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I’m willing to bet actual money that at one point, Harrow made an effort to learn the names of all of the 200 kids her parents killed to conceive her. Like, she considers herself a war crime, a walking abomination. There’s no way she didn’t spend at least a short period of time trying to learn the names of the 200 kids, the fifty four infants, eighty one children, and sixty five teenagers who died. Like, she has a breakdown of the ages of the ones who died, so why wouldn’t she learn their names? This is giving me ideas that maybe, just maybe, a subplot might come into play where Harrow comes face to face with at least a few of the souls that went into her conception. If nothing else, it would make a damn good fanfic...and a sad one. We know Harrow’s prone to torturing herself, so this is worth exploring.
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Just read your reluctant husband billy. Maybe him doing crazy things to keep his wife with him when another man tries to seduce her.
You mean like.... faking a security threat so that they have to go to an isolated house with only one bed and he has to endure sleeping beside her and finding out that she's a cuddler? And he secretly loves it even though he pretends that she's an annoyance and he works out shirtless just so he can watch the way she rubs her thighs together to get some kind of friction?
And she's touch-starved and his chest almost collapses when he realises that no one has ever given you a decent hug and then you entered into this loveless marriage and suddenly he feels like the biggest ass for keeping his feelings hidden. Maybe he works up to giving you a hug, and holding your hand when the two of you are alone and it feels so good.
He gets you accustomed to his touch by making you sit on his lap and having him hold you and smooth his hands over your skin, until he can palm at your breasts without having you flinch, and when his fingers dip down between your legs, he chuckles when you spread them willingly for him.
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Begin to think of yourself as a Divine limitless being rather than a person who doesn’t have choice when it comes to your thoughts. Think of yourself as an observer, contemplating and selecting thoughts that you choose from that never-ending stream of thoughts on your inner screen, 24/7/365. I’m encouraging you to initiate a habit of choosing thoughts and ideas that support feeling good and powerful, and that elevate you to a higher level of consciousness where your self-concept welcomes your higher self.
Wayne Dyer
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thebiscuiteternal · a day ago
Some open-ended stabby for “Ideas I will probably never write”! 
- Set in an AU where Nies gain an animal form when they bond a saber. Nie Huaisang is, of course, a cute little changyuraptor.
- At some point (I’m thinking age 13? Maybe right after the first round of lectures at the Cloud Recesses?), the brothers have a huge fight, their worst in ages. The next morning, Nie Huaisang is gone. Because he’s “run away” before and always came back within a day or two, it’s not until the end of the week that Nie Mingjue starts to genuinely worry and sends searchers to the city and nearby towns.
- They find nothing. 
- For years, there is nothing.
- Right around the time the Cloud Recesses are burned, a pair of travelers enter Qinghe territory, professing to have a small zoo of magical creatures. One of the elders suggests that the silly little distraction might be good for entertaining the locals while the sect is dealing with the growing problems from the Wens, so Nie Mingjue allows the travelers to set up the cages in the city square.
- One disciple who remembers what Nie Huaisang’s raptor shape looks like comes running up to Nie Mingjue, white-faced, and practically drags him to one of the cages. Sure enough, the critter inside is none other than his little brother.
- Who doesn’t acknowledge him or anyone else at all. 
- Mildly annoyed by this, Nie Mingjue has the travelers and the raptor brought to the Unclean Realms for questioning. The pair swears on all the heavens that they found the creature washed up half-dead on a riverbank near the ocean to the east. They nursed it back to health and added it to their collection, and in the slightly over two years they’ve owned it, it has never shown even the slightest indication of being anything other than a simple animal. 
- Even when the sect healers use talismans to force Nie Huaisang back into human shape, he just seems confused/irritated by the loss of his feathers and hisses at anyone who gets close.
- A horrified silence settles over the room as everyone realizes that whatever happened between his leaving the Unclean Realms and being found by these two has caused Nie Huaisang to not only forget his identity, but to forget he was ever human at all.
- Nie Mingjue pays the two handsomely for returning his brother (though, honestly, they were so panicked at the realization that they’d been showing off a sect leader’s family member that they probably would have handed Nie Huaisang over just for letting them live) and consults the healers for their opinion.
