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japanharry · 30 minutes ago
agaperose >>>> japanharry
hiiiii so i did a thing ... 😳
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dddribbble · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Kamera Logo 🎥 k letter play film camera color retro mesh gradient design identity typography type kamera branding logo
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seventyfiveandsunny · 43 minutes ago
Being lgbtq+ isn't a reward for experiencing oppression. You don't have to prove you've suffered to be part of it.
I see a lot of hierarchal comparisons of trauma especially among young white queers on the internet and it saddens me. Your pain is real, all of it. The person who moves through the world a little easier isn't your enemy. If that person is you, that's okay too and you have nothing to prove. Support each other. Suffering and oppression should not be central to queer identity.
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deetripper · 43 minutes ago
I have no idea what half of these lgbt flags mean, but as a lesbian, I will respect every single one of them and whatever meaning and individual interpretation of identity that each person within my community finds in them. And that’s it.
It’s that easy.
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thethingstheywrote · 47 minutes ago
One of our “friends” outed us as a system to someone else we knew. We’re incredibly hurt and don’t know how to process this.
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candletrails · 49 minutes ago
Today is brought to you by: griping about the current state of book covers because yt recommended a video to me about how “horror book covers are losing their identity” and bud I’ve got news for you: most, if not ALL, book genres are having a loss of identity when it comes to their covers.
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fearlessinger · 49 minutes ago
hot take but “telling Alya” and “not telling Chat Noir” are two completely separate and distinct choices that don’t really have anything to do one with the other save from the fact that having more people in the know ups both the potential risks and the potential rewards.
“Telling Alya was the right choice” and “telling Chat Noir would also be the right choice” are two arguments that can and -in my opinion- SHOULD be made at the same time. If there’s one single thematic element the show’s always been consistently presenting and following up on is that secrets and lack of communication and knowledge ultimately only end up hurting and hindering people. That the right choice, always, is to tear down walls rather than build them up. There are some very, very good excuses to be made for the current state of things, but that’s what they are. Excuses. Not reasons. it’s understandable and expected that the characters would not, at present, be able to see this clearly, or even at all. But this is the truth. And the truth will, eventually, set them all free.
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wonderland-hearts · 57 minutes ago
We wish you luck on your journey through the rabbit hole.
Want to learn more of join them?
♕ Mod Queen
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callmeminxx · an hour ago
IDV Survivors walking in on you changing. PT 6
Part 6/6! Luca, Melly, Edgar, Ganji, and Lucky Guy!
Luca Balsa;; 
✤ Man just walked in and snickered, seeing you changing. 
✤ Asked why you decided NOT to lock the door, then teased you by asking if you were waiting for Joesph to walk in and see you. 
✤ You screamed and threw whatever you could reach at him. Your hairbrush. 
✤ Luca screamed and sent shocks around, making your hair frizzy before he ran off. 
Melly Plinus;; 
✤ Walked in cause she needed to see if you could fix her net. 
✤ Saw you once she barely opened the door and quickly slammed it shut, walking away. 
✤ She sent some of her bees to go down the hall to protect your room after. 
Edgar Valden;; 
✤ This guy. Literally. 
✤ Walked right in, looked at you, then stood and tapped his chin, looking you up and down. 
✤ You panicked. 
✤ Then he said; 
✤ "Interesting complexion. Not...neat enough for my art, but...interesting." 
✤ That was rude. You started to tear up. 
✤ Margaretha beat this man and forced him to apologize to you. 
 Ganji Gupta;; 
✤ Dude walked in by accident, wrong room. 
✤ Saw you and groaned, muttering something in Hindi before slamming the door on his way out and yelling; 
✤ Then he walked away. 
Lucky Guy;; 
✤ Lost his glasses, so he wandered into the wrong room. 
✤ He saw the outline and blurry figure of you moving, slightly confused why he saw more skin color. 
✤ You kicked this idiot out. 
✤ It took him an hour to find his glasses and realize what he stumbled into. 
✤ He cried.
༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶
And that, my friends, Is the end of the Survivors walking in on you series! Should I do hunters? Idk! Have any suggestions? Just LMK and I’ll try my best!
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clutter-of-us · an hour ago
I wish I knew how to make friends in this community, but every once and awhile a scary person pops up and I get paranoid '':)
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foxpass056 · an hour ago
Implementing identity and access management
Until implementing any identity and access management system in the enterprise, organisations must determine who will be in charge of designing, enacting, and enforcing identity and access policies.
IT professionals implementing an identity and access management system largely on-premises and largely for employees should become familiar with the OSA IAM design pattern for identity management, SP-010. The pattern describes how different functions communicate with IAM components and the structures that depend on IAM. Since they are dealt with separately, policy implementation and policy decisions are distinguished. These steps for creating an efficient identity and access management system architecture, as discussed by expert Ed Moyle, should be followed by organisations who want to incorporate non-employee users and use identity and access management system in the cloud in their architecture: -Make a list of programmes, services, products, and other elements with which users can communicate. - Recognize how the organization's various settings, such as cloud-based and on-premises software, interact. - Know the aspects of the identity and access management system that are most relevant to the company. For identity and access management system performance, implementations should follow identity and access management system best practices, including recording goals and responsibilities. Businesses should also ensure that security and sensitive systems relating to identification are centralised. Perhaps most important, organizations should create a process they can use to evaluate the efficacy of current IAM controls.
Tumblr media
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rebeccafurrblog · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First day back to uni, I got the wrong time for my group and missed it. I’m not feeling well today but I’m determined to get back into a good routine and back to my self directed project, so I did some illustration in bed- hoping I’ll feel a lot better tomorrow because I have clay work planned!
