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headspace-hotel · 7 months ago
thinking about werewolves and the concept of becoming a monster and discovering that something savage and uncontrollable exists within you and the potential that has to be a liberating narrative about growth and change and courage rather than a story about controlling and concealing it
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k-eke · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I hate when ideasdoes this.
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headspace-hotel · 11 months ago
I’m really obsessed with the idea of worldbuilding that refuses to clarify its relationship to reality
When we read books we instinctively try to categorize books based on the kind of book they are, oh this is fantasy, post-apocalyptic, etc. and we try to find out things and clarify what kind of world it is and whether or not the things in it are make believe and how make believe they are.
So what if I...Messed with that process?
For instance. A book is set in Ohio. We mention the names of cities in Ohio and pieces of Ohio’s history and famous landmarks in Ohio and it’s incredibly well researched, even down to the names of museums in Cincinnati or something. We’re talking very firmly established in the facts of a place. It’s kind of an eerie book and in some ways the setting seems weird or cloudy or dreamy but it seems grounded in just the amount of facts that are in it about the setting.
There are little factoids dropped here and there. At first very boring ones. Something that happened at an Ohio water treatment plant in 1995. What it takes to serve on a jury in Ohio. Ohio laws about spraying pesticides on corn. Facts about corn itself. Probably one of those cutesy little facts about weird local laws.
They start to get...stranger. The little bits of worldbuilding. Did you know that Ohio has had more nuclear power plant accidents than any other state? In this small town in Ohio, you used to need a license to perform an exorcism! This charming small town’s mayor is a ghost. In Ohio, it is legal for doctors to draw more of your blood than they need to sell to third parties. There are no Dollar Tree’s in Ohio. (Have you ever seen a Dollar Tree in Ohio? Are you sure?)
At some point the reader catches onto something that is clearly not right. Maybe the book states at some point that Indiana is to the east of Ohio instead of the west. This is clearly a mistake, and they move on.
Some things about the everyday realities of the setting seem peculiar. There seem to be quite a bit of packs of wild dogs about, and mold seems to grow a lot quicker. Grass is described very strangely—a shade of green that isn’t very characteristic of grass. There seem to be a lot of cults, and there are a lot of empty lots in town enclosed with razor wire for no apparent reason. Sometimes a character’s hands grow suddenly cold, and they panic and hasten inside. Frostbite? Is it the climate? Why does the author write that way?
At some point, though, it becomes clear that the author is fictionalizing a bit. It may certainly be the case that nuclear accidents have occurred in Ohio more than any other state, but the tale of how deer from that area glow in low light is probably made up. And though that famous televangelist existed and it seems plausible enough that he owned tigers, like some kind of janky drug dealer would purchase, it seems implausible that he regularly fed people to them.
As the story continues, more and more facts seem a little off, though. The spatial relationship of Ohio to its surrounding states, and the shape that Ohio is (it’s described at one point as having a panhandle, and as bordering East Tennessee) seems to make less and less sense. The wild dogs are massive, and have smoldering eyes like hellhounds. One nuclear disaster apparently wiped out a full sixth of Ohio’s population. The deer, plagued with cancer from the radiation, have turned carnivores. The wild horses run under a red sky—the sky is always described as red. The original capital of Ohio is lost, its stones dashed down in the war that made its citizens turn to cannibalism. The invasive plants of Ohio can pry open windows, and once choked a woman in her sleep. The people of Ohio dream more frequently of birds of prey gouging out their eyes than people in any other state. There are plagues of rats in Ohio that sometimes devastate towns. In Ohio, unexplained disappearances are rarely investigated. There are eagles in Ohio—their wings blot out the sun. Ohio briefly seceded from the Union in 1922, and there are those that still believe in the Free People’s Empire of Ohio. Ohio shares a border with Arizona. Ohio has a coastline on the edge of a dark and perpetually cold sea.
It becomes abundantly clear that this is not Ohio. It is something else, named Ohio and superficially wearing Ohio as a skin, but it is not Ohio. And looking back, it is hard to tell when it stopped being Ohio. When it stopped being just quirky Americana and an eerie mood and started being...this. Small details were off early on, but these were not noticed, because they seemed so normal. The sky was always described as red, but that was because it was supposed to be sunset...right?