- With no access to the Lan libraries and their own being a bit short on the subject of lost memories, the only idea they have on hand is to re-teach the boy/raptor how to be human. Unfortunately, there is also a war on the horizon to prepare for, which doesn’t spare much time.
(I have no idea where I was gonna go with this, but please enjoy the mental scene of Chifeng-zun slaughtering opposing soldiers with the help of this vicious little monster who takes out enemies at the knees. And then being told that’s his brother.
Also enjoy the mental image of said little monster curled into a fluffy ball in his brother’s lap and happily rumbling at getting his chin skritched by his brother’s aide.)
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cantalouupe · a day ago
spoilers for new dragonspine quest
albedo scolding us for leaving our spot at the cavern entrance ,,,,,
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dovewingz · a day ago
wait. pause. leafpool designed to look kind of like an angel because of numerous reasons relating to her connection to starclan, her personality, and the whole "water vs fire" thing she has with squirrelflght but also. mothwing not believing in starclan and yet 'knowing' angels exist because leafpool is just so ethereal to her
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cas-isnthere · 23 hours ago
# .. might do list ! :
- kaeya x reader: comforting him from a hard time at work.
warnings: kinda angst but soft & fluffy ending <3.
- diluc x reader: being jealous from kaeya (as always 🙄🤚).
warnings/genre: jealousy, teasing, & a tint of tsundere diluc. kinda spicy ??
- diluc & kaeya x reader: sharing u.
genre: fluff
- childe x reader: hanging out w/ him & teucer.
genre: fluffy as cotton candy.
- hc: dckzt reaction 2 u wearing a maid dress 4 a dare.
- hc: scaramouche, xiao, kazuha, & chongyun: reacting to u having makeup/makeover.
- yandere diluc & kaeya x reader: teaming up 2 have u.
- childe x reader: tryna win u over from his mora.
(as u can see i have an obsession w/ kaeya & diluc 😃, and i might add more soon.)
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noosphe-re · a day ago
It was not the Thinking brain It was the Welcoming nose Warmly greeting Molecules of air Molecules of ideas
Ahmed Salman
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headspace-hotel · 3 months ago
fantasy biology but it’s weird and kinda horrifying like real biology: reproduction
was thinking of a few posts a while back about fantasy reproductive biology and was Inspired by recent Wikipedia rabbit holes, so
Elves are technically all female, and reproduce by self-fertilization. Elves are long-lived enough that they do not quickly accrue harmful mutations and deleterious effects from this. However, they have another mechanism to mitigate the harmful effects of self-fertilization: they regularly engage in horizontal gene transfer with the endosymbiotic algae that live in their skin! These algae act as a reservoir for genetic diversity. Some elves also have similar exchanges with the parasitic plants that grow on their heads…yeah no, those are not flower crowns.
Dark elves do not have the recourse of algae, and are instead similarly symbiotic with fungi.
Goblins are like fungi: they don’t have differentiated gametes, and thus no real biological basis to call them “male” and “female.” When goblins reproduce, two goblins will come together and merge, splitting into four “sibling” goblins that are combinations of the parents’ genes! The siblings also retain some of their parents’ memories, meaning goblin history is literally passed down biologically!
The exception to this is goblins that live deep underground, adapted to blindly navigate in the darkest caves. It’s pretty hard for goblins to find other unrelated goblins to create offspring with, so instead, some goblins, termed “King” or “Queen” goblins (though as I said, goblins don’t have differentiated gametes like that), will grow to an abnormally large size and roam about seeking mates. When a King/Queen goblin merges with another goblin, it does not split into offspring, but instead absorbs the other goblin, a little like a female anglerfish does to her mates. After a long time, King/Queen goblins begin living a stationary life, producing new goblins from amalgamated genetic material by budding. The goblin hordes will take care of the King/Queen goblin until the horde grows too large, at which point some goblins will migrate to new territory, beginning the cycle anew.
