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I was thinking back on my old figure skating days & how we’d have our routine music on cassette tape because that was what all the rinks had installed in their PA system. Even after CDs became more popular you had to have a cassette.Which made me wonder, how are you guys doing it nowadays? How do you play your music during a freestyle session to practice your routine? How about for a competition? I highly doubt it’s still a cassette.Do you plug in your phone? Email an mp3 to the PA guy?

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The third stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup will take place in Sochi from 23 to 27 October with no spectators. For the athletes support the organizers will install the video screens where photos and videos from fans will be displayed. To become a virtual fan one needs to 1) record a video or take a photo with a poster 2) upload a video or a photo with the hashtag #хочунакубок. City and country of residence do not matter. (in Russian)Ladies: Anna Shcherbakova, Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, Anastasia Gulyakova, Sofya SamodurovaMen: Dmitry Aliev, Andrey Mozalev, Mikhail KolyadaPairs: Anastasia Mishina - Alexander Gallyamov, Alina Pepeleva - Roman PleshkovIce dancing: Tiffany Zagorski - Jonathan Gureiro, Elizaveta Khudaiberdieva - Egor Bazinхочунакубок/

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I was wondering if anyone could give me more info about blades and what to look for. Currently I am looking at Riedell and MK blades (for not particular reason besides I know MK blades are common in the quad squads and I have skated in riedell boots since I started) and one thing I have noticed is difference in toe pick and rockers. Some toe picks have more defined rake at the top while others are equal at bottom and top. What is the advantage for each shape?As for rocker, the 7ft rockers are going to be easier to spin on, but is there any downsides to a 7ft rocker that an 8ft rocker doesn’t have?If there is any other information I should be aware of too let me know!If this helps, I hope for the blades to last me into getting my triples if I am able to physically do that one day 👍

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Note: Regular font is in competition or test skate, italics is in warmup or practice, bold is new since last update (look here).Since the last update (which was before senior Russian test skates), we have seen:FIVE new/restored triple axels landed in competition with four more in practiceThree new/restored quads landed in competition with six more in practiceLanded:3A: Tuktamysheva, Samodelkina, Akatieva, Hosoda, Kawabe, Shabotova, Higuchi (3-turn), Trusova (step out), Kihira, You, Glenn, V. Zhilina, Kisel, Valieva, Ji, A. Zhilina, Rubtsova4T: Trusova, Valieva, V. Zhilina, Berestovskaya, Akatieva (hand down), Kisel4S: Samodelkina, Kihira, Khromykh, Kisel4Lo: Trusova4F: Shcherbakova4Lz: Trusova (step out), Shcherbakova, V. ZhilinaAttempted (no landings documented):3A: Liu, Tennell, Kawabata, Samodurova4T: Sakamoto4S: Yamashita, Tuktamysheva, TrusovaMIA (no attempts documented post-quarantine):3A: Kostornaia, Gulyakova, Yoshida, Sinitsyna4T: Tuktamysheva, Kihira4S: V. Zhilina4Lo: You4F: Trusova4Lz: Liu, You​Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments!

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