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idiottweets · 7 months ago
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18th January 2022
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c-hrona · a month ago
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Same Heartbeat!AU.
Sooooooooo. Yeah. I have no justification other that I’m deep in the brain rot (and still have to play at least Pokemon Legend Arceus).
I love their sibling dynamic, and wanted to add some more angst :> have this silly little AU I draw enrirely as a treat. To myself :P
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itsmespicaa · 3 months ago
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pov: you were stupidly talking shit abt xie lian and his besties are around :-)
(p.s. i need more xianle trio content yo,,,)
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therivertm · a year ago
I just wanted to say that I sat down and realized how fucking hilarious this crack ship is
Tumblr media
like, everyone is chilling, and Edric basically just flirts with the emperor’s right hand man (wich would be the equivalent of like, flirting with the police or something), because no one recognizes Hunter and his title without the mask, and then his mother proceeds to have a heart attack. This is so funny dude, I love it now.
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sashimiyas · 5 months ago
ushijima has been thinking about this moment since he sat in that plush, black vinyl seat yesterday. he’s seen it in movies, when the main character is moved by the other lead’s observation. ushijima is a particularly observant person himself, but he’s realized that an awareness outside of yourself actually means something to others. people have a tendency to notice things that are important to them.
on the days when he is not particularly limber, kageyama immediately pulls him to the side after a failed approach to his set and asks if he needs more time for stretches. and when ushijima is feeling rather refreshed, hoshiumi confronts him and asks what vitamins he’s been taking recently. and just as he's mentioned, ushijima knows he's perceptive himself, but concerning you, he might be borderline obsessed. what he thought were passing observations actually became intrusive thoughts.
he noticed one day that you'd worn a new blouse, even commented on it as you passed him on your way to the elevators of your shared apartment building. he even complimented you, briefly stating that it looked nice before walking away. it's the same as the day he noticed kageyama sporting addidas footwear versus nike, probably from a new sponsorship. yet, an event that transpired early in the morning still wracked his thoughts at the peak of night.
so in the forty-five minutes it took to clean, groom, and trim his hair, all he thought was, 'would you notice'? ushijima stretches his morning routine an extra ten minutes. he leans over the bathroom sink with his hands pressed against the edge and eyes closed, and takes a moment to savor the sound of a songbird in a tree nearby. then he heads over into the kitchen and allows himself to mull over his options. usually he'd have a savory porridge with an over easy egg and a thick, running yolk. he still does because he's obviously a creature of habit, but ushijima allows himself the freedom of choice today. he spends an extra four minutes rotating his chin in front of his medicine cabinet mirror. he rubs his fingers along his jawline almost fanatically, trying to catch any sliver of hair that might have been missed. then finally, in an effort to catch you right outside your door, he heads outside.
it doesn't surprise him that his timing is effortlessly accurate. you're digging through your bag, probably searching for your keys, when he steps outside the door. at the sound of a lock clicking into place, you peer up only for a bright smile to consume your face. ushijima noticed then, when he first met you, the slight inward tilt of your top front tooth. now it's an expectation. it's a little gift at every breech of your lips, and it is one that he eagerly receives.
"good morning, ushijima." you give a clinky wave, keys finally in your grasp with an excessive amount of keychains. a wooden one from panama, one shaped as a bear and also serves as a bottle opener, a silver chain of some sort, and black pepper spray. he keeps every detail in the back of his mind whether he likes it or not. it's just what you do to him, the amount of control he loses when it comes to you.
"good evening," he greets without missing a beat. he thought your different schedules were weird, but he's grateful for it. your overnight IT shifts and his early morning practices make it suitable for your passing encounters. swift moments he steals at the fresh light of day that ends up clinging to his clothes, sticking with him until your next meeting. "how was your shift?"
you give a lighthearted chuckle. "boring, as usual. my desk work is nothing compared to your life."
desk work happens to be ushijima's favorite topic if it concerns you. "i would not mind listening. i'm sure it is interesting."
you appraise him for a moment with an unreadable expression. he feels uncharacteristically self conscious as he fidgets under your gaze with a ruffle through his hair. when it rakes a nanosecond shorter than usual, ushijima remembers the reason why he'd gone through all this trouble.
"doubtful," you decide to settle with, "but thank you anyways, ushijima. you're always kind."
the observation does not miss him, but it is still not the one he had been hoping for. ushijima fails to continue the conversation. he grasps the backpack on his shoulder firmly, provides a stern nod to excuse himself and walks past you.
"have a good night." why does his chest feel so heavy? it sinks to the soles of his feet, lead in his steps as he makes his way down the hall.
he turns around to still find you standing at your door. you open and close your mouth, debating your words. then the tilted tooth makes an appearance, bright even in the distance.