Orcs are all born male. The biggest, strongest orc (or sometimes pair of orcs) in an orc band will become female, much like a clown fish, and will be protected by the rest of the band, spared the risks of an Orc warrior’s dangerous fighting lifestyle, so her genes will get passed on the most, and subsequent generations of Orcs will be strong. Orcs do not, however, share human concepts of gender, and many Orc warriors that spend time in human society decide they feel more affiliated with what humans think of as “women” anyway.
Dwarves, like some reptiles, develop based on the temperature of the caves they are raised in. Dwarves in cooler caves grow up to be male; dwarves in warmer caves grow up to be female. Female dwarves are associated with the fire of the forges and the power of creation. Dwarves are not, however, sexually dimorphic, and asking whether a dwarf is “really” male or female is deeply personal and offensive, since an individual’s ability to become pregnant is invariably none of the asker’s business. It is common for dwarves to reject any affiliation with gender entirely, but those that care for that sort of thing have some very elaborate and colorful genders.
Halflings are a little like slugs; they are all capable of producing both types of gametes simultaneously. They also recombine genes like crazy. A halfling can have a single biological parent or over a dozen—though too many parents is discouraged, because it creates halflings that have to roam about too much to find unrelated partners when they grow up. It also means that inheritance can get pretty complicated.
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cat-cosplay · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Mr. Oogie Boogie says
There's trouble close at hand
You'd better pay attention now
'Cause I'm the Boogie Cat...🎶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
...And if you aren't shakin'
There's something very wrong
'Cause this may be the last time
You hear the boogie song...🎶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
...Meooow (meow)
Meooow (meow)
MeoooOow (meow)
I’m the Oogie Boogie Cat! 🎶
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k-eke · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I hate when ideasdoes this.
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myjetpack · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
For the @guardian review
p.s. Order my new book here:
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I don’t know, I’ve got reluctant-husband!Billy on the mind. Like, imagine all the ways you could seduce him, and he tries to resist, until you’re like, “Is it too much to ask for my husband to rail me?” Like maybe you guys married for a business deal, merging your family’s business with Anvil.
Why yes, this is an excellent idea.
They marry for a business deal, and he never even touches you except to kiss you on your wedding day, and after that, he's as cold and as distant as ever. You begin to try every trick in the book to get him to be around you, and to spend time with you and he still refuses to touch you.
It's because he knows... he knows that one more taste of you will get him hooked. One more touch of his lips to yours, one more feel of your soft skin- and he'd be obsessed with you.
And he watches your advances and escapes them time and time again, until you're almost given up. Almost.
What finally tips him over, is seeing another man pursue you, and watching you begrudgingly respond to his advances because you're frustrated and desperate and he knows he'd rather die that have you be with someone else so he takes you back to your room, and he finally kisses you and he's hooked.
Lmao but what if something interrupts you before you can get to the good part, and both of you are stuck being desperate for each other until the dam breaks and you're fucking a closet or a bathroom or the first office you can find.
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fashionfavdotcom · a month ago
Tumblr media
Deirdre Firinne by Hordur Ingason for Vogue Poland October 2021 - Fashion Editorials - Minimal. / Visual.
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2soulscollide · 3 months ago
101 Ways to Break your Character's (and Reader's) heart by @emswritingprompts
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genesisthefox · a year ago
Sunset on the road
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watch-the-magpies · 2 months ago
Villain Dialogue Prompts
“Darling, your effort is commendable. Really. But you should stop before you get hurt.”
“Do you want to play a little game?”
“You should accept the loss humbly while I still allow it.”
“Bloodlust was never a good look on you.”
“I want them to see you how I see you, because they have no idea what you’re really capable of. Do they?”
“Well, aren’t you the little trickster, pet.”
“I hope you die in a fire.”
“That looks like it hurts.”
“Come now Hero, such things aren’t in your nature.”
“Play with me.”
“You’re more like me than you realise. How long do you think it’ll be before they see it too?”
“I don’t want to kill you but get in my way again and I just might have to.”
“How unheroic of you.”
“You look good in my colours.”
“I’m almost tempted to let you live.”
“What’s a little torture between friends?”
“It would be so much easier to kill you if you weren’t so cute.”
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