The governor of Ohio has been struck down. All bow before the God-Emperor of Ohio. The black wolves of Hell await those who will not bow with their teeth.
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love-me-a-good-prompt · a year ago
Person A and Person B assembling furniture together
Person A helping Person B search through the trash because Person B has lost something and is afraid that they might have accidentally thrown it away.
Person A bringing home a participation trophy from a contest. They're ashamed and embarrassed that they didn't win, but Person B is still proud of them for trying and insists on displaying their trophy in the living room.
Person A buying a giant, silly, inflatable sprinkler toy for the backyard and Person B teasing them, saying they don't need it and that it's ridiculous. Then one day, Person A comes home to find Person B in the backyard playing with it.
Person A helping Person B change a light bulb that Person B isn't tall enough to reach.
Person A is always hot and constantly turns up the air conditioner which annoys Person B who is always cold.
Person A likes to get up early, come downstairs, and open all the curtains so they can enjoy the bright sunlight coming in, but they always make sure to close them before Person B gets up because they know that Person B struggles with light sensitivity.
Person A and Person B printing off all of their selfies together, framing them, and hanging them all around the house.
Person A and Person B both have the same favorite spot on the couch and always try to steal it from each other when they’ve gotten up.
Person A thinks they're doing a great job keeping their house plants alive but actually, Person B has secretly replaced them with identical-looking fake plants so Person A can't kill them.
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fortuneaday · a year ago
Tumblr media
[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: You are more influential than you think and your ideas will be heard.]
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love-me-a-good-prompt · a year ago
Some more question-based dialogue to include in your writing. (Be creative and use these in any context you desire)
"Is everything okay?"
"What are you smiling about?"
"Did you hear that?"
"What's in it for me?"
"Isn't that weird?"
"What do you mean?"
"Is something bothering you?"
"Do you even care anymore?"
"Where have you been?"
"Can I ask you something?"
"Why are you following me?"
"How long was I asleep?"
"Does this help?"
"Isn't this what you wanted?"
"Can this wait until tomorrow?
"Do you ever stop talking?"
"What do we do now?"
"Can you please just leave me alone?"
"Does this seem normal to you?"
"What did you want to talk to me about?"
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inklingofadream · 4 months ago
#tma spoilers#as much as i want to believe they are alive#jon was stabbed and martin got hit by rubble#but like thy did go through a dimension door directly into an ER and are ok :) ( @levencamthenone‘s tags on a different post)
ok but listen i’ve been thinking about the possibilities here all week. Two unconscious and critically injured men appear in the location of your choice. There’s so much room for shenanigans here.
they appear in an ER. no one realizes they didn’t come in the doors until later because they’re busy giving them medical care, but later they check the cameras bc they’re both unconscious and have no ID, and they’re hoping to find out who brought them in since they obviously weren’t ambulating themselves. The feed cuts out for one (1) frame and then they’re just there. There are no vehicles passing on the outside feed.
They appear in a random backyard. The homeowner has to panic and call an ambulance.
They appear in the middle of a high school pep rally.
They appear in front of the altar at a wedding just as the bride is about to begin walking down the aisle (they both jolt into consciousness and hijack the ceremony to get married themselves while the ambulance is on its way let me have this 😭)
They appear in the middle of an alley, with neither rubble nor knife in evidence, and are presumed to be the victims of a hate crime and have to deal with Media Attention
They appear in someone’s bed while they weren’t looking. Just come home to find these soft bois snuggling and bleeding all over their sheets.
They appear at the worst possible moment in a magic show, and the magician is interrogated about What He Thinks He Was Doing while swearing that no, really, it was supposed to be his assistant appearing! He can show you all the mechanisms of the trick! He doesn’t know where these guys came from either!
They appear in the Oval Office
They appear in the middle of the set of the other media property of your choice! I’ve seen a shocking lack of crossover fic so far!
They appear in the aisle of an airplane midflight
Come play with me in the space!!! Let them out of the pocket dimension and write the stranger in an unsettlingly-not-strange land shenanigan fics we deserve, tma fandom! open your eyes!
