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iconicrp4 minutes ago
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Welcome to our iconic family!!
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giorginodj6929 minutes ago
Reposted from @dazesplace 32 years ago, 'Express Yourself' was released as the second single from @madonna 's 4th studio album 'Like A Prayer' on May 9 1989 ! 馃帴 The music video, as directed by David Fincher, was premiered on MTV on May 17 1989 and stayed as an Exclusive of the music channel for three weeks, broadcasting the video every hour. 馃挵 The 'Express Yourself' music video had a total budget of $5 million dollars, which made it the most expensive music video in history at the time it was made, and currently聽the third most expensive music video of all time. 鉃★笍 Check out a clip of the 'expensive' music video above here !! ------------------------------ #锔忊儯 #madonna #madonnafan #mlvc #iconic #legend #expressyourself #queenofpop #1989 #80smusic #likeaprayer #goddess
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neversatisfiedwithlife52 minutes ago
David Martinez, no thumbs guy, Dalton Rumba, Sandy Ryerson, Wills parents, Josh Groban, Grace Hitchens, Jean Sylvester, Dustin Golsbey, Emma鈥檚 parents, Sugars dad, Penny Owen, Arties mom, Pucks mom, Jakes mom, Jake and Pucks dad, Sue and Jeans parents,Uniques parents, Beckys mom, Olivia Newton John, Rod Remington, Angela, annoyed judge from season 1 sectionals and season 6 sectionals, a lot of other judges, Abeula, Quinn鈥檚 parents, Tina鈥檚 parents, Rachel鈥檚 parents, Sam鈥檚 parents, Millie Rose, Carl Howell, Isabelle Wright
You do not have to rank them but these are the adults you missed (and I鈥檓 sure there are some j missed).
I was gonna rank David but then I was like 馃馃
I'll add a few of them me thinks though
Also I put abuela. And sandy. And goolsby.
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se-junan hour ago
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Tumblr media
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ncgphotographiean hour ago
Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire
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fairycosmos2 hours ago
bestie have you seen star trek ?
have not seen it <3
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alistermiz2 hours ago
Happy Mother鈥檚 Day to @marysedeluxe, to my mom Barb and to Marjo. As well as Happy Mother鈥檚 Day to all of the other moms out there.
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unsaintlike2 hours ago
Chatted with my mom and sister, and made plans to make plans to try and visit 鈥榚m hopefully later within the year since it鈥檚 obviously been a while since I鈥檝e seen either of 鈥榚m. Don鈥檛 think that鈥檇 be too outta the realm of possibility. Anyhoo, whether y鈥檃ll are celebratin鈥 the women in your lives today or not, hope it was a great Sunday for everyone.
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uranusdivine2 hours ago
it was revealed to me today how my leo stellium (mercury, venus, mars) mother beat people up, specifically men, in her childhood. libra risings loves to hide that part of them (the 鈥渧iolent鈥 part) cause they have aries on the 7th and i am shocked.
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mybloodrunsrad2 hours ago
they put a bunch of charlie chaplin movies on Netflix and no one told me???
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iconicanemone3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was inspired by Pokefarm user HanaMochii's drawing of Bugloss to draw my own art of him. Albino Pokemon and Mega Espeon by PokefarmQ
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sixofgrishas3 hours ago
Remember when Kaz dirtyhands, bastard of the barrel Brekker saw Wylan Van Sunshine, a chaotic child with daddy issues who likes to set things on fire for fun and said yep that鈥檚 my kid now and you know what good for them
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devoteee1013 hours ago
Happy Birthday to Mr. Dave Gahan 馃巶
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I hope anyone who streams lore for the next three weeks has a different explanation for where the fuck c!wilbur is. Tommy thinks he鈥檚 off plotting, Phil got a letter saying he鈥檚 off to do research into something weird, Jack Manifold heard he鈥檚 just been spending a lot of time in the gym, Ranboo鈥檚 convinced Wilbur鈥檚 living in his walls like a rat, etc
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owlheadclover3 hours ago
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Not to be that guy but we're playing at Pennhurst Asylum next month and I'm probably a little too excited.
