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-_- i gotta leave this server im in i forgot i joined a server that he runs, hes talking abt how we broke up but hes failing to mention like, details nd was just like “cal dumped me” nd now everyones like, ya kno, giving him sympathy nd stuff nd like ik i said yesterday hes lucky im not mean nd petty but like man kinda sucks how he isnt telling ppl the details im just sitting here nd idk if my friends think im mean or bad or smth bc idk wht hes telling them (if hes even telling them any real details). maybe i should tell my friends. bc this kinda sucks lol, also ill leave the server rn bc i dont wanna see him talk to ppl abt me

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my pinky is messed up and crooked cause i broke it a while ago, and i used to not care as much but ngl it’s makin me just a lil insecure 🙃

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I’m trying to find music, but the problem is that everything has either very dark vibes or vaguely uplifting vibes. I need “You’re in an abandoned house trying to achieve a menial task while kinda bummed out” vibes and I don’t think those are out there yet

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So one of my friends asked me if I ship Squit and Pesto and um…

I genuinely don’t know

Like, they’re really cute together and I’ve seen some of the sweetest fanart and I do really like the ship but shahahhahagsfsgsii

The chances are I do, I’ve drawn fanart

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I’m not suprised but disappointed

[A picture of a handshake between three people, arms and hands visible. Over the clasped hands, text reads “People still dealing with infantilization in fucking 2021.”

Text overlaying the left arm reads, “Autistic,” text overlaying the right arm reads, “Asexual,” text overlaying the middle hand clasped on top reads, “Non-binary” ]

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to the soft boy laughing in my dreams:

your eyes were sparkling

i wish every day felt like your warm hands

don’t try to stop the loop, just jump

i hope you never feel sad when you remember we haven’t seen each other in a while

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Sometimes I feel really sad abt my regression bc I see so many people hate chire and act like we’re really bad and mean and I don’t get it :c I just wanna be a kiddo, why do people hate me for it? :c

pls no ns/fw, d,d/lg, c,/gl, varients, anti-agere, or cg,lre interaction please :(

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I love how host club like, hints at the possibility that Haruhi has many love interests but it’s just tamaki.

Or maybe I’m wrong idk it’s been years since I’ve actually watched it

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absolutely not having a good time right now 😎

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!! Uhhh my mind advice for kids it’s to avoid lines that are too sharp — but it’s something that changes depending on the age! EG. babies are very round, see below


Lotsa circles! Babies you also don’t have to really worry about shoulders for too much!you can just kinda slope and they’ll look cute and round and pudgy! You can almost make their heads big bc Babies do have massive heads! And big eyes bc they still need to grow into them!


Toddlers are quite pudgy too, though now you need to worry about arms and legs they’re not usually very long but you have to hit the standard anatomy (Aka elbows at the waist, hands just above the knee) but where they’re bigger their heads are smaller in comparison! For toddlers they’re still very rounded though you need to actually give them a neck and lengthen the face a little. Still build them up using circles / ovals! And make sure they have a good amount of weight to them. Again. Big eyes! But generally small hands / feet / nose


Now for Kids! You can start to add some sharp lines but don’t overdo it. For the most part my key factor is making rounder faces with longer arms and legs. Also up the size of hands! For a toddler you’re working with like… barely and adults palm for a hand, but kids are a bit bigger! Their eyes also start to look a bit smaller bc their other features have grown! (But that obviously varies on what character your drawing)

For Ben! He’s a mix of circles and rectangles — obviously he’s an older kid so he’s a bit lanky and has a smaller torso! Yet the rounded face returns! Another good feature for kids is that they usually dress themselves so you can make their clothes a bit wilder / messier depending on their setting. A key point is just making their limbs match their body! While kids are generally thinner than adults it’s not really by too much? It’s just! Adapting the proportions.


I’m not sure if this helped much at all! But key points — the younger they are the more circles you use. When they’re older you can use more triangles / rectangles on the chest and make the arms seem a bit lankier! Then there’s obviously making them in a scene with adults (for this use heigh comparison charts! They’re a life saver!) and just have fun with it!


