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@friendly-neighboorhoodtrashcan very politely expressed an interest in our shipping AU OCs. Because we have so much backstory planned and I haven’t really written it down anywhere I am going to use it as an excuse to info dump a little. I apologize in advance. We will start with the Schnee-Rose Family. The other families will come soon in their own posts 🙈

Schnee-Rose Family

- Everything I’m about to layout picks up after the wedding (check out this post for some back story and info on the wedding lol)

- After Yang and Blake get married, Weiss and Ruby are sort of forced to move to Atlas

- Weiss has to run the SDC and fix all of the shit that her dad fucked up

- She also plans on creating a new Vale branch of the SDC and it will take a lot of work to get approved and a new HQ built in the kingdom

- While Weiss works on getting the Vale branch up and running, Ruby works at Atlas Academy as a combat teacher

- She would much rather be working at Beacon, but she knows this is only temporary

- Ruby and Weiss adopt their first child, Passio, shortly after moving to Atlas

- At only a few months old, Passio was a very fussy baby and she drove her mothers absolutely insane, but they love her all the same

- Passio is a monkey Faunus, born in Atlas and, I won’t lie, we do not know why she was put up for adoption yet as I said this story is a work in progress lol

- After seven long years, and Passio getting into plenty of trouble as a little child, the family of three is finally able to move back to Vale

- Ruby is absolutely thrilled and she immediately begs Oz for a job at Beacon

- Shocking to no one, Oz hires her and she starts teaching a combat techniques class (yeah, there’s a bit of nepotism happening, but also she’s more than qualified so no one complains)

- Oscar and Ali are still at Beacon and Ruby loves seeing her little cousins everyday (she teaches Ali her first year back at Beacon, but she missed her window to teach Oscar)

- After settling down for a little over a year, the Schnee-Rose’s adopt their second child, Cameron

- Cam is 6 years old when they are adopted, born and raised in Vale and, you guessed it, we are not sure why they were put up for adoption (there’s a lot of adoption going on, we havent dwelled on the “before they joined the family” part much lol)

- Passio grows up connected at the hip with her cousins Ebony, Blaine, Phoenix, and Lokie

- All six of them were born the same year meaning they will all attend Beacon at the same time

- They are more than aware of this throughout their Signal years, they call themselves Team PEBPL (they pronounce it “pebble”)

- RWBYJNPR constantly remind them that they might not be on a team together and that they will absolutely be split up due to the fact that there are five of them

- They do not care

- Fun fact: Phoenix is genderfluid and Passio loves using that fact to fuck with people. Most people just use “they” as a neutral way to acknowledge Phoenix’s gender identity but Passio thought that was too boring.

Reveren (future teammate): “Where did Phoenix go?”

Passio:He went over to their parents to say goodbye before she leaves.”


- When they get to Beacon, Passio, Phoenix, and Lokie all end up on Team PRPL together (more on this in later posts)

That’s all we have for Passio and Cam (without going into detail about their Beacon years which, again, will be covered later)

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask! 🤗

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I don’t mind at all 🤗

Ah, I don’t even know where to start with this one! I guess the first thing I want to mention is that it is going to be part 4 of Hard to Find, Hard to Keep, Hard to Forget and it is the definition of a work in progress lol.

Basically, With a Burning Passion is going to be our Next Generation fic, mostly following Passio Schnee-Rose, Ruby and Weiss’ first child and a personal favorite OC that my brother created 😆

Passio goes to Beacon with Team PRPL, of which she is the leader. Her teammates include Phoenix Arc-Nikos and Lokie Lie-Valkyrie. Their fourth teammate is Reveren Mustang, whom Passio butts heads with quite a bit at first. Her moms are extremely amused by the fact that their daughter is dealing with the exact same conflict with one of her teammates that led to them getting married. They constantly insist that Passio actually has a crush on Reveren. She doesn’t, but that doesn’t stop Ruby and Weiss from teasing her 😆

PRPL also goes to school along side Team EBNY, led by Ebony Xiao Long-Belladonna who is accompanied by her brother, Blaine. Admittedly we have not figured anything out about the N or the Y of Team EBNY, but we are working on it 😅

The story will probably only span the first year of their time at Beacon and will just include various huntsmen-related shenanigans 😂 (going to classes, field trips, going on missions, dealing with the conflict between Passio and Reveren, etc)

If anyone wants a rundown of all of the White Rose, Bumbleby, Renora, and Arkos children we created feel free to send me an ask 🤗 we basically have a bunch of headcanons and very little plot so far 😅

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