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#ice skating

So I always thought that having really muscular thighs is necessary for jumping quads when I saw this pick of yuzuru ( But then trusova and sherbakova started jumping quads and they both have really skinny legs ( I get that they have to have a decent amount of muscle but it’s nowhere near what yuzu has). I was wondering is it a difference in technique that allows them to jump quads?

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I figure mid-quarantine is a good time for a skating update-I recorded the last couple times I went because I guessed I wouldn’t be (ice) skating again for quite some time. I’m not very good yet, but it’s honestly further than I thought I’d get.

In other news, having no alternatives made me finally admit that the too-narrow boots on my inlines are not a workable situation. I finally found the same ones in my actual size on ebay, albeit quite scuffed up and for twice the price.  I should be able to figure out the mounting myself, as they’re the same style I have, and I can sell the too-small ones for about what the new ones cost, as they’re in better condition. At least these I won’t feel so guilty about falling in!

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Oof- this quarantine is killing my motivation and life!

So this is an ice skater au I was thinking about back in February and I came up with a outfit for our lovable duck girl Ahiru. It’s been really tedious for me lately along with everything that’s been happening and it sucks.

Stay at home, wash your hands and be safe everyone!

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