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G’raha didn’t like to feel like Mina was just lying to him. He didn’t like to be distrustful towards her. But he had been watching her, idly at first that slowly grew in intensity, over the past several weeks, and she had been getting… worse? There wasn’t really any real way to word it. And he wasn’t an idiot! If she did eat, she always vanished within an hour after– and he wasn’t an idiot.


He didn’t take her lying personally, at the very least. It wasn’t personal. It was just– how she coped with things that were bad happening in her life. By not coping. By acting like she was perfectly fine when, in truth, she wasn’t. As much as she might have played down these feelings, G’raha could tell there was part of her that viewed herself as little more than just Hydaelyn’s weapon. A powerful one, but…

A soft sigh escaped him before the miqo’te frowned, lips pressed in a thin line as a hand rested against his hip. “What would you do if I was disappearing and kept acting like I was ill?”

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‘80s Lyric Starters, part 2

| accepting but slow

“It isn’t.”  He hadn’t really realized the volume or the sheer vehemence of his response until he saw Gladio’s expression, trying to shake some of the tension off with a deep breath.

Noctis attempted an explanation instead of an apology.  “At least, I don’t want it to be.  I don’t think it is, just…”  A lot of bad things happened, sure.  A lot of people did bad things to others.  In spite of that…

He wasn’t even remotely aware of the change.  Not quite gradual and not quite all at once, but somehow the space between his words beginning and ending, he sounded more like a king.  “It’s dangerous right now.  It’s dangerous for a lot of people right now, but it wasn’t always.  And I’ll make sure it won’t be again.  Right now I think… people could use the reminder that they’ll make it through this.  We’ll make it through this.  That’s all.”

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jormungandring said:  Ohhh. I didn’t connect the dots.

Yeah it’s a whole thing.

The only silver lining here is that I’m an engineering dropout so I was able to make a good prosthetic, which made PT easier.

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He waved goodbye, wishing you luck.

There were three of them, though they all seemed fairly similar. One of them looked more like a magazine than a book, but it promised to be all about turf wars, so that was something.

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Into the Illusion (Coraline AU)

She’s in pain. Pain like Maddie had never felt before in her life, despite that she forced herself to move…and earned a cut across her right cheek. Maddie yelped, feeling blood running down her chin. 

“Shit” Maddie hissed. ’How is this happening? I know I’m tired, but how the hell am I slower than this peck neck!?’


He gave another harsh laugh, trying to convince himself that if he just pushed a little more, he’d win. The only good thing about this was that he was getting a lot sloppier with his form.

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‘80s Lyric Starters, part 1

 | accepting but forever slow

Noctis gave a soft sound of amusement himself, a little lazy but mostly tired.  Not quite bone-deep, not exactly world-weary, but tired.

“I’m glad.  Or, at least–  It sounds like a positive thing.  I hope so.”  What was that like, he wondered.  Even when things had been better, he’d looked past himself; he didn’t really have to look at himself to fix his hair, or even on “eyeliner days”.  Those were just specific parts to pay attention to, not the whole of him.  And he certainly hadn’t bothered laughing

“I don’t… think I’ve even really seen myself in a mirror for a long time.”  He admitted, almost quiet as a whisper.

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He just smiled, patting your head. “Don’t worry ‘bout it! Just remember me when you become a famous turf war champ.” He joked.

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(Dream Sequence)

Some of the roaches were testing his limits by going to crawl into Faeya’s mouth.

“But anyways, I’m staying the night!~ So hopefully you can all get some sleep…”


He hissed, cutting you off a little soon with a kiss, which was probably his attempt to keep them away from you without directly flicking them off. They, of course, just started crawling through him, getting him to break away from the kiss when they started poking out of his mouth.

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‘80s Lyric Starters, part 2

| accepting but slow

He didn’t know why that sent a shudder of dread through him.  Or, rather, he didn’t know if it should have.  The words could have been completely innocent, and it just wasn’t right to assume the worst, but…

He had reason.  He had too much reason.  But he was trying not to give in to that, to simply accept that darker ulterior motives were a sure thing.  The world, at its core, wasn’t that.

Taking a deep breath for himself, Noctis nodded.  “Yeah.  Tell me about it.”

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Into the Illusion (Coraline AU)

Maddie’s attempt to scramble away was met with a nasty slash to her other arm. Three jagged scars on her left forearm,  a gash on her right arm. Now both arms were scared. Maddie yowled in pain, staggering back holding her now wounded right arm; blood could be seen running down it. 

“Bastard!” She yelled, gritting her teeth from the pain.


He stumbled a bit before straightening up a little, laughing. “Oooh sorry, did that hurt? Let me fix that for you.” Finding some motivation in you being hurt, he forced himself to try again, swinging towards you, albeit with less vigor than before.

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jormungandring said:  Hang on, how’s this work. Why would they ask if you got it back if you didn’t? Or did? Or…

Oh, no, see, I definitely got my arm back.  It was full of all sorts of nice magic I had to do without for upwards of a decade.  It was a whole thing.  lots of lore.

But just cause it’s back and I’m still doing some PT to learn how to use a human’s left hand again doesn’t erase the fact that I cut the fucker off and had to live with a prosthetic.

So now when I show it to like, healing mages and shit they just ask why I would still have phantom limb pains if I put my hand back.

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I’d Be Fine With That

I’d Like A Fullsized Person On A Giant Tiramisu Better

But Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

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But it’s worse now because they’ll look at my hand, ignore the huge scar bisecting my forearm, and say, “But you got it back, right?”

Anyway I just dropped a glass because of some of the most interesting kinds of shooting pain.

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