"did you get a haircut?" you ask, pointing at your temple. "it looks nice."
kageyama and hoshiumi fail to notice his new haircut.
it looks nice. he repeats in his head.
it's okay. you say it for them.
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mm-society-women · 3 months ago
Seeing women bury all their self respect to support domestic abuser J**nny D*pp is just...
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amphypan · a month ago
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dinner date with taibani yammy yammy
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destroyedparadise234 · 2 months ago
obsessed with how Star Wars de-canonized Obi-Wan secretly giving Anakin the cheat sheet to speedrun becoming a Force ghost, and instead has made them into a dyad so that even IN DEATH they are cosmically incapable of leaving each other obikins just keep winning
(referencing this article suggesting they’re a dyad)
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titans-trash · 6 months ago
Comics writers are like Tim is so smart and to show it proceed to write scenes like this:
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Teen Titans (2003) #10
I guess Vic doesn't know how to fucking count to five anymore 🤦‍♀️
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spikysideburns · 8 months ago
Harry, Jean, and Kim getting some last minute paperwork done when-
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That's just how things are at the 41st, Kim. Better get used to it.
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michaeljoncarter · 21 days ago
i think kyle and kory might have THE funniest and most chaotic history of any 2 characters i’ve ever seen. they’ve spoken all of like 3 words to each other in total, but literally EVERYTHING about the couple interactions they’ve had has been so insane in so many ways
the very first time they met, kyle tripped all over himself and told her he used to have a poster of her in his dorm room while donna was introducing them, then went with her and the rest of the titans to try and save gar, where kory very dramatically revealed she was possessed by raven. everybody’s like “my god!!” and kyle is just. standing there. in the background. absolutely no idea what the hell is going on or who any of these people are
and then in THE SAME ISSUE, tamaran gets destroyed right in front of kory’s eyes. she’s like on the floor having a breakdown, and kyle, who literally just met her 5 minutes ago, is still just in the background like 😬
the ONLY other time i’m aware of them really interacting is those couple pages in wonder woman where they stop a xenophobic dude from attacking an alien and kory says something like “god i’m so sick of humans” and kyle’s just fully like “yeah same sometimes i hate humanity as a whole and think this entire planet was a mistake” and starts to go off on a whole rant about empathy but gets cut off because a villain flies in out of nowhere and TURNS HIM INTO A FUCKING GOAT, knocks kory and jen out, and then the scene just ENDS.
i don’t think this was EVER ADDRESSED like was he still a goat when she woke up?? did she stay with him until the goat curse wore off? were she and jen running around with goatkyle trying to find a way to fix him offscreen? did she just abandon him to his fate?? take him to a barn??? i have SO MANY QUESTIONS like this shit was SO HECTIC FOR NO REASON
god and ALSO while afaik these are the only two times they’ve actually really talked, there’s also the fact that kory was both best friends with donna and got pretty close with jen while they were on the outsiders together right after her and kyle’s messy breakup. she has almost certainly had to sit through multiple rants about him from BOTH of his exes
she literally only knows him from 2 incredibly short, incredibly hellish interactions, and they’ve never really talked to each other, but also she probably knows more about him and his personal life than 99% of people including his closest friends. more than she ever wanted to know. WAY more.
like what the hell would her opinion of him even be?? i think about this all the time and yet i have absolutely no idea??
she barely knows him but also he was there for one of the most traumatic events in her life and also she knows every single weird thing he’s into and has seen him turned into a barnyard animal. how the hell is she supposed to feel about all that. can’t even begin to speculate. what the fuck. i’m obsessed with them
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idiottweets · 7 months ago
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13th January 2022
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the way that mike is Known to be a loudmouth annoying little shit all the time, like max literally jokes abt him never shutting the fuck up in s3, but hes super calm and quiet around will.
like with everyone else, hes Loud; he commands attention to Himself. but when he talks to will he gets this whole like introspective vibe like hes actually Thinking for once instead of just Saying. (this goes away when theyre arguing ofc and then he thinks abt what hes saying somehow even Less than usual but yk) and they just Understand each other and it just AHJkdhjaksFDJHSK !?!?!?!?!?
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cometblaster2070 · 10 months ago
Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, will ever amount to the amount of chaotic energy that these three generated:
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tomwambsgays · 5 months ago
nicholas braun + shane madej doing the floss dance
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tibli · 2 months ago
"Sworn Partners" rearranged my fucking brain chemistry
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cassiesboy · 6 months ago
dean winchester — buttercup*
*with a little @fimmfstiel​ honeypienatural to top off with only ten minutes (EST) to spare, happy 43rd birthday to the blorbo to my show, the left hand to my arm man, and most importantly, THE doofus goofus.
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