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Sitting listening to some country music while working, and Need you now by Lady antebellum came one… and I want to know why I’m imaging icabod crane all alone waiting for abbie but she doesn’t come…

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Broken hearted by the end of Sleepy Hollow. I think Icabbie deserved closure. I honestly don’t understand how a show could end up so far from its beginnings. Goodbye Sleepy Hollow.

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Three seasons! I waited three fucking seasons and they pull this bull shit not to mention the fact that most of this season dealt with Abbie and Crane not being together only to have them end it like this but go oh she is going to be reincarnated fuck that noise I’m out!

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I’m seeing this post circulated that some people are saying that icabod and abbie should remain platonic???? im confused…why would anyone want that especially when in the show they aren’t anywhere close to platonic in the first place??????

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Betsy Ross is either shown or mentioned in almost every episode of Sleepy Hollow now.  I hope this isn’t a sign that she is somehow alive, or that Agent Foster is a reincarnation of Betsy Ross.  The thought of another love triangle on this show is both disappointing and annoying. 

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