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samsteel3 hours ago
skater boy dylan: taking you to prom.
word count: 449.
warnings: none.
a/n: i went a bit overboard with this one but im very happy how it turned out, number three of the mini series and i hope you guys like it enjoy! side note for this series: this series is a high school au based on q鈥檚 (@three-headed-monster ) moodboards so each boy mentioned is based on those.
taglist: 鈥( send in ask if you want to be added) 鈥婡hartsyhart @nhlpetey @mitch-slap 鈥 @frostythegoalman @kirbysdch 聽@aria253264 鈥 聽@josty 鈥 鈥 @kaitieskidmore1 鈥 鈥 @kiedhara @laurenairay 鈥 @finnishmafiaa 鈥 鈥 @alxvlasic 鈥 鈥 @hockeyallthetime @barzy-baby 鈥 鈥 鈥 @bowenbyram 鈥 @martynecass 鈥 @joshsandersons 鈥 聽@connormcdavo @maattamatthews 鈥 鈥 @joelsfarabees 鈥 @selenophileangel 鈥 @boqvistsbabe @ana-maa @stars-canucks @bowberrybyram @sidscrosbyy @2manytabsopen @wh0r3forpatrick
鈥媡agging some buds: @simplyjosty @beauvibaby @heybarzy @tkachuk-yeah @cozycozzy
Tumblr media
Dylan wouldn't do something super out there when he asks you.
Something simple.
Maybe like show up at your house after one of his skating sessions.
But not before stopping by trader joes to get some flowers.
Its literally like ten thirty at night and you're already in your pjs doing homework or netflix or something.
Theres a soft knock on your door and since everyone else is already asleep or in their room you go open it.
And there is dylan with his skateboard in one hand and flowers in the other.
鈥淗ey dyl what brings you to this part of town?鈥 you ask him since he literally lives across town.
鈥淲ell prom is coming up and i was wondering if maybe there is a slight chance that you might want to go with me.鈥 he says as he literally prepares for rejection cause you are way too good for him according to him.
鈥淵es id love to.鈥 you say as you have the hugest smile on your face.
鈥淭hese are for you.鈥 hed say as he hands you the flowers and is like 鈥渨ell ill see you at school tomorrow.鈥
Literally can not shut up about how you said yes.
The boys are lowkey annoyed but are happy that he actually had the guts to ask you to prom since both of you have been talking聽 for a while just hadn't made it official.
Wooo prom time.
Oh my goshhh
Dylan in a suit.
Woo no one is ready for that.
Picks you up in kirby鈥檚 car since kirby is not going cause he has a big photography expo. (shoutout to kirby for being the true mvp)
鈥淲ow.鈥 he would stare but not too long where its creepy.
鈥淲hat does it look ok?鈥 you'd ask feeling insecure.
鈥淣o yeah wow you look great.鈥
Literally would not be able to take his eyes off of you.
鈥淒ylan stop you're making me blush.鈥
鈥淗ow do you want me to stop looking at you when you look that great.鈥
Def make you feel great about yourself.
Dude is so respectful.
Maybe a few sly jokes here and there but nothing to make you uncomfortable.
Hates dancing but would make an exception for you.
Be like are you having fun or we can get out of here.
Yall of course get out of there after a few hours.
Go to the diner and then go skating.
Mr did not forget his skateboard.
Overall you have such a good time and wow.
Takes you home around midnight and is like 鈥渟o if i ask to kiss you would that be wierd or鈥︹澛
鈥淵ou can kiss me.鈥 you say.
End the night with a kiss and wow you could have not asked for a better prom date/experience.
And im gonna stop now because wow im making myself emotional
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l0cal3nby3 hours ago
I'm in the bathroom pretending to be occupied and my older brother just walked by singing 'Mmm Watcha Say' in a death metal voice.
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