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The thing Billy regretted the most, the one action he wished more than anything he had done was follow a broken hearted Steve Harrington out of that stupid party. He saw him rush through and out of the front door without a word to anyone and everything inside of him was screaming to go with him.

Run behind him and ask why his eyes were red and his fingers struggling to unlock his car. Tell him some dumb joke about not drinking and driving and hopefully get him to stay. Even just for a walk or a simple conversation.

But no, Billy didn’t do any of that. He stayed where he was and stared where the boy he would soon become obsessed with had left. Stood beside Tommy as he blithered on about something to try and impress him, get his attention but no one would ever get his attention like Steve. Neither before or after that night.

Billy didn’t move because he had done all this before, let some probably straight boy cry on his shoulder only for him to disappear the second he needed someone to talk to. Maybe Steve could have been his shoulder, someone to listen and understand. But no, Billy didn’t follow Steve out and make him stay because deep down he knew no one ever stuck around for him. No one ever had.

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Roman doesn’t trust words anymore

Patton keeps telling Roman how amazing and loved he is, but Roman doesn’t trust words anymore

Thomas assures Roman that he is indeed his hero, but Roman doesn’t trust words anymore

compliments and words of affection have been used against Roman

“love the new outfit Roman”

“the honorable Roman”

“you know I love you Roman”

those were words, empty words

Roman doesn’t trust words anymore

now, what does Roman trust?


grand gestures


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Twoey: *dressed as vampire* I want to suck you blood!

Bowser: So, just a normal Saturday night for you?

Twoey: Yep.

Bowser: Happy Halloween everyone.

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Hi everybody, 

I miss the anonymity of my online life. Let me just express it as this: maturity costs a lot in this life. A certain level of pride needs to be maintained for life to work. What’s hard is that as work introduces itself to you (which you have actually dreamt about), you realize it bears to much than what you have planned and imagine. Not because you can’t do it, but you realize you really need people to do it with you. But then, life doesn’t offer all yeses. 

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hey I’m still alive it’s just RugbyPass is just. Shite. absolute knobheads. and I’m visiting relatives right now :D. I’ll probably live blog the rugby if I remember or if I can be arsed to. Anyways RugbyPass are a bunch of asshats so 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️ idk hopefully they get their shit together, my illegal live stream is shite and idk what’s going on. Hope all of u are safe and well :-D

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I really wanna get a tattoo. I’ve been storming up ideas and I think I either wanna get a Clyde tattoo of “did you just say cauliflower to me?” on my arm or a little Kylo lightsaber on my wrist but I don’t know which one yet 🤔

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I have memories of being very small—
Crawling through the tall grass
Towering above me like trees
And though I was never far from earth
I recall a sense of buoyancy
As if sunlight alone was enough to fly
It was such a tremendous sense of purpose
So uplifted, so unified
To be held in such a tiny vessel
That dared not stray out of earshot of the house

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