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the-demi-jedia day ago
"Horizons" first impressions
Okay, so I finally have time to properly listen to the new "Horizons" songs, and this post is just me screaming into the void about my first impressions. You can either join me on the ride, or ignore my ramblings, the choice is yours to make.
First of all. GOD BLESS Starset for putting lyrics in the videos on Youtube. I have auditory processing like an earthworm and lyric videos are straight up a blessing.
Ok, let's start.
- This makes my hopeless romantic demisexual heart VERY happy - Seriously though the lyrics - I want this playing on my wedding - However every Starset love song makes me so fucking lovelorn like I've never wanted to hold a hand so badly never I SWEAR - Okay okay I'm fine - The heavier sounds mixed with those whimsical violins are top notch - Overall very good. Beautiful. Romantic as fuck.
- Hooo boy been waiting for this one - 15 seconds in, instant love - It's EXACTLY how I hoped it to be - iii-caaa-RUUUUS permanently in my head for the rest of today - The lyrics are a PERSONAL CALL-OUT - Amazing, majestic, game-changing
Annihilated Love
- Okay, this one is slower and darker - Kinda TOO slow for my taste but let's not judge too quickly - The war-themed lyrics slightly remind me of "The One Who Laughs Last" by Downplay - It's like... it's missing something. I can't tell what it is. - But for someone who went through a rough breakup, this song has to be THERAPEUTIC - The weakest so far, still very good
- Starting off strong - "Synthesized and transformed, pathetic life form" this is AWESOME - Whatever "Annihilated Love" was missing, this one has plentiful - It's like a sequel to "Telekinetic" - Great song. I'm pleased.
- That subtle sound in the background is a brilliant detail - It's kinda hard to catch the melody - Heavy "Dark On Me" vibes - VIOLENT FLASHBACK to my 1st real crush who ghosted me for no reason. Mr. Bates, was it really necessary to be so PERSONAL??? - The emotion is so genuine here - The heavier breakthroughs are much appreciated - Awesome song. Brings some memories tho.
This Endless Endeavor
- IS THAT LINKIN PARK??? - I guess this one will take me a few listens to get into it - The parts about the north star are beautiful tho - It emanates some mood I can't describe but I understand well. This song will be great for a lonely walk. - Not the best on the album, still gets my stamp of approval
- This one is HYPED so I have high expectations - I didn't expect it to be so... upbeat? - It's... basically a love song? - My expectations were met but definitely NOT in a way I expected - Definitely in the upper half of the album. Catchy as hell.
- For some reason I absolutely love this one - Musically it's like slightly above average, but I'm a SUCKER for positive, uplifting songs and this one SLAPS - It's genius that "Dreamcatcher" isn't used as the Native American artifact, but like "one who catches dreams". Impeccable - Headcanon: "Dreamcatcher" is "Icarus" who got his shit together - Easily one of my favorites
-Was waiting for the fun song with a catchy beat like "Telepathic" or "Faultline". Found it. - I LEGIT EXPECTED HIM TO SAY GASLIGHT GATEKEEP GIRLBOSS - Probably the most fun to listen to - If I understand it right, this song is mocking the right-wing wackos and I'm HERE FOR IT - Dustin just went apeshit and it worked.
Something Wicked
- Another hyped song but I'm kinda nervous about it - Exactly as creepy as I expected - "The crucifix in my hand's a lie" woah calm down edgy boi - There is something so unnerving and depressing about this song I don't know if I'll be able to listen to it just casually. Maybe it's the religious imagery, maybe the utter hopelessness - It has definitely left a strong impression in me but this time I don't exactly mean it in a positive way - Love this song, but at the same time hate it so much. I'll definitely skip it when the Big Sad will try to sink in.
Current top 5 for the whole album:
1. Leaving This World Behind 2. Earthrise 3. Icarus 4. Alchemy 5. Dreamcatcher Honorable mentions: Symbiotic, Tunnelvision, Otherworldly
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letitricochet22 hours ago
iicaRUUUUUUS, take your TUUUURN, you always FLYYYYY right UUUUUP until it bUUUUURNS 馃槶馃槶
I can't fucking STOP listening to this song FUCK
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nerviovago9 months ago
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justjensenanddean2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Jensen and his lil dog Icarus聽 (x)聽 (x)聽 (x)
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thegirlintheplaidskirt2 months ago
鈥淭hey still write about you, you know? In the history books. A hero, tragically lost. They call you foolish.鈥 I tell you.
You roll yours eyes, a smile ghosting over your lips. 鈥淲hy? Because I died?鈥
鈥淏ecause you died in vain.鈥 I correct.
You raise your eyebrows. 鈥淪o did Romeo and Juliet.鈥
鈥淏ut they died for love!鈥 I protest.