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arsenicinshell · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stunning Furnitures by KOOKIWOOD
Available Here
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 11 months ago
Scenarios where your characters start as enemies and end as something else:
Person A is a loner in school and Person B is one of the popular kids who always pick on Person A for no reason. Because of this, Person A despises Person B and assumes that the two of them must have nothing in common. Then one day Person A logs into their fan account where their identity is anonymous (you can choose the thing that they're a fan of) to see that they have a new follower, Person B.
Person A and Person B are co-workers who hate each other. They're always competing with each other at work and they're always getting into arguments. Then one day Person A is leaving an appointment with their therapist when they happen to see Person B waiting to see the same therapist in the lobby.
Person A and Person B were on rival sports teams in high school. After graduation, they both end up unknowingly going to the same college. On the first day Person A gets to their dorm room to find their new roommate, Person B, already unpacking.
Person A and Person B are both actors. They've met a few times in passing but they don't really know each other. Person A comes off as a snob to Person B so Person B has no desire to get to know them. Then they both get cast as love interests in a film and after spending some time together on set, Person B realizes that they were wrong about Person A.
Person A and Person B were best friends in high school until they had an ugly falling out with each other that turned them into enemies. Years later when they're out of school and have nothing to do with each other, Person A still hates Person B and assumes that Person B hates them too. Then one day Person A gets a giant text message from Person B apologizing for everything that happened between them.
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chubbology · 6 months ago
Three Types of People Gaining Weight
The Pouter
The Pouter resents the effect food has on them. How just one little bite of something can lead to a full blown stuffing, making them feel helpless to the weight they’re putting on in droves. They’re the type who displaces blame. It’s the brain’s fault. It’s genetics. It’s the genetically modified food that is making them too fat to walk without waddling a little. Healthy food is too expensive; junk food is too divine. Exercise is too time-consuming; sitting all day is a required part of their 9 to 5. They pout their way through the day at their desk, sucking on their daily venti frappe, which they carefully don’t realize has been fattening up their ass so badly that it doesn’t really fit in their chair anymore. They pout when their clothes don’t look quite right and blame the dryer for shrinking them. They get angry when the elevator goes out of order, forcing them to pant and heave their way up the stairwell. Then they get irate when there’s nothing good left in the pantry to fill them up once they finally get to their apartment in the evening. The only thing that soothes their nerves is take out, and so they eat a lot of take out. The trash bin is full of take out containers, along the coffee table, and the countertop. Sometimes they reach the bottom of a container, so full but still needing to consume more, so they get take out from somewhere else. They wake up heavier every morning, but they don’t know that. All they know is that (because their arms and chest have blown up so big with flab) it’s getting hard to cross their arms when they’re annoyed.
The Blusher
The Blusher is the type who effortlessly gains a few dozen pounds in winter weight and doesn’t even notice until the weather warms. They happily pack away their winter clothes, pull on a well-worn pair of shorts, and…with a sharp pang of dread, find they can’t even tug the denim all the way up their bulkier thighs. Even without anyone around to ogle their thighs, or their chubbier face, or their larger love handles—which their shirt can’t quite seem to cover—they flush pink. A little ashamed and a lot embarrassed. Because how did they not realize? They gently touch their belly, thicker and curvier than it should be. They look in the mirror. And…whoa. They’re girthy all over. Their limbs are large and heavy-looking and they just look so big. They gained weight and were totally oblivious. Oblivious to how all those special-occasion splurges and one-off binges added up. With whispered curses and last-ditch tugging attempts, the Blusher tries on more clothes and outfits, hoping against hope that they’re not as big as they look and feel. Except almost nothing fits. And their belly keeps jiggling when they turn and bend and stand. And the dusted-off scale is showing them a number they can’t possibly believe. No, no, no. They can’t be that fat. With tubby fingers, they search and calculate on their phone to see…to see that they are teetering on the far end of the Overweight box in the spectrum. Just to the right, the more ominous Obese box lies in wait, colored a deep red. They blush that very same color, down to their second chin.
