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Do you ever just want to yell “FUCK” into something?

Like not against a flat surface like a wall pillow, but into a cave or a pit or a void. Something open and deep that can hold and trap the sound and the emotion, and never reflect it back at you. Give me a porous place or a container, so I can have my shout taken away or stolen.

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How about if there is a special program that a flight program is starting where giants and tinies co exist, where borrowers can be flight attendants to giant passengers on the plane. There is a tiny female flight attendant that surprisingly serves Henry Cavill, one flight, She has taken the job, to see if it will help her overcome her fear of giants.  HC notes this, though she tries to hide it, he keeps taking the same plane to help with this. Thinking that she will not see him again. She is at home, when he visits her, could be a romance/friendship/hurt/comfort. If anybody would like to write this, please feel free.

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Captain Syverson is from Sand Castle.  He has a beard and a sountern accent, funny sense of humor. What if he is given a top secret mission to go rescue  some people, he is told where but is not told whom, because it is top secret, he is walking in the desert, he sees a miniature town made out of sand.  at first he thinks it is a mirage, but as he gets closer, he discovers it is real. He discovers that this is the mission to help or to rescue these tiny people. But these people have advanced technology they put a glass unbreakable sphere over there town. to protect them from invaders like him. Can they communicate, can he let them know that he means them not any harm ? Maybe he could faint from lack of water and heat. the tiny people could come out  to give him water and food, while they are on his stomach he wakes up, he tries to thank them, but they run off, plus he is tied down a la Gulliver’s Travel.  If anybody would like to write this, please feel free.

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It would be so helpful if my brain had an recording program that could snatch up my fanfic ideas after I’ve gone to bed, when I’m out, and in any other situation where I can’t note them down myself in the moment


If there was, I imagine the inside of my brain looking something like this

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Cada día un nuevo invento.. el descochado perfecto. Pero cuidado con el Vino. #depuertoplata #tocaamarcela
#Repost @elhormiguero
• • • • • •
#idehazas #martahazas #trucos #arreglo #ideas #remedioscaseros #reciclaje #manualidades #elhormiguero #MeganEduardEH (en Spain)

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Thinking of doing headcanons for the winx girls and the guys… And the villains. Just lots of headcanons in general.

What do you guys think?

Who should I do first?

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