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25.10.2020 // my brain’s been super uncooperative this past week and i also haven’t been following the healthiest habits if i’m being honest… but today’s a beautiful sunny day and i’m hoping to get at least some overdue tasks done so i can get back on track (to an extent) :)

day 25 - Tag someone who gives good advice

@multilingue; i once messaged buse when i was anxious af bc i’d procrastinated studying for an exam till literally the last day and she had the loveliest words to offer - i ended up scoring a 9/10 despite having started less than 24 hours before the exam and i’m positive a lot of the credit goes to her reply that gave me a desperately needed morale boost when i really needed it 🌼

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Day 25 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who gives good advice ✨

again there are loads of people who could be tagged here! i’m gonna have to tag a few people here! firstly @eintsein - i’ve seen so many informative posts from Jo and they’ve actually made me either use something for the first time or change how i study! secondly, @rylie-studies - i’ve tagged rylie before but she definitely deserves to be tagged here as well because she is always so positive and even if i don’t have that problem whenever i read anything of hers - even just a caption to one fo her amazing posts - it makes me feel happier. finally @tbhstudying - seo gets a lot of asks on so many topics and whenever they come on my dash i know i’ve got to read them because the advice is always so helpful!!!!

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Day 24 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who posts the best text posts ✨

@sosiaalitieteet - no hesitation on this! every single text post is either hilarious or really makes me think! i think that even as i was coming up with the prompts i knew immediately that i was gonna put ana here! 

i’m posting a bit later than normal today because i needed to edit a bunch of pictures so was running behind. i also woke up really late and spent most of the morning playing dominoes with my dad’s girlfriend (i won!!!) so i haven’t been that productive today. 

pictured is part of my half term checklist for work that i need to get done!

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This morning I had my last histology ED and now it is autumn break time!!! Here are some questions from last night’s tutoring session which was super stressful.

Day 23 - Tag someone whose blog you always check

, I have actually discovered their blog recently but I am in love. Their posts are super pretty and they reblog the funniest text posts.
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Day 23 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone whose blog you always check ✨

i think i’ve got two for this: @philology-studies and @rylie-studies ! they post just the nicest things and reblog some much amazing content that i am constantly checking their blogs! also although for both of them i pretty much always see their reblogs on my dash, i never seem to see their original content so i usually scroll through to check that out!

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Genetics is actually a really straightforward lesson but there are so much things to know. Also, I have no idea whose idea it was but the interior design of the main school building is really weird.

Day 22 - Tag someone who makes you smile


Pat is seriously so funny and posts the highest quality memes. I always start smiling whenever I see her on my dash.

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Day 22 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone who makes you smile 

as usual there are loads of people that i could tag here but the one that popped immediately into my mind is @study-van! i always look like a maniac when i am talking to yasemin because i am just smiling or laughing alone staring at my phone! she genuinely just lovely and her posts are always gorgeous <3

About the picture: even the contents page for the handmaid’s tale requires annotation for me! it’s seriously such a good book but there is so so much in it and i have no idea how i am gonna remember it all for the exam XD

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Online calc is proving to be quite the challenge. But I’m trying

Day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met


- Laura’s always been so nice and lovely, and has great content! Plus, I love all the supportive comments she leaves on my and other people’s posts

Day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic


- all of their posts look so gorgeous and uniform! I honestly aspire to have such nice notes

Day 21 - Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation


- This one was difficult since so many people work really hard and deserve a ton of love and appreciation. And while Sheya hasn’t used her studyblr for a bit, she seems to work hard to achieve in school all while still writing her wonderful fanfictions for her main blog

-A, 10/21/20

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Day 21 of My Studyblr Community Challenge!

Tag someone you think works really hard and deserves appreciation 

i have no hesitation for this tag! 100% @chazza-studies-alevels - she is literally incredible and works so so hard, going above and beyond her normal school work! i got to really see this over the summer challenge and it was so inspiring <3

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21.10.2020 // when will i stop posting bujo spreads from 2 years ago you ask? man idk either

day 21 - Tag someone who works really hard and deserves appreciation

@jeonchemstudy - daphne you inspire me so much with your diligence and your drive and i love seeing you reach goal after goal and i truly cannot wait to see what more life’s got in store for you! there’s no doubt you’re going places and i’m so glad i get to cheer u on on the way there ♥︎

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20.10.2020 // i know they might be overhyped by now, but i really am loving mildliners atm, i’m very happy i bought them 

day 20 - Tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@philology-studies is hands down the goddess of aesthetics on here. violet i don’t know how you do it, but every single one of your posts is so unbelievably gorgeous - and then u take into account your lovely cats and killer fashion sense and you’re really just left with this phenomenal package of god tier aesthetic, sorry, i don’t make the rules, that’s just how it is. 💛

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Biochemistry might be the hardest lesson I am taking, there is too much to memorize but I am going slowly memorizing chapter by chapter.

Day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

I’m not going to wax poetic about you dhdhd but you know what I mean.
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19.10.2020 // planned for a chill productive day today since i don’t have any classes for once, but it’s just turned into a slightly less chill hella lazy day… let’s hope i get more done in the afternoon :)

day 19 - Tag someone you are grateful to have met

there are so many wonderful people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting on here, thanks for making this experience infinitely better<3 @study-van @serendistudy @accademias @philology-studies @rylie-studies @myhoneststudyblr @redlitmusbluelitmus @mysti @museeofmoon @studying-nando + so. many. more. oh my
(sorry soph, ik you said max. 3 ppl per post but i cannot. do that today.)

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18.10.2020 // posting this prompt late bc 1) i didn’t on friday and 2) posts haven’t been appearing in tags again and ngl, no matter how long you’ve been on tumblr, it can still be kinda discouraging sometimes

day 15 - Tag someone who has beautiful handwriting

i really like @booknerdstudies’s handwriting, it’s got this funky lively vibe and her bujo and calligraphy lettering is l o v e l y !

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17.10.2020 // i definitely miss going to outdoor cafés with my bestie and enjoying some delish half-melted ice cream :( but, i drove to her part of the city yesterday and we went for a walk - it completely recharged my batteries, 100/10 would recommend

day 17 - Tag someone who you think is really kind

i think no one will be surprised by this: @rylie-studies, you my friend are one of the nicest, most kindhearted people i’ve met, full stop. not just on here, in general. your posts are such gems of positivity, you always leave incredibly lovely feedback in the tags and your enthusiasm about life is so contagious, it boosts my morale from the other side of the ocean. i’m so glad i stumbled across your little corner of the internet bc girl, you’re a literal ray of sunshine! hope today’s treating u well, you deserve the world <33

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