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kingboos · an hour ago
random fuckin gender ramble scroll if ur not interested in my gender bs
aaarrrggg i hate that radfem bs has caused me to still associate butch and femme with being lesbian only terms (even though i KNOW they’re not) and thus making me associate both of them with being women, even though i KNOW theyre historically not. its so hard to unlearn???
like, the overlapping lesbian/butch/transmasc history is so hard to navigate as a funky lil enby/genderqueer because a lot of terms are either too masc or too fem for me to be comfortable with, and now that im TRYING to explore exactly how my masculinity and femininity work its so weird!!!
I’m in solidarity with queer men and queer women, both trans and cis or gnc or whatever and figuring out my personal relationships with those communities is hard!!! I relate to my cis female peers as someone who’s only started socially transitioning in recent years, I relate to their issues as someone who doesn’t pass well, I relate to transmascs in terms of wanting to be seen as more masculine, in wanting to physically transition, i relate to trans mlm in terms of sexuality, i relate to lesbians/wlw in terms of sexuality too! some of the best comfort and solidarity ive found is in amab enbies and even some transfems when it comes to comfort and gender expression. the two amab demiguys i know make me feel comfortable exploring masculinity because i feel safe around them BECAUSE they’re not cis, and like, i can be ‘one of the guys’ with them without having to be A GUY, and i relate so so so hard to gnc guys or amab enbies when it comes to presentation. i almost want to transition JUST so i can reembrace femininity in a masculine way.
i dunno, i feel this insane pressure outside of the queer community to either be as masc as possible to pass and be taken seriously, and that’s gotta be at least partially due to the way radfem bs has spread, especially here in the uk.
i wanna be read as masc, i wanna be read as fem, i wanna be incomprehensible! I wanna wear men’s shirts and t shirts and polo shirts with a skirt because i can!! because skirts are fun and cute and i enjoy wearing them. i really do wish i was amab because it would be so much easier to present the way i want to, I think, but then again, i don’t have bottom dysphoria, not really.
all this changes though, really i might just be genderfluid, but i hate the binary connotations of that too. so many enby words are stolen or defined in terms of binary gender: being bigender to most means being male or female, being genderfluid means being fluid between them, being nonbinary is being not male or female, when people equate being nonbinary to being genderless it kills me because I am not binary! but i am not genderless! my gender is here and present and part of me and part of my relation with the world around me and with other people and part of my sexuality and orientation
i dunno, this is turning into a big queer rant. this isn’t me trying to shove labels onto myself, I’m fine with rejecting them if that’s what’s needed - i don’t define my sexuality any further than queer even though hypothetically i could probably id as bi or pan or any mspec label, but I choose not to because being QUEER is my orientation. perhaps my gender as well (i do id as genderqueer as well as enby) but i want to really truly understand my gender AS queer, rather than just brush it off as queer because I cannot define it to myself or understand it. i want to understand my relation to the world around me and to other queer people.
so am I butch? am I femme? maybe it changes? is that allowed to change from day to day? my gender doesn’t FEEL like it changes but that presentation does, maybe! maybe I need to try new pronouns, but using she/her like i want to is hard when i associate it with misgendering and failing to prove myself as trans enough to cis people.
i wanna be masc with women and fem with men, but the latter is hard due to fears that come from experiences with misogyny. a lot of cis men ARE scary to me - I’m an 18 year old afab for fucks sake. i wish i could have that re-embraced femininity, but I’m not flat when i bind or build masc or tall or fuckin. anything! and hormones aren’t an option yet because a lot of my mental health is too unstable, the nhs is in shambles, and I don’t have money. i can’t embrace that yet unless im in the right circles, with the right people, and i can’t be that in society, I don’t trust it. I don’t know if I wanna dress fem and have people see me as masc or fem, i don’t know what pronouns i want them to use, i dunno man!!!
i wanna reach out to older queer people but again its hard, we’re in lockdown, i don’t live somewhere with a big queer community, i’m not a fan of bars and such and there’s not any in my town so i’d have to travel a bit, i wish i could just feel at home!!! i wanna be feminine without being female but also without being male, at least not fully male! I’m not male, i have this connection to femininity and it doesn’t feel male to me, I don’t want to be included in explicitly male or explicitly female spaces, I wanna be with everyone or no one, i dunno
again, i wish butch and femme didnt feel so gendered to me personally, and that’s not just this site but also what ive grown up with, my mum used to always say i was a wannabe ‘butch lezza’ whenever i was trying to get her to take my NONBINARY identity seriously and I’m not that! not because it’s bad to be, but because that’s just not me. I’m not a wlw, I’m not even sure on my attraction to women, or to men, or to anyone, I’m just attracted to queerness, and i dunno it’s hard. being ‘butch’ to me, somewhat, still means wlw, even though it’s not true, and i hate how radfem bs has ruined the word for me. i wish i could understand my identity in terms of being butch or femme, or whatever i am, and i wish those words weren’t tainted for me in the first place. i guess all of us are just ‘failed women’ in the eyes of society, huh.
characters who are feminine, but still explicitly male, or have some relation with masculinity, or are fluid between it, or who return to masculinity as a default give me so much euphoria just to witness. I’m in desperate need of a haircut and i don’t know whether to grow it out properly again or cut it short
either way, I’m gonna dye it purple
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beefcake007 · 2 hours ago
Hm there sure are a lot of 16 year old communists holding onto conservative ideas about sexuality and dog-piling minorities on the internet
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