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Last week I started a fresh new journal. And, being newly inspired, I’ve filled several pages with different spreads and collections. But then I pondered the idea of a writing journal and how to incorporate my love of writing into my bujo. Thus, I created two main spreads and logged them as collections in my index. 

For all those writers out there who already journal and/or bujo, keep on keeping up with it. And for the writers that don’t keep a regular journal, I highly recommend you start. And below are two spreads to help you get started.

An Ideas Collection


You can ignore the washi tape and header, but I like adding a few aesthetic details to my bujo spreads. 

Otherwise, this spread is simple.

  1. Create a title. 
  2. Log it in the index. 
  3. And start jotting down ideas. 

This collection is meant to be random. A blank page to scribble down ideas on the whim. Maybe it’s a new story idea. Or maybe it’s an idea related to a current WIP. But, whatever it is, I know this spread will be useful when I have those random ideas out of nowhere and I already have a perfect spot to write them down. 

As well, by making this a collection, I can simply turn to the next blank page when this spread is all filled up. Then I can add it to my index on the same line as the previous. 

The next idea is much more specific and a little more fun to create. 

A WIP Spread


I used my current WIP The Medyis Academy (or Her Dark Revelations, I haven’t decided yet). The most important aspect of this spread was the word count bar and goal. I’ve been working on this WIP for about 5 weeks now and I had a higher word count goal, but upon consideration I dropped it down to 60k words. It’s a first draft, so who cares. 

In the top right-hand corner I put down my word count goal for the next draft. And this is where I plan to write about 80k words. 

This spread also contains:

  • a list of characters
  • an overview of the plot
  • the houses I created for the academy
  • and of course the title with both title ideas for the story

Not only did this spread actually turn out how I wanted it to, but it gives me a quick and clean overview of my story. An at-a-glance spread to keep track of character names and my word count. 

The great thing is, when I start the second draft I can make a new spread and set it up in a similar way. I’d have a word count bar, a reminder which each house represents, and be able to write up some ideas for this next draft (I’ll probably focus on plot and storyline). 

All in all…

These two spreads/collections are completely adaptable so you can make then fit your needs for your particular story. I know journaling isn’t for everyone and I will admit I am a very visual person and these kinds of things help me a lot. But keep in mind it’s worth a try, right?

Good luck to my fellow writeblrs and bujo-ists.

- viridis-blooming


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So idea for a Saturday and hear me out

First we bake a cake then we build a fort then we eat cake and snacks while watching films (marvel or horror but open to suggestions)

Then after cake has gone down I bury my beard in between your thighs and get lost in the wonderland 😏 and then cook you dinner and relax 🤔

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from An Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume 
We have no idea of substance of any kind, since we have no idea but what is derived from some impression, and we have no impression of any substance either material or spiritual. We know nothing but particular qualities and perceptions… so our idea of any mind is only that of particular perceptions, without the notion of anything we call substance, either simple or compound.
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Idk but there’s a lot more potential for ghosts in fiction. Why do they always wear the same clothes? Surely some of them were wearing jackets and coats and multiple layers, they could have a ghost wardrobe - take some of them off every now and then, put them back on. If they died naked, does stalking someone in a dark hallway suddenly become more effective?

Imagine moving to a place everyone tells you it’s haunted and it turns out to just. Have a naked ghost. He doesn’t even try to kill you, he just makes it very awkward to be there

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There’s these Bad People from an Evil Place. They’re looking at Earth, and they’re like, “Yeah, let’s steal people’s energy or hearts or emotions or perogies or whatever!” So they send one of their agents, who are gifted with the power to transform humans into creatures to do their bidding.

Except said agent, who’s like a female teenager, is enamoured and envious of Earth and its people. So she defects, creates a human disguise for herself, and uses her monster-of-the-week power not to terrorize but to fight off the other monsters-of-the-week the rest of the Bad People set upon humankind.

But one girl, a student at the school the main character decides to attend, catches onto her secret. She tells the MC off for turning people into monsters against their will, even if she is trying to protect Earth…and the girl instead offers herself to be the one who gets transformed into a monster under the MC’s control to fight off the monsters-of-the-week.

(And yes, they inevitably fall in love because me.)

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I really want to write a PJO fanfic bc I already have some characters and scenes made out in my head but I would need a new war/conflict to happen and I don’t have enough knowledge of mythology or good enough planning to actually write it and make it interesting or reasonable.

I am, however, accepting ideas

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Algunos días hay tanto que decir, y tan poco tiempo… 

Las ideas fluyen como un arroyo y nuestras palabras recogen apenas unas gotas de ese todo, pero al final siempre nos quedamos cortos contemplando cómo muchas se alejan para siempre. Así, para las ideas también existe el azar; pocas de ellas realmente vuelan libres fuera de nuestras mentes fecundas, a través de alocadas aventuras literarias. 

¿A dónde irá a parar el arroyito de ideas olvidadas? Quién sabe, tal vez exista un océano en alguna parte donde desembocan todas ellas; y podría apostar que alguna gota allí contiene la verdad del universo.

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