You shake your head, evidently amused. 鈥淭hey died from miscommunication.鈥
I open my mouth to retaliate, but nothing comes out.
鈥淭he poets paint them in tragedy, weaving young love and sacrifice so beautifully that we forget the truth of what happened in the tomb.
But I鈥檓 the one who touched the sun. I didn鈥檛 go in vain, neither did I lose sight of the ground. I simply decided I鈥檇 rather fly.
Even if it was just for a minute.鈥
- icarus wasn鈥檛 a fool. he just knew what he wanted and was brave enough to reach for it.
(tales from the afterlife #1: icarus)
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meanwhilepoetry10 months ago
How To Become a Myth
- Nikita Gill
Fly into the sun, defy anyone who tells you that you cannot love Him.
The ocean will break your fall. even if it is by drowning you.
(You knew he would burn you, Icarus you simply thought he was worth the risk)
Get stolen by a God away from the meadows you once knew, wood nymph.
Become Queen of the Underworld. Turn the land of the dead into home.
(You knew didn鈥檛 you, Kore? How to survive you would become Persephone?)
Turn yourself into an echo of the person you used to be, then fall in love with him.
And when he doesn鈥檛 notice you Instead falls in love with himself, pine away.
(Narcissus could never love you, dear Echo. Not the way he loved himself.)
Become an indestructible monster. Become the thing that warriors speak of in hushed breaths in terror.
When you finally do die at someone鈥檚 hands make sure it is glorious.
(Theseus was the only end worthy of you, Minotaur.)
When the Sea God assaults you, turn people into stone. Turn Gods into stone.
Turn anything that threatens you ever again into stone.
(Medusa, Athena turned you monster to protect you. She took your beauty to give you power.)
Adore her so much that the world grieves with your broken heart鈥檚 song.
Almost save her from the Underworld. Almost.
(Orpheus, all you had to do was not turn to look at her.)
Marry a God King.
Watch him betray you over and over again. Become bitter and cruel.
Recognise he will never respect you. Promise to make him suffer till he does.
(Hera, I know why you couldn鈥檛 leave him, it was all for love, it was all for love)
Become an undefeated warrior in a war where you lose everything you love.
Even the one you love most of all. Don鈥檛 realise it. Keep fighting.
(Achilles, Patroclus鈥 love would have made you immortal anyway.)
Be unhappy in your marriage. Find a dangerous Prince who promises you a real love.
Run away with him
Do not think of the consequences.
(Helen, you didn鈥檛 just launch a thousand ships you set kingdoms ablaze.)
Destroy everyone you love in a murderous rage.
Go on a journey hoping it will kill you
(Hercules tell the truth, you hoped those tasks would be your destruction didn鈥檛 you?)
Don鈥檛 become a myth. Stay human.
Stay mortal.
It is less wounds.
I promise. It is less wounds.
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qwan-hei12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ The fall of Icarus ]
"Don't worry, little bird... I got you", whispered Apollo as Icarus fell down right into his waiting arms.
My full illustration for the @dabihawksauzine ! I love greek mythology to no end so OF COURSE I had to do something like this- I'm so proud of this piece鉁
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sidereusimber4 months ago
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Jeremy Robert Johnson // The laments for Icarus by Herbert James Draper // Charles Baudelaire, Laments of an Icarus // Landscape with the fall of Icarus by Peter Paul Rubens // Charles Baudelaire, laments of an Icarus // Landscape with the fall of Icarus by Joos de Momper // unknown // Frank frazetta // E.O Wilson // The fall of Icarus by Ren茅 Milot // Oscar Wilde
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victorianink7 months ago
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Tumblr media
The Four Disgracers - Tantalus, Phaeton, Icarus, and Ixion (1588) by聽Hendrick Goltzius
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carpentrixa month ago
Tumblr media
Fathers, sons, flight鈥攁s far as fathers go, no one would rank Daedalus as World鈥檚 #1 Dad. Why didn鈥檛 he and his son Icarus make their famous flight at night? Moonlight won鈥檛 melt wax. But I think Daedalus knew exactly what he was doing. Had they flown by moonlight, we wouldn鈥檛 have learned of the consequences of ambition unmatched by ability. And Brueghel would not have painted the shepherds and farmers not seeing Icarus splash into the sea, and Auden would not have written 鈥渉ow everything turns away鈥/鈥塹uite leisurely from the disaster.鈥
The Harvest Moon rises tonight and 鈥淭he Moon in Full鈥 series continues at the Paris Review.
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justjensenanddean2 months ago
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Tumblr media
danneelackles512:聽We all feel the same way Icarus鈥.. Already missing聽@JensenAckles聽but wishing him the best of luck as he finishes up Season 3 of聽@theboystv聽Hurry back! We will be waiting by the door 馃
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Tumblr media
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