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Okay so my fav prompt is sidekick x henchman (villains sidekick) and I've had this fluffy prompt in my head i just need to share. Imagine henchman pins sidekick to a wall, arms above their head, henchman holding them in one hand. They put one hand down to also keep them pinned at the waist but instinct kicks in and sidekick flinches and squeaks, pulling their arms down cause they're hella ticklish? Henchman proceeds to NEVER let them live it down and gives them greif over it whenever possible

mwahahahaha I am not ticklish so I have NO SYMPATHY for this sidekick, get REKT son

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Here’s some ideas (pt. 1)

-Clean! Even if your place is already tidy, you can always find more. Move the furniture and vacuum/ sweep underneath, dust behind the TV, wipe down the kitchen/ bathroom tile, ect. Now is a time you can use to really get into it!

-Marie Kondo your things! You’d be surprised how much you have that you don’t even realize if you really dive into it. And I don’t mean skim over your stuff and just say “its all fine”. I mean really look at each item and think “do I need this/ want this/ use this?”

-Read some of those book you’ve been holding onto but haven’t gotten around to reading

-Go through old sentimental things and have a morning/ afternoon of reminiscing (Maybe even try scrapbooking?)

-Reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while on social media

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Romanticised quarantine (for anon :))

  • Pretend it’s the Tudor era and the plague is running rampant outside, but this is nothing new to you, so you’re just bored by it now.
  • Zombie apocalypse. Need I say more?
  • You’re a vampire, so you can’t go out in the daylight, and hide inside praying for your next victim.
  • You’re Bigfoot, and can’t leave the house, otherwise people will know you exist, so you just stay inside, read conspiracy theories about yourself, and cosily sip tea.
  • Tortured artist, whose fear of the outside world prevents them from leaving their humble abode/hoarder’s cave.
  • This is life on Mars, and everything is a simulation. If you leave, you’ll just die because its Mars.
  • You are a ghost. You cannot leave the house, because it’s where you died. BUT you can scare the neighbours with your haunting wails and terrify passers-by through appearing suddenly in windows.
  • You’re a writer who cannot leave the house until they’ve finished writing their novel.
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Doch bevor wir uns mit dem Mittelalter im Bereich des heutigen Deutschlands beschäftigen schauen wir mal in einen anderen Teil er Welt. 

Denn auch die Menschen in arabischen Ländern haben sich von der griechischen Philosophie beeinflussen lassen. Sie verfolgten jedoch eher Aristoteles, welcher sich zu dem Philosophen der Muslime entwickelte.

Dies veranlasste viele auch dazu, sich selbst mit Epistemologie auseinander zu setzen:

Avicenna (980-1036)

  •  Lehrer in Tehran
  •  versuchte Theorien des Islam, Platons und Aristoteles´ zu vereinen
  •  “Thoughts bring about the generality of forms”
    • Universelle Ideen existieren vor, während und nach Dingen
    •  Gott kennt Dinge bevor sie erschaffen werden
    • Menschen kennen Dinge während sie existieren
    •  Selbst nach ihrer Existenz besteht eine Idee (Erinnerung)

Maimonides (1135-1204)

  •  Spanischer Jude (schrieb in Arabisch)
  •  etablierte Aristoteles Philosophie mit Werk “Führer der Unschlüssigen”
    • das Streben nach Wahrheit liegt in der Religion selbst
    •  Aristoteles bekommt bestimmten Stellenwert
  •  Werk wurde schnell ins Lateinische übersetzt und prägte das                      europäische Mittelalter
  •  Entwicklung der Scholastik

Originally posted by imacowandwilldie

0 notes · See All would you guys feel about a steampunk AU fanfic?

Would you want it to be fluff?angst?smut?

Would you want to see more characters than hawks?

I happened to notice a lot of people like the idea .I already have a few headcanons for a steampunk AU hawks,frankly,since i love the concept of that type of fantasy universe.i have a few options to go about it,don’t hesitate to give me honest feedback on wich one you’d prefer.

A-Hawks is an engineer tasked with flying under the floating city to reach it’s reactors and fix anything that’s not working well.While down there,a reactor blows.Uravity,another flying unit user and a close friend of yours walks into your shop escorting him with wings mangled beyond recognition.Your next few days are spent repairing it while Keigo pesters you with tease and personal questions.Aka,Two different kind of engineers learning more about each other.

B-Hawks is a frontline soldier who assists larger ships and other flying units.he takes a bullet,leaving him unable to work and stuck on the ground for a few days.He’s left in your care and you notice how angsty and depressed he is when he isn’t in the’s your job to fix it as much as his wounds and you start getting closer to your patient as the days count down

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I haven’t seen my boyfriend since this virus has spread. I’m lucky to receive messages from him every day and the seldom video chats. He’s working on the front lines and I can’t do anything. I want to do something besides sending him encouraging texts or some selfies to cheer him up. 🤔 our anniversary is this month and we wont be spending it together. I want to do something special but I’m not sure what. My original plan this year was to get the Baron music box and the Luise music box from my all time favorite studio ghibli move Whisper of the Heart. I havent managed to actual watch the movie with him, we were gonna for my birthday but with everything it kinda fell through. So I’m just looking for ideas and suggestions at this time.

Also a big thank you to everyone on the front lines, you never cease to amaze me how great you all are ❤

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