Kids are fun to draw! They’re expressive, small, and generally can add a lot of flavour! Just have fun and see what works for you and your style — play around with it a bit! What works for me might not for you and that’s 100% fine!

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I just wanna say, if you’re a dumbass that can work in your favor. I was thinking about my school days (when I wasn’t homeschooled) and I fucking realized I was being bullied. I didn’t realize it then, literally at all. I would just be so confused as to what they were doing and why they were talking to me. And my friends would always laugh at them and ask me how I did that. I was always like??? How was I confused?? And they would just laugh it off like it was a joke. Moral of the story, you can’t be bullied if you’re just a confused dumbass all the time lmao.

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hello! how are you all doing? i hope you’re all doing great

myself, however, im not doing very good. I’d like to post art and engage with the community more often, in fact i’ve been trying to be active on twitter, where it’s a lot easier to just shoot out a tweet and not worry about it cause someone’s gonna see it eventually. anyway im rambling, im sorry

the thing is that my health, both mental and physical, have been steadily declining these pasts months. the depression and anxiety are a constant throughout my life and i just know that they’re there and im finding new ways to deal with them all the time, so those are not the issue (at least my depression has been a bit easier to manage, my anxiety is being an asshole like always). the issue is the new physical issues im having: shortness of breath, difficulty focusing, fluctuating heart rate, irregular blood pressure, extreme dizzines, joint pains, all that

to be honest i feel like a fucking 85 year old and i don’t like it. taking it easy and being patient is being super difficult. my family has my back and is really supportive about it, they’re doing all they can to make me feel a bit better or at least more comfortable. the problem is me, myself, im not patient with myself and i hate this so much that its very difficult for me to stop and rest. i end up staying super late just *trying* to do something, but not managing to do anything. i feel like a dead weight, i feel useless and like a burden, and i keep trying to do things, to get things done and make them work, but my health is so erratic that i end up feeling bad when my plans fall through.

anyway im rambling again. i just wanted to let you know that, yes, im ok, but im not ok at the same time. i want to do more things, to be able to take commissions and give everyone my art and show what im passionate about, but i just cannot do it like this.

i’ll keep trying to make more art, for you and for me, cause i love drawing and writing. i just gotta be more patient with myself and stop pretending that everything is ok and there’s nothing wrong, cause there’s really something wrong and the doctors are seeing it but i keep denying it.

ok bye sorry to make you read all of that, NEL <3

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My mind: You have to stop being so hard on yourself. Give yourself a compliment or at least a pat on the back

Me: Yeah! You know what? I’m really pretty and I love myself

My mind: Actually sike, you’re a horrible person and your friends don’t like you

Me: What did I do to deserve this.

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I’ve not really been active on here much and I’m way more active on my Instagram that_bookworm_guy

I’m not sure what to do with this account and I’m not sure if I’m going to attempt to enjoy this again, or whether I just delete it.

I feel like booklr died years ago near enough. I’ve not really had much interaction on the bookish content I put out or on my blog as a whole. I’ve lost a lot of motivation that I had to create own content, I’ve not written many book reviews in months because I was spending time on them for next to no interaction

I can’t tell whether this is just my depression sucking the joy out of this, because I genuinely used to love coming on here, but now it feels almost like a chore. I feel like I have no reason to come online.

I’ve been considering deleting this for a while now because I don’t even know what I contribute on here

I want to enjoy it, but lately I haven’t been

I feel like, apart from my scheduled posts, I come on here to post something just so there is something, then I disappear for weeks

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Still trying to write one more Banned Together Bingo prompt. I got further along in it, but I don’t know if I even like it.

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i both hate and love how cas’s confession was written as the most beautiful form of a confession ever. like we could never top that. ever. no fic has topped it. i have never seen another show that had a confession as good as that. i haven’t seen a real life confession as beautiful as that. and that’s fine that’s great and all, but i hate that that speech, that beautiful confession is the c*’s. fuck that no it’s mine now

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