The Lip-Biter
The Lip-Biter is the type who stands in the kitchen, stuffing their mouth with a fifth donut as they press their heavy belly a little firmer against the counter. They’ve gotten fat, really fat, and they know it, but they nevertheless put off getting new clothes using money excuses, telling themselves that it’s not a big deal if they stretch the seams a little. Except eventually it’s not just a little, and the Lip-Biter, swallowing hard every time they get dressed, knows that. The truth is, they feel a rush when they notice their buttons strain over their breasts and torso. They hold their breath when they sit down slowly and aren’t sure if something’s going to rip. They sneak candies and chocolates at every opportunity, wondering idly how fat they’re going to get if they keep their bad habits up. They bite their lip at the thought of getting so obese that normal daily routines become difficult. They’re already not as fast as they used to be; they already sweat easier. After work some days, they buy a cake of some kind for a fake occasion and eat the whole thing at home, forkful after forkful, lacking any will not to gorge themselves. They spread their thighs apart a little more and let their clothes slowly stretch and snap as they eat. Lick their lips and squirm in pleasure.
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simonalkenmayer · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
This cat knows exactly what she’s doing.
- @puggledy-huggledy-is-not-a-pig
Is the cat a cop?
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the-diary-of-a-failure · 10 months ago
How to get out of feeling sluggish
Lately I’ve been struggling with a weird brain fog and general tiredness. This often turns into laziness which makes me feel really crappy. So today I wanted to share the things I do to get back on track or to feel a bit refreshed at least:
Take a shower -No matter whether you do or don’t feel dirty, this should be your first step. The fresh smell of soap and washing away the tiredness/laziness feels amazing
Open the window -At least for a moment because fresh air brings energy
Change your sheets and towels -This one isn’t absolutely necessary however fresh sheets and towels feel great and almost make things feel new
Clean up your space and make the bed -These tasks aren’t overly complicated and they set you into productive mood. Plus organised and cleaned space helps you feel more put together
Move your body -When I’m in a slump it’s usually accompanied by an odd body stiffness, so let’s get rid off that one!
Make an exciting to do list -Easier said than done, I know... But try to add something that you like doing or gets you closer to your goals. It also never hurts to look up some inspiring people or even aesthetics
Upbeat music -Listening to quick paced and upbeat often helps me feel a bit more excited to live my life
Prepare for the next day -To avoid falling back to feeling lazy the next day, prepare your clothes, room and to-do list for the upcoming day!
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 11 months ago
Feel free to use any of these dialogue ideas in your writing. Be creative with the context!
"I want to go home"
"take it back"
"I can't remember"
"it's not funny"
"I lied"
"don't tell me to calm down"
"I need a hug"
"that wasn't supposed to happen"
"hurry back"
"stop interrupting me"
"I can't take you seriously"
"I don't want to talk about it"
"problem solved"
"I need more time"
"let me go"
"that was embarrassing"
"never do that again"
"I have an idea"
"it's freezing in here"
"you've changed"
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makeupsforeveryone · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 7 months ago
Some snowy scenarios to write your characters into:
Person A and Person B building a snowman together and then arguing over what to name it.
Person A is afraid to jump off of the ski lift so Person B rides around in circles with them until they work up the courage to do it.
Person A really wants to go on a sleigh ride like they do in the movies so Person B ties a rope to a sled, grabs onto it, and runs as fast as they can across the yard to pull Person A around.
Person A and Person B cuddling by a bonfire in the snow with s'mores and hot chocolate.
Person A and Person B are having a snowball fight. Person A hits Person B with a snowball and Person B pretends to be hurt. When Person A rushes over to them, Person B launches a snowball hitting Person A right in the face.
Person A falling through the ice into a freezing cold pond/lake and Person B rescuing them.
Person A always wakes up to see that someone has shoveled the snow out of their driveway for them but they don't know who is doing it. One morning they get up extra early and wait by the window until they see Person B walking up to their house with a shovel.
Person A teaching Person B how to snowboard.
Person A lays down to make a snow angel and Person B buries them in the snow which makes Person A really mad.
Person A's car breaks down on the way home. They're parked on the side of the road panicking and cold when Person B sees them and pulls over to help. Person B lets Person A sit in the warmth of their car while they fix Person A's car.
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