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Some self indulgent doodles of my friends (also brother) and I as Osomatsu-San characters 👉👈😔♥️

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The next 4-star set has been announced! They did actually hold a vote for the next canon set this time, I just totally missed the Tweet so I didn’t post about it. My bad, sorry guys!

But regardless, the winner of the vote was the Werewolf skit from episode 3.10! 

The “TV Anime (Werewolf)” set is in the gacha now, available until January 29th!

💙 Mod Kara

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My nose started bleeding and I wasn’t looking at pictures of the Matsu.

Science, how do you explain this😒😒😒

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I didn’t know that the fandom of osomatsu-san existed in other social media that aren’t amino

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I finally managed to finish it and I feel really proud 💗✨

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