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#ice skating

Theoretically the ice rink here opens in June! Downside: Probably won’t be able to go much, as there’s no classes or public skate and I’ll have to pay out the wazoo for “freestyle” ice time, but at least I’ll (hopefully) be able to work on stuff before I go to Texas!

I’m not overly fond of how the rink here is set up under normal circumstances-they are quite strict about What Is Not Permitted during public skate, which was going to be a nasty shock anyway, given that Ellenton is basically a delightful free-for-all. (So really, I’d’ve had to go during freestyle to actually practice anyway.)

Fortunately, I’m only here until August regardless, and as the rink in Texas is a) Already open for classes b) Doesn’t spend half their website listing What Is Not Permitted and c) is less than a mile!!! from my future apartment, I have reasonable hopes for the fall. It will be interesting to see what class I end up in there-I’ve been in “adult beginner/advanced” and am (was) working on things from B6-B8, plus some FS1-FS3 edges and swing rolls, as we weren’t particular about going in order and the goal was for everyone to keep up with the more advanced skaters as much as possible. The place in Texas offers the official adult levels, but I’m pretty much past those already, so I’ll have to see whether it’s more of a mixed-level situation in practice or if they put me in with the children.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to not being stuck in the garage, because spinning on inlines is hard!

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Week 5 - Questions

Thu 21/05 - Who is your hero?

I don’t know if I have a hero. I think of my mom cause she’s done so much for me and my sister but I’m not so sure because there’s also a few things that I don’t admire at all about her. Idk

Fri 22/05 - What is your favourite thing about your subject/major/degree?

My favourite thing is when I have to analyse literary texts. I just find it so interesting how many thing an author can say and also how many things just happen without the author realizing.

Sat 23/05 - What is your favourite game or sport to watch and play?

I like dancing and ice skating. I’m better at dancing probably because I’m to scared to fall on the ice.

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