

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Down down to Changeling town!

Starter for @pawnshopsouls

‘In a never ceasing quest to find more worlds, establish new colonies, and rediscover the changelings of the unknown places, hive Allfather haphazardly throws itself into new univeres with uncertain hope. Today was no exception as another sacrificial expedition was sent out to find a place to settle down. Of course avoiding any contact with sentient creatures was of utmost importance. Lessons were learned the hard way when there was any interaction between the bug like changelings of hive Allfather and the natives.’

‘Hence why the expeditions were often considered expendable. Rarely did the changelings born to explore new worlds make it back in one piece.’


“Aaaaaalright everyone! We’re gonna dig today and we’re gonna dig fast. We gotta city above us and we’re gonna learn as much as possible about it before we leg it home. Establish base camp, infiltrate surface world, gather emotion, go home. There’s no way we’re gonna screw this one up.”

‘Today was a little different actually. Not often did one of the Allfather family actually accompany these ventures into unknown lands. Marissa Allfather was here on special orders to see the expedition was safe. Maybe this time things would end a little differently and without being eaten by some alien wildlife or attack by whoever called this place home. With rapid pace and steady claws, the changelings worked their way through the earth until they’d reach the city center from below. The noise they made was unbearably loud as the strikes of chitinous claws and transformed appendages echoed through the mile long tunnel they’d already made. The plan was to hit a sewer network of some kind and go from there. At least it was a plan until the earth and stone gave way unexpectedly and far too deep to hit any sort of surface owned structures. Instead, something else was breeched.’

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“That depends what you mean by enemy; those lines can get quite blurred. If you mean the Sith, then no, never.”

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     Patchouli just learned that she can’t even stand up on stream anymore, even if she turns off the camera. The creaking from her chair as she rises still makes chat go nuts.

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i am not frustrated >:\ 

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Originally posted by halloweentreat

“God’s dammit Aliie it’s not safe!" 

Allies gruff Garlean father growls as he slams his hand on the table causing the smaller woman to slightly jump. Though the reaction didn’t seem to phase her father at all.

"What part of this don’t you understand? The emperor is dead and there is fighting between loyalists in the streets! Even if we managed to slip past Eorzean forces there is naught we could do about the splintered legions fighting amongst themselves. If they see an Eorzean, how do you think they would react?”

He countinues as Jorand silently stands by unsure if he should break up yet another heated discussion.

“And not just any Eorzean but an Ala Mhigan, infamous for the carnage you left in your wake! They would kill your brother. I would become a traitor in their eyes, we would be imprisoned and you would be killed, in front of me as a message.” He finishes with a shake of his head

“We cannot go to Garlemald right now, I lost my brother to these lands. I am not about to lose my daughter to mine.” He states raising his voice and slamming his hand on the table one final time before walking up stairs and slamming the door behind him.


Allie had been silent through that entire rant. She knew she was pushing buttons and knew full well it would illicit a response, this was the third time they both had butted heads over leaving Eorzea. This time however she went too far and as her father slammed his bedroom door she let’s out a shaky sigh while looking down letting the silence permeate the space between herself and her brother.

“I know what you’re about to say…” she says as Jorand kicks off the wall and unfolds his arms with a shrug

“Do you?” He asks rhetorically exhaling “You can’t keep running from your past, or your fears.” He states plainly.


Her brother holds up a hand and smiles. “I know, there’s things i don’t understand. But I see the animosity you hold in your eyes while you sulk around kugane. So I ask you this, do you even understand why anymore?”

The question formed a frown on Allies lips. “Tess wouldn’t be dead if.-”

“If she wasn’t attacked by an unseen enemy who nearly succeeded in killing you?” Jorand retorts calmly before inhaling and strolling to Allie to wrap her in an embrace.

“I Have watched you struggle enough with your inner demons. Perhaps its time you listen to us, your family for once.” He finishes in a soft calming voice.

Allie wraps her arms around him for a moment before letting go and exhaling for a moment “So what do you suggest I do? Sit in the house and be wrapped in a protective bubble that you and dad form? She asks partly in sarcasm.

Jorand simply chuckles and shakes his head no. "I do believe you have that well under control yourself. What I do suggest is you keep that pride you have for one side.” He pauses motioning to her gunblade in a display case nearby

“And blossom that to love your other half again, go out, do things, volunteer to help people or just get a job.” He suggests “I think you owe yourself that much at least." 

The moody Ala Mhigan considers that for a moment and shrugs. "I haven’t been to a Gyr Abania gauntlet in some time..or had a nice tea at Miss Faye’s tea house…” she replies biting her bottom lip anxiously.

Smiling at the reply Jorand ho.ds up a hand and walks behind Allie to grab her day pack near the door she kept packed. Coming back he holds it out. “Go..i’ll tell dad you’ll be home for dinner." 

Allie looks at the pack and reluctantly grabs it before 4olling her hazel eyes "You both are mean sometimes.”

Jorand gasps in a mocking manner before winking. “Keep us on linkshell…”

Allie gently nods before heading for the display case to grab her weapon.

“Ah..” Jorand calls out from behind her. “You won’t need that this time." 

Allie let’s out an audible sigh before reversing directions for the door. Chuck,in at her reaction Jorand smiles, "This will be good for you. See you tonight." 

"Yea, sure.” Allie grunts out before closing the door.

Leaning against the homes entrance she suddenly got an overwhelming sice of dread, she hadn’t been back on the mainland since she had been the shroud, the very place she was about to go back to. Inhaling deeply she pushes off the houses and heads in the direction of the docks to Kugane uncertain of the next day or two..


@jorandalkitor​ and @fair-fae​